Can't access youtube?

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Can't access youtube? waterbender42 6/3/09 1:05 PM
I am able to get into the help forums to ask this, but I can't access the youtube site for some reason.  I had this problem last night while I was accessing it on my iPod, but now I can't get into it on the desktop computer.  Is this a common problem?  I don't understand because I can go to every other website but youtube.
Re: Can't access youtube? YtVigilantes 6/3/09 1:10 PM appears to be having some technical difficulties at the moment.  I expect YouTube is aware and will resolve the issue as soon as they can.
Re: Can't access youtube? Jade Starkiller 6/3/09 1:56 PM
Yeah, I'm having the same problem. I really don't know what to tell you. Youtub has had various problems for a long time. It depends on them and how they are going to deal with it. And because of these problems many people have searched and found other places to upload their videos.
I know of a two:
Re: Can't access youtube? uhsting 10/25/09 5:39 AM
I can't log in to it! I tried many times and can't log in!!
Re: Can't access youtube? Cinebaz 12/30/09 5:10 AM
I can't access

keep getting forwarded to
where it says :The website you are trying to view is currently experiencing difficulties, please try again later.

anybody know what's up with this?
Re: Can't access youtube? uriel.fra 3/30/10 11:10 AM
I also get this same thing:

I think this is a Virus or Malware or something like this
Re: Can't access youtube? matty010890 5/1/10 10:38 AM
hey i cant access youtube and its been like this for the past month or just keeps loading and loading and I just never get access. Although this problem only happens on my laptop, the other pc has no problems accessing youtube...i cant live without youtube...please help!!!!!
Re: Can't access youtube? Cinebaz 5/4/10 9:37 AM
It's edited by Malwar most likely.

i am 100% positive you have a notepad edited into your system which disable you from reaching some sites!

I fixed my issue regarding the thingy!
Found a notepad with aproxx 50 websites blocked from opening!

Check this:

1.) Open “Run” from the start menu (or press WinKey + r). Just copy paste the following path and hit ENTER.

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Alternately, go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc and find the file “hosts”. Open that file in Notepad.

2.) When this hosts file is opened in Notepad, at the end of the file you will see something like “ localhost”.

3.) Under “ localhost” just Remove any URL that is linked here to be blocked!

For Example:- localhost

DO NOT REMOVE the localhost one :)

Re: Can't access youtube? matty010890 5/10/10 9:24 AM
i cant seem to delete them..what happend was when i opened the file u asked me to, hosts.txt i found possibly all the links to all the videos in youtube. so what i did was i just copied the localhost code...the first line..deleted the rest using edit select all and then pasted the localhost one again..but when i came to saving it didnt let me..said i wasnt allowed or something...i think if i managed to delete all of them successfully it will work..but now there's this problem...have any idea what i should do? and thanks bdw i found ur answer very helpfull
Re: Can't access youtube? matty010890 5/10/10 10:38 AM
hey i managed to fix everything...thanks mate :D
Re: Can't access youtube? tommy rot 5/20/10 9:53 PM
I'm having this problem on a Mac - whenever I try to load youtube (in IE or Firefox) I get the "The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond." error.

Is there something like the " localhost" that might be on my Mac?
Re: Can't access youtube? momopie 5/24/10 6:59 AM
Cinebaz, you are a god.. thanks a lot
Re: Can't access youtube? brainzisafatogre 5/27/10 3:01 AM
Cinebaz suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx