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Update on iGoogle Conrad L 7/11/12 10:17 AM
We just announced on the Official Google Blog that we are sunsetting iGoogle in 16 months, on November 1, 2013.  As stated in our blog post, we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference:

Technology creates tremendous opportunities to improve people’s lives. But to make the most of them, we need to focus - or we end up doing too much and not having the impact we strive for.  So last fall we started a spring-clean, and since then we've closed or combined more than 30 products.

iGoogle will remain available for the next 16 months.

Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years.

Update on 7/11/2012: Please see this post for the continuing discussion on iGoogle's sunset.
Re: Update on iGoogle Sol O'Malee 7/3/12 1:59 PM

I am flabbergasted by Google's decision to drop iGoogle I have used it daily as my homepage since it's initial launch and have no clue what I might use as a similar alternative.

With no iGoogle, there becomes less and less reason for me to continue to use *any* Google product (Reader, Mail, Stocks etc). iGoogle brought everything I needed together to one single home page that I could access on any computer with a browse irrespective of the corporate lockdown policies that happened to be in place wherever I needed to work.

This is a sad sad day (in 16 months time)...

Please reconsider this decision

Re: Update on iGoogle EDVurd 7/3/12 1:59 PM
WHY??? iGoogle is what I wake up to every single day. To be very honest, most people I know use iGoogle as their homepage. I just reset my 86 year old grandmother's homepage to iGoogle. I have no idea what I will use that would be able to replicate what /ig provides me in terms of web experience. Social media doesn't really exist to me, no facebook/twitter/whatever but I am taking the time to reply to this. As a longtime fan, and shareholder for what it's worth, I am saddened. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Bill Schultz 7/3/12 2:21 PM
I have used iGoogle as my home page, everyday since it was introduced. As a Chrome user, I hope the functionality of iGoogle is integrated into the browser itself. It's not very practical to have 10 tabs open all the time, especially at work.
I hope you reconsider the decision to shutdown this excellent product.
Re: Update on iGoogle Firelight 7/3/12 2:32 PM
Conrad, please do NOT kill iGoogle.

I use it as my browser home page for my office desktop, home laptop, GNex and Android tablet. It perfectly aggregates my feeds and information from my favorite sites - and it how I learned about iGoogle being killed off.

Y'all just got it looking prettier - and I can't imagine living without it! I've been using it since 2005 (much like I was Grand Central before it became Voice) and it's just the perfect goto aggregator.

Don't make me go back to myYahoo.  PLEASE!
Re: Update on iGoogle WolfpackFan 7/3/12 3:00 PM
I am switching to Netvibes and washing my hands with Google. Time after time they cancel or change services I use and I'm tired of it.
Re: Update on iGoogle Brinke Guthrie 7/3/12 3:04 PM
I cannot believe it. 

I've used this page---these sets of tabs---for 7 years.

No other start page since 2005.

RECONSIDER.  I'd consider dropping every Google product because of this.  
Re: Update on iGoogle GeorgeK 7/3/12 3:05 PM
Please reconsider. iGoogle is a gateway to other Google products. For example:

(a) search (since there's a Google search box at the top of iGoogle)
(b) Google Finance (for those of us who put our portfolio on our iGoogle home page)
(c) weather
(d) Gmail (with the gadget, one can see when there's new email, without devoting an entire browser tab to it)
(e) Google Reader (and other RSS feeds)
(f) Google News
(g) Bookmarks

If I have to migrate settings to another platform, it means fewer searches on Google (which means lower profits for Google). I keep iGoogle open all day long (i.e. a "power user"). If Google has a replacement for iGoogle for us "power users", please document it --- I don't think one can easily replicate the experience with current Google alternatives.
Re: Update on iGoogle thinker60 7/3/12 3:25 PM
Amazing!  Well what should I use instead.  I have used iGoogle for many many years.  Any suggestions?
Re: Update on iGoogle ProfMel 7/3/12 4:04 PM
I think you are making a mistake by assuming that most people use iGoogle on their phones.  I use it on my computer.  I spend 8+ hours/day on the computer.  I can't afford internet on my phone.  More and more, if you don't have phone access to internet, you're cut out.  Which is ridiculous because still only about 40% of the population has smart phones.  Why give up on all those customers?
You say "it's all readily available".  What do you recommend for a desktop?
Yeah, that's what I thought - nothing.
Re: Update on iGoogle bluequoll - Top Contributor 7/10/12 4:03 PM
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Re: Update on iGoogle Just saying 7/3/12 4:11 PM
Sad to see it go.  I use all day everday.  Not sure how I will replace it.  Please keep this product
Re: Update on iGoogle glpj 7/3/12 4:14 PM
I've used iGoogle for years.  It is a great home page: news, links, stock, and a search box all on one page.  When I read " With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time,...", I thought what else provides this capability,  the only ones I know of are msn.com, yahoo.com, and so on.  If you really want to push your loyal users off to other websites, I think you're doing the right thing.
Re: Update on iGoogle wlibbrecht 7/3/12 4:23 PM
I too use igoogle as my home page and would prefer it be left alone. It is flawed, but should be fixed, not eliminated. Please leave me my igoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle Mark54321 7/3/12 4:35 PM
Same here...It is my first page I look at when I turn on my computer every morning.  Why do you need to remove it.  Nuts!  You say that all these "apps" seem to replace iGoogle—do you not hear yourselves "all" versus one, I can't think of a single app that runs on a desktop/laptop that does even a 10th of iGoogle for consolidating information

Please! Don't do this!
Re: Update on iGoogle rhousedorf 7/3/12 4:48 PM
Just adding my plea to please not shut it down.  iGoogle is my homepage and is where I get ALL my news, and is my launch point for almost everything I do on the web, all day, every day.

Please reconsider!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle KalamaMike 7/3/12 4:49 PM
I'm not sure how I will be able to wake up in the morning and read all the news that I have linked into my iGoogle homepage.  I really like iGoogle, a lot.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Charles Xanderloot 7/3/12 5:01 PM
I think retiring igoogle is a huge mistake. Nothing that has happened on the web changes the convenience and value of igoogle. Not Twitter, not Facebook, and certainly no other product made by google like Google+ or circles. It seems like Google is hoping on some Web 3.0 bandwagon by throwing out something that is working fine and serves a great purpose for some untested and uneeded 'new' thing. igoogle is my homepage. I will return to MyYahoo which offers a similar customizable portal if iGoogle is eliminated. Seriously this borders on a Quickster type of move.
Re: Update on iGoogle skarface101 7/3/12 5:02 PM
Nice, get rid of the ONE thing I use daily... Good thinking, Google, I love it. What a bunch of dummies.
Re: Update on iGoogle fex905 7/3/12 5:03 PM
This seems like a silly devolpment to remove Igoogle. I've been using it as a home page ever since it came out. It is a nice homepage to have to show me rss feeds and emails in one page and you don't have to sign up yet another account to have these things. Just one page to have everything it really speeds up my day by just having one site to go to see everything I want to see. Please don't take it away!
Re: Update on iGoogle Justme25 7/3/12 5:17 PM
This is insane.

IGoogle is my HOME PAGE when I run Google Chrome. I enjoy have my news, weather, gmail, etc. all on one page and I access it multiple times a day. If you eliminate it  - heaven forbid, I would have to go back to making something like AOL my home page.

Please reconsider this decision. Not all of us are mobile-oriented, therefore having apps to replace separate features that I use on IGOOGLE is not an efficient or effective option.
Re: Update on iGoogle aws 7/3/12 5:17 PM
Unbelievable!!!! Obviously Google doesn't know how people use their product. You change News & Finance which are now worthless. You changed Reader and it is now barely useful. Your new Search requires me to go through piles of Bull Crap to find anything worthwhile, but it now takes twice as long. I now use other product for those functions cutting my use of Google products in half over the last year or so.

Now this... I have 5 tabs with specialized sources arranged for special functions on each tab, some with real time data. It has been the center of my productivity for years. Your migration to complete social media crap ignores the fact that some people, many in fact, still use their computers as a tool and not a toy. Actually I find the social media a childish activity.

At least I have some time to rework my approach to work, but rest assured it will NOT be on a Google product. This is the final straw for me. Enjoy your future.... maybe you should take a cue from RIMM and not chase loyal customers away...
Re: Update on iGoogle Bob Y 7/3/12 5:19 PM
I can't imagine life without iGoogle.  It puts everything I need and read right in front of me.  Please reconsider this horrible decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle pierak 7/3/12 5:24 PM
I think this is a very, very bad idea. The strength of igoogle is that it brings all my interests together in one single page. It is my home page, to which I return several times during the day to check items of interest. I know of no viable alternative to this set up. It is very important to me. To be honest, I am rather miffed that you would even consider inconveniencing your loyal users, now or 16 months from now. What next? Are you going to sunset the search page???

I also use igoogle as my 'base' to access other google products, such as search, maps, etc.

If I have to go traipsing around the internet for an alternative to igoogle, I might as well find an alternative to the rest of it.

Please, please reconsider.

Re: Update on iGoogle TGD 7/3/12 5:26 PM
Wow Google talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  I use iGoogle for everything, everyday. I also travel a lot and its a huge deal to be able to log on anywhere to any computer and get to all of the information I need on one page.  I don't see Google + as a viable replacement, its getting worse with every update. I hate to go back to Yahoo, but I will really have no choice if you end iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle shorty82 7/3/12 5:29 PM
Please, please do not retire iGoogle! It is my homepage and have been for a very long time. I love the personalized look of iGoogle plus the apps on the page giving me an instant glance at the weather and the like. Not everyone has a smart phone, I don't, and I don't want to install a bunch of apps into my browser to get this information. With iGoogle, no matter the computer or browser I use I have access to MY iGoogle, something not possible with browser based apps. By all means focus more on other products but that doesn't mean you have to get rid of iGoogle totally. If it wasn't popular I could see getting rid of it but iGoogle is extremely popular as one can make Google their own. They can change the way it looks and what information they want displayed. That's why it is my homepage, it looks they way I want it to look and shows me the information I want at a glance and I'm sure this these and more are the reasons for many other people.

Please listen to your users and change your mind about this!
Re: Update on iGoogle KevinC99 7/3/12 5:30 PM
I've used iGoogle for 7 years. I've used it because it integrated well with other Google products that I used without being intrusive and also let me add news and weather in one place. I'm not going to use Chrome. I'm not going to use Android. I don't want to use separate apps to accomplish what I've done for 7 years on one page.

I find Google as a company less and less appealing because they keep killing their products I use. It would be better to keep products that people actually use rather than focusing so much on Google+.

