Some uploads stuck processing

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Some uploads stuck processing Liz YouTube support 9/29/09 1:27 PM
Hi everyone,

Some of you have mentioned here in the Help Forum and on Twitter that your uploads are stuck processing. This is a bug with the uploading process and our team here is currently working on a fix. Once the team's fixed the bug, uploads which are currently stuck processing will be re-processed again.

For those of you who need to upload a video immediately, try uploading a second time if your original upload attempt is stuck.

Thanks for informing us of this situation, and we appreciate your patience while we're working on resolving the matter!

~ Liz
Re: Some uploads stuck processing moltodimodadesigns 9/30/09 3:29 AM
I've tried to upload three times but to no video shows up in my INSIGHT, but not on my channel for my subscribers to see (it is still in processing mode) Can I just leave it alone and let it do its thing until you fix the bug? Another words, will it fix itself -- or do I have to do something???
Re: Some uploads stuck processing PhiLLoW 9/30/09 4:10 AM
how long will it take to fix this problem?

i need to upload my video immediately but a second(and even a third) upload haven't worked yet :(
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Scarthman 9/30/09 3:06 PM
I want to know the same thing as PhiLLoW, how long is it going to take? By now, youtube should have been able to fix the problem. I was even able to upload a video on my other account and it went through just find, which made me think there was nothing wrong anymore and that the videos that were in processing still would continue to do so for a little while longer, but I got back on today and they're still processing...
Re: Some uploads stuck processing PhiLLoW 9/30/09 3:36 PM
I rendered my video again with a different codec and it worked perfectly ;D they were very fast online and the progress only took around 10 minutes!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Scarthman 9/30/09 6:58 PM
but we shouldn't have to put it in a different codec, and I can't do this with one of my videos. I need it to be at the upload # that it is, i'll have to delete all the videos uploaded afterwards to be able to upload it and have it in the right place.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing CVonV 9/30/09 8:48 PM
yeah same here scarthman, i don't want to have to reupload the other vids.. i'd like it in the same order

my 3 videos (out of 9) that i uploaded on the weekend have been stuck in processing for over 72 hours now
Re: Some uploads stuck processing CVonV 9/30/09 8:48 PM
and they were all the same file format. so it's not a codec issue as the 6 others processed fine.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing JustClassicGuitar 10/1/09 8:35 AM
On Music Video Pages (any category), Selecting "Last Week" or "Last Month" or "All Time" Keeps Going Back To Default "Top Music" Page!!!
Can never select "Last Week" or "Last Month" or "All Time" since it keeps going back to the default "Top Music" Page! Don't you guys at least test your stuff when making updates? This problem was reported 15 days ago and YT hasn't noticed it?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Jkawasawa 10/1/09 11:38 AM
ironic that this was posted the same day I joined the help discussion boards. >.> jeez thanks a lot youtube. <.<
Re: Some uploads stuck processing CVonV 10/2/09 7:13 PM
1 of 3 videos still processing since monday (sydney time) has now finished processing about an hour ago and appears on my channel
Re: Some uploads stuck processing CVonV 10/3/09 10:24 AM
all 3 are now processed. thanks youtube.. it only took 6 days
Re: Some uploads stuck processing pooksrutherford 10/3/09 12:40 PM
I complained yesterday and this is now day 2 and my views are still stuck. 
Youtube staff I hope the number of views from 10/2 are restored when you fix this. 
Your disclaimer (next to the view count) states:
"For popular videos, the counts are updated every few hours; if you're still getting views you should see them soon."  It's been more than 24 hours.  I have logged this comment in the comments field of my video as well.

PLEASE FIX THIS!!!  WHY IS THIS SUCH A PROBLEM?  This same problem happened on my "BHS 30th Reunion: Did you wear sunscreen" video back in August and it took awhile to fix it and when it was fixed the views that I lost during that period were not restored.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing ozpix 10/5/09 2:47 PM
I've had this uploading sticking or not completing problem with every upload for the past few months. What I do to get round this as YouTube have not yet fixed it is this.

