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Error messages in Firefox

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Error messages in Firefox ytKARL 6/14/12 5:52 PM
Hi everyone,

Adobe made an update to Flash Player recently that may cause an issue for YouTube on Firefox. 

If you're running into error messages frequently using Flash 11.3 on Firefox, please be sure to read and follow the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ from the Adobe Forum. More information can be found there.

Re: Error messages in Firefox erwin5us 6/14/12 9:44 PM
here is the problem I am having

Re: Error messages in Firefox Helen180267 6/14/12 11:27 PM
у меня вот такая проблемка :(
Re: Error messages in Firefox JFazza 6/15/12 5:50 AM
I can confirm the tips by Adobe helped me. My videos play now
Re: Error messages in Firefox mikeyrd 6/15/12 9:36 AM
Well YouTube now works thanks to the fix Adobe worked out, just need Real to fix Realplayer downloader (that's what's causing it) now.
Re: Error messages in Firefox GodlessManitoban 6/15/12 1:38 PM
In Firefox go to Help, About Firefox and apply the update to 13.0.1

That should resolve the issue with Flash and Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1 release notes:

Re: Error messages in Firefox mharnbry 6/16/12 3:59 AM

this is my problem...error message

Re: Error messages in Firefox cyberlucy 6/16/12 7:17 AM
Thanks Keane.  Took care of the problem right away
Re: Error messages in Firefox jerra 6/16/12 11:06 AM
This did it for me - guess they got smart to all us rippers and burners!
Re: Error messages in Firefox MIND-BOGGLING 6/16/12 4:51 PM
Just disable your realplayer if you have realplayer, Mozilla posted a blocked for realplayer download plugin, that is what messing up YouTube and adobe
Flash player. I posted a copy of Mozilla in detailed, tonfind out what just the ME, MIND BOGGLED.


Re: Error messages in Firefox toastchan 6/18/12 6:40 AM

I use Firefox and the youtube videos all say error,please try again later.

Help DX

Re: Error messages in Firefox Melissa E 6/18/12 7:19 AM
Here is my problem:
Re: Error messages in Firefox CVS57 6/18/12 10:33 AM
all the sudden whle just in forefox  i get an error occurred please try again later. I reinstalled the latest version of bith firefox and abobe flash player. Here is the bug copied:
Re: Error messages in Firefox CVS57 6/18/12 10:33 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox FirefoxYoutube 6/19/12 3:27 AM
Same problem. E.g. youtube doesn't work with Firefox ("An error occured. Please try again later.") but does work with Chrome. Odd!


Re: Error messages in Firefox Emperor9037 6/19/12 11:02 AM
Same problem. "An error occured. Please try again later" appear when trying to play video


Re: Error messages in Firefox jlot8almahska 6/19/12 2:24 PM
thank you!

now it works smooth my firefox!

kay, I have You Tube videos working again for now. Here is how I did it; I hope it helps.
   If you go from your start menu to your control panel, one can see the option

for "Programs: uninstall a program." If you click the "uninstall" option and

read thoroughly through the list, there may be the  "Adobe Flashplayer 11

update" dated 6/15/2012; at least, it was on my PC.

    Once I uninstalled this update I was able to log onto you tube and play the

video I needed to see. I hope this is helpful =) I hope I have stated

everything correctly, and if not; I am so sorry! I am truly tech-tarded, and I

tried to make sure someone like me could comprehend it lol

Do what he said it will work on you guys

jlot8almahska 6/19/12 2:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
jlot8almahska 6/19/12 2:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
jlot8almahska 6/19/12 2:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Error messages in Firefox jlot8almahska 6/19/12 2:25 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox GodlessManitoban 6/21/12 4:27 AM
Adobe has just released an update

Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262
Re: Error messages in Firefox Addicted to Data 6/21/12 8:25 PM
I was having the same issue, and just went to the Adobe FAQ and followed the troubleshooting instructions.  Came back and YT is working perfectly for me again!  Thanks so much for the info!
Re: Error messages in Firefox Do44ie 6/21/12 10:39 PM
You would have to be a technician to comprehend that website...
Re: Error messages in Firefox concerned-citizen 6/22/12 5:55 AM
the code below is the error code i get... any suggestions???


