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Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Liz YouTube support 10/5/09 4:49 PM
Hi everyone,

We've seen many of you report that you're having trouble with comments: more specifically that you receive notification of a new comment on one of your uploaded videos, but the comment never appears. This is an issue our team's aware of and is currently working on a fix. Comments should be working as intended again this week.

Thanks, as usual, for bringing the situation to our attention. The reports are extremely helpful!

All the best from San Bruno,

~ Liz and the YouTube Team
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Zaranyzerak 10/5/09 4:58 PM
That's not the only problem with comments - there's also the problem of comments randomly disappearing/re-appearing (aor never re-appearing at all) after being read or responded to.  Comments are SERIOUSLY messed up, for about a week now.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) FatAintGroovy 10/5/09 6:27 PM
Someone commented on one of my videos.  I have tried for half an hour over and over again to post a reply comment and it won't show up BUT If I type ........ (dots), it shows up!  What's up with that??????????
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) acidtonguemuzik 10/5/09 6:37 PM
I posted a Video and you can't find it searching youtube or the web.... If you look at my chart graph it doesn't exist but I have it in my videos. What do I do? What can you do?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) KungFuTheater75 10/5/09 11:24 PM
Problem with Comments for me, for the past hour has been posting replies to people that aren't posting on a specific channel. At first I thought this may have been the Channel screening settings, but I was posting fine the other day, and the owner of the channel hasn't signed on in a year, which of course leaves you guys (youtube) as the culprit. Yesterday it would say 'Comment Posted'. Now it just sticks on 'Post Comment', but never gets to 'Comment Posted.' This isn't on all channels, just some.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) AlPechulis 10/6/09 5:38 AM
Yes, I have also had several comment emails and no comment. Hope this bug is fixed soon.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Mister Travis 10/6/09 8:20 AM
I'm having a different problem with comments entirely. For some reason, the "Hide All Comments" box in every video's Comments section is checking itself, and when I uncheck it, the comments never appear. The only way I can post or view comments is by viewing them all on one page.
Is this a known issue, and is there any way to fix it?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) damirgraffiti 10/6/09 1:33 PM
i have comments when i got to the "comments page" on my videos.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Elphaba 10/6/09 10:03 PM
I am having the exact same problem as MisterVercetti. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) MrRandomWritings 10/7/09 5:05 AM
Same problem as Zaranyzerak - reply to a comment on one of my videos and the original comment disappears leaving a page of my replies and nothing else
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dashpoet 10/7/09 5:26 AM
Question really rather than reply - will the 'fix' mean that currently missing comment will appear, or just comments posted after the bug is fixed? It does matter, as comments feed into the creative process, subscriber's and other viewer's responses are important. I also feel it is simply a common courtesy to reply!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) tinasjak 10/7/09 8:36 AM
My probelm with comments is a little different than the one described in your post but the same as many seem to be having... One of my videos was showing all of the comments posted and my responses but now is missing many of the original comments.  My responses to the original comments are still there, but the comments are gone.  I've noticed that it's just the ones from a few days ago, too.  Anything coming in now seems to be sticking.  Anyway, wanted to let you know and hope it gets fixed soon!  Thanks!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) KPECT 10/7/09 10:23 AM
Hello Dear person my problem are worsed ever
YOUTUBE changed my Chennal Dezain with out resone and with out my agree  on new Beta Version!

and the worsed of all i cannot change it back! ITS JUST NOT Givesss to change it back!
i tryd all but Uselass!
im loseing Subbers evrey day!
im loseing Wizeters evrey day i dunno what to do alredy :(
i cannot change the stupid Beta Dezain on old Dezain  no matter how much i try :(
and oh i dunno from who ask help alredy no 1 helps me!
and i dunno how to contact with you tube to tell about that problem!
That looks like thay Forse meee to use New Beta Dezain with out my agreements!
oh if you could help me some how pleaseeee i beg you  do it!
if you have  a any Suggestions pleasee  say coz im alredy going crazy :( Thank you.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Terell Green 10/7/09 9:18 PM
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having this problem. I put up a new video 3 days ago and everytime someone place a new comment, a comment will disappear. The video will only show 10 comments.  It never goes past 10 comments.  When one new comment is added, another comment will disappear keeping it at 10 comments.   
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) kchan9999 10/7/09 11:29 PM
When Will YT Fix Problems With The "More" and "When" Sub-Menus on All Music Categories?
You can NEVER get to the "This Week" or "This Month" or "All Time" pages on all Music Categories (eg. Classical, Jazz, Pop...etc) once you have selected "Most Viewed", "Most Discussed", "Top Favorited"...etc.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dinglouisa 10/8/09 12:04 PM
A few days back I was able to post comments. But Today my channel was suddenly auto updated and I can no longer post any comments. It keep telling me that comment is posted but it never did show up. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) metaXzero 10/8/09 12:56 PM
Now if only you guys would be aware of the Wii comment problem...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) velveetaah 10/8/09 6:34 PM
It really is depressing to wake up one day and find your channel that you love has suddenly been transformed to the NEW style!! And now all the comments from my viewers are disappearing too!!!! What next? I want my comments back Please- I also want my old channel back. But what I really want to know is if the comments that have disappeared will ever be back. SO SAD>>>>>
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dinglouisa 10/8/09 11:17 PM
After my channel was auto-updated 11 hours ago; I tried to comment on a video but nothing show up. Reloaded the page many times and still don't show the comment. Thinking that the comment has failed; I commented on the same video again and again but nothing show up. So I decided to give up and while I was viewing my channel; I saw that my recent activity show all the comments that I commented on the same video. 

After 11 hours when I visited the same video again; the comments appear and I have to remove those duplicated. So now when I have faced the same problem; the first thing is to check my recent activity first to avoid duplicated comments. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dashpoet 10/9/09 4:21 AM
Same topic - 'Bug with comments' - different problem: when I try to comment on videos displayed on the viewer of beta channels, I keep getting the message 'Please sign in to post a comment'. I know I am signed in, and can comment on the older style viewer format. The community aspect of YouTube, the exchange between people, is the most important part for me and this is very frustrating and disappointing. I can go to lots of places to watch reruns of tv programmes and music videos, only YouTube allows me to keep in touch and encourage the creative output of individual artists, be they film makers, musicians, poets or whatever. Therein lies the true value of YouTube, to spoil that is a real shame!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) bugsabummer 10/10/09 11:47 AM
I'm not just having problems with alot of comments disappearing from my videos but but the ratings are not working and the veiwing figure is not updating, i should by rights be getting a ton of comments as its been advertise in the local press.
also my comments to other pages especially if it contains political views disappear, the queen etc i find this very suspicious.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TheNewYoutubeSucks 10/10/09 6:31 PM
The Beta Channel can't post 2 videos on my Vlog, not only that, Youtube forced my account to go Beta. What's up with that!?!?! I had original 2006 account, NOW I AM FORCED TO USE BETA!!!!! BETA SUCKS. And don't give me the whole...it's a "Beta" answer because no Beta can SUCK that much. DID I ASK TO SWITCH?!?! NO, I DIDN'T.



ANOTHER PROBLEM, would be the stupid "Activity Sharing" tool bar at the bottom. Why have that? It's pointless and probably what causes errors with all the Flash that the Wii needs to upload at once.

Look, you need to Downgrade. Not all the way, but back to 2006. Since the Flash and Adobe Flash is too high, it causes too many problems. Same goes with the Beta Channels, my Transparency is not working right on the Wii. C'mon guys it's not funny, do your job right.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) easum619 10/10/09 6:40 PM
Now if you would only pay attention to the wii user's problem.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) 123yangatang 10/10/09 11:44 PM
I am having existing comments disappear once a new comment (whether by someone else or me) appears on videos of mine. I've been noticing this problem more recently, and it seems to be a big issue with the latest video I posted "Penny Power: Simple Way to Save Money (ASL)" at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3os56dUZ-c. Actually, in the process of writing this, I have observed a change already - it appears that if I click Comments under this video in My Videos I am seeing some comments now, but if I go to the video itself and play it none of the comments are missing now. I just wanted to pass this along in case this information helps YouTube in fixing this problem. Thanks!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Twirretwarre 10/11/09 4:34 AM
I see that Liz answered this in June already, while the problems (at least for the comments at my videos at my different channels) became worser lately. I found out the comments disappear at a certain time, maybe when I respond to one, and than from that time on every new comment makes the oldest comment disappear.
So it is so frustrating, while I like to response to the people. I know I am not the only one with this problem, so I think it will be fixed some day, but I only can Think that. I did not find a real and clear answer from youtube, what the matter is at this moment, and that makes everything so insecure... like p.e. is it so, that you want to let them disappear, or is it really still a bug? So, I wished that these things were mentioned clearly by youtube, when we look for this problem. It would be great, so that we don't have to wait until what is happening next. At least, I feel it sometimes this way. I regret so much that I cannot comment back, because I loose even more comments from my friends, and I do so appreciate their support.
If I didn't find here what I was mentioning, and it is somewhere at youtube mentioned, than my apologies, but please tell me than where to find it!
For everybody though a wonderful Sunday! :-) And most of the time I LOVE IT HERE AT YOUTUBE!!! :-) Also want to mention that! :-)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) WastedPo 10/11/09 6:40 AM
I justed wanted to add another comment just in case the Youtube staff were under the impression that just a few people were experiencing comment troubles.
There is a MAJOR problem with the comments, starting about a week ago.  It seems every new video that gets posted has its comments arbitrarily deleted after just a few minutes.  It seems that it's always the oldest comments that get "scrolled off" as new comments are added.  I have no idea if it's just recently posted videos that are affected, or if older posts are having their comments deleted for no reason as well.
This is not something happening once in a while, but rather it seems to affect pretty much every video I've visited.
(Does anyone at Youtube ever actually read these complaint threads?  Or are they here just to create the illusion that users are being heard?)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) riversonthemoon1 10/11/09 10:53 AM
Listen up, YouTube.
A number of the issues raised in this thread are only problems for some users. The major problem that is affecting ALL users is that older comments are not being displayed when the poster of the video comments on his/her video. What happens is that where it says 'View All XX comments', the number (XX) only includes the number of comments posted by viewers. That number does not include any comments posted by the video owner. However, when you click on 'View all XX comments' the page DOES count the comments of the video owner as a comment. The page only displays XX comments, including the video posters, pushing off earlier comments. An example will help illustrate. Suppose 20 viewers have commented. At the bottom of the screen it will say 'View All 20 comments'. Suppose the video owner has posted 6 replies to comments. On the 'View All 20 comments' page it will display only 14 viewer comments (though sometimes less) + 6 video owner comments giving a total of 20 comments, and the oldest 6 comments will not be displayed. I discussed this with a user in another thread in this forum and suggested he remove a few of the comments he posted on his video. The missing comments reappeared.
This started on the day you upgraded the comments section by adding the 'Show More Comments' feature on the video page. Perhaps doing more thorough testing of upgrades before you implement them will help avoid these bugs.

