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PORN on YOUTUBE mckaylin 7/21/09 5:53 AM

Any child doing a search for "mini bucking bulls" will find PORN links, as
shown --
Miniature Bucking Bulls at (4:09)
Straight to Number One - Touch and Go (label copyright approved) (3:36)
Hottest Women Lesbian Hardcore Fucking XXX Sex (4:41) Playlist: ganadero31
28 videos ganadero31 play all."

There MUST be a way to block this junk! YOUTUBE/GOOGLE is shirking their
responsibility. Does GOOGLE-YOUTUBE have no respect for the children who surf
YOUTUBE videos?
Mini rodeo bulls are becoming very popular and children should be protected from
PORN while on all GOOGLE sites. This is totally irresponsible on the part of corporate
officials who are making big money at the expense of our youth!!!
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE johncase7777 7/21/09 8:47 AM
It's a sad thing, no. But porn is a unavoidable thing on the internet. No matter how hard youtube will try to keep porn off this site people will still continue to come here and post up porn vids.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Videodave2 7/21/09 8:51 AM
How old are these children? Maybe, they shouldn't be surfing on YouTube at all.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE rewboss 7/21/09 10:32 AM
1. 20 hours worth of video are uploaded every minute. It cannot be screened before it goes up, not without a team of thousands working on it 24/7 (YouTube has about 70 full-time employees).

2. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from using YouTube at all.

3. Nobody under about 16 should be allowed to use the internet without adult supervision.

4. If you do see a video which violates the community guidelines (including nudity and porn), you should flag it. This will bring it to the attention of YouTube staff who can take action. You will probably be asked to provide a timecode so they can more easily locate the offensive material. In my experience, porn is often removed within minutes of being flagged.
This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE kncwrestling 8/4/09 7:06 AM
i read if there is no nudity in the video it is not considered porn, even tough i do.

