I have never been to Korea

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I have never been to Korea Autoboffin 6/11/12 4:07 AM
Everything on this whole page is in Korean. I cannot read Korean, and anyway this laptop cannot even display Korean script. So I cannot read what the buttons are or see what any preferences might be set to. The laptop has never been out of New Zealand and I cannot remember ever visiting any Korean website. This started last week. Yesterday Google was back in English and I thought that somebody had found and fixed the problem. But again today the Google Empire is only accessible if I blunder around the screen pushing random buttons.

Even Gmail has gone Korean today!

Please give me back Google in English! (Preferably proper British English but even that horrible US version would do.)

Of course I may never be able to find this forum ever again because I don't actually know exactly how I got here...

I have been trying a few other things. Our other computer, using the same internet connection to the same New Zealand ISP, is unaffected. (So far.) And I have just tried using Internet Explorer on this laptop instead of Firefox, and a Google search has come back in English. Well, that's good; but when everything I do on the internet has been on Firefox for so long, this will be very inconvenient. Does anybody have any idea why it would be switching languages back and forth?

Which button is the "Send" or "Submit"?
Re: I have never been to Korea Autoboffin 6/11/12 4:21 AM
Now I'm even more confused, as if it were possible. A new tab in Firefox brought back a results page in perfect English. Was it the jibe at the American version of English? I swear I never touched any settings or logged in or out of anything!

Talk about random!
Re: I have never been to Korea lhswartz 6/11/12 10:48 AM
Could you tell us which version of Firefox you're using, and on which Operating System (Mac/Windows/Linux)?

If you haven't tried it already, I recommend visiting http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en and clicking "Languages" to set your language preferences.
Re: I have never been to Korea Autoboffin 6/19/12 4:51 AM
Firefox 12.0. Windows XP Pro, S.P. 3.

Since my last post, every Google search has come back on an English page. Has the problem gone away?

I haven't done anything different. I have changed no settings. English has always been the language used for everything on this laptop. TonIght of course I can find my way to the Google preferences page, and it is set to English.

Last week I did try a couple of searches using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, and also using Firefox on another computer on the same network and internet connection. And the results always came back in English. But given the random nature of this problem, this may not mean much.

The "Korean" pages showed the actual search results in whatever language they are, which is usually English, and it showed the posts in this forum in English, but every hyperlink button was in whatever pictograms the computer shows instead of Korean. (Korean fonts are not installed.)