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Love this search engine Yvette Griffin 3/17/13 3:52 AM
Every time I'm on this website, I get to see wonderful artistic themes on google.  Today, I saw the Irish dancing up and down in google outfits.  So cool.  So nifty.  Love this idea.  It makes me look forward to coming to this website every time I am on google which is now my default page. Maybe you guys can put an option for a google interactive game on each default google theme. I also love this search engine because it's not cluttered with ads that annoy people by forcefully imposing on them when they go to a search for things.  I get so annoyed by having to deal with these ads all over the place when you try to search for something.  Its oppressive when you are a college student trying to navigate around the web and have limited time to search for things to do your schoolwork.  It makes me angry and want to boycott every add that pops up when I try to search for something.  Perhaps people should do this.
Re: Love this search engine Kousha N. 3/19/13 2:43 PM
Hi Yvette Griffin, happy to hear you liked the Doodle! If you'd like to see it again at any time, you can visit