How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly?

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How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? Trygon00 4/23/10 12:32 PM
I am having problems linking my account properly or possibly signing in incorrectly to youtube now since I have attempted to link them.

It tells me this "This account is already linked to a different Google username. " Which it is not it IS not connected to another Gmail account.  I only have ONE gmail account.  I am not understanding whats going on.  Can someone please help me log back into my Youtube account because I really do not want to lose all of my Favortites on there and or have to make a new account and even attempt to remember all of my Favorites.
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? TLFU 4/23/10 2:45 PM
Can I ask- is your YouTube account a pre-May 2009 account?  DOES it use that GMail email address?  HAVE you tried to link them in the past?  Did this happen quite randomly, without you having done anything immediately preceding this event?

I think your account is suffering from the Phantom Google Account Pseudo-Linking Bug (really must remember that title I gave this phenomenon) which is plaguing people since the past three or so weeks.  So far NO word from Google.  :(
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? Trygon00 4/23/10 6:47 PM
Yes I made my Youtube account before May 09.  And No I have not tried linking them in the past.  I am visiting family and wanted to show them some things in my favorites and was forced into linking accounts.  And I did all the proccess it asked me and now I can no longer sign in on my Trygon00 Youtube account.  Though I did check and see what accounts it was linked to earlier and I didnt realize I have two google names.  I guess I must have done it back when I linked my facebook account.  Hopefully it can be fixed. 
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? TLFU 4/24/10 1:47 AM
Only YOU can fix it.  No one else has access to your account or can "second-guess" your actions which may have led to this.

"Forcing" a connection is something I cannot comment on because I have not been able to replicate such a fored linkage, meaning that I have never been forced, even where I have been logging into a YouTube account which is not linked to Google.

Tell us- when you were visiting family- did you try to access your YouTube account on THEIR computers and do THEY use Google and were, perhaps still logged onto it?

That would be a different scenario- Google might have assumed that that Google acccount "belonged" with that YouTube account being accessed...

Which is unfortunate because to view your favourites (providing they are playlisted and/or as a module on your channel) you don't HAVE to log into YouTube- you just needed to navigate to your channel...  But that doesn't help now.

What is important is knowing if the YouTube account IS really linked to "another" Google account, namely that of a relative with whom you were visiting!
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? Trygon00 5/12/10 11:33 AM
I am trying to log in again on my Aunt's computer.  She doesn't have a google/gmail account.  It is still telling me that my Youtube account is connected to another gmail/google account.  And after I had got home from South Carolina and got on my PC and went to Youtube it had me in as logged in.  I didnt sign out to try and sign back in for fear of being told its connected to another account.

So Stefanie, I believe it may be in the Phantom Google Account state you previously said it was in.

I have to ask, how can I look and see what google/gmail account my youtube is linked to so I might be able to finally access my youtube when away from my home computer?
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? TLFU 5/18/10 4:13 AM
OK- this is not half bad!  Do NOT log out (but then you know this) and do NOT clear caches/cookies or histories!!!!
I am not sure that it IS a Phantom Google Linking situation but YOU may hold the key to seeing if this is the key!
Go to your YouTube account- Account / Manage Account and check to see if you can see the last link as being "Unlink YouTube and Google accounts"  IF you see this link then you KNOW that the YouTube account IS linked to a Google account.  If that link does NOT appear then your YouTube account is DEFINITELY NOT linked to a Google account.
Depending on what you find we can try to sort this out (or not...)
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? Trygon00 5/19/10 9:32 PM
Unlink YouTube and Google Accounts is at the bottom of my Manage Account page. . .

Dang it.. I just want to be able to sign in away from home or in general.. I don't  want to lose/make another account because of silly little minor problems.
Re: How do I link my Gmail account to Youtube properly? TLFU 5/20/10 1:58 AM
@Trygon00-  YESSSS!  This is good news!  It means one thing to me- that your YouTube account is NOT linked to a GMail Google account.  Because THAT would mean that that link wouldn't appear (as it is not POSSIBLE, allegedly, to unlink a YouTube account from a GMail Google account)...

Now- I know from other users here that they have unlinked their accounts quite happily/safely and all was well.  What I would suggest though- check the Account / Email Option email address and make sure it is one you have access to.  Because to me it would make sense that this unlinking would revert all the burden of management BACK to YouTube and the email address YouTube hold for that account.  If you DO get logged out and find that your username/original password do NOT work as sign in details then resetting the password is STILL an option for you.

Another point- these pre-May 2009 YouTube accounts are like gold dust- they are independent of Google and so are very desirable (and, sadly, hackable) so hang on to it and don't let go!

Good luck and let me know how you get on as we need more reports of success so that the next person with your problem can be helped with solid info.