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jerky video playback raywode 6/15/09 2:31 PM
Starting a few days ago, all YouTube videos have jerky playback on my PC, including those I've previously viewed. If I add "&fmt=6" to the video's address, it plays back normally - but I didn't have to do this previously. I have made no changes to anything on my PC and have a 10 Mbps connection.

I did what you recommended and nothing changed. All YouTube video playback is still jerky unless I add a "&fmt=6" to the link.
What do you suggest doing next?

The problem still exists and I'm still waiting for an answer.
Re: jerky video playback Liz YouTube support 6/19/09 3:44 PM
Hi there,

How odd! I suggest the following steps to try and optimize playback. Hopefully this helps videos play more smoothly again.

-- Upgrade to the most recent version / newest version of your web-browser (aka Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.).
-- Uninstall the current version of Adobe Flash player that you're running on your computer. Then, once you've uninstalled it, go to the Flash website and download & install the most recent version of the Flash player.
-- Temporarily disable any ad-blocking software you may have installed to see if this helps you play videos.

Thanks for visiting the Help Forum and posting your question! Good luck :)

~ Liz

Re: jerky video playback Blade Runner 6/24/09 7:21 PM
I'm experiencing the same problem like raywode...
Re: jerky video playback mustang84 11/15/09 9:25 AM
I already tried reinstalling Flash multiple times long ago and it did nothing to solve the problem.  I have found that it mostly just affects YouTube and does it more often on Google Chrome and Firefox, with the jerkiness only happening occasionally on IE.  The YouTube pop up ads in the videos seem to make it worse.  It is getting to the point where YouTube is unusable most of the time, and it amazes me there has been no resolution to this issue that has been ongoing for close to a year.
Re: jerky video playback urbanplanner 11/18/09 5:22 PM
I've been having a horrific time, starting a couple of months ago, playing videos on Youtube.  Most new videos have a problem stuttering, being jerky or out of synch, and/or pausing to buffer all the time.  I'm on an older Mac laptop (1.2GHz single core) which used to view videos fine.  Now, hardly any will play (and I never try to use HQ or HD). 

We also have a new Macbook Pro which plays them all fine, including HD versions.  I'm using these machines side by side:  same versions of Flash, Firefox and Safari and same wireless 1Mbps internet connection for both.  This is clearly a problem of Youtube re-encoding or "upgrading" their videos to cater to the high definition crowd who has new machines and likes the whole screen filled with the videos.  But given the number of people complaining about jerky videos on Youtube, it's clear that not everyone's machines are fast enough to process the video stream.  Should we all throw away our machines and get new ones just so we can watch Youtube?

This makes me angry with the whole high definition "movement" in general--it's looking more and more like a crock to get people to buy new cameras (and computers to keep up with them).  So you can use more data to record images--so what?  It doesn't work on Youtube for the average user and HD looks like garbage (MUCH worse than standard definition) if you put it on a DVD.  How many people are burning and playing Blu-Rays out there?

If you're angry about this, I'd suggest posting your problem too.
Re: jerky video playback soare_rasare 11/30/09 7:53 AM
Hello friends !

I have a strong computer able to playback smoothly 1080p H.264, but youtube playback was jerky. I tried different methods (reinstalling windows, flash player, drivers, firefox, codecs, etc..) but - the same !
Finally I got it !!! I have DISABLED ALL FIREFOX ADD-ONS and - voila ! the smooth playback is back again !

Hope it's working for you !

Re: jerky video playback bludash0 1/7/10 12:06 PM
Soare, that's a good suggestion but people don't need to disable all their add-ons, its usually just one or two Extensions which are the my case once I disabled Cooliris and a couple of other add-ons I didn't use or need, it fixed the problem...nice to no longer have that irritating jerky playback.

Hope other people have a similarly positive experience and I'm glad someone started this thread-it give me the idea to fix my situation.
Re: jerky video playback orbiter8 2/11/10 6:33 AM
All my You Tube videos are now jerky too. They're fine when initially uploaded, but after a few days they're terribly jerky again. All my videos are recorded with a Panasonic HD camera & uploaded properly from Sony Vegas Pro using the correct settings. 
Re: jerky video playback meekerto 3/8/10 6:50 PM
I have the same problem. I just bought a new laptop that should be more than capable to handle the videos but they all play very jerky. The audio is usually ok but I can tell that it is skipping several frames all the time. It just looks ridiculous and is very annoying. I am using google chrome to watch the videos. I just tried Internet explorer ::cringe:: and it worked fine. But there is a reason I don't use IE, because it sucks. Is there a known plug-in that I can uninstall in google chrome to fix this problem or some other solution?
Re: jerky video playback wolfmeister 3/24/10 5:49 AM
same here hopless playback all of a sudden. nothing has changed, and this is on mac pro with mega ram and video card, g5 and various assorted pc's on my network all fully capable of playing hd video - all other video sites are fine
Re: jerky video playback skippitydippity 3/24/10 10:29 AM
Ok, I was having the same problem with all my videos and audios.  I removed something called K-Lite Codec Pack and everything is running super smooth!  I hope this helps someone here.  Good Luck!
Re: jerky video playback anngus macsac 4/4/10 8:54 AM
jerky playback on HD videos only
disabled all addons and reloaded Adobe Flash 10 and reenabled Flash related addons .... STILL JERKY !!!!
Re: jerky video playback Kidon 4/18/10 9:30 PM
I tested Chrome and Opera, both are my favorite browsers.

Chrome is clearly at fault for this. Opera is completely smooth. I am running WinXP, 1.6ghz atom, 2gb ram netbook, wireless-N, 25mb line.

I recommend using Opera until Chrome integrates with Flash natively.
Re: jerky video playback bluebell190 4/18/10 9:57 PM
im having the exact same problem i hope its fixed soon
Re: jerky video playback rtbennett 7/9/10 10:27 PM

Of the entire list of responses there are only a few real suggestions for a fix. All the rest are complaints saying the same thing. Our video’s are playing back Jerky and buffering. This forum is about as helpful as most forums. There should be a complaint column and an answer column. Isn’t the announce of not having your video’s to play properly enough without wasting our time reading all these complaints. If you upload an AVI file because You Tube states its OK to use that file format than the problem is theirs after upload.

Re: jerky video playback Eddie0000 7/25/10 3:15 PM
I just started using Chrome and I thought it was a nice browser until I started trying to play youtube videos and saw how head2desk smashingly jerky they are.  It doesn't happen on Lunascape/Gecko.  No answers, no support from Google, nothing, even though they own youtube and created Chrome.  After the Google Apps fiasco at work I am completely sick of this organisation's shiny, flashy, yet deeply flawed products.