Re: Error messages in Firefox Blaiyan 6/23/12 12:37 PM
Hmm... seems to me like this is basically an attack on users by adobe to stop you from downloading videos. Probably at the request of some content providers. I could be wrong but it's just the first thing that came to mind after reading the solution of their site.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Jessilyn 6/24/12 9:45 AM
Updated Adobe Flasf and it still will not work
This is the Debug code. Any advice?



Re: Error messages in Firefox Air Rio 6/24/12 10:42 AM
i cant play my youtube video these 2 days . this is th error i have ...


Re: Error messages in Firefox hitech2012 6/24/12 10:01 PM


Re: Error messages in Firefox puanchris 6/25/12 4:20 AM
Mine goes like this :
Re: Error messages in Firefox Ema Koston 6/25/12 6:14 PM
I am having a problem, I'm really not a big computer wizard, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. Can you help?
Re: Error messages in Firefox ejaimmva 6/26/12 7:02 AM
My issue (it's been occurring consistently for days now):


Re: Error messages in Firefox zlaser 6/26/12 7:28 AM


Re: Error messages in Firefox hussni 6/26/12 10:14 AM
you must update your fire fox it may have virus or any infection you must follow trouble shooting @this FAQ from the Adobe Forum
Re: Error messages in Firefox hussni 6/26/12 10:14 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox hussni 6/26/12 10:16 AM
it will work try it
Re: Error messages in Firefox hussni 6/26/12 10:16 AM
it will work try it
Re: Error messages in Firefox thankyou88 6/26/12 10:39 PM

what is this debug info?

Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 6/27/12 4:04 PM
Come on Firefox, you can leave all your faithful subscribers with no answer regarding such a big hole!

You Tube doesn't work any more for mysterious reasons.
I noticed that most of the people that have written to the Forum are, like me, not cyber-expert.

Please help, send us a mail with simple instructions on how to fix the problem or, alternatively, a mail address, a phone, a chat line we can use to communicate with some human beings.

We can't be left in the middle of an automatic FAQ cyber-ocean without any assistance.

Best regards, Educational

PS: I have just realized that You Tube works normally on the Chrome browser. What's happening?

Re: Error messages in Firefox t0pn1k 6/28/12 6:11 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 6/28/12 9:03 AM

What should I do with this long string?

I tried to copy and paste it on the browser with no result.

Please, a bit more help.

Best regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox Zabba 6/28/12 6:03 PM
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this answer.  
Disabling RealPlayer downloading does the trick!!!
Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 6/29/12 7:17 AM
I'm glad you liked my post.

I followed your advice and disabled the Real Player downloading add-on from my Firefox browser.

Unfortunately, nothing happened.
You Tube still doesn't work and the error code keeps appearing on screen.

Did I operate in the right manner, is there anything else I could try?

Whoever has the right answer is welcomed, even though I'm loosing faith in this Google Products Forum.

Why aren't we getting an official answer from some Senior Google Expert, rather than counting on this sort of vague/fake democracy/anarchy?

For instance, is anybody able to tell me if the operation described in the Post of jlot8almahska of June 19 - to uninstall the Flash Player Programme - is right and not an harmful manoeuvre for other features of my PC?

Thanking everybody in advance for any useful suggestions, best regards,



Re: Error messages in Firefox yana.clyne 6/29/12 9:30 AM
the video only stated "an error occurred. please try again later"
I've tried downloaded the latest flash but still,, no changes.


Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 6/29/12 4:20 PM

I followed one suggestion from a Firefox Forum.

I did uninstall completely the programme Real Player from my computer and now You Tube is back at work.


Why there is such a conflict between You Tube and Real Player on Firefox browsers?

How and when this conflict could be overcome, restoring the Real Player functions in our computers?

If anybody is aware of the possible solutions, please advice.

