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Page Rank Update Sachin Goyal 2/5/13 4:19 AM
Hi dear friends
Today google update page rank
check your site page rank
Also see my site page rank because my site pr update
MLM Software
Re: Page Rank Update Rajgaytri Jyotish 2/5/13 4:24 AM
Yes, I agree with you
Because my site pr increase 
Re: Page Rank Update Sachin Kumar Goyal 2/5/13 4:29 AM
Hi friends
but my site page rank not update
What to do for page rank update
Re: Page Rank Update Shannon... 2/8/13 5:25 PM
Hello Sachin,
There was a recent page rank update dated February 3rd.  The values are usually updated four times a year.  If you have Google Toolbar you will see it.  If it is not showing on the Google Toolbar, just pick it from the icon options list.
Check out this article:  (It is not by Google)
"Google Pagerank Update in February 2013"
The next update of pagerank according to the article is set for June, 2013.
Enjoy your day,