Please fix the comments section as it is, for the bulk of users, I'm sure, a big part of the YouTube experience. Not being able to see the beginning of a discussion and seeing comments in context is taking away from that experience.
Pretty please, with sugar and glazed red cherries on it - FIX THIS PROBLEM!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) WastedPo 10/11/09 11:58 AM
Rivers did a great job of describing the problem.  However, I would also like to add that I have seen this problem occur on videos even when the video uploader hasn't posted any responses at all.  Yet still, the older comments continue to scroll away into oblivion.
Suffice it to say comments are dissapearing for no reason.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) godrulztheearth 10/11/09 4:17 PM
i cannot post comments at all nor can i watch videos at all and i updated the flashplayer and java script is fine. i cant recieve messeges from anyone either. this all started last week. what could be the problem?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Adam060756 10/12/09 5:16 AM
I wanna know why when we go to the ''show all comments page'' it doesn't show the first 2 or 3 comments? And it seems to count our replies as part of the comments page which it shouldn't! It never used to do that, and also a few comments from other users that I have replied to on my own videos have mysteriously disapeared leaving my own replies there alone on the page and it looks like i'm talking to myself! Why does Youtube have to change things and make things worse, there was nothing wrong with the commenting system before you people started forcing us to upgrade to the new crappy channel designs. And the new channel design has ruined my background picture by covering it with a black space for no reason and I can't get rid of it! And the new channels should be optional for every individual user, it seems like Youtube wants to own us and control us all under there power like a dictator.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) LauraBell 10/12/09 9:53 AM
My Name on Youtube Is Quadracer687 and I have recently been having problems with My Comments I have a new video and there were suppost to be 9-16 comments and some of them is being hidden on my channel Can someone please tell me what is going on with the comments on why it is not showing up?  Quadracer687 (Laura)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) IceChateau777 10/12/09 11:04 AM
Okay...I am still surprised at this...Liz, what about the Wii problems? I hate those beta channels! Fix the commenting bugs (all of them), and then do what you need to do!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) greenhell666 10/12/09 2:19 PM
I can't post sometimes too; goddammit youtube!!!

Im not using URLs or any HTML stuff in the comments and the button just turn gray with "Post Comment" text.

Why the hell is that ?

Let's talk a little about usability errors in software Youtube; when an error happens the user must be notified about what the hell he "did it wrong" in the first place.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) saxman727 10/12/09 5:34 PM
Something different has happened today. In my new video, when I view my video comments, it only shows the last comment posted. None of my other videos have that problem -- they have the other problem where it counts my own comments in the total and thus bars the number of comments that I posted from showing up. In the case of my last video though, I haven't posted ANYTHING and it won't show anything but the last comment.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) HarroWorld 10/12/09 10:27 PM
super annoying.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) 71cooper 10/13/09 2:06 AM
My problem is even though i am signed in i am unable to post a comment on other peoples videos or reply to comments on my videos, it tells me to sign in i sign again try to comment and it tells me the same thing!! sign in!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) vot_cora 10/13/09 5:13 AM
I'm am having the same problem as MisterVercetti "For some reason, the "Hide All Comments" box in every video's Comments section is checking itself, and when I uncheck it, the comments never appear. The only way I can post or view comments is by viewing them all on one page." In addition to this problem, When I select "view all comments" it doesn't always show me all of my comments. And if that wasn't enough, Many times, when I leave a reply to a comment, is says it accepted the comment, but when I refresh: poof, my reply back is gone.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) stuartindigo 10/13/09 6:39 AM
The major problem I'm finding is the loss of threading in the comments.

So replying to a comment appears to be a new comment (and hence makes no sense without the reference)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dashpoet 10/13/09 9:53 AM
Same message from Liz YouTube support, now the next week, still no fix. I am really starting to get fed up with this. When comments do appear on a video, and I post a reply, the original comment disappears. The whole thing appears a mess. Shame.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) saxman727 10/13/09 11:22 AM
Liz, can you give us some time frame when you expect these issues with comments to be fixed? I think that would restore some confidence in  many people here (including myself) that YouTube actually listens and is working on these problems. Because right now, I am wondering what in the world the hold up is. I have lots of patience, but it's frustrating when you look at YouTube's track record for fixing bugs (the mailbox issues were there for MONTHS before they got fixed, and many minor bugs have always been part of YouTube for as long as I can remember.) Whoever is supposed to fix this stuff and maintain the site is failing the users in major ways that I find difficult to reason with.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Petroskeyful 10/13/09 1:00 PM
I am new to YouTube and it appears from the above mammoth list of comments that YouTube are really failing their members
and fobbing them off with "we'll fix the bug" answers.  As someone said above the WHOLE purpose of YouTube is the social
and interactive aspect.  If this is missing we can forget about the whole thing and just go out and start talking to complete
strangers.  Probably get arrested.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Liz YouTube support 10/13/09 4:09 PM

Just want to update you all- as you're aware, comments aren't still working as intended. Our team tried a fix last week, but it didn't resolve the situation. They're still aware there's an issue with comments though and are working on getting comments back to normal again.

In the meantime, we could use some info from you all. It would be really helpful if you could provide:
1.  the URL of the video with which you're having trouble with comments (not just the title / name of the video, the video's URL)
2. specifics about the situation: is this your video? Another user's video?

These details will be really useful to the team here. Thanks so much everyone.

~ Liz
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) LuckyStrike502 10/13/09 4:59 PM

It's not just a video we're having trouble with. It's EVERY video that was uploaded after this issue started. In my case, it's been since September 22nd. I've uploaded 22 videos since then, and every one is affected. Would you like the URLs to all 22 videos? Also, my entire circle of YouTube friends, and many others are having the same problems. I hope you all can get these issues fixed soon because interacting is almost impossible without the comments working. Thanks.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) saxman727 10/13/09 8:57 PM
Here's what happens -- you have a video that has 5 comments:
1 - Cool
2 - Nice video
3 - Freakin' awesome
4 - Saxman, you're a true American legend
5 - Saxman's channel is great
Those comments are from other people. Now let's say I (the channel owner) post this:
6 - Holy crappy jacks, you guys really love me and my amazing videos!
The comment count remains at "5" because it doesn't count comments posted by the channel owner. What happens as a result when you view the video comments, you see this:
2 - Nice video
3 - Freakin' awesome
4 - Saxman, you're a true American legend
5 - Saxman's channel is great
6 - Holy crappy jacks, you guys really love me and my amazing videos!
The first comment doesn't show at all. Hope this helps!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) stuartindigo 10/14/09 1:29 AM
Here's an example for your programmers Liz

It's another users video on which I commented. Upon reading another users comment, I posted a reply to his comment. Unfortunately this appears in the standard view as a seperate comment (and makes it appear all very non sequitur). If you click the "view all comments" link, then the threading reappears and the discussion makes sense.

Hope thats the sort of info you need.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dunnededunnedunne 10/14/09 3:02 AM
I also have a problem revolving around comments (or the dissapearance of comments)
I posted the following video 8 months ago on youtube:
asking people for their opinion on a particular subject and to post their opinion in comment form below the video.
When I checked the 'all comment' list on this video recently (the last few days) I noticed that a significant portion of the earlier comments (which were posted by various different people) have all dissappeared.
It looks like the first month or so of comments have been ' chopped off ' the comments list. There is even no sign of them on the 'comment count' (it says 81 comments are there, and there is, indeed, 81 comments visable at the moment.)
I do not think these missing comments have been censored or anything like that as I recall some of them being quite harmless. I also very much doubt it is because all these various people have had their youtube membership revoked. One person whose comments have been 'chopped off' still has some other comments remaining further on down the 'all comment' list.
If it is this error/bug you speak of, is there a way of getting these comments back! Any semblance of discussion I was trying to build up on the video has been partially neutered by the removal of these comments.
Could somebody help me with this? Is there anyone else I should be contacting with this? Is this bug related to my problem?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) saxman727 10/14/09 8:32 AM
Okay, my post above was about ONE bug with comments. Here's another that has been discussed just for reference:
Go to DaveDcDhol's channel (the new beta channel finally got him!) Under his video where it says "Info, Comments, Favorite, ...", click "Comments." You'll see (or at least I do) where it says "Please sign in to post a comment." I shouldn't be seeing that since I'm already logged in. However, I click the "sign in" link anyway. It does nothing but reload DaveDcDhol's page. Go to the comments section and it says once again "Please sign in to post a comment."
I try it a different. I sign out, then go to Dave's page and go to the comments section. It says (as it should) "Please sign in to post a comment." I click the link, and it takes me to the login page. I've tried both my Gmail and Yahoo e-mails for the user login, but the result is the same -- after I'm logged in, it takes me to Dave's page and under the comments section, wouldn't you know it, it says "Please sign in to post a comment."
That's a pretty straight-forward walk through of that bug. It only affects beta channels. If I type the URL to one of Dave's videos -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXP287cT1zU -- and go there, then I can leave a comment. That's because at that URL, the old interface is used. So it's definitely a problem regarding the newer interface.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Twirretwarre 10/14/09 9:53 AM
Dear Liz,
so glad you reacted to us. Sometimes I feel a little lost, when something is going on again at youtube and I don't find the information about it.
Like Luckystrike here says, it is like an infection at all videos. But if you want some urls, I am pleased to send to you, if this can be helpful to you, because I can understand you might have a better key to fix the problem.
Here is my new video at my catseyes4you channel (yes, I have several, all for their special purposes), in the beginning it started already disappearing the comments.
This is the link of the video:
At my CollabCelebs channel I have p.e. this video with disappearing comments:
109 comments, I copied them to keep them and to react to the people later. When there comes at a certain time a comment, the oldest till than disappears. Maybe that helps to know.
And I thought a moment that it starts when someone is responding to a comment of someone else (not especially the owner of the video, as I thought at first).
Also this one from my TimelessSpace channel:
+ at my Twirretwarre channel:
+ at my DutchCuties channel:
Hehe, don't get confused, it is all me, haha!!
I also will take a look in my older videos, I didn't see that yet, I didn't take notice, if the comments disappear there too.
If you need more help, please let it know, I also am willing to share your questions with my friends!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) VeronicaHill 10/14/09 1:09 PM
We are supposed to have 63 comments on this video and only a few are showing up.

