Unable to log in to youtube

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Unable to log in to youtube JakeCanUseMac 8/18/09 11:25 AM
Ok i was using my main account, JakeCanRead, when i had to reset my computer (macbook to be exact) and when i tried to log back on, it said my password was wrong. i kept on trying until the captcha was on. then it started saying the captcha was wrong so i did both forgot password and forgot username. i only got 1 e-mail with the usernames but never the password. but i know the password was never changed because i could still upload videos from imovie '09. please help me it took a while just to get 47 subscribers
Re: Unable to log in to youtube billgoo 8/18/09 1:22 PM
since youtube went google i havent been able to log on either as i have forgotten my pass word . 
Re: Unable to log in to youtube AkieTara 8/18/09 1:47 PM
I'm having the same problem, except I forgot my pass word, and the reset link they send me doesn't work. Basically, we're screwed until Youtube/Google decides to fix this horrible glitch.

If you have any friends who can still log in, it would probably be smart to tell them about this glitch.
Re: Unable to log in to youtube MoreYummy1 8/31/09 9:18 AM
I have same problem also.

After merged with my youtube to my google account, I can NOT access my youtube account anymore.  It either ask me to sign up a new account(I tried but my username is already taken, obviously); or ask me to merge my existing youtube account to a google account(again!!!??)  ...

Also the password reset is not working either.
Re: Unable to log in to youtube bemmott 8/31/09 12:42 PM
I'm having the same problem and there is NOBODY at youtube that answers this crap. I enter my username and password (I've had for years so it's correct) and now we get this damned "capcha" thing. Who the HELL can read those things, let alone someone with poor eyesight!

Now my account is basically useless - it keeps saying either the words are incorrect or the password. God I hate this thing now!
Re: Unable to log in to youtube tydees 9/19/09 8:56 PM
Just to sum up how screwed up YouTube is right now...I am able to access my daughter's YouTube account, http://www.youtube.com/user/Kittygurl65, with my user name, tydees, and password. However, I still can't access my own account, http://www.youtube.com/user/tydees. I can even do this on a computer where she has no access. Why? If this is happening between our accounts...think of the others where the same could be possible.

Re: Unable to log in to youtube liz4paris 10/17/09 12:00 PM
Problem solved...
Go to create a google account but use your original email, even though its not a google one..(.it allows it.) Then try sign into your tube once you have done that. The account for some reasons links and you can sign in again  :-)
Hope it helps you. Worked for me today
Re: Unable to log in to youtube MitsukiNakamuraChan 10/17/09 3:26 PM
If anyone can't sign in to their youtube account because it rejects their password and they aren't recieving the reset emails make sure to check your blocked sender list and remove ser...@youtube.com from it if it is there. You should then be able to recieve the reset email without a problem.
Re: Unable to log in to youtube suz71 4/3/10 9:19 PM
liz4paris- Thank you. This totally worked. It's weird, but it worked.
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Re: Unable to log in to youtube mrssmonotony 5/15/10 1:56 PM
Youtube merged my account with a gmail account that I have which is not the email I used when signing up for youtube.
since they have done this and the two accounts have nothing to do with each other I am no longer able to sign into my youtube with any username or password. if I try to sign in with the email I used to sign up with(which is what they tell you to do) it logs me into a completely different account.
I'm pissed and I want my account back.