Youtube running slow

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Youtube running slow Tender24 10/1/09 7:37 PM
Hello for the past couple of weeks I have been having issues with youtube running slow, I used to watch high quality videos but now I cant for some reason it just keeps chugging, sometimes the red bar goes fast and in the next second its slow and now I have to stop and wait now...  Thats why I am here for help.

I have tested both Internet explorer and Firefox and the both came up with the same problem.
My Operating system is Vista 32-bit Basic. And it happends on all videos. If you reall need more info I can probably take a video of a video loading and the texts on the bottom left while watching a video.

Thank You.

- Bradley

If you "really" need more info I can probably take a video of a video loading and the texts on the bottom left while watching a video.*
Re: Youtube running slow Tender24 10/2/09 5:58 PM
Hi, know have good decent loading videos now... For some reason after about 3 weeks of Youtube being slow it now just starts loading perfectly loading??? I mean come on...

Note: My videos started working today 10/2/09...

Re: Youtube running slow Tender24 10/6/09 7:40 PM
Once Again youtube is slow and still no help from nobody thanks.... I tried playing videos on low quality but they still kept chugging.... I set it by the playback options in youtube... 

Todays Date this happend on is 10/6/09.
Re: Youtube running slow paulgr 10/6/09 9:18 PM
With hundreds of variables affecting millions of connections, both on our side and then on YouTube's side, I just don't know what the users in these forums can say to help speed things up. But I remain hopeful.
Re: Youtube running slow Elphaba 10/6/09 10:05 PM
I also am having the same problem.  I am having this on different computers AND on different connections.  I took my laptop to Starbucks and had the same problem I'm having at home.  I know that the speed problems are not on my end.  I'm not having problems anywhere else on the internet.
Re: Youtube running slow Tender24 10/14/09 8:17 PM
So no help from forum regulators???? Wow I give you guys a thumbs down.....
Re: Youtube running slow slow slow youtube 10/22/09 7:47 PM
I'm also facing the same problem it is definitely Youtube problem .Rest of the online Streaming players pay verywell in my computer and i tried in different internet connections and different computers also .Youtube takes along time to buffer even a small video .Very worst ever nowadays.....

Dam slow Youtube.
Re: Youtube running slow BloodRavyne 10/31/09 4:47 PM
I'm having the same problem. Both Youtube and Google are being very slow. Youtube videos won't load up at times and just say error.
Re: Youtube running slow sAin-MMk 12/26/09 12:19 PM
Yeah!!! I don't know what the fuck is going on, I think all the world is having the same problem. If there is any GLITor Problem to Youtube servers (or Google) please higher authorities must inform us so that we can be sure from our sides.
Re: Youtube running slow sAin-MMk 12/26/09 12:20 PM
sorry it's *GLITCH
Re: Youtube running slow chilibilly22 12/27/09 9:03 PM
Yes!, I found you guys. I've been wondering where all the people were posting on this annoying problem. I unfortuntely dont have a solution just the same problem. I have gone through alot of grief spending countless hours trouble shooting with my router people (linksys) replacing routers and also my internet peeps (comcast) replacing modems. It's extremely frustrating that I could have avoided all that because it seems the real problems are with the service itself. Sometimes it works fine other times it sucks. Is youtube ever going to respond or get more servers or anything? It makes it completely useless as a service if  it constantly pauses and buffers.
Re: Youtube running slow osallivan 7/12/10 9:04 PM
damn... I have this problem too for about half a month... both on my PC and my Notebook with my 20mbps Rogers Internet.
I wonder whether it is again that stupid Rogers or YouTube that started mess up...
Re: Youtube running slow corpreaeterror 7/12/10 9:24 PM
Ever decorated a Christmas tree so much that it fell over landed on a open flame and caught fire? That's what is happening to youtube
Re: Youtube running slow Dapruneman 7/25/10 4:40 PM
Yea im having the same issue and im 100% sure its not me, i called my cablecompany(Brighthouse) had them turn on the powerboost, powerboost takes my connection from 15mbps to 50-60mbps which is more than enough to handle anything the internet can throw at me, thats as fast as anybodys connection is gonna get, yet youtube still froze up and buffered. I was able to download the whole jackass 2 movie in HD in about 10 minutes, yet it took 25 minutes to watch a 5 minute youtube video. so dont worry guys its just youtube being youtube and running extremely slow  
Re: Youtube running slow Raptor0348 7/25/10 8:48 PM
Same problem here, been happening for the past few weeks. On my home computer (vista 32 bit ultimate) videos load very slow. On my laptop(win 7 32 bit business) it completely crashes my internet browser, regardless of the one I use. I use brighthouse just like Dapruneman and I can download or watch streams on other sites perfectly fine (megavideo, JW player, veoh, etc), but youtube is dying  and its pretty much unusable for me now.