Here is the URL

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Niphai 10/14/09 2:12 PM
I have a different problem with the comments then most of the people here, but it's the same problem as MisterVercetti
To quote him:
"I'm having a different problem with comments entirely. For some reason, the "Hide All Comments" box in every video's Comments section is checking itself, and when I uncheck it, the comments never appear. The only way I can post or view comments is by viewing them all on one page."
My youtube account is Niphai89
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) metaXzero 10/14/09 9:41 PM
Hope you caught Wii comment problems as well Liz.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) gojibebe 10/15/09 10:45 AM
I am having same problem as RQFC and MisterVercetti with comment box rechecking itself after its unchecked. There are no comments appearing at all. sigh
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) JustClassicGuitar 10/15/09 2:59 PM
When Will YT Fix Problems With The "More" and "When" Sub-Menus on All Music Categories? This problem has been there almost a MONTH! What does it take for someone to take a look at this overdue problem?
You can NEVER get to the "This Week" or "This Month" or "All Time" pages on all Music Categories (eg. Classical, Jazz, Pop...etc) once you have selected "Most Viewed", "Most Discussed", "Top Favorited"...etc
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) WhiteBearOZ 10/16/09 4:39 AM
I'm having the same problems as alot of the others on here, with not being able to post a comment on one page but able to do so on another or only capable of having full stops accepted as well as trying to review comments and checking previous comments to find they come up jumbled with regards to having posts done 2 or 3 days before being put in front of more recent comments. What i want to know is why arent we being updated with the exact problems causing these issues that you tube is having and being given an estimate on when its going to be fixed rather than only being told the common phrase of WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR ISSUES AND DOING OUR BEST TO RECTIFY THEM.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) foodtease 10/16/09 7:29 AM
I am having the exact same problem with my 2 most recent videos uploaded Oct 15th:

I've received the emails with the comments and saying i can go approve them, but when i go to the comments page for the videos no comments appear at all. As a temporary fix I went to my inbox under "video comments" and was able to approve one comment for each video, vid 1 actually has 2 comments but the inbox comments only shows you the most recent comment for each video, so i am still unable to approve the older first comment that was left on vid 1.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) isandu84 10/16/09 5:54 PM
COMMENT RATINGS BUG - I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but the comment ratings are shown as "0" for the first batch of comments that is displayed by default. If you choose "view all comments", then you can see the correct ratings for these comments.

Here is a random example from the Featured videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8nCXcWB-xw&feature=fvhl
When you load the page, you see that all comments have rating "0". If you choose "view all 44 comments", you can see that not all of these comments have a rating of 0.

However, they ratings are not always 0. Here is another example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jSBW0BOPqM&feature=featured
Here, the ratings for the first comments are not all 0. But If you look at "view all comments" and go to the last page, you can see that the displayed ratings are not correct. They seem to be outdated.

No offense, but the commenting system on Youtube has always been broken in one way or another. I think you should stop patching it and redo if from scratch.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) riversonthemoon1 10/16/09 8:55 PM
Whatever your team has done has made it worse. Before it was just video owner comments that were pushing comments off the page. (See my post above 10/12/09) Now replies to comments from other viewers are not being counted as comments and pushing earlier comments off the page. An example video:

Come on guys. Isn't it possible to just roll things back to an earlier date? The comments used to work fine.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) matan4il 10/16/09 10:25 PM
First off, I have to say that even before this recent bug, from time to time and seemingly without any reason, I couldn't post replies to some of the comments left on my vids. Sometimes when I hit 'post reply', all was well and I got the message 'comment posted!' while at other times (sometimes on the very same comment with the same exact text, after several attempts) I would get the message 'post comment' without anything having been posted.
While this was troubling enough, I opted not to try the new channel design because better the devil you know, right? Then I find that the new channel design was forced on my channel and naturally, along with it came a host of additional problems with the comments. Like people have mentioned, older comments are disappearing because of the count, which disregards some comments (like my own replies), but still shows those exact comments... Meaning, if the total sum of comments left on a vid is 15 and I have replied to 10 comments (making it a total of 25 comments, but only 15 count), the vid will only show the last 15 comments and should those consist of 8 comments and 6 replies from me, that means that the oldest 7 comments and 4 replies from me have 'disappeared'.
This holds true for both the regular comments view (on the vid's own page) and on the 'view all comments' page. In addition, the threading was always messed up on the vid page once there were more than 10 comments, but on the 'view all comments' page it was always okay. Now it isn't and the order is all wrong. This is also (sadly) true when trying to use the 'show more comments' option on the vid page. Either way you try to access them, some comments become unavialable or it's impossible to figure out who replied to whom.
This has been happening on every single one of my vids since the new channel design has been forced upon my channel, both on old vids and on vids I have uploaded since.
PLEASE correct this ASAP. It's very troubling and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like uploading any new vids until this problem is resolved. Who wants to upload vids when communication regarding them is nearly impossible? I hope that old comments can be restored (shouldn't it be just a matter of fixing the counters to take into account ALL comments, not just some of them?) too...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) PulpDood 10/17/09 4:13 AM
Now there is a problem with personal messages as well! It keeps telling me I have 1 new personal message, yet I've already read all of them... Also, I think that there actually may be a new message, it's just that I can't see it!!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ThatMiserableCat 10/17/09 7:11 AM
Same problem here as most of you.  I uncheck 'hide all comments', and it doesn't stay that way.  Ditto problem as matam4il.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlueDogDuchess 10/17/09 8:05 AM

The rating of other users' comments and the marking-of-spam functions are not working on the videos.

If one looks at "View All Comments", one can actually see some delayed rating of users' comments, and sometimes some obvious spam eventually, often days later, blocked out as it should be.
However, neither the positive nor negative ratings of other users' comments -- and surely NOT the truly "spammed out" spam -- are displaying on the screen at all now when one just watches the video in normal fashion.
Please fix this immediately.
This should have been recognized and fixed more than two days ago.
Make it work again at all, naturally first -- and then make the ratings of comments, (including spammed out spam), that one sees under "View All Comments" correspond precisely and immediately to what one sees when watching the video in regular fashion.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Blaziken257 10/17/09 9:20 AM
Comments intend to be fixed "this week"? It's been 12 days since this topic was created, and comments are still messed up! Seriously, why the hell does it take 12 days to fix a glitch? Do you people even work on the site at all or slack off?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Magnifico 10/17/09 2:33 PM
The problem with the comments might be because they're adding a search feature for comments and broke everything while working on that.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) leschwartz 10/18/09 11:16 AM
I am unable to post a response to an existing text comment on my videos, or to post a new comment. This function is not working AT ALL. I have tried repeatedly.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) koatgoatzen 10/19/09 10:08 AM
I've been told by a friend and subscriber that they were not informed of my newest uploaded video, and when they happened to find it anyway, they tried to comment on it twice , but the comments don't post. I know my settings allow all comments, so that can't be the problem. The video in question is " The Story of Trumpet a lamb's tail ." URL  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6_2gCyb5UU    I have to say, I find YouTube more disappointing every day.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlueDogDuchess 10/19/09 3:37 PM
Notice how neither "Liz" from YouTube "Support", nor any other useless YouTube bureaucrat-clone, has even been on here to address any of these problems and complaints for two weeks now.
Nor have they fixed anything, apparently, not even the very easy stuff, such as what I pointed out above.
Oh, and naturally you can't directly send "her" a message, as ultra-usual with YouTube.
Just runaround, silent evasion, and wait, and naturally Non-Action -- and again, little and nearly no no real communication with users at all.
Massive suckage it be, yeah, the real truth of the matter.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rickbell7 10/20/09 1:15 AM
"The team's aware."
Okay, so the team is "aware".  WTF does that mean???  If "the team's aware" then why do they continue to do nothing to repair the damage THEY caused in the first place by "fixing" the comment system a few weeks ago?  The bloody thing hasn't worked properly since then! 
BTW, there was NOTHING wrong with the comment system before they "fixed" it.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Tito Dutta 10/20/09 9:31 AM
Yes it is a problem.
Hope, 'The team is aware'.
Cheers for youtube.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) lolozaxoy 10/20/09 11:51 AM
لقد حذفت الفيدوهات التي كانت لدي بالغلط  
Showing videos have been deleted that I had wrongly can i beckup ther pls 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) saxman727 10/20/09 12:14 PM
First of all, Liz's job is to try and help with what can be helped, but relay these bugs to the team. I can't say what's going on behind the scenes, so I've been giving her the benefit of the doubt. I think that's only fair.
But, I will say I'm quite angry with the YouTube team. My channel today got converted over to the new format. And, no surprise, look at this:
The commenting bug on the new channel hasn't been fixed yet. This is a very simple question: why would the YouTube team convert anyone's channel over knowing that this problem hasn't been resolved? Now, a lot of people who come to my channel and want to comment on one of my videos isn't going to be able to. I have a new video that I'm editing, but I'm not sure I should even upload it right now if a lot of people can't even comment.
Someone didn't get the message, or someone doesn't care. I don't know. Is there anyway my channel can be converted back to the old format until this stuff gets resolved by chance?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) sorumian 10/20/09 2:55 PM
I get notification about new comment but it never appears if this comment is the first one. This is really disappointing. A few dozens of comments were lost.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Truedantalion 10/22/09 11:48 AM
As an example for several of my videos, let me refer to my video FOR US


It lost, from one day to the other, and with no apparent reason, some 30 comments and went down to 48 comments in total. Yes, I know, not exactly a Whatthebuck number of comments, but stil  -  each of those is important to me!

Whenever a new comment was posted, an old one disappeared. The "View all ... comments" button did NOT display all comments ans more, not even the faulty new number that was displayed. And even my replies were now counted into the total number of comments that was displayed. Also, there are ever so often my own reply is still being displayed, whereas the related comment vanished. As I see it, comments from the time on when I posted the video are those which vanish. And when a new comment (or reply of mine!) licks another comment out, it is always the oldest one.

Note: As for no apparent reason, FOR US now (from October 20th on) went from 48 up to 51 comment, exceot that there was one new comment and one new reply from me that obviouosly did not delete some of the old postings. I don't have a clue why this is, but there are still some 30 comments missing, and replies from me alike.

When you go to a video's page, you NEVER find comments and replies in the correct order, not even of you only have like two comments and two replies in total. You could get that mess fixed by having all comments and replies shown in the correct order by clicking the "View all ... comments" button, but that is out of the window now.

By the new "Show more comments", you can get more (all?) comments displayed on the video's site, which is not a bad thing. Still, it does not help to fix the mess with the missing comments.

I think you should check your database inquiry for the fact whether it is still set to an unlimited "Show all comments from the date the video was posted until present day"; I am under the impression that there is a ficitoous new start date set (automatically, I guess) which shuts out all comments and most of the replies that were made before that date. Exceptions from those (with the replies) moght result from the fact that my time zone is GMT+2 (Daylight Savings Time) ... hm, or not ... Oops, while witing this, the sentence started to lose it's logic ... or didn't it?

I hope the best for you guys being able to fix that bug / glitch / whatever we want to call it!

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TommyARF 10/22/09 4:57 PM
the week ? ejejej today is October 22 and I have the same problem,Youtube why I can't add comment in my owner video' comments, I cant answer the people than ask me something ( I can't write anything ), why?.this is my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGj-O6QvspA         I know you can fix this problem soon thank you.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) StarPirate 10/22/09 6:54 PM
I have noticed the problem with commenting on the beta channels for at least 20 different channels.  If  it is your own channel--you can not
reply back--it says to sign in--I am--and it still doesn't work.  It is not one specific video--but the channels themselves.  It does not work right.
Can someone look into this?

