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New possible Google results layout forestsoftware 5/3/13 7:56 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. Yes
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Apologies if this is the wrong place for this - I've just seen a report in Search Engine Land about a possible layout for Google results where the results' URL is no longer displayed (at if anyone wants to see it).

Personally I feel this is a bad idea as I tend to look at the URL to see if it's a site that I trust or not - for example if I am searching for something about tax I want to see the HMRC (here in the UK) or an accountants site.  Likewise if I am searching for the example given in SEL I'd be more inclined to click on a page on the Microsoft site than one on the site - and so the list goes on.

I really hope that this isn't a forerunner of a real change to the search results page - we've had too many of these recently, from the removal of the instant preview to the messing around with green arrows to see more information.  Google needs to realise that people get used to and trust a particular format and anything different (like the Google+ merged results for example) only confuses people and makes them trust the results less.

What do other people think - so far on SEL there's not been one person saying it's a good idea.
Re: New possible Google results layout Thomas P. 5/4/13 5:41 PM
I wonder if Barry Schwartz, at least for the desktop variant, was a bit too busy smacking something on to the web, to actually worry about quality :-|
The desktop variant doesn't look like a test, but rather as a bug (or something else; I have, in this forum, not seen a single 1'st hand report from a user matching such test.)
Instead of looking at Bary's crop'ed screenshot, then go to the source:
That original (non-Barry-crop'ed) image can't be fully right, because:
A. The blackbar is seriously short of its normal items.
B. There's lots of "Searches related to ...", but not a single Addvert for that [Windows 8] search.
C. One result (with Author image) hasn't been URL stripped.
D. Only 5 results are show. (for a desktop's monitor?!?)
E. In the right-side of the searchbox: Why is there a closing-"x", and why is the search-button icon smaller than that closing-"x".
Furthermore: Barry's claim that "@tecnonetblog tweeted that he spotted this test and ..." is not correct.
The text of the tweet  is simply "Google results without url:" (which leaves a lot to speculation about the image's source & purpose)
(BTW: I don't like that Barry's embedded crop w. text "Here is a picture of the desktop version:", has the crop linking to Barry's crop, instead of the full image.)
Well, since I don't use Google on any mobile device, then I'll avoid making comments about Google's mobile stuff, but ...
Conclusion, for the Desktop variant: Random rumours.