Videos keep stuttering in Firefox

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Videos keep stuttering in Firefox rwhip923 7/26/09 1:49 PM
Whenever I try to watch pretty much any YT video in Firefox, the video will freeze up momentarily while the audio continues.  It's getting really annoying because I can't watch for even 30 seconds without it happening.  Nothing happens to the browser.  I just can't watch anything right through.  I'm running version 3.0.11.  Will updating aid my problem?
Re: Videos keep stuttering in Firefox Liz YouTube support 7/30/09 10:51 AM
Hi there,

Thanks for visiting the Help Forum and posting your question! Try playing the video without any other tabs open / without other tasks running to see if this helps resolve the issue. You could also try pausing the video @ the beginning and wait for it to load completely before playing it to avoid the situation. If these tips don't help, upgrade your version of Firefox or switch to a different browser to see if this helps (I'm using Firefox and Google Chrome and am able to play videos without any trouble).

Good luck, hope you're able play videos smoothly again soon :)

~ Liz