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"Load More" Button GhostMark4 12/2/10 1:58 PM
Dear YouTube:
The "Load More" button is a bad feature.  Before one could just scroll to load more videos and I could scroll all the way down to load all them. 

I suggest the following:
remove it and go back to how it was
add a "Load All" button
have an option to go back to the way of old
have an options for users to beta test the features before they go live so the number of complains would decrease.

Scratch the last one, you do have that option (TestTube).

I have read that it was suppose to help with loading times on slower internet connections or something but I find it just plan annoying.  Also isn't better load times what "Feather" is about?
Re: "Load More" Button SakuyaIzayoi24 12/2/10 2:07 PM
That "Load more" button only makes load times longer and makes it harder to find a video when there's hundreds of them to go through.
Re: "Load More" Button Acrolyt 12/2/10 2:46 PM
I agree with GhostMark4,

at least give us the opportunity to change this in our accountsettings, please.
The Load More button makes it more difficult for me to look through all videos
of a new added channel when there are hundreds of videos in it.


Re: "Load More" Button submeandmybox 12/2/10 4:50 PM
That Button does not even work in some cases and is just jammed and prevents the loading of all the playlist's available on the channel.
if not broke, why fix it?
Re: "Load More" Button WatchGamer 12/2/10 5:00 PM
i want this "load more" thing out, it's stupid, annoying, and it's really getting on my nerves. what i got over more then 100 videos in my favorite play list.
Re: "Load More" Button lance.rumowicz 12/2/10 5:05 PM
Yeesh.  It's already ridiculously hard enough to search through someone's video list in the tiny, poorly-designed sidebar that's permeated the site in the past year and a half or so.  And now you people are making an already terrible format even more terrible by making your users have to basically unlock a door every ten videos or so?  It sure is nice to go to a channel that has over 200 videos and having to cycle through about 20 excruciating cycles of this to get to the earliest videos.  I have to say I sure do miss it when you could access someone's videos in rows that take up a full page.  As I said before, it was bad enough cramming them into a tiny little sidebar, but this is just INTOLERABLE!!!
Re: "Load More" Button blind51de 12/2/10 6:38 PM
Why can't Youtube make one new feature that's helpful or useful?

This isn't a bunch of kids rejecting change, there's really nothing that can or should be done to improve the interface.
Improve the audio or video quality itself, or don't do anything! Count your ad revenue!
Re: "Load More" Button FreedomViewer 12/2/10 8:40 PM
Very dissapointing YouTube... please delete the "Load More" bar and come up with other methods to solve your bandwidth issues. This badly DAMAGES our ability to use your service... we love YouTube, but this is pushing the friendship too far. :o(
Re: "Load More" Button YOUNGMONEYNIGA 12/2/10 9:05 PM
Re: "Load More" Button hal900051 12/2/10 9:59 PM
I agree with everyone!  Do not like!!!!!
Re: "Load More" Button nemamaninakavu 12/2/10 11:46 PM
Hello.  This is a  "feature"? This cannot be true. Kill it please or at least give everyone a possibility to turn it off.
Re: "Load More" Button HybridShadow 12/3/10 1:22 AM
Yes this is truly annoying to get to some of my older videos in my playlist. Put 'see all back' because this is tedious and quite ridiculous to hit load more every ten videos.
Re: "Load More" Button tomikk86 12/3/10 2:09 AM
please put away "load more" button! speed of loading is still same as before and i am angry everytime when i need to see all videos on some channel.
Re: "Load More" Button Thekwelusername 1 12/3/10 5:25 AM
I just wanted to know if we can have an option to turn the load more option on our channels off because this new "feature" is very inconvenient if so, thank you.
Re: "Load More" Button tellygunge 12/3/10 5:30 AM
This is the worst change YouTube have ever made (and they have made a few bad ones). It is really annoying to search through a playlist that contains hundreds of videos, having to click to load a handful of videos at a time. It may also mean that people do not watch my old uploads as much.

In reading through these forums I have not seen a single person saying "I really like the load more button. It is really helpful to me". Please Youtube, listen to the people who generate your revenue, and reverse this silly change.
Re: "Load More" Button InfamousHDB 12/3/10 5:48 AM
This is the worst thing Ive ever seen, I only ever watch one channel with about 3,000 videos on it, and now this button has completely ruined it.

Change it back.
Re: "Load More" Button JBlacKnight 12/3/10 10:29 AM
This is so annoying, I was watching a channel with hundred of videos... now i have to click hundred of times to find the last video i watched.... This Feature _FAILS_ so much, remove it now!
Re: "Load More" Button Abraxsis 12/3/10 12:08 PM
YouTube: The place to be for pointless and useless upgrades.
The teams next upgrade will be to equip an empty room with lots of wall padding for them to stay in.
Re: "Load More" Button gobitz 12/3/10 1:05 PM
after clicking back to play list  this stupid  load more button won't work at  all,  i can't go to my old videos and my friends tells me they can't watch my videos ... stop this load more button ...please, it's terrible, it's ruining my videos and my day..
Re: "Load More" Button Saur 12/3/10 2:02 PM
On top of the complaints already voiced, I'd like to mention another "feature" of this "Load More" button. After clicking through a large number of cycles to finally get to the video you want to watch within the side bar display, if you then "Favourite" the displayed video - the side panel resets.

So after clicking through a large number of "Load More" cycles, the user is then expected to repeat the process to get back to the point he/she left managed to get to.

I'm not usually one to complain, but this button seriously causes problems when trying to navigate. Please provide an option to "Load All".
Re: "Load More" Button gobitz 12/3/10 3:05 PM
the one who design this load more button is simply   idiot.idiot,idiot... i can't go to my old videos, i have to click 50 times and page refresh just to get to that video, and do it again and again and again... its just stupid...
Re: "Load More" Button funkyX000 12/3/10 3:18 PM
I absolutely hate the load more button. It is stupid.

99% of all my favorites are music. Even check my channel: funkyX000

And I don't want to have to press load more all day to listen to some of my old favorites from '09.

Fucking delete the fucking piece of fucking shit because it is fucking useless, fucking annoying, and does not fucking decrease the fucking load time at all!
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