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See Uploads Only and find popular videos: FAQs about YouTube's new look

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See Uploads Only and find popular videos: FAQs about YouTube's new look ytKeane 12/6/12 2:18 PM
Common Questions About YouTube's New Look

Q: What’s different?

In addition to a general improvement on the look and feel of the site, the Guide now appears on most pages in addition to the homepage. Video pages have been improved to put more focus on the video itself and now feature an improved playlist viewing mode.

Q: What are the benefits?

Experiments have shown that people subscribe and watch more with these improvements enabled.

The Guide that you see on the homepage and watch pages puts videos from the channels you’re subscribed to front and center. For viewers this means it’s easy to find videos, and for creators it means it’s easier for your subscribers to get to your content.

Q: The design changed last year, and we didn’t like it. Why change it again?
We’re thankful to have people so vocal about their YouTube experience. We rely heavily on this feedback, as well as our experiments, to find the features that keep people coming back and enjoying YouTube. While the initial reactions weren’t all positive, we’ve updated constantly since then, and have seen people watching, subscribing and uploading more videos since then.

Q: Why are videos on the homepage not in chronological order?

Your default view is What to watch, a highlights view of uploads and activity from your subscriptions and videos recommended for you from your watch history.  You can also select one of the other view options to see videos from your social connections or videos from your subscriptions.  If you select My Subscriptions, you can also adjust your subscription settings to view all activity from the channels you are subscribed to or Uploads Only.  

Q: How do I see uploads only? I only want to see videos in my feed

In the Guide, click on the “My Subscriptions” feed view. From that view, click “Uploads Only” at the top of the feed. You can also use the Subscriptions Manager to set each of your subscriptions to show uploads only, or everything else.

Q: How do I browse popular videos?

When you’re logged out, the homepage will display popular videos. When you’re logged in, use the Browse Channels menu. At the top of “Browse Channels” there’s a “Best of YouTube” category. The “Popular on YouTube” channel under that category features the most viewed and most popular videos on the site. If you’re checking this out often, you should subscribe to the channel too.

Q: Where is my Inbox?

When you have new messages, a “Messages” button will appear in your Guide. If you have no new messages, you can access your Inbox by going to the Video Manager or by clicking on your username in the top right of the site and clicking “Inbox” in the menu that appears.

Q: Where can I give feedback?

A: Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Send us your feedback using the Send Feedback button at the bottom of the page, post in the Discuss and give feedback category, or let us know on Twitter at @YTCreators and @YouTube.

Re: See Uploads Only and find popular videos: FAQs about YouTube's new look Bart Baker 12/6/12 2:38 PM
The default should be people's Subscriptions not this What to Watch garbage. At least give people the option to SET their Subscriptions as the default homepage. Now people have to click a bunch of tabs every time they go to YouTube just to find the videos that they actually are interested in. 
Re: See Uploads Only and find popular videos: FAQs about YouTube's new look ytKeane 12/6/12 2:44 PM
Bart - thanks for your feedback.

Please head over to the Discuss and give feedback section of the forum to leave comments about the design. This thread shouldn't be used for discussion.