Best regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox Ebugogo 7/1/12 12:56 PM
I just got off the phone with Real Player tech support (India) and the guy told me that they are still working on fixing the problem with it conflicting with YouTube on Firefox, but he could not give me an ETA for when they might resolve it. At least Chrome and every other browser still works with Real Player, but I uninstalled it from my PC anyway, I'm just going to wait until they fix it.
Re: Error messages in Firefox DoremusC 7/1/12 7:28 PM
My problem was that after upgrading to version 11.3.300.262 the videos would not play and the player controls were gone. I tried the work-arounds on the Adobe site but nothing helped. I re-installed version and all is well. I am no programmer but I see no reason at this time to disable a feature of another program because Flash Player doesn't work properly.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Ebugogo 7/1/12 11:28 PM
Can anyone suggest a free program for downloading YouTube videos that I can use instead of Real Player? Something that isn't buggy of course (-:
Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 7/2/12 6:43 AM
Hello everybody,

this is what I have learnt so far during these days of You Tube/Firefox failure.

By my experience, the only ways to restore You Tube functions into a Firefox browser are:

- through uninstalling completely the programme Real Player from your computer

- through re-installing the previous version of Flash Player, the

How and when we can recoup Real Player is another matter.
Just yesterday I read a post about somebody who has talked to Real Player and it seems that they are aware of this conflict with Firefox and trying to fix it. We will see.

Generally speaking, in trying to set the problem it may be helpful to go to the Firefox Support Home Page - link: or click directly on and follow the various instructions.

Just in case you absolutely, desperately need to see a You Tube video and you can't count on Firefox, remember that You Tube still works on other browser, primarily on Chrome.

Regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox h2ojames 7/2/12 7:04 AM
I seem to be getting this problem on google chrome


someone help D:

Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 7/2/12 7:25 AM
Oh, no!...

Now a problem even on Chrome!...

What's going on here? Is there a major problem of Adobe Flash Player?

Is there anybody at Google that oversees the Forum and can help?

It is now time for Google and/or Firefox and/or Flash Player and/or Real Player to coordinate and intervene with some official statement or advice.

Regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox jmc18 7/2/12 10:31 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox h2ojames 7/2/12 12:09 PM
someone please help it's only happening in chrome D:
Re: Error messages in Firefox JWPepper 7/2/12 1:36 PM
This is why YouTube isn't working properly, read this article on the BBC News website:

YouTube will be spread across masses of servers and they all need to be fixed, so it probably depends what server you hit as to whether it works or not. At present I can't get one video to play, but it's not a PC or Adobe issue.

Re: Error messages in Firefox JWPepper 7/2/12 1:37 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 7/2/12 4:23 PM
Very interesting, thank you.

Regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox Klementine 7/2/12 8:58 PM
@JWPepper - if time had something to do with it, then this issue would have started at the moment of the leap second - NOT 2 weeks ago.
It would also affect everyone who lives on your planet - but this particular issue seems to only affect people who have the Real Player Downloader
hooked to their browser.

I don't have it installed on any browser and have not had no trouble at all - new version of Flash, old version of Flash, new version of Chrome, Firefox....
old version........

so  @Educational - the trouble if you are having it is most likely tied into some extension or add-on to your browser, so the obviouse thing to do as the people have already stated above - either run the browser in Safe ( Incognito ) mode with no etensions running - especially Real Player or any others using simular technology. Then get rid of the one causing the trouble.

Re: Error messages in Firefox daim83 7/3/12 11:32 AM
my problem is. any video whether im sign in or not.. the video does not appear.. it will shows error message such as "An error has occured.Please try again later".. but my adobe flash player is the newest version.
please help me to solve this matter..
thank you..
Re: Error messages in Firefox daim83 7/3/12 11:35 AM
my problem is, any video, whether im signing in or not,. the video does not appear, it shows error message "An error has occured, Please try again later"..
ive try checking the adobe flash player version and it turns out the newest version, so, is bit curious on why this happening.. as the requirement are according the right requirement..

Re: Error messages in Firefox Klementine 7/3/12 12:59 PM
Hello daim83

Think of this like she is your date ok?

You start at the top and you work your way down..... ok?

...... With love but smoking a cigarette..... while i wait....
Re: Error messages in Firefox Educational 7/3/12 4:56 PM
Thank you Klementine,

just a question.