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Twirretwarre 10/23/09 12:29 AM
Hi Liz,
Wanted to tell you, that something changed in the comments at the Reaction page (where you see all comments).
All the comments are back, but instead of the fact that we used to have the oldest comments on top of this page, now the most recent comments are on top of it.
Anyway, I just want to let you know, that they are back at least! And I am so happy about it. I will try to give comments back and see how all comments stay or not!
It is about this video:
Maybe you know already, maybe not, so that is why I write this message!
Have a great weekend! :-)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rickbell7 10/23/09 12:53 AM
@ StarPirate:
Great observation!  I didn't really think about it, but it is true that these issues with the comment system did start just about the time they started switching everyone over to the "Beta"channel design.  You may be on to something with this...
@ Truedantalion:
Hi Michael.  It is really a shame about this mess that Google/YouTube have created with the commenting system.  It was bad enough when comments disappeared, leaving only the reply.  Looked pretty pathetic to me, so I deleted all of my responses.  Didn't make sense to leave just my replies there.  But voila!  As soon as I deleted MY replies, ALL of the comments came back!  But that wasn't enough.:(  Now I can't even comment or reply on ANY videos anywhere!  I can't even respond on MY OWN videos!!   That is why you haven't seen much of me around YT lately.  Without the comments, it just isn't the same.  And sadly, it appears that Google/YouTube are not keen to actually repair this issue.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) illixo 10/23/09 2:16 AM
I can not post either replies or comments. I disjoined my yahoo and google accounts which did not help as well.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Truedantalion 10/23/09 2:36 AM
Okay, things are turning normal again, obviously, at least with no comments disappearing. I also can reply on comments. My reply is being counted as a new coment though (which is not correct), but at leasat, it is there. Oh, by the way. I always go to the video's site and never do any comment replying etc. on the channel page.

I still miss comments, though.

The thing with deleting and then getting comments back  -  so sorry for that. Seems we're paying the price a bit for YouTube / Google experimenting around ...

"Without the comments, it just isn't the same"  -  I agree totally!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) longtailnet 10/23/09 7:01 AM
Liz -
I am having the same issue with comments.  I get email notification, but the comment is not resident.  You requested:
1.  the URL of the video with which you're having trouble with comments (not just the title / name of the video, the video's URL)
2. specifics about the situation: is this your video? Another user's video?

These videos are mine -- channel:  longtailnet ...

The following clipped from recent email notifications:

n8merrie187 has made a comment on Audrey Hepburn: In Her Own Words:
wardog1967 has made a comment on Audrey Hepburn: In Her Own Words:
Video URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOr5eW6S0bM

ElPasoTV has made a comment on Barbecue America with Rick Browne: Meatless in Seattle:
Video URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezroGlLqHY0

It would be nice to get this sorted out....

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ColevanFilms 10/23/09 11:03 PM
For what it's worth, I am one of the many who are having a problem with the "Hide All Comments" box being checked on each and every video.  I like leaving / reading comments almost as much as the videos themselves.  I hope... I hope... I hope... that things can get back to normal as soon as possible as I am finding myself spending less and less time on YouTube.  It's really a shame.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlueDogDuchess 10/24/09 9:15 AM
STILL No Action from YouTube: The rating of comments and the marking-of-spam functions are not working on the videos.

If one looks at "View All Comments", one can actually see some delayed rating of users' comments, and sometimes some obvious spam eventually, often many days later, blocked out as it should be (because it really was marked out as spam by other viewers).
However, neither the positive nor negative ratings of other users' comments -- and surely NOT the truly "spammed out" spam -- are displaying correctly on the screen at all now when one just watches the video in normal fashion.
Again, yes again -- please fix this immediately.
This should have been recognized and fixed more than a week and a half ago now.
Sorry, but it is quite truly pathetic and seriously lame and lazy that this has not already been effectively addressed and definitively fixed.
And ironically, this should not even be all that difficult to fix.
Make it work, naturally first -- and then make the ratings of comments, (including the "spammed out" spam), that one sees under "View All Comments" correspond precisely and immediately to what one sees when watching the video in regular fashion.
It is really amazing just how incredibly damn lame and lazy YouTube has been on this and most of the other bug issues.
Never imagined they'd be this thoroughly indifferent and amateurish.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) pghboemike 10/24/09 7:45 PM
i am not able to post Comments either to my own orator's videos even though i am signed in
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) matan4il 10/25/09 11:50 AM
For what it's worth (and here's hoping I'm not speaking too soon), the comments seem to be working well for me. Thank you so much for your help, I'm very grateful for it!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rickbell7 10/25/09 12:19 PM
Yes, as of last night, I have fianlly been able to post SOME --(The operative word here being SOME)-- comments and replies.  But it STILL isn't working properly.  My replies post at the TOP of the list, instead of under the comment I have responded to.  If I go to the "Show all -- comments" link, the comments mostly show up in proper order.  But most people don't use that link.  So for the majority of users, it again looks like I am talking to myself.:=/ 
And even though I am able to post a few replies and comments here and there, it STILL isn't letting me post like it used to.  No, it isn't the "comment limit" code.  I am very familiar with that thing since I bump into it all the time.
Bottom line is that the comment system, while being somewhat functional for a few users, is still BROKEN!!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) SimbiAni 10/25/09 3:53 PM
The "View All Comments" seems to be showing them backwards now, what happened? I figured the disappearing comments was a bug that would be taken care of soon enough, but is the backwards thing going to be permanent? Or is this just another bug too?

And I'm still waiting for the day when they catch up to places like iMDB, etc and show BOTH the actual date and time of comments as well as the "ago" bit. And I would prefer a timezone display option as well. Thank you!

Example of backwards order: http://youtube.com/comment_servlet?all_comments&v=ap4jLKbP4k4

See, on that one, and every vid I've been reading (not sure since when tho) is like that- newest at the top, oldest at the bottom. It makes following conversations really difficult, and YouTube harder to use overall. And why did they get rid of pagination on vidwatch pages too? Oy.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rickbell7 10/26/09 2:55 AM
WTF now??? 
The bloody comments just finally started working (kind of) for me last night.  This was the first time I have been able to actually post a comment or response in a couple of weeks.  Yes, finally it is sort of working.  I was just about to give kudos to Google/YouTube for finally allowing me to comment.
But WAIT!!!!!
Now suddenly tonight I can't even SEE ANY bloody comments AT ALL! on any videos...Much less post a comment or a reply. 
WTF did they do to it this time!!!  Are they taking the comments entirely away from us now???  I am just so bloody sick of things on this site being broken, non-functional, margainally functional, or non-existent.  Seems to be a constant thing these days.  I have been trying to be patient with these issues, but it has gone on for too long now!  And every day there seems to be something else broken around here.  What a bunch of numbskulls!
And don't tell me to reset my comment options for all comments.  That worked for about a minute and now that stupid thing doesn't even open when I click on it!!
Sorry, but any positive points I was going to give to Goolgle/YouTube have just been flushed, along with yesterday's news!
I know that posting a rant on these forums serves no real purpose since they never read them anyway.  But I feel better now having expressed my "satisfaction" with this so-called service.
What a way to ruin...oops, I mean run...a website!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TommyARF 10/26/09 4:12 AM
Liz I know what happened, This is surely a temporary bug I got  the same problem last week, dont copy and paste any comments, ok?, add only short comment if you see the short comment like (she want) then remove the comments and put the comment you want to write.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) jasonvaritekfan 10/26/09 7:36 AM
I think this "bug" has come back (or wasn't fixed). Last night I posted two comments, one on a channel, the other on a video, and within seconds, if not minutes, both comments were gone.
This has happened to be before, but it was only one comment. Now two comments has disappeared.
I just reposted the channel comment, so we'll see if it stays or disappears (again).
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) digitaltoast 10/26/09 2:44 PM
There's some bugs that have been going TOOOOO long now - firstly, on the video view, the comment is not indented to the original comment, so this has led to heated threats between two commenters who think they are replying to someone else - only in "show all comments" is this corrected.

Secondly, to avoid this myself, I always copy and paste the part of the quote I am referring to, but this messes with the characters - the only way to get it to post is to paste it into wordpad, then look for tiny little characters which replaced the spaces (like some kind of strange ASCII code). First few times before I realised this, I lost some big comments as it then greys out the comment so it can't be copied and pasted...whole comment lost.

I can confirm this with all current browsers - should I file a proper bug or are the team aware? Both bugs for at least 3 months now.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Truedantalion 10/26/09 3:15 PM
I think that this is no glitch, but that YouTube builds in this invisible (and indigestible) extra character with each copy and paste attempt, to prevent spammers from spamming (by trying to paste the same comment again and again).
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) KenMorley 10/28/09 9:36 AM
Comments are not working for me as of this morning.  I get the emails, but when I click though, there are no new comments on the videos. Yes, I am logged in.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) KenMorley 10/28/09 9:39 AM
Update: New comments are working for my old videos, but not on the videos I've posted in the past few weeks.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) CrybKeeper 10/28/09 11:12 AM
Lot's of things don't work for me here at YT. When I rate a video, it never takes my rating. Even if I refresh the page. When I view a video, it never adds my view to 'total views' of the video. Even when I test this and check back a day later-the video never remembers that I viewed it, or adds 1 view to total views.
I have Java updated and enabled, so that couldn't be the problem. When I comment, it will not add my comments, unless I refresh the page. Then, it only takes my comment half of the times.
ALL and I do mean all, of my above issues have been going on for several years and have never been able to make them work properly. :(
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) CrybKeeper 10/28/09 11:19 AM
Sorry to bump, but editing my post doesn't work here either.
Anyways, just wanted everyone to note: Similar issues are happening at several website, where people interact with one anothers accounts. Been going on for about one week now.
If you comment to a friends profile at LastFM and they live in Germany, your entire page will suddenly convert to German text.
If you comment to a friends profile at USA Today(newspaper), your avatar will become the other persons avatar and you cannot get rid of it, without logging out and re-logging in. Comments are disappearing from other social websites also, not just here at YT. Maybe, there is a new bug floating around and nobody has caught onto it yet?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dfolks15 10/30/09 6:57 AM
I am having problems with comments on my Channel.  It will say that I may have 3 comments, but only one comment will show on my Channel.  I would like all of my comments to show on my Channel.  Could you please help me with this issue.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TouchTheRiot 10/31/09 11:40 AM
I use Firefox (I have the penultimate version), and allow all manually selectable scripts to run (namely, youtube, ytimg and even the obnoxious about), on Vista.

It's been about two weeks since I've been here. I was posting comments fine last night until about 130-2 am. Then it went to hell.

I would click Post Comment, get a very brief "Adding Comment" button change and then it would flip right back to Post Comment. Normally it changes to "Comment Posted" and stays that way until I refresh the page.

(I've always been forced to Refresh to get the Comment Posted and grey text box to go away and see my comment in fact posted.) But now the comment doesn't post at all. I've tried numerous times. I've relaunched the browser several times. I've signed out and then back in. None of it has worked.

I have also seen my ratings evaporate. I'll rate a comment and it appears to take (changes color) and then mysteriously, while I'm reading the other comments or typing a new comment, the ratings completely disappear. The icon goes away and the rating number zeroes out and the Reply link disappears.