Re: Update on iGoogle treesyjo 7/3/12 5:31 PM
I joined this group just to add my name as one who is devastated to see iGoogle go.  I like having everything on one opening page and I don't see how apps can help me on my PC laptop.  Why not just leave iGoogle in place?  Would that cause a problem?  Obviously a ton of people are using it.  Please reconsider killing iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle SethBW 7/3/12 5:32 PM
I am extremely disappointed at Google's decision and especially its statements that iGoogle is no longer necessary.  Google unfortunately seems to be emulating the arrogance of Facebook by assuming that everyone wants the same thing that the Google developers do.  If this is going to continue maybe it's time to look for another email program.   I've already dropped Chrome.  
Re: Update on iGoogle soncoman 7/3/12 5:35 PM
Seriously... this is a bad idea.  I don't do anything "mobile."  I have used igoogle (and set up family members and friends) since its inception.   I suspect this is just a way to somehow push people onto the Chrome Browser, but I see no comparable ability on said browser.  Microsoft and Yahoo retain something similar. Why does Google think their users don't want this?  Exactly how many igoogle users are their? You think this ability hasn't made a difference to us?  Or is it that it hasn't made a difference to Google's bottom line?
Re: Update on iGoogle JCRides 7/3/12 5:35 PM
Well that really sucks! Been using iGoogle as my home page for years. Does it really take that much effort to maintain?

Guess I'll just have to set up forwarding on my gmail and find something else to use for my homepage.
Re: Update on iGoogle iamtmorg 7/3/12 5:36 PM
I think Google will regret this product retirement. I and many others will be forced to move to another homepage with another search product and since we have it all in one place at work, at home or anywhere we login we will be using something else besides "Google" everywhere for everything. They will lose tons of users and that will lead to lost ad revenue. Big Mistake in my opinion!
Re: Update on iGoogle JoeDSileo1988 7/3/12 5:38 PM
This is madness. I have been using this system to see my calendar, news feed, weather, email, RSS feeds......We the Google users demand to be heard on this one.
Re: Update on iGoogle JamesM86 7/3/12 5:38 PM
Why is iGoogle getting the clean sweep?  I've always relied on the fact that it was there and did exactly what I wanted it to, no more and no less. It never pretended to be a app and throw unnecessary functionality in my face, but it was custimizable enough to satisfy my needs.

To be honest the reasons Google gave to discontinue iGoogle are the reasons I don't use alternatives.

Please don't close iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle jfudgeelder 7/3/12 5:39 PM
NOOOOO!!!! I love iGoogle. I've never found anything quite like it and I haven't the slightest idea what I'll do when it's gone. It's so ridiculously handy, I can pull it up on any computer I use or on my phone. I can't believe you're getting rid of this! It's awesome!
Re: Update on iGoogle richardnwilson 7/3/12 5:39 PM
I never ever posted anything, but this has really upset me. Like all others who have commented, I use iGoogle as my homepage and it's indispensable. I wonder if Google really researched their audience before coming to this decision. 

Very disappointed.

Posting here to add my voice to the efforts to bring this back
Re: Update on iGoogle LeRald0 7/3/12 5:41 PM
You're retiring the one place where the majority of your apps can come together and be displayed in a personalized way, all on one page. This is absolutely insane. I've actually used google products that I otherwise would not have, if not for the iGoogle integration. Now I am considering finding an alternative to google for every service of yours that I use because of this unbelievably stupid decision. I've used iGoogle every day since it's initial release.

I don't understand how such a large corporation couldn't just have a couple employees maintaining iGoogle. Or better yet, just leave it alone and never touch again, but still allow it to be used.

I hate you, Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle Gchuck 7/3/12 5:42 PM
Please do not remove iGoogle!  Like many others I use it daily/continuously as my home page.
Re: Update on iGoogle Old Salt 7/3/12 5:43 PM
This is a horrible decision!  I have iGoogle up 12+ hours a day.  National news, local news, weather in all of the places my family lives, stock market, e-mail, RSS feed, chat, search, and calendar.  Now what product is going to put this all on one quick convenient page?

It is a big plus to also be able to pop up this same page on my desktop, laptop and similar format on my smart phone.

I would bet Google thinks they can make more money from us by making us slog though many pages.  Don't bet on it.

Great business opportunity for a creative competitor.

Totally frustrated!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Kat C 7/3/12 5:44 PM
You must be kidding, right? You can't track the usage of this immensely popular Google product? This is my homepage, my lifeblood for quick access to my email, professional website I used daily, entertainment, and more. I am extremely dependent on iGoogle. I'm puzzled, disgusted and very sad. The "alternatives" suggested do not seem like comparable offerings. WTF?
You want to get rid of something useless? Try Google+.
Re: Update on iGoogle Brett in Folsom 7/3/12 5:45 PM
I am unhappy about this decision as well.  iGoogle has been my homepage for more years than I can remember and it offers everything I need to know and am interested about in one quick view.  Like many others, I leave it open throughout the day in order to keep up to date and check my email.

It is ridiculous to think that I have to constantly leave a tab open just for gmail now.  I wouldn't mind using Chrome, however I wont have those apps available to me while I am at work all day, thus forcing me to have many, many tabs open to accomplish what I can accomplish with a single page.

With the move to a more cloud based system, this seems to be counter-intuitive on Google's part.  Requiring people to have apps installed on specific devices/browsers instead of keeping their cloud based option of being able to view the web in a quick glance from any computer at anytime.

I hope Google see's the massive response of users everywhere and know that for everyone of us that posts here, there are thousands of additional users that don't/can't post.
Re: Update on iGoogle psmith9797 7/3/12 5:46 PM
I agree with the other comments here - I use igoogle as my homepage every day.  It is a gateway to other products.  I don't want 20 different apps at 20 URLs.  Please keep it!  Or I can go back to Yahoo where I came from.
Re: Update on iGoogle J Rotten 7/3/12 5:49 PM
I also use iGoogle on a daily basis. Please reconsider.

Re: Update on iGoogle erikastimac 7/3/12 5:49 PM
Add me to the list of users that will be dreading the day iGoogle is killed. I have no idea what I will use as a substitute. I'm also worried that this will affect how my google searches work. I am a medical transcriptionist, and I've come to rely upon the medically-oriented slant that my searches using iGoogle have become. This means better productivity and better accuracy in what I do.

If Bing decides to pick up the slack, I guess I'll head over there. :(
Re: Update on iGoogle amyhan 7/3/12 5:52 PM
Such a sad day!!!  I use iGoogle everyday.  It is not only my homepage, but sometimes the only webpage I need to go to.  I am completely stunned that iGoogle is a product that Google no longer wants to maintain.  Shame on you Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle thehawkseye 7/3/12 5:53 PM
I've tolerated a lot of google changes. And not all have been bad. Overall, I think I've been pretty accepting of change, but this goes way too far. 

"With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding it down. Users will have 16 months to adjust or export their data."

ARE YOU SERIOUS? What about those of us who *don't* have a smartphone or mobile device and who *don't* use chrome??? I use google on my computer, and I'd like to continue to do so. Furthermore, I've used iGoogle every day and have since I came out. If this is retired, I likely won't continue to use google. It's just not a friendly service any more.

Re: Update on iGoogle MLee70 7/3/12 5:56 PM
Ridiculous.  Yahoo and MSN suck and every office worker in the world uses a start page with all of their daily information displayed so they have one place to check email, stocks, news, etc.  Google is getting old and trying to act like a startup that is ahead of a game they don't even understand apparently.  All of the people that use iGoogle are going to tell Google to f-off next time they have some new thing to try - why bother?  If they will kill iGoogle so they can feel futuristic they will kill anything no matter how useful or how many people use it.

The excuse that they have limited resources is the stupidest excuse in the world.  Google with 10's of billions of dollars in the bank and more resources than the US Government and they can't afford to keep a single webpage running?  Idiots.  Time to add Google to the list with MS and Apple that doesn't give a crap about what their customers actually want.  Microsoft is a lame duck constantly trying to force feed the world a bandaged up Windows and Google is apparently taking the same approach.  Maybe Google should look at the stock price of MS for the last 10 years.  Dumb A**es
Re: Update on iGoogle Maryriver 7/3/12 5:57 PM
I do not appreciate your casual write off of our concerns.  As a person who gets no reception for mobile devices (due to mountains in the way) IGOOGLE is an essential tool for me.  I believe you have a responsibility to the customers like me whom you have exploited to gather data over the years.  It is unethical to just dump us because you don't make enough profit from us.
Re: Update on iGoogle sisyphus6676 7/3/12 5:58 PM
I have to join the deluge of others here complaining about iGoogle's "retirement." As a tech user, I'm often moving from one PC to another. iGoogle is where I keep all the links, RSS feeds, and bookmarks that I know that I'll want and need as I move around. It handles my RSS feeds, displays weather, keeps a nice box for my appointments (using Google calendar and GMail no less). The first thing I do when I get a new computer is set up iGoogle as my home page. It's not what I use on my mobile: it's not meant to be and I wouldn't want it there. But I don't do most of my work on my mobile either. I do it at a desk, writing applications. In short, iGoogle is an old, familiar, service that is of tremendous use, not just to a few of your users, but to hundreds or even thousands of them. It's ultimate Google's decision, but consider this: I've used iGoogle as a means to encourage non-technical users, my friends and relatives, to become Google customers. They have GMail addresses, and Google logins that let you track their usage and generate advertising revenue only because they've all said that they like and want to use iGoogle. Don't forget that most users experience your services through both mobile and desktop (or laptop) applications. To ignore either segment, either by the paternalistic assumption that "everyone uses mobiles these days," or the short-minded refusal to develop for the mobile market where applicable, is to make a mistake. In closing, I'd like to say this, my goal is always to make my Android desktop more like my iGoogle page in functionality, not to make my desktop browser act more like my phone. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle KWHomes 7/3/12 5:58 PM
PLAY NICE.....wait until after the election to change my interface to the internet!!!!! This is a big mistake...Not good timing.....and your chrome product is a browser not a desktop app.....please don't lose this or I will be lost!!! TRied CHROME and it doesn't work for me.....need too many add ons to make all the places I use for my business work correctly....I NEED POPUPS in my credit card processing to view the receipts. I need JAVA to work correctly so I can deposit my checks....This is too much to do when I am volunteering and campaigning....GET A LIFE AND STOP MESSING WITH MINE...that's it....I'm selling my stock..... 
Re: Update on iGoogle Coincidence 7/3/12 6:02 PM
Horrible move.  You are training people not to get too attached to your products, because more than likely they'll be arbitrarily shitcanned in a few years.
Re: Update on iGoogle MMario_NJ 7/3/12 6:04 PM
I've been using iGoogle for a number of years multiple times a day.  It's a shame that it is going away.
Re: Update on iGoogle st4rdog 7/3/12 6:04 PM
iGoogle is my only connection to other Google products and my daily news. You are expecting us to have 6+ seperate full-screen apps for each feature? I have 3 BBC news boxes, Google Docs, Gmail and Google Reader embedded on the one page.

If iGoogle switched off tomorrow you'd all but lose my eyeball to those apps. I would not visit them individually.

