Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic?

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Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? James Chin 6/7/12 1:27 PM
This question relates to the Google front page when I go to www.google.com while logged in.  The Google front page is now being shown to me in Icelandic, and this is not correct.  I want it in English.  But, I can't find a preferences setting to change to fix this.  How do i fix this problem?

My Gmail account is set to English, and that seems to be behaving itself, but changing the language preference in Gmail doesn't change the default language on my Google search page.  Clicking the "Google.com in English" link in the lower-right corner just takes me back to the Icelandic Google page.

The only thing I can think of is that I recently took a trip to Iceland two months ago and was accessing Google from Iceland during my visit, but I don't know why my default language would be changed today (two months after my trip), and the language issue only cropped up just now.
Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? James Chin 6/7/12 1:59 PM
Nevermind, I figured it out.  I use multiple account sign-ins, and I had to log out both of those accounts, then log into only the one account that was having problems and then go to this link ( http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en ) to change the default language back to English.

I have two very strong recommendations.  First, the language preferences for the search page should be part of the search page.  Either that, or the account preferences accessible in the upper-right corner needs to have a language option that controls all languages for the account; right now, it doesn't.

Second, when choosing the language from a list, the word for the language in it's own language should be used.  I had to search through a list of languages trying to figure out what the Icelandic word for "English" was; that should NOT have been the case.  (It turns out that it's "enski" or something.)  "English" should have appeared literally in the list.  In other words, when presenting the list, a native speaker of any given language should be able to recognize the name of their own language.  For example, if someone is trying to find Spanish, they're not looking for "Spanish" because that makes no sense to them; they're looking for "Español" and that's what they want to click on.
Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? smurthygr 6/8/12 4:07 AM
I strongly agree.  I suddenly find that my search results are in Hindi today.  I do not know Hindi and do not want my results in it.  What am I to do to revert to English?
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Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? 5280fornow 6/8/12 8:17 AM
Thank you James,  I just posted a similar question and did not see your issue. This has fixed my problem perfectly. My chosen language was Portuguese -- cannot even imagine why that was since I have not been out of the US at all!

I agree with what you say about language preferences should be part of the search page if this kind of error is going to continue!!!!

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Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? Autoboffin 6/8/12 8:53 PM
Settle down! All the buttons on the page are suddenly in Korean. It might as well be Klingon. I have never been anywhere near Korea and as far as I know I have never opened a Korean webpage. How do you think I should proceed? Should I take several days to try and find some sympathetic Korean  person? I randomly blundered my way as far as this - at least it is in a european language I can understand...
Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? Autoboffin 6/8/12 9:56 PM
I have completely given up. I can find no further options to change. I am in New Zealand, I haven't been out of the country for years and this laptop has never left. My ISP is in New Zealand, my IP address checks out as in Auckland New Zealand, all the language options I can find are set to English, yet today almost very page from the Google empire comes up in Korean, a language I have no knowlege of and which my computer cannot even display properly. I can't read it and so I have no idea what any of the buttons mean.

I can access my Google history from my desktop on the same internet connection and everything is as it always has been - in English. So the problem seems to be related to this laptop. If somebody could help instead of sneering I would be much happier!
Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? rajamal 6/9/12 2:26 AM

So when I search from incognito mode in Google chrome, the search results are in Hindi. I am from India. But I don't know how to read Hindi. And I don't see any logical reason for this hindi language change to happen too. Is it not better to give the search results in english and give option to change it to hindi ?. India has a lots of people who don't know hindi. 

 And this hindi language search results wont work for people who are traevlling from US or other countries too. Or does google expect us to login before searching ?
Re: Why did my www.google.com page change to Icelandic? Autoboffin 6/11/12 3:23 AM
Yesterday Google was in English again and I thought the problem had been fixed. I didn't change anything. But today it is back to Korean and of course I cannot even see what any of the settings are because I cannot read anything!

What is going on???