Video is slow or keeps freezing

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Video is slow or keeps freezing servofan3000 7/26/09 3:22 PM
I've been having this problem for the past 2 weeks whenever I try to watch a video (usually a webcam vid) the picture will always either freeze while the audio keeps going or will move extremely slow. This only seems to happen with webcam vids though (like SXEPHIL's videos), music videos, or tv and movie clips run great.
I have tried letting the loading bar load completely before starting, but that doesn't work
I have cleaned my browser, deleted history, cookies... ect.. ect... and my diskspace is at 76%
My internet connection seems okay, every page I visit loads up pretty fast.  I did a speed test and the results were 8420 kbps for download.
I scanned my computer for viruses and everything came up clean.
I'm currently using Firefox and have tried IE 8 and Google Crome- same results
Does anyone have any idea what the problem is or what else I can do to fix it.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Muxster 7/26/09 4:06 PM
I've been having the same problem but with all videos.  I am using IE8.  I have tried all the tricks you mentioned without sucess.  Videos from other sources (netflix, yahoo, etc.) are streaming just fine.  I have monitored the data rate when downloading videos from youtube and it averages about 20 KB/s.  Other sources average about 180 KB/s.  As you say this has been very bad for the last tow weeks.  I looking without sucess for a solution.  I don't think its my machine or ISP because other sources are fine.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing umokwhyuh 7/26/09 4:32 PM
same here 
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing servofan3000 7/29/09 5:38 AM
Well at least I know it can't be (or shouldn't be) my computer since others are having the same problem.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing tinamarien 7/29/09 10:16 PM
can this problem be fixed. everyone is telling me its my computer but obviously its not if other people are having the same problem. and all other sources with videos play just fine. this is a youtube issue.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing servofan3000 7/30/09 10:00 AM
I cleaned up some more files and disk space yesterday, did another speed test and the results were a lot higher than they were in my first post but still no change and I know I meet all the other requirements for the site. I also checked some other sites and most seem to work okay but anything that is linked to youtube doesn't work.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Muxster 7/30/09 10:06 AM
I wonder if we are all (that are having problems) accessing the same youtube server and everyone else that isn't having problems are accessing other youtube servers that are fine.  I imagine youtube has farms of servers.  Also I wonder if anyone from Youtube or Goggle monitors this forum and will comment on our problem.  I couldn't find anywhere to directly ask youtube customer service or technical support.  Seems like this forum is the only place to get help.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing raging1 8/17/09 12:34 PM
same problem here with nephews pc.Installed new ram,drivers and cleaned internals,un-installed IE8 but still on other forums about this and it is recommended that you un-install Flash player completely and reinstall latest version,this has worked for many but not me...hope the flash player solution works for you.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Xelger 8/17/09 1:16 PM
For some reason, videos usually load much faster if you watch them in "High Quality" (the HQ button on the video). I hope that helps.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Ritz_Crackers 8/18/09 10:45 PM
Try updated firmware of your wireless router. Please check your manufacture wireless router.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Muxster 8/19/09 11:44 AM
How would wireless router have anything to do with it?  If video streams fast from other sources and slow from Youtube, then its something with Youtube and not the router, hardware, or the local machine.  I don't even have a wireless router and have the problem. Is there a way to ping the actual Youtube server that streams the videos?
Also the HQ button doesn't help me.  I recall haveing this problem last year for a long time and then it cleared up for several months and now is dead slow again.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Muxster 8/19/09 1:40 PM
Suddenly today the download speed is back to normal... Hope it stays.  One thing I noticed is the worldwide version (or what ever it said) in the upper left is gone.  Maybe that had something to do with the slow downloads.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing ciroshia 9/2/09 6:46 PM
I have a similar problem.. Does anyone really know how to solve it?!
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing langlish 11/8/09 5:14 AM
On MAC I removed the caches in the users Library
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing sumee69 1/28/10 9:58 PM
from yesterday when I try to play video only black screen come no video play why?????????????
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing JasminAnn 1/29/10 9:14 PM
I have always had this problem. it doesn't matter how old or new my computers are, youtube vids never work. This is really frustrating because everybody says its my computer, obviously it isnt if there is this many people complaining about it. What I dont understand is how its working in my brothers room 5 feet away when we have the same exact computer, all the same software and goodies like that. What's so different?