Using Chrome is not an alternative, and Google+ is horribly designed and unusable.
Re: Update on iGoogle ladyheather 7/3/12 6:05 PM
Well, that is seriously annoying/disappointing. Why would you get rid of something that so many people use? While I'm sure there are many, significantly better alternatives for monitoring rss feeds, switching over is a hassle that would have been happily avoided. I have no interest in getting a smart phone or tablet in the near future, but if you are likely to pull this sort of crap about other services, I have to say I would no longer consider getting them from you even if I were in the market. Way to loose people's loyalty, Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle n o 0 n e 7/3/12 6:05 PM
really bad move google.

i will never have a smart phone, so your blithe expectation of me to use apps to replace igoogle is misplaced at best.

to other users any suggestions of what to replace my google products with?

Re: Update on iGoogle Kusuri 7/3/12 6:06 PM
For what it's worth I'll add my voice to the many others asking for this decision to be reconsidered!

iGoogle has been my homepage ever since it launched and I carefully customized it my way over the years in a way that's just impossible anywhere else.
It's a great way to have all RSS feeds in the neat personalized homepage it is now.

Please reconsider, do NOT shut down iGoogle! I don't understand the mention of mobile devices. I never used iGoogle on it, since it was only feasible on my desktop, which I use a LOT more!

Once more, please don't do this. If you do it'll be one of Google's biggest mistakes.
Re: Update on iGoogle KWHomes 7/3/12 6:08 PM
Again, crazy to let this go.....it's the only reason I switched to gmail......bought stock....became a fan....tough getting traded out without even a THANKS TO ALL YOUR MILLIONS OF USERS FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS.....
Re: Update on iGoogle Aerin_S 7/3/12 6:09 PM
This is TERRIBLE news! How extremely disappointing! I spend all day working on a desktop computer, with iGoogle as my home page (as it has been for years). It is the first page I look at every day, and is my regular source for news headlines and weather (and the Astronomy Photo of the Day, of course). I conduct numerous Google searches for my work (I'm self-employed and work in my home office), and I visit my iGoogle homepage countless times each day. It's my jumping off point for using any of Google's other products. It's absolutely perfect for my purposes and contributes greatly to the quality and efficiency of my Web experience. (Plus, seeing the theme I have chosen always makes me smile). It's very, very upsetting that it is being taken away! And for no really good reason, based on the official announcement. It seems to me that Google is out of touch with many of its most serious and loyal users and does not even understand how we use iGoogle. (BTW, I don't even own a mobile device and have no intention of acquiring one.) Please do not kill iGoogle!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle st4rdog 7/3/12 6:11 PM
Don't you realise that iGoogle is a doorway to all of your products that do have "potential to make a difference"??

Close that door and all your products with potential wave bye bye to me.
Re: Update on iGoogle thatguy181 7/3/12 6:11 PM
I strongly urge you to reconsider or give us a viable alternative Google. iGoogle is everything I want in a home page and nothing else comes remotely close. Don't offer any more support for it if you don't want to, let the gadget/widget/whatever the heck they're called designers handle any and all new said thing-a-ma-bobs. But don't just up and get rid of it! I'm not going to use google.com as my homepage as it is utterly devoid of all the stuff I want to see. I want my tops news articles from my local paper, CNN and Fox News. I want to see the stock values on my selected stocks. I want to see my gmail. Gosh darnit, there's even times I want to feed that ruddy little hamster.

PLEASE reconsider this project's retirement or give us a viable replacement. I'm sure one simple account won't mean much to you, but I will make sure to use other search engines and get a new email address if you go through with this retirement. Less traffic is bad for business and I can hope that I won't be alone in making my voice heard on that issue if you go through with the retirement of iGoogle.

I'm not asking you to waste development time on iGoogle, I'm just asking you to not retire it. Leave it alone.
Re: Update on iGoogle scott tt 7/3/12 6:12 PM
ive used i google since the beginning ..hated it when they messed up gbookmarks..im one of those without a smartphone and dont want one.yahoo is not the answer..when igoole goes i go...
Re: Update on iGoogle zzuzu 7/3/12 6:12 PM
I'm also using igoogle for years. I have there news gadgets from multiple news sites. Now what? I will have to use windows rss feed gadget or visit like 10 sites to check news.

If you want to quit something, what about google+? There is no secret that it is big fail and joke. We have facebook, twitter, linkedin and god knows what else...
Re: Update on iGoogle Mark-- 7/3/12 6:14 PM
This is stunningly bad news for me.  And I don't understand the rationale.  Chrome runs apps, so that make iGoogle outdated?  That is like saying my TV shows movies so we should close the grocery store.  iGoogle is my home page, full of bookmarks, news, weather, and customized info that I have lovingly developed and improve on every day.  Whenever my browsers open at home or at work, they open to iGoogle.  And you think it would be good if I changed this to Yahoo?  I hope you can be persuaded to change your minds.

Re: Update on iGoogle eddypcj 7/3/12 6:15 PM
I too use iGoogle as my default starting page everyday, and at work, and have diligently built up my RSS feeds over many years. To loose this in 16 months is very disappointing...
Re: Update on iGoogle kibbled 7/3/12 6:16 PM
Please don't cancel iGoogle.  I like having a homepage with all the info I want on one page.
Re: Update on iGoogle Cwi99 7/3/12 6:16 PM
I will add my voice to the chorus. Like others, I have been very accepting of all of the changes. Every streamlined layout has been great. I was an early adopter of Wave and was sad to see it go, but was not so attached to it to voice a complaint. iGoogle has been my homepage for 7 years. Before I used it, I would open several tabs to see all of the sites I wanted each morning. After iGoogle I was able to get the RSS feed from all of the sites I visited to fit right into my Google Reader widget on my home page with a search box, my gmail, my google calendar, chat, and because I live in Florida, hurricane advisories. Everything I needed was on my home page and it was great. 

The alternatives you are suggesting are using Chrome apps or Android apps. Yes, Android apps are great, but you are at the mercy of signal strength and a much slower speed unless you are on a wireless network. Chrome apps are great, at first. But by the time you have 4 or 5 of them, you realize that more and more Chrome instances are using up your system resources because each app you have adds another instance and uses more resources no matter where you are on the internet. The widgets may use a lot of resources, but only on the home page. Once you leave the home page you have a clean streamlined browsing experience. 

Finally, there will not be an alternative for me. I am not going to log into Google Reader or Calendar without them connected to my home page. I have to keep tabs on my Gmail, but I am not about to make that my new home page. iGoogle has the advantage of not giving all of my personal information that I have already willingly given Google to a third part just to keep using multiple Google products on one page. 

I guess Google is tired of paying staff to answer questions and support the iGoogle page. They would prefer their team to focus on other areas while promoting developers that are selling content for Chrome and Android. Their support seems to be going where it is most profitable. Every time there is any change on a Google product there is some sort of uproar so I expect they have a thick skin to user complaints and this will occur no matter how many complaints they receive. I will have to start giving things up and accept this loss. I don't know if there is anything out there that would come close, but I will start looking now. I am sure Google Reader will be one of the next things they kill anyway. If it isn't one of their business products, it is probably fair game for the chopping block.
Re: Update on iGoogle RJBris 7/3/12 6:17 PM
iGoogle is the web page I use most in my day - I must use it at least 20- 50 times a day. Removing iGoogle will totally disrupt the way I use the internet and google services - I am very disappointed with Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rosie D 7/3/12 6:17 PM
iGoogle has been my Home Page for the internet for years - I switched to google because it was clear, uncluttered, I could add the apps I need and have them at my fingertips on a daily basis. I get my news updates, my calendar, interpreter, my search engine and other items all in one place and just one click away.

I've have tried other home pages and they just don't work the way Google does.

The only alternative you suggest is a phone app, my phone is my phone I don't use it for the internet - apart from anything else my eye sight isn't good enough to read something that small.

Any other bright ideas.....

Re: Update on iGoogle Alin 7/3/12 6:20 PM
Uh the whole RATIONALE behind retiring iGoogle is 'eroding' support. Really, Really, More like you just wanting to push the app store out there. The app store cant do HALF of what iGoogle can do in 0.600s which is how long it takes for mine to load. Half a second i got my stocks, my mail, my search, a translator, my weather for a bunch of places and a heap of other stuff right there.

my mom RELIES on it

my dad RELIES on it.
Re: Update on iGoogle jalto3 7/3/12 6:21 PM
Please reconsider!

Its all been said here already, but iGoogle is nowhere near obsolete! It even manages to span the corporate network policies (well, except for gmail) and provides a consistent portal to the web no matter where I'm sitting. And no, I don't have an android smart phone or tablet, and I can't run Chrome on every computer that I use. If iGoogle is terminated, my interaction with the internet will be hobbled, and my interaction with Google will be decimated (simply because iGoogle is where I start every time). Google Calendar, Gmail, Tasks, To Do List, Docs/Drive, ... would be inconvenient without having an iGoogle page that pulls them all together, and I will likely try to find an alternative (not everyone is using mobile apps). iGoogle is the gateway to the great suite of Google applications - shut it down, and those applications will be far less accessible (I keep iGoogle open almost all day). if you have a replacement, please document it. 

please don't kill iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle derfberg 7/3/12 6:22 PM
I agree with all posters here - this is a big mistake. If you don't want to maintain this product anymore why not at least make it open source and let the igoogle users contribute to it. As an open source project it would grow bigger and better in no time and still be a crucial starting point for all things Google for those of us who have become dependent on this tool as our central point for links and information. I hit my iGoogle several times a day and use it as the starting point for all my searches.

I really hope you'll reconsider this move or open it up - my interest in Google products will be seriously re-considered if Google's new stratgey is to only focus on doing a few things well rather than being a source of pioneering new applications through it's infamous allowance of R&D for it's developers.
Re: Update on iGoogle talyss22 7/3/12 6:24 PM
Nooooo - please don't, I love my iGoogle page. My mother who is 77 loves her iGoogle page!
I use it as the center of my web browsing, I don't know of anything out there that comes close for the way I use it.
 Customizing chrome is not a substitute for the snapshots into the world that iGoogle gives me.

