How can I have multiple channels?

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How can I have multiple channels? Katrina11 8/25/09 2:59 PM
I would like to have a few different channels for different projects. Can I create more than one channel using the same account? Also, how many channels are allowed in one account?
Re: How can I have multiple channels? anmoose 8/25/09 3:46 PM
A channel IS an account. You can create more accounts, but each one will have its own Google account and email address.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? chris.fullmer 11/7/09 8:55 AM
Man that's lame.  They can't conceive that someone would need the ability to have more than one channel on a single account?
I have videos of me playing guitar and I do programming tutorials.  I don't want those disparate video types to show up all in the same channel.  Try harder YouTube!
Re: How can I have multiple channels? odst fox 11/7/09 10:25 AM
You don't understand. You can make as many channels/accounts as you want. A channel is an account.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? TheNewWrKing1 11/7/09 3:12 PM
Yes, you can create more than one YouTube channel. However, each one has to be linked to a different Google account.

Damn Google always trying to take over our lives.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? chris.fullmer 11/22/09 8:39 AM
Exactly, I don't want to have to manage 15 different gmail accounts so that I can have my 15 channels.  I would instead like to set up 15 channels under my one gmail account.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? anmoose 11/22/09 12:45 PM
Well, Chris, it's been established that you can't do that, can you. What you would "like" is not necessarily what Google is going to give you, *for free*. If you'd like to argue that point with Google headquarters, by all means do so.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? ebbixx 3/27/10 2:10 PM
Chris, one thing to consider should that ever become a possibility is that if and when someone decides to target just one of your channels for abuse by making false claims about copyright or community standards violations, ALL of your channels will go down at the same time.

Just trying to find a silver lining in this pig's ear.  Not to mix metaphors or anything.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? StrictClubBouncer 4/18/10 7:50 AM
how come ellaskins has like 20 different channels on one account?!?!
Re: How can I have multiple channels? ebbixx 4/18/10 8:53 AM
@ SCB, are you sure there is only one account?  YouTube provides plenty of tools, especially for Partners, but increasingly for ordinary accounts too, to allow you to link multiple accounts.  But the "accounts" themselves are still created one-by-one.  Until Google started trying to link Google IDs to Youtube accounts, my memory is that one could open multiple accounts linked to the same email address, and that accounts opened after that point have made it necessary to use different email addresses for each new account.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? anmoose 4/18/10 9:40 AM
@StrictClubBouncer, those "other channels" you see listed on ellaskin's channel are NOT ellaskin's channels. They are OTHER PEOPLES' channels, on OTHER PEOPLES' accounts, which are simply being displayed on that channel by taking advantage of the new "Other channels" module available on our profile pages.
Re: How can I have multiple channels? mptpro 4/19/10 6:56 PM
I agree that we should have multiple channels per account. It's silly to lump all your videos into one.

As for the poster who said, "it is what it is, and go ahead and argue with Google headquarters".  Not very helpful, and a bit smart-alecky. One reason for these help forums is that we, the users, can voice our ideas and, hopefully, google will listen.

The answer, ISN'T to just "take it".

I vote for multiple channels, or some other method of differentiating types (not the tags, by the way).
Re: How can I have multiple channels? expotube2 7/27/10 8:49 AM
Have there been any changes since the last posting(s) regarding having multiple channels per one account or some way of differentiating videos into sub-categories/ sub-channels / sub-directories under a main channel?? 

This is now July 2010, so wondering what kind of work-arounds or options folks have come up with to address this preference/issue? 

Is it still the same, or have there been changes that seem to work as a secondary option
Re: How can I have multiple channels? ebbixx 7/27/10 9:32 AM
@expotube2 - The only recent feature remotely related to this would be the "Other channels" module.  You can alter the heading that appears there to suit your purposes, but you still will need to maintain separate channels, and with the changes Google made in linking YouTube and GoogleIDs, you will probably need a separate email address for each channel.  Major PITA, yes, but unless someone else has spotted an alternative, that's the way it is for now.

I suppose you could use Groups for some of this, if Groups actually worked.