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YouTube and DOUBLE STANDARDS andrewchristian 2/8/12 3:54 PM

Dear YouTube,

Your removal of our video “Pink Paradise” and two week block of the Andrew Christian YouTube account has left us feeling unsettled.

There are thousands of videos that target the heterosexual audience currently on YouTube that show blatant female nudity and sexual scenarios with millions of views.

Our video was meant to be a fun way to feature our new line of underwear.  We’re disappointed and confused about its removal for inappropriate content when there are hundreds of thousands of videos featuring overtly sexual female imagery.  We are a company that only produces menswear, and it feels unfair that our ads are held to different standards for featuring the male body.

There is no doubt in our mind that there would be no issue if the exact same video was posted with female models instead of male.  Are you being homophobic or is it something else?


All we request is for our account to be unblocked, and the “Pink Paradise” video to be restored with its original view count so we may continue to regard YouTube as a fair and balanced outlet for reaching our audience.





Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian INC

Re: YouTube and DOUBLE STANDARDS andrewchristian 2/8/12 3:54 PM
Re: YouTube and DOUBLE STANDARDS GibsonAndVega 2/8/12 4:10 PM
Posting about this here will have no effect.