I am not talking about the human test after so many comments in a row (I got that one time during last night's session).

Also, this page isn't working correctly, I don't think. I click a "Yes" button on certain comments that I found helpful or agree with, and the button remains depressed. The format buttons for this text box do not resemble buttons.

I see from the top most comment from Liz YouTube Support that this has been a problem for going on a month.

Are these problems getting any attention? Hello? It would be helpful if YouTube would announce the status of problems it is working on, on the home page.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TouchTheRiot 10/31/09 11:49 AM
Also, I forgot to add to my just previous comment, every time I Favorite a video, the red heart icon later turns back to grey. It does show up on Favorites list in my account, but at the video itself, the icon flips back to grey.

Really, someone please fix what's broken.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) RJAD07 11/1/09 3:17 AM
My problem is that I click on my comment icon and I can only see the first one posted. I have made my settings so that I can see all my comments, etc and it still dose'nt work. I really hope this gets fixed asap. 

Btw anyone reading this please subscribe, rate and comment (when it works!) on my beauty tutorial videos!

Thanks all :D

Rosie oxoxox
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rundstedt1 11/1/09 4:47 AM

While you are fixing the issue of the comments disappearing, please change back the order in which the 'all comments' section lists the comments. The newest comments should be added to the bottom and not the top. As it is now one must read 'up' to progress in time which is the reverse of what is natural, and the threads are harder to read and follow as one must go up, and then start to read down, then up again to progress through the conversation. It needs to be changed back the way it was and left alone!

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) SGTSHYGUY 11/1/09 1:14 PM
on one of my videos? I though they whier going to fix the ones on our channel? or is that what they are talking about?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) eternallyverdant 11/2/09 10:15 AM
Like some others I'm unable to view any comments. The "Hide All Comments" box remains checked and I can't see comments on any video. As of last week or so I was able to view comments by first choosing to see only comments that were rated -10 or better, and then switching to view all comments, but that's stopped working. My Script- and Flash-blockers are turned off, so that's not the issue. I'm using Firefox 3.0.10, and this is currently happening on all videos.

While I'm sure that you're very busy trying to make sure that all parts of this update go smoothly, I think we'd all appreciate it if you made the commenting feature a priority.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) frigginjunkmail 11/2/09 1:23 PM
I just thought I'd bump this to let Youtube/Google know that I am also having a problem with comments. Starting recently, I simply can not post any text comments. I type my comment and click save. Then, despite everything appearing to have worked fine, the comments never get posted. I have tried refreshing the page, closing IE and cleaning my temp files and cookies, and posting the same comment a few times. Nothing seems to work.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ankhaton 11/3/09 2:22 AM
With all these problems on comment
I think you ( GOOGLE ) is hacked by very professional guys

Normally they don't meave a trace, .  .  but with this magnitude of comments
letting them first pass by some CRAY computers give bugs

It's not You GOOGLE

But you have the knowledge and the $$$ to do something against it.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ebowarrior 11/3/09 4:35 AM
I cannot see any comments on any videos on my account but i can see comments on my sons videos through his account?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) AlPechulis 11/3/09 1:16 PM
I posted a new video 23 hours ago and have had at least 6 comments since then. I get the notifying emails, but comments don't appear on YouTube.
Please fix. Thanx.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) AntiPornographyBlog 11/3/09 5:48 PM

1) Automatically posted comments by friends that are responding to comments by other people are not generating e-mail alerts to external e-mail accounts.

DETAILS: I currently have my comment moderation set so that friends' comments will appear automatically, but non-friends' comments require approval.  When a friend comments on one of my videos as an original comment, not in reply to anyone else, I get an e-mail alert sent to my non-YouTube e-mail account that they have commented, which is correct and the way things are supposed to work. However, if that same friend or any other friend at any time makes a comment on one of my videos in response to another person's comment, I do NOT receive an e-mail alert for that.
Prior to about a month ago, when I had everyone's comments requiring my approval before they would be published, I would get e-mail alerts when friends would post a comment in response to someone else's comment, so it appears to have something to do with the fact that those comments are now posted automatically, although that doesn't really make sense, since, as mentioned above, I do get e-mail alerts of automatically posted ORIGINAL comments by those same friends and others. (Comments that are not responding to another user's comment on a video.) I also get e-mail alerts when a NON-friend makes a response to another person's comment.

2) E-mail alerts are not being sent out to original commenters for response comments that are approved after moderation.

DETAILS: People who comment on my videos only get e-mail alerts that someone has responded to their comments when the person who has responded is one of my YouTube friends and therefore their comment is posted automatically. If someone who is not a YouTube friend of mine responds to someone else's comment, but then I approve that second person's comment, an e-mail alert should still be sent out to the person that they are responding to so that person knows that someone has responded to them and they can then respond back if they wish to.  But this is not happening.
This is a very serious inhibitor of any sort of timely discussion taking place on any video, as people are not going to be checking every video with comment moderation that they ever commented on in order to find out if someone has commented back.  They need to be able to receive e-mail alerts of those comment responses, and not just e-mail alerts in their YouTube inbox, but external e-mail alerts if they have selected that option, as a lot of people only use those types of alerts in order to know when someone has responded to them, as not everyone logs in every day to YouTube to check their inbox there.
My temporary solution to this has been to go around to some people that have been responded to and leave channel comments on their page telling them that someone has responded to their comment.  This is obviously something that shouldn't have to be done. If commenters are receiving e-mail alerts that someone has responded to them when that comment is posted automatically because the second comment is either by me or a friend of mine, there is no reason that they shouldn't receive the same sort of alert when that response comment goes through moderation and then gets approved.

Thank you very much in advance for addressing these important issues.  I really appreciate it as I have very active discussions going on my videos and that is the main attraction of my channel for many people.  I'm sure I'm not alone in either having these problems or in wanting them to be fixed.  I'm guessing that some people don't even know that these problems are going on.  I didn't for a long time until I figured it out by mistake because people were giving me feedback and I just started noticing comments being posted for which I was not receiving e-mail alerts.

Anyway, I know you're working hard on fixing all of the various bugs in the commenting system and I would like to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to do that. Thanks again YouTube!  :-)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Franster 11/4/09 7:35 PM
I'm still not getting comments on some videos, but I'm not blocked, I'm not using any coded (URL, etc.), I allow all comments through, etc.  What's the problem.  It's getting very, very, VERY tiresome, annoying and ridiculous!  Y.T.: please get your bugs fixed. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) -- TW 11/5/09 5:42 PM
I cannot view comments on any videos, it seems.  Bug/problem has gotten worse, not better.  Please fix!! The comments aspect is a big part of the YT 'experience'!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Shrivak 11/7/09 9:35 AM
Okay, I'm trying to reply to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I1YTdiuXro
It is not mine.

I am Shrivak.
i want to reply with this: "Okay, here's a miracle for ya: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRoAcfzytCA"
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) SimbiAni 11/7/09 10:03 AM
Shrivak, links are not allowed in comments ;D

Try replying with this:

Okay, here's a miracle for ya: watch?v=RRoAcfzytCA
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) xxlolly91 11/9/09 3:19 PM
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) RJAD07 11/9/09 9:08 PM
This is my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8UqCgevvfQ  I cannot see the other 3 comments that were posted. My other videos no problems, just with this one 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) skawo90 11/11/09 10:59 PM
I can't view comments on ANY videos of mine since yesterday.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) AussieRoadshow 11/11/09 11:26 PM
I can't see any comments on any of my videos, which means I can't reply to them.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) jjloz21 11/12/09 7:04 AM
You Tube Support,
     My YouTube two accounts, experiencemelbourne and b34n26 are having problems with repling or answering comments back. Since being a member last year, I have no problems except a few weeks ago. It seems I'm not the only person whose accounts are having problems. Its so many users are upset and angry including myself about this. 
    How could viewers and the creator of the video can communicate if the only method in doing so failed. If this were a business or promotional event, how could they know if their video gains a good response to the public. I have read all the replies here in this thread, still no guarrantees that this problem will finally be solved and everyone is happy. YouTube is losing its members and moving to other similar websites that offers the same service. YouTube Management (Google) should takes this matter seriously or else this website will lose its appeal to the public. Offer YouTube members the best quality service that you can render to its members. Fix the search engine that displays relevant video search results. People wants information fast and relevant to the video, not irrelevant ones. Member loyalty is what maintains YouTube 's existence, without it this will close up. 
   How long will the YouTube members will suffer on this problem? Can YouTube Management (Google) take action on this ASAP. Cheers.
Jacob L.
Experience Melbourne - Producer/Presenter
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) jjloz21 11/13/09 4:11 AM
You Tube Support,
     I experience difficulty in posting new comments on all of my videos uploaded on YouTube accounts: experiencemelbourne and b34n26. Can you please fix the problem ASAP. Thank you.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) S3NTYN3L 11/13/09 11:48 AM
I've been unable to post a comment for MONTHS now...

I'll type my message, hit the button to submit and nohting happens.
Either the text field gets grayed-out or the page refreshes with my message NOT appearing afterward.

Please fix this!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Franster 11/13/09 12:11 PM
Re: Problem with comments.  We've all gotten the message "the team's aware" for ages now ... months??? ... but being aware of the problem is not the same as actually FIXING it!!   There seems to be a greater problem with Y.T., and that would be actually FIXING your problems, or are you folks just giving lip service to your numerous bugs.  It's astonishing that - as I stated before - an outfit as humongous as Google/YouTube has one problem after another, with very few of them being remedied.  This is outrageous, absurd, ridiculous, and EXTREMELY annoying, and begs the question of whether these bugs are there by design, as we suspect some of them are.  Features that should be basic, fundamental, and inherent to the very nature of Y.T. go, week after week, month after month, without being solvled.  With all due respect: Google/Y.T.: fix your problems!  Enough is enough.  Thank you kindly. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) prunebreath 11/13/09 12:16 PM
Mine is worse still, I can't see comments on anyone's page!  I can leave a comment, but there is a message that says something like "0 of 450 messages." (Or however many there may have been.)  I can still see the video, but no comments greatly diminishs the uTube experience.
BTW: I too deeply resent the changes in channal format that were foisted on us all by some form of arrogant fiat!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) denotheresa 11/14/09 7:07 AM
DENO /  USA!!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Truedantalion 11/14/09 8:13 AM
Is only this one video where you cannot comment any more? The one where you have been debating someone? If so, then maybe this person / the video owner blocked you for that?

Just saying, though; only wanting to help, because I have had my share of troubles with comments going on, too, these days ... YouTube is not really up to speed, fixing all the bugs that are here, obviously. We can only hope they do their thing, and report errors, so they get going  -  but we still ought to check all options before doing so, too.

