why is you tube so fucking slow

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why is you tube so fucking slow so slow 6/10/09 10:28 AM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow wraith0127 6/29/09 5:46 PM
Want an easy fix that might help? Try going to START-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Cleanup, run that for all the hard drives you have and click on all the check boxes so they all have checks in them. That should get rid of all the internet temporary files and junk files that could be slowing down your internet download speed. If you have more than 10MB of junk files, it's a safe bet that's what's causing the problems.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow nosfer64 7/1/09 9:22 AM
Since a week my download speed ONLY in Youtube has become very slow. Can someone help me ?
from Montreal in Canada
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ohplease 7/1/09 2:34 PM
I'd suspect it depends on specifically where you live. I think they have video mirror servers all around the world and it selects which server to use automatically depending on your location (to save on their bandwidth costs).

So maybe some regions are in more need of extra servers than others, which would explain why some users experience YouTube to be extremely slow and others have no problem.

(Deoster [above] got the right symptom but the wrong reason -- it's not deliberately throttling outside the US -- YouTube here in Ireland is perfectly fine.)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow CokeColaFTW 7/8/09 4:31 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow omahazone 7/9/09 2:27 PM

I changed internet provider again just recently and now my YouTube videos streamline without needing to buffer all the time, at all hours of the day.  My thoughts come down to my last internet providers capping YouTube sites to stop them chewing up all the bandwidth. Since I got the new provider, I have made no adjustments to my PC or connection settings. You tube speed comes down to your provider, nothing more.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow azlan96 7/10/09 5:30 AM
its the ISP. In my country, no ISP can support YouTube.. all are slow.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow wendy321 7/10/09 9:26 AM
its not the ISP . youtube stream rates are getting lower and lower. im on 8mb broadband and the vid loads at 20kb/s. Nice one youtube, your really making this site great.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow peterpb 7/10/09 11:13 AM
its not isp
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jkhpmk 7/10/09 6:32 PM
it is not my computer (3 months old custom built for gaming) yt is extremely slow in firefox but is normal in internet explorer... i haven't noticed a problem with any other sites in fact most if not all other sites load faster in firefox! i just wish the problem would get fixed! It  started less than a month ago, is anyone else having a problem like mine?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Roci94 7/16/09 9:08 AM
It must be a problem from youtube , I see it's happening to alot of ppl ... i've tried deleting the temporary files from IE and it worked for like 10minutes then it turned slow again , let's just wait .
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Toodles8899 7/26/09 12:40 PM
I have been having this same issue for well over a week now.  Waiting 5 minutes for a 3 minute clip to load is insanity.  I hope this gets fixed soon or you tube will lose viewers in droves.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Toodles8899 7/26/09 12:40 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow cberau 8/1/09 7:12 PM
This seems to be happening everywhere. I find that the more popular a video is, the faster it loads. Less popular videos just take forever to load, therefore killing the somewhat seamless experience youtube used to have. It doesn't take serious computing power to play a youtube video. The only type I could see some computers or internet connections actually have a problem with would be youtube HD. I guess this is something like traffic shaping by youtube. You shouldn't complain it's free, yes it is annoying but it is free.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow cberau 8/1/09 7:14 PM
also this is not a geographic problem. The USA gets the same crappy load speed on some videos. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow elculver2424 8/1/09 7:18 PM
Listen, I do not know if it is YouTube because I am not having any problems and never have.  I think it just depends on your current network connection to YouTube's servers. That's all it is, and sometimes the connection isn't the best. It's not neccesarily YouTube's problem, so stop bitching about it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow v8srghey3 8/6/09 12:54 PM
its youtube... i do speed tests and i get 3.0mps which i what im paying for.... youtube is just slow on and off like right now its slow. must pause videos. when i downloaded a 900mb movie in 30mins on utorrent
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow horgon 8/6/09 3:00 PM
it is soooo youtube, im waiting for a fucking hour to watch a 5minute video for fuck sakes. i tried deleting cookies, installing a new flash player, deleting old files and everything else i can think of and it wont change at all. every other site works fine

fuck you youtube you greedy scumbags
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kamcrushr 8/10/09 3:20 PM
I have tried everything, testing up and download speeds (they are more than adequate), upgrading Firefox to 3.5 (which I got rid of to buggy), reloading the latest flash player, clearing cache you name it I've done it. Nothing works it's still so slow I never get the video. I think that there is so much data on the YT drives that they cut back most of the space. (it must be in the 100's of petabytes) and didn't or won't tell us, the hapless user. Let us know we can take it, you hope.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Sylacs 8/10/09 4:46 PM
I am also finding youtube excessively slow the last couple days. I dont seem to have the same issue with google video or other video sites tho.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow beavistv369 8/11/09 6:06 AM
every other site works good for me but fucking youtube is my favorite because i tallk to my friends, wacth vids and stuff now i cant its being fucking slow as fuck! i have to keep closing it down and bringing it back up!!! its nothing to do with the internet connection thats fine but youtube is screwing me it normally works but for the past week or so its fucking annoying!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow wingnutt7 8/12/09 12:18 PM
Hulu, MSN, Vimeo, etc all stream video just fine.  YouTube has been running slow for about 3-4 weeks now, no matter the hardware of isp.  It's pretty bad, pretty sad.  Hope things improve...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow willitbefixed 8/12/09 9:30 PM
I'm sure they're concerned.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jynxed 8/13/09 3:32 AM
Just because the OP has problems expressing them selves doesn't mean its a red light for every one to blow off the problem.  Look around the post and you will see there is a buffering issue that has cropped in the last few months with some people.  It would help if the OP would explain exactly what is happening we could see if it is a buffering  or net throttling issue or something else.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow DarkPenguin 8/13/09 4:48 AM
Why are there so many people in here claiming that it's the OPs connection/computer?  I've been having a lot of issues recently with youtube such as videos loading very slowly, and sometimes not at all (an error occurred, please try again later).

I did a few very basic tests and am beginning to think this is more and more of a youtube problem.  I've no issues pinging www.youtube.com, but when pinging youtube.com I get intermittent timeouts.  Running a trace-route to youtube.com shows packets are dropping after leaving my ISPs network.  The connection begins timeout right after youtube.demarc.cogentco.com.  I know that the routers after that point are configured to report nothing back to me, but the destination should (and it does, sometimes).  It's plainly obvious to me that this is not an isue with my computer, my connection, or my ISP.  The packets always make it to youtube.demarc.cogentco.com and fail at some point after.

During my testing, when failure occurs, I end up watching my packets hit 24 hops then nothing.  When it is working, my packets are getting through on the 14th hop.  Also, when working my trace routes/pings end up hitting a destination IP of  When failing, they're trying to hit  Could this simply be a broken server or a malfunctioning router?  I'd be surprised if it was, as Google is a large enough company to notice an issue like that and have it resolved quickly.

Anyone have an actual idea, or possibly real information, as to what is going on?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Secret.Agent.ex.9 8/18/09 3:57 PM
agreed. there is a problem with youtube.

hulu, metacafe etc run great.

fix it google.

you hear me?

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 8/18/09 4:15 PM
I wonder if new features being added as slowing down the loading time for videos. Just the other day I notice that if I click on the video screen, the video will Pause or Play, depending on its previous state, and a pause ( II ) or play ( > ) icon will appear on the video screen.
Obviously there's something wrong with YouTube and that really sucks -- it's like being on dial-up again waiting for the video to load, but what really sucks is that Google-YouTube isn't acknowledging this glitch. Give us some sort of response that you're looking into this!
All over sites, especially those with a lot of Flash files, load fast, but not YouTube. And it's not the users computer, browser, ISP, region. It's YouTube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Ritz_Crackers 8/18/09 10:42 PM
I got updated firmware to my wireless router and no more video stuck loading.
Please check your manufacture wireless router for updated firmware.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow satterwc 8/19/09 4:47 PM
Let's see... on average... Youtube is letting me download at a maximum rate of 200Kb/s but an average of 45Kb/s. This means an 8-10 minute video (most of what I watch) will take up to 20 minutes to load. I CANNOT click on a link and just watch and expect it to stream fast enough. It will not happen.

Don't even try to give me any of the 'it's your computer or connection' crap. Youtube used to perform fine (up until a few months ago) and nothing has changed on my side. Vimeo will load a 10 minute video in under a minute in HD.

I get over 20Mb/s download on speedtest. http://www.speedtest.net/result/544001143.png

So, as others have said.. Google.. fix it. Never had these problems with 'google video'. Don't have these problems with Y!, Vimeo, or any of the other sites. It IS a Youtube problem. Address it... or perhaps we should all move to Vimeo?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Beechsundowner 8/19/09 6:02 PM
I figured a workaround.  

Let video load till it stops.  Click the slider bar 3 or 4 seconds ahead of where it's jammed.

Video will resume loading normally and you can watch uninterrupted.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow crushmagnet 8/21/09 7:07 PM
Look, I have done all the speed tests,  done beta testing on software that can and does monitor every single website I am on, and I have over 4gigs of memory in 3 machines. I spend enough time on the net, with several different connections, that I can tell when things are not the same. I watch hulu. download everything, and post several articles a week on a varied dozen of internet periodicals. Something is wrong with youtube. The fact that you may not be experiencing any problems doesnt mean that it isnt there. Maybe, the routing station that people get the connect to youtube has a problem. Maybe yours is just fine. Anyways, youtube is slow for me and a ton of people now. It's not my pc, its not my notebook, its not the workstation at my job, and it's not my iphone on the 3g network. It's you tube. Remember, saying there is something wrong, doesn't mean I don't love youtube. Just fix it already. Oh and before you cretins ask, I pay a hundred and fifty dollars a month for 50mbs from comcast, google it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 8/25/09 4:31 PM
I'm having the same problem.  I know its not my computer.  My computer is fine. My internet is fine. But recently, youtube videos have been taking forever to load.  They used to load really fast, but now, I have to wait 10 minutes to play a 2 min video.  The rest of the internet is fine.  Accessing other sites, downloads, etc.  It IS a youtube problem because i'm having the same problem on my iphone.  It takes forever and a day to load a video (regardless of if its on my wifi, another wifi, 3g, or edge).  Are there any solutions that anyone has made so far?  Thanks.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow lellalk 8/27/09 4:09 PM
Hi Folks,

I too am having problems in Pittsburgh PA... constant buffering... have for a few weeks and just got FIOS, maxing out the Speakeasy tests so I know it isn't on my end. Truly seems on YouTube's end.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 8/27/09 6:00 PM
Well, not that it matters, but I'm in Washington state.  So clear on the other side of the country and having the same problems.  Except I'm on comcast.
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Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Isai Alvarado 8/28/09 9:32 PM
I live in San Jose, CA and it loads so slowly every now and then. It'll stop to load more and I can't watch a video smoothly.

I load videos fine on Veoh though and my cable download speed is normal.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Rickbell7 8/29/09 2:21 AM
Okay, I will join the masses here too.  I am in the midwest on Charter Communications and have had unacceptably s-l-o-w video load times from YouTube as well. This has been going on well over a month now.   It is definitly NOT my ISP, connection speed or even my computers...yes, it is on more thatn one machine.   I've had things checked out and all is good on my end.  I have no issues with buffering speed on any other sites.  Neighbours are telling me the same thing is happening to them.
This is yet another issue that YT either seems unwilling or unable to deal with.  They are more worried about getting those damn beta channels cast upon us. 
Strangely enough, I see little to no trouble at all with YT Partner videos loading up...Hmmmm...Just an observation...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Linuxmanty 8/29/09 8:44 AM
Youtube has Millions of video views per day. They do several video conversions per second which makes the servers have a very high load. Youtube cant just keep adding servers to meet your needs. Google is working as hard as the can to make the servers have a higher tolerance to all that traffic. Yes it is youtube. I have a 10megabyte connection and i only get about 50kbs download from youtube. How would you guys like to have to pay for Millions of dollars worth of bandwidth and not get anything out of it yourself?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Fett 8/30/09 8:48 PM
I have a 50mb line and Youtube is retardedly slow alot of the time. On my 50 line I have one PC and I have another 16mb line that 3 pc's share, usually not at the same time, and it is slow for everyone of them.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jathgnos 9/3/09 10:04 PM
It is youtube.  I have tried from multiple locations, and from different computers and it almost always runs slow.  My home computer used to be able to load longer videos without having to stop to buffer every few seconds.  Fast forward a few months and now even low quality videos that are less than a minute take forever to load.  It seems to be steadily getting worst.  I've loved youtube for atleast a couple of years, but this is getting too frustrating.  While it is free for me, so are other video sites that run much faster.  Google, please do something about this.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow NuBiXx 9/4/09 7:39 PM
youtube is very slow for me also it's been like this for about 4 months now.  50/10 mbps connection.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Gliktch Media 9/5/09 9:00 AM
Jeez...  people need to learn to _multitask_...  Pretty much any modern web browser has tabbing now, I have between 20-120 tabs open all the time, just open up 10 different videos in different tabs (turn off autoplay of course) and by that time the first one will be loaded enough to play without stopping...  then later when you go to the others they're all loaded, it's not hard.  If I was paying for it then yeah I'd have a whinge about not being able to stream without a second's delay, but really some people just need to learn how to manage their browsing better.  :)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 9/5/09 9:06 AM
Gliktch Media: Yeah, uh-huh, I'll get on that brilliant suggestion right away. If one -- ONE -- single clip takes 10 minutes to load, how fast do you think 10 clips will take to load at once?? Really! 
Brilliant! I'm so glad you posted your pearls of wisdom. It's okay y'all, we have a solution!
Ta Gliktch Media.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 9/5/09 9:06 AM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 9/5/09 9:44 AM
To Jason. Contrary to your belief, loading multiple videos is an excellent idea.Loading 10 videos won't be any slower than loading 1 video. They all load at once. As your sarcasm points out that you don't like this idea doesn't mean it's not a good idea.  It will still take 10 minutes to load a 3 minute vodeo, and it will only take 10 min to load 10 three minute videos. You should actually try it sometime, then apologize to gliktch media for your ignorance.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 9/5/09 9:46 AM
While this is not a permanent fix, it IS an excellent solution to the problem. Or use another video site, as they still seem to be loading fine (such as metacafe, howcast, etc). Although I do like YouTube the best.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow crushmagnet 9/5/09 10:01 AM
@ SOME114   It is definitely a solution to the problem, and I have become quite an expert at buffering multiple videos. The real crux to the situation is the fact that we have to do that. With a broadband connect, these videos streaming, should take less than 2 minutes for a 10 minute video. Regardless of whether buffering several videos is a good solution, we shouldn't have to do it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Dr.Feelgood449 9/5/09 10:11 AM
I'm sick of people coming on a help forum, ripping on youtube, and then yelling at them to fix a problem that isn't their fault. Do you guys really expect that to work? Well it isn't going to, just so you know...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 9/5/09 11:27 AM
To crushmagnet: I definitely agree that we shouldn't have to do it. But jus like dr. Feelgoos said, Its not really youtubes problem to fix. There are just as many people who are having no problems as there are people who are having problems. I don't think we should haveto wait for a video to buffer, but there isn't anything to fix it right now.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 9/5/09 11:53 AM
Well, Gliktch Media was trying to help, even though he/she was implying people don't know how to browse (whatever that means), but my tone wasn't cool.
Oh, well... whatever. I like YouTube but it's not the only site on the Internet.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 9/5/09 11:53 AM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow some114 9/5/09 12:13 PM
Wow! Jason you're awesome! You are seriosly one of the nicer people on the Internet! I didn't think you'd apologize but that's seriously cool of you. Most people act tough because it's the Internet but the real tough people are the ones who actually are cool about it, like you. Nice job!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Matt Suda 9/5/09 12:14 PM
Every YouTube video I want to watch doesn't load!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 9/5/09 5:08 PM
In my case youtube is very slow as well, and its not my internet connection cause i can download stuff at 200kbps which is not the greatest speed but its a good average for brazilian users,considering also all the registry implementations i've made in order to prevent lots of types of Ddos attacks and also tweaked to make it faster i dont think it would be my internet connection issue...
also visiting vimeo and aniboom everything plays smootly so it might be youtubes issue!!!
Hope this gets fixed!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Gliktch Media 9/6/09 6:31 AM
It's okay Jason, I think I can see how I could've come across as a bit of a douche too, I guess we'll call it even ;)  And some114 is right, you're pro for apologising.

In a way I was trying to suggest that people who are experiencing reduced performance (or are just stuck on a slow connection) can get a LOT of benefit from a small change in their browsing habits...  It really is MUCH more enjoyable, when you finish watching a video, to be able to play your next video right away and know that even if your net is shut off, it'll play right to the end without a single stop!

