Is Google Anti-Christian?

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Is Google Anti-Christian? Dionket 4/4/10 5:12 AM
Today is EASTER and yet, there is no cute little Easter-related Google main page.
Not even Bunnies, which really are not related to Easter.

Since you provide special Google main pages for other religions and holiday events, I must assume that Google is Anti-Christian.

In fact, you are so obviously anti-Christian that I am insulted and offended.  You are not fair nor equitable in your seasonal choices and have neglected a large portion of users.

I will be using another web browser and will change my email from gmail to another service.

Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? danielroofer 4/4/10 5:26 AM
Being part of a minority religion really sucks hey?
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Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? yay4paine 4/4/10 2:45 PM
Our country was not founded upon Christian values and principles.  It was founded by deists.  Do your homework. 

Second, Easter isn't a Christian holiday at all - it was a pagan celebration of the goddess Eustre of the Anglo-Saxon tribes.  That's where the eggs and other fertility symbology (baby animals, etc) come from.  

If you were really Christian you'd be in church right now.  Not deciding that Google is "un-Christian" because they don't use the symbols a tribal religion came up with.

Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? fightinfilipino 4/4/10 3:09 PM
Mr. J. Shawn Campbell,

I think you missed the point.  This is what it's like for non-majority religions, at least in Western nations.  Not every religion receives recognition by corporations for every single major event, nor should they.

What's also sad is your seeming need for a corporation to somehow validate your religion by posting some clip art on a website.  It's THAT MINOR.  Get OVER yourself.

And frankly, if I remember from my own Christian upbringing, Jesus would seriously frown at your shenanigans.  I thought you were supposed to have faith and not rely on idols?

Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? danielroofer 4/4/10 4:25 PM
>>>It is only out of the tolerance and grace of the founders of our country that people like you, and the Google anti-Christian crowd are even allowed to be anti-Christian in the USA.

I am not an American.

Neither am I in  the USA.

Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? Skullpuck 4/5/10 12:10 AM
Help! The religious majority is being oppressed by a search engine!

Google, you're going straight to hell for that one.
Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? azbadfish 4/5/10 3:16 PM
First of all, Google not putting up anything for easter doesn't make them anti-christian.  putting up a picture of a zombie jesus eating a bunny might be concidered such, but i'd say if anything it would show that Google is saying they aren't a christian organization.  Secondly, why do you have a computer?  if you're a christian shouldn't you be sell it so you can give that money to the poor?
Re: Is Google Anti-Christian? Clarissa Sarenpa 10/28/11 7:51 AM
Well stupidhead, our nation was not founded by deists. You are an amateur.