All playlists are GONE!!!!

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All playlists are GONE!!!! KimWildeDK 11/1/11 10:02 AM
I don't have any uploaded videos, but ALL my playlists are gone :-O I was asked to ad an username (beside my e-mail) - and then: GONE. Please, tell me that they're still somewhere!!! PLEASE!!!
Re: All playlists are GONE!!!! 12/9/11 1:07 AM
Check, if you are signed in with the right googlemail-account. I almost got a heard attack, too this morning, but at the end I just signed in with the wrong youtube account... 

If you ARE signed in with the right account, good luck. Pershaps someone else knows how to help you. But do not expect help or even some at least a little bit helpful answer from youtube/google. The don't do stuff like this.... In the worst case you just have to grind your teeth and rebuild your channel. Or decide to quit using youtube..,