Perhaps this is more suited to people who watch longer videos (most that I watch are 5-10mins), but really, it can help anyone.  :)

Oh, by the way you can get some helpful customisations for YouTube and millions of other sites from www.greasespot.net - including the "Disable AutoPlay" function that I mentioned.  Hope that helps someone!  :)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasonvaritekfan 9/6/09 9:24 AM
Cool. Thanks for accepting the apology. And thanks for trying to help, especially since Google/YouTube has chosen to ignore the problem.
I'm going to give you suggestion and try and see if it works for me. Yeah I do watch videos on YouTube that are around 10 minutes, but that's only when the videos are part of a series (I was just watching a program on Medieval kings of England), which I play in QuickList. Strangely, those clips loaded at a good speed, though not as fast as before.
I do think there's something wrong with YouTube. As others have pointed out, HQ clips play in HD aspect ratio, which degrades the picture quality. Just now I think I saw an HD clip. The video screen was in HD size, but the HD button wasn't lit ("on").
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg.2 9/7/09 1:48 PM
Lol had to change the nickname cause somehow it didnt save in my google Acc..anyways..
just found a workaround for this but its highly recommended for users who know exactly what they'r doing(editing registry)...
oka usually the normal behaviour(for windows) for dns query time outs looks like this:
1 2 2 4 8 0
by editting this entry:
Add the reg entry(if it doesnt exist) :
Type: Multi_SZ_String
Name: DNSQueryTimeouts
Value: 8 16 16 32 64 0  (after entering 0 press enter then click ok)
Hope this helps,
All my best,
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow M3rV 9/7/09 9:54 PM
Hi all..  Been grumbling to myself about toob speeds for some time now. And I guess it finally got annoying enough to come and seek information on the issue.

Now before some sanctimonious so&so helpfully suggests I get a better connection, save yourself the typing.  I've got as good a residential connection as one can get here.   And I'm not a net noob.   Aside from YT, the connection is performing very well.

Up till a couple of months ago now, I enjoyed click and watch YT performance, loading HD fast enough to watch and Normal vids very rapidly. Since then my YT experiance has been nothing short of dismal, and I've been reduced to pausing a few vids to cache for 10mins or more before even attempting to watch them.
Now if YT is trying to reduce users, or stop people from enjoying an hour or two per evening perusing their site, then its working.   Otherwise its definitely something to look into.        I'm in Australia and using iinet if that helps.  I've mates in the area with the same issue.

One bodge around I've found, which I would encourage others with the prob to try..  click HD and click it again to go back to normal.  For me, it pauses a moment or so, then the cache bar just leaps ahead and proceeds to load a lot faster.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Kurosh 9/7/09 11:38 PM
Just adding my 2 cents.  I've experienced this problem for the past couple of weeks or so too, maybe longer.  I've adopted the "multi-tasking" browsing habit suggested above as a way to bear with the situation, but as I am currently watching video series which are generally several 10 min. vids strung together, the pause-and-go approach is somewhat annoying.
I do hope YT is taking note and working on this.  Could it be added to the "Known Issues" please?
Best Wishes,
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 9/8/09 1:56 PM
Well guess no one tried my suggestion...
i can now watch in HD with no pausing needed...speed goes over 240kbps which is the "limit" for my dial up 3G modem...
so u can even double the value i suggested above and will go even faster!!!
the problem is related to dns timouts so if u know how to perform what i suggested or need more explanation of how to do it just let me know...
give it a try and i bet u wont regret!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 9/8/09 1:58 PM
Oh btw that works/affects for every site including file download speed,u will notice a incredible performance improvement..
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Kurosh 9/9/09 7:03 PM
Tried your suggestion, but it didn't help at all.  The problem is on YT's end... they need to improve their server response, etc.  The workaround you suggested would be helpful if DNS was having trouble querying YT's IP address, but then the problem would be with your DNS server(s), not YT.  Based on all the feedback from many YT users, it's clear that the problem lies with YT and won't be fixed unless / until they do something about it.
Best Wishes,
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TurquoiseStar17 9/9/09 7:21 PM
Are you using Firefox as your browser? Just since the newest version, Youtube has been running slow on it, but with IE it's fine.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Kurosh 9/9/09 7:28 PM
I'm using IE 8 with the latest patches.
Best Wishes,
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow satterwc 9/12/09 7:01 AM
Same crappy speeds with IE, Firefox and Chrome. It does seem to at least have had some minor improvement in the past couple of weeks.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow guijam94 9/16/09 11:32 PM
I am having troubles with music videos..   the video....  this is an awesome guitar lead that is only 45 seconds....  does everyone see the delay in the video?   No problem with audio.   I have broadband  and clean out all IE files regularly.   Even after the first "play"...  next replay is no faster.  Is that a cacheing problem.    thanks
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Kurosh 9/17/09 12:11 AM
Yes, I see the same lags in the video.  Starts around 14 seconds, then every couple of seconds after that.  Nothing wrong on your side I think ... just the way the video was made.  The clue was the audio keeps playing, and the video is fully downloaded to your PC already.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow eelRolyat 9/17/09 4:27 PM
None of the YouTube videos will play. Most YouTube pages will not even load. I have no problems watching videos on any other site, so this is definitely a YouTube issue. This has been going on all week. Most days I can't even access my channel. When I am able to access my channel, no videos will play. What is going on? Has anyone else been experiencing the same trouble?

At first, I thought it may be a bug with the Beta channel, so I reverted back to my old channel, but it still doesn't work.I am using a high-speed DSL connection.I upgraded to the most recent version of Adobe Flash player. I enabled Javascript in my browser. I tried using IE8 and the newest version of Firefox. I did a full system virus scan (my computer is clean) and still no videos will play.

I did everything per instructions on the help page and the videos still do not play. I have no problem playing videos from any other site, so I'm sure this is a YouTube issue. When will someone fix the problem, or at least acknowledge that the site is broken?

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow luke16 9/21/09 3:40 PM
Youtube sucks. Google sucks. They don't even let you email them to report problems. It's like they are too good to respond to lesser beings.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ZaphodMeerkat97 9/21/09 4:02 PM
Hey. Youtube isn`t slow. Sometimes when i open a video it load slow but if i refresh the page the videod loads very fast. If the site goes slow is because the computer or the internet conection.
@eelRoyalt Try to delete all the cookies and temporary files. During the past week Wikipedia doesnt open for me but i delete all the cookies and it load perfect.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow UziUzi 9/25/09 8:54 PM
Youtube has become unbearable for me.

It used to work fine but for the past few weeks if not a tad longer the performance from Youtube has degraded from
usable to useless for me.

 My connection to the net is fine to all you less then helpful idiots telling people to get 'broadband.'

 Comcast Houston, Tx here.

Just checked some other services and I get blistering fast downloads from other outlets (vid and files).

 Youtube however.. 20KBps . Took me more than 20 minutes to get a 10 minute video in a measly non HD mode.
  Note to the brain damaged out there that can not read. Youtube used to work fine here. The problem is not my PC or connection to the local
cable network.

 I suppose it is possible comcast is fucking with the feed upstream though.

 Note to Google. Youtube was fine for me before you guys got hold of it. That is the other possible problem.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow nmrrjw66 9/25/09 11:54 PM
I was having this problem and found this after some research. It is a problem with DNS Settings. Follow the very simple instructions found here and it should work.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow timewarp 9/26/09 3:08 AM
Problems with speed etc can sometimes be attributed to insufficient memory or virtual memory. After loading the operating system it might be worthwhile making a check to see how much RAM is available for other applications. Also, it would not hurt to increase the 'maximum' page file size in virtual memory. It is also possible that some ISP's may be limiting the bandwidth by 'squeezing' the download bit-rate.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow alkemann 10/1/09 3:43 PM
There seems to be quite a lot of similar bug threads on this. Yes it is not ISP, computer, wifi or local connection speed. This is pretty obvious from the fact that other sites work fine, even youtube's non-video content is instant. And the fact that after this much complaining, there is no official word from them on it can only mean one thing, they are doing it on purpose to save money. We are getting what we are paying for.. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Segacdx 10/5/09 1:06 AM
I have had youtube be slow one week or month and fast the next, your internet provider can make your speed change, for exp  5.0 mbps  to 500 kbps  and thats not far
but youtube can have sever problems to or you could have internet filter witch slow it down to a amazingly bad speed, also your computers Lan or Wlan  hardware could be old like an a-11mb card or a old router thats also a-11mb, an a-g-b 54megabit router is better but a draft N 300 megabit or higher is the best, thats if your useing Wlan aka wireless Lan.
Better hardware can make for a faster browsing experience, if you have a Lan only pc or the master pc for the wlan, aim for a gigabit or dual gigabit Lan card this can  help for better network pings and faster internet use, and you need a good connection mabe a t3,t4,t5 but that would be very costly,
high speed internet is not ever all that good from providers a but using tweaking programs may help, also places like australia  
most of the severs have filters that slows it down to awful speeds, 
any ware there is filters its super slow, i hope this helps people out ;D.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Diaboyos 10/7/09 4:19 PM
Youtube has slowed down considerably from what it used to be like.  Videos won't buffer or it takes longer to get the video than the video is long.  Sometimes you have to start it, pause it, and wait till it's done before you can even watch it, which is insane on a 3 minute clip.  This is the only site that has this issue for me and I watch alot of streaming video so I know it's not me, my connection, or my computer.  Youtube either needs to upgrade their servers, their bandwidth supplier, or they are intentionally degrading their service for monetary reasons.  Either way, I don't visit nearly as often as I used to because instead of enjoying a few videos I end up leaving aggravated and pissed because nothing will download.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow gonah 10/9/09 8:04 PM
I let the dam video load to half before I play it, which takes fucking forever btw, but then when I try to play it it still stops on every 2 seconds even though half the video is already loaded. How difficult is it for youtube to let the video play smoothly through what is already loaded. I don't want your fucked up calculation of how long it needs to buffer. I let it buffer already, I don't need youtube to fucking stop my video every 2 seconds when the video has more then enough time to download til the end while playing.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow suaprokr 10/15/09 8:33 PM
This is bullshit! I wonder why youtube is so fucking slow! i used to be able to have multiple videos load up simultaneously and now i have to leave just one alone for a while before i even start to watch it, so that i avoid all the stopping. Someone please fix this problem!!!

P.S. people that are telling others to stop the profanity, shut the fuck up and go to church with your whining little bitches!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow svar 10/15/09 9:30 PM
It's been extremely slow lately, I don't know why ???
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow chunder34 10/16/09 1:25 PM
I have found it very slow in the past few weeks in teh UK near London
I think it may be somehting to do with traffic control with Orange, but I dont get too many issues on other sites. I ahve also noticed things like live stream of tv from BBC is very jerky and poor too?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow AvidImpact 10/16/09 8:51 PM
I agree that this speed issue has been a problem for me that past couple months, and it's getting worse it seems. I have a 32 megabit connection with Comcast and my downloads on good servers are around 2-3 mbps, so I know it is definitely YouTube's servers, but there's no point in swearing over it, besides YouTube has approximately 1 billion views a day...lol I think that has something to do with it. I just hope they find a way to fix it soon.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Coaltrane 10/18/09 5:33 PM
Hello my name is Coaltrane, I invested 2,000 dollars into my computer. 200 of that 2k was spent on a gaming network card, and I have T1 internet. 50 percent
of the clips I try to watch on Youtube load so poorly I am forced to not watch it due to me having to wait 5+ minutes to load. Any other streaming site I access loads
fast, and I download movies in less than an hour on Vuze... oBvIouslY mY CoMputEr iS prOBleM nO wAy couLD iT bE PRecioUS YoUtubes!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TheGreyCrayon 10/18/09 8:02 PM
Props to this Mo phucka ... This youtube is about to be the mutha phucking WHOTUBE cuz its so slow I could go to the users house and fucking download it faster on a mutha fuckin serial connection faster then they could host this shit. My fucking commodore boots faster then these videos ... They are homos I am also one who views videos on EVERY OTHER streaming site with no problems downloading 7 mbit steady no lost packets
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TheGreyCrayon 10/18/09 8:03 PM
PS espically free pr0n
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Icefield 10/18/09 11:05 PM
To all the muppets saying "It's YOUR computer, it's YOUR connection", I have a monster oc'd i7 rig, live in Japan with a fiber optic connection (100Mb/s: www.speedtest.net/result/595019436.png) and work in IT. I'll put this simply: YouTube is pathetically slow. I get a faster connection accessing iPlayer through a proxy from Japan.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow warrenb213 10/19/09 5:59 PM
Slimbridge is speaking very validly.

I'm on a 20mb full fiber connection, it seems some videos that are held on some of their servers are very quick to load, and some videos that are held on some servers that are either being overworked or have internal issues.

I too work in IT, in an administration role.  Even with our connections saturated with thousands of our users we still can run tests showing over 100mb of bandwidth available.

It's definitely on YouTube's end.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow monahawk 10/19/09 7:47 PM
Definitely youtube problem.  I've been uploading and watching videos for some years, and suddenly, every single video I TRY to watch is constantly 'buffering' and unable to play.  After several minutes wasted to watch a two minute video, I give up and do something else.  Come on google...?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Yhiannah 10/23/09 6:07 PM
I agree. Youtube IS slow. It's become slower since Google took over. It's slower sometimes than others. That's why some say it's fine and others say it sucks. The dude used profanity because he is frustrated like me (and others here). Is that an excuse? no. But I can understand.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow JJ23 10/24/09 5:08 PM
Same here they do not play and YouTube Google seems to be either working on it but not saying anything
or ignoring
I started having the problem again after that last maintenance.  So unmaintenance it please.
I cant play a video through and its very frustrating especially when YouTube is silent on the issue and there
obviouslly is one.
Its not evne under known issues for pete sake.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow JJ23 10/24/09 5:12 PM
follow up
I have the issues on firefox and IE
i spoke to a friend in a city 2000 miles away and they have given up on youtube as like me they cant get a video to play

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Thatguyk 10/28/09 10:06 PM
I've noticed this as well, but only in firefox. Since IE is a horrible browser, and iTunes comes with safari I just use safari for youtube; no problems since.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Crono1000AD 10/30/09 7:05 PM
Ever since the beta channels and all the other updates were added, YouTube has been either slowing down or not loading at all.
You can thank Google for that. Sooner or later when we get old and wrinkled, it'll probably be gone by then...
...or it'll probably be called GOOGTUBE...that is, if Google is still around...I don't think it'll last long once that time comes.

Everything's going downhill.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow pudd750 10/30/09 7:50 PM
when i go  to task manager and look at performance , my 2.4 athlon with 2 gigs of ram  is running  at 100% when running a utube vid- not good - i know its a plain jane PC but this is  not good performance  from utube 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Mr_KrzYch00 10/31/09 7:24 AM
I live in Poland and I have the same problem but it started at 9-10am local time here.
I was using it since 6 or 7am and it worked like a charm till that time. My router shows 100/1024 kbps bw, sometimes it jumps to 300-400 then drops down again to 100 when loading youtube video. Sometimes HQ or LQ won't even load, will drop connection in the middle or show some error that connection can't be made or whatever that was, so might be that YT servers are overloaded with traffic and/or routers to EU are stuffed... Just an assumption since we won't know until some technician tells us where the problem lies.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/1/09 10:47 AM
Youtube might be facing some serious Ddos issue HeHe!! seems like bots is taking over all theyr link limit ....
but all my tweaks seems to work as well , in AFD,TCPIP etc etc etc....
TcpAckFrequency set to a value of 1 makes all the difference as well but sometimes looks like youtube is fighting hard against Ddos...
hope they get a better solution soon cuz users might get pissed after facing slow connectivity for a while..
MY opinion...
Ps: If anyone is intrested in make some reg tweaks in order to improve internet speed and latency just lemme know...
it works for youtube isssue but sometimes u might get a loss of 30% cuz its not only ur problem but UTub's prob...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow smd58tx 11/3/09 6:26 PM
Youtube has been unbearable for the last 6 or so months.  I've used it with many different connections and computers, so it is not a network issue on my end.

My thought is that youtube is limiting bandwidth to users because the service is costing them too much, and they are not making nearly what they thought they would off advertising when they bought the site.  That, or they can't afford more hardware, so things just get slower as they add users.

Youtube has gone down the tubes.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow qpstrafe 11/5/09 3:55 PM
I noticed a few weeks ago youtube was running slowly when i watched HD videos. (I have 6Mb/s download) I dismissed it as server overload. Then it started doing the same thing on HQ videos. Now just today, youtube would not even load a low quality video steadily!

When trying to change points on the timeline, youtube takes up to 30 seconds to jump to that time. its ubelievable. upgrade your servers youtube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow baTonkaTruck 11/7/09 11:25 AM
I am a software engineer for Cisco systems, so I may be able to shed some expertise here.  The last year or so, Service Providers have been expanding their customer base, especially those using VoIP (IP phones).  Throughput at their edge devices has skyrocketed, but they haven't upgraded their routers, nor expanded their port density to support the increase in traffic.

Now, here's the kicker:  VoIP traffic typically gets highest priority through your service provider, for good reason (latency and dropped packets mean jitter, i.e. you can't understand what's being said and vice versa).  To compound the problem, VoIP packets are very very small, which makes your packet forwarding engine work harder.  So Router input/output queues are going up, CPU usage is going up, and available bandwidth is going down.  Not good.