Best wishes and fingers crossed for you,

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) bulldogsrockthehouse 11/14/09 3:48 PM
Same with me. After clicking "Post Comment" it goes gray. Come on YT!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) bulldogsrockthehouse 11/14/09 3:50 PM
Liz- all videos i can't comment on!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) denotheresa 11/14/09 9:04 PM
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) GindaUP 11/15/09 1:19 PM
Hay Folks, No point in me yelling at YT because I've not been able to post comments to others videos for a couple months. I thought the software was punishing me for having URL's in some before I read about not including them, still, even though I don't add any links, the comment box turns gray like others are seeing and that's it!

Another issue I see in others comments here is I too am not receiving email notices of comments on my stuff. Since others are having the same problems it is no longer my fault and someone else will have to fix it.

Gary in Upper Michigan, USA

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) denotheresa 11/16/09 1:12 PM
DENO /  USA !!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) denotheresa 11/16/09 1:29 PM
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) conner_bw 11/16/09 7:46 PM

I can't reply to a comment on one of my videos. I have been trying all week to no avail. It just seems to stall in Ajax purgatory. (The "Post Comment" key becomes greyed out, but nothing happens.) 

What's going on?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) inga1 11/16/09 10:18 PM
I have a problem on my account concerning comments on channel. The comment box says "There are no comments for this user" when i post new comments on the channel they erase after refresh. Also there are 5 blank pages with no comments in front of my old list of comments. I cannot post comments on my own channel or other friends cannot post as well. Please help, Thank you
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) denotheresa 11/17/09 8:03 PM
Deno /  USA
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) newellgirl 11/18/09 8:04 PM
Same here Sydney based user and cant respond to video comments..Please fix...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) seanhold3n 11/21/09 5:00 PM
I have a problem with the comment options, specifically the "Show" drop down menu.  When I click "all comments", "Save Changes", then go to the bottom and click "See more comments", it usually just takes me to the top of the page and doesn't allow me to view the additional comments I wanted to.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Miria Newmoon 11/21/09 7:18 PM
I cannot reply to any of my comments. The comment just gets grayed out and nothing else happens. When I refresh the page, the comment is gone and it's like it never was. I keep trying every now and then to reply to a question or two posted on my videos, but this has issue been going on for many weeks now!  A bug for a week or so maybe I can see.  But this is fairly unacceptable that it has gone on for so long.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Ktamsor2 11/21/09 8:20 PM
Well, if it had already been a week of snafu's with the comments on the 5 of Oct, then what is the point of trying to comment at all? Ever? It's Nov. 21. Are we ever going to get comments back?????
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) CSSFeeds 11/23/09 6:41 AM
Finally, i wondered why i couldn't comment on my own videos!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Mina Jade 11/24/09 8:20 AM
I would love to know why cannot I see NONE of the comments below the videos, and I cannot send a comment from my computer.
I tried another computer, and I could see the comments AND send my own comments.
Yours thankfully,
Mina Jade
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ankhaton 11/25/09 10:00 AM
There is I think a programming paradox between thePatriot Act
which forbids Google to wipe totally and the Wipers

Just  end that possibility and favor the First Amendment
and problems are over.

Same for blocking people. - It creates  many little emperors on youtube.

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) MoltresRider 11/25/09 3:45 PM
my reply to a comment deleted the comment i replied to
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) urbania70 11/25/09 10:06 PM
Another problem with comments is regarding the captcha appearing when the limit is exceeded for *channel* comments: when the captcha is solved, the engine just returns to previous page, so the comment isn't sent and the captcha question appears again (as consequence in that case I cannot send comments, but must wait that time for the anti-spam block to be removed automatically) (it's long time I observe this bug).
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) urbania70 11/26/09 4:54 AM
It seems that the captcha bug on channel comments which I reported above has been fixed right now. Either an incredible coincidence or the staff read my suggestion. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 11/26/09 5:01 AM
 Yeah it's so annoying. This is the problem that I've been having over and over again.
Good to know that the staff is taking care of it know =)
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Franster 11/27/09 11:27 AM
So what else is new!?  I'm trying to post a reply to someone's comments, but it doesn't post, and when I click on "Post Comment", it grays out and, well, says "Post Comment", but never posts it!!  It seems that something as fundamental and basic to the whole concept of YouTube should be taken care of and not totally screwed up, month after month after month after month ..........
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 11/27/09 4:42 PM
Another problem is when I view the comments it sometimes gives me deplicates of the same comments. It seems like spamming.. but it isn't.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) barspeed 11/28/09 12:56 AM
YouTube really sucks, its been a year now since being unable to reply or leave comment on my own videos -  I think YouTube has an inherited problem - Google!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Tom.B 11/28/09 5:42 PM
Comments are starting to play up for me now as well. When I got a reply it comes up fine in the email notification but can't see said reply or even my original comment in the posts. It's all over the place.

I also saw something that said a comment was posted "(40 years ago)". Somehow I don't think Youtube existed in 1969...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) raypizzi 11/28/09 7:34 PM
Why is it that other videos are posted hours before mine......5 hours difference. Mine is not there. Why?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) smalin 11/30/09 6:04 PM
Just to repeat what everybody else has been saying: there's a bug with comments.

Often, I post a comment, and realize that I made some kind of typo, so I copy the comment (by selecting the text and doing the copy command in my browser), delete the comment, click Reply again, paste in the comment, fix the typo, and click Post.  The revised comment is not posted.  The only way to get around this is to retype the comment by hand.

I can see why YouTube/Google would want to prevent people from pasting into comments (since they want to prevent bots from spamming), but how about removing this restriction for people posting comments on their own videos?  Presumably what they post isn't spam, right?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Breiannanw 11/30/09 6:54 PM
Is this ever going to be fixed? Id really like to put a link to my physics website for my physics videos.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 11/30/09 8:48 PM
The Google Employee lady should also post a thread about YouTube's maintenance today.
Lots of people have been having problems logging in.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ezduzit90 12/1/09 1:26 AM
I have been trying to reply to comments for weeks now, I type the post and when I press send it turns very pale you can barely see it and sticks there, it can't be sent no matter how many times I retry. What I dont' understand is , why can they use the comments and I can't? , Are you going to be fixing this anytime soon, its so annoying?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Cod4TheGame 12/1/09 4:24 AM
i never had any problem related to comment On youtube yeah sometimes it happens But 99% not only 1 % Well sometimes some problems  may occur so don't worry they will fix all problem related to this subject .
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) ashuhlee2 12/1/09 2:02 PM
My email notification is not working.  Is this an ongoing issue?  I am receiving absolutely no subscriber updates, comment notifications, or message notifications.  Which means hundreds of questions are going unanswered because I would have to go thru my 100+ videos to view any recently added comments.  I really need this to work...my settings are unchanged.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) turbo1zz 12/3/09 7:18 PM
Seriously? What is going on here? is anyone able to reply to comments or is it just my account and a handful of others? This is seriously becoming annoying and making want to go somewhere else to share my videos. I mean, people can leave comments but when I go to reply, the button goes gray and NOTHING!!!

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) turbo1zz 12/3/09 7:19 PM
Wow! Glad to see thsi actually works. *rolling eyes*
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Vampyrical_Curse 12/5/09 2:43 PM
Yeah this is so annoying is not even funny. My main problem with comments is that I try to post it and it just doesn't, I'm getting really tired of this, it's a waste of time and I know there's no words that aren't allowed because I posted the comment earlier but I had to change the placement of some words but that were in the wrong order NOT the words >themselves<. Then I try to post it again, and there goes,Youtube's stupid and annoying comments bug again. Seriously just fix it. My website has better comments system than this, and I am just a beginner at web programming and it's still under construction, doesn't THAT make you want to fix it?

Seriously now.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Massod36 12/5/09 6:30 PM
anyone has the answer to the below error i am getting please please and again please help me
Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) somegoy 12/5/09 7:40 PM
Not only that but trying to post comments makes them disapper.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 12/6/09 2:12 AM
I have another problem with new feature on the comment box under the video player. When I click "Show More Comments" sometimes the comments that are already displayed are being displayed again. So as a result I am only seeing duplicate copies of the same comments again.
But when I press "View All Comments" the comments arranges themselves and I no longer see these duplicate comments(unless it is either spam or just double post).
YouTube please look into this.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) lisanostalgia 12/6/09 3:41 PM
I've been trying to post a comment to the same video all day and I can't!  For crying out loud, when will they fix this?  "The team's aware?"  That doesn't do much good if the "team" won't fix it.  I've never seen so many bugs on one site go unresolved for so long.  How come YouTube ignores the problems on their site?  It's not rocket science....return the channel design to the way it was and fix your problems.  It's simple.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 12/7/09 2:23 AM
I have another problem today. I just posted a comment at this video and I want to delete...but the problem is I can't!!!
Because it isn't showing up even after I refresh it!! YouTube please fix this.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) csirkeGL 12/8/09 1:29 AM
I have another problem with comments... After 2 comments on a video when I want to add the next, it says: "Commenting Limit Reached".

I posted a thread on this problem before, but didn't get any useful answers. I cannot type in anything, no textbox appears, nothing. I have to wait 15-20 minutes and then I can comment again, 2 at a time. This is just crazy!!!! Can anyone give me an answer to that?? I thought comments were unlimited...

I try to keep up a debate or conversation by replies, however I get seriously annoyed that I can only add 2 replies, after that I have to wait 15-20 minutes to be allowed to continue...

