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Can not delete an account LukeDouglas 2/19/10 11:35 PM
I followed the instructions to delete my account which is linked to my Google email account.  It keeps telling me "
Incorrect password. Please retype your password." even when I log out of and log back in.  When I click the Delete Account button, it doesn't give me a window to type in the password so at this point, I can not delete the account which I really need to do so I can setup a new account with the 'username' I want to use since YouTube does not allow you to change your 'username' which is a pity.

The sad thing is I can not find a way to contact YouTube technical support for website technical problems.  That also is a pity.

Re: Can not delete an account JDoors 2/20/10 8:40 AM
The close account section for your YouTube account does not have a password box because that YouTube account is still linked to a Google account. Apparently you are supposed to "manage" your YouTube account through Google (however, your Google account will NOT have an option to close the YouTube account either). There doesn't seem to be a way to close a linked YouTube account.
Some YouTube accounts can be unlinked from Google (it's the section below the close account one). Once unlinked, the password box appears and that account can be closed.
As Stef has suggested, closing an account will not help if you are trying to do something in particular. The records for that account are retained permanently (for accountability, security and other reasons). Closing it will not "release" any of the information used in the account.
Re: Can not delete an account JDoors 2/20/10 10:39 AM
Where do you get that? When you use the delete account section of your YouTube account management page there is no password box if the account is linked to Google, and whatever happens next will fail because you were not given the opportunity to provide the password. Instead, you get the "incorrect password" error (which is confusing because they never asked for your password in the first place).
Re: Can not delete an account TLFU 2/20/10 10:43 AM
That is what I got when I opted to "delete" the YouTube account which is linked to my Google.  It IS possible to delete it :

"There doesn't seem to be a way to close a linked YouTube account".

I didn't say, however, that there was a request for my email address.  :)  I didn't go any further as I don't really wish to close my account and do not trust Google/YouTube at all.  Call me paranoid.
Re: Can not delete an account JDoors 2/20/10 10:47 AM
Oh God no, neither you or I can test this out to the end, but other users have stated they can't close their account using the delete account section because there is no opportunity to provide the password, yet their request gets rejected BECAUSE there is no opportunity to provide a password.
Is it the delete account section you're referring to? Do YOU see a password box there BEFORE you proceed? You know they're gonna need one to allow you to delete the account, so ... where or when do you provide it?
Re: Can not delete an account LukeDouglas 2/20/10 10:51 AM
JDoors, that is exactly what happens.  I'm just a country boy from southern Alabama but I've done application development for about 30 years and YouTube has some 'serious' account management problems.  The sad thing is there doesn't seem to be a way to actually communicate with someone in the technical side about a situation such as this.  I wonder if anyone is awake at the wheel.

At the very least, an individual should have a way to delete an account and ALL records associated with that account including favorites, playlists, videos, linked records, etc.  Another lacking feature is the inability to change your username.  In my case, I never looked at YouTube as a way to promote my small website development firm (I'm president, peon and janitor).  Now I would like to change my username from 'scatmanicus' (which was my first toon name in World of Warcraft) to 'webbering' which is my business name.  You can't do it!!! You have to 'physically' delete the account and create a new account which is exactly what I'm wanting to do but the email address is my business email that I want linked to my YouTube business account.  If I can't delete and unlink it, I'm stuck!

Finally, they need a way you could export your favorites, playlists and themes so you could import into another account since they won't let you change the account name.

Has anyone used any other video services that has better management capability?