 its really sad.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE kom_ervin 8/16/09 3:17 PM
There certainly is a way to keep these garbage minded illiterates off  and Google should set it up so if people feel the need to act like scum punks their small minded comments will not appear on this site, let them show their trashy upbringing else where.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Xelger 8/16/09 10:37 PM
As a parent, it is your responsibility alone to monitor your child's Internet surfing. Children really shouldn't be watching anything on YouTube anyway. There's not really much content that is geared to an audience of children. Most people expect their viewers to be around their own maturity level, and since just about all of the hit YouTubers are adults.... You get the idea.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 8/17/09 10:06 AM
I am a 12 year old who surfs YouTube everyday. I think they need to be extremely careful if they don't have parental supervision. You'll find something that you don't like and if it's minor, leave it alone. Otherwise, flag it if you think it should be deleted. Minors on YouTube should be aware of everything (including rules) on it before making an account. That's why I don't like MySpace. A girl evek hung herself in a closet when a user told her she didn't deserve to live. It's serious. I kid you not. If you did attempt this at age 7, you wouldn't know better and you would continue to do it. See, I think children under 9 shouldn't have a mind to go onto YouTube without permission. I'm immune to seeing blood and gore because of a career I would like to take. People who send threatning stuff to people are cyberbullies. If you want to make a YouTube account, do it when you're ready. Read the Guidelines first.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Dr.Feelgood449 8/17/09 11:48 AM
There are few videos like that actually stay for awhile. Most of them will be deleted within the day. The few left will most likely not even be found by children. So this isnt a big problem. But the spam links to bad sites that  people post on videos may be worse.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE tom1984uk 8/17/09 8:26 PM
It dosent matter if you are a child or not those sites shouldnt be advertised on here. The above answerer's failed to point this out!!!
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Ybrik222 8/18/09 12:44 PM
Oh noes! People like... SEXUAL SITUATIONS. Do you really think this is avoidable?
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE cable-mania 8/19/09 7:43 AM
i think the people that do this should have some laws landed on there asses ,,,,  and made to pay as our children have to see this crap
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Grimga 8/19/09 12:03 PM
I honestly dont see why people put porn on youtube its ignorance, what the point of trying to get people to watch your vies? Do they want friends and subscribers that bad?
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE illage2 8/19/09 3:26 PM
Porn on Youtube is a disgrace and something should be done about it, sure children might stumble acorss it by accident, but however parents should monitor what thier kids are doing on the internet.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE quickike210 8/19/09 10:07 PM
First of all if your gonna "stumble upon" porn on youtube are you really stumbling upon it? I dont think so...And plus do any of you really just search for things on youtube to flag them and get them removed not that its a bad thing to get porn off youtube but its not our job is it??? Since when did youtube higher us to search for videos and flag them? NEVER! Just a few more things to end my rant... Who is this person that commented 3rd on this? I mean come on do you work for youtube or something because the real world doesnt know specific facts about youtube staff. Second of all, since when are people under 13 years old "prohibited" from using youtube? The correct thing to say would be they are prohibited to have an account on sisters who are 7 watch youtube videos all the time and I dont see any police at my house! And who are you to say that anyone under 16 shouldnt be aloud to use the internet without parental controls? The people over 16 are the ones who should be watched I mean really...sure you have some kids who are exposed to bad stuf but has anyone ever heard of kids who arent bad? Of course you havent because to all of you all kids are addicted to porn and you cant get it through your heads that there are such things as people who dont look at that kinda stuff! Now, if you all would stop wasting your time commenting on this without doing anything but comment. Bye crazys.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Kelsey is XF101 8/20/09 12:44 AM
I find nothing wrong with a kid (age 12 and up) on youtube.There's kid shows and cartoons on here.Many videos of a sexual/disburting gesture are flagged.
As far as the internet, any kid (of any age) can find porn without parental controls.On purpose or accident.I found porn online at age 13 on a accident, I was looking for some actress.Either that or a cartoon.16 and with parental control,stupid. It's 14 and under who need supervision.Now alot,but some.So, what my point?
Kids age 12 and up pretty much ok for some youtube videos, alot are flagged anyway.
14 and under need internet suprvision.16, not so much, execpt for chatrooms.
Anyone can find porn online.By purpose and accident.
That's it.
Visit my channels.
Temp Suspended - XenaFreak101
Up now - GabbyXenaFan
all on youtube.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Kelsey is XF101 8/20/09 12:45 AM
I put up embrace of the vampire on xenafreak101, uh flag the sensual parts will ya?
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE sethgamepsp27 8/25/09 12:05 PM
while studessay that you can get porn you psp how dont now kids get on there psp trust id think the psp not doing a good job keeping kids away from pron its the parent job keep kids away from porn and if parent let kids surf the web there bond wounder were not subpost to be the parent not monture kids very whil she parent do you what you kid safe less watch there typing thay could misspell a word or two  every misspell word once alwhile id now that by fact win id was kid yes id did get porn that becouse my parent did not pay much attion to me win id was young its not gumints job or internets to control you kids action take sume control you internet safty whatch you kid were and make ther not type wroge take some were eles and come on home cartoon do with sex id name few  like salor moon inusha  sume the seen have haked body why thay move them the adult swim on cartoonnetowrk yet you let kids after hour to shh
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE sawyerkate04 8/27/09 4:02 AM
ridiculous much they let porn on but delted people who make fanvideos wtf? and i should know cuz i am at account number 14
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE sawyerkate04 8/27/09 4:02 AM
typo delete
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE UnusedUsrename 9/10/09 8:59 PM
WAAAA!!! I HATE IT!! My sister is 8 and she spends at least 3 hours on youtube a day! She only looks at Moshi Monster stuff and Kids Bop. But, sooner or later, she will make a typo searching and find porn and she will get addicted!! Like, for example: She is doing a project on an ancient ameriacan civilization and searches for their food: Corn... Then by accident will type "porn." Can you reply and help me?
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE John Carangi 9/11/09 2:59 AM
I'm sick of people who are indifferent to porn on youtube (and let me tell you its not just ordinary porn). Kids should learn about sex from someone that cares about them, not from the virtual world--this is how people lose the ability to connect.

Youtube needs to get a better filter that actually works to block certain keywords (Dailymotion has a good one), use some of the workers they hire to remove music and tell them to do something more important, or just get more workers (im sure they have the cash).

Next time I see someone on youtube trying to seduce viewers into sending them money, im gonna flip! Its internet prostitution and i dont care if its not nudity---there are all kinds of ways to get aroused and the porn industry knows just how to manipulate that..
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE JDoors 9/11/09 12:59 PM
They make it pretty clear what's acceptable and what's not and it's up to users to flag innappropriate content that gets on the air anyway. If content on YouTube is too risqué, block access to YouTube (ask us if you don't know how). As Mr. Carangi said, there ARE sites that have ... let's call it "higher standards."
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE John Carangi 9/11/09 1:54 PM
Try marking these videos for 'spam' rather than 'sexual content' if that didn't work. Often these videos use youtube for marketing and advertisement, which is not permitted.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE mermaidhula 10/3/09 12:18 PM
I think Youtube is liable if there is child porn on their site. Seems like it would fall under distribution of child pornography.
If enough people call the FBI or FCC, maybe they will start taking notice.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE rewboss 10/3/09 12:40 PM
YouTube may be liable if they refuse to remove child porn and other illegal content as soon as they are made aware of its presence. Otherwise, since there is no reliable way of screening every single video that goes up without employing something like 4,000 extra staff, it's hard to see how they can be held responsible. It would be like holding the postal service responsible for delivering illegal photographs posted by other people.