Ok, but how does any of this affect youtube?  Two ways.  ISP edge routers are over-subscribed to a ridiculous degree, AND VoIP traffic gets the highest priority in the QoS policing hierarchy.  Video traffic typically gets the lowest.  So your ISP (and the core backbones that are traversed) are likely throttling back your video traffic to make room for all the IP phone calls, high-priority data transfers, etc.

Also, Youtube needs to buy more freaking servers.  But it's a down economy, where ISP's, Google, and YouTube are looking to cut costs, not buy the newest, fastest Cisco gear, which is the inevitable solution to the problem.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow NickMDal 11/9/09 1:51 PM
Great post Truck.  That seems quite right.  Maybe it undermines my proposed solution.  Here it is.
The problem with the youtube concept is simply that it looks to hog up all the video viewing traffic for its own gain while relying on an infrastructure that seems guaranteed to fail.  Youtube paying for all the transmission bandwidth for the whole planet introduces a huge conflict of interest.  They pay cash for your quality?  The huge bandwidth requirement is borne by a single entity?!?
Alternatively, someone should develop an open source (free) video streaming server that would serve on any enduser xp/vista/7 machine. Forget Microsoft and VLCs server-only versions.  How good would online video be if the transmission load was distributed evenly among all broadband connections in the nation?  Any broadband connection could support up to 3 viewers at a time, which is more traffic than 99% of all youtube channels get.
Youtube would (and should) be relegated to hosting videos produced by users with dialup connections and those of very high traffic accounts.  That they could do very well.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/10/09 5:43 PM
my tweaking solutions work for me in AFD/TCPIP and others..so lemme give u guys the last suggestions:
run CMD.exe as administrator and type the following:
netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh interface tcp set global netdma=enabled
netsh interface tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
netsh winsock set autotuning off
PS: one command at a time and then post here if it made any difference!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/10/09 6:31 PM
also add these two i almost forgot :
netsh interface tcp set global dca=enabled
netsh interface tcp set global ecncapability=enabled
All my best,
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow stevecrye 11/11/09 9:24 PM
I'm a network manager for a large (100 sites, 30,000 nodes) network. For the past several weeks, I've noticed performance problems with YouTube. This happens both with our 300 Mbps pipe at work, and at home on Time Warner Raod Runner.

Tonight, from home on RR, I can get ~ 10 Mbps on downloads from my servers at work. But, YT is poking along at ~ 700 Kbps.

As an experiment, I VPN'd into work and took control of my office desktop. Had it try the same download that I'm trying from home. Same horribly slow 700 Kbps. Mind you, this is from a network that is quiescent and has 299 Mbps spare capacity at this hour of the night. If there was a way to attach files I'd post a graph.

The problem is NOT your WiFi, or your cable system, or your computer - it is YouTube! I suspect they are over-capacity.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow stevecrye 11/11/09 9:38 PM
Heh ... if you don't need more proof the problem is NOT ISP VoIP prioritization, or other non-Google things, have a look at this. Happened right in the middle of watching a vid that had *finally* loaded:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

Also, please include the following information in your error report:

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow PoliteTia 11/12/09 8:35 AM
Dear So Slow,
   Please watch what you type. There are a plethora of underage YouTuber's in this site.
YouTube has put forth a Beta Version of it's former self. It is NOT your ISP, memeory, HD storage size, nor is it the CPU.

 I upgraded to IE8, which I did not want to do, and it did NOT resolve the issue. I have tried all the posted technical fixes like: checking the JAVA scripting, this did NOT resolve the issue.

Tweaking the ‘cookies’, and this did not resolve the issue. Tweaking the Private setting for the cookies did not resolve the issue.

The Speed Bit Accelerator, both the regular and Beta version, did not resolve the issue. Beware of these because after I un-installed them I still had to delete them from the Registry. One posted fix was to disable my virus protection! I DID NOT do that, and would not recommend it. The posted video work around , poorly acted by the way, stated to go the to the Adobe website, click on the un-install, re-installed the Adobe Flash Player, reboot and the videos will play… This DOES NOT resolve the issue. In the Adobe Flash Player un-checking the “Enable hardware accelerator,” DOES NOT resolve the issue.

    The only process that appears to work is to perform the following: Wait for the video to START, click to PAUSE button, let the progress bar complete so that red progress bar completes, this will take a long time, and then watch the video.

Please read comments by Rick Bell7. He stated that this is a free site, so you get what you pay for on the net. This site was so spectacular when I joined this past summer. We are all waiting for the server issue 'AT' YouTube to be corrected.

Good Luck :-)

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Anonybon 11/12/09 12:51 PM
Google are the death of YT, they ruined a perfectly good site...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Anonybon 11/12/09 12:54 PM
Anyone remember the "we are experiencing issues and apologize" or "we are down for maintenance and will be back shortly" messages we ued to get before the take over?  Now Google mess around with a whole host of shit and say absolutely nothing...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow bobsagat9 11/12/09 7:43 PM
why the fuck is fucking fucking you fucking tube so mother fucking fuck slow fuck shit
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow baTonkaTruck 11/15/09 1:09 PM
ok, stevecrye, I agree with you (and mentioned in my initial post) that Youtube appears to be overloading their server capacity.. I agree.  But, I don't see how in either of your posts you've managed to provide doubt that ISP oversubscription isn't the primary issue here.  Remember, that Youtube has to run their servers through ISP edge devices the same way that our homes do, the same way that your work POP's do.  If the edge devices are overloaded, packets will drop, and the server will terminate your session, giving you error messages like the one you listed.

 I know for a fact that TWC, Comcast, AT&T, and Bellsouth understand that the video/bandwidth issue is their biggest problem right now.. and have video quality of experience (QoE) as one of their highest priorities, and that general oversubscription (IN PART due to VoiP prioritization) is the root cause.  How do I know this?  Because I sit on weekly customer calls with the very ISP's that I just mentioned.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow m0nkey 11/16/09 2:47 PM
I'm using business class broadband and I'm typing here, waiting for my youtube video to load. I don't think it's google servers or connection but most likley streaming software limitations. :[ Please fix! or megavideo will crap on you
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow CrackerJackTeebo 11/16/09 3:27 PM
It gets slow on my end too. It does get annoying to watch a video pause over and over. At least dial-up is long gone :D
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow shanewu93 11/16/09 4:14 PM
For the past month, youtube was terriby slow for me. Fortunately today i found a program called Speedbit Video Accelerator it really makes a difference, and its free (:
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Java V8 11/17/09 12:31 AM
Youtube is dying.
Soon facebook will follow suite.
Then youtube will rollout premium services which you have to pay in order for you to have higher bandwidth priority.
I used to think that google is a huge generous company that almost owns the whole internet.
I have a feeling that they will soon get greedy.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow M23 11/17/09 1:47 AM
It has been slow since the beta channels and some other changes....now most videos are 3 times as much in size....i dont even bother watching movies here anymore because a 8-9 minute part of a movie is around 40mb alone where it used to be around 15mb before,which is fine if you have unlimited download limit per month but some of us dont.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kyrirhcp 11/17/09 8:56 AM
Don't be stupid. Facebook and youtube survive on the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from the biggest industry on Earth (and cyberspace) which is advertising. they will never ever ever ever ever charge because then they will lose their huge audience which is the only reason that they get all these advertisers.
Youtube is stupidly slow and it isnt the computer, or the line or the operating system or the country where you live. and i should know, i travel, i updated my OS, my line downloads videos from everywhere else, in HD, no problem.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow CXK 11/21/09 6:42 PM
This is an old post, but ive noticed this problem for a month.   I dont want to hear its my connection either, ive got 34mbps downstream.  Videos
occasionally load quickly, but for the most part its extremely slow.  I've tried this on 4 different PC's on my network and 3 others at an office we own.  I understand its a massive service and with all the people who spend their day going through youtube videos laughing their nuts off over stupid crap its
bound to slow down at some points in the day.  i dont use the site much lately, but when i try to its annoying.  Anytime a site gets to the point of annoyingly slow something new comes in and takes over.  Friendster slowed down, Myspace took over, Myspace was a peice of crap and failed constantly, Facebook took over.. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow timl2k9 11/23/09 4:36 PM
It's slow now. It's not my connection, it's definitely the site. I can download from apple at 3 m/bit a second and speed tests bear the same results. The site is overloaded.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow twester 11/23/09 9:27 PM
YouTube is incredibly slow almost at all times.  I thought it was just my connection.  I was amazed that 1.5MB DSL was inadequate for today's internet, so I upgraded to 7MB.  YouTube is still take at least five minutes to load a low-res video.  It's not my connection that's got problems.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Kanwisher 11/24/09 12:09 AM
If this problem board wasn't so carefully hidden i would imagine there would be millions of posts in this thread instead of hundreds. Youtube has been good to be these past few years, but obviously the world has caught on. I no longer find hilarious videos and interesting tech gadgets on the front page, I find these obnoxious wannabe television anchors spending 5 minutes introducing a 2 minute clip. I find twilight everything, I see music videos for whatever crap pop/hiphop/shit group that is popular for the week. Youtube is unusably slow, but most importantly it's been taken over by a demographic in which I no longer belong. Farewell.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow tweetiepooh 11/26/09 12:14 PM
There is a problem somewhere.  A video that last night took 30 seconds to download tonight was estimated at 35 minutes.

Speedtest and other downloads are fine (~15Mb) which for a wireless link on this PC is prettty good.  (Wired I get 20Mb).

It could be a routing/peering problem or just that it's Thanksgiving in the US and greater usage is happening.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jasmoran66 11/27/09 12:37 AM
It's pretty much YouSless Tube now. Not sure if it's a case of being over-popular or a plan to introduce a subscription system, but something is definitely wrong. Seems to me that the problems coincide with all the added features. Maybe they need to keep it simple. Oh well- end of an era I guess.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Qworst 11/27/09 2:05 AM
Try using OpenDNS.  Mine was unusably slow and stalling for several months thanks to Qworst M$N service. Using OpenDNS fixed the issue while the issue worked itself out.  Now back to Qworst and so far so good. 

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/27/09 6:39 AM
i use opendns and if i dont tweak my connection with Netsh command line and registry youtube is just like 56kbps modem!
i found/know other solutions for u guys to give it a try..
here it goes(this is for vista and windows 7 users):
open/run the prompt command as administrator and type:
netsh interface ipv4 set global defaultcurhoplimit=64
netsh interface ipv4 set global taskoffload=enabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=experimental
netsh interface ipv4 set global icmpredirects=disabled
netsh interface ipv4 set global reassemblylimit=64000
also go to windows registry and add the following:
path here : hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters
add a DWORD entry with the name : EnableWsd and set to a value of 1
reboot ur pc and see if it works for yall at leats for me worked..
hope this helps
PS: any further questions concerning the how to procedures just post here and i will try to explain it in more details and make it more comprehensive for the non advanced users
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/27/09 10:50 AM
ok almost forgot,for those who dunknow how to deal with windows registry ,can optionally perform de following :
netsh interface tcp set heuristics wsh=enabled
which replaces this step :
"path here : hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters
add a DWORD entry with the name : EnableWsd and set to a value of 1"
PS: again u have to run the prompt command as administrator(elevated) and then type the above suggestion!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow s2000julius 11/28/09 9:30 PM

YouTube has been getting progressively slower and slower over the past couple months, so stop telling people it's their computers and  ISPs. I have roadrunner  with typically 17-21Mbps downloads and just under 1mbps  upload which is equivalent to turbo in some areas, BUT YOUTUBE IS STILL F@#$%NG SLOW for me especially after  5pm daily and forget about the weekends. I literally have to pause a low res video clip and wait for the buffering to advance before I can watch without interruption. My computer stays well managed and maintained bearing in mind this I build and service performance pc  by profession.  I'm running Vista Ultimate with 8gigs of RAM quad core processor and an 8800 GT Overclocked video card in my office, a Laptop  and a media center with lesser performance hardware that  allows me to watch the latest NETFLIX movies wirelessly and effortlessly any hour of the day, so IT'S NOT THE DAMN COMPUTERS PEOPLE. so can someone at YouTube please address this issue. I know YouTube is a privilege that most of us don’t' pay for, and there may be more users and uploads than anticipated during  its inception, however I refuse to believe that we simply just have to deal with it or pretend this is normal or worst,... individual ISP problems/ system errors.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HardenReg 11/29/09 8:01 AM
I know ITS not a ppls pc issue,however i can testify with those tweaks solved partially my problems with UT,i can download a UT video here at 215 kbps which is a good avarage for my connection,so i dun have a 1TB of link but thats good enuff for me and im glad with it..
i m also a tecnitian(is that spelled correctly) and i know what im talking about by changing the congestion provider and some Syn acks behavior and implementations designed for vista and 7...
changing DefaultTLL etc etc...
that way changes the way ur PC communicate/respond to UT so u kinda get lucky with it,its worth a try!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Icefield 11/30/09 8:32 AM
With Google rolling out ever higher video bitrates and HD modes, it seems their servers just aren't able to hold the extra traffic. 

I've seen a few improvements over the past few weeks, but nothing to write home about.

Amazing that they can find all that time to strip soundtracks from movies and post copyright notices, but not make it feasible to watch any of them in the first place. Unless you actually get your jollies watching that buffering circle.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Burnt Bread 11/30/09 9:10 AM
I can't even watch HQ vids anymore let alone HD. Used to be able to watch both with no buffering at all.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow 99 12/1/09 10:57 AM
okay today youtube doesnt even load within a min.  Im on 100 mbit Optonline Ultra
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow cive666 12/2/09 8:27 AM
This is just another good example of a big company taking over a little company and turning something good in to dog poo.  IMO it's all the damn ads they have on YT now, coupled with a lot more HD video.  I live in the USA and we have net neutrality, at least for now, f u john mccain, so ISP's cannot throttle speed from YT.  Of course this doesn't mean an ISP will abide by the law, like how Comcast didn't when they had something called Sandvine destroying torrent connections on their network.  Because of net neutrality the FCC made them remove it.

Since I am sure people are using a multitude of ISP's here, I doubt they are all throttling YT and it is indeed YT which has the issue.   I wonder if the backbone would though which would effect multiple ISP's, I digress.

Anyway, since there are two topics here, I should address the other.  I like swearing, words never hurt anyone and if you do think that, then you are a christian, and idiot, or both; probably both.  I don't trust a man who doesn't swear.  Swear words used to change all the time, but since we now define them and write laws for them, they are becoming static.  Humbug used to mean something like, that's BS.  And where do we draw the line.  Different countries will have different meanings.  For example in England fanny doesn't mean butt, it means pussy.  Now when I hear someone say "shake your fanny", I laugh because really, I would pay to see that one.

Have a good day, LATERS!

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MoMo_LuV 12/7/09 8:01 PM
yeah omfg just yesterday yt was fine for but wen i arrive home from school i turn on the labtop and go on yt and it became funcken slow so decide to clean out my computer which usually after makes my computer run faster but nothing wrks i restarted it many times but yt is still slow i cant watch my fave shows no more!!!!!!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Rayman2170 12/9/09 6:11 PM
Get Internet Download Manager (for free if you know where to look), you can download the videos (at your full speed) then watch them. after watching choppy videos I've given up on letting youtube do the work. i was actually able to fully download an entire 3 minute video in the same amount of time it took youtube to buffer 30 seconds into the video (separately of course).
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sean2078 12/12/09 5:27 PM
It's clearly YouTube's fault.

I have a 24.5 Mb/s connection and YouTube HQ is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All the time.  I have to open 10 tabs of different videos, pause them all, eat a snack, just to come back and enjoy the HQ/HD videos I want to watch.


Hi.. Google, was wondering if you could TURN UP THE SPEEEEED.. YouTube is TOOO SLOOOOOOWWWW

.. so there you have it folks.  You tube is congested and slow.  I have an amazingly fast computer running dual ram drives for my OS and a Quad core CPU with an extremely fast Net pipe, and .. wait for it .. wait for it .. YouTube's SLOOOOOWWW

So, yeah it sux.  If anyone can post as to how we complain about this better - for example, non-community forums, please post here.  Thanks.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow fullmetal297 12/13/09 12:16 PM
Why are people blaming Youtube for a problem that is beyond their control. The problem obviously stems from the growing number of people on their site uploading and watching videos. Do you guys know how much it takes to maintain Youtube? Google is actually running at net loss of $174.2 million this year alone. And yet you guys come here and complain about a company that offers its service FOR FREE and expect every video to run like butter.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 12/15/09 4:26 PM
I've got NetMeter monitoring the download speed of a video I'm watching. It's bouncing around between 50KB/s - 150KB/s & for sure this is taking too long to even bother watching an HQ video.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow youtube is slow 12/16/09 10:43 PM
This bandwidth issue is probably happening because people are home for the Hollidays.  I wrote an article on this issue here - http://hubpages.com/hub/youtube-is-slow
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow BentSlightly 12/17/09 5:34 PM
Youtube has been really pathetic in all browsers. Totally slow, unreliable, and failing on a daily basis. It regularly takes three times the length of the video to even see it without problems.
ALL OTHER STREAMING SITES ARE JUST FINE. Hulu, Vimeo, Veoh, Justin.tv, the list goes on and on so do not tell me that it is my connection or system.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ytisslow 12/19/09 9:57 AM
I'm trying to watch a 4:10 video right now and it's been about FIVE minutes already and it's not finished buffering! This is awful. And it's not even in HQ or HD. :/
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sean2078 12/19/09 2:57 PM
LOL @ fullmetal297

Do you have any idea how much money they make off of us?  YouTube should pay for the bandwidth or offer enhanced service as a product.  What you don't do is what YouTube / Google is doing now: choking, which apparently is what you're a fan of.