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to fix it???
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) dconklin50 12/8/09 6:27 AM
I'm having the same trouble.  Somebody changed something a couple of days ago.  It wasn't broke, so why "fix" it?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 12/9/09 6:12 AM
Replies to comments won´t show up at all, it took several tries yesterday, amanaged to get 4/6 on and am now still trying with the last 2.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) MasterMarik 12/9/09 5:43 PM
When comments are fixed, will the ones that failed to appear appear now?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 12/11/09 8:43 AM
The video for which I gave the url is called "Bill Donahue defends child abuse 2/2" and I still can´t comment. However, the channel ( redgoldbluephantom ) I am arguing with there can comment, he/she placed 7 new comments there yesterday, nobody else but us has commented for a week or only redgoldbluephantom can comment starting 2 days ago. What is up with that?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Formair 12/12/09 8:44 AM
"Comments should be working as intended again this week."
Of course  you think "hey, everyone is addicted to Youtube, no matter what sh*t we do with it, they'll stay" or "we don't need people we have advertisement". Believe me, you'll be punished for your overconfidence.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) coolman7825 12/14/09 3:23 PM
I having problems when i post a comment it says youve posted several comments and i have to type the image but THERS NO IMAGE plz help
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) turbo1zz 12/14/09 6:54 PM
The Teams aware and couldn't give a rat's a$$ obviously. Two weeks now and I have not been able to post a single reply to a single video. firefox, IE, hell, I even downloaded the lame google chrome they are trying to push. no bueno. Youtube team? can you hear me? do you even care?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) yellowbird1402 12/17/09 9:30 PM
The comments on several music videos, as of about 2 weeks ago, have suddenly changed to having to wait about 2 days to view my own comment, as well as all new comments by other viewers, obviously also being held up 2 days, the last one posted always, apparently, FROZEN IN TIME, and that one, getting all the up or down votes that are due others.  Example: about 290 thumbs up(!) posted days ago on THAT ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY, two- day-old frozen comment?... (Absurd!!)  Suddenly,overnight, no one seems to be commenting or voting?  LOL!!! These are very popular videos and a typical comment on the sites to which I'm referring, is about 7 to 15 or more comments every few minutes!  Then, also, rows and rows of them, suddenly, with nothing recent appearing at all because of this "freeze" YouTube has still not repaired, despite their reassurance that in one week all will be back to normal...?  Right!  THEN, ALSO am unable to REPLY to other comments, THEN, other and old comments disappearing, sometimes reappearing over and over for THREE PAGES with more recent ones, by that time finally appearing, but so buried and, most likely, then never viewed at all.  Very disappointing with much less viewing for me unless ever finally debugged or whatever...Please put things back to normal, as before...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Exiles800 12/18/09 11:22 AM
         I can't comment. When I can finally get the comments to appear all I get is the names of the posters and no text.
               I tried to report this but the You-Tube doesn't really have any direct way of getting any help.
                  It is sort of like the site Help section is designed to give you the run around.
                    Funny, this occurred when I was posting about possible CIA involvement with Lennon's death on a video of that topic. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Exiles800 12/18/09 12:57 PM
      I solved my comments issue by emptying my temporary files in my computer.
             Go to your computer's Help & Support on your desktop and enter "Delete Temporary Files". Follow the instructions. See if your comments bugs clear up.
This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) somegoy 12/20/09 5:19 PM
Is this fixed or not it has been over 2 mouths.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BlinkxbBlues 12/21/09 3:08 AM
Yeah it's kind of stressfull. The new layout of the comment box that YouTube added know as View More Comments
has been having bugs because when I press that button I get the same comments popping out 2-3 times already!
Each duplicate comments however has different ratings on them.
For example one comment has +4 then when you scroll down the other one has +6. If you click View All Comments
and managed to locate the comment(that's if your lucky that there's only a few comments posted on the video that you are watching) you will find the comment again but without it's duplicates and it's ratings will be displayed with +10.
See what I mean? It seems that whenever I try to view more comments some comments and it's ratings are breaking off.
Just reposting this post I made on another thread because I hope that the YouTube team does read it and may decide to take action when necessary.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) GoodMusician 12/25/09 2:33 PM
I'm sure I'm only adding the amount of noise in this thread, but the issue I'm having with comments is posting comments to my own videos. I've had to make a secondary account just to reply to comments! I can't make new comments or reply to comments using my own account.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 12/27/09 1:11 PM
Bug still not fixed, and now the same problem with 2 other vids: "see these miracles and you will convert to islam for sure" and "Hateful & violent islam!Peaceful christianity! True?False?" I am beginning to think you are trying to censor...
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Franster 12/27/09 3:38 PM
"thegalwegian":  It's bloody irritating, isn't it.  I don't know if they're maliciously trying to censor certain videos, but this "comment problem" of Y.T.'s affects all kinds of videos.  I've been trying for ages to post a comment, reply, etc., on my OWN videos, and have no luck.  Like many of us, I don't know why Y.T. is so lazy and sloppy about fixing its bugs.  They post "the team's aware", as if to mollify us, yet do absolutely nothing to fix the problem. 
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 12/28/09 2:02 PM
Franster yes and it´s been 2 ½ months since they said it would be fixed in a week. Where are you team?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Pradipa PR 12/29/09 9:29 AM
YouTube/Google should stop using Javascript/AJAX for the purpose of posting comments.

...just kidding. But sort of wish they should have. As far as I am concerned, excessive Javascript is evil.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) MMOmachine 12/31/09 12:55 PM
My channel comments aren't working so I don't know if thats different than the problem with video comments
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 1/3/10 1:00 AM
Bug solved for me, the replies I unsuccessfully tried to post had webadresses in them without the www. , when I tried to post without .org and com.
it worked!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Truedantalion 1/3/10 4:41 AM
Yes, HTML is not alllowed in the comments. Unfortunately, users who don't know that, have to find it out the hard way, by not being able to post their comment with web addresses and such in it, and yet not knowing why, and being given no hint.

YouTube should hand out an error notice "No HTML (web addresses, e-mail addresses etc.) allowed" via popup, if a comment contains HTML
, so the user knows where the mistake lies: simply like the popup that shows if your comment exceeds the 500 characters limit
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) raypizzi 1/4/10 4:56 AM
What are you talking about?? I said INSIGHT is not working...... Stop yopur godamn cutting and pasting and give us FIXES and HONEST ANSWERS, instead of your corporate JIVE-ASS-BULLSHIT. Who do you think you're fooling?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TheOriginalShockJock 1/4/10 12:39 PM
Has anyone ever figured out why posted comments are appearing? People post on my videos but when I try to respond they don't post, quite annoying? Anyone ever figure this out? The title of this thread says that "the team is aware" but this has been happening for quite a long time. Anyone have any ideas, solutions? Just curious, thanks.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) stuartindigo 1/4/10 2:56 PM
Raypizzi - sorry but this thread is about COMMENTS not INSIGHT!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) WebJurisSD 1/4/10 3:24 PM
I received notification of a comment on one of my videos.  I went to the page and approved the comment and it appears.  However when I try to post a reply to the comment it doesn't appear.  I have tried this every possible way I can think of.  I have tried to post it as a reply on the video, on the channel everywhere!  I have tried to do it as a new comment, but it still doesn't appear.  I am seeing the same thing that the other users are, the grayed out box etc.

This is the video that I have been trying to post a comment to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpNtCx9APhM.

I was able to rate the comment, but still not able to post a reply or a new comment.  This very frustrating any response from IT would be much appreciated as this issue seems to have been going on for quite some time now and the last response I can see from the IT support was on 10/13/09.  Please give us an update on the progress of this issue!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Franster 1/4/10 3:34 PM
It's almost as if Y.T. is treating this comment problem, and posting "the team is aware", as a big joke!  But I'm sure none of us find it remotely comical or funny.  What IS the game here?  A huge company like Google/Y.T. doesn't have the tech help to remedy this stupid problem?  No one buys this. When a problem goes on and on and on, month after month, it obviously is not being taken seriously by the forces that be.  Posting comments, replying to comments, etc., is a basic and essential part of the Y.T. experience.  What exactly does Y.T. tech support - sorry, "THE TEAM" - do, besides "BEING AWARE"?   You folks have your cushy jobs.  Now, it would be nice if you DID them!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) irmaar 1/4/10 5:21 PM
I try to play any video an I receive "an error occurred, try again later". This has been happening for the last week or so.
Could you orient me about how to find a solution? Thanks!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) urbania70 1/8/10 12:12 AM
I posted here a bug report about channel comments (when Captcha is solved the comment isn't posted) and later wrote the bug was solved (at end of November). The bug appeared again - I just posted a topic ad hoc.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 1/9/10 5:02 PM
Just had a problem with commenting on "Bill Donahue..." ( same as above ) and this time of course didn´t include any web adresses. I got 3 of my comments on, after having refreshed the page after posting the 3:rd one, the 2:nd next comment I was to post a reply to was gone  and the reply I tried to post didn´t get posted. So judging from this and all comments above..team where are you? What the fuck are you doing?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 1/9/10 5:05 PM
Oh, and if I manage to get those comments posted in the future, I won´t fucking inform you team since you obviously don´t give a flying fuck.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Pippa's Ghost 1/10/10 11:33 AM
I can no longer read or see video comments in Firefox, but they're still there in IE.  What's going on?  Has anyone else got this problem?

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/12/10 7:04 AM
From what I know it seems to be a cookie issue having to do with posting comments.  If you post so many comments anywhere on youtube within a certain time it will disable you posting.  Delete your cookies for youtube and you should be able to start posting again.  The reason why firefox to ie worked is because ie and firefox store there cookies differently.  I will tell youtube is more ie website than a firefox website.  Oh and here is a ie switch addon for firefox you can get.  IE Tab https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419.  But the difference between firefox and ie is very slight and not much of a change. Sometimes firefox will rearrange the page slightly different and if you hit reply next to someone name it will not have the @name in firefox other than that its the same.  If you have more problems with this issue or if youtube wants to talk to me my youtube name is BOON70 and no I am not a google or youtube admin, IT, or whatever.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/13/10 6:22 AM
Hmm the bug seems to be two part I have been doing testing.  I keep posting on a video then deleting my post on different videos even after deleting my cookies after a period of time it doesn't let me post at all.  From what I know its no longer just on my side its now with the site.  Youtube is detecting how long I have been logged on or something.  Maybe the only allow you to post so many post in a certain period no matter what you do.  Oh and this issue works on IE, Chrome, Opera, and various other browsers I have tried just to see if I can do it.  Sometimes you can make it go away by logging in and out, but other than that it seems to be an issue with how many post you do within a certain period of time.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/13/10 6:36 AM
I have found this happens much quicker when you post to the same video.  The problem with posting is Youtubes antispam scirpt.  You know when it pops up and ask you to type the letters in the picture.  Well when you get the issue you will notice that never pops up.  Youtubes antispam script is failing.  I have also confirmed this.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) xtexan86 1/21/10 11:46 AM
Sorry I didn't have time to go through all the posts and this complaint may have already been stated, but why does the 'comment counter' also count my REPLIES to comments as a 'comment'?  Example, two different people commented on my vid and I responded to both of them.  Instead of showing 2 comments, it shows 4.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) MARINAOSBORNE 1/21/10 8:40 PM
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) SeriouslyFolks 1/22/10 8:48 PM
It is d*ckless of youtube to WASTE HUMANS' TIME making us guess at this. Yes, D*CKLESS. I hope the responsible party and his friends and especially every girl he knows reads this.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) WHENtimeHASrunOUT 1/26/10 6:43 PM
I may be repeating a previous comment but im just curious if anyone else is getting the specific problem where whenever i go to post a comment, i will type it, then when i click "Post Comment", the box and button go gray (i can still scroll through what i have written but can't highlight or copy), and it won't post the comment. This is really annoying and i was wondering if anyone knew a way to fix it. Thanks.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Softgens 1/27/10 2:19 AM
I am not the only one with problem with comments. I cannot reply to a comment to my videos (the "Post comment" button remains gray with no error message).

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/27/10 8:17 AM
Okay one issue I notice people are having is posting to the main screens or people profiles.  First things first AH LIZ MAKE SURE I AM NOT BANNED FOR SPAMMING.  I try to delete all my spammed messages for testing, but I found out you can not delete them on main pages.  So doing some testing else where on youtube just posting videos of whatever on another account.  I found that youtubes anti-spam script is broke again.  But this only works on main pages from what I found.  If its individual video this never happens.  After you put so many messages it will come up with the letter box to type in letters to make sure not botting or spamming.  But then it doesn't post your message but if you wait say 30 mins you can post again.  Its just a messed up anti-spam script youtube has.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/27/10 8:19 AM
Oh and thanks Liz for getting the other comment issue fixed the one for posting to original videos.  For once I found customer support that actually does something.  Its also good to know I am not just talking to some automated machine.  Thanks Again.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) jminnie 1/27/10 10:14 AM
There are still problems with comments. It seems like the problem was supposed to be resolved months ago. It's not like the author blocked me or people marked me as spam. It's so annoying sometimes. Just to post my comments sometimes I have to save my comments on memo-pad and post it again if YT eats my comments.
I don't know what's going on. YT will say my comments are posted but then when I refresh it, I don't see them at all. This is REALLY frustrating.