When you think enough time has elapsed for your movie to have been uploaded and processed but the progress bar still shows "Uploading"..  Open another tab in your browser then open your account in YouTube and you should find your movie is already there but minus any information that you had typed in. Either retype your info or go back to your upload tab and copy the info then past it into the new tab. You can then CANCEL the upload tab. It will say that if you cancel you will loose your upload but as it is already there you can safely close it. This works every time for me so I hope it will for you.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing damirgraffiti 10/5/09 6:56 PM
i never get my video(s)get stuck from uploading!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing ruKnight 10/11/09 2:10 AM
I can't upload video, because of "Unknown error".
Re: Some uploads stuck processing slimshady22248202 10/18/09 2:37 PM
I cannot get any of my movies uploaded period!!! Unknown Error, I tried everything WMV, AVI, Mpeg. changed the time to 1-2 minutes, nothing works, I hope this if fixed!!!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing slimshady22248202 10/18/09 4:08 PM
Any body having any luck uploading any videos on Youtube
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mikesndbs 10/20/09 3:14 AM
I am having terrible trouble with uploads!
Tried it from Google Chrome and IE7 same result.
Left my PC uploading last night and 8 hours later the upload was still carrying on, thats for a 300Mb mpeg2 file.
I am on BB so that just should not happen, when I check in my videos there were multiple copies of the video all saying upload processing!
This is a real mess, are there any alternatives to YouTube?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Jo A.G 10/20/09 6:12 PM
I tried to upload the same video over 16 times in different format but it didn't work at all :( ... I really want to upload my videos coz I worked realy hard to improve them .. so its really disappointing not being able to upload them ..
what is that "unknown error" !!? seriously ! what is it !??
please fix the problem as soon as possible .. it's driving me crazy .. well as it appears it's driving everyone crazy :'(
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mikesndbs 10/21/09 2:09 AM
Yes that comes from me as well. You Tube please sort this out.
I have tried 9 times to get two different videos to upload, each time it says they are processing however the upload page says they are still uploading.
And 16 hours later the upload says that its 'still' uploading and yet on my videos the video shows as aborted!!!!!
I have also tried without the progress bar and that makes no difference, by the way the progress bar only ever zips across in seconds and sits there showing the video as being uploaded when clearly its not!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing misschievous 10/21/09 11:13 AM
Has anyone had problems getting their video to be published after Revenue Sharing approval? I have 2 YT channels, on the one the video gets published lik3 15-20 mins after submitting for revenue share, on my other channel it just will not go through! I've tried to upload and submit it like 5 times over the past few days and the video remains private.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing damirgraffiti 10/21/09 2:50 PM
ok,when i tried to upload the vid,it took like 1 hour and the error poped up and said "upload failed".but now its fixed.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Enforcer_X71 10/21/09 3:45 PM
Something similar has been happening with me lately, when I try to upload videos, whether it be Youtube or even Dailymotion, the upload just comes up as "unknown error" and then my whole internet freezes, not allowing me to go to any other sites, meaning I have to restart my computer, after which my internet works fine...

What could be going on?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing SidPhillips 10/21/09 7:16 PM
I just spent 7-1/2 hours trying to upload a 4 minute video—which never completed. Remind me again: why are we using YouTube?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing armadillomastr2 10/22/09 3:05 PM
same problem here! please fix this youtube!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing MrPacMan 10/23/09 12:48 PM
Why not fix the bug with .m2ts... you guys HAD it working for the longest time between early January to about June or so... .m2ts and .mts are the top formats right now for all new cameras, you guys went BACK in time... thats a fail... Please fix THAT problem ASAP
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Samuelz 10/25/09 2:41 AM
I had uploaded a few videos maybe a week before, and they worked fine. Now, for some reason Youtube has (quoting from MrPacMan) 'went back in time' and the errors are all coming back again.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing arshedhussainkadir 10/25/09 3:30 AM
  i also having problems uploadin   --  REAL ANSWER !
  goto freeware files .download " format factory " --  which will convert your raw file into MP4
  then plenty free MP4 PLAYERS ON GOOGLE +
  also there is something funny going on within youtube --  i posted a question on view map display and video counts and i know i got a large response to videos but very little shows
  also  scarthman and others saying they do not want to re-upload videos - you do not need to .........i in bit pains to go into detail and have edited details and swapped videos around without reuploading ..........chief moderator can tell you how it is done   --  it is simple thing to do.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing juan833blue 10/25/09 4:08 PM
Some of my vids are taking FOREVER to get processed and it is REALLY ANNOYING!!!  Make the processing go quicker or else.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing MojoTojo 10/25/09 8:51 PM
hmm.. i thought it was just me hehe. good (well not good really) to see other people w/ the same issues..
although this may be a complicated thing so we'll just have to wait for the team to fix it.