They are currently weighing the negative marketing impact of charging for service now I'm sure (or trying to make up for it w/ alternative revenue streams).  But that's BESIDES THE POINT EVERYONE!!!  When you make a commitment to offer ANY service, you honor that commitment, or you pull your product from the shelves or Internet.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know people have cable modems.  Maybe they should have done just a little bit of multiplication before offering HQ and implemented a remotely scalable architecture before launch.

Does everyone who's not smart see now that it's not the customer's fault?  Good - I'm happy for you.  Happy Holidays, may our stockings be filled with increased YouTube provisioning
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sean2078 12/19/09 3:09 PM
Oh and for the record fullmetal297, you have no clue what you're talking about financially - http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/GOOG/financials.  Yes YouTube costs lots of money every month, but that's the whole point.  It's a free site that promotes users using the Internet.  When people search, they also sometimes search for videos, video hits are displayed in search results - this all feeds into ... guess what?  That's right:  A search engine.  Hmm.. I wonder if Google has one of those?

Man.. i get upset when foolish people make the situation even worse.  Anyways.. that aside, Google's doing fine and really should pay for YouTube in my opinion.  The increase in bandwidth use (in theory) should level out once everyone uses HD all the time for everything .. so while the use will still be high, at least it won't be hard acceleration.

I hope Google and YouTube agree.  Thank you YouTube for your excellent service up to a few months ago - we appreciate the bandwidth you offer us

Thank you
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Marlinspike 1/4/10 2:19 PM
I have tested my connection on speedtest.net and pingtest.net

I have speeds of 35mbps download and 22mbps upload, and a ping of 3ms to my ISP.

So why can I not watch even low quality Youtube videos?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow DNScompanies 1/5/10 5:18 PM
My YouTube connection has been sooo slow for weeks dispite having a  35mb/18mb connection. I've decided that YouTube is now pointless and I've discovered a WAY better site called Vimeo.com. Higher quality, WAY WAY faster and just generally better all around. (I'm still very new to Vimeo and I'm no TOOL for the site... just stumbled across it looking for a place to post my videos).  I guess I'll leave the 35ish videos on YouTube but since the site no longer works... who cares.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Nikokroko31 1/8/10 2:10 PM
I thought I was punished cause I'm french but I see that it's the same everywhere. I have a 20mb/1mb, no problem on the other video websites, even in HQ.
But with Youtube, the download is SOOOOO slow.They are lucy to host Ray William Johnson otherwise I would have stayed on Dailymotion!!!

Please fix this Youtube
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow narcornics 1/9/10 6:23 AM
I just went to google and typed in "Why the fuck do my youtube videos load slow", and came upon this.

I can download at 2.2mb/s, nothing else is slow except for youtube. I'm getting a bit tired of the pausing throughout the videos. 

With a few hundred torrents seeding, a whole shitload of other shit running, speedtest.net says:

1800kbps down 500kbps up

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow narcornics 1/9/10 6:25 AM
btw, how the fuck is that "Dad is Stuck" video so fucking popular? Delete that fucking video and ban the uploader.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow LSMofOhio 1/9/10 5:59 PM
How much is anyone who is unhappy with You Tube speed paying per month for the service?   Exactly, The reason the service is slow is that bandwidth is expensive and if you want fast service like other video sites then You Tube could start charging a monthly fee, and then if the service is slow you will have a reason to complain. But for now the service is free, and you should be thankful it is not slower.  Go to your cable company and tell them you want High Speed cable free of charge, but you will accept some ads..They will laugh you out of the building.  Get real, you get what you pay for and your are paying nothing. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow assingh 1/10/10 9:50 AM
has any one even tried to contact YOUTUBE??
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow d0rkiishchris 1/13/10 4:12 PM
certain vids are reliable.  Others are hopelessly slow.  I haven't changed anything with my internet.  In fact I just upgraded all my equipment and modem.  Still same problems with youtube.  Everything else is fine.  I can download a full blow movie in very short time.  Rates of at least 1 MB/sec.  But youtube, holy crap, I almost can never watch a full video without pausing it and waiting for most of it to be downloaded.  Sometimes it won't download unless its playing, I dunno what that dumb shit is all about.  Youtube is obviously giving the adverts and mainstream video posts from NBC and other major networks preference over user's simple posts.  I don't blame them, its all about money.  But I don't use youtube nearly as much, and I sure as hell don't watch advertisements. 
I watch a lot of aviation videos, stuff that a lot of people aren't internested in.  They don't get much bandwidth and its obvious.  
This all started probably 8 months ago.  Prior to that I could watch videos quickly and easily on youtube, even while on a not so hot connection.  But trust me, my connection is fast broadband.  Well the best you can do with Comcastcrap.  I just did a speedtest to several servers, giving me 33ms pings and 15 Mbps, 1.5 up.  Thats not amazing, but you should be able to load 5 youtube videos without a hiccup on that kind of line. 
I must say I don't youtube nearly as much as I used to because of youtubes bandwidth preferencing.  Thats what I call it because its very true.  I used to work for an A/V company, me and my coworkers are very tech savvy, very network savvy.  All my coleagues agree youtube has crapped out a bit. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow toadwaker 1/17/10 7:31 PM
At work, 50 Mbps connection, download speed maxes out at 10 MBps(That's Megabytes) , yet youtube is as slow as it would be on a 56k connection, what the hell?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow vjHeaven 1/18/10 2:34 PM
Do you use download helper addon with firefox? Try disable or uninstall that addon and see if youtube is still slow.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow vijay2345 1/19/10 7:45 PM
Use Chrome
YouTube works faster in Chrome
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MajorMartian 1/23/10 11:05 AM

SOLUTION:: Regarding slow-loading YT vids....
I thought it was YouTube, since other video sites didn't seem to have a problem.  However,  I was baffled by this - so I did some investigating and also started noticing news vids hanging alot, too. 

I did the following, and suddenly YT flies like lightening, like it used to.
(maybe they simultaneously tweeked something on their end - ? )

Anyway -- Here is what I did:
-Apps which do NOT need auto-updating, I set to MANUAL update only.

-Freeware programs (which can contain undetectable spyware) I uninstalled.
I'd recently downloaded a ton of NCH sound-editing software. Maybe it was completely spyware-free, but regardless, I took it off my machine for now, along with other stuff I had downloaded for free but never use. 

-Weather desktop app.  Uninstalled it. It used surfing bandwidth, so I'll just hit the weather channel website to see weather.

-Then I ran Crap Cleaner, and Registry Mechanic to get more crap off the system and clean the reg.    

Suddenly YouTube started flying like lightening - like it used to.  

A friend of mine who recently had similar computer slowing issues wanted me to look at her system.  She had -without even realizing it- 4 different antispyware progs running,  2 antivirus progs running,  toolbar crap out he wazzoo from aol,  yahoo, google, and everyone in between,  etc etc. Numerous crap programs as well- all taking up bandwidth & processor time.  Her computer was so loaded down with garbage that the top of her browser took up at least half the screen from toolbar stuff alone, and the taskbar tray was literally stretched over halfway across the screen with garbage apps running. She used about 1/10th of it.  So I did the same thing to her computer.  Problem solved.

I'm not suggesting the permanent removal of toolbars if you use them....rather, what I'm saying is...  along with your other cleaning, go ahead and remove the toolbars also - then after machine is running good, add back the ones you use, 1 at a time, so you can monitor to see if any surfing-speed changes occur.  I hope this helps.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow vicsunus 1/24/10 3:33 AM
I am using Chrome browser on a 1000HE netbook with eeebuntu as the OS.  Youtube used to run fine for me in Chrome but recently all videos I watch need to buffer every 5 or 10 seconds.  And it seems the interface has changed as well allowing you to select the resolution.  Also I dont know if its just me but the quality of videos seem to be much better.
Either way YT videos are still slow for me when before they would run just fine.  I really can't stand it anymore where I have to watch a whole 5 min clip in 5 sec intervals with about 10 sec of buffering in between each interval.
Does the new interface buffer both the low and high resolution video at the same time?  Perhaps that is why its slow. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MonkeyRoach 1/28/10 5:38 PM
WTF,i have a 20mb connection and its takes like 10 mins to buffer any video.I can only really watch videos late in the morning when no one is online.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jameshoffa75 1/29/10 7:50 PM
What the fuck is it with these pricks saying its not his problem!!!!

Youtube is slow, thats a fact.

As for "don't sware because children are watching," well, go to hell you hypocrites, you don't give your children vision, only dislove. You'd only know if you were a mother/father and a believer. Go to hell you middleaged premarital sex animals!

Now, as for youtube running slower than Rosie O'Donald in a quarter mile race, I am a computer EXPERT running a 8gb-RAM / 3.00GHz Quad Core computer with 18megabits/second T1 line. I built my computer myself. My computer (and internet connection) have been litterly better than anything you can buy at BestBuy TODAY, despite the fact my futuristic pc was built in March 2008 - TWO YEARS AGO!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jameshoffa75 1/29/10 7:53 PM
And for the record, I have had consistent problems with youtube being a slow bitch on all computers - at the library, on my iPhone, and on hotel wifi connections.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ralphjon19 1/30/10 2:32 AM
I think its because of when Google joined youtube? youtube just went so slow ever since google came on yt. my connection is not the problem cause its fast on some sites but it lags on youtube. =\
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow astman 1/30/10 12:40 PM
Youtube is really going down in speed. It takes 5x more time to see a movie clip
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow fiercephoenix8039 1/30/10 1:34 PM
Well, I have Comcast and speed test show that my speed is exceeding 25mbps easy with noise in the 30ish range which is perfect and  I have a signal of -1 or did he say 1. Any way I am sitting right next to the hub here and YOUTUBE is all but dead. VeVo is somewhat better, but not without problems. This just goes to show that just because 2 companies are good at one thing they should not merge. Even some google things made for Chrome doesn't work on thier own toolbar HELLO! Hire real Programmers, and IT professionals PLZ. You get what you pay for. I am very disapointed in the failure of Youtube. I would support a site take down and completely rebuild it on new more powerful servers with a better backbone. Something has to give!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow PrinceAndy63 1/30/10 5:27 PM
YouTube does have probs for me also, cause I have a 10Mb line and its f-ing slow, and its not my system cause its pretty new, quad core @ 3.36 GHz with 4 GB Ram so its not my system and its not my line cause with all other downloads, I get full speed, so YouTube needs to fix this problem!!!!!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Carterwheel 1/30/10 9:46 PM
No, YouTube is just slow. It has nothing to do with my Internet. On every other flash based video streamer, videos load with no problem, only YouTube. On my desktop PC, on my iPod, YouTube is a slow piece of shit. The ads play flawlessly (isn't that ironic?) yet the video I clicked to see stops to buffer every 5 seconds. What ever happened to the good YouTube? The YouTube prior to google. Everything about YT has just gone south ever since. I wish I could get the same amount of content that is on YT from another website but I don't think any video site comes close, so I'm stuck. YouTube devs need to stop focusing on making every god damn video look like it came off a blue ray disc eating all my bandwidth trying to force me to use HQ. They should focus on improving speeds and fixing the bugs I see every time I enter the site.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ranzo 2/1/10 1:15 PM
its not for any connection, and is not about the connection speed, anyway youtube is going very slow on my pc now. fuck u tube
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow indymuaddib 2/1/10 4:58 PM
37 minutes to buffer and watch a 10 minute video

and its not the connection, i have Roadrunner Lighting, 40mbit down 5mbit up
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow phempa 2/1/10 5:15 PM
godawfully slow for me on a 7meg dsl connection. I'm DONE with youtube
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow veeranshuran 2/2/10 1:06 PM
Its damn slow now
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow blue luke234 2/2/10 2:34 PM
your cp (computer) is very slow
blue luke234
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow machristay 2/3/10 11:33 AM
I am working for a client, filming and uploading help videos onto their youtube account, and the HD videos I've uploaded so far all stutter and pause. Since there's no real answer to this problem, and it's been going on for a while now, I'm just going to compress the videos down to regular resolution, since that's the best bet so far
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MiCoIT 2/3/10 2:34 PM
Try this: 
(THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR VIEDO QUALITY! A 360p - 20MB file stays a 360p -20MB file!
If you have a Mac you can follow it in the Activity Window of Safari!)

- Go to your account 
- choose on the left side "playback setup" 
- put it to "I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video." 
- Try a video

After I did that and then changing back to the automatic setting, it was still fast.

I think there is a bug since they updated youtube... it calculates a wrong speed,
and when you turn of the automatic settings youtube goes for the worst case broadband.

After this I think the settings will be saved into the cookies. I didn't do the tests yet,
but I think when you delete the cookies you gotta do this steps again :)

(unknown) 2/3/10 8:10 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jobit 2/4/10 12:24 PM
I find it funny that the comments stating it's YTs problem receive >500 upvotes, yet there are still some people believing it's a network issue.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow burry001 2/4/10 7:02 PM
IT Analyst here, with broadband, and screaming broadband at work.  Youtube is garbage on all connections.  Just did a google search, first hit was this thread.  Surprise, surprise.  Another huge company ignoring the masses and pretending like the problem is on the user's end. 

I hope Youtube gets crushed and disintegrates just like Yahoo.  Yahoo ignored it's users and provided trash service and look at them now.  I'm sure they thought they were too big to fail at one point too.

Way to go google/youtube.  Take something brilliant and screw it up completely while trying to figure out how to profit.  Pretending their is no problem is so f-ing frustrating I could care less if someone bombed their headquarters and destroyed their entire network. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Adideva3 2/5/10 1:00 PM
Yeah I wonder why too, youtube all of a sudden if fucking slow ,videos use to stream like noting for me and now since this new fucked up changes they made, videos now on youtube can't even stream out properly.I have like 4 mbps ,if I go on movie sites and watch it in hd ,yes hd, I can watch videos all day long without having to worry about whether it'll stream or not ,what a crock ,youtube is fucked up and this sucks cause there is a lot of people like you guys who depends on youtube for a lot.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Adideva3 2/5/10 1:09 PM
FUCK WAY WITH YOUTUBE ! They need some fucking ass competition to fuck them all dried up.Then they'll learn.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MiyojinMutou 2/5/10 1:09 PM
Now these mother fuckers don't know I have to work out continuously for an hour. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FUCKING THING TO PAUSE LIKE LINDSEY LOHAN ON A CRACK. I DOWNLOADING MY WORKOUT THIS EVENING ILLEGALLY. TAKE THAT MOTHER FUCKERS. You know on a side note everybody should know by now that no business cares about the people they care about the money and pretty much what we say here they are going to ignore it. So FUCK u google fuck you youtube fuck you Disney and fuck u 4kids. Now I know who the 4 devils are.   
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MiyojinMutou 2/5/10 1:11 PM
OMG I have a feeling Disney owns Google, youtube and 4kids
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kakrami 2/5/10 4:51 PM
I agree with "mafiacooper"
the problem is that they have been continuously updating youtube since it got famous.. they just don't let youtube stay the way it is for a little while..
they use all their brain to keep putting more stuff on the page instead of taking things off and making it faster so that people can actually use it..(first that HQ thingy and now this 480p, 720p..) or maybe put all that time and money to improve the servers so it gives people more broadband..
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow pcxpert26 2/5/10 4:54 PM
Listen, this is for all of the ignorant posters that have demonized the original poster for so called swearing. I am working on a degree in criminal justice, the first thing I learned last year was the "United States Constitution" have you heard of it? If you have not then you are not American. The first amendment to our constitution protects profanity. Learn your rights and assert your rights. Would you rather live in Nazi Germany? Be my guest. Now for the topic of latency, or lag, or slowness of youtube. This issue is of youtubes not users internet speed, I also have a background in computers and I should say if you do not then you should not speak on the matter. I have comcast high speed cable, that is 20 Mbps with power boost and I have been suffering like hell these past few weeks on youtube. Youtubes servers can not handle the load of users end of discussion.