PLEASE GOOGLE-YT technicians~ Please fix this bug/error/problem!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOON70 1/29/10 8:16 AM
jminnie this is what you do to fix that problem.  Its not actually posting your messages up on youtube.  When you click submit it will turn grey then say adding comment... If it never says comment posted it never was posted.  I think is the biggest problem with youtube right now because alot of people don't notice this.  If your getting this issue it has to do with youtubes anti spam scirpt usally.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TheNewYoutubeSucks 2/13/10 11:56 PM

I'm quitting Youtube for good. Anyone else that have had it with these retards can join me.

I don`t really care if you quit just stand up to these Disney Humping Sharks. Fuckin' Corporate Bastards. I hope you all jump off a Bridge and land headfirst with your legs far pointing up you Goddman no good Noob Novice Un-Professional Gimmicky 2nd grade computer skills having Faggots  fungus infested abortion pussyhole motherfucking jew monkeys gang-banging Hannah Montanna's fucking 40 year old shemale-mother.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) TheNewYoutubeSucks 2/15/10 6:49 PM
Ok, forget that last comment, I've just been very angry lately.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) BOOTCOCKIE 2/17/10 4:23 PM
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Archyfantasies 2/18/10 12:06 AM
Look, I'm having the same problem as people from over a year ago?  Why isn't this fixed?  I can't reply to comments to my videos (the "Post comment" button remains gray with no error message).  I haven't accidentally blocked myself, and that's a lame excuse anyway.  This and related problems have been occurring for over a year, when will this be fixed?

Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Freihals1 3/2/10 7:53 AM
I to am having problems with comments showing up on my video's  There are 2 comments on 2 separate videos that did not show up but yet I got an email notification of the comment and a notification to my YouTube inbox of the comment.  There should be a comment on the "14th Amendment Issue Part 3 of 6"  And the "14th Amendment Issue Part 6 of 6".  But yet no comment is displayed.  I have the exact comment that was made and the YouTube user who made the comment but it does not display in the comments with my video and does not display my comments on the comment screen of my videos for those 2 comments.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Lildwayne21 3/20/10 1:37 AM
Why does it take so long for Youtube to process my comments? What is going on?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) CrazyG0Nuts 3/20/10 7:26 PM
Fix the issue with comments!! No one can't post and comments only refresh like once or twice a day!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) xxBIGKING2xx 3/20/10 8:14 PM
I was going to complain about comments not displaying or refreshing but it looks like it's been going on for years with very little progress.  Not sure what to do now but:
For the last few days any replies or comments I leave on any video do not show up but anyone that I reply to must be recieving the comment in their inbox because they reply to my comment.  The comment does sometimes show up the next day but not always.
What a pain in the ass!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) nester lewis 3/20/10 8:27 PM
I haven't been able to comment on a video since around 3-17-10   What is going on?  I am not being blocked nor using any URLs etc Seems I am not the only one  I read somewhere a user suggested  your redesign of the video page may have caused some problem within the system . Just passing along this tidbit
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) CrazyG0Nuts 3/20/10 9:43 PM
It actually happened the day after the whole re design thing happened. Comments just don't show up on time anymore after this. This has probably happened before as I've read, but that was only to some people I think. Now it seems to be effecting everyone. I have no idea why they are not fixing this. Its driving me nuts.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rundstedt1 3/21/10 12:22 PM
Notice that the "All Coments" section is not working as it should.  U-Tube must return the "All Coments section" to its previous form. The curent format that doesn't display the thumbs, has the poster's name in line with the comment and needlessly adds the '...@whoever' tag is hard to read and makes following the thread impossible. The comments, even the real old ones, are more than half of the enjoyment of U-Tube. IThey need to be returned to the way they were, with the reponses being offset under the origianal post.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Exiles800 3/22/10 11:41 AM
              Now my inbox shows new messages but when I try to bring them up I only get a blank page.
              There's no more "History" link on my home page and the main feature links are dead and don't work when I click them.
              The best feature about You-Tube is the fact you can talk back and TV is no longer a one-way thing. When you upgrade something you are not supposed to make it much worse. What is happening in this country? 
               My personal belief is You-Tube allowed a momentum where the public was finally allowed past the gatekeepers to practice actual, real free-speech.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) thegalwegian 3/23/10 11:42 PM
Since a few days: the comments I post only show up when clicking "view all comments", and then it is on a yellow background, wtf.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) partisan72 3/24/10 3:47 PM
l have the same bloody problem in recent times.Sometimes my comment shows up at the top while sometimes says it was posted,it is seen on my channel but appears only in ''view all comments''' section.It's bloody annoying.And ''view all comments'' section is totally messed up now,without thumbs and comment ratings,it's bloody boring to watch this weird mess.l think it's time for YT to finally fix this,l guess this comment mumbo jumbo is going on for much too long now!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rundstedt1 3/26/10 8:55 AM
The comments in the 'All Comments' section are almost impossible to follow now. Return the offset for the responses and get rid of the needless '...@whoever' add-on which just takes up valuable space. If one wants, one can put in the '...@whoever' tag themselves.
Return the offset so the concersational thread can be followed and return the thumbs to the way they were.
U-Tube is becoming useless and dumbed down.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) PeetyBoy 3/26/10 11:43 PM
If anyone at YOUTUBE even listens to its users, ... while you're trying to fix the missing comment problem, FIX the DAMNED comment THREADING issue!!

I find it hard to believe Youtube programmers are morons, but seriously, it really seems that way at this point. As someone said above, "Don't try to fix what isn't broke!".  Comments without an indented threading format is a complete joke. There's no excuse for such a problem existing for days on end. Get with it.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) GrandDizzy 3/29/10 4:03 PM
Like others, I can't see my own comments anymore unless I go to the "view all comments" page.

I agree with the above that the threading issue really needs sorting. People can't tell what posts are responses and what posts aren't. Also, sometimes responses seem to include the username of the person they're responding to, and sometimes they don't. It's all pretty crazy and random.

Also, while I'm here, I'm sick of not being able to use proper punctuation in YouTube (like dashes, quotation marks and ellipses). These characters just show up as blank, so I have to remember to substitute them with other things (like three full stops instead of an ellipsis). PLEASE will you fix this sometime soon?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Rundstedt1 3/31/10 6:35 PM
OK ----  Now fix the Indent so that the responses will be offset under the original and the tread can be followed.
And get rid of the useless '...@whoever' tag. If the poster wants they can add it themselves and all it does now is take up valuable space and time.
Come on!!!!!!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) The Berzerker 4/1/10 6:04 AM
Currently at this time comments seem to be appearing and posting as normal. I wonder how long this will last though.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Bodacea1 4/2/10 6:09 AM
Having the same problem since the new layout. Can't comment only on my own videos. It just says Error: Try Again. Not good YouTube.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Exiles800 4/20/10 8:46 AM
             Why doesn't You-Tube just have a normal message feature under its videos instead of its stingy little box? Is it more expensive?
             The whole idea of You-Tube is you can interact with TV instead of it being a dumb one-way communication. There's beauty in people being able to express the fraud they are being shown.
             Is You-Tube giving a hint with this glitch instead of just yanking the entire feature?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) Brawler_1337 5/12/10 12:57 PM
I seem to be having issues with comments as well. Nothing is showing up—neither mine nor anyone else's. It's like no comments have been posted at all. I know that this isn't because the video I was looking at when I noticed this problem had no comments. Heck, I have a reply to one of my comments on a video, and yet neither mine nor the reply shows up.

I am now noticing that the comments on another video are showing up, but it's telling me to "sign in" to post a comment. But I'm already signed into Youtube, I've signed into my Google account, and I know that the two accounts are linked. What's going on?
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) djmambito 5/12/10 1:08 PM
Please close this thread..its old
The current no-comments showing  IS A FUCKING NEW BUG !
cause the morons dont read old threads !
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) mjlvoer858 5/12/10 4:06 PM
 You know this forum is a big farce. You come on here with this 2 line paragraph saying how can we improve you tube. You know for a fact you tube is not going to do nothing about the complaints. If you had done something about it, there would be no need for this forum to continue like it is. same complaints over and over. like a  broken record. If you are going to improve this site. just do it. and get it over with. quit wasting our time. If you dont know how to run you tube the right way, find someone who knows how.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) pete234 5/12/10 4:47 PM
I have uploaded an add-on to download videos, this add-on BLOCKS the square in which IM supposed to be able to comment. I can write my comment, no problem, BUT I CAN'T POST IT BECAUSE THE "POST COMMENT" BUTTON DISAPPEARED.

I'm really getting tired of all these stupid changes.

oh, and btw, why the fuck can't we comment more than ONE paragraph to someone, if I reply to myself, the first comment disappeared, OR if I reply to the person a second time, the first question APPEARS 2 TIMES.

Why the hell can you make it like before, when we could comment MULTIPLE paragraphs to the SAME person. now, we can't, it's all over the place, NOBODY knows who comments on what? It's complete bullshit.
I want to barf, you make me sick.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) randomlaughingman 5/14/10 2:14 AM
The comments are seriously messed up also, as well as there being NO DELETE BUTTON (no trashcan symbol) for the comments.
Like some people here are saying, other comments vanish and aren't even showing up as having been deleted. Things in your inbox (in my case, most of them are from one person stalking me, who has literally hundreds of channels, which YT know about and they still let them do that) aren't at the videos.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) SeriouslyFolks 5/17/10 5:33 PM
This is going to sound like a D.A. beginner response, but it costs you 5 seconds to try: push Ctrl-F5 and try again (at least in Firefox). Copy your comment first to be safe.

There are so many problems that are ignored as the occasionally tantalize us with "Liz" - but this may solve some small portion of them.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) randomlaughingman 5/18/10 8:05 AM
why are the only sane people on YT, bar a tiny few, the ones on these help forums telling the incompetents and liars where to get off. hardly ever see them on the video comments.
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) julesbottom 5/21/10 4:10 AM
You Tube Support,

I can't post comments on any of the videos on my channel. When I am signed it it says: Please sign in to post a comment. I watch my favourites alot and have tried to comment before and have been able to however not anymore in the last 1-2 months. Kind of annoying thought i would mention it. I know i can go into the video and type the comment itself but it looks like a glitch maybe

Ps youtube is awesome
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) krishbond17 6/11/10 5:36 AM
Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.
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Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) puffdragon 6/12/10 1:42 AM
And yet, they are still fcked up!
Re: Bug with comments (the team's aware!) kinoshika 6/16/10 1:59 AM
I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone. 
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