Re: Can not delete an account JDoors 2/20/10 11:04 AM
Well, YouTube site functionality was set in stone a long time ago and Google can't seem to change any of it without breaking some other part, so ... there's that.
They do say they're working on better user account management tools. No idea what "they" think will be better or when or if it will ever appear.
The boo-boo that prevents permanently linked accounts from being deleted is just that, a boo-boo. The delete account section used to work, they had to change it to accomodate something-or-other, and it broke. Yay!
Usernames are potentially tied to WAY too much data spread all over the place for that issue to be resolved anytime soon, if ever.
You don't have to delete one account to create another, just use a new e-mail addy and/or Google account for the new YouTube account. In fact, you can then "favorite" or feature (or whatever) the old videos on your new page, saving all the view data and allowing it to continue to accumulate views.
BUT, if you absolutely insist on re-using an e-mail address or Google account, then, no, can't be done at this time. It's not clearly spelled out anywhere I know of, so users close this account, reopen that account, and on and on trying to accomplish something that they should have been informed of at some point is currently not allowed. (BTW, deleting your YouTube account will NOT release the permanent record that it was linked to your business address -- I'm not referring to it as a "permanent record" for nuthin').
Other users have posted alternative services -- they might chime in here -- Frankly, YouTube isn't that business-friendly if you're not a Partnered account.
Re: Can not delete an account LukeDouglas 2/20/10 11:15 AM

Then it looks like I'm screwed.  I hope Google gets this resolved soon as I've enjoyed Google services for several years and, in fact, I'm signing up for Google Apps next month.  My son changed over a couple of months ago to sync everything in one place and he loves it.  He links to all of his contacts, calendar and email from his desktop, laptop, blackberry as well as his phone.  No more copying, exporting, importing or syncing!  Google is a top-notch company.  Let's hope some of their technical guru's can get YouTube straightened out. 

Until then, I guess I'll just have to use 'scatmanicus'.  Bummer!

Re: Can not delete an account TLFU 2/20/10 12:10 PM
@JDoors- sorry, was off writing a press release for our big event (Edinburgh, 26th Feb- three band gig- BIG deal) and conferring about lights and set lists...

Yes, that is what I see when I attempt to delete a post-May 2009 YouTube account.  On YouTube.  I do not get asked for a password or email address.  I am asked on the PREVIOUS page (to the one I quoted in full) what my reason is, click proceed and get the text I quoted.  Then I have the option to "Delete Account" or "cancel".  Guess which I took.  :P

So- this is curious...  Are we supposing that if I were to proceed I'd be asked for a password and then not be able to provide the right one...?  Because that sucks big time.
Re: Can not delete an account Webbering 2/20/10 12:22 PM

Actually, if you click Delete and the account is linked to a Google email account, it just says that the password is incorrect.  But there was NO password pop-up window which 'asked' for your password.  That is the problem.  If you are linked with a Google email account, you're 'permanently' linked but there is no way to unlink it or delete the account.  It's broke!

So what I did was setup a business email address at my Comcast account, so I won't get into any Google email and YouTube account linkage, setup my 'webbering' username and, viola, I now have my YouTube account with the username I wanted.  This really sucks as I did not want to setup a business email account with Comcast since I've used my Google business email address for the past few years.  If they don't address these issues, I think I may just write off doing anything with Google at this time, including signing up for their Google Apps.  I'm not sure if I want to get into 'bed' with a company that wants to control everything.  It does seem like Google is falling into the Microsoft trap which fell into the IBM trap.  What was that trap?  They begin to think that they know everything and that everyone needs to do it the 'Google' way.  It's a shame because I 'really' liked what Google was doing in that they were addressing my needs but this fiasco has me reconsidering my options.

Re: Can not delete an account TLFU 2/20/10 12:47 PM
@Webbering- are you making a distinction between GMail Google account and YouTube linkage, and Google account and YouTube linkage?

Because I don't do GMail.  Hence my perma-linked Google account is a private domain email address.  :)  It is STILL perma-linked to my YouTube by virtue of the fact that my secondary YouTube account was created post-May 2009) but not to a GMail.
Re: Can not delete an account LukeDouglas 2/25/10 2:12 PM

Yea, I simply setup a Comcast email account, used that email to setup the Google account which I used when I setup a new YouTube account.  That took Gmail completely out of the equation.