P.S. What do you do on the 4th of July hail Hitler?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jameshoffa75 2/5/10 4:56 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow djbehnke.mail 2/6/10 8:34 PM
I have a high speed broadband connection rated at 10 mbps, and I get around 13 - 31 mbps on speedtest.net depending on the server. I also have a computer that gets around 25 fps on Crysis max settings at 2048x1152 with no AA. So I would say it's a pretty beastly rig with a nice connection. But I still cannot watch videos at 360p on YouTube. I have recently installed a video accelerator (bywifi) and I still can only sometimes watch low res (360p) videos smoothly. I cannot (at all) watch HD or full HD videos no matter what. I can watch full HD videos on several other sites (vimeo and blip.tv come to mind) without any trouble. This is 100% a problem with YouTube. It needs to be fixed.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 2/7/10 12:51 AM
Using NetMeter I can see how fast these videos stream to my computer. This week has been especially bad for a majority of videos I watch, but it's been bad since late May, 2009. NetMeter says the download speed from many YT videos is 0.05-0.15Mb/s, when I need >5Mb/s to watch an HD video. It doesn't help that I have to hit the resolution button/refresh the screen/hit the resolution button again before I can watch a 480 video either. My connection according to speedtest.net is anywhere between 10M/1M and 26M/0.5M depending on the server, with throttling on the upload speed detected when the result is 0.5Mb/s. I've canceled checking my Subscription Inbox anymore because it's likely I'll spend too much time waiting for the videos to load.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow YTANDY100 2/9/10 12:51 PM
i use a cell modem which when it connects says 7.2 mbps ( i wish ) on good days it may get up to 900 ish but is usualy much slower , i have got in to habit of pausing videos till they have finished downloading and they play fine but after a while the videos start to get choppy the sound is fine but video stops for a second then jumps to catch up with sound , restarting firefox makes it o.k.. again . it always does this , i have just upgraded to a true dual core proccesor and it is exactly the same , some thing wrong with firefox or flashplayer not youtube :-)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Constantine015 2/10/10 2:15 PM
yes,youtube really is fucking slow.I have a 13 mbps connection and everything is really fast for me on the internet except youtube,sometimes a 2 minute 480p video is loading for 5 minutes while I could downnload that same video from somewhere less in 2-5 seconds.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow podemy 2/11/10 1:14 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Usernameinvalid16 2/11/10 8:21 PM
Im having the same problem! Ever since they did that last retarded youtube update it fucking slow and gay now. YouTube lost my interest 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jet2612 2/12/10 8:59 AM
um for all those haters out there telling people to get better internet connections and pcs you need to stfu, i have the fastest net speed i can get in my area youtube has always worked fine but for the past few days it has slowed to a crawl for everyone i know. this is because 4chan recently launched an attack on youtube by posting millions of porn clips in youtube privatly (so no one could complain and ban them) and then proceeded to make them public all at once resulting in youtubes servers having an epic fail and they still have not recovered from this
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow dono5932 2/12/10 7:31 PM
My speedtest result is 147mb for download 40mb for upload. I used Chrome 5.0.3 dev build. suddenly YouTube hardly buffers and i will have to pause frequently. it is either the browser or YouTube FIX IT!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Turtl3Hybrid 2/13/10 1:01 PM
My computer was very fast but for some reason its gone slow
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Turtl3Hybrid 2/13/10 1:03 PM
Well my computer hasnt gone slow its just youtube keeps buffering
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow V@no 2/13/10 2:10 PM
It is seems to be a specific video related + regional related.

For example I get about 50KB/sec downloading one video, but another video  downloads at 600KB/sec
Then the 50KB/sec video downloads just fine to friend of mine who lives on west coast and has much slower internet speed then I do.

Apparently YT has regional/optimized servers and our region gets much higher traffic then others, which maxes up YT pipes..that would be my guess.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow afo45td 2/13/10 11:49 PM
and now even a 1 and half minute uppload has statrted to drop internet. I am uploading on the you tube site, not using 3rd party app. Is it timing out due to slow speed or other issue??
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow msazak 2/14/10 11:40 AM
My fucking youtube is fucking slow too. I'm going fucking crazy. Suçum ne ulan youtube?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow irishimport77 2/14/10 10:50 PM
Hey all you idiots that are responding with things like "your mommy didn't get you a fast enough connection" and the likes... shut the fuck up.  It is a legitimate question as to why the FUCK does it take me 45 minutes to buffer a 3 minute music video at 11:45 pm?  And don't even start with insults about my connection speed, or lack thereof.  I run an editing business out of my house, and my connection speed is 20 mbps fiber optic.  So put the net nanny filter on and shut up unless you have a solution.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow irishimport77 2/15/10 12:53 PM
Please oh PLEASE for my SANITY.... I have a 20mbps connection for my home business... WHY IS it a NIGHTMARE to use Youtube suddenly?  I just tried to watch a 2 minute video and it took about 15 minutes to load.  I had to slam my laptop shut to avoid going into a full rage.  I am ready to delete this account because it brings nothing but frustration and my laptop's life is now in danger due to the RAGE THAT I GET OVER THIS PROBLEM.  It's 2010, not 1995.... Youtube needs to hook up with Apple.. it's called 3G network.  Can you guys afford some new servers, I mean c'mon it's fucking Google for heaven's sake!  This is my favorite site in the world and you're letting me down SO HARD!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jeff33702 2/15/10 3:46 PM
I too have noticed that, over the last 6 months or so, YouTube is become PAINFULLY slow.  They are leaving the door WIDE OPEN for a competitor to come in and take all of their traffic.  I too have a plenty fast machine and internet connection but only the most popular videos load at a reasonable speed - the rest just crawl.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Trizicus 2/16/10 5:20 PM
YT is slow around 4 to 11PM for me every night. No other websites such as Hulu do not have this problem. Also my connection is 8Mbps so it IS YouTube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow MYNAMElSKHAN 2/17/10 12:53 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow inettoavivere 2/17/10 1:23 PM
Youporn loads videos even faster than Youtube.
That's simply embarassing. :)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow orbiter8 2/17/10 4:37 PM
Same for me here in the UK.. You Tube seems to be getting slower and slower nowadays. I've got a good 12Mb downstream connection and everything webwise is working fine, apart from You Tube. Almost every video I choose to watch starts to download pretty good, then within seconds the red bar slows to a crawl and 90% of the time stops making the video unwatchable. There's also no point in even trying to get the 1080p side of things going as the 360p setting is really struggling most of the time.
Come on YT. Fix it please!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow voldrix 2/17/10 8:40 PM
I had this very problem. it is real. and to all of you who post irrelevant shit about swearing or other useless crap. stop spamming.
here is what I found. i was downloading youtube videos at about 15KBps. but i switched my DNS server, and it started loading at normal speeds. so it must just be a bad path to their servers. cuz as of yet, DNS is not location sensitive. so the site was prolly traveling through a bottleneck network. try OpenDNS or use Google's own public DNS. [assuming you're in the United States anyway] this should work.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow hoboX10 2/17/10 10:19 PM
Look, people that are saying the problem is on our end, not youtube. It's OBVIOUSLY on youtube's end. they must be using shitty servers.

i have a 12 Mbps connection. That means when I download a file, I roughly get 1.5 megabytes per second, or 1500 kilobytes per second.

with youtube's new "my_speed" thing to see how fast you are streaming video, it shows the stream speed at 1.5 mbps, which is 1500 kbps or .1875 megabytes per second or 187.5 kilobytes per second. There's no excuse for me only getting about 12.5% of my speed, especially on a site OWNED BY GOOGLE!!

Youtube is indeed SLOW SHIT.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 2/18/10 12:36 AM
I'm getting 68 kbytes/sec from YouTube tonight. Epithet wanting target.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow teikyo30 2/18/10 5:26 PM
I hate when people suggest cleaning temp files, cookies, etc. I worked for a major software company at the world headquarters, and that's the answer we were told to give 99% of the people who didn't know any better. OBVIOUSLY, if people are reporting that their speed test results show good speeds AND report that the problem only occurs on Youtube, it isn't the isp and it isn't their computer or cookies. I have Optimum where I live. The speed test I just did several times showed a ping of 19, my downstream was 14mbps and upstream was 3mbps. Now, every site I have been to since I got home opened as fast as it normally would. I loaded youtube.com several times into the browser and it sat there, loading, loading, loading, oops, timeout error. So I try Opera, cannot connect to host. I tried explorer, I tried chrome, same results. Yet if I go to hulu, or any other video site, no problem. Even TPB opens right away and you know their servers are constantly nailed by traffic. Even Yahoo is working fine and Yahoo almost never works fine.

Fortunately, my queery was a curiosity thing about a movie which I will look up on IMDB instead. I don't worry about sites like youtube not working, it's just a minor annoyance.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow monty22001 2/21/10 8:44 AM
I'm trying to watch a long Nova episode, and it's taking literally HOURS to download 1 and a half hour video.  I know one thing that isn't slow though, the Best Buy ad that was not skippable before it.  Those ads never chug..
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow monty22001 2/21/10 8:47 AM
Oh, and I found the same vid on hulu.  Wow, actually streams!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kwaad2 2/21/10 3:49 PM
I just wanna chime in here, and say, Youtube's servers are a joke now.

I'm sitting here, just spent the last hour reading up on how horribly slow youtube's servers are, and my 10 minute, 720p video. (yeah, I decided against the 1080p version) is finally at 60% buffered. Now, if your curious about my internet.

I my firewall says that the video is loading at 20-50kB/s. And it tends to be VERY accurate. Infact, it even logs exactly how much data is transfered from what server and when, and records it for all time, for logging.

Now what I find interesting about this, is I just threw a speedtest, and it showed me having around a 21mbit connection. (I have a 20mbit) What I find interesting about this is, on the worst end of the deal. (which is closer to the average). youtube, is using a whopping 1% of my avaliable bandwidth.

Google needs to invest in some fiber connections, and get away from these dialup servers. :(

PS: I know google has fiber, and I know they dont have dialup... People just dont know how to take a joke.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow pichu11984 2/21/10 7:30 PM
i actually agree with "so slow" cuz youtube was working fine last year and now it is reallyslow. it sucks. i noticed it too. but you just have to live with it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow orbiter8 2/22/10 6:37 AM
I'm affraid I for one will be giving up on You Tube shortly and looking for another host. It's not just the download speed of video clips being deathly slow and the crappy adverts that have appeard. But I'm getting sick to the stomach to see every video I upload (using pro software) being turned to crap after a few days of being hosted. I check all my clips a few hours after uploading to make sure they're working fine. However once the clips have been avalable for a week or so they just deteriorate into some unwatchable mess due to severly notchy playback.
What are you playing at YT? 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow petsss 2/23/10 11:24 AM
Youtube is f*cking slow. I have 40 MBPS connection - I should be able to look even 1080p videos smoothly, but I have even problems with playing some 480p videos. This sucks. Make it faster. Buy a server.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow orbiter8 2/23/10 1:47 PM
Does YT ever read this help forum or listen to what it's customers have to say regarding their hosting issues, or is this thread just stuffed away in a corner on some hard drive somewhere?
Please fix the slow loading and jerky video playback YT :(
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jameshoffa75 2/23/10 1:56 PM
Forbes has an article titled "The google fraud" in May's issue dealing with YT putting a cap on bandwith per video so users have a chance to view advertisments, and so users refresh the page, increasing the ad views, = increasing revenue.

Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?....this spells lawsuit
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow mitchellm4a1 2/23/10 3:06 PM
For me, Youtube has been great up to about 4 weeks or so ago.  at that point, it spiked and now i cant make myself watch videos because i need 5 minutes for a 3 minute video to buffer.  This is getting ridiculous and i would ad least like them to address it. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow HomieG75 2/25/10 3:27 PM
The problem is that youtube experiences alot of traffic, and sometimes it's too much for the server.  Don't listen to these dumb bastards.  It's Youtube.  I'm having the same problem and my connection speed is similar to yours.  Right now, it's 5:25pm, that's primetime for youtube, videos will only load the first 5 seconds and freeze.  Everyone gets online then.  Just wait.  I always go on youtube at 10pm, I don't usually have problems then.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Dezee96 2/25/10 4:22 PM
I have this problem too... like the guy who has the most popular answer right now.  Might I add that you guys are just saying his stuff is wrong....
I have worked in the Tech industry for ten years now.  I have tested with my own custom built desktop with all the latest hardware, a new macbook pro, a mac mini, my friends' netbooks and beef laptops.  I have tried my neighbors internet.  I have plugged straight into the cable modem.  I have plugged straight in to the router.  I have tried wireless.  All of my speedtests show fast connections.  I can download iso's from the MSDN website pretty fast.  I can download anything fast....except Youtube is very intermittent.  Some days it is as fast as it should be and others it takes 10 minutes to load a 1 minute clip < 480p resolution.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow flarekary 2/25/10 5:03 PM
yo, Trizicus, youtube is slow at that time for me too. 4-11PM.

This is BS. ever since youtube went completely commercial its sucks donkey marbles.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow youslow 2/26/10 8:10 PM
it is you tube dumb ass! you guys are rampaging about connection???? i have 25mb connection and finish downloading 700mb movie in 15mins or less! youtube is just full of crap now!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow youslow 2/26/10 8:22 PM
here is a simple fix everyone! use firefox and download (Download helper extension ) once the video pop up, click on the download helper button  then click copy url  dumb ass! then paste it on a download accelerator program like flashget,bitcommet then click download now!!! it will  start downloading! OMG! sweet ! if the download speed slow down just pause and it and click resume! the speed will go up real fast for about 5 10 sec then it will slow down pause and redo it til the file is done downloading! sweet! youtube files are in .FLV extension so you will need a .flv player! use xilisoft converter to convert song into mp3 select highest setting for good quality! xilisoft the best damn converter out there! mp3 come out clean and clear! not like other converter that sound like crap even at the highest setting!

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Asiam 2/26/10 8:52 PM
Very slow for me as well. I just let the videos buffer a while. It'll come back.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow SOSTacojohnson 2/26/10 10:05 PM

I switched
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow benperth 2/27/10 7:35 AM
In the last few weeks I have found youtube really really slow. I have tested my internet connection and my speed is fine (download at about 300k/sec). But I seriously can barely load a 10 minute movie. I'll need to let it buffer for a few minutes before allowing it to play.

I'm sure it's probably my ISP as I doubt youtube could get away with such performance issues, but still it's very frustrating. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow SVnerd 2/27/10 10:58 AM
I'm facing a similar problem too.  There are days when youtube is slow even thought my connection is fast enough.  This may or may not be because of youtube but I also found out that some ISPs or company/university networks intentionally choke the bandwidth to sites like youtube or facebook.  Could anyone clarify this further?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 2/28/10 9:16 AM
Youtube IS indeed slow!!!

I don't care to hear from people who don't find it slow. It doesn't help the rest of us, when I can guarantee that there is no problem on my end. Half of you probably have it just as slow, but just don't know how it's supposed to be, because you are used to it.

It used to be really fast. When I opened a youtube page, the video would start loading immediately and it would load all of the video really fast.

Now when opening a youtube page, it will take up to 10 seconds before it even starts loading, and it will load incredibly slow.

I have 20 mbit fiber connection, and all speedtests confirm that my speed is fine. I have no problems on any other sites, and as said, youtube used to be fast too.

So cut the bogus about how youtube is fine for you. It's doesn't help. Obviously youtube has done something that affects a lot of us, and it's hardly worth using youtube anymore for me.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Alexander J. 2/28/10 7:42 PM
I've found switching over to the Google DNS helped me. I'm wary about staying on it, but it runs YouTube faster for me.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow KillerNapalm64 2/28/10 10:23 PM
The prob is definitely on youtube's end. I recently upgrades from 3mbps DSL(AT&T) to 20mbps Cable(Comast) and the videos buffered just as slowly as they did with my 3Mbps connection. YouTube is obviously shaping users' bandwidth.

However, there is a solution. You can download bywifi video accelerator and it will SIGNIFICANTLY speed up the buffering on any video. It bypasses the stupid bandwidth caps that youtube is imposing.