However, YouTube should atleast allow us attach videos onto our accounts from other websites.. like what other sites does, allowing you to either upload your video or linnk embed from another site specially YOuTube.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing mikesndbs 10/27/09 5:07 PM
Seems to be sorted now, however a 500 error is now in place when I try to edit the vids :-(
Re: Some uploads stuck processing manhattanDAD 12/30/09 4:45 PM
Is this fixed?  Can someone point me to the answer?  Thanks in advance.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing animefanthe1st 12/30/09 5:34 PM
I agree with almost all of these comments.I try to upload a video but when I go to my channel it just doesn`t appear.When I go to "My videos"I click on it but it takes me to a part of youstupidtube(calling youtube stupid)and on the top it says "the requested video is unavailable"....>:(.....Geez...I already tryed to uplaod it THREE times already......
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Blargal 1/8/10 11:24 AM
As of  Thursday, Jan 7th,I got the error when I tried to upload with the single uploader. I switched to using the bulk uploader. My videos would upload,but a 2 Mb video wasn't "processed" in 2 hours. I have one long term upload running, I will see how long it takes to be viewable.
Prior to Thursday I was able to upload with no problems.
We need an entity at you tube to pay attention to our complaints.
We need quicker response from you tube about if they are even aware of our problems. '
Other users partners and non partners are able to upload videos.
I watch on Twitter to see if anyone mentions they have to re upload a video.
The numeber of those tweets is increasing.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing orionbbs 1/11/10 1:17 AM
It appears that the bug is still not fixed. I have a video (3 of 6 - the other 5 were successfully processed) which has been processing for well over 72+ hours now. I just deleted it and re-uploaded the video again 4 hrs ago and its still processing (it is a 7minute MPEG2 video well within the size and duration limits and it is not damaged in any way I can tell [it plays fine on a Mac and a PC using media players]) -- Is this a known issue still?

Is there a list of known bugs customers can look at to see if this is still an issue (a "Readme")? It seems inefficient to have to read through message boards to know if your issue is a known bug or not.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing PeachyBeachy7 1/18/10 5:07 PM
I've been trying to upload for the past 4 days and still nothing is working ... processing is taking forever and even leaving my computer run for 24hrs still doesn't get me anywhere.
Some people I subscribe too had the same issue last week but everything at their end is now fine however, I'm the one now left scratching my head. I have tried uploading at least 20 times with no change. My file is 6mins long and in MTS format (never had an issue with this before). I have tried a few things suggetsed by other youtube members but nothing works. Why is it affecting some members and not everyone?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing TrailerZone2010 1/18/10 5:20 PM
I have the same problem as you PeachyBeachy7, I am trying to upload a video for the last 4 days and my files are in mp4. and I tried to convert but nothing.I even made this new account. It says ERROR while uploading.I don't know what to do.If you fix it please reply.Thanks!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing PeachyBeachy7 1/19/10 2:56 PM
TralierZone - Another member told me to convert my MTS file and see if that works however, it didn't help.
It's the processing that doesn't work for me and I'm starting to wonder if it's a MTS file issue all the sudden. I hope this problem get's fixed soon because I can't do anything .... I might try my P&S camera today as that's in MOV format and if that doesn't work, I'll be wondering why because all my subscribers and subscriptions can currently upload with no issues.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing TrailerZone2010 1/19/10 3:38 PM
PeachyBeachy7- I think I have found the solution.If you have the AntiVirus program running try to pause it and then upload a video.When the upload is finished click continue on your AV program.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Gamedot UK 3/8/10 4:13 AM
I seem to be having an issue as well. Have been for the past week but it had been working fine for me. Using Windows 7 and have the issue on all browsers. I'll look into this more tonight and try turning off AVG, see if that helps.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing GenerolHavoc 3/9/10 4:10 AM
Ok there is too different issue here

: The uploaders are failing to upload the videos at all, noting they either upload in 15 seconds which is impossible for alot of the videos, or it just gives people the word " Error ".

: They upload though stay processing forever, even if you came back later to check their status it still says processing.

I think Liz is talking about the second one, though I do have a somewhat fix for the first, which you may of seen me posting around..

Ok, what was happening to me was the following :

The upload said it only took 15seconds to upload, though the file size was 380MB, and would stop at 0:00 and stay there for hours, until you cancelled.


It would just say " error " and stop.

Though I found a fix for it.

Ok, has the progress bar stopped at 0:00 or are all the pictures grey but it still says its processing, and stays like that for hours.

It's most likely the upload problem a few people have been facing. I have also noted that AVG linked scanner for some reason is blocking upload or the new AVG update.

