Youtube Survey...Possible Scam

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Youtube Survey...Possible Scam macdad64 8/6/10 3:31 PM
I typed in and it redirected me to some site that said YouTube survey or something where they were giving away some crap or something. I smell a scam. Fortunately I did not fill out the forum and AVG did not bring up any warnings abou the site. Have any of yall gotten this before? As if this is legitemately from YouTube then, why are they giving away cash/prizes for the survey? I got the properties of the page and got the URL:
Confirm this with me.
Thank you
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam MasterMarik 8/7/10 5:41 AM
If there's a form, it's probably a phishing scam.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam macdad64 8/7/10 7:13 AM
Sorry, I actually typed in without the "e" and thats how it brought me to the page. And the URL was actually or something like that, but the properties of the page still showed I'm just not going to take my chances especially since it's over the internet and during a recession like this.

But oddly enough, after I arrive there and close the tab, and try to reconnect with that site it brings me to another site.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam TLFU 8/7/10 7:24 AM
LOL- yes- the link www (dot) youtub (dot) com does indeed lead to a scamming site with clearly NON-YouTube associations.  :)  Something about entering for gifts...  ;)

Walk away- it is no good.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam karolane 8/22/10 7:15 PM
The same thing happened to me 2 mins ago.  When i've type ive been redirected on www(dot)internetsurvey (dot)org , here's the adress.
They say that we've to complete a survey to get a free gift but there's clearly no form to fill.  Also, the link is accessible more than once.  Finally the "comments zone is fake. It is a jpg picture, here's the link :
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam ryan.crazy1 9/16/10 1:44 PM
I just got something similar but the URL was ..
i also accidental typed in 

except when i clicked on a "gift" at the end it said the link was broken.

Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Heilos 9/20/10 6:53 PM
Yea i got tricked by the site too and they started sending me tons of text messages on my phone for ringtones. I was worried because it said there may be $9.99 charges. 

The call back number for the text messages was 877-707-1775

I typed instead of and it redirected me here... 



i feel dub=mb now but i gave it my cell number to win prizes for the "survey"
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam HungOnGravity 9/21/10 10:56 PM
This just popped up for me

Ye be warned for the survey
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Hyecules 9/23/10 9:33 AM
You tube is in bed with these people, this is crazy, how can they do this, this is why you can't trust any corporation online or off.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam torhalon 10/1/10 2:34 AM
I also accidentally typed and got to the survey page....foolishly gave it my name, zip and email but bailed out before giving my cell #. Norton reported an attempted intrusion during the couple minutes I was on the page. Youtube has serious trademark grounds to end this, they are representing themselves as being affiliated and are clearly not.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam krslaton 10/2/10 4:17 AM
The scam page must be triggered by mispelling Youtube. 
I mistyped www(dot) and found myself at the fake survey site complete with a "Thank You" scripted 'youtube' style on the top left of the page.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam UncleFinger 10/10/10 10:46 PM
I should have suspected something, but I didn't.  All I gave them was my email, though, and I've been getting a buncha spam.  I wonder if I should remake my email?  Nah.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam footballfan88 10/13/10 7:27 AM
is it bad if we filled it out with the home number? what's the worst that could happen. it actually has me freaked out.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Videodave2 10/13/10 7:34 AM
>You tube is in bed with these people, this is crazy

Crazy indeed. It is absurd to think that YouTube would derive any benefit from a phishing scam pretending to be affiliated with them.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Videodave2 10/13/10 7:54 AM
Oh, don't, stop. Don't stop.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam TLFU 10/13/10 8:10 AM
ROFL!  Stop it!!!
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Videodave2 10/13/10 8:14 AM
But, do you really mean stop?
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam ccng1995 11/1/10 5:51 PM
Ah, I accidentally put my cell phone in it!
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam Stanley1113 11/9/10 6:47 PM
Sam here. I was trying to go to YouTube and this site, "http://www.videosurveypanel.
com/?sov=12004" came up instead saying that if i do a small survey i will receive a prize.

After checking my history, i found out I typed in YouYube in stead of YouTube which redirected me to the scam site.
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam MoiMe 11/13/10 5:09 PM
I accidentally typed, because of the way I type. if you have any close spellings of youtube it directs you to the SCAM! THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! there is a new link each day. November 13                      
Re: Youtube Survey...Possible Scam VTZ 11/21/10 8:52 PM
this happens when you misspell i did it by putting
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