I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!!

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I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! katgurlxx 10/11/09 4:01 PM
 I have the most recent flash player and my java is enabled. I also tried turning off my ad blocking. 
OH! I have internet explorer 8 and windows XP
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! godrulztheearth 10/11/09 4:05 PM
i have the same problem. i also cant post messeges or recieve messeges from anyone. i cant even contact youtube directly and i am frusterated. hopefully a youtube rep will read this because i am out of options.
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! Luchia15995 10/19/09 2:33 AM
Me too , but some of the videos can load but most of it cant even load >.< , can someone fix this problem >.<
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! XxRonaldoMessixX 11/10/09 11:06 PM
me..to i all ways have to download new java thing every time...i what to whatch videos.!!!!!!!!]
can any one help us.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! Pubbahh 11/11/09 2:46 AM
Sometimes when this happens you just need to update your version of Flash Player at the Adobe website. Takes like 5 seconds
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! Cherib 11/11/09 2:51 AM
I can't get in either and have done all of the suggestions above.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. 
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! teogkaffe 11/18/09 2:59 PM
After multiple attempts I have finally found a solution. Hope that it will work for you too.
Go to Adobe Flash homepage and download the uninstall version for flash player for windows and new version for flash 10 (find the link you can save on you PC). Save on your PC.
Close all applications
Clear temp files and cookies in your internet settings under browsing history.
run unistall Flash...
Reboot PC
Disable all virus, firewalls
Run the flash player install you downloaded.
Enable all virus and firewalls
Now it should work
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Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! filthy_gorgeous 12/9/09 8:54 AM
i cant watch videos on youtube,
i click on install (or watever it says) and it put me onto another website and up the top of the page (where pop ups come up)it says 'an add on for the web-site failed to run. check the surcurity settings in internet options for potential conflicts'
i dont know what it means?
please help me i'm really stuck!
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! Doug E 12/9/09 10:06 AM
I'm having a similar problem - videos just appear as a black box with no controls.  I'm on a Mac OSX.  Anybody know how to fix?
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! XxPolyVorexX 12/18/09 10:59 PM
I only saw a black box with no controls i just clicked on the "watch this video in A New Window" on the right top corner and it worked
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! FRAGIJUMPZ 1/28/10 2:03 PM
Ok I am geting really pissed cause i cant watch some1 needs to fix this.I dont know whats wrong with this.If you guy know whats up whit this or knows how to fix it please tell me.THX
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! uricono 3/1/10 1:44 PM
I FIGURED OUT HOW TO FIX THIS!! YAY!! Just a few mins ago I was getting really mad that I couldn't watch videos for a couple of days and just now I figured out how to make it work again!

Okay so heres what you do, 
(1) Update your internet if its not already.
(3) Once your on the site, click the thick blue line in the bottom left corner, and press "save". 
(4) Press the "install_flash_player (2).exe"   and click "run."
(5) Once done loading, restart computer. 

Thats it! And youtube should be working after that. =]   I used google crome, so I don't know if it works the same for the other "updated" internets.

Hope it works for you guys too!
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! croxana7172 3/24/10 6:59 PM
I can't watch videos in youtub for 3 weeks already.please HELP ME.
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! coolminded43 3/26/10 12:29 PM
i cannt see youtube videos .halan k mainy explorer 8 version b onstall kia aur flash player ka bhe new version kia hy per no results ..plz help
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! gilps1958 3/31/10 11:17 AM
hey   i found the answer  woot woot  at lease for me i have windows vista  internet explorer latest version, just got it one month ago, went into browser settings and set to compress graphics ONLY WHEN HIGHSPEED NOT AVAILABLE.>..and CLEARED BROWSER HISTORY....IT WORKS....pRAISE THE lORD....i use these videos as part of my ministry and was not to happy when i could not do the lords work today so i prayed and he showed me...simple to most of you but to this 54 year old chicka it was awesome....   :)
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! nikkigal1095 4/3/10 1:26 AM
I have the same problem too.. It keep on saying an error has occured. Please try again later..
Can anyone tell me what should I do to solve my problem?
Reply quick please -.-
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! kingdavidci 4/3/10 9:33 PM
SAME HERE! I SWEAR youtube doesnt do anything.. man i was getting pissed. i thought it was just me. THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ASAP. youtube was the last fun thing i had to do on here. now they screwed it up. thanks so much youtube.
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! babykira 4/6/10 8:05 AM
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! beerbeerbeer 4/8/10 9:13 AM
please help me too....i'm using mac : safari. i also tried the adobe flash player 10 but nothing working after install and restart
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! friendlytoad1 4/8/10 9:24 AM
You can try removing the Adobe Download Manager. Use Revo Uninstaller to do this as it removes all traces of this software in the program folder as well as in the registry. Next use CC Cleaner to remove all history and temp files.
Restart the computer and go directly to youtube.com and try the video.
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! preposterous 4/9/10 11:40 AM
That add-on for firefox didn't work thanks for the link however. I assume there is a fix but there are lots of powerful people who would like to tell me what to watch and removing the ratings helps them spam me to death.
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! witandhumor 4/12/10 6:25 AM
I have tried doing all of that (the suggested steps above) but it doesn't seem to work perfectly. Ever since YouTube's interface changed, I have problems regarding the black blank box that's been showing up everytime I want to watch a video. I tried using the "watch this video in a new window" and it somehow works. But I still can't watch videos fromany Vevo channel (like Lady Gaga Vevo for example).

I think YouTube hasn't fixed their site perfectly yet after the changes. I like the way YouTube looked and worked before. The downloader isn't working too. :(
I thought I had the only problem regarding this blank box but it seemed most of us are just effin' annoyed. >:|
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! tootalltim 5/19/10 9:24 AM
Well, i HAD the same problem as u guys when i download Crysis: Warhead cracked game. Now. Today I just downloaded another cracked game " Medal of Honor " and the file inside once u extract files using WinRar fixed my problem. The file u will neeed is called PhysX_7.07.09_SystemSoftware and will be located in  MoH-Airborne/#readme# run the " PhysX file"

Steps to get this:

1: Go to www.isohunt.com
2: Search " Skullptura "
3: Now look for the " medal of honor torrent by skullptura " should be  2.89gb download and is fast using bittorrent client.
4:Once downladed u will need WinRar to extract files and than u will be able to find the PhysX file
5: Please read the " readme files " if u wish to install the game.
6; If u have Microsoft Visual x86 u will be able to skip one step of installing game no need to install that if you have

I'm using Windows 7 64bit

 I was so mad I couldnt search youtube with the dam error than just happen to stumble upon this without realizing I fixed it. lol

Good Luck and I hope this helps you all out.
Good Luck
Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! C Dub 6/2/10 5:18 PM
Hi folks,

There are several issues that could be at the root of the trouble you're having watching videos - the answer that works for one of you might not solve the issue for others. However, we've tried to address the most common issues with solutions in our Help Center. A good place to start is this article: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=56115 . However, there are other articles that may help depending on your specific situation.

Hope this helps,

Re: I can't watch youtube videos anymore!!! eddyb6666 7/1/10 2:20 PM
i get - AN ERROR OCCURRED , PLEASE TRY AGAIN , can anybody help , thank you
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