Can't turn off google safesearch

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Can't turn off google safesearch kasc2 4/17/09 12:35 AM
I have turned off google safesearch, the preference page shows it is turned off but it's still filtering, and on search pages that are filtered it says google safesearch is on, no results found becaue google safesearch is on. I am using firefox, I have cleared cache, cookies and everything else I can think of but nothing works, it's getting very annoying now, what can I do to solve this problem, thanks
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Kaleh 4/17/09 2:42 AM
Since you are using Firefox, you may need to try the following and delete the cookies.sqlite file:


"Sometimes removing the cookies in the Cookie Manager is not
sufficient and you need to delete the file that stores cookies in your
Firefox profile folder ("cookies.sqlite" in Firefox 3, "cookies.txt"
in Firefox 2 or below). See the section, Where are cookies stored
(below) for more information."
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Hammond99x 5/19/09 7:55 AM
I'm having the same problem, but I'm using IE8, and safesearch won't turn off even after I disable it...
How do I clear the cache/cookies??
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Dan75 6/16/09 10:05 AM
I read through all these post about the Google SafeSearch. I tried all the suggestions listed. I tried disabling anti-virus, spyware, etc. I tired Firefox, IE7, IE8, Safari. I tried on XP Pro SP2 and SP3, and Vista. I tried on Thinkpads, HPs, and Dells. I sill can't turn off Google SafeSearch. This needs to be corrected. Maybe I should just use Bing or Yahoo. Google may be the best current and most popular search engine, but if you keep ignoring you customers it won't be for long. It is disappointing seeing this thread started over 4 months ago and you still don't have a solution.
Please put more effort into a work solution.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Tarout 7/11/09 8:16 PM
I'm having the same problem eventhough I've tried different versions of IE and Windows.  This issue wasn't there previously (i.e. last year), but it seems it was introduced in one of the updates begining of this year.
I wish if google support team can resolve this issue ASAP.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch rmardo 7/12/09 12:13 PM

this problem with safe search is being ignored. why?
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch rmardo 7/12/09 12:20 PM
somebody please make this topic sticky until resolved
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Kaleh 7/12/09 12:23 PM
Google employees are the only people capable of setting a "sticky."  And ... it is rare to see evidence of an employee here on a weekend ... or before late afternoon on a Monday.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch kaosfusion 8/14/09 3:13 AM
Same here I have changed machines and browsers, deleted cookies and files and still SafeSearch is trying to keep me safe from Naked Wines - which is an online wine store and apart from the alcohol not 'unsafe' in any way.  

Why the silence from Google - did someone make a booboo in an update as this was fine last year?
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Kaleh 8/14/09 4:19 AM

This is interesting.  I use the default "moderate" safe search that should only be filtering images ... not text.  I searched for [ naked wines ] and [ www .nakedwines .com ] was the first result.

What country domain and which ISP are you using?
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch kaosfusion 8/14/09 5:51 AM
I have tried using and - being based in the UK I would prefer

My ISP is Tiscali

This browser is Safari 4.0.2 but I found the same in Firefox.  Both this machine and work machines the same thing. I can't give you screenshots but when I search I get 

Google SafeSearch is ON 
The word "naked" has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active.

And no returns for Naked Wines

Then when I click through to preferences I see:

SafeSearch Filtering saved as Do not filter my search results

I'm lost  -did you like the site?

Re: Can't turn off google safesearch rmardo 8/15/09 10:52 AM

why would that matter? you mean google is now doing this behind-the-scene flagging on behalf of the country where on is located?

that's bad.

anyway because of the silence (mind you i bought a new laptop, OS was installed as you start the laptop, and bang! safe mode turns to strict as soon as i search for an adult oriented search), i have since moved to Bing where they don't touch my search mode.

Bing is such a good search engine and is improving everyday. I also like the historical or informational pictures presented on Bing's search page. plus there are also summaries to the right when you hover your mouse of a search result.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Dave-54 8/15/09 12:41 PM

Some countries [ like China ] filter the results at a national level, it may or may not even involve Google in some of those cases.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Kaleh 8/15/09 2:04 PM

I'm "lost" as well.  You are doing a normal web search and not an image search ... right?