Ok, I just tried uploading with the No Progress Bar Uploader, with AVG's Linked Scanner and Resident Sheild Disabled, and it worked for some reason. Though suggest trying this idea with both uploaders, progress bar and no progress bar. I'am using the normal one with no problems now..

So if you have AVG and this upload problem, try disabling the Linked Scanner and Resident Shield.

If you don't have AVG but another Anti Virus program, turn it off.

Still have problems try this link to the Bulk Uploader.

Before I forget, do an Anti Virus scan before and after doing your video uploads using this method..

Do this idea as a last restort..

It's always the first thing I check when trying to install sortion programs from the internet, knowning sometime AVG or any Anti Virus program can delete or remove part or all of a file, corrupting the download, though in this case it's corrupting for some reason the upload..

Now if you don't have AVG, trying checking the setting of your Firewall or other Anti Virus program, as this could be blocking the upload of the videos. Also try placing YT on the Exception list for your Firewall or other Anti Virus program if you know how.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing juan833blue 3/18/10 7:01 PM
One of my clips is available, but IT IS STILL PROCESSING!!!!  It's been a couple of hours and hasn't fully processed!!!  PLEASE YOUTUBE FOR GOD'S SAKE, SPEED UP PROCESSING OR ELSE!!!!  YOUTUBE REALLY SUCKS!!!!!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing gummywormz 3/20/10 10:01 PM
My problem is a little different. It looks like the video is fully uploaded from my videos. It doesn't say "processing please wait" or anything like that. However if I go to the video itself, it says it's not processed.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing juan833blue 3/21/10 12:42 PM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Liz YouTube support 3/23/10 4:50 PM
Hey juan833blue and gummywormz,

Thanks for letting us know you're having this trouble. Could you (and anyone else who's currently still experiencing this issue with slow video processing) respond to this post and provide the video URL(s)? Our engineers are looking into why processing has been slow for you, and having video URLs would be super helpful for them. 

Please respond with the video URL and I'll send it over to the engineering team here in San Bruno.

Thanks for your help here, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

~ Liz

Re: Some uploads stuck processing JMorey920 3/23/10 8:07 PM
I am experiencing slow processing this evening as well.

Thank you!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing belindab09 3/23/10 10:15 PM
Mine is stuck in processing.  Shows on my account page but when go to viewing page says "video not processed"

Re: Some uploads stuck processing marvinheyboer 3/24/10 7:06 AM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing JGN840 3/24/10 10:02 AM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing 99QuidWebsites 3/24/10 12:13 PM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing kellbeen 3/24/10 12:21 PM
Another one that says "THIS VIDEO IS NOT YET PROCESSED"
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Cris Gale 3/24/10 10:25 PM
Mine is processing and the information on my edit page is not reflected on the live video page.  Changes are not occurring.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Cris Gale 3/24/10 10:28 PM
Also, my channel page displays the changes and the video but the actual video page is still showing private.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing lightomega 3/25/10 10:46 AM

Here is another video that is stuck in processing. It says "not yet processed" but the editing "My Videos" page says it is live.  This has happened with the last several videos but not before.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Liz YouTube support 3/25/10 10:50 AM
Thanks guys! This is great- really appreciate your help providing the video URLs. I'll follow up when I know more from engineering :)

Re: Some uploads stuck processing InvocalMusic 3/25/10 11:49 AM
Same here:
Video shows in channel in HD as it should do but the direct link and embedded link do not work (embedded link DOES show a still of the video BTW so it *looks* ready to play) nor recognise the HD/widescreen bit of it.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Jigsaw407 3/25/10 1:29 PM

My video is also stuck in the video processing phase for 5 hours straight. It's a 720p HD video but so far only lower quality levels seem to be complete. I also wish that the "video is still being processed, picture quality may improve once it is complete" message would also be visible to users who watch the video and not just to the uploader. That way people would know that what they are seeing isn't the final quality. Or here is another thought: let the videos complete processing completely before putting the video live.Or at least process the highest quality level first.That would help a great deal.

Video URL:

Thanks for looking into it.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Jigsaw407 3/26/10 5:28 AM

I can report that finally, after 9 hours, my video was finally done processing. That's about an hour per video minute. ;)
Re: Some uploads stuck processing TheeMahn 3/26/10 10:29 AM
I am trying not to complain, but most users here are hung in the processing video.  My situation is different it uploaded fine, processed (about 2 or 3 hours) and went "Live" however, when I click on the video it says at the top "This video is not yet processed."  I am hoping it is just a matter of time or processing it to HD.  Typically when processing to HD does it not show the 320 X 240?