Please think about this again.
I am not a forum poster - had to join especially to write this, I don't use twitter or facebook - I don't need to I have iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle HecticGlenn 7/3/12 6:25 PM
I've been using it as my homepage since I can remember as an RSS aggregation centre along with gmail and other google tools. It's an excellent one stop shop for all things on the web I want to know about and it baffles me why you would choose to close it. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Drewskers 7/3/12 6:26 PM
Google's become a bloated, arrogant company that doesn't listen to or support it's customers. For me, this is the last straw. I will use the next 16 months to move myself entirely off the Google infrastructure and that includes retiring my Android phone.
Re: Update on iGoogle micanichi 7/3/12 6:26 PM
Hmmm, the Google product I use most is going away. Good reason to pack up the rest of Googledom. Bad graphics, plenty o' spam and an app store that looks like an empty supermarket in Russia.
Re: Update on iGoogle Badger000 7/3/12 6:27 PM
iGoogle is a no-kidding hub of daily internet activity for me. There is no other service that could replicate iGoogle. Please DO NOT kill it.
Re: Update on iGoogle dlomax 7/3/12 6:29 PM
I'm very sorry to hear that iGoogle will be going.  I've been using it as my homepage for years.  My wife and both of my older kids use it as well.
Re: Update on iGoogle Maelstrom1677 7/3/12 6:30 PM
Please, please don't get rid of iGoogle! I love how it brings all of my daily information feeds together, including the news, email, and reader. I see no other alternative to iGoogle... please keep it alive!! 
Re: Update on iGoogle Mezzoso 7/3/12 6:30 PM
This totally sucks. I just looked at the so called options provided in Chrome, which would replace iGoogle. None of them are a 1 stop shop home page. iGoogle is my quick overview of what is happening in the world. A good reason to leave Google behind, at least I have 16 months to find a suitable replacement for my homepage. Not that I will wait that long, if I find a good one, I will post here for others. Maybe I will also make Yahoo or Bing my search engine, as Google obviously is not interested anymore.
Re: Update on iGoogle Sungura 7/3/12 6:30 PM

When I read your notice, that you're discontinuing iGoogle, I was greatly surprised, and more than a bit confused, so I clicked on it.

Reading the reasons you posted - that "the need for iGoogle has eroded over time," and that the web now has many other options - didn't hold water for me, based on my own experience with it.  Here's how I use it:

* Weather - I live and work outside of the United States, so, in addition to keeping track of the weather where I live, I can easily keep track of the weather where my family is.  This is important to me.
     Yes, it's true that I could easily visit other sites for this (like weather.gov, weather.com, or wunderground.com), but the information I want to see is there, on my own iGoogle page.  It's convenient, and is that much easier for me to see.
* News - I do receive news via daily e-mails, but it's really nice to open my iGoogle page and see the headlines that my favorite news sources post.  It is true, like you wrote, that I could go to those sites and see the headlines myself, but my iGoogle page makes it that much more convenient for me to keep up on what's happening in the world.
* Science - I find science to be inherently interesting, plus my iGoogle page has gadgets that make it that much easier for me to read the stories I'm interested in.  It's true that I could go to those sites and read them, but my iGoogle page makes it much more convenient to follow them.
* Search - As I wrote, I live and work outside of the United States.  As such, even though google.com is available here, it is in the language they speak in this country (which makes it a bit less easy for me to use).  It is true that I can switch it to American English (by going to www.google.com/ncr), but it's less convenient for me. 
     Fortunately, my iGoogle page automatically does this for me: I can type in whatever I'm searching for quite easily, and can get the results in American English, without a problem.  Thus, my iGoogle page makes google that much easier for me to use.

In short, while my iGoogle page isn't necessary, it is really convenient, and is really, really nice to use.  And, as you can read, quite a few other people have similar sentiments to me.

To conclude, I ask that you reconsider and reverse your decision to discontinue iGoogle .
Re: Update on iGoogle ACalcutt 7/3/12 6:31 PM
Damn, now how am i going to see all my bookmarks and feeds across my 3 computers (with two browsers each...not just chrome) and phone. This has been my homepage for a long time. Figures you finally fix that annoying sidebar and now you decide to drop the product all together.

I really wish you would reconsider this one.
Re: Update on iGoogle ktern 7/3/12 6:33 PM
If you say "we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference", why is iGoogle getting axed instead of Google+? Making it harder to see my news at a glance in the morning isn't going to make G+ any less of a ghost town.
Re: Update on iGoogle Forkboy2 7/3/12 6:34 PM
I don't get it.  iGoogle is a useful and dynamic home page that displays all of the information I need to check throughout the day.  Chrome plugins are static icons.  For the first time in 10+ years, Google will no longer be my home page.
Re: Update on iGoogle L Swenson 7/3/12 6:34 PM
Trying to find an alternative.  I use iGoogle more than anything I have ever used on the Internet.  Maybe somebody can start a company and create something similar.  I"m scouring the Internet to find a replacement to this amazing tool that will sorely be missed.  Right now I'm in total shock.  It's like someone said your Internet is going away forever on this certain date and there is nothing you can do about it.
Re: Update on iGoogle arealdeal 7/3/12 6:35 PM
I don't have a phone for anything other than calling people on, my laptop and my IGoogle page WAS my life.  Of course, you all have to "fix" what isn't broken,  thanks a bunch!
I'm so outta here, I don't like Chrome (and I did try it for several months)  WAKE UP!  stop changing what people are satisfied with.
Re: Update on iGoogle L Swenson 7/3/12 6:35 PM

Re: Update on iGoogle DrMastermind 7/3/12 6:37 PM
+1 for everyone who has asked to keep iGoogle. ITs a great all in one google product page. Everything else requires money, clicks or just doesn't have everything I need. Gmail won't go for me, but news, RSS and other daily activities aren't replicated anywhere else that I know of.

Since you're closing it anyway, why not compile a list of suggested alternatives?
Re: Update on iGoogle KissThisBunny 7/3/12 6:38 PM
This is sad... I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of an alternative for non-mobile users.  Even the Chrome "options" don't come close to the ease & convenience of iGoogle.  Please share any alternatives you find!
Re: Update on iGoogle Frog43 7/3/12 6:38 PM
You are really working hard to drive people away from Google. Why don't you get rid of search next?
Re: Update on iGoogle thors1982 7/3/12 6:39 PM
Sad part is iGoogle is the only reason I use google tasks/google reader and even gmail (through google apps)

If they get rid of I google I imagine I will just find desktop apps and quit using all 3 google products... which then makes me wonder why I am using an android phone. Its sad how such a tiny product brings everything google does together and easy for me. But without it.... I have no reason to use google but for search :-(
Re: Update on iGoogle coppers15 7/3/12 6:39 PM
Very confused as to why Google is getting rid of iGoogle. One webpage with all the info i need waiting for me, news, weather, stock prices without having to go to different sites. You better have something good lined up to replace it. Anybody want to guess what the replacement will be called, my guess, Google Now, don't know how it would fully replace iGoogle or Chrome is getting a 'make your own' home page tab, thus meaning if you want a iGoogle replacement you have to use Chrome.
Re: Update on iGoogle houstonpearce 7/3/12 6:39 PM
I love iGoogle! I've used it every day of my life for the past several years. It's my homepage. It's been one of my main tools for staying productive and organized. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but I seriously don't know what I'll do without it.
Re: Update on iGoogle jfrisby 7/3/12 6:40 PM
Also very disappointed in this (unless it was an attempt to get people to join this forum).

For those of us living in a lightweight, portable, widget-less world, iGoogle has been very handy, and surely a lucrative portal for you as a result.
Re: Update on iGoogle youdiditagainGoogle 7/3/12 6:40 PM
So in English you mean "We are losing money on this turkey and plan to shut it down"  Right?

That being said, you ASSUME everyone uses an internet phone with apps.  Some of don't.  Some of us won't.  considering how much I use the net it would lead to me being choked or paying a h..l of a lot of money for data.  What you are assuming I get of Failbook or the like or on my mobile phone doesn't exist.   But then Google seems to do a LOT of assuming.

So just be honest:  We are losing money and are shutting this turkey down and we decided to avoid being lynched 'AGAIN' we are taking 16 months to do it.
Re: Update on iGoogle sboire 7/3/12 6:42 PM
I use iGoogle as my homepage accross several device: laptop, home PC and tablet. Please reconsider retiring this very useful product,
Re: Update on iGoogle rob.webalong 7/3/12 6:43 PM
This sucks.  Thanks.
Re: Update on iGoogle UlrichS 7/3/12 6:44 PM
This actually really suck... I use it since the beginning. I understand life cycle of an app, but come'on... This is my desktop, got my news, my emails, my weather all the app i added, first thing i check in the morning. Not cool google.

it is the most useful tool. Selfish, narrow minded decision, but hey... your network. I won't buy no apps to replace it.
Re: Update on iGoogle Evanprentice 7/3/12 6:45 PM
Just like all of these other people; iGoogle has been my home page for the last 7 years. I use it to get news, email, etc.. I have a couple of android devices, but they do not come anywhere near iGoogle as my home page. I think Google is making a mistake by ignoring the PC based users in favour of mobile users. iGoogle on mobile is pretty much a joke, and you are correct, all the apps are there to do the same thing. However, on the PC side, its not like we have desktop widgets, and apps that take the place of iGoogle; on the desktop side this decision does not make sense.

I am sad to see this decision, and while it does not drive me away from Google products, it certainly gives me pause to consider how I will now access my content in the future...
Re: Update on iGoogle rob.webalong 7/3/12 6:47 PM
I just have to reiterate.  You're killing THE google tool, my home page that you made available for me.  It's extremely disappointing.  As many have mentioned, there's nothing that works quite like it.

Please reconsider this move!!!  

I love iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle Boots4444 7/3/12 6:47 PM
Please change this decision!  I use iGoogle constantly.  As stated, is is a great gateway to all my google products.  Plus the news feeds, craigslist, movie listings, yelp, weather...All right at my fingertips instantly with one login. 
iGoogle is a fantastic product.  I would be willing to subscribe for $20 per year, or even a one-time donation to keep this running.
Re: Update on iGoogle DanMR 7/3/12 6:48 PM
This is a shame, and a product I've used for years.  I am beginning to get nervous about using Google Drive as I can't be sure if the decision will come to close it or not in a couple of years.

Not trying to change your decision as I understand the rational, but the end effect of all of this spring cleaning is really scaring me away from committing to Google products.
Re: Update on iGoogle thePeterN 7/3/12 6:48 PM
Please reconsider.  I and many others work at large companies that severely restrict what we are allowed to install or even what sites we can visit on our desktops.  iGoogle has been great for filling this space as I can cover newsfeed, email, weather, stocks and a search box all from one page.  No other Google product does the same thing.  Google+ is blocked at my office.  Go mobile?  We get lousy signal service at my building.  Google Reader is for the in-depth articles I absolutely don't want to miss, but can't digest in a glance.  The Google Finance widget is so much easier to quickly see the day's effect on my stocks then the full Finance page.  I suspect I could find a replacement, but it could just as easily introduce me to other great services that are better than Google's offerings.
Re: Update on iGoogle coppers15 7/3/12 6:49 PM
Please keep iGoogle or replace it with a homepage which we can taylor to our daily needs. Google+ is rubbish for news. Instead kill off Chrome OS, make Android a full 'Desktop' OS. 
Re: Update on iGoogle B3RyL 7/3/12 6:50 PM
Another disappointed, long-term iGoogle user here! Please, don't shut it down! I don't own a smart phone, don't use Chrome, don't have Google+ account... What am I supposed to do now? Go to MyYahoo? MSN? I'd rather not. I am not a very trusting person, but I have come to trust iGoogle page with almost my entire on-line life - I browse the web via iGoogle, access Gmail and GDocs (Drive) via iGoogle, access my fake Facebook account (which I only use to contact folks at the University) via iGoogle, get news updates via iGoogle and even check space weather via a gadget I made myself, because I couldn't find one that would do the job. I have my todo list there and I even use it instead of Gmail to access GoogleTalk when I want to talk to my family abroad. If you let iGoogle die I'll have nothing - I'll either have to migrate to competitors or write my own iGoogle clone... Please, I don't care about any other of your services (you can even axe Google Drive - I'll just keep my stuff on my local drive) just don't kill off iGoogle! Or Gmail. All the rest can go, even tomorrow, I don't care. Please! Keep iGoogle alive for goodness sake! I am sort of paranoid and refrain from logging to websites if I'm not sure my details are kept private and safe, but I didn't even think twice about logging in here and voicing my disapproval for your decision! Last time: Please, don't shut down iGoogle! Thank you...
Re: Update on iGoogle Muramas 7/3/12 6:54 PM
Why the hell are you doing this. I must hit igoogle at least 200 times a day because it has my reader and email in a easy to read place.