Download it here: http://www.bywifi.com/download.html
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Rhin0Neil 3/1/10 5:07 AM
I was trying to watch a video about a mobile phone. But the advert for O2 was using 100% of my cpu. and it took 20 minetes to load the 2 minete video..
If i go to Metacafe it runs fine but youtube is so slow.. WHY???
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow cyot75 3/1/10 6:13 PM
 It's 3-1-10 and u tube has been terribly slow for about three weeks now. My computer has not changed. They are tampering with it on purpose, to make speed worth more money. Why would u tube be the only single company in the world that don't let money corrupt it? I'm about to cancel my service cause like other services, it has become a disservice to me. Just by doing nothing, is telling them they can run all over us. All service providers eventually flip it to their advantage at your disadvantage. We can't even watch a video without all kinds of ads obscuring the picture. As if 60% of the main page is not enough!  
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jameshoffa75 3/1/10 6:28 PM
Cyol is 100% correct. --^
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow brtkrbzhnv 3/4/10 10:48 AM
I have a 100 Mb/s connection. Some of YouTube's 720p videos play smoothly whereas some of the low-quality ones do not. This s quite annoying.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow yea me again 3/4/10 12:03 PM
I am currently watching a "480p" format video on YT. While loading it, I monitored the downloadspeed. It never extended above a peak 68 kilobytes per second, while my line could handle a strictly net speed of approx 320 kilobytes per second.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow zipzap 3/4/10 6:59 PM
I Got a 23Mb Connections and a 1080P video worked today and 8 hours later i showed the same video and its not loading WTF...............i went to the youtube speed test and it seems googles only accepting 4Meg/23-28Meg WTF.... please help. To see if i could fix the problem i reinstalled windows and its still not working
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow zipzap 3/4/10 7:01 PM
i agree with "yea me again" i should be getting 2500kilobytes and im geting 368Kilobytes
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow zipzap 3/4/10 7:02 PM
I laughed because google says there going to be launching this 1Gb Connection and they are already haveing trouble keeping up
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow krystalpink 3/4/10 7:16 PM
i bought a brand new laptop and i have wireless net. i went on youtube and it was so slow.. i called my cable network and they came out and switched my box for the net.. when i was still having the problem they told me ever sense google bought youtube they have been getting nothing but calls saying that there you tube is so slow and it was the net. they told me to find another site to watch videos cause it wasnt them or my comp.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow puppylover 3/4/10 7:33 PM
i was trying to work out following a 5-min vid.... but it keeps buffering. so i refresh the page and the vid wont even load. and yea.. the ad covering the vid is extremely annoying.. i hv to keep closing it for each vid while playing a list for my work out.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow orbiter8 3/6/10 9:47 AM
No point even trying to watch videos on You Tube these days as the download speed is soooo poor. I've just had to wait over 5 minutes for a 2 minute clip to download. And just to prove it's not my connection I can give you an idea of how fast that actually is... I can normally download a 200MB file in around 1 minute, so the problem is not at my end.
It seems as though You Tube is totally broken nowadays.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/6/10 10:01 AM
See if this help you any. i found out some lag and/or slow can be a ram leak. like firefox have it. my firefox start lagging at 300mb of ram. now and than i find it at 500mb of ram. lot of user have this problem as well. now my firefox dont get pass 200mb. youtube seem fast after i fix it. maybe you have the same problem. soon you start lagging. go to windows Task Manager. read what it say about your browser. if your more than 250mb. than you have that problem. if you use firefox. try a addon. for other. not sure. well. post your ram for browser so i can see if i am right.

easy fix for firefox. try AFOM https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/11922

see if that help any. as for other. i not sure if there any thing you can try. maybe there some thing out there. i hope this fix your problem. it seem to work for my end.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/6/10 10:16 AM

This topic has nothing to do with lag.

This has to do with youtube being slow, which should be pretty obvious from the title alone. It's also very obviuos that the problem is at youtube, and not in any ones browser, computer or internet connection.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/6/10 10:28 AM
and the youtube can become slow if your RAM is too high. just look and see if that is the problem. it was my problem on slow upload. i not getting slow video no more...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/6/10 12:31 PM
No, this has nothing to do with ram.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/6/10 12:45 PM
well. i do think it is. i can show you if you like -.- it not hard. i can trun off a addon and let the ram go to 500mb. than you will see my video will have slow load problem. as what you call "youtube problem". than i turn it back on. let my firefox run as long it take 500mb. but the system will keep it under 100mb. and you will see youtube player work really fast. even in HD. i do thing Ram play a part in ever one problem. do you need me make a video show you that slow video problem and my fix?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/6/10 12:47 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow williambeepbeep 3/6/10 2:43 PM
fuck the kids. why would they be hanging out on this forum anyway? they are too busy showing each other their genitals on stickam and 4chan.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 3/7/10 9:55 AM
I've had a good connection on YouTube today from about 5am - 12:45pm ET. People on the East coast got out of church and my streaming speed went from 1-2 Mbytes/sec down to 68 kbytes/sec. I can feel the throttle. It's getting consistent at 68 kbytes/sec.; many times a video will load quickly for the first 1-5 MB then just jump right down to 68kb/s again.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow dreamgear 3/7/10 6:38 PM
Most videos play fine. *All* "featured' videos play fine But once in a while I find one that just buffers too slowly and ends up pausing.  I have a fairly well-maintained windows box (I am an IT pro)  Oddly enough if my son plays the same clip on his mac in the next room, it buffers the whole clip in no time.  Of course we're on the same 12/1.5 comcast connection.   Explain that!  Oh yeah, no one who knows anything has bothered to explain anything.  Ever.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow chipmunkfanalways 3/7/10 7:06 PM
You tube is SLOW... Some people cant see that like the one that made a nasty mention about the connection cable... Get over yourself you dumb moose... It seems that this person letting them know about this problem is not the only one having that trouble... I have had it too... I have accounts here, Vimeo, and even Hulu.. I uploaded a video dedicated to the Chipettes in less then  a minute on Vimeo... NO matter the size of a file.. You Tube SHOULD be faster when you upload your blogs and stuff like that... I do video logs on some of my pages and some take 2 or more hours to load... Really bad compaired to other sites...
They are ether too busy in the head office or they don't give a shit... My guess is that they don't care wither way....
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow CrackerJackTeebo 3/8/10 12:50 AM
For me it depends which computer I am on. My laptop, which is about 4 years old, is slow and lags when viewing videos. My desktop in the den has no problems whatsoever.

Just an FYI, even though many have probably already hit on it, but the time of day you view videos can hinder the overall quality of streaming.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/8/10 2:27 AM
Some people here are confusing things a bit.

There are talks of two kinds of lag:

1 - Slow computer. The video playback is jerky, because the computer isn't fast enough. Naturally since videos have been better and better quality, this is an increasing problem for an old computer.

2 - Lag because youtube is slow. The main subject of this topic. Video pauses all the time because it hasn't loaded enough video already, and also it takes a long time before the video even starts to load. This is independent of browser, platform and internet connection speed.

Number two is what this topic is about. Some people might have been on slow computers and connections and always seen youtube this way, and thus don't notice the problems that the rest of us do. Never the less, the problem is there, and the problem is youtube.

People on various platforms, computers, internet providers, browsers are experiencing this problem. They didn't use to experience this problem. They are not experiencing this problem with any other website.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Ooglegog 3/8/10 4:07 PM
I have recently discovered that using a proxy service like HideMyAss.com can make a video that is taking forever to buffer actually stream at a normal, reasonable rate.
This is far from ideal. Especially when, for example, this means you are no longer logged in to youtube for leaving comments etc.
Also the proxy I mentioned has a nasty habbit of periodically suddenly ending the video prematurely meaning you have to click play again and the process of downloading (streaming) has to begin all over again.
My point is that at least the video downloads at a reasonable speed where it had been taking forever without the proxy.
Is anybody able to shed any light on what that may be all about?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow fabforrest 3/9/10 4:19 PM
well, i have videos that have played fine for 3 years that are now stalling like crazy.  and there is no loading while paused.

i have a big fast computer and a very fast connection.  it ain't me, babe.

videos i put on VIMEO play just fine.

that's my service of choice now.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/9/10 5:39 PM
lol. i have no problem on my end. i got fast 4 year old pc. great net and keeping my Firefox ram low. youtube play fast in HD. there more than just 2 problem.

problem 1: firefox over time will run high on ram. any thing pass 250mb will slow your net down. it will make video load slow. same thing happen to other browser.

problem 2: slow PC. if your PC dont have the speed. playing any video can lag. some time it show a skip.

problem 3: slow net. there more than 1 way to have slow net. http://www.speedtest.net/ High Ping, net speed less than 1mb, over load with user, share net, etc... if your ping high from your pc to youtube. it will be slow. do a ping test to youtube.

problem 4: Virus can do a lot to a PC. you be shock. it even know user your own net to seen data. i hope you all do scan ever now and than. best is 1 a week.

problem 5: your net having some problem. it happen. call the people you get net from. make sure it not there problem

there is other problem. list can go on. even bad wire can make it slow. but you ask me. i dont think youtube slow at all... show me proof. make a video showing speed test, ping test to youtube, and video playing, ram use on browser, your PC ram and CPU, slow me where your at on map. dont give out full address. EX: like living in USA Nevada be good. if you can do that. maybe i will take your word!

now that not to hard. is it?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/9/10 5:45 PM
problem 6: have lot of thing send data over net. like yahoo, IM, etc..

problem 7: fail to disk defragmenter. dont do defreg can make your pc lag.

i put in 2 more.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/9/10 11:15 PM
rwmtiger, you situation is not relevant to this topic, so you can stop posting about it.

Good for you, that youtube is streaming fine where you live. It doesn't help the rest of us.

It's incredible that you still cannot understand that people here are not having problems with the computer being slow, and are not having problem with their network being slow. It is ONLY youtube loading slowly.

Now please shut up, since you clearly have no clue about computers, or else you would have realized that the problem here has nothing to do with what you are rambling about.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/9/10 11:30 PM
you still have no proof to back it up? just got to tell me s??? up. that it (o,O) it not that hard to make a video just make me happy. btw. i know more than what you know. i can show you info of all the thing it can happen. it just a little google.

ping : http://www.livinginternet.com/i/ia_tools_ping.htm <---info about ping.

Virus: http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1723 <--this is some thing can slow net down.

speed problem? http://www.speedtest.net/ <---use that to see it your getting the speed you pay for!

some good info on what you can do if your net is slow :) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Why-is-my-Internet-connection-so-slow
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow stuartindigo 3/9/10 11:37 PM
What does http://www.youtube.com/my_speed show?

It is believed that some ISP's are deliberately throttling Youtube to either preserve their bandwidth or promote their "new ultra-fast" service.

The fact that many people in different parts of the world do not have this problem implies that this is probably the case.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/10/10 1:24 AM
rwmtiger, you clearly have very little knowledge about computers and software.

A lot of us that have posted here know what we are talking about. If you cared to read what people have written, and you understood how things worked, you would see that the problem here is no in any way on the computer of the user.

Ping, virus, speedtest. What is wrong with you? People have already specified that they have tested their speed, and they have already specified that youtube is the only site being slow.

You seem like you have learned a few terms without having proper understanding of them, and now you are just eager to repeat them again and again, without noticing how it has no relevance to the topic.

It's really incredible that you can keep talking about slow net, after people specifically saying that their internet speed fine. Seriuosly, nobody here has asked you how to check their internet speed. They already know.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/10/10 1:26 AM
stuartindigo, yes that is also a possibility, although I don't think the ISP's I've tested are doing it. Youtube might deliberately be slowing the service for some regions or networks though.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/10/10 7:55 AM
you don't have to take my word for it. there lot of reason. you can say what you like. btw. the thing i post it have nothing to do with software. there are some of the problem. there no point try talk reason with you...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/10/10 8:23 AM
What?!?!?!? Please just stop derailing this topic.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Adideva3 3/10/10 4:35 PM
YouTube is very slow today ,anyone says anything otherwise don't have a clue ,so get a clue,I watched a 4 hour movie on stagevu and it streamed out fast enough that I did not have to pause the video not even once to watch it ,youtube is ridiculously slow because a 10 minute video won't even stream without pausing it first,sad but true.
This is because youtube servers are not reaching parts of the outer world (outside usa) via a clear and strong signal ,as a result causing bandwidth strength to be weaken ,so you can have a very fast internet bandwidth speed but the bandwidth signal from the youtube server to your country may not be that strong and as a result of weak signal ,poor streaming slowing down youtube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow trimzulu 3/11/10 7:51 PM

I ran a speedtest.net bandwidth test that shows 10mbit with a ping of 59ms.
My ping to youtube.com is ~100ms.
I run a gaming rig with a defragmented Raptor 300GB hard drive.
I absolutely do not have a virus(just for you, I did a scan).
Also, because Firefox is slow and leaks RAM I use Google Chrome.

I still have trouble getting a 480p video to stream in realtime.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 3/12/10 12:35 PM
ok. i think i see what happening. all the speed that go to youtube drop big time. even when my net work great. some how i end up less than 1mb of speed to youtube. youtube network must be over load it. that ISP test from youtube show it! http://www.youtube.com/my_speed

it weird to see google chrome do better on speed (o,O)

my ping test. got a B so my ping is good!

speed test:
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ryanb788 3/13/10 3:58 PM
I am with all of you on this one ever since they changed the layout of youtube it sucks! I can't even leave a comment while the video is playing like I used to be able to do. Then the video will be completely loaded and all of a sudden stop for no apparent reason. YOUTUBE, YOU NEED TO FIX THIS PROBLEM! YOUR GOING TO LOOSE ALOT OF PEOPLE AND A LOT OF MONEY IF THIS CRAP DOESN'T CHANGE! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 3/14/10 6:02 PM
119 seconds to load a 5.77 MByte video file. = 0.0485 MByte/sec on a 3 MByte/sec ISP connection. YouTube = competing with dial-up.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow 10J35U5 3/15/10 2:02 PM
Im on a 50meg connection (fastest in scotland) and Its taking me excatly 10 mins to load 1/4 of the video... I should have clicked the video before I went to school, Id have more to watch!

God Damn you google, Since you took over all this f*cked up shIts been happening. I closed Mozilla and nothing, I use chrome and have since it came out, I think I should download all my vids into MP4, delete my youtube accoutn and more to dailymotion or Metacafe, Hell ill more to Mega video if I have to.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Stephen Holland 3/16/10 1:38 AM
Yea, YouTube is sllooww! I have Road Runner so tell me that my online is slow it is still YouTube now your going to tell me it is my new HP Laptop that is slow it is still YouTube that is slow. . . Now my friend uses YouTube at the local Library and I bet your going to cover for YouTube being slow and say there computers and online is slow I don't think so! Look at all the people that have the same prob you can't say it is there ISP or Computer come on now! So wtf why is YouTube being so slow? When are they going to fix this? This is BS!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 3/16/10 9:40 AM
I've actually noticed that also Google Earth loads data slower than it used to. Probably google is limiting the bandwidth to some regions/networks. Although Google Earth does load a lot more detailed data than it used to, it still seems slower than it should be for me.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow GenerolHavoc 3/16/10 12:38 PM
With the transition and YT allowing HD 720 and 1080 videos to be uploaded now, there has been abit of lag generated. I find myself going to half a dozen videos, waiting for the buffering to load and start playing the video, then pause each video, and I can go do something else for 15 mins, then came back and watch the video. Come on YT get it together and make the allowance for YT being upgraded and more people joining everyday, so that it doesn't lag when things happen.

As YT has became popular the traffic it's been getting has increase 10 fold and more, though YT and google need to became responsible and should take care of it, by updating the servers or adding more, or other sites will became  the main haven for people to watch the videos they want to. It's now 2010, you people would think that YT and google would be on top of it now, though yes I do agree, they do have many errors people post about.

They do have the abilities to take this site to a whole new level, and takeout and overshadow other popular video sites, but I just think their priorities are just mixed up right now, like dealing with peoples problems and errors i'am guessing..

So we will have to wait and see if it does get any better, though yea it is YT and not the Net or connections that is causing it, as i've arleady tested my internet with speed test.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow liamcfc 3/17/10 8:19 AM
same why the fuck is google so fucking slow it is sooo fucking slow all the videos are too fucking slow its fucking shit
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow liamcfc 3/17/10 8:20 AM
and i think its fucking googles fucking fault as well fuck google
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow network hero 3/17/10 11:11 PM
To all those that seem to think that YT is slow because your connection sucks: YOU ARE WRONG!  Flat out.  For those of you who know even the slightest thing about networking do a trace route to YT  It took 19 hops for me to finally hit the server... 19!!!  With more than 15 dropped packets out of 60.  That's ridiculous!  There are obviously some routing issues that have cropped up with all of the bandwidth the HD videos consume and possibly other issue on the server side.  So do a little investigating on your own see who owns the IP's where the dropped packets come in and write them a nasty e-mail because they are just as big of a problem as YT's HD video.  

I mean really Google "Cisco CRS-3"

"Cisco's claims that the new CRS-3 core router's 322Tbps capacity can download every movie ever made in four minutes..."

So what the hell is the problem ISP's?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow darkvertex 3/18/10 4:45 PM
Vimeo and 1080p quicktime movie trailers stream fabulously and instantaneously on my 100Mbits residential fiber optic connection, however YOUTUBE IS AS SLOW AS AN ANEMIC SNAIL CLIMBING A WALL!
Stop nerfing the outgoing bandwidth, Google. We know you can stream faster!
I suspect they intentionally cap their bandwidth so that the kids with ADD who only watch 2 or 4 seconds of any given video and then jump to another don't waste Youtube's bandwidth loading the full video in seconds.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 3/20/10 11:30 AM
It takes 135 seconds to load a file that should take less than 4 seconds to load. YouTube is an EPIC FAILURE this year (...and last year)!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow benalmador 3/20/10 2:20 PM
youtube pissing me off, i am in london uk, i ve got 50mbps and every video clip is taking ages to load or does not load at all
for a week already
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow 0023 3/20/10 9:37 PM
Chrome and youtube dont work together...i can only see first 2 mins of video then it stop downloading , i get 5mbps every other site except this shitty one...fuck you google and youtube im off
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow wildbloodydraong 3/22/10 7:28 PM
I believe it to be an encoding issue.

While some videos are superfast even in 720p and 1080p, some can barely make it to 10 seconds before running out of downloaded stream, even on 360p.

My internet speed according to speedtest.net is 3.25 mbps, which translates into around 400kb/sec. That means videos with up to 3250 kbps  ( more than twice the usual DivX 720p videos ) should be able to load perfectly fine after one or two seconds of delay at the beginning.

So forgive me if I get pissed off when videos from a certain user are always loading slow regardless of what quality I choose.