Thanks for your attention in this matter.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mightylions1 3/26/10 6:43 PM
Thanks for the update.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing ebbixx 3/27/10 5:08 AM
@TheeMahn (and anyone with similar experience) -- during a test upload yesterday I noticed the same thing.  However, I also happened to switch to the new watch page format while that was happening and discovered that the "320p" version that normally showed up in the past does appear on the new page.  But at the moment is does NOT show up if I'm using the traditional/old/classic watch page layout. 

This may explain at least some percentage of these reports and apparent delays?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing StasErmakovakaBigBB 3/27/10 5:35 AM - This video is not yet processed. (More than 2 hours)
Re: Some uploads stuck processing ebbixx 3/27/10 9:29 AM
@SrasErmakovaka  It appears to be done now.  It's an 8 min video at 720p.  Longer videos do tend to take awhile to process.  And if you were also getting the delay (the 360p version not becoming available on the standard watch page) that would further explain a longer than expected time to process.  Can you confirm whether or not you saw a delay like that?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing sjzucker888 3/27/10 3:41 PM
This 6 min video is not yet processed. . . but posted about 2 hours ago. . . and it shows "Live" 100% on the My Videos page. . . but when you go to the video itself, it is "not yet processed" Please help. Thank you.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Breakmyfall2008 3/27/10 5:47 PM

Similar problem to the others.  My video finished uploading several hours ago, and it is displayed and can be viewed by ME only on my User Page, but when I click on it from my list of videos, it shows ZERO views and "still being processed" (on my Account Home Page, it shows a lot of views, but those were just me playing it).  How can it show on my page but not to the public?  This is strange!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing ebbixx 3/27/10 8:57 PM
The difference in view counts is mostly a by product of latency.  The contradictory Live vs. "not yet processed" messaging is (I suspect) a by product of inconsistencies between the "classic" watch page and the beta test watch page.  Next time you've uploaded something try switching watch pages... you may find that the new (beta) page will play your video in low quality (360p) while the old page may not.

To switch between formats easily, bookmark and label both of the following links:

Old watch page format -
New watch page format -

Re: Some uploads stuck processing alkoga 3/28/10 10:22 AM
the same error

This video is not yet processed.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing athensgiants 3/28/10 10:23 AM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing priviesandprims 3/28/10 12:57 PM
Says it's not processed. 
Re: Some uploads stuck processing XboxLIVELiNK 3/28/10 1:35 PM
Same Issue here -  <--- Will only play video on my profile page ;(((((((!!!!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing alastminuteproduct 3/29/10 4:52 PM

Been a few hours now, video is in 1080p.  Says live on my profile page, but still processing for the actual link.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing DaleBuch 3/29/10 7:05 PM

this video will not complete processing
Re: Some uploads stuck processing chipmunkfanalways 3/30/10 6:08 PM
I have had the same problem with uploading and one of them took three tries before it finally was able to be viewed... It took me 2 days to upload 30 videos... I am really tired of errors popping up and videos not getting processed... YOU TUBE... GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING...
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Weatherlive 3/30/10 9:33 PM
My stuff is getting stuck too.  It says Live 100% but then gives me "The video you have requested is not available" - even though it has a thumbnail and a play button ready to go.

You CAN watch it on my channel, but not on the "watch" page.

I'm posting Mpeg4 and about 3 mins of video which should go up nicely and quickly. 

Any idea why it's taking so long?  I'm losing views since I use dated material (my own of course).


Re: Some uploads stuck processing ebbixx 3/30/10 11:20 PM
My impression is that the development of the beta watch page has had an impact on the reliability of the standard/classic watch page. 

You may discover that your video will play in the "beta" watch page several stages before they play in the standard page, but this may change each week as engineering rolls out new tweaks, mods and repairs.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing ebbixx 3/30/10 11:27 PM
@Weatherlive - FWIW, your video was active by the time I checked it, a few minutes ago.  (About 12:25 Central Time).  I suspect, until YouTube resolves these issue everyone posting anything time sensitive is going to be losing views as, even if the video is technically available, there's no easy way to tell users how to access it.

For your own review, you can switch from beta to classic and back again with these links:

Old YouTube -
New YouTube-
Re: Some uploads stuck processing starman2110 3/31/10 7:29 AM
Processing taken forever now, after managing to get a few videos uploaded after opening 2 windows to upload them, then going back and reuploading failures.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing starman2110 3/31/10 7:31 AM
I wonder why they have an edit button next to your reply here when you can only delete the reply and not edit it.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Liz YouTube support 3/31/10 1:51 PM
Hey guys! 

