why do my comments disappear?

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why do my comments disappear? igutya 6/2/09 11:12 AM
ive been noticing that my comments will disappear.  no urls in the text, it will be there for a day or two then poof, like it was never there.  i can view all comments and search for my name and what do you know? no posts!

ill go threw my video comments replies in my inbox, follow the link to the reply, but hey! my post and the reply is missing.

then later on they might reappear.  WTF???
Re: why do my comments disappear? ZoeGnosis 7/20/09 7:24 PM
I am having the same problem. The reply keeps disappearing. I've tried different browsers, tried it with Firefox in Linux. Sometimes I logout and login again helps. But I'm going crazy right now because I'm in a session that I don't want people thinking I bailed out.!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
Re: why do my comments disappear? jb348956 9/14/09 4:29 AM
The same thing happens to me.  Every 4 out of five comments never get posted, and I don't appreciate the having my time wasted by youtube. Now they will say that I must have been swearing or trolling, but that simply is not the case.  Nor is it because I am blocked seeing as this happens on channels I've never visited before.  Does anyone know of a similer site that actually works and is a bit less fascist?
Re: why do my comments disappear? redemption2 9/22/09 7:03 AM
I've had comments disappear that I made nearly a year ago, as first comments to the videos.  I once translated a monologue that the user didn't originally do in the video, and when I checked back on it, it was no longer there.  Not only that, but any video that had disappearing comments, no new comments would show up either.  Youtube, talk to me here.  This can't be normal.
Re: why do my comments disappear? ethr95awd 9/22/09 8:19 AM
Yes I also have been seeing major issues with disappearing comments. Pretty sad.
Re: why do my comments disappear? nodie 9/25/09 7:52 PM
no help here, just more of the same problem. I got a bunch of e-mails from Google saying 'someone replyed to you post' of which I had made about 5 months ago. So I follow the links and do a 'find on page' search of my name... no longer there. nor is the post from the replyer.
The conversation isn't valid any more I know but I just want to understand what the hell some of the replys mean cause things like 'Harry Potter' and 'Do you want someone to rape you' make no sense to me at all. So, if anyone working for Google stumbles across this forum could you maybe have a word to your boss about also including the original post in the 'someone replyed to your post' e-mail's you guys send? I think it would be usefull for people that DO check their e-mail often also, so they can better decide if its worth their time going back to reply.
Re: why do my comments disappear? Bryant5493 10/2/09 6:49 AM
Yes, I'm having the same problem. I click view all comments and I, sometimes, only see my reply... when there are five or six replies.
Re: why do my comments disappear? ThisBoyTV 10/2/09 1:30 PM
This topic is appearing in a lot of threads. Would be great to have all the problems with commenting in one place. It drives me nuts when I post a comment and find it magically disappears. Perhaps there is a mystery button that we are missing in our profiles :)
Re: why do my comments disappear? Rickbell7 10/3/09 1:55 PM
I agree that it would be nice to consolidate this into one thread.  This forum is so huge that there could be a hundred threads on an issus but we wouldn't know because it is buried somewhere else on this forum.
That being said, I have experienced all of the above issues as well.  No, it is NOT on my end.  I have done ALL of the obvious remedies...clearing cookies, re-booting, updating, refreshing, etc.  We all know the drill here.   It makes no sense to see only the responses without the original comments!
It appears that Google/YouTube have gone ahead and "fixed" something again!  Any time they "fix" something...especially things that DIDN'T need to be "fixed"...it turns our worse and becomes nearly unusable!  
Re: why do my comments disappear? mikecohen1234 10/10/09 4:25 PM
I first noticed issues with channel owner's comments on his videos about a week ago and have still not seen any resolution of the problem. Below is what I have discovered:

1) When the channel owner has made only 1 or 2 comments on a video posted by him, the comment is not visible at all. That is, it has disappeared.

2) When the channel owner has made several comments on a video posted by him, usually one or two are visible. Others seem to have disappeared.

3) The comments are that seem to have disappeared are fully visible to other YT users; it is just the channel owner who cannot see some of his comments (as mentioned in 1 and 2). For example, if you create another account and then go to your original channel, you will be able to see your own previously invisible comments under the appropriate videos.

In my opinion, we need to find a way to advise Google about the issues. Since Google doesn't seem concerned about reading this forum, I suggest we Google (ie. do an Internet search) of various YT executives (eg. Director, VP, Manager of Software Development, Content Management etc) to find their names and then called Google's automated directory assistance to be routed to them. Someone may answer the phone; in any event, we can leave a voice mail message.