YouTube takedown teams do work 24/7 reviewing flagged videos and removing those which violate the law or YouTube's terms, and they do cooperate with law enforcement agencies in especially bad cases (child porn, presumably, being one of those cases). If you do occasionally spot a video that's slipped through the net, for heaven's sake please flag it immediately. But remember that the vast majority of such material is found and removed before you even get to see it.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE easum619 10/7/09 5:46 PM
ive never just stumbled upon anything pornagraghic, or even sexual on youtube. and i dont belive you would unless you type in somthing of sexual nature. ya know, even if your kid did find porn, you should know people will post anything on youtube. i mean c'mon, the internet is practicly known for "inappropriate" material like this. there is absolutly no way you couldnt have known that. you should monitor your kid. i dont belive any of this should be taken down, not because i like it, but because some people "need" porn. and even though you wont find actual porn on YOUTUBE, some people want it and some people have it, its supply and demand. and if you dont monitor your kid, and he searches for anything he wants, hes gonna find porn, then he'll like it, and soon enough, he'll turn into one of those freaks who cant stop looking at porn. just my 2 cents on the subjecd

Re: PORN on YOUTUBE BogusDudeGW 10/7/09 11:07 PM
theres absolutely no point on searching youtube for porn imo, it shouldn't be here, anything you do find should be innocent enough, anything 'hard' should be almost immediately flagged and pulled due to the mature nature of the vast majority of viewers. You'll probably find most posters aim not to provide but to advertise. i've never come across any myself and i've watched over 23k vids in nearly 4 years of youtubing. If you really want to see some then make an "error" in you address bar not your search bar and type red instead of you, when your done 2 minutes later come back here for some normal stuff. The internets full of it, theres absolutely no need to corrupt youtube with it, we've enough things to complain about as it is!!!

When i see people advertising porn sites as comments on peoples videos i always flag them as spam, its just a shame some people aren't responsible enough to delete said comments in the first place. I've never had anyone try it on with any of my vids but have had them in my comments on my channel page, but am confident no one other than me has seen them as they're deleted and user blocked asap. Not had any trouble with them for atleast a year or so now i think, only thing i get now is the annoying random friend invites every time my channel gets an award :P
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 10/12/09 11:20 AM
Other than that...other children shouldn't be going to this site at all. I didn't even know what YouTube was. I was like a newcomer. Actions speak louder than words. Porn is a BIG no-no. If you see something disturbing, flag it.
  It's so sick, pornographic/hentai videos are against the law. You could get arrested for uploading that shit. Even the porno video uploaders should be in rehabilitation or in jail. It bends the rule of justice!!
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Rasputin33 10/12/09 11:23 AM
it s unaviodable it s like a virus kids please wait till your 18 or 21
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 10/12/09 11:24 AM
You wouldn't know what kind of stuff is on YouTube. I bet YouTube Staff members are working hard! It's why children who are innocents shouldn't be surfing YouTube at all. YouPorn is cringe-worthy.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Tito Dutta 10/31/09 12:24 AM
Nudity or sexual content should be removed from youtube. Yes, I have also noticed there are porns and many semi porns as well in Youtube. So THEPORNYOUTU...'s claim is not right. And the solution he mentioned here, i don't think that will help anything. Sorry.
There are millions of videos in Youtube, so IceChaeau ahs rightly said, "You wouldn't know what kind of stuff is on YouTube.". Yes, surely it may be a problem, but we can't sayYoutube does not look onto these video or does not punish them at all.
Well know, flagging is a weapon, we have currently to show our protest against a video. That is the way to mark a video as inappropriate.
Many users think this process as extremely lazy, but that is the only way we have now here.
Yet, I think Youtube should acclerate and gear up and try to work faster to remove all the inappropriate videos from Youtube.
In short,
I shall not like to see dirty or inappropriate videos in Youtube.
Thank you very much.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE rwmtiger 11/7/09 2:16 PM
you cant post that info here. no link to bad web site as well!!!
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE mitchboy999 11/7/09 5:48 PM
"  It's so sick, pornographic/hentai videos are against the law. You could get arrested for uploading that shit. "

Actually they are not against the law unless your under 18. Hentai/Porn are completely legal. You can not get arrested.