Are you sure that it would be enough to disable the Real Player Downloading add-on from my Firefox browser?

I got the impression that You Tube gets back working only if I completely uninstall the Real Player programme from my PC.

However, I will try to follow your advice and see what happens.

Best regards, Educational

Re: Error messages in Firefox daim83 7/3/12 9:45 PM
what?. i dont understand, and i dont think that was the answer to my problem..??


Re: Error messages in Firefox h2ojames 7/4/12 5:12 AM
it has nothing to do with realplayer I got rid of it and still nothing.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Tim Pendry 7/5/12 8:08 AM
You have one extremely unhappy user - I am not a techy. I just want to use a product securely. I have wasted hours at the weekend and now today trying to become a technical expert in order simply to watch a video on Firefox, my preferred browser.

I find you dumped me into some HTML experiment without informing me and I have done all sorts of thing following various incomprehensible instructions which have probably created worse problems for me elsewhere. I simply want to watch a video - I don't want to watch a better video, just a video. Did you not speak with Adobe before it screwed up the system - do you not talk to each other?

Re: Error messages in Firefox concerned-citizen 7/5/12 8:29 AM
I also had several problems but finally found the correct solution.  I actually found it on firefox site.  I think the following is the steps I took.  I had recently downloaded 'realplayer' and that is when the problems started.  Try this:  Flash videos or games on sites like Facebook or YouTube may appear, black, white or grey and never play

A recent version of Flash doesn't work with RealPlayer. See Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox for more information.
Note: RealPlayer includes a Web Download & Recording feature that adds a Browser Record Plugin extension to Firefox. This causes problems with Flash content if Flash Player 11.3 is installed. If you don't use this feature, you can turn it off to avoid problems (see Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox). If you want to keep using this feature, another option is to uninstall Adobe Flash Player 11.3 and install an earlier Flash version as a temporary solution. See How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player? on the Adobe forum for detailed instructions and download links. (Adobe's uninstaller removes the Flash Player ActiveX for Internet Explorer as well as the Flash Player Plugin for Firefox and other browsers, so you will need to reinstall both.)

Re: Error messages in Firefox 7/7/12 8:23 AM
(unknown) 7/7/12 9:23 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/7/12 11:38 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Error messages in Firefox melissaamanda 7/8/12 11:45 AM
I cleared my cookies and cache and now the videos work
Re: Error messages in Firefox idk_ 7/8/12 4:25 PM
Hello Keane,

Thank you very much for your help, my problem is solved now.

Re: Error messages in Firefox Tim Pendry 7/9/12 2:30 PM
Eventually, I gave up on Firefox, having tried everything recommended and wasyed half a day uninstalling and installing pretty well everything, losing Realplayer and fooling around with Add-Ons!

Spent the weekend shunting bookmarks across to Chrome where I even solved a Google Reader problem and discovered that it was better than I remembered it once I sorted out synching.

I feel sorry for Firefox because it was a good product and infinitely better than Internet Explorer but it was not the only problem I had over the four days - weird synching problems, chaos over android (no replacement for an uninstall that I tried to deal with a synch) and truly dreadful communications.

Firefox and Realplayer really need to give Adobe one helluva a bad time. I have uninstalled Realplayer because of this and can't be bothered to reinstall it and I would never have tried Chrome if Adobe had not screwed up Firefox.

Adobe upset me anyway by stuffing McAfee down my throat sand causing problems earlier in the year - so roll on any Google plans to by-pass it altogether! But what a mess! And not even YouTube's fault in the end!

Re: Error messages in Firefox ChrisJB 7/10/12 9:44 AM
Anyone got any idea what's wrong with this?