Death of Igoogle will be leave a huge void in the way I operate.
Re: Update on iGoogle SullyCPA 7/3/12 6:55 PM
What a stupid idea to discontinue iGoogle.  Whoever decided that should be fired ! 
Re: Update on iGoogle TimRuggiero 7/3/12 6:56 PM
Getting rid of iGoogle is a bad idea. BAD idea. I've enjoyed having exactly what I want (and don't want) on one page. The next best alternative you're referring me to is Google Play, which looks remarkably like iTunes, and NOTHING like iGoogle. Google is pushing us to use apps on mobile phones instead, and that experience is not quite the same. 

By getting rid of iGoogle, you might as well say 'Try Microsoft Explorer instead'. Judging by the hundreds of comments, it would appear I'm in good company. 
Re: Update on iGoogle PConD 7/3/12 6:58 PM
Really bad decision folks. Using igoogle for years. Think you need to reconsider this decision.

Re: Update on iGoogle jvanpelt 7/3/12 6:58 PM
This is definitely a big disappointment. I've been using iGoogle daily since it was in beta. Nothing has come close to the functionality available. I've created my own gadgets and still update and curate the RSS feeds that get pulled into my main tab regularly.

I understand that these decisions are based on data, and Google is likely much more aware of the use of this product that its users are. I do wonder, though, what the tradeoff is for them in expense and level of effort to leave it as operational, but stop enhancing the feature set. Just let it stay as it is?

I have a feeling there is something coming that will replace it. A web-based version of Flipboard might come close, but I'd still want my weather, email, and custom gadgets. Free apps are nice, but it really stings us as a user base when we have no control over what happens to the products we use everyday.

Re: Update on iGoogle Jodie, CEO The OSP 7/3/12 6:58 PM
I am flabbergasted!  iGoogle has been vital to me since it came out.  I am a hard core user and always have this as one of my open tabs.  I refer to it more times a day than I can count.  I like being able to see what I want/need to see no matter where I may have to go or what computer I may be on.  This is the first thing I check each morning and the last before bed.  I have dedicated tabs for various clients, links to other Google tools I use, my news... literally my daily life personal and professional all right there.

I have spent hours today looking for any sort of viable alternative and nothing comes even remotely close. Please come to your senses and reconsider this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Cybrboi2k 7/3/12 6:58 PM
Add me to the LONG list of people who use iGoogle... not just daily, but almost hourly!  I'm all for progress with technology.  I also believe in stagnating progress/technology, if it doesn't move forward.  So far, I haven't seen anything as good as iGoogle.  Admittedly, reading iGoogle on a web browser on my Android phone is far from perfect.  If I had an alternative method to display CNet News, CNN.com, Slashdot.org, NPR, my calendar, my Gmail, and the weather all in one view, I'm listening.... or waiting for some new big thing to replace it.  It is a year and a half away.... maybe Google has something up its sleeve?
Re: Update on iGoogle Resvon 7/3/12 7:00 PM
Google is getting seriously disconnected from its user base if it believes that mobile apps cover how people are using iGoogle today. This may be a wise economic decision but it's a bad business decision. The slow kids over at Yahoo must be licking their chops in anticipation of the masses that will migrate back to them.

Re: Update on iGoogle danya77 7/3/12 7:01 PM
I am disappointed to learn that Google plans on stopping igoogle home page device. Like the rest of the people who have posted in this forum, I have found igoogle to be an extremely useful product. There isn't really anything quote as useful as having all one's essential information--email, news, weather, and others--in one place. For people like myself that don't see mobile apps as a replacement for apps on home computers, this is not a good sign. I am also disappointed that Google has offered no alternatives for people currently using igoogle. Perhaps Google wants igoogle users to try out the homepage services at other companies such as Yahoo or other competitors?

I strongly encourage Google to reconsider its decision, or at the very least offer another product to take the place of igoogle. If it doesn't do so, it might just mean people like myself will be forced to use Google less and other competitors more. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Sam Peters 7/3/12 7:03 PM
Dear Google,
I believe that it is a poor decision to drop iGoogle simply because of all the clientele you'll lose. Many people on this forum have threatened to switch to Yahoo! and I think that I will do the same. The only reason I use anything Google offers is because I can get to it easily from my iGoogle page. Now Yahoo! offers pretty much everything you do now, but your interface is so much more simple and user-friendly. I really hope iGoogle stays. iGoogle isn't really a need for me like it is for some people, but that makes it all the more easy to switch to something else.

People on this forum have also mentioned that you should get rid of Google+ if you want to get rid of something useless. I completely agree with this. I feel that you guys are focusing too hard on creating a social network that won't take off as long as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are around and you haven't acquired them (yet). From my understanding, people recognize Google as a helpful company; most people don't even know your business is advertising. That being said, while trying to copy Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and condense their features all into one social network might seem like a good idea, Google+ will simply not catch on because you're too late. Or perhaps you just want deeper information about us so you can better advertise. Either way, the point is, cut Google+ instead of iGoogle. I'm willing to bet there are more people using iGoogle than Google+.

But that's not the point of this letter. The point is: we, the avid iGoogle users, will not stand for such a betrayal of trust. If you do not repeal this decision, I can foresee your stock value dropping dramatically if you don't bring out a new hit product that everyone wants soon. 

Please reconsider this decision. I beg you. Look at everyone's posts on here and appease us. 

Re: Update on iGoogle Gweez 7/3/12 7:03 PM
Say it ain't so!

I love my iGoogle homepage and spend more time there than anywhere else on the internet. Being able to consolidate the RSS feeds of my favorite place has changed the way I use the internet. The fact of the matter is that I'll be looking for an alternative portal to all my browsing and it sounds like Google won't be offering that anymore.

A pity.
Re: Update on iGoogle Peace Frog 7/3/12 7:04 PM
I had to check if it was April Fool's Day when I read this. I'm very disappointed. I use iGoogle as my homepage on every computer I own and ahve done for the last 4-5 years. It's my portal to news, sports, weather, stocks, etc. It's my morning newspaper and 11:00 news.
I have read Google's explanation that this decison is about "Spring Cleaning" - that's absurd. Why would they not want millions of people relying on one of their products as a portal to the web?
Totally stunned...
Re: Update on iGoogle Kaisirak 7/3/12 7:04 PM
Such a poor decision, first the terrible changes to igoogle and then simply killing it. You should kill the search engine as well, after all google play(pay?) is more important.

Hello netvibes
Re: Update on iGoogle Talmakion 7/3/12 7:05 PM
It's a real shame to see the primary portal that gets searches and eyes on ads out of me is going away. I don't have an Android as my main phone, I wouldn't read RSS feeds on it or load it up with heaps of battery-draining widgets if I did - that's what my computer is for. I don't use Chrome at work or home and have no plans to change, it simply doesn't have the features I need and I prefer FF. Honestly, I'm not really sure how to replace the iGoogle functionality with apps or browser widgets as Google suggests.

I've already found a couple of potential replacements but I would really, really prefer staying with iGoogle as my home page, which I've had (with various accounts) for almost a decade.

Is there any chance of reversing this decision?
Re: Update on iGoogle skimike02 7/3/12 7:05 PM
Please give us some reasonable alternative... various google widgets do not work with other sites like protopage, so I don't have good alternatives to have all my data in one place. Adding widgets to chrome isn't really looking to great at the moment. Perhaps in 16 months?
Re: Update on iGoogle TopDogger 7/3/12 7:06 PM
Horrific decision, Google.  This is what allows you to be my homepage and get all my traffic.  Why in the world would you discontinue this?  Now there's absolutely no way I'll use Calendar (since I'm not going to have the feed), nor G+ since that's when I think about it... when I'm on the damn iGoogle page.  Just dumb, Google.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Sunil25125 7/3/12 7:08 PM
iGoogle has been my homepage since the service started and I shifted to it from MyYahoo. I guess I will have to now switch to Windows Desktop Gadgets at work and Ubuntu Unity apps at home. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Alsandair 7/3/12 7:09 PM
Joined the group to add my voice to the mix for what it's worth.

I use iGoogle as my homepage and have since it was available.  There is absolutely NO other product out there that does what iGoogle does.  In order to replicate its functionality I have to have:
- RSS reader with multiple customizable feeds
- Search portal with multiple customizable search sites (dictionary, wikipedia, translations, etc)
- Informational portal for weather and world times
- Portal for email with recently received mail information
- A single portal to all google apps

You're shutting down a single product that allows me to have the equivalent of at LEAST 5 widgets running in a single screen without cluttering up my desktop.  There are no mobile substitutes as that would involve at best running multiple apps which can't be viewed simultaneously.

Please reconsider this decision.  While technology has moved forward, iGoogle provides a product that simply has absolutely no peer especially when it comes to integration with other Google products.
Re: Update on iGoogle UlrichS 7/3/12 7:12 PM
Another example of too big to fail, i guess! Google is so big, that they forget the basics and where they come from. Supporting google for so many years from simple search engine, to google labs, etc.. Mobile is cool, but i never see replace a computer and production machine, like laptop or desktop, which at least 99% of professionals are using. We use our desktop to charge are mobiles when they are dead! Well at least i do, i sync stuff from my desktop to my mobile, rarely the inverse. I have tons of bookmarks that i use with the dashboard. It is brilliant. Why kill it! You will lose a big market with desktop users, i am sure.

In another hand it open a market, someone can come with the same dead simple solution, ajax base browser dashboard, with multiple open source little apps for news reader, webservice base weather, stock,etc. the only draw back it the database hosting....