Do you mind if I ask about this, on your behalf, in the Webmasater Help Forum?  There are several active contributors there from the UK.  I would like to know if any of them experience the same thing.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch rmardo 8/16/09 10:00 AM

I'm very much aware of that. What I was saying is if Google gets involved in such activities. If it does, well it shouldn't for dismayed users would just move to other search engines, like me, that doesn't control my searching habits.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Steak514 8/20/09 1:10 PM
This is really pissing me off.  Safesearch wont fucking turn off even when they save my preferences as "Do not filter my search results"

Do you know how fucking frustrating it is to to see "Google SafeSearch is active."  Only to click the preferences link and see "Do not filter my search results" already clicked.  WTF IS GOING ON.  My cookies are enabled!  Is that the best you guys can do is offer some B.S. solution?

It's not even that there is a problem, hell it's even probably my fault.  But it would be nice if you guys offered some sort of solution other then enable cookies.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch mooredc54 8/20/09 2:18 PM
I think it has been said before, but if you browse in "Private" mode [aka Porn mode] your browser will not save cookies.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch lesmry 8/21/09 6:58 AM
I see we aren't the only ones having trouble getting safesearch to turn off. Moreover Google doesn't seem to care about it's customers so we might as well go elsewhere. ASK is getting better and more popular so maybe that is the solution. At least they will show the results of the more popular sites and information, without manditory filtering/censoring!!!!!
Mary and Angie
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch gladnews 1/8/10 5:57 AM

I have no suggestion to solve this problem. but I personally am lucky to get one. 

That, once I managed to make an image search (in advanced search) with 'unsafe' enabled. once and never again I could do the same. 
but when the instance it worked, I added the page to my favorites. and whenever I open that specific page from the favorite, i could search and get an unrestricted result. 
If anyone interested, I will send him my favorite 'link' and I think it will work in any machine or browser. 

send me an email and on and try to keep in touch. 

Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Merlindarkwing 2/2/10 7:39 PM
Personally; I resent that safe search is turned on without asking me, worse is that I can't turn it off, not in 119 tries from more than one computer.
My only option for a fix, to stop using Goggle for anything.
Wake up Google you have obviously failed those that allow you to earn money.
Is it that your Mothers are still dictating how you do everything, or are you just nosy control freak Prudes with tiny minds?
You may claim to be the biggest but there are 1500 other search engines out there.
I don't want you thinking for me, I'm far better at that than you will ever be.
Maybe I should try all 1500 of them since you are refusing to give any results to my queries.
May your stock tumble if you keep this up.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Meesha m 3/26/10 10:31 AM
I am having the same problem and finding it very frustarting indeed!! Google are in no way providing any answers and after reading som may other people having the same issues I am not sure they will do. 
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch MaxHeiliger 4/2/10 3:43 AM
I have had this problem but found I could get around it by:
Search for [whatever] -gets results
click on images- gets images [Safe Search=moderate]
click on Advanced Search
click on Safe Search/No Filtering
click on Google Search - gets images [ Safe Search=Off]
Good Luck
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch red-jos 4/2/10 5:20 AM
I was very interested in the responses people have made to this problem. What makes it even more interesting, considering Google's statement about removing themselves from China because of censorship there - why didn't Google do this years ago? - is that they are censoring people around the world outside China themselves.
I find this totally unacceptable and will now use another browser that does NOT censor me.
Another big company which is refusing to respond to my complaints at the moment is Hewlett Packard, and it is obvious that these eversized companies are riding for a fall, and the sooner the better!

Re: Can't turn off google safesearch parkourforlife 4/3/10 2:49 PM
the Answer is simple...use another search site like yahoo
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch kaosfusion 4/6/10 5:09 AM
Many thanks for all the helpful and quite frankly, unhelpful comments (using another search engine was simply not the question being posed).

HOWEVER I resolved my issue a while back and thought it only fair to post my findings.  In my case I had installed on my PC a thirdparty product called K9 Web Protection to filter out porn sites and gamblings sites for certain users on the PC.

Unfortunately you cannot select which users you want the filter to apply to (all the users or none of the users is the choice).  Though K9 stops you from navigating to certain sites displaying a dog barking 'woof woof' instead of loading them then reason I couldn't 'switch-off' safe search also appears to be functionality related to K9.

I tried to deactivate K9 - this made no different SafeSearch was still active and could not be deactivated.

Issue resolved by uninstalling K9 as it simply will not allow you to do it any other way.