Re: Error messages in Firefox loverdino 7/15/12 7:32 PM
Do yourself a favor and import your bookmarks into chrome. It's not worth it. Firefox has had all sorts of ridiculous problems with flash and youtube for YEARS, they haven't done a thing about it. It's a shame because firefox used to be my favorite browser.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Blaiyan 7/19/12 1:29 AM
The problem, as Real Player has informed us is Adobe. There new protective mode is causing the problem not Realplayer. Here's the solution from Real Player. I can confirm that it works.
Re: Error messages in Firefox ChrisJB 7/19/12 3:46 AM
Hi.  Could I gently point out to you that if I can't see YouTube videos, referring me to a YouTube video showing me the answer isn't terribly helpful...
Re: Error messages in Firefox pappysnap 7/19/12 9:47 AM
This solved my problem.   On on a 32 bit PC running Vista.  Thanks so much.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Geek2 7/19/12 5:30 PM
You may quit the html5 test (in which you are in by deffault) and keep using the old flash sysyem by going to until firefox supports everything needed to run the test. That fixed my problem.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Blaiyan 7/19/12 8:05 PM
You're right but the info is also ni the description of the video. Anyway I'll try to to post what was said.

"If your system shows an error when trying to play flash videos in Firefox, and you have our Downloader extension installed, you have run into a compatibility issue with Adobe's latest Flash release"

"You can fix the issue with playback and use the RealNetwork's Video Downloader extension in Firefox by disabling Adobe Flash's protected mode."

"To do this, you must edit Adobe Flash's mms.cfg file."

On 64-bit windows, you can find the file in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash
On 32-bit windows, the file will be in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

To edit, first close Firefox. Next, open Notepad in Administrator mode (right click on notepad to find the run as administrator option) as seen in the video (You don't need to open the file with special permissions on Windows XP). Then, open the mms.cfg file from the appropriate directory.

Add ProtectedMode=0 to the last line in the file (meaning press enter at the end of the second line to start a new under it and then type it in). Save and close. You will have to repeat these steps and delete this line to re-enable protected mode.
Re: Error messages in Firefox loverdino 7/20/12 9:17 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox nathan2004 7/30/12 3:41 AM
sometimes in chrome i do
Re: Error messages in Firefox nathan2004 7/30/12 3:41 AM
On Saturday, July 21, 2012 5:17:09 AM UTC+1, loverdino wrote:

i want you to help

Re: Error messages in Firefox danamanzanares 7/30/12 7:15 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox DAOWAce 8/14/12 9:30 AM
So this is why I've been unable to view certain length videos on Youtube..

This happens to me when I try to watch 1080p videos of over at least hour in length.

I had to work around it by watching in Internet Explorer.

Now knowing I actually have to drop my security even further by disabling protected mode to watch this type of content; well, even more the reason to move to HTML5.
Re: Error messages in Firefox rylegh 8/30/12 7:57 PM
you  ore  so   cute   on  the     show    that was  good   i am   in  ti  to
Re: Error messages in Firefox ok good 9/7/12 5:24 PM

> Adobe made an update to Flash Player recently that may cause an issue for YouTube on Firefox. 
> If you're running into error messages frequen

Re: Error messages in Firefox haryani Winata 9/23/12 3:20 PM
Pada Jumat, 15 Juni 2012 7:52:16 UTC+7, ytKARL  menulis:
> Hi everyone,
> Adobe made an update to Flash Player recently that may cause an issue for YouTube on Firefox. 
> If you're running into error messages frequently using Flash 11.3 on Firefox, please be sure to read and follow the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ from the Adobe Forum. More information can be found there.
> Thanks,
> Ling
your problem same with me thank an
Re: Error messages in Firefox kibagirl911 10/25/12 4:37 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox shenandoah liberty 10/26/12 8:21 AM
I am having an absolute nervous fucking breakdown!  I can't even WATCH YOU TUBE AT ALL!  I get a page of gibberish, and nothing is helping.  Install, uninstall, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, and if this is caused by updating adobe, someone there needs a good killing!  NOTHING HAS HELPED!!!!  CANNOT EVEN VIEW IN IE!!!!  Why has google and it's affiliates gotten so IMPOSSIBLE to use????
Re: Error messages in Firefox shenandoah liberty 10/26/12 8:22 AM
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Re: Error messages in Firefox Hotaru Thodt 10/26/12 11:38 AM
I'm getting this error as well and it just started today. I was getting frustrated until I saw your response. I'm glad I'm not the only one wanting to pull out my hair over this.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Christine Riley 10/26/12 11:57 AM
Mine is doing that too.  Started today.  I went to another computer to check and it worked fine but then started acting up as well after a few minutes.  I'm glad to see I'm not alone.  Very frustrating but maybe they will fix it soon. Lets hang in!
Re: Error messages in Firefox Donna McM 10/26/12 1:07 PM
This is happening in IE for me as well. seems maybe youtube is having issues today. If not, is there an adobe fix for IE?
Re: Error messages in Firefox KoMoDo89 10/26/12 1:07 PM
Yep, +1 for this. Sorry I just posted a message just like this. I get the same gibberish and this happens in both Firefox and IE.
Not sure what's going on, youtube whizzes explain please! :)
Re: Error messages in Firefox KoMoDo89 10/26/12 3:09 PM
Seems to be fixed.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Hotaru Thodt 10/26/12 3:23 PM
I'm still getting the error. Man, this bites. :(
Re: Error messages in Firefox BygPhattyPlus 10/26/12 6:04 PM
I also get the weird symbol oage when I try to play a standard video, but yet I can play sponsored abd partnered videos just fine!

