More Censorship?

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More Censorship? mcapehartjr 1/26/11 9:15 PM
So the autocomplete doesn't suggest bittorrent or torrent anymore?

So, since these copyright lobbyists got their panties in a bunch, you've caved in like some scared children.

When searching for bittorrent video streaming news, or looking for Linux torrents, I feel as though I am being punished for others ill deeds. is my new default search engine. You guys are pathetic.
Re: More Censorship? grumblinghive 1/28/11 1:25 PM
Just type "Torrent of Awesome Gamez Collection 2010" instead of "Awesome Gamez Collection 2010 torrent".

Then the outstanding anti-piracy measures don't work anymore.
Re: More Censorship? wwwallyh 1/28/11 2:08 PM
Re: More Censorship? mcapehartjr 1/28/11 3:12 PM
The point is, these words are not always used for piracy, yet Google loses functionality because they CAN be. Hey 'MP3' CAN be used for piracy. Censor that too. So can the word 'Ebook', censor it. Hell, any place that lets you upload a file could be used for piracy, let's censor the word 'upload'. I don't understand how perfectly legal technologies like bittorrent, or file storage systems like megaupload & rapidshare should be censored from autocomplete at all...

It also creates a small precedent. When the media conglomerates take Google to court over key-word filtering the actual search results, and Google says they don't think it's necessary, they will come back with "Oh but it was nessecary to filter the autocomplete function? The results are what is actually leading people to the copyrighted material."

So in short, thanks Google for attempting to destroy yourself. 1 step closer to your own demise at the hands of MPAA/RIAA/MAFIAA...
Re: More Censorship? satanicslave 1/28/11 3:31 PM
just got to say google is not going to be my default search engine as of today ....
just cant understand why they had to give in to a bunch of muppets and who the hell is anyone to tell me what i can and can-not search for on the internet .....i use bittorrent software to do remote back-ups from other people computers
and now i have  to "word" my searches when i go looking for software ...stupid or what ..

NOT HAPPY GOOGLE DO YOU HEAR ME ...get some balls and sort your lives out or your going down the pan like all the other weak and spineless software providers out there...................