And please, save your breath, you barely know the difference bit and byte, maybe keep the "get faster internet" advice to yourself and someone who gives a shit about your ignorant comments.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow am84pm 3/24/10 10:01 AM
I have the same problem for around 3-4 weeks!!!!!!!! I have a fast internet and I can't watch a youtube clip as well as before. what is wrong with youtube? I think something fishi around here T_T 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow l3lackfox 3/28/10 3:19 PM
I have a 3 Mb/s connection and YouTube has been extremely buggy over the last several months.

Waiting 15 minutes+ for a 3 minute video to load/buffer is ridiculous. It's not my computer, considering it's brand new. I custom-built it so I know all the specs are good enough to stream from YouTube.

This also happened on my older HP Pavilion Slimline, which was also suited for streaming.

And for the people who like to spam "OMG GET BETTER INTERWEBZ!!!!": no one here cares for your stupidity.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow blacknight811 4/5/10 7:16 PM
I don't know why it's slow either. I actually just invested in COX's new 50MB service and speedtester shows me at a constant 48MB per second and YouTube videos still can't keep up. There isn't any faster service that you can buy for a house than this and I have a more than adequate computer, so I'm defiantly on the boat with it's a youtube problem......
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow maxarea51 4/6/10 5:40 PM

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Adideva3 4/6/10 6:29 PM
Yep working slow right now for me
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow totszwai 4/7/10 7:05 PM
I have a 1MB sec connection, every site loads super fast excepts youtube videos. It takes especially long to initialize the buffer, and if it buffers, it would take forever to finish...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Hitman47 4/7/10 7:10 PM
Let's just put it this way - I wanted to watch a music video on high res and it wouldn't load, so I googled "youtube is SO SLOW". I came to this page and read through a few comments, about 3 pages worth.. I look back at my video -- oh lookie here not even 1/4 of the way there. My internet? 25 mbps, which is around 3 MB/s max. i7 860 with 4 gb of ram.. so come on, it's NOT my end. I understand with HD that the bandwidth is being eaten like mad, but jeeeez.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Colbster 4/7/10 7:44 PM
It's slow. Probably because Comcast is shutting it down because it uses too much bandwidth. I have the fastest Mac laptop available and a cable connection. I can upload videos to my website faster than YouTube can display them. It's pathetic.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow niceguy191 4/7/10 8:15 PM
While I have a couple of youtube vids open in other tabs, I decided to do a speedtest to see if it was really my internet connection...  I got about 4.5 Mb/s so my connection speed can't possibly be the problem.  So then I decided to see if other flash based vids would load on other websites...  So I headed over to albinoblacksheep and clicked on a few of the flash vids.  Both loaded in under 5 secs.  ALL OF THIS WAS DONE WHILE WAITING FOR MY YOUTUBE VIDS TO LOAD.  It has now been approx. 15mins and only 4:47 of a 10min vid has loaded so far.

This is clearly not a connection/cache/computer issue since I can test these other things and have absolutely no problem.  Youtube IS the problem but why not at least tell us what is going on?  Also, to those of you who point out that youtube is "free" and that we shouldn't complain...  They make money from advertisers for me using their site, so I "pay" by being subjected to ads.  In fact it's in their best interest to have the vids load quickly so that I actually remain on the page where the ads are instead of opening other tabs and complaining in their forums...  

P.S. The vid I'm trying to watch is at 5:43 out of 10:00 now...  at this rate it'll be ready to watch in about 15 more mins if I'm lucky
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 4/8/10 3:19 AM
Since the court ruled Net Neutrality is no longer viable, maybe our ISP's will stand up and tell us they are NOT throttling YouTube so the blame will fall squarely on YouTube finally. This pointing fingers at each other game is old and dead. I'm getting 68 kbytes/sec for 2 months now on most YouTube videos on a 2 MByte/sec connection.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow orbiter8 4/8/10 3:47 AM
Is there any way of contacting Google regarding this issue? Because this service is not working and a service that doesn't work efficiently is not worth having. If Google can't run it properly You Tube should be given to somebody else who can. This poor downloading issue has been going on for months and months now and not a damn whisper from Google as to what the problem is. It's a poor - very frustrating show.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Reverb256 4/8/10 6:28 AM
"I find that the more popular a video is, the faster it loads. Less popular videos just take forever to load, therefore killing the somewhat seamless experience youtube used to have."

This is how it has been working for me.  Music videos, ads, anything with a million hits loads instantly and anything else takes *minutes* to load.  It didn't used to be like this, there has been no change in my connection or computer.  It's a bit disappointing.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow slow U-tube 4/8/10 8:09 AM
i agree its very frustrating 
i had to wait for atleast 15 min to watch a 3-min clip
disgusting :P

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow hilwigerao 4/9/10 12:38 PM
This is the best answer for all of you. First off, Those who will just say it is your computer not youtube are uneducated and should not speak. Apparently you have not seen the Saturday Night Live episode where they clearly mock youtube for having these very issues.

The *Answer* The reason Youtube is so slow is because too many people access the service at once, were talking millions of people and so many people use it that their servers are overrun with data requests. Youtube needs to add more servers so they can properly handle these requests. There is no other answer and no point on having a discussion over the matter.
Some people just do not understand how something works and people abuse a free service so much to a point where it breaks. If you are so mad then dont use it do something else with your time, go outside and play sports or something.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 4/9/10 3:17 PM
"The reason Youtube is so slow is because too many people access the service at once"

That was a crappy and pointless answer. You could say the same about a website with just one user, if it doesn't have enough bandwidth to support one user.

The reason is that youtube is that they are not allocating enough bandwidth. It can never be the users fault. It's their service, and it's their job to have enough bandwidth to support enough users.

"If you are so mad then dont use it do something else with your time, go outside and play sports or something."

If you are keen on this idea, why are you here? If you don't like people complaining about youtube, just don't read this topic. Do something else with your time. Go outside and play sports or something.

That way nothing ever happens in the world. Nothing gets solved or improved if people just stay silent.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ChetoPuffs 4/15/10 7:32 AM

I live in the UAE. I have 30Mbps connection. Fiber to my wall.

Speedtest to Doha




Speedtest to Dallas, TX




Using my work VPN (IP address in the Dallas area)




Obviously; the VPN connection is slower and I do not use it for watching videos. I am however, getting faster download speeds from YouTube through the VPN then with a direct connection.

This is pointing, to a problem with the nodes on this side of the planet. I have watched a recent video that I know was already on the nodes over here (Because I watched it just a few days ago and it was a popular video) and the download speeds are now intermittent at best and in the order of 3kbps. Using my VPN and watching the same video, it was in the range of 0.1Mbps. Now for all my fellow Americans that are have similar issues, I don't know what to tell you. Every other site that I use is working just fine. This is a YouTube problem and has only been a problem for the last few days. And seems to be affecting the whole site not just the videos themselves, it takes several moments for my subscription list to show up.

Processor: Intel Q6600 (~quad core)

Ram: 6Gb DDR2

Vid Card: nVidia GTX 275 + 8800 physics card

Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster

OS: Windows 7

Bowser: Chrome/IE

Onboard LAN: 10/100/1000

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Youtube2010 4/16/10 2:41 AM
For the Last 3 days Youtube so slow yyyyyy??????
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow youtube team forum 4/17/10 4:52 AM

alot of people ask why youtube is to slow in the UAE ......

etisalat is blocking some sexually pages on youtube
so youtube is goin to work in about 2 months or 3 monthes
so dont be worried youtube is going to work again

thanks guys

youtube team forum....
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sayoru 4/21/10 10:37 AM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow eewww 4/21/10 7:38 PM
WHY youtube became so fucking slow???
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow selyss12345 4/22/10 6:08 PM
It seems YT's server has reached its limit. I noticed video's loading speed differ by time of day. At around 7-8pm MST, I can't even watch a 480p video in real time, but at 11pm, I can watch 720p video that loads 50% faster than it runs.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow eewww 4/22/10 6:57 PM
"I can't even watch a 480p video in real time, but at 11pm, I can watch 720p video that loads 50% faster than it runs."

LOL. its 1:58 GMT now and i can't watch most 360p real time on 8 mbps connection. TOTALLY SUCKS.

All this bullshit happens almost at the same time they changed design
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Bal1st1c 4/24/10 7:32 AM
Hey guys... In here, I have a 50Mb conection and youtube is slower every day... If someone tells me that the problem is on my computer, then I say that you are F* Stupid... I guess this problem is on the youtube servers. Please, go back on what you done (Whathever it was).
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rayray3 4/27/10 10:58 AM
its not the internet connection or my computer...its youtube...it never used to run this slowly before...some major issues are going on...dammit youtube...ever since u changed your layout...things have been quite unbearable...some things are better left unchanged...sigh
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow FuuckYT 4/29/10 6:37 PM
Fuck YouTube and their changes. YouTube was best before it was owned by Google.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow SaintsCanada 4/30/10 9:14 AM
I have no problem with Americans, but they represent approximately 1/18th of the population of this planet.  1/18th.

Come on Google/Youtube.  Stop sucking.  Why do you have to suck so much?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow DragonSasha 4/30/10 3:17 PM
Yeah, I have a 4GB computer with a 3Gbps connection...  and it's still slow.  It's probably YouTube + FlashPlayer 10 somehow...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kurazy 4/30/10 3:50 PM
yeah somethings up with youtube... some buffer fine while others hardly buffer at all... waited 10mins for 5min clip to load ? ... i have verizon fiber-optic 30Mbps ? running on gigabit network ? still issues. i wouldnt mind pay a couple bucks for bandwidth priority.... ! because this is SLOW AND I CANT TAKE IT !!!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow VoidConcept 4/30/10 4:01 PM
I've had some problems just before the last Flash update, but it seems that it has gotten a bit better since then. However, it is still MUCH slower then before.
My first thought for this happening was "oh, they must be updating something," which was true. They have changed most of the video players on most videos, but buffering is still much slower then before.
I'm not sure exactly what my speed is, but I think it is around 30Mbps, but averages around 24Mbps due to wireless connection. I have a 2.41ghz, 2gb ram, dual core, so it shouldn't be my computer...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Ian M. Jones 5/2/10 8:37 PM
Yeah it's really annoying.
I'm paying for a 10mbps connection
Speedtest is usually higher, normally around 12-16mbps.
I have fast downloads, other video streaming sites load incredibly fast.
I can't watch a 360p video on youtube without it buffering every 10 seconds.
And I do remember before it was like this.
720p and even the 1080p vids were no problem.
Fix this youtube!
Bunch of jerkoffs.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 5/2/10 9:16 PM
We've been here complaining for 11 months. Where's the Better Business Bureau?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Jdog1989 5/5/10 12:50 PM
hi I did have the same problem with youtube as well for litterally ages but I found out why youtube loads slowly on some i tested my theory on mine and a few of my mates computers and it's solved the problem for all us completly.
youtube uses adobe flash player to play it's videos, however if you are using vista or windows 7, and use kaspersky in particular as you virus protection software, specifically, 2010, then under settings there is and option called web virus protection. if this is set to high then every video you load on certain sites, including youtube are scanned before they play, i have a very powerful pc, and even that took time before, if lower the web virus protection level your videos will load much, MUCH faster, e.g. i change mine from max to lowest for just web virus keeping all other virus protection at the same level and the videos went from taking 2 minuets to load to 5 seconds.
if you are having the same loading problem and have the most up to date adobe software, then look at you virus protection software, as it's a compatibility issue with adobe, not your computer.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow 0rlantho 5/5/10 10:28 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 5/6/10 1:12 AM
Orlando, turn your caps lock off. It's retarded to write a whole post with only capitals.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow disasterpastor45 5/15/10 4:36 AM
I like All-Caps, my eyes are getting bad.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow cadsii 5/30/10 5:37 PM
maybe cause they are putting in so many fucking ads into the system to get more money, motherfakers... youtube use to be cool to watch now im getting 100kb sec download max any hd content stalls and skips its bs
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Chuchaqui 5/31/10 5:56 PM
I just got a fiber optic line in hoping that I would no longer have issues like these... I was wrong. Now it just seems like I just wasted my money...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow fernandoago 6/5/10 5:03 AM
i have the same fucking problem , and is not my comp, or my band , is the you tube problem.. fuck you tube!!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 6/7/10 10:10 AM
OMFG! I live in Norway, the fucking 12 months youtube has been slow. Currently they set the speed down at 19:00, they just did it 10 min ago!!!!! FUCK THIS! Youtube is totally useless every fucking day after 19:00
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 6/7/10 10:15 AM
Double post, sry. But haven't youtube made any statements on this issue?! I feel like we're being ignored, AND IT PISSES ME OFF!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow kmosti 6/8/10 12:31 PM
Probably the same issue as the google index over web sites.

Sites that are not visited frequently are not indexed to the same extent as more popular sites (if indexed at all)

I suspect that the more popular videos are loaded in RAM, while less popular videos are on disc, hence they appear to be slower..

Please correct me if I'm wrong Google :-)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Jayded01 6/9/10 6:20 AM
I have same issues with 110M cable.. Speedtest shows 70-90Mbps so it isn't it. Can't even think of watching HD. Small 360p video takes 10 minutes to load!!! Do something!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 6/9/10 8:17 AM
Last two days the slow down has been occurring at exactly 17:00 GMT+2 in Norway. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! And I know it's not my comp or internet provider cause everyone I know that uses youtube experience the exact same problem on different internet providers and all that blablablah. They set the speed down intentionally too, as it often happens at the same time each day. And it always happens at times such as 20:00, 19:00, 18:00 and so on, so it must be intentionally. Why are they doing this? And why at such inconvenient times? Norway have a small population, we can't create that much load! FFS. THIS IS SO STUPID! Fuck with a country that actually creates load on your servers! Not minorities like us that's just being mean!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 6/9/10 10:08 AM
No dude, it is not flash that is at fault. The fault is nowhere but youtube. It's their bandwith allocation that are too low. There is nothing else to blame here. This is no mystery. Nobody needs to theorize on what could cause the problem. It's youtube limiting the traffic, possibly depending on region. Nothing else.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow dabman 6/9/10 10:15 AM
Sweden got the same problem. Everyone here complains about how much Youtube lags. Do something about it please!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow okaaay 6/9/10 10:23 AM
Same for me, it's pretty much impossible to load videos, even though I'm on a 100/10 uplink.. Worked great saturday, I belive, but since then, it's been like beeing back to the 9.600baud days. :f (Sweden here as well)
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jaybizzle 6/9/10 11:25 AM
While it has been loading slow as of lately it's nothing to today and yesterday which have been a disaster.

Basically I can play about 1% of the videos. And those seem to be the latest ones from my subscriptions. Whenever I try to watch something specific it just wont play. Either the ajax loader just keeps spinning in all eternity, or the ajax loader disappears and the timeline says 0:00/0:00 for all infinity. I had one video which started playing but then just loaded so slowly that it would just never get finished, and this was on a really short clip.

So this is just getting depressing. I mean, sure it's just youtube but since you've made us all addicted to your service it gets kind of aggravating when you can't play the videos you were set out to watch.
And is it just a specific area that's affected? Because I thought the net would go crazy if youtube would start acting up this badly.

Anyway. Everything else works fine, no problems with bandwidth, all other videoservices are working just fine. I'm located in Sweden, using win7 x64, no success with chrome, ff or ie.

So come on, give us a real answer and please please fix it. And don't try to trick me with your "have you tried the <some random annoying suggestion>". I've tried everything you can think of, pretty sure the problem is on your side.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow dabman 6/9/10 2:09 PM
Why aint they doing anything? They arent even capeable of communicate with the community and report the problem!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Jakob Kramer 6/10/10 11:51 AM
It's the same in Denmark where I live.

I remember visiting the library in the mid-nineties. It was the only place I knew with an internet connection, but all their computers shared a single ISDN connection. Obviously the connection was slow. So I would find a book on the shelves, type in the URL in Netscape and start reading, occasionally checking how much of the page had been loaded...

This is the same! Lately I simply choose a youtube video, pause it and let it buffer while reading the news or surfing the other sites (at normal speed). Unbelievable!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Tome1k 6/19/10 7:25 AM
Freakin' slow here too. I'm on 40-60 Mbps connection (VDSL) in Warsaw, Poland. On YouTube I get miserable ~2 to ~3 Mbps. On Vimeo I get 20 Mbps. So basically people claiming that YouTube has no performance issues should bite their thongs. Or provide values from their measurments and connection data. "Works here beautifuly" is one of the most lousiest possible comments to make in such a situation.

Recently it pissed me of so much that I switched to 360p mode (quality) and guess what. The same vid took roughly the same time to load completely in 720p compared to 360p. What the heck?!?

Today I started 8 YT videos in HD and I managed to get only ~15 Mbps connection utilization (30% of my bandwidth).
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Uaio 6/21/10 11:49 PM
Google Mexico won't even open in my computer. Gone for days! 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rudnik 6/23/10 2:07 AM
I'm on 2Mbps connetion, but i cant watch any movie even in the WORST quality without leaving it to buffer for about 15-30 minutes.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow eddyb6666 6/24/10 12:03 AM
am with "so slow" . i have to pause it so it can load and it seems like its talking 4ever to load , NEEDS TO KNOW HOW CAN I FIX IT !
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 6/24/10 9:10 PM
Eddy, there is nothing you can do to fix this.