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Re: Error messages in Firefox NnataLi 10/29/12 2:22 AM
Спасибо огромное, пошла разбираться.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Joe Humbert 11/1/12 11:09 AM
is this error still happening for people?
Re: Error messages in Firefox Sasskitten 11/3/12 1:17 AM
It's happening to me right now This is what mine says


Re: Error messages in Firefox Cait W 11/3/12 3:54 AM
Bull. I'm still having the Http/1.1 Service Unavailable issue on Comodo Dragon. Same with Internet Explorer as much as I loathed using that thing to check. YouTube is just crashing hardcore apparently.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Ryan Richards 11/3/12 3:56 AM
I am having this problem on youtube on when I comment a video, it said "
Error, try again" I don't know what going on or how to fix it.. Window 7 Firefox.  
Re: Error messages in Firefox Cait W 11/3/12 3:56 AM
Also I haven't updated Adobe Flash since the last time YouTube worked other words, yesterday.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Chris Me 11/3/12 4:50 AM
i uploaded yesterday - all was perfect.

today i uploaded a video - nothing works anymore. i did not change anything, there *was* an update running, i just don't remember whether ff or thunderbird.
but it happens with IE as well.
i can still watch other peoples' movies, but i cannot access my own channel, edit videos and such.
quite annoying, indeed!

Re: Error messages in Firefox Snow83Monster 11/8/12 12:18 AM
Snow83monster subscribe please send feedback tell someone. God bless
Re: Error messages in Firefox Snow83Monster 11/8/12 12:20 AM
Snow83monster send feedback tell some one thank you. God bless
Re: Error messages in Firefox Snow83Monster 11/8/12 12:35 AM
Snow83monster on utube godbless
Re: Error messages in Firefox My nickname123 11/8/12 10:45 AM
Please Google & YouTube employees... you are all very smart and very well paid.  All I want is reliable service from your website that doesn't require me to have an advanced degree to troubleshoot (or post to a forum that you'll never read anyway). Think you can do that for us?   Just make it work! And then you can go back to riding tricycles around your corporate campus and stuffing your face at your gourmet cafeterias.  We thank you.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Imri7 11/17/12 4:34 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Imri7 11/17/12 4:35 PM
(unknown) 11/17/12 10:51 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Error messages in Firefox Mahesh Nagar 11/19/12 3:28 AM
Dear sir
        mI am having this problem on youtube on when I comment a video, it said "

Error, try again" I don't know what going on or how to fix it.. Window 7 Firefox
and An error occurred.please try again later

Re: Error messages in Firefox Oshy 11/19/12 5:40 PM
i can't stand error messages
Re: Error messages in Firefox Ethan Harrington 11/27/12 10:22 PM
Me either
Re: Error messages in Firefox Boubou095 11/29/12 1:48 AM

I have some problems when I want to watch videos.
I'm in France.
I tried to watch videos with FireFox and Chrome on 2 differents computers.
The videos didn't launch
It stay at the black screen before the pub launch.
When the video don't have pub before, it works fine.

Someone have informations about this problem ?

