How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've

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How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've PGReviews 11/24/09 6:23 PM
I have these really creepy videos with really creepy previews on them, like somebody getting plastic surgery and someone getting heart surgery with blood and guts and crap.

It's creepy and sickening.

All I've watched is a bunch of TF2 videos, some Metallica music videos, and some crappy animations!

I've cleared my viewing history, but that doesn't help. 

Thank you!  :)
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've movie3891 11/24/09 6:49 PM
Recommended For You shows videos related to the video's you've watched.  You cannot clear it through YouTube. 
Not sure if this will work but if you are using IE8, go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete.  Select Temporary Internet Files and Cookies and delete them.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've JDoors 11/25/09 2:18 PM
Another option is to quickly view every video in the list that is NOT creepy, whether you actually would want to watch it or not (as soon as it starts buffering, hit the "Back" button in your browser, that brief viewing should be enough to remove that video from your listings). The more you view videos that don't have a creepiness-factor, the fewer creepy videos you should have recommended for you.
Won't help though if the creepy videos have too much in common with your other videos, even if you don't see the connection.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've AllenRockwell 1/6/10 2:41 AM
I need an answer to this as well.  I have a video on my recommended list that when I click on it (trying to make it go away) it tells me  "This video is private" ... so I cannot even view the video in hopes it will drop off my recommended list.  I guess it will be there forever.

YouTube should implement a feature where you can delete undesireable videos from the list therefore training YouTube to know what you do not like as well as what you do like.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've JDoors 1/6/10 10:30 AM
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've RoaringCow 5/5/10 12:40 PM
Go to all the videos and pause them at the beginning if they make you nauseous, and rate them 1 star/thumb them down. I'm pretty sure youtube wont recommend videos you obviously don't like. It worked for me with some vintage Barbie commercials.

I'm not guaranteeing anything.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've krisCrash 6/7/10 9:52 AM
But clearing my_history does NOT clear what Recommended for You is based on.

This is very easy to verify. Clear your history, and wait for your Recommendations to "respawn" with things based on what you watched last year.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've Gello 6/23/10 2:52 PM
I've been going into every video and thumbing it down, then going to the videos linked as the cause of the recommendation and thumbing those down too. There really needs to be a better way. But yeah I've come across a recommended video I can't even view to thumb it down. We need a way to remove recommended videos.
Re: How do I clear my 'Recommended For You'? I've kanishka14 5/22/10 11:23 PM
Simple way to clear youtube history and recommended for you

Go to your account

your account>videos>History> clear viewing history

Warning - this will clear everything in your history. Research a little further if you want to be selective about what is deleted


Sign in to youtube and follow the link

You will be able to see the history link there as well