Vegan vs Vegetarian

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Vegan vs Vegetarian rdhotchilepepper 3/13/09 12:08 AM
Dear Google,

There is a difference between vegan and vegetarian. Yet, your search seems to think differently! If I'm searching for "vegan X" and "vegetarian x" comes up, that doesn't help me. In any way. At all. I'd rather see nothing coming up, or the random, obscure web page that might possibly have what I'm looking for before the vegetarian page comes up.

Google - learn the difference. The way things are is discriminatory.

Re: Vegan vs Vegetarian mooredc54 3/13/09 2:03 AM
Try putting a Plus sign in front of search term vegan like this: +vegan
Re: Vegan vs Vegetarian rdhotchilepepper 3/13/09 11:32 AM
It's unfortunate that should have to, and that google's search sees vegan and vegetarian as interchangeable.
Re: Vegan vs Vegetarian mooredc54 3/14/09 2:24 AM
The terms are related and the feature is called stemming, it is actually very useful in most cases.
Re: Vegan vs Vegetarian rdhotchilepepper 3/14/09 12:21 PM
Related I understand. Interchangeable, I do not. So, this doesn't really address the issue. I understand stemming.
Re: Vegan vs Vegetarian Expert 1/29/12 2:05 PM
The terms are no more related than "China" and "Japan" are related. Yep, they're both in Asia. For an ignorant Westerner, the food and cultures and beliefs might even seem about the same... to anyone that is actually Chinese or Japanese (or has a clue), there are significant differences and there is no reason why someone would use them interchangeably when typing out search terms in Google.

  • We all understand what stemming is, we understand that webmasters sometimes use meta-tags inappropriately, and we understand how "+vegan" or "-vegetarian" might work around Google's current ignorance of these words. However, that doesn't change the fact that Google is returning results that are less optimized, totally inapplicable, and often offensive -- and, therefore, losing click-throughs, AdWords revenue, user satisfaction, pushing people to Bing, etc. The whole point of this forum is to improve search results and this is a clear mistake. You won't find a single person who actually searches for "vegan" that isn't annoyed about all of the irrelevant "vegetarian" results. It is widely discussed, joked about in online forums, referenced by speakers at conferences about the continued ignorance of the world to differences between the two lifestyles, etc.

    Therefore, I ask again for someone at Google with a clue to actually take a look at this.

    Note: It will require you to be willing to actually understand the enormous differences between these two words: vegan and vegetarian.