Re: Error messages in Firefox melodydu37 11/29/12 2:25 AM
heu i m french ^^ sorry for my bad english...i have the same problem
si des fois quelqu un comprend le francais j ai le meme probleme que boubou095
Re: Error messages in Firefox Boubou095 11/29/12 2:38 AM
Melody, I ask some friend to make some tests on their computer (from house or at their job)
They have the same problem.
I think that there is a problem with the pub ...

Melody, j'ai demandé à des amis des faire des tests depuis chez eux ou du boulot.
Ils ont le même soucis.
Je pense qu'il y a un problème avec les pubs ...
Re: Error messages in Firefox Boubou095 11/29/12 4:18 AM
It seams the the problem is solved, videos are working now ...

A priori le souci semble résolu, les vidéos se lancent normalement maintenant ...
Re: Error messages in Firefox Jayakumar Sadhasivam 11/30/12 10:22 AM
Mozilla doesn't make use of automatic updates of flash plugin.
so only this problem occurs,
This link helps you to update your plugins
Re: Error messages in Firefox Kidicaruss 11/30/12 7:17 PM
"An error occured. Please try again later."


I would like to note that I followed the reset instructions for Firefox and the issue has persisted. I installed Google Chrome and Opera web browsers the problem existed with those browsers as well.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Jayakumar Sadhasivam 11/30/12 9:18 PM
Are you facing only for particular video or all videos.
Are you using Internet Direct connection or in company/school.
If your accessing youtube in company/school they may be blocked.
if not.
Check out your firewall, allow access to youtube.
Re: Error messages in Firefox HutchProDucktions 11/30/12 10:00 PM
I use Google Chrome
Re: Error messages in Firefox Lee Parham 11/30/12 10:12 PM
I am typing this on Safari.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Kidicaruss 12/1/12 3:29 AM
If I right click a video and request to "pop out" then I can view it, but can't change the quality.
Re: Error messages in Firefox petr ivanov 12/1/12 2:43 PM
не понимаю о чем вы?
Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:52 AM
this vedio is very nice talking about the prophet Mohammed troth pleas subicribe
Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:53 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:54 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:54 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:58 AM
بتاريخ الأحد، 2 ديسمبر، 2012 UTC+3 3:54:48 م، كتب نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه:
> prophet mohammed

Re: Error messages in Firefox نصرة النبي محمد بطريقة تقنع خطأ كل من أساء إليه 12/2/12 4:59 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Baboe Mina 12/17/12 7:50 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Baboe Mina 12/17/12 7:51 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Baboe Mina 12/17/12 11:27 AM
Op maandag 17 december 2012 16:50:00 UTC+1 schreef Baboe Mina het volgende:

Re: Error messages in Firefox venkatrdd33 12/21/12 8:55 PM
Re: Error messages in Firefox joseph akak 12/26/12 3:52 PM
prosim pomostemi nebo mam hodne pracju na pocitaci
a ne mam dost casu
Re: Error messages in Firefox antonio cruz 1/2/13 11:59 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox Fabulis Grimaldo 1/10/13 6:38 AM
Re: Error messages in Firefox CuriousUserX50 1/13/13 7:10 AM
Yes I had that before with certain videos.
Re: Error messages in Firefox Oshy 1/13/13 7:39 AM
it needs to stop
Re: Error messages in Firefox LetsPlayNintendoITA 1/14/13 3:37 PM
who the fuck cares
Re: Error messages in Firefox Efraim Arendsz 2/7/13 3:00 AM
ik kan geen muziek verturen naar vrienden.zijn er problemen?graag uw antwoord...
Re: Error messages in Firefox Ryaske 2/9/13 3:31 PM
PLEASE reference and address this problem!!

The problem is experienced by at least thousands of people and is plastered all over this forum, with no answer from a google Representative. It is also discussed on many many other places on the internet.

This problem is consistent and reproducible. The test video loads at 20,000kpbs bu any other video loads between 0kbps and 2,000, max. The download graph looks like a heartbeat sensor!!!

I really want to use Youtube but this experience is absolutely souring my love for it. PLEASE HELP US!!!

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