Google query suggestions not working

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Google query suggestions not working DHSchmidt 4/9/09 1:33 PM
Google Query Suggestions on the mail GOOGLE,COM web search page does not function as you tyoe in you search,    I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and the searching stopped working.    Google does not support customer relations support for problem solving.   Called Google and was told to access the local web help site.  

Typo in the word tyoe

In Google main or "Classic Home" view the google site will allow on internet Explore 7 IE7 the ablity to turn off/on the query suggestions

Installed Mozilla Firefox browser version 3.0.8 and tried the main classic web page with MSN Browser version 9.5  premium.  Both browsers have not allowed me to get Google Query Suggestions working on my system.   I run Windows XP with service pack 3  all updates available from Microsoft.     I may have to look to Microsoft for help.   Possibly de-install the Internet Explore 8  IE8    DHSchmidt

Installed Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) on my Desktop Computer and Google Query Suggeston WORKS.
Note:   My laptop does NOT work with Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) ... so trying to get this error/problem reoccur is not easy.   DHSchmidt

Query Suggestions for GOOGLE.   I noticed that they work now on my laptop computer  April 6, 2009
Re: Google query suggestions not working Laudy 4/9/09 5:15 PM
Sorry you've had trouble trying to get through to customer service. I've been doing some troubleshooting steps trying to figure out why this is happening to you. I haven't been able to replicate it either.

First things first, you can delete your cache and cookies. I provided a reference below that will show you how to go about doing this. Sometimes a browser problem can have an effect on certain features with Google, and clearing your cache and cookies should resolve it. 

If this doesn't work can you give me more information:

- do you use igoogle to Search?
- have you tried using other browsers?
- Does your Preference page (found to the right of Google search box) allow you to choose Query Suggestions?

Re: Google query suggestions not working DHSchmidt 4/9/09 9:27 PM
Hello I have used IGOOGLE and it works for that program on your web site.   Just does not work for the "Classic" version of the web site.   I have cleaned out my browsers temporary file, cookies and tried to switch off/on the Query suggestions for my preferances.   I'm afread to upgrade the rest of my computers with Internet Explore 8  ( IE8 ) ... becouse of the fact i use the classic view to train people on using the computer in my business as a consultant.   The problem occured on my Laptop computer.   I have a clean new version of Window XP with the most current windows update corrections. 
Re: Google query suggestions not working nsc 4/11/09 9:10 AM
Same thing is happening with me. Suggestions used to work, now I get the drop down with results showing, but the suggestions only show up if you mouse over. It is as though the text is the same as the background.
Re: Google query suggestions not working Kaleh 4/11/09 9:19 AM

I believe the situation you are describing is different than what DHSchmidt is experiencing.  Please see the following discussion related to suggestions that are not visible until you mouse over them.  Others are reporting issues with this related to the iGoogle theme that they are using.

You may want to monitor the following discussion.

I am using igoogle...the suggestions from an entered search don't appear below. Why?
Re: Google query suggestions not working DHSchmidt 4/11/09 9:05 PM
Looking for anyone who has had this problem.    Preferences are to not remove IE8   DHSchmidt
Re: Google query suggestions not working Kaleh 4/12/09 5:16 AM

Would you please consider checking your [ My Profile ] link in the upper left portion of the page, and going back and deleting the numerous prior discussions that were started regarding this issue? 

This issue would be so much easier to track if there was only one discussion to follow.  If others start responding to multiple discussions it will be extremely challenging for anyone to find the potential solutions because the information will be so scattered.

As long as no one else has responded to any of your discussions, you should be able to delete the question by scrolling toward the bottom of the screen to find the Delete function.  In the situations where you replied to your own question (but no one else has responded) you should be able to delete your replies, then delete the original question.
Re: Google query suggestions not working Laudy 4/13/09 11:53 AM
Thanks to everyone who has posted about Google Query Suggestions.

I've passed all the issues being reported on to the relevant teams for Google Suggest. It appears that certain features are acting strangely with IE8 and saving preferences. Stay tuned and I will keep you all informed when I get further information.

Thanks again! 
Re: Google query suggestions not working 68comeback 4/21/09 7:57 AM
I'm having this same problem. Query suggestions on sometimes work, sometimes don't. I have not installed IE8, though.

