video stops early.

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video stops early. kev7017 10/26/09 3:07 PM
every video i try to view stops and never complete. at the bottom of the page appears the message,
"Done, but with errors on page.
Re: video stops early. Tito Dutta 10/27/09 11:36 PM
Many users are facing similar problems.
This will fix soon.
You may also try another browser.
Re: video stops early. ebbixx 10/27/09 11:38 PM
Browser and version?
Re: video stops early. kev7017 10/28/09 3:15 AM
ie, version 8.06
Re: video stops early. ebbixx 10/28/09 4:22 AM
And I take it you're getting stoppages and the "Done, but with errors on page" message?  Passing this one along to staff for (hopefully) follow-up.
Re: video stops early. kev7017 10/29/09 2:03 PM
ebbixx, Thank you in advance for trying to help me get this fixed.
Re: video stops early. Screwyootube1 11/8/09 3:16 PM
I am also having the same problem (video stops early).  It doesn't happen all the time, but I have noticed it is more and more often.  Could the problem be with IE?  I just got a new computer with IE, and previously I was using a borrowed comp with Firefox, with NO problems...
I also have problems downloading software.  It goes through the motions, download, run, install... then when it's finished, nothing is there!  As if I hadn't run the setup at all!
Re: video stops early. ebbixx 11/8/09 3:43 PM
All I can tell you for sure is that I don't use IE myself except when forced, and the last time I tried it had all sorts of problems with YouTube.  Firefox sometimes has problems but they're usually nothing compared to IE.  From the sound of the error messages there may be an issue in how javascript is implemented (or at least in how errors are handled).  On the download issue, are you running Vista by any chance?  (I find that running installers as administrator is fairly essential for installations to go well).
Re: video stops early. Screwyootube1 11/9/09 12:35 AM
Thanks ebbixx!
I just realized I forgot to ask whether or not this comp is running Vista (I just got it a week ago from a friend who just had it re-formatted before giving it to me - she gave the name of the tech guy who did the work on it). 
Re: video stops early. CharlieGosh 11/28/09 11:31 AM
I have two laptops. The Toshiba works perfectly.
The eMachines works only sometimes. Eventually fails with choppy video until it stops playing while buffer is still loading, will never play past that point even after the buffer is complete.  If it plays (even choppy) to the end, I can watch that video again with no chop or problem (since the buffer is already full/complete).
Both laptops have the same "g" wi-fi connection (Comcast cable modem, about 250KB/s). Closing other apps/tabs doesn't make much difference. Tried IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.  Both have 1.6gHz processors.
What's different?  One laptop is faster than the other. Seems that the task of playing the video while downloading more buffer is just asking too much.
The bad one is a $500 eMachines E620, runs Vista Home Basic SP2, has 4G of RAM, an AMD Athlon single-core processor, which often pegs at 100% usage.
(CTRL-SHIFT-ESC, Performance tab)
The laptop that works is a Toshiba Satellite with a dual-core Intel processor, only 3G of RAM, is 15 months older, cost $1100 (big screen), but I converted it from Vista to XP Pro SP3 (not recommended for the faint-of-heart) because it ran like @#$%. The processor almost never pegs. It does everything FAST.
My guess is that Vista on a single core is just a CPU cycle hog and doesn't have the spare power of XP on a dual-core.
YouTube can't really make up for my overworked laptop, but maybe they could offer videos with fewer colors (much smaller files, less processor needed, and I'd really never miss the extra colors).  I'm going to try the Toshiba with the old drive/Vista load and post the results here. I've also tried stopping unneeded Processes on Vista, but no help.
Re: video stops early. ebbixx 11/28/09 3:36 PM
Vista on a single core is like trying to move a 19th century gingerbread house using a VW Beetle.  I'm surprised the eMachines laptop runs at all.  And yes, decoding H.264 video (which is most of what YouTube streams) is one of the more challenging things you can ask of a processor.  If it wouldn't add at least $100 to the selling price, people ought to be adding a dedicated codec-processing chip the their machines, but of course they don't.
Re: video stops early. ytmachx 5/8/10 1:37 PM
One of my videos,(only one), won't play past 1:39. All my other videos work/ play just fine. What's wrong? Will this eventually be fixed. The video views are suffering on this particular video.
Re: video stops early. ebbixx 5/8/10 7:21 PM
What's the link for the video?  (I'd like to check whether it's stalling or simply has been cut off in processing, which seems to be happening to some videos recently).
Re: video stops early. Andreesie 7/21/10 11:10 PM
If this has not always been a problem, and you've recently did installations or updates on your computer...

See if your computer has a software repair wizard... If it does, restore your system back to an earlier date when this problem did not occur... This solved it for me. Best wishes!!!