I experience the above-noted problems once before - about 3 months ago - but then the problem resolved itself in a  day or two. This time it has persisted for more than a week. I am sure this is due to some software update.
Re: why do my comments disappear? gangstanikes 1/7/10 1:24 PM
Yes, I get the same problem...usually notice this when I leave more than 1 comment on videos, usually the original comment gets deleted. Which is frustrating because it makes the following comments make no sense.
Re: why do my comments disappear? louis_w 3/8/10 2:11 PM
My comments disappear right after I post them I wonder why?
Re: why do my comments disappear? DrumWorkshopInc 3/19/10 10:41 AM
having the same problem.  Some comments post immediately, but then disappear after a few days.  Some get greyed out as soon as I click post, and then never post.  The new interface change that was made in the last few days works terribly in Firefox (the world's most popular browser).  I sure hope this is not a sign that Google is only going to make YouTube work well on Chrome.  That would be super duper lame and un-google-like.  Disappearing comments is NOT OK.  We take time to craft thoughtful comments and it is an EXTREMELY frustrating user experience to randomly loose them without notice.  Makes us as a company look bad for not responding to comment questions.  PLEASE RESOLVE ASAP.
Re: why do my comments disappear? DrumWorkshopInc 3/19/10 10:42 AM
It would be cool to hear from Google on this here.  Ahhh, but who knows...maybe they have responded, but their comments disappeared ;)
Re: why do my comments disappear? DrumWorkshopInc 3/19/10 10:47 AM
I just found that url's are what is keeping the comments from posting immediately.  So basically, it looks like YouTube is screening or preventing hyperlinks.  not cool.
Re: why do my comments disappear? yaoilove4ever 3/24/10 1:39 PM
Same here, I'm VERY Frustrated how they not fix or do anything about it!! I wanted to know WHY!? I want to see my comments on videos!! >_>

Anyone know how to fix it?
Re: why do my comments disappear? schizferatu 4/1/10 6:53 PM
The simple answer is that YouTube is a P.O.S. 
Re: why do my comments disappear? skip77 4/20/10 2:43 PM
When I go to my inbox and try to view comments - they disappear the split second they open leaving nothing but the channel icon from whoever sent the comment - what the f is going on!
Re: why do my comments disappear? sunni 4/20/10 3:04 PM
I've just lost all patience with YouTube and currently all I'm doing is a quick check for comments as some videos are set to 'approve'.
I'm finding that when I do find them (since they can't be read in the inbox) and approve them they disappear anyway.  I refresh and refresh but they're not there. I don't have the time to keep a list and go back to see if they appear hours or days later.
The slowness in fixing these bugs is just returning me to my first thought on seeing this new layout - it's certainly going to have the effect of killing feedback.  I'd have thought hours of 'maintenance' might have addressed the problem. 
Re: why do my comments disappear? EbolaSniper 4/30/10 10:26 AM
This happens to me all the time. It is YouTubes lazy way of filtering out "trolls" and bad language ect...
It requires money, time, and effort to put in actual effective screens. So what YouTube does, or Google, or whoever owns it, being the super-rich, cost-cutting, low-wage paying, money hungry powerhouse that it is, is finds yet ANOTHER shortcut to an easily solvable problems.
This happens when you make numerous comments in a short time, especially on one video - but regardless. You will see that if you are watching a bunch of short videos and making comments, and its all happening within 20 minutes or something similar - that one or more of your comments will be deleted.
Instead of using actual filters, YouTube simply removes comments that are made by a single user, who is making "too many comments" as this often goes in line with trolls and troublemakers.
But some people, like myself, who are making honest good points, or stating opinions in a proper and polite way, get their comments blocked, because YouTube, like every other company, is lazy, and wants to cut costs at EVERY possible corner they can. Using a filter, or people as judges, costs money. They only make Billions of dollars as a whole with google - So cant you understand that they do not want to spend a TINY little fraction of that money... along the order of perhaps 1 millionth of their yearly income, to imput a filter??
That means the executives and VPs ect... would only make 34.60 Billion next year, instead of 34.64 billion.
So why should they care about their own userbase? Nah... its easier to just erase all comments that come in too quickly. We are too busy polishing our solid gold fighter jets to concern ourselves with you, the customer.
For those of you who lose comments when NOT making multiple comments, I dont know - im sorry, I cant help you there, but im sure its youtubes fault.
YouTube is stupid and I hate it, but I have to use it. Its like the microwave. Everything is better when you cook it properly.... but god damn if it isnt convienent.
Re: why do my comments disappear? DragonSasha 4/30/10 3:16 PM
Yeah, this happens with me, except half the time the posts are not even posted...
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