Why can't I delete playlists?!

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Why can't I delete playlists?! wskyesshow 10/20/09 11:47 AM
For some reason, I can't delete playlists from my channel!  I can delete them from my playlist page... they even disappear from the actual playlist page... but then they're still there on the actual channel. 

In fact, when I click the "edit" button on the channel, the deleted playlists are NOT in the lists of playlists I can choose to appear.  But then... when I return to the regular channel-- they're back on the right-hand side!

Even weirder, when I go into the playlist, there are no videos there.  BUT... when I click on "edit" within the playlist (hoping to delete it that way), it takes me into one of my OTHER playlists, which I don't want to delete-- so I can't delete it there either!

Any idea how to delete these "already-deleted" "phantom" playlists??  PLEASE HELP!
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! hamentertainment 10/24/09 10:32 AM
I have the same exact problem....some one please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! Marchije 10/24/09 6:37 PM
It appears you are not alone.  I've just posted the same issue.  Hopefully someone in YouTube-land will pick-up on the fact that it's an issue.  I just loaded a playlist this morning and it isn't appearing on my channel even though I have the "public" toggle selected.

Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! Marchije 10/24/09 7:13 PM
I may have found a workaround for the problem.

As I mentioned above, I had also had trouble with a playlist I had added which wasn't displaying on my channel even though I had it set to "public".  Well, if you go to your channel and click on the "edit" link that it is the top toolbar (that one that contains your channel's name as well as buttons for "all", "uploads", "favorites" and "playlists"), in the right-hand side you have a box titled "Which of your playlists would you like to display?" with a list of playlists below.  Well I noted my most recently added playlist was not checked off, so I checked it off, pressed save, and not only did that playlist now appear on my channel, but those playlists that were sticking around after I deleted them, disappeared as well.

Long story short, try un-checking one of your playlists, save, then re-check and save and see if your deleted playlists also disappear.

Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! ham entertainment 11/7/09 10:14 AM
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! joyqyl 3/13/10 7:32 PM
It's a browser problem. Use Firefox when you are deleting your playlist or doing any kind of editing in YouTube. The problem is caused by Internet Explorer. With Firefox, I managed to delete my playlist, and the "invalid action" alert does not appear.
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! BudMon 3/14/10 1:20 AM
It is a problem with Exlporer that they will soon fix. For now yea Firefox still works fine. If you don't have it you can download it in a snap and it is free. You can still keep Explorer and just switch back and forth when you want.
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! alsation 3/17/10 6:07 AM
i had the same prob's but have now fixed it !!    if you have internet explorer 7 like i did
down load IE 8  that fixed it for me   i also tryed firefox too and that works as well so
there are 2 ways you can fix it  try IE 8 frist that should do it !!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! TNT-S 3/17/10 12:16 PM
thanks for the suggestions!  i have IE 8 and it wasn't working...so i downloaded firefox and deletion of my playlist worked seamlessly!
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! wimf 5/30/10 4:18 AM
I may have found a solution. Try this:

* Log in to your youtube account.
* Click on your username at the bar in the up right corner and click on favorites.
* To the left you see a list of differtent things. Click on playlists.
* Up to the right you see a box where it says: Remove Playlist. That way you can remove the whole playlist. Otherwise, you can choose to remove specific videos, but still keep your playlist as a whole. Just highlight the ones you want to delete and click "Remove."
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! QcStarcraft 6/24/10 8:04 PM
I still have this bug unresolved using google chrome.

Delete a play list but it is still on my channel page. Looks like I only delete my edit-handle to the playlist and not the list itself...
Re: Why can't I delete playlists?! sanuese 7/1/10 1:42 PM
I am having the same issues with deleted playlists still showing up, even days after they've been deleted. 

I've deleted a handful of playlists in the last week, either because I was consolidating lists or because they were acting buggy (lists set to "Public" kept reverting to "Private"). YouTube keeps trying to display these deleted playlists on my channel (even when I edit the channel to display "My Uploaded Videos" only) and the result is an error message on my channel that reads "You are unable to view the playlist because it is marked private."

The playlists were never supposed to be "Private"—they were deleted days ago, so it should be a moot point. I don't have any private playlists or videos. Everything is public, always has been.

I use a Mac and have these problems in both Firefox and Chrome. I have a branded, non-profit account for an art museum. We've been struggling with this for a week and are getting very frustrated.