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Xelger 1/29/10 9:56 PM
I usually don't have problems with YouTube videos, although there are times when videos will buffer a little slowly, but that's to be expected at the times when YouTube gets the most traffic. However, videos buffer and play perfectly for me almost all the time. The same applies to my friends. I won't sit here and speculate what the problem is, because there are too many things to cover, but it pretty much rules out YouTube having some kind of permanent problem. It's more likely something else.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing csmithrea 2/20/10 12:37 PM
My video streaming freezes started with YouTube and Netflix.  Now all videos I try to look at freeze frame after frame. I recently bought Cricket's A600 modem and installed it to my laptop.  Now my vids are freezing faster than below.  Any ideas how to fix this?
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing csmithrea 2/20/10 12:38 PM
Faster than before.  I have problems with my keyboard too.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing boostories 4/3/10 1:36 PM
What's going on with Youtube? Everytime I watch someones video youtube locks up on me after the vid. I then need to relaunch my browser. This has been happening for a week now.
-Long time user.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Xelger 4/3/10 1:49 PM
I don't know. That doesn't happen to me.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing siberianhuskiesrule 4/11/10 9:51 PM
I keep having the same problem on the
iPod Touch. I know it's not the wireless
because I have full bars, but for some
reason in order to fix it I need to reset
it. Does anyone else have this problem?
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing i_shatonu 5/28/10 8:53 AM
I had the same problem.. UPDATE YOUR FLASH PLAYER TO ADOBE FLASH PLAYER 10... it worked for me.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing A6luvr5 6/6/10 1:08 PM
ok so i dont know if this is just my computer or what but when i go to watch a video like all videos it will go for maybe 15-30 seconds then freeze and do the little circle loading thing in the middle and i have to click the loading bar a little bit in front of the circle.sometimes this works but i have to keep doing it gets really anoying!its been going on for a few years now i just havnt gotten around to actualy tryn to figure out whats wrong with it. any suggestions on how i can fix it?
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing double303 7/11/10 2:49 AM
I am so glad that I'm not the only one having this problem I thought I had a trojan or something of great issue. I want the old youtube back....
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing steelangelriver 7/13/10 7:42 PM
I'm having the same problem lately. I'll go to watch a video then all of a sudden it's freezing and buffering. It get's annoying and it just started recently. I wish this would get fixed.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing GARDENING+RC 7/24/10 7:16 AM
Youtube problem.
Just for 4 days now only when I watch Youtube videos my PC has a hard freeze / lock up. No other video sites are doing this to my PC.  I thought it was in Youtube Channels only but it's in regular Youtube pages too. Did I say ONLY YOUTUBE? Both my IE and Firefox are freezing on Youtube. Control Alt Delete doesn't cure, I have to push and hold my PC button for 10 seconds. I was told these hard shut downs do damage to my hard drive. Sometimes 5 times per day. I never had this problem 2007 2008 2009.
Each time this happens I loose anything that I'm working on that I don't have saved so now I don't go to Youtube till last. So what ever Youtube is doing it's hurting themselves. Yes I think it's a Youtube problem. I went nuts trying to get faster browser that Youtube required earlier 2010 and now Youtube is still a mess. Might be Flash or Java. I with they would help us or make their site less of a hassle and less damaging.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Xelger 7/24/10 9:20 AM
If your computer is locking up from visiting YouTube, then something is wrong with your own computer. I'm sure you've probably noticed this, but there isn't an onslaught of messages from thousands of other users claiming to have the same problem. That's because we aren't. YouTube is working just fine for the vast majority of us. Your problem sounds like Flash or virus trouble.

Just so you know, I don't think YouTube uses Java, because I've browsed every inch of the site with only Flash installed before. I've been able to view every page just fine. I think making sure you have the latest Flash Player installed is all that's required.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Monk of Magnesia 7/28/10 2:07 PM
I am having the same problem, whether I use Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome (I would never use IE unless I really, really have to). It has been this way for about two weeks now. Must be the Youtube site itself.
Re: Video is slow or keeps freezing Monk of Magnesia 7/28/10 5:00 PM
Well, I did some research on the internet, and fixed the problem. I have Advanced System Care Pro, which is a free download. I used it's RAM Booster, and now the videos do not freeze. I am not employed by Advanced System Care Pro. I am sure any RAM Booster will work. I just happen to own theirs.
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