They doing it because they can, i am not going to beg, i'll build my own solution, and host it myself to emulate cloud. You should all do the same. gmail could be a next...who knows

Re: Update on iGoogle Starkad 7/3/12 7:12 PM
Please do not get rid of iGoogle. I have used it as my home page for years, and cannot find an alternative I like.
Re: Update on iGoogle Brinke Guthrie 7/3/12 7:13 PM
Totally agree.  Netvibes?  PLEASE. I could change the oil in my car with that load time.  iGoogle is the best.  It's like losing a friend. That may sound crazy but I stand by my comment.
Re: Update on iGoogle CDipede 7/3/12 7:13 PM
Wow, what a terrible decision for users. You at Google must be aware how many people use this product and how successful it is. Way to kill a winner.
Re: Update on iGoogle Usteamchob 7/3/12 7:15 PM
What a shame it's going.. please reconsider
Re: Update on iGoogle Vanlax 7/3/12 7:19 PM
This is terrible news. I wish you would reconsider.

iGoogle is one of the largest parts of my internet experience. It is how I start my day and it is my homepage.

Please don't get rid of it!

- Mike Paulson
Re: Update on iGoogle striderx2005 7/3/12 7:24 PM
Add me to the list of iGoogle users that are aghast that you're retiring this application.  IT IS MY HOMEPAGE.

It's the one place where I can display and arrange all of my internet interests in one place.  I have tried find alternatives but nothing offers the same functionality as iGoogle does.

And unlike some others in this discussion, I do use it on my Android phone as well.  Having the same information on my desktop and on the go are key features that the alternatives lack.

You say "we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference." Well for me iGoogle does make a difference. The he buckshot approach you've taken over the past several years isn't working for me. Buzz? Wave? Notebook? ... the list is pretty lengthy. When you do shudder these products you leave frustrated users twisting in the wind.

Google, you're blowing it.

Re: Update on iGoogle Johnross1968 7/3/12 7:24 PM
Did the skydivers drop something on Sergey's head last week?
iGoogle is my homepage. It is the big reason I use Google search. Drop iGoogle and you might as well not have Google search.
I have always disliked how you could not have folders in Gmail but I have kept my Gmail account due to my iGoogle page.
Since you are dropping iGoogle it looks like I will be dropping both Google search and Gmail soon. I guess I could always check out what Microsoft has as a replacement for iGoogle.
On the bright side this move may actually pull Yahoo's foot out of the grave.
It amazes me how sometimes people who are so smart can do such stupid things.
Re: Update on iGoogle Toyin A 7/3/12 7:26 PM
I can't believe this. The one homepage that I have where I can keep my pet hamster, check the weather, check my e-mail, converse with colleagues, check my friends latitude, and get quotes that uplift and inspire me will be gone. The homepage that I have come to love and use on a daily basis will be gone. Why do you hate me google?
Re: Update on iGoogle djrnr03 7/3/12 7:27 PM

Wow.  Why?  This is probably one of your best products and you’re going to spring-clean it.  If anything, you should be finding ways to enhance it.  You’re going to alienate many loyal followers over this.

Re: Update on iGoogle jpstrings 7/3/12 7:28 PM
Google is stupid to remove igoogle.com
Re: Update on iGoogle spark_plug72 7/3/12 7:28 PM
I like iGoogle. What am I going to use as my home page now?
Google just made me sad :(
Update on iGoogle fjonkull 7/3/12 7:29 PM
Incredibly bad move. Have used iGoogle for yeras. Will now try to find an alternative to all google products as soon as I can....
Re: Update on iGoogle havcn 7/3/12 7:31 PM
You're absolutely right. And, I will. Yahoo (or whoever), here I come.
Re: Update on iGoogle zippynng 7/3/12 7:31 PM
Don't be evil? I think Google just helped us get used to using the igoogle homepage and is now going to sell it to us on GooglePlay. I suppose that's fair, maybe?
Re: Update on iGoogle brentdog 7/3/12 7:31 PM
I recently became a complete Google convert switching from Yahoo! Mail, My Yahoo!, and Firefox to Gmail, iGoogle, and Chrome, respectively.  The thought being that Google supplies the same, if not more, services as Yahoo! and they are typically better plus I love my Android phone and tablet, so the integration there made it an easy choice.  The decision to drop iGoogle makes me question my switch.  To say that Android apps are a reasonable alternative to iGoogle is ridiculous.  Even though most of us have some kind of smartphone or tablet, I for one still use a real computer with a real browser for a much greater percentage of my waking hours then I do my phone or tablet.  And iGoogle was my startpage and hub for most of what I do online.

This is a shame.  Netvibes looks nice, but overkill for my needs.  Pageflakes appears to be dead right now (maybe from the mass influx of iGooglers).  I have never seen Google go back on one of these decisions to discontinue a service, but if a post here counts as a vote to keep iGoogle alive maybe there is a chance.
Re: Update on iGoogle eg--1 7/3/12 7:31 PM
This is a disastrous decision. IGoogle is a fabulous desktop and has many many devoted users. By contrast many of the other Google applications are half-baked.

I use this every day to bring together news and weather and links and images. There is no comparable alternative. I do not want to use chrome.

Don't alienate your users Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle microtan 7/3/12 7:33 PM
I support change for the better but this WORSE.

Get rid of the stupid left hand panel so that we can use all of the WIDESCREEN and then you have a killer app.


Make it open source and we can do it for you!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Update on iGoogle eipnvn 7/3/12 7:38 PM
So, how long till we get the same statement but with "iGoogle" replaced with "Gmail"?
Re: Update on iGoogle Daniel F. 7/3/12 7:39 PM
I would like to register my supreme displeasure with this decision. iGoogle has several advantages that have not been duplicated elsewhere. iGoogle works in every browser on every computer that I use. It works with Google's multiple sign-in feature. It gives me an unparalleled catalog of widgets, and allows me to organize them however I please.

Indeed, iGoogle is a key part of my everyday workflow. While I appreciate it when products like Google Video are axed, because there are far better alternatives like YouTube and Vimeo. But iGoogle doesn't have anything to match it.

If you want to "focus", that's cool. Then get iGoogle's functionality inside Google+. That would be mind-meltingly awesome. But don't take away products that are so essential to so many people before you've got a truly viable replacement.
Re: Update on iGoogle MrWobbles 7/3/12 7:39 PM
Removing iGoogle won't force me to use Chrome or re-join that nightmare google+.  It'll only force me to move to a non google alternative and with the amount of notice you've given you better believe there will be plenty of alternatives ready to take its place. 
Google says it's not evil but it never claimed to be very bright.
Re: Update on iGoogle Leon Rocha 7/3/12 7:41 PM
Hey, Google, this was a great disapointment. I hope you guys give up this idea, because iGoogle is my default homepage, and i'm not replacing it by any other services - specially yours. Dropping iGoogle is a bad idea...
Re: Update on iGoogle wlk999 7/3/12 7:44 PM
this is an incredibly awful decision, igoogle gives me my news, my mail, and other things that i need, why don't u just close down gmail next this is complete bs
Re: Update on iGoogle 4585_5360 7/3/12 7:45 PM
It is obviously impossible for me to use so-called Chrome apps or any other thing to replace such a convenient iGoogle, please leave it for me and so many loyal users. Don't break our hearts again, please :'-(
Re: Update on iGoogle hydra01 7/3/12 7:46 PM
This is horrible !  I need my gchat, gmail, and weather/calender all in one place. I cant believe google would get rid of this. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Liet 7/3/12 7:47 PM
I really do not understand this change.  Apps and Mobile versions do not have the same impact as iGoogle.  iGoogle has been my homepage since its inception.  I cannot use other applications such as google+ at work because of my works social media policy so iGoogle has been my way to get news, weather, and other information quickly.  Without it there is no point at having google.com as a homepage since it shows no additional information and only provides a search bar which I already have in any browser.  iGoogle is much more than that and that is what makes it such a good tool.  Please reconsider your decision.   
Re: Update on iGoogle Forkboy2 7/3/12 7:47 PM
my.yahoo.com seems to be the best alternative to iGoogle.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Syogod 7/3/12 7:48 PM
This is one of the DUMBEST things Google has ever done!  90% of the searching I do comes through iGoogle.  If I don't have a personalized homepage that opens up everytime I open my browser, I may as well use Bing.  They at least give me reward points for using their service.  If iGoogle goes away, so do I.
Re: Update on iGoogle quantumpants 7/3/12 7:48 PM
This is a horrible decision. I use igoogle all day everyday.  It was the only thing that kept all of your products together.  I use it because I use gmail, calendar, tasks, docs, and more.  It is the only thing you offer as a place where I can keep up to date on everything.  I also like that i can have the same screen at work as I do at home. I really don't want to have to open a new tab or new app every time I want to check my calendar or email.   Please reconsider your decision or at lease offer an alternative.  
Re: Update on iGoogle kebal 7/3/12 7:50 PM
Terrible decision. I use iGoogle everyday. What else lets me quickly scan an aggregation of headlines from custom sources? For 7 yrs, Google has been at the very center of my web experience. Now I have to go somewhere else.
Re: Update on iGoogle Krovven 7/3/12 7:50 PM
Count me in as another upset iGoogle Homepage user.  What other alternatives do we have?  I've got a Twitter feed, Gmail, Local news, BBC, Genres movies, Steam updates, Apple trailer updates....the list goes on and on...all on 1 page.  Nothing else that Google offers does any of this. So, seriously, does anyone else have an alternative? I've got no problem not using all the Google products that links from iGoogle.  Maybe I should change my email to Yahoo.

The dialogue given, seemed to focus on lack of use in the mobile market.  What about the PC market?   If it doesn't fit on a 4"x2" screen it ceases to matter?

Re: Update on iGoogle timerider2000 7/3/12 7:52 PM
Here's the potential difference it will make from my perspective.  I will no longer be a part of the Google customer group, I will no longer support Google.  This is a dumb decision from what I thought was a group of smart people.  
Re: Update on iGoogle vfernand 7/3/12 7:52 PM
Please reconsider.
igoogle is my home page.
Nothing even comes close to what it does.

Re: Update on iGoogle gobbledeygook 7/3/12 7:52 PM
This is NOT a good thing.  Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle nboltz 7/3/12 7:53 PM
I suppose if you're trying to alienate a huge user group and force them to look for alternatives to your product, this is a pretty good strategy. I have been using iGoogle since it came into existence. I check it at least once a day, and I access ALL my Google apps from that page. I use Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Translate, Google Images, YouTube, and a host of other apps, all from one convenient start page called iGoogle.

I cannot for the life of me understand what kind of "focus" is so important that you would deliberately alienate millions of loyal users, encouraging -- forcing -- us to look for alternatives to your product. I can hear Microsoft and Yahoo licking their chops! It's almost as if you are inviting the competition to come take over your user base!

By the time you shut down iGoogle in 16 months, I will have migrated to other NON-GOOGLE apps -- and hopefully I'll find someone who will offer them on a start page that I like as much or better than iGoogle.

Farewell, iGoogle, I'll miss you and all your little friends!

