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lost birthday reminder feature KW42 9/21/12 12:26 PM
How do I recover my birthday information from my birthday reminder feature? It just disappeared aboaut three days ago. The "pixie" site doesn't open on the web either.
Re: lost birthday reminder feature MARKCBET 9/21/12 12:49 PM
I cannot, I am afraid, provide a substantive answer, but I suggest you have a look at the thread started by Mary sch, in which the problem is at least addressed. This is the link :


Re: lost birthday reminder feature MARKCBET 9/21/12 1:09 PM
Hi kw42, I am sorry but the link I gave just redirects back to this forum. You can find the thread under the title : Igoogle is going away I know but how to I keep Labpixies birthday reminder. Apologies again for misleading you. Mark
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Jannyann2 9/22/12 4:55 PM
Has anyone figured out what happened to the birthday reminder on my Google Home page?
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Jan Gremmen 9/22/12 10:53 PM
Can anybody tell me when this will be fixed? 

This birthday reminder is used a lot (at least by me), now I get to see: Unable to retrieve: http://www.labpixies.com/campaigns/dates/dates.xml

Is there someone who can repair this?

Re: lost birthday reminder feature Anthony Hau 9/23/12 1:08 AM
I've got the same problem. If it's been taken down I at least want to get my old data back. It's hard to remember all the birthday's...
Re: lost birthday reminder feature very difficult 9/23/12 11:32 AM
same problem for me, Thought it was my fault!! Will techy on white charger arrive soon?
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Kousha N. 9/23/12 4:49 PM
Hi everyone,

Thanks, MARKCBET for your help. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm currently investigating this issue, and I'll be back with any updates as I get them.

If you could, go through some of the beginner troubleshooting steps, and give me feedback on what happens.

1) Clear you cache and cookies
2) Update your browser
3) Report back with how this works, and also what browser version you're using.


Re: lost birthday reminder feature SaveiGoogle.org 9/23/12 6:15 PM

Thanks for the troubleshooting suggestions but they are of no use. Labpixies, a Google company, appears to have pulled the plug on the birthday reminder gadget without warning or any means for users to retrieve information they have stored using the gadget. The XML file located at http://www.labpixies.com/campaigns/dates/dates.xml currently returns a 404 (not found) error. No amount of gadget user effort can correct that.

The gadget was functioning when we checked it 4 days ago per the following thread: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/websearch/igoogle-personal-homepage/QNwMW_Rpxfw.  Hopefully this is only a temporary 404 error problem.

However, other Labpixies gadgets are continuing to function and their XML files are available on Labpixies servers (see http://www.google.com/ig/directory?q=labpixies). This appears to be a deliberate decision to pull the plug on the gadget. If so, at the very least its disappointing because Labpixies and Google should have taken the opportunity to give users a lengthy warning about gadget retirement via gadget MiniMessage and declined to do so.
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Jan Gremmen 9/25/12 1:23 AM
the new message is: This gadget is no longer available.

Without any warning at all!!! 

So we loose all your data, what a shitty action.

Re: lost birthday reminder feature Very angry granny 9/30/12 8:58 AM
I am realy upset about this because I did not make a copy and now i do not have any way to rethrieve my info.  stressed out granny
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Taryn Reynolds 9/30/12 2:05 PM
I am infuriated right now!! I cannot believe that Google would pull this gadget without warning!! Knowing that iGoogle was going away, I logged in to see about transferring my data, and the Birthday Reminder Gadget was gone! If enough people complain, do you think Google will allow us to retrieve our data? 
Re: lost birthday reminder feature D D C 9/30/12 3:27 PM
I AGREE! I NEED and WANT my bd data back!
Re: lost birthday reminder feature D D C 9/30/12 3:28 PM
I too am a "stressed out granny"  So much for electronic data keeping.  
Re: lost birthday reminder feature D D C 9/30/12 3:36 PM
Google keep your fingers out of my homepage.  I like my current homepage setup  I DON'T LIKE THE NEW VERSION!
You took away the LabPixie birthday reminder but I want it back. Complete with all my birthday reminders!
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Kousha N. 9/30/12 9:51 PM
Hi everyone,

I hear you about your frustrations with losing your birthday data. I'm sorry about that. I know this won't be a perfect fix, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that Google+ can now give you birthday reminders right on the Google's homepage (similar to iGoogle's birthday reminder feature). It requires that your contacts share their birthday with you on their G+ profile. If you and your contacts share, it pops up right on the Search page before you do any searches. Here's more info

Just thought I'd pass this along in case it's of any help to you. If I find anything else that I think might be helpful to you, I'll be sure to pass it your way.


Re: lost birthday reminder feature T in TN 10/1/12 8:45 PM
I just want my bday data BACK!! ...This is not a good business move in my opinion!!
Re: lost birthday reminder feature Kousha N. 10/15/12 10:07 AM
Hi all,

In case you haven't seen it yet, I want to give you a heads up that the birthday widget team has provided a fix that should allow you to retrieve your data. You can follow the discussion about this update here.