So if you using any kind of web protection software such as this one try uninstalling and seeing if this then allows you to disable Google safe search.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch jason14513 4/10/10 10:54 AM
If you're running K-9 Web Protection, go into Administration, then Setup.  On the left is a list of options, choose "Advanced" and look to see if the "Force Safe Search" button is checked.  If so, uncheck it and you should be good to go (at least it worked for me). 
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Merlindarkwing 4/17/10 10:45 AM
I for one am most offended by Google, this inability to change, turn OFF the safe search settings smacks of censorship or worse. And that is about as Anti-American as it can get.
And I firmly believe a direct violation of the most one sided Googlle agreement we are all FORCED into.
Class Action law suit is an open option. Perhaps a Million Dollars for each individual that is being censored without their permission. I'll bet that would get their attention and some fast action in correcting their lousy programming code. I would also opt for firing any and all responsible, right up to the top, fired without any further compensation and los of all bonuses and stock  [either held or optioned].
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Autobogg 5/7/10 7:14 AM

I think I got it from Frostwire on my Mac. Tried to get Adobe product. Got a bug on my PC. "Panda" killed it! 

Google search preferences change back, using Firefox or Yahoo. It doesn't matter which search engine you use. The same thing happens. It also signs you out if you are signed in.  I tried different profiles in Firefox. I won't try using safari or other browser until I virus scan my whole mac. That's going to take days!!! 

Re: Can't turn off google safesearch johnt519 6/4/10 9:10 AM
I'm having the same problem here at my work. I've tried three different browsers (IE 8, Firefox and Safari, all on Windows XP). SafeSearch will not turn off.

I've cleared cookies, rebooted, but still it is stuck on. Coworkers can search and change the SafeSearch setting, so there isn't an issue with the company firewall. It's just my system.

Even clicking the popup menu next to the search box to change the setting has no effect. Clicking the menu again, and it's still set to "Strict"
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch irinaUA 6/13/10 9:44 AM
The problem really is solved by simply going to image search and turning off the moderation there (SafeSearch: Off)
Then the web search goes back to normal again. Im frankly surprised Google decided to make one setting for both search modes. Because Id rather keep images search in strict mode (with safe search on) and web search without filters. Apparently, can't do that.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch wwwallyh 6/13/10 10:16 AM
I think every feature should have an option on/off switch associated with it..
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch buzuchok 7/2/10 10:45 PM
Firefox update/reinstall might help.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch SusanMB 8/14/10 6:36 AM
Thanks to jason14513 - your tip re K9 protection was spot on!
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch malgray2 1/30/12 1:55 PM
IrinaUA's fix works temporarily, but cannot be saved. Until recently I was using Firefox + Google + Windows 2000 without any difficulty. This problem manifested only after starting with Windows 7.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch kermit4242 7/10/12 1:47 PM
The problem for me seemed to be that I wasn't logged in. I'm using the Windows 8 release candidate and EVERY search engine that has safe search settings did not allow me to change them. Once I logged into Google, it allowed me to change it for Google searches anyhow; which is a bunch of crap if you ask me. Before long, we'll be required to sign into everything to do anything at all and most likely there is a clause in all of the EULAs that means they can use our data in some way that we don't like. Personally, I think it sucks. Nothing like Google's mission statement of making all information freely accessible by everyone everywhere.. I'm sure it currently includes a degree of personal information, if not all.
Re: Can't turn off google safesearch IDontNeedANanny 1/27/13 6:34 PM
Google - what the hell were you thinking ?! That YOU should decide for me what I can and can't look at?

The filters were fine as they were. If I don't want to see certain things, I can turn the filter on. If I need the filter off, I can (or used to be able to) turn it off.

So google .. anytime you decide to stop trying to be my nanny and put the filters back the way they were, come look for me on BING. Pretty sure you'll find the rest of the pissed off ex google users there too.


Re: Can't turn off google safesearch Joe Griego 2/20/13 3:18 PM
It's pretty easy to change the default search engine in Chrome.  On a Mac, just press command and comma together.  Go to Settings (it's the default page), then find the Search section.  There's a dropdown to select a non-Google search engine.  Bing allows you to turn off Safe Search easily.  When you set the default search engine to Bing, then type in any search term.  Once you're on, click on the gear on the upper right.  The General settings page has the option to turn off right at the very top.

I highly recommend doing this if you're doing image searches that might get filtered with anything other than "off."  That way, you don't have to know the supposedly specific search term for something you're looking for.

The disturbing part is that there is no way to know what you MIGHT want or be interested in with a non-filtered general term.  So if you search for something explicit (war images, or the like) a general search will never give you something you don't ALREADY know the specific search term for.  There is no question it's censorship, by any definition.  Interesting spin from Google on this new policy.  Thankfully, you can simply bypass it by ditching Google search as the default.


Re: Can't turn off google safesearch muththiah vasudevan 4/16/13 9:41 AM
i need to delete safe search from window 7 on my lap top after use ineed to refix/reinstal
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