Only youtube can fix this, by removing those stupid 1080p HD videos! FFS, who really sees any significant difference between 720p and 1080p? These problems started when they introduced HD, and continued when they introduced 1080p. But for the last week youtube has been easygoing in Norway, seems like they lower the speed to different regions at different time periods. I'm sure it will start fucking up in about a week or two. It's been on and off like this for ages it seems.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow prabhas123 6/25/10 12:51 PM
youtube is slow. i dont know what will the ceo of youtube is waiting for. slow slow slow
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Tome1k 6/25/10 1:23 PM
CEOs don't give a crap when they have monopoly like google has.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Phead128 7/1/10 1:33 PM
I have Verizon FIOS (At least 18 MB/S download), and it was 6 AM in the morning, and I was the only person awake.

Guess what? Youtube was slow. It's been like this for a while. I am disappointed.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow RicardoP 7/3/10 7:00 AM
Fucking Youtube bitch is so slow. I took 15 minutes just to watch a 3 minute video. Fix this gay shit.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow .jon. 7/3/10 1:52 PM
HD is unwatchable.

If only they spent as much time on improving the service as they did on unnecessary shit like the vuvuzela button.

Get your fucking priorities right for once, Youtube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow aaronoftheforest 7/8/10 8:01 PM
it's youtube. sucking balls. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow DaxFX 7/8/10 10:28 PM
buy a new pc !
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sschwegler08 7/21/10 8:38 PM
I'm having the same problem, also. I just bought this laptop, had everything put on it by the establishment I bought it at (every time I try to download/upload anything on a computer, it goes horribly wrong), and it was working fine. A few days ago, YT began acting up. My friends also said that theirs is acting up also. I'm not in a position to say if it is YT's fault or my computer (frankly, I don't know enough about either of them to make an argument, so I'm not going to make myself look like an idiot.), but I'm hoping to find an answer here. It will begin running fine for a couple of videos, then refuse to play. It's mildly irritating at best.

Oh, and seeing the word "fucking" on here isn't going to warp the mind of a child. They hear it at school (elementary, middle and high school. I intern at a school and you would be surprised to hear what comes out of the mouths of 11 year olds). But, this is besides the point. 

Thank you for those who are giving decent answers and not trying to act like an elitist. 
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow michalis95 7/22/10 4:27 AM
People all CALM DOWN!!!  You know that Google "purchased" Youtube right?? Hence the theme change. Google is trying to change players, and somehow *blipped* up. I have an Internet connection of 6mb/s. Using Opera, Firefox, it is slow. IE improved it around 40-60% and GOOGLE Chrome runs at highest speed. Yes, this is just another marketing scam, Google is trying to absorb us in its world. I guess they put a delay for all browsers except Chrome......

Tests were carried out on:
Lenovo T61P
Lenovo A55
Lenovo T43
HP xw6400 Workstation
Gateway LUX E4300
Custom built Machine*

*= Intel Core i7-980X extreme OC to 4.00GHz
Kingston Triple Channel  DDR3 RAM = 24GB
RAID Samsung SSD's 256GB Models (4)
ASUS Motherboard
1200W PSU
2 ATI Radeon HD 6870 (Horayy!!!) Crossfire
1 nVidia GT220 PhysX card

Thats not slow,  overall cost about $4.000
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow toodamnslow 7/24/10 12:52 PM
shut the fuck up, youtube is slow as fuck and it can suck my slow ass balls motherfuck
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow RinconSportsMassage 7/24/10 1:45 PM
swearing is fine with me.  and most people don't have fast connections so youtube should do something creative!!  they are still creative?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TestECull 7/24/10 1:48 PM
HAppens to me all the time. I can watch about 15-20 videos before it slows to an absolute crawl. I'm talking 5 minutes to watch a 10 second shitty TF2 poop slow.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Forboding Angel 7/24/10 3:07 PM
24/1.5 connection here, and youtube is fail.

I'm currently looking for an alternate place to host my vids.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow waynec41 7/24/10 6:02 PM
Wraith0127: i did that.it made no difference!!got any other ideas?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow colsovsky89 7/25/10 9:54 AM
Youtube is definitely slow. It may be some problem anywhere from your computer to their servers (ISP, etc.). This can be proved if you are in an area where it is slow:

Some Youtube videos work well, while most are slow and sometimes do not load.

Videos hosted by other websites are working fine, even duplicates from Youtube. Just search for them in video.google.com, making sure that the result is not hosted by Youtube.com .

Try refreshing the page or skipping ahead a few seconds in the video. This works for me about 50% of the time.

Last, try using Greasemonkey with Firefox, then download a youtube downloader from userscripts.org. There should also be websites that do this process for you without installing scripts; just google it. This can be illegal depending on what video you download, but has that stopped you before?

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow scrabo 7/25/10 11:12 PM
It most definitely is an issue with YouTube. I have a YouTube channel with several videos. My download speed is 10mb/second. I can't even test my own videos at 360p without waiting several minutes for them to fully load. I have no problems at all on Vemeo or other sites that display video unless they are using a YouTube embedded video. Facebook works fine if you upload a video to it. Try uploading the same video to YouTube then embed it in facebook and watch what happens...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow shibaaa 7/26/10 1:46 PM
it is youtube fucking up, and if ur one of the few saying its our internet ur reatarded! Don't belive me??? just look at the numbers of how many people agree with ur ignorant ass's!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow clint9952 7/29/10 3:04 PM
it is a youtube problem.. i also have a fast connection not lower than 15mb..
this shouldn't even be a debate, we all know that youtube is restricting the speed- pinching a pretty penny is my guess. it didn't used to be like this.
here's a good way to settle this,, download a video from youtube using internet download manager and you'll see that the max speed that it allows is like 250 kb... now download some some software from microsoft site and you will notice that you'll be downloading at maximum speed and not crappy speed like youtube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow NVOLEON 7/29/10 4:43 PM
I've been having the same problem, takes forever to download a video. I leave it downloading and browse in another tab, it's ridiculous. If they are doing this to pinch pennies like some say, well that is just wrong.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow moshenatanlando 7/30/10 8:51 AM
Someone mentioned that YT might be slower internationally, and I live in the Middle East,so maybe that effects? My download speed is 10MB, I do disc clean-ups once a week, defrag every day and all other videos download quickly, just not on YouTube. so it couldn't be ISP(?) or server(?). What do others in cyberspace think?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow flguy123 7/30/10 3:11 PM
I have to agree, YouTube was really fucking slow today.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow eddyb6666 7/30/10 10:58 PM
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow leandro.todisco 8/1/10 6:16 PM
Hi, I made a simple test here.
I am on Brazil, and I have no problems with internet speed. (Don't tell me that the problem it is my fucking broadband).
The test that I made it was:
I connected through Hotspot Shield, with an IP from US. I put a video on that computer to play, at the same time I put the same video from another computer, with an IP from Brazil. Through the same network.
So the one running with US IP was connected through the US google servers.
The one running with the Brazilian IP was connected through the Brazilian google servers.

The video ran ok with the US IP, but the one from here took so so so long to ran.
So It is clearly a fucking out of US problem.
So what Google will do to solve this?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow crazynick9600 8/1/10 7:02 PM
lol like kids are on the youtube forums looking for stuff like this, Chances are if they have internet they do inappropriate stuff  anyways...but anyways. when youtube was ran by "youtube" i could load videos no problem....now that google took over its so damn slow. Kind of annoying Google you have the money...Do something upgrade it or something Youtube is a popular site Duh...
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow leandro.todisco 8/2/10 12:23 PM
On another test, only the video from outside my region it is slow, the ones from US for example.
Any one has any clue of what is happening? Please don't tell stupid thinks like your computer is the problem, or your broadband is the problem, my computer is better than yours as my broadband.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow hydra01 8/2/10 8:39 PM
Agreed I dont know what they have done to it, but they are slowly destroying youtube, its very slow, doesnt matter how fast your connection is, constantly reloading the video, the ads load quickly but not the content, just blank screen or spinning wheel of loading death
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow moshenatanlando 8/2/10 9:38 PM
Hydra000, you are so right!!!   But it seems its been going on for 6,7, or 8 days only.   It was always  slow, but just as I went this week  making a new contract of 24 months from 5MB to 10MB!!!    Hah!    The joke is on me ,    but it proves something I was taught  many years ago,    from the Jewish Torah  : "A person does not leave this world having gotten half of his desires fulfilled". "Half" it means less than half! I learn a lot on youtube, also enjoy it.There is part of the "less than half"!!!!!  The idea is that in the end result,   life is like YouTube.    A large percentage  of what you are watching and hoping to see on the video turns out to be a total waste of time, had you only known....
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow calypso22 8/3/10 4:33 AM
I really wonder if the dreaded Autoplay "function" which is on by default (whether we want it or not) is not having a major impact on bandwith. With all the millions of users, how many, at any given time, may have left their computer running with YouTube happily playing video after video.!!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow calypso22 8/3/10 4:34 AM
"Six or seven days" just about ties in with the introduction of Autoplay.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow calypso22 8/3/10 6:37 AM
Autoplay function has been fixed.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Pete-o-pete 8/3/10 9:17 AM
Oh why are there always retards who just can't understand that the problem is not on the users computer? It's CLEARLY youtube that is capping the speed to some regions, and it is not something to calm down about!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TestECull 8/3/10 5:05 PM
Well atl east Autoplay is fixed. Now fix the servers.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 8/4/10 3:28 PM
I tried some US proxy sites. Simply browsing trough them, you don't have to deal with any proxies. On my 10 Mb line, which is at 9000 Mb for the moment, I opened the same 1080p video at the same time, one in proxy and one without, getting about twice the speed on the proxy one. Youtube isn't very slow for the moment, amazingly the 1080p video loaded just fast enough to not buffer with my normal IP, but the US one was twice as fast, I've never seen 1080p video load that fast ever! I'm not sure if it is smart revealing exactly what proxy site I used, but try find one at http://www.activeproxies.org/popular-proxies.php and see if those help you when youtube is giving you a hard time.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow funguus 8/4/10 3:54 PM
How stupid of me, lol, they use an other video player that apparently don't reach the same quality. I tried various others but the normal youtube player wont work through these sites. But if youtube is slow for you, pls try this, and tell us if it worked. I can't test them properly when youtube ain't hating on me right now ;P
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow sunni 8/4/10 3:58 PM
I use two computers - a PC and a notebook on a wireless network.  I basically only check YouTube messages now so am mainly on the notebook if I go to there, but I used to be able to watch fine on either machine.  I'm in Australia and have a relatively fast connection (ie fast for Australia).  
Despite seeing very little, I've definitely noticed this problem for the past two weeks or so.  Clips just don't load on the notebook any more.  One day I tried to reply to a comment and I couldn't hear the clip and comment at the same time.  In the past there would be the occaional clip that just didn't load properly, but these have all been my own clips which were always fine. 
I've only tried one or two on the PC and I think they were OK, so for me it seems t be some combination of computer and a change in YouTube.  
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow megarudy99 8/4/10 8:26 PM
comon guys this is no help i mean my internet is so fast but my vid everywhere are slow
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow elculver2424 6/10/09 11:54 AM
Stop swearing, there are kids on here. And YouTube isn't slow, it is probably just your computer. No one else is complaining about it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow anmoose 6/10/09 11:56 AM
Your fucking dog probably chewed on your fucking ethernet cable.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow mafiacooper 6/10/09 1:45 PM
Come on chaps, this *is* actually a real problem, and it's been going on for a while to the frustration of a plethora of YT users - this is not the place to have this kind of base interaction. I am another user who is definitely in agreement that YT is experiencing problems with some paths to its servers.

Do we have any resolution yet Google?

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Krytical146 6/10/09 11:44 PM
First off, nobody likes swearing. And seeing as how your username is "so slow", you probably are pretty aggravated. Well, unfortunately, your mommy just didn't purchase a good enough connection for pages to load at the speed of light. It is YOUR computer and connection, not YouTube's. Get a better computer, get a better connection, or live with it.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow jimboon 6/11/09 10:09 AM
I have a 16Mb broadband connection.  Speedtest always shows my download speed at atleast 14Mbps.  The OOL ftp test shows my download speeds at 1.5Mbps.  I can download music in seconds and films in minutes.  YOUTUBE HAS SUDDENLY BECOME SLOW AND POINTLESS!!! so dont presume it's people's computers....it is Youtube.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow YouveNeverHeardOfUs 6/11/09 10:13 AM
Invest in broadband!
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow elculver2424 6/11/09 11:29 AM
IT IS NOT YOUTUBE!!! YOUTUBE IS FINE!!!! Now we have 2 people in here who need better connection.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Ferrsai 6/11/09 8:10 PM
Actually it does run pretty slow even on low-res videos.  It's actually a little bit sad.  I wish more companies would go the extra mile.  Very few companies believe in quality these days, it's all about profit.  It should bite them in the ass.  It doesn't because people keep buying into worthless crap.  If youtube went away I wouldn't miss it.  I could still find movie and video game trailers elsewhere. 
Some people do like swearing, I like swearing.  There is a time and place, and sometimes the time and place are perfect for swearing. 
I like how there are people saying that it's not YT when it obviously is YT.  If you don't have the whole story or any knowledge of the what the problem could be then don't make assumptions.  Like elculver.  You need to broaden your knowledge base before jumping to conclusions, Son.  If you know anything about technology, particularily computers, you would know that there are many possibilities of what the problem could be.  The internet connection is one of them but, when there are dozens of these posts it is safe to say that one can be eliminated.  Willful stupidity is something our society is going to have to do something about soon.  Hopefully REAL damn soon.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow gummydave 6/12/09 3:10 AM
It could be your ISP.  I'm with Sky and I have the 16Mbps broadband and get at least 13 - 14 Mbps at all times.  Youtube is as fast as f**k in the day, but after 5pm it's like I'm on dial up.  Sky adopt traffic management and there's nothing that can be done about it. At least I'm not with Virgin anymore as their traffic management made it impossible to load a web page at times.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow defade72 6/12/09 3:37 AM
Say what you like about swearing... at least it got him/her a response...

I've yet to see anybody with any sort of technical knowledge attempt to answer a single one of these "why is YT so slow" posts.... clearly something is wrong, but their whole attitude is one of pure ignorance
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow slowtube 6/12/09 1:32 PM
MORE LIKE SLOWTUBE AMIRTE?~~ yea its totally fucking slow like in the last week.. fucktube
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow keenly 6/14/09 1:04 AM
the swearing won't get us anywhere, youtube is a privilege not a right.

but there is clearly a problem. over the last week lots of users (mostly international that i have noticed) are getting slow speeds.
20-40KBps for me. it varies from video to video and ISP to ISP but the fault is caused by someting youtube changed.

it would be good to know if youtube are addressing the fault or not.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow defade72 6/15/09 3:45 AM
YES !!!!!!!!!

IT WOULD BE VERY VERY GOOD IF YOUTUBE COULD AT LEAST ACKNOWLEDGE THE FAULT, AND TELL US THEY ARE WORKING ON IT..... rather than this constant ignorance where we are left wondering just what the hell is going on
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow keenly 6/19/09 2:09 AM
my youtube is working again. how's everyone else?
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow Deoster 6/20/09 8:26 AM
Youtube is applying geographic speed limit, anyone not from USA get slow speed for loading videos, I confirmed that by using USA proxy.

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow TheFifthApes 6/26/09 6:16 PM
Yup, I'm having this problem too. Speedtest.net shows 9 Mbits/ss down, 1Mbits/s up. Download speed is about 1.1 Mbites/s, yet when I load a 2 minute long YouTube Video, I need to pause it and wait for more than 2 minutes for the video to load. What is going on? I'm not having these problems with any other Flash-based video sites. Youtube, step up the the plate!
Oh, and fix the votebotting and false flagging / DMCA abuse problems.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow rwmtiger 6/26/09 6:25 PM
you ask me. i think the problem is all the upload, post is much higher. let see. you got MICHAEL JACKSON, youtube beta all happening at the same time. so all the user is really pushing youtube much harder. it been a crazy day as you can say. so ya. it will be slow now and than.
Re: why is you tube so fucking slow ash2ashindust 6/29/09 5:52 AM
I love swearing, but I don't do it around children, which means I should not swear around the man who started this ridiculous mindf^&* fest.
Does anyone with REAL technical knowledge have any real advice?
I am a novice, I like to learn, like to hear people's intelligent and well thought out advice.
(Let us work together, we get things done quicker, and with less ignorance and hate)

Re: why is you tube so fucking slow scottyt67203 6/29/09 5:39 PM
I have to agree, I will admit I do not have the fastest computer around due to it's age.  But up until a few weeks ago, I could watch youtube with no problem.  Now, I can not watch it at all, because first it tries to force HQ videos on me.  But then even if I do turn HQ off, it still is very jerky.

I have a high speed internet connection and a good video card.  I do not have these problems on other web sites, only You Tube.  Please YT, address this, I need my fix!
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