Re: Update on iGoogle saadkhan00 7/3/12 7:57 PM

Sad. It was my homepage for yearrsss!! iGoogle discontinue = jerk move!! Time for us all to look for an alternative!
Re: Update on iGoogle obwisana 7/3/12 7:57 PM
I love iGoogle. It is my homepage. It's the first thing I look at in the morning and continue to check through-out the day. I'm really disappointed that I will be searching for a way to replace something that has been so great.
Please reconsider keeping iGoogle up. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Bob Ulius 7/3/12 7:58 PM
This is hard for me to believe. Enough folks below have said what I would have on it being my home page with nothing coming close and my links all in one place to the world of Goggle. I cannot believe you would toss all of this loyalty and customer use away.

I'd reconsider.


Re: Update on iGoogle Sacto1654 7/3/12 7:59 PM
Conrad, I'm not sure if phasing out iGoogle is such a good idea unless you have a replacement portal page planned.

The problem is that if you're dropping iGoogle because you think the "Metro" interface of Windows 8 and Windows RT already acts like a de facto portal page, the thing is that there are still many users of Windows Vista and 7 that may not make the jump to Windows 8. As a result, when they start the web browser, the user do want a true portal page as a jump off point for accessing the Internet.

As such, I would hope that within the next few months you will unveil a new portal page that better integrates all Google products, including both Google Mail and Google Plus.
Re: Update on iGoogle eye0827 7/3/12 8:00 PM
Are you kidding? You are talking about killing my home page!!! 
Re: Update on iGoogle jmmacleod 7/3/12 8:00 PM
Well, as others have said, iGoogle is my home page.  And whenever I open a fresh tab I have my friendly iGoogle page right there to see me. I am totally stunned that you are shutting this down.  I will have to look for an alternative from one of your competitors.
Re: Update on iGoogle lolagranola 7/3/12 8:02 PM
"The need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time"?!  Are you kidding me? I can't imagine using my computer without iGoogle as my home base, and it appears I'm not alone.  Please, please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle GoogleDog 7/3/12 8:02 PM
This makes ZERO sense!  I am speaking as the owner of 2 Chromebooks and 20 shares of Google stock.  How much can it cost to maintain iGoogle at this point?  Why would you deprive users of this extremely useful DASHBOARD for our lives???  It is a great product.  CHARGE ME FOR IT, I will pay to use it.  Look, when you terminated Google Health, I wept because it was so much better and easier to use than Microsoft Health Vault, but I figured you did it to avoid liability issues and development costs.  But what reason can you have for dropping iGoogle?  At this point it probably costs you about 20 grand a year to maintain.  Charge $1 per year for every user and you will make a 100,000 % profit.  Why not start charging for services instead of trashing them?

Re: Update on iGoogle ballingermike 7/3/12 8:04 PM
I am very disappointed! iGoogle has been my one-stop for all my internet news and feeds for many years. Why would they pull it?? I hope they reconsider. Maybe one of those online petitions would help?
Re: Update on iGoogle rezeius 7/3/12 8:07 PM
As a dedicated iGoogle user since launch...I beg you. Please, please reconsider. The functionality just isn't found elsewhere for what iGoogle's main appeal is—having everything we like in one place, on one page, accessible anywhere. It's not about apps, it's about accessibility and simplicity.

I'm so disappointed and upset by this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Momo's Dad 7/3/12 8:08 PM
Google seems to think that iGoogle isn't needed and can be replaced by Chrome on notebooks and desktops because of its apps library. Please consider that one thing Chrome is really bad at is adding a RSS feed which is about 70% of my homepage. Igoogle can run on all browsers giving Google a presence on these browsers. Without iGoogle the IE, Firefox, and Opera users will really be upset and cursing your name. And yes, IGoogle can be replaced by users but with a lot more difficulty and won't have a Google label.

Your attitude is that you need to provide support to the items for the future. I suggest that Google present is more important since what you giveth shouldn't be taken away from its customer base. This establishes a precedent that your user base will not forget when you want us to buy into your next product. You staff Google icons, but won't support this? Which employee with a Yahoo background made this decision?
Re: Update on iGoogle Nexes1 7/3/12 8:12 PM
Please do not kill this service.  It is the only homepage I have had for years.  I will be lost with out my feeds. At least incorporate it into google+ if you must do anything.
Re: Update on iGoogle MrGlowbug 7/3/12 8:16 PM
Well, this is good news... for Yahoo!
Like everyone else on this forum, I use iGoogle every day from my computer and my office computer (where the IT department doesn't support Chrome). I don't use a mobile device for web browsing unless I have no other choice. I like using my full-sized keyboard, and I can't afford to use a cellular plan for web surfing. Looks like I'll be needing a replacement, and I'm sure someone will come up with one. And I'll be starting my web searches with their product.
Re: Update on iGoogle sheared 7/3/12 8:19 PM
I'm shocked at this.  With no viable alternative, whatever my start page becomes, I will no longer have the Google black bar across the top instantly linking me to the entire Google universe.  Amazing you would willingly remove that from so many people's start pages.
Re: Update on iGoogle n4tune8 7/3/12 8:21 PM
Please keep it. I don't know where you got the "the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time". It clearly has not!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle dannymac63 7/3/12 8:22 PM
I don't think I possess the capability to express how disappointed I am in the decision Google has made. My story is comprised of the same details posted over and over again on here. I've written gadgets, I've customized the look and feel of iGoogle, and I've used it all day, everyday since the launch.

If Google doesn't reconsider this decision, they will lose more users than will ever sign up for Google+.
Re: Update on iGoogle wdninja 7/3/12 8:24 PM
This is bad news. Since day 1 of iGoogle it has been a very useful one-stop homepage for all my favorite blogs as well as a quick gateway to other Google products, such as calendar, Gmail, search, etc. It has also acted as my to-do list. With the introduction of the universal Google Bar at the top, it has truly been the most efficient use of a homepage I've ever used as a user of many Google products. 

If you're going to shut down a product that's so useful to so many, at least give specific alternatives and solutions instead of just ambiguously saying that other "modern apps" can take its place. People who have relied on iGoogle for the last 7 years haven't needed to look for alternatives, so they probably don't even know where to begin. 
Re: Update on iGoogle newindian 7/3/12 8:27 PM
I've been using iGoogle as homepage ever since I found out about it years back. Really can't understand the rationale behind this decision. PUT SOME ADs in it if you want to,but don't axe it. It's an incredibly useful dashboard for us desktop users.
Re: Update on iGoogle Luke.J 7/3/12 8:27 PM
Sad news.  I wish they would've discontinued Google+ instead.
Re: Update on iGoogle bcorliss 7/3/12 8:27 PM
I use IGoogle every day for the past few years and have not found any viable alternatives. I hope this decision is reconsidered.
Re: Update on iGoogle lunixer 7/3/12 8:28 PM
Please don't kill igoogle! I love it. It doesn't get much attention, the apps are flawed, and it can be clunky at times, but it remains my homepage because there is no other Google property where I can get all of this information in one place. (It also has a horrible name) If there is an alternative, please tell us what it is. If not, I honestly don't know what I am going to do. I don't have an android phone and don't want to have a separate chrome application for each of the individual things that iGoogle does.
Re: Update on iGoogle StoneWolf 7/3/12 8:28 PM
I have been using iGoogle every day since it came out to track RSS using multiple computers and other devices. This has come as a total shock and am now worried about what Google is going to take away next.
Re: Update on iGoogle PhoenixGuy 7/3/12 8:28 PM
GOOGLE has been disappointing  me over and over again this year...This seems like the start of the decline of a giant...

iGoogle is my home page and how I access and search anything that interests me. What the heck are you thinking?
Re: Update on iGoogle bradley.stock 7/3/12 8:29 PM
Seriously killing iGoogle? I've used it as my home page since it came out. It shows me my gmail, tech news, calendar, finance, everything important to me. As far as I know there is no other Google alternative to this. The post suggests Chrome apps, but then I have to click on every app to get news/updates on each of those items. It's not the same. I've an avid fan of Google but this really saddens me. Hopefully you will reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle oversold 7/3/12 8:31 PM
I'm leaving Google (Docs, Email, Search Engine, everything) for good and not looking back unless this is changed very soon - not 16 months from now. Are you guys trying to one up Reed Hastings and Netflix on stupidity? Everyone has to make their own decision, but I hope others will join me in getting off the Google grid ASAP. Wish I could be more level headed on this one but business is personal. How can I ever trust this company again for anything? What products are going to be utterly trashed in another years time? It's just not worth it anymore. 
Re: Update on iGoogle evi1 7/3/12 8:33 PM
This hurts so much. I have used iGoogle since it was released and it is the first thing I look at everyday. There is no good replacement for this feature especially when I use it on IE only work machines. Please reconsider. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Jimbof 7/3/12 8:34 PM
I checked the calendar to see if perhaps it  was April 1st!  
What a shock that iGoogle is being discontinued. I will have no reason to use any Google products if this is carried out.
I have had so much trouble with Chrome crashing in the paste few weeks that I will go back to IE.
You have lost your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bye Bye 
Re: Update on iGoogle arteephact 7/3/12 8:34 PM
If I am at my desktop, I always have my iGoogle page open.  There is no better solution for direct access to my Google Reader account to monitor my RSS feeds, Direct access to my GMail account, Direct Access to my Google Calendar, and the best access to my bookmarks, all of which I have loaded into Google Bookmarks.  Why would you close the 1 piece that keeps me glued into your ecosystem?  I am not going to switch over to accessing these items on any mobile device that require multiple apps to be flipped through when I have perfect integration on one page now.

Please reconsider this decision.  I do not want to have to move everything to third parties to accomplish probably only two thirds of what I have now.
Re: Update on iGoogle cinjacks 7/3/12 8:34 PM
I've used it for years and really like it.  What else is there that is similar on a desktop?
Re: Update on iGoogle AMR51 7/3/12 8:35 PM

I think that the people who made this decision don't quite understand what iGoogle actually is. This may sound arrogant, as you are the people who created the product, but based on the post here and on the blog posts, it appears that you don't understand your own product.

iGoogle is a Dashboard Application. The suggestions that you are giving; customizing Chrome with apps, or widgets, or whatever you want to call them is not a replacement for a Dashboard. 

These suggestions emulate a mobile device, putting app icons on a tab in chrome, but this doesn't really work inside a browser the way it does on a mobile device. On a mobile device you have notification services running which will tell you what you need to be looking at with a notification it the status bar. Other that the little icons that are added to the address bar, there is nothing that tells you what you need to be looking at. Each Chrome app opens up a new tab, and you have to know what it is you need to look at.

The Dashboard approach is essential to the browser experience. You are working in a different paradigm and you need a different solution. Not understanding this will probably lead to a Microsoft type fail because they think it a good idea to port Metro to the PC platform. It isn't. Mobile devices work and are used differently than PCs. The different approaches are valid and need to be supplied with tools that give the proper usability on the given platform.