" Even the porno video uploaders should be in rehabilitation or in jail. It bends the rule of justice! "

Okay so a mans wife leaves him (he has 2 kids). He needs sexual relief so he turns to porn. He goes to Jail.

So IceChateau, you think because of that, those 2 kids should have a father in jail? No, you should be in rehabilitation yourself. Believe me, i know what it feels like to have no father, mine was in jail for 10 years because he was framed for murder. He lost 10 years of his life and all he got was a little money as compensation.

Rehabilitation? Why? Beleive me i am against porn on YouTube probably the most out of you all but i do not think porn is 'wrong','sick' or anything else like that. Can someone please explain how it is?

I do not look at porn or believe it should be on YouTube however that comment was so wrong by Ice Chateau.


[IceChateau - Don't feel as i am picking on you as i just think you made a mistake and even if you still feel the same way i would like to discuss it so please reply.]

Re: PORN on YOUTUBE justaNYgirl 11/7/09 9:54 PM
Sorry but I think "mini bucking bulls" is more offensive than porn. How about teaching your kid empathy and responsibility for caring about and respecting all life instead of exploiting and abusing animals? In my opinion, all rodeos and bull running and dog fighting should be banned. I also am offended by religious lunatics. Get over it. It's the internet. You can't force a site to change to your preferences. How about supervising your kid if you don't want him "stumbling" upon porn?
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 11/9/09 6:36 PM
Oh...thanks...I didn't know much and I thought that people under 21 got arrested.
   *refreshes herself* I guess some places have different age restrictions for hentai/pornography. Most say that people under 18 that have hentai/pornographic videos should be arrested. Sure, I get what you meant, I just needed to elaborate to know what I'm talking about. I'm truly sorry I forgot to point this out.
   I'm an Aspie (one who has Asperger Syndrome) and I'm proud that I was aware of this. When I feel stressed out, I see women feeling their breasts. It's like breast cancer. I'm hoping to become a doctor. If, I were look at certain vulgarity for delight and eroge, I would have been a lesbian.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 11/9/09 6:39 PM
Mitch, I have a minor brain disability---Aspergers Syndrome. I know what it's like to have no father and mother. I feel horribly sorry for you.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 11/9/09 6:42 PM
Now, I think porn is ok for breast exposure, never the genitailia.

IMO--porn is to be avoided for minors.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE IceChateau777 11/9/09 6:47 PM
I must have said that since I, myself am under 18...again, thank you for pointing this out. I woulf have NEVER pointed it out! Thanks!--
Konata Kuzike
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE damirgraffiti 4/3/10 7:33 PM
ARGGGG!!i can't take it anymore of this porn on youtube!it makes me mad....A LOT!i even flagged one of those horroible videos and one of the users on the internet goes to google and going to porn sites and keep on downloading them and came back with new accounts and new porn videos.1.avoiding porn with your minor on youtube is the most hardest thing to do.and 2.there's no way to avoid other inapporiate with your minor either!this porn is not the most apporiate thing to do.we MUST stop this porn before other people download and upload any porn videos.we gotta!
and here,if some of the videos are age restricted,im placing the link now-
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Xelger 4/3/10 9:22 PM
Actually, I have a suggestion that might sound a little crazy, an idea that came to mind thanks to another thread I was just responding to. Maybe you should go to your local police and have the perpetrator hunted down and arrested for exposing minors to indecent public exposure. Truthfully, there are only two ways to stop someone from uploading porn to YouTube. 1: Remove the offender. 2: Eliminate YouTube.

It doesn't matter how many security measures try to ban the guy, there's always a way around it. This guy sounds persistent enough to bypass everything to keep his porn up, and he will succeed until he's arrested.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE damirgraffiti 4/8/10 7:33 AM
oh.ok.Man.....Those pprn playlists are very crazy and inapporiate.i am trying to flag a lot of videos as soon as possible.
Re: PORN on YOUTUBE Xelger 4/8/10 7:51 AM
It's pretty sad that my previous statement was marked down as unhelpful. People don't realize that understanding the truth of the situation is as "helpful" as you can get when it comes to this topic. You people may not like the truth, but don't take it out on me.
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