VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days!

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VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! YouTube Olivia 6/25/12 9:19 AM
A lot has happened in the past year on YouTube -- we’ve evolved our product and tools, and launched initiatives to help you improve your skills and build audiences. Our goal at VidCon this year is simple: we want to connect with and listen to you. We want to hear how we can improve your experience on YouTube, and to hopefully share a thing or two that we’ve learned along the way. Oh, and as always, there will be a few surprises.

You can find out what we’re up to below and reviewing the Vidcon 2012 agenda. And, don’t forget! There are a few ways that you can take advantage of what we’ll be doing at VidCon now, so be sure to sign up as seats will go quickly!

  • Industry Day Keynote: We’re excited to kick off our presence at VidCon with a keynote on Industry Day (Thursday June 28th at 5:00pm PT), where we’ll give you an inside look at what we’ve been up to and how we’re setting up our partners for long-term success. And yes--there will be a few surprises.
  • Partner Support & Next Lab Open House Sessions: This is your chance to meet with the YouTube Partner Support and YouTube Next Lab teams 1:1 or in small groups to find solutions to your account issues, and to brainstorm strategic ways of improving your channel and building an audience. Some of the Partner Support Open House sessions and all of the Next Lab Open House sessions will be available throughout Friday and Saturday for walk ins. We’ll share a schedule of all of the sessions at VidCon. But if you want to guarantee a scheduled spot, be sure to sign up now!
    • Interested in attending Partner Support Open House sessions? Check out a list of sample topics we’ll be discussing and sign up here:
    • Interested in attending Next Lab Open House sessions to learn how to apply the strategies in the Creator Playbook and brainstorm other ideas to improve your channel? No sign-up required! Check out the YouTube flyers in your Vidcon goodie bags for specific times to drop in!
  • Partner Product Feedback Sessions: Our Product Managers and Engineers are hosting feedback sessions for YouTube tools and features. Examples of sessions include: ‘Channel Presentation & Engagement’, ‘Homepage, Guide, and Subscriptions’, ‘YouTube Analytics’ and more. This is a great opportunity to share your constructive thoughts with the teams that build our products.
    • Interested in attending Product Feedback Sessions? Sign up here:
  • Workshops & Panels: Join us for a variety of workshops where you can hear directly from the YouTube team on how to be a successful partner on the platform. Topics include: Mastering the Partner Program, Collaborating with YouTube Stars, and Data Ninja: Using Analytics to Grow on YouTube.
    • Interested in attending YouTube panels and workshops? No sign-up required! Check out the VidCon agenda for more info on each workshop.
We’re looking forward to seeing you, hearing from you, learning with you (and of course having fun alongside you!) at VidCon this year. Anaheim, here we come! 
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! dddy4 6/30/12 8:48 PM
can you help me make a voide for youtube
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! Onliner 7/2/12 4:03 AM
hello yootube official employees

i m in a mess friends . i have a valid adsense account with multiple youtube channels i upload content created by me . there is no issue with copyrights . Some time i create videos that are made of pictures what i think is not a big issue as a video is a video indeed .

problem is that most of times my ads not working on my video palyback i m getting views but not the earning . they are well monetized but no ads on videopage anywhere . this happens mostly after 1 day when i associate my account . Next day that association is again blank i mean u again have to choose create a new adsense or use existing . why its like that ? is it a bug from youtube ? why my linkage (youtube + adsense) breaks many times ?

Please help me :)

Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! PiouStarcraft 7/2/12 6:38 AM
hey olivia, i would love to go to vidcon and pay my trip with the money i've earned with my partnership but guess what ? Youtube desabled my monetization tab for no reasons and i can't monetize my videos to go to vidcon...
Now tell the employees to solve our problems plz
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! SwagNY 7/4/12 8:25 AM
is there a workshop on how to level the playing field for small content creators?
perhaps one on how to deal with youtube stealing their works on behalf of copyright trolls who claim everything by default, from happy birthday to birds singing?
will there be a workshop on how youtube is allowed to provide the mechanism to allow wholesale copyright theft by major publishers without being subject to the same laws as napster or the pirate bay?

Will there be a small content creator class action workshop?

I'm half tempted to come down there with a large banner and a book of protest songs and sit in front of your booth all day
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! David Lundin 7/5/12 7:13 AM
You'd look pretty stupid waving banners in front of attendants of "The Orange County Fire Services Association Annual Summer Show" which are there this weekend.

Vidcon was last week...
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! David Lundin 7/5/12 7:32 AM
You should still totally do it, film it and upload it though :-p

Speaking of which. With all the static lately about the problems Youtubers have had, I wonder if there's perhaps video coverage from Vidcon with any useful info anywhere? Not by Youtube I mean, but from someone who actually confronted anyone at Youtube about recent troubles I mean.

Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! PixelReason 7/18/12 9:06 PM
haha, that would be awesome!
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! chris goodhall 7/25/12 2:19 PM
sounds interesting . i have always wondered how sum vids get awsome promotion :)
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! chris goodhall 7/25/12 2:19 PM
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! chris goodhall 7/25/12 2:21 PM
i always wonder how peeps get awsome promotion on here. :)
Re: VidCon 2012 - see you in a few days! Bridget Cooley 7/15/13 10:52 AM
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