Video thumbnails not updating for days - and problems

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Video thumbnails not updating for days - and problems elculver2424 9/28/09 6:05 AM
Ok, for days now, I have been uploading a few videos and changing their thumbnails from the default one.
I know YouTube says "It can take up to 6 hours for a video thumbnail to update". YES, I understand that. But my videos are taking MUCH longer. I changed the thumbnail on 2 of my videos 3 days ago, and it just finally updated a few minutes ago, over 2 and a half DAYS after I changed it. And there is another problem too: when I feature one of the videos on my channel, it has a different thumbnail than the video has.  I am using the new beta channel, and I have a featured video on my channel, and then you see the actual video along with the rest on the right side of the page. The thumbnail for the video in the "Videos" column IS the one I set it to be, but the thumbnail for the "featured video" (which is the same video from the one on the right) has a DIFFERENT thumbnail than what I set it as. The video is "Uncle Kracker - Drift Away", and when I have it featured on my page, the thumbnail is a picture of Uncle Kracker, which I didn't set it as. When you look at the video in the "videos" column or anywhere else on YouTube, it is a picture of the ocean, which IS correct, that's what I set it as.
This is happening with 2 of my videos. I tried it with another video of mine too and it does the same thing - the featured video thumbnail is different from the normal video thumbnail.
YouTube has so many goddamn problems, and I am getting so disgusted with them. Is this just a new beta channel problem or what? I hope you can understand my situation and that I explained it well enough. Thanks.
Re: Video thumbnails not updating for days - and problems AxelF 9/28/09 8:29 AM
I have the same problem. I upload a video. Notice the thumbnail default is horrible, and select a new thumbnail. I wait 6 hours. No change. I wait 3 days, no change. I wait 7 days, no change. Unfortunately telling you about it isn't helping much.
Re: Video thumbnails not updating for days - and problems elculver2424 9/28/09 9:04 AM
Yes, I am so freaking tired of these YouTube problems. The only reason I'm staying on YouTube is because I like to uplaod videos and watch other videos, that's all. I hate the people who run YouTube - obviously they are idoits. There is no way to contact YouTube unless you write to them and send it through the mail - and they never answer you. Now all these problems. I'm getting really frustrated. I can't feature that video on my channel now because it STILL has the default thumbnail - which is terrible.
I will sue YouTube someday..........
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