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Upload a profile photo? PawesomeCasey 4/10/10 4:56 AM
I am new to YouTube and am trying to upload a profile photo, but I keep getting this message...

File not provided for upload image action.

I don't understand? I go to Browse, click the photo and the timer comes up...waiting, waiting, waiting and then this message comes up.

What's wrong with it? Or am I doing it wrong?

Please help!

Re: Upload a profile photo? Yoz Creative 4/10/10 6:11 AM
Hi YouTuber,
Could it be the size of the image you wish to upload? Please review the text of YouTube concerning a profile photo. Once you follow this it should work fine. If not try to upload your photo in even smaller FILESIZE than requested

Quote of YoiTube:
You can upload a JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG file. Do not upload pictures containing celebrities, nudity, artwork or copyrighted images. Your image will be displayed as an 88 px by 88 px square. Maximum file size is 256K.
Re: Upload a profile photo? Yoz Creative 4/10/10 6:12 AM
I mean "Quote of YouTube" and nothing else...