Thanks again for all of these reports- our engineering team is still investigating this bug but has made progress :-) Just wanted to let you know that the processing bug hasn't been forgotten / hasn't slipped under the radar, and that this is still very present on the minds of my teammates here in San Bruno. Really appreciate the additional video URLs you sent me, and for you continuing to provide us with specifics as to what you're experiencing on your end. 

Stay tuned- and hopefully a fix will be here soon! All the best,

~ L
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mightylions1 3/31/10 1:55 PM
Thanks Liz!  I plan on uploading a video soon so I hope you fix it by then!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mightylions1 3/31/10 5:44 PM
I'm about to attempt to upload a video!  Let's see how long it takes....
Re: Some uploads stuck processing cardiffvideos 4/1/10 1:23 AM
Not sure if this is the same issue (having read this thread) I have uploaded this video three times - twice it stuck at still processing but only with 1'35'" instead of nine minutes (although the whole video uploaded.

NNoe I don't get the process message - but neither do I get the full video - just 1'35" as before. Help anyone????

Re: Some uploads stuck processing 48hussey 4/11/10 6:25 PM
i uploaded a video and taking forever to process...tired of it now....ridiculous.....
Re: Some uploads stuck processing TExpressions 4/20/10 12:20 PM
Hi Liz,
One of my videos is stuck in processing land as well. Here's the link:


Re: Some uploads stuck processing kalicothekat 4/20/10 8:28 PM
mine too is stuck on processing...its been about 11 hours :(
Re: Some uploads stuck processing BioHazard4Live 5/13/10 5:58 PM
I've got a video stuck at processing. Tried to reupload for like 10 times, but it didn't work.
Here's the URL:

I've also got a bunch of other videos, that needs to be uploaded so it would be cool to get this sorted out.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing juiceaman 5/14/10 2:03 PM
mines stuck on 'Uploaded (processing, please wait) ' ive left it for a few hours and tried uploading it three times, heres the link
its only 10 seconds long aswell
Re: Some uploads stuck processing DavidLux 5/14/10 2:18 PM
Please help! I've got an upload stuck processing since several hours (about 4)

Reuploading won't fix it!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing DavidLux 5/14/10 3:00 PM
Hello! Can anyone fix this problem? About 10 friends of mine are having the same issue at the moment!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing kjmcdonald 5/14/10 4:47 PM
If anyone is looking at this, I've tried to upload the same video file twice, both are stuck (one has been going for almost 11 hours now) THe URL's are:



Re: Some uploads stuck processing Romire 5/14/10 5:09 PM
Im trying my upload again, will report back soon
Re: Some uploads stuck processing Romire 5/14/10 5:13 PM
Ok upload is working again, i can see it!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing JeanCalifornia 5/15/10 7:09 PM
A three minute video was still processing after an hour.  I deleted up.  Uploaded again.  Same problem.  Deleted it.  Made a smaller video.  Uploaded again.  Still processing.  Usually this takes just a few minutes.  Another bug?  Or the original one not satisfactorily fixed?
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mcphillie83 5/29/10 12:02 PM
I uploaded a video then another. I typed in the url and the 2nd video comes up but the 1st wont. Its says video is unavailable and if i uploaded recently may take a few minutes but its been hours!! On my page its says both vids are 100% and live. wots happend?
the links are
Please help i really need these vids to go live!!
Kaz xx
Re: Some uploads stuck processing JustujuTv 5/29/10 6:38 PM

Same dreaded message and YouTube upload conditions. ! ?

Many hours and hours have passed.

Re: Some uploads stuck processing verlim 6/8/10 9:20 AM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing vinnie97 6/10/10 12:35 AM
I have 2 videos stuck in a similar state of limbo:

Am hoping it won't be necessary to re-upload them and they will eventually succeed in processing.
Re: Some uploads stuck processing basementdiaries 6/10/10 6:58 AM
I'm having trouble, it's been uploaded for hours and nothings happened.

here's the URL

I hope someone can sort this out for me!

Thank you!
Re: Some uploads stuck processing juan833 6/12/10 1:09 PM
Re: Some uploads stuck processing mashingkeys 6/12/10 4:57 PM
having this issue as well.. my other videos were all viewable within 5-10 minutes of uploading even WHILE it was processing; the only difference is the quality was a little lower until it finished.

this video has been stuck in limbo for over 5 hours now with no progress in sight. if there is a genuine error going on, people should be properly informed. however, it seems no partners are having this issue.
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