In Preferences, "Provide query suggestions in the search box" is selected. I've tried toggling that option on and off... sometimes that makes it work, sometimes not. (Ok, right now I went in to Preferences, selected "Do not provide query suggestions in the search box", clicked Save and now the query suggestions ARE showing up again. So something is screwy.)
Re: Google query suggestions not working DHSchmidt 4/23/09 9:09 PM
Problem is not nessary reoccuring on other systems as It works on my Desktop but not on my Laptop computer   DHSchmidt
Re: Google query suggestions not working SharukhKhan 4/24/09 9:09 AM
I reinstalled the google toolbar and everything works fine - It takes less than 50 seconds to install!!!
Re: Google query suggestions not working Zsa Zsa 4/24/09 9:41 AM
None of these suggestions works.
Re: Google query suggestions not working Avis83 5/4/09 3:51 PM
Am facing same issue as DHSchmidt. It works fine in Mozilla but not in IE 8.
Re: Google query suggestions not working ansinha1 6/25/09 7:51 PM
IE 8 is not compitable to only is working fine.
Re: Google query suggestions not working madmaxrich 7/3/09 10:46 AM
I'm having the same problem. Query suggestion work from iGoogle, but not on the page following the initial search from iGoogle. Doesn't work with Classic at all. About a week ago everything worked fine. I have updated a few programs, but I really don't think I messed with anything browser or google related. Does this feature work through the "Google Toolbar". I don't think I messed with it, but an app that I updated did ask if I wanted to dl/install the google toolbar, and I unchecked the box. Surely that's not it - I dunno, grasping at straws.
Re: Google query suggestions not working madmaxrich 7/3/09 10:47 AM
Oh, and it's IE7, not 8. I know, I know...mozillia is killer and all that...but I just don't like it.
Re: Google query suggestions not working beamire 9/12/09 4:13 PM
Now I'm having the same problem. Query suggestion works in iGoogle, and in the search bar in Firefox, and it works in IE7, but it won't work on Google search in Firefox. I was running v3.0.14 and even updated to latest (3.5) and still no luck. At one point I had IE8 installled but uninstalled and am now using IE7, if that helps. I'm on a relatively fresh install of Windows. Can't really say if it stopped working or never worked to begin with, tho, only recently noticed it not working.
Re: Google query suggestions not working AK14 9/17/09 11:00 AM
I'm having the same problem.  XP, IE8, deleted cookies etc., toggled the preference on an off and nothing.  Used to be an awesome feature.
Re: Google query suggestions not working mseraphim 1/28/10 3:34 AM
Hi DHSchmidt & all who work for Google.
My problem is similar but may be slightly different.
Windows XP Pro SP3, IE8. Clean System Install so nothing to hinder the search suggestions not showing.
Google toolbar works perfectly and showing suggestions. Google classic site or my country classic site works perfectly fine showing the search suggestions.  When using igoogle home page and I type in any word like "test" "life" Walk" "anything" it shows the dropdown box but there is just nothing in the drop downbox.  My preferences are correctly set to "Provide query suggestions in the search box."  If I do any search and it shows the result page, and I do another search on that result page then it all works fine.  so it is just in the igoogle's home page that it doesn't work.

One more thing completely off topic: The Post Reply Button also doesn't work in IE8
Any Idea or help from the Google Support Team would be great.
PS: You don't perhaps have work for me at Google South Africa???? that would also be nice.
Thanks Guys & Girls for your great Work and Support.
Re: Google query suggestions not working dasindia 2/2/10 6:32 AM
hai...i met the same problem in firefox browser. but i found the solution..
go to


thats it.
Re: Google query suggestions not working Bluedusk 4/26/10 12:16 PM
Hi, I'm having thr same problem with Seamonkey 2.0.4.
I ran it in safe mode and it worked for awhile.
Ran it back normally, didn't work.
Created a new profile: query doesn't work either.

The problem appeared a few hours ago, I didn't change anything to my brower sttings, extensions, plugins, etc.
IE8 worked a couple of times, then stopped displaying queries too.

Re: Google query suggestions not working sarahjflint 5/28/10 4:28 PM
hey! I think we're having the same problem. When typing in the google search box in ie, firefox and opera, it doesn't predict the search you are trying to write. This has happened for no apparant reason, no changes or updates that we know of. We've cleared cookies and cache and no joy. Any suggestions greatly appreciated and wil be tried out! Thanks! X
Re: Google query suggestions not working macondo 7/28/10 9:51 AM
The only way that I can get the Google search to work correctly in Mozilla Firefox is to disable the Java Script setting. But then you cannot get the query's.
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