Inability to disable Google Safesearch.

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Inability to disable Google Safesearch. dhixon 3/7/09 11:27 AM
Same problem so many of us have had: there doesn't seem to be a foolproof way to disable this feature. No matter how many times i instruct no filtering, Safesearch remains on. This is ridiculous.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. Laudy 3/12/09 11:54 AM
It sounds like your preferences won't stick. Sometimes its just a case of ensuring your cookies are enabled.
However, it may also be software that has locked your preferences too!
I've added a reference to our Help Center below, it will outline all the possible reasons for this happening and troubleshooting steps for eliminating the issue.

Hope it helps and if it continues to stick let me know. :)
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. kalahari 3/23/09 3:57 AM
I have been through all the Help Center options.  I am now using Google on IE 8 (under Vista x64 SP1) -- but this is not a new problem that I see just for this configuration.  I have set as a site never to delete cookies from. I have checked that my google cookies are NOT being deleted.  I have checked that there are no other google cookies being created when I click Save Preferences.
Not being able to turn off Safesearch permanently either appears to be
1) a bug OR
2) the way that Google has designed it.
It applies not only to turning off Safesearch but also to the number of searches returned per page.  That keeps going back to 10!
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. mooredc54 3/23/09 5:36 AM
IE 8 is barely out of apha testing, have you tried it on another browser like FireFox?
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. kalahari 3/23/09 8:23 AM
The response that "IE 8 is barely out of alpha testing..." does not help me.  I've been in this game a long time.  My browser of choice, for the past couple of years, has been Firefox.  I'm trying to use 64-bit products on Vista x64 (on a new powerful PC).  I'm not trying to figure out whether the Save Preferences works perfectly with Firefox 32-bit.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. shean m 3/23/09 9:01 PM
I am also having this problem.  I'm using IE7 and cannot get safe search, nor the other search settings to stay put.  The above suggestions simply do not work.  If I don't find a resultion soon, I will just stop using google.  I simply have better things to do than argue with a browser to convince it to show me all the results.
Oh, and Google, I should not have to be concerned with resetting things each time I clear a browser's cache either.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. kalahari 3/24/09 4:28 AM
In IE8, sometimes my Safesearch and Number of Searches preferences are saved and survive a browser restart or a PC restart.  My Google cookies are not being deleted.
I think that Google needs to come up with a better solution to storing these preferences.  Storing preferences in cookies, that I and lot of other users like to control, is not the way to go.  Why not just store it in a directory on the PC (or Mac) associated with that user?  I would like to see the same preferences whether I'm using IE, Firefox, or Chrome anyway.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. shean m 4/1/09 3:29 PM

I found the fix.  The problem lies in Microsoft's search bar that they integrate with IE7.  If you go to Google direct, the safe search issue does not arise, so the fix requires removing the Microsoft default google search engine link for the search bar and installing your own. 

I simply changed the search default to point to wikipedia, then deleted the google link, then manually installed the google link using the steps ms suggests, and now it works fine.

Sorry I blamed Google for this one. 

Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. adonyx 5/3/09 2:24 PM
Yes, shean m is mostly correct.
Steps to resolve this:
1. Change google's advanced search options to "Do not filter my search results"
2. Even if your IE search bar default is already set to google, you need to re-set it to google after you disable the safesarch option in step one.
Why? Leave that to the guys who get paid to code. It works, do it.
And yeah, it is google's blunder.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. aventuroso 10/25/09 6:24 AM
This problem still persists. I normally use Chrome or FF to browse and I cannot find a way to disable SS. Wonder if this is a bug, or is intentional from Google never to disable SS. Hope this is simply a bug and it can be fix. We are worry about not getting the right content, but about how many times the Google Safe Search website is accessed.  We use a proxy and the hit count is not small.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. Shannon O 10/27/09 7:16 PM
This has been an ongoing issue for me as well.  Even worse, the setting change not only doesn't stick, but it will never allow me to even get the results once.  I make the selection, click save, get a confirmation that it is saved and still can't search. I am going back to Yahoo as my homepage.  I used to love google but life is stressful enough without having to get peeved when you can't even google the lyrics to Madonna's Erotic.  LMAO
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. modirajiv 12/14/09 3:53 AM
Looks what shean m has mentioned, has worked for me too.Thanks. Hope it remains off.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. exiges220 4/17/10 12:16 AM
The preference setting doesnt work! Nothing works!! I am using Yahoo search for now till Google solve the problem.
Re: Inability to disable Google Safesearch. Andrea70 2/16/12 1:05 AM
Google please put as default Safe search off and stuck it off.
When i surf the web i want to be free to see and read any ANY information link photos videos that  freedom of internet can give me !  Put a filter  that doesn't wok (i want it off but i cannot thanks google) is an explicit censure of the web.
Give us the freedom back remove google safesomething