If there is no hope for saving iGoogle, then you need to provide better suggestions at look at all the flashy ads on the Chrome Store. Do a blog post that tells us what we can use as a Dashboard application. Until you can provide users with examples an alternative Dashboard they will not be happy.

Also, another consideration is that by pushing us to third party websites you like protopage or netvibes, you are exposing our data to risks. If these sites are able to provide dashboards that give us GMail and Calendar views, we will need to log in using our Google accounts to get that information. That is exposing your users of these services to a huge amount of risk. iGoogle being a Google product means that our Google account logins are secure within Google. So if I am logged into iGoogle as my dashboard, then it isn't really a risk that my information is stolen by a third party as that information is on Google in the first place and it is all in a unified account with the same company using the same login.

Please bring these concerns to the people responsible for making this decision. There are things that went into this decision that don't look like they took the user communities needs into account.
Re: Update on iGoogle bhowell09 7/3/12 8:35 PM
Dude, this sucks! iGoogle is my home page on every computer I own and synchronizes everything between work and home. I use it for my news every day and I've turned friends and family on to the service that consolidates all of our news sites into one location and gives access to every Google product.

Please keep the service or replace it with something similar.
Re: Update on iGoogle kawhia 7/3/12 8:36 PM
This gets a resounding thumbs down from me. I'm not afraid of change but why fix it if it's not broken? I have used igoogle for many years and am very disappointed by this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle rickla 7/3/12 8:37 PM
We pay for google apps and I see this as taking a key element out of e product suite. I cant believe it's got much overhead to maintain! Or that it's so unpopular. But those that use it like me rely on it heavily!

And what's with e odd "alternative" advice?? Google play? How does that even make sense?

I for one was hoping google would extend igoogle to allow VPN typ e feeds. Businesses like dashboards. Apps needs one, so now what do we do?

Re: Update on iGoogle winston6708 7/3/12 8:37 PM
This is the worst idea you have had - it is my homepage because it brings everything together in one place.  I can't use Chrome for my work and I don't want apps - leave this as it is.
Re: Update on iGoogle skutar 7/3/12 8:39 PM
I am so disappointed.  
Re: Update on iGoogle skutar 7/3/12 8:43 PM
I guess this is a good opportunity for some company that can support its users and do no evil.  
Re: Update on iGoogle rickla 7/3/12 8:43 PM
Well put, they are screwing around with paid  business apps.
It really makes me worry. What if they all of the sudden take away sites, which we've got all kinds of links and navigation in.
I hate this trend. At least old local software versions are in your possession.  And I was a big proponent, oy.
Re: Update on iGoogle larelle 7/3/12 8:44 PM
Please don't end this service. This has been my homepage for years and is the only way I can get email at my job. 

Does anyone have an other suggestion for a service for a replacement to igoogle?
Re: Update on iGoogle Matt Savage 7/3/12 8:45 PM
Sucks.  I looked around for a bit and no other front page allows me to do what igoogle did.  I liked having a mini version of my gmail on the same page as my mini google calendar, and my twitter, and my reader, and - here's the important part - a clickable list of the URLs I visit daily.

I never used igoogle on my android.

So, okay - what's the alternative?  How is google play or chrome an alternative?  I can't get a clickable list of the URLs I visit daily onto my chrome new tab page - unless I install an app that lists every page I've bookmarked.

You'd think you guys would put ads on it like you do gmail.  This makes no sense at all.
(unknown) 7/3/12 8:46 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle AlwaysPerplexed 7/3/12 8:47 PM
What are you guys smoking? How does the stuff in the app store begin to replace iGoogle? Please reconsider. 
(unknown) 7/3/12 8:51 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle pentatonic 7/3/12 8:51 PM

I've been using iGoogle for years. Getting rid of iGoogle will turn me away and others from the best search engine; best because its uncluttered with ads. I appreciate not having ads and shopping suggestions and all that business of trying to pitch a quick sale on me. Interest suggestions and ads are intrusive and Its nice not have those distractions. We get ads from the rest of the search engines and websites online and this is one legit reason why Google is favored over everyone else. Providing me with suggestions of a bunch of crap I can buy can be tiresome to all of us. I don't want the complexities of filtering through things that cost money when what I want is free . Providing us with a page thats personal and informative with the freedom of us choosing what information we wish to have shouldn't be considered outdated, a fad, and a project discontinued. Google play is exactly the opposite of what many users of Google want. Ask us and we'll tell you. Usually when a company abandons a good idea that has worked for years another company picks it up and improves. This is an alleyway to get under your skin and quite possibly part of your market. You should provide us with options and freedom for our Internet browsing experience and not cloud us with your greedy gimmicks to broaden your profits. Please Improve the original idea of iGoogle before you find out that your precious pocket fattening Google Play is another disappointing Google Wave.

Re: Update on iGoogle IdahoDianne 7/3/12 8:52 PM
This is Awful! I have 3 Google profiles with 3 iGoogle pages to act as dashboards for different interests. It's opened on my browser when I start my work day, gives me news feeds and updates and lets me keep my personal email and bookmarks with me where ever I go during the day. I'm an IT person who may be on 20 or 30 PCs a day and it lets me take my "desktop" with me anywhere I need my stuff!

As far as Chrome being a replacement? Chrome is a total joke in the enterprise world. Since it can't be managed by Group Policies or local machine registry keys it is blocked in most enterprises.

Please realize this is a useful and robust little tool that can't be beat!
Re: Update on iGoogle Rocketboy_X 7/3/12 8:52 PM
iGoogle was the main reason that I started using other products within the Google eco-system.

Now, I will be re-evaluating that decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jeraimee 7/3/12 8:52 PM
I don't get it. I've been using iGoogle as my homepage since it's inception. I also use it for my Google Apps clients home pages.
I'm not sure I've ever heard of someone needing or wanting a "home page" on their mobile device so I'm not sure where the relationship to mobile comes from but I'm hard pressed to find a replacement for iGoogle.

Very disappointed.
Re: Update on iGoogle japhigu 7/3/12 8:54 PM
iGoogle is the one goto web service that does everything for me. I open twitter like 60% less because alle the essential information I need is on my twitter tab. Getting the same functionality would require me to go to myYahoo and yahooPipes or run my own coda on a webserver. It is a very stupid decision - it may make sense from the elitist developer point of view the deciders on this issue have taken (rich coders who dont use their own products cant think any other way) but it does not to the users. You want to push people to chromeOS and apps? Fuck you - what spin doctors told that scattering information all over the place into individual apps makes it easier to process? Fire those people and bring igoogle back. It isnt that expensive to run, does not need a lot of maintenance if you dont want to keep changing the layout and it is superbly useful.
Or, if the ignorant ebony tower deciders won`t budge: RELEASE THE CODEBASE UNDER GPL or DWTFYW licenses so we can run our own webserver.
(unknown) 7/3/12 8:55 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle skutar 7/3/12 8:56 PM
check out Netvibes ... I just did 
Re: Update on iGoogle Nathan Lew 7/3/12 8:58 PM
I don't like this decision at all, and I think it is a bad idea to get rid of iGoogle. Just like so many people here have been saying, I'm another voice in the torrent of discontent over the decision to end iGoogle. I think it'll just hurt Google in the long run when this happens, and I do hope they reconsider this new direction they are hoping to achieve with their tablets and apps. Hello! People are still using PCs!
Re: Update on iGoogle Luke.J 7/3/12 8:58 PM
Yeah, I wish I hadn't spent so much time with Sites.  It's not Google+, a self-driving car, or related to a tablet, so I guess it's next.
Re: Update on iGoogle DeepSkyDan 7/3/12 9:00 PM
iGoogle has been the heart of my browsing experience for over 6 years. Everything in one place. Everything at one glance. Everything at my fingertips. Customizable to my exact needs.

Just like the others, I cannot see my web experience becoming better by having to use individual apps on separate tabs to accomplish the same thing but in a worse way. This is a huge step backwards to the time before iGoogle when that was the only way to do it.

Unless Google keeps iGoogle or provides a similar alternative, I too see myself returning to Excite, Yahoo, AOL, or even MSN.  Please don't make me do that. Please. 
Make my Google loyalty mean something.


Re: Update on iGoogle Katza 7/3/12 9:03 PM
We were just this week contemplating how to draw our Facebook crowd to Google+ by reserving pictures of our new baby for that site. But now... iGoogle has been my home at Google for years and I feel like I'm being evicted! How hard can it be to preserve somewhere in the vast fields of Google a little room for dashboard-style RSS access? And what are these "alternatives" you're offering up -- I don't see anything on that list that REMOTELY serves the purpose of having 100 RSS headlines on one page from 20 different sources, with the ability to make multiple topic-specific tabs. What do you think we use this thing for?!

It's one thing to close down a subject-specific product but quite another to shut people out of a general-purpose homepage without offering any alternative or even a collaborating transfer destination. I really believe that you will find this to be a mistake -- maybe not on par with Netflix's alienation of postal customers, but not unlike it either. We may be a small contingent of Google loyalists, but we were a VERY loyal one, and this kind of eviction will seriously affect our willingness to trust in Google products in the future.
Re: Update on iGoogle Joecoolest 7/3/12 9:04 PM
I used myway.com prior to moving to iGoogle... I guess I'll be moving back that direction. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Dazed&Confused 7/3/12 9:05 PM
How to win friends and influence people - this is what happens when you place your trust in Corporate America, you have become Death - the destroyer of Worlds - you give us jobs - you destroy jobs, you give us social security you destroy social security - this is one way to wean us off dependency - bye bye Google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Shagizgenius 7/3/12 9:05 PM
Re: Update on iGoogle malec 7/3/12 9:07 PM
I too will be leaving ALL Google services if this change goes through. Do you realize what this says Google??
It says that no matter how good a product is, no matter how useful to your customers, if you FEEL like it's not needed, you will get rid of said product regardless of how your customers feel about it.

Google just dropped a lot pegs in my book. This is a blatant disregard for customer service/experience.
Re: Update on iGoogle mindzx 7/3/12 9:08 PM
OH JOY, BACK TO HAVING A BLANK BASIC GOOGLE HOMEPAGE. I refuse to use any CRAP you try and JAM down my THROAT in a attempt to REPLACE a non-broken feature.

I have use'd iGoogle since it was released,and have freaking LOVED the d#MNEd thing ever since. It is my gateway hub to everything google related I use.

Google has always been innovative but now some idiot is gonna ruin things and revert me back to PRE-iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle MrSpeeb 7/3/12 9:10 PM
Not good.  It appears that the Google Apps Start Page is headed to the same fate.  What start page do we use for our domain users in Google Apps?  Hundreds of Google Apps users staring at a blank landing page.  Not very well thought out unless there is a replacement coming.  You'd think from a planning perspective the replacement would be announced first.  My guess is there will be more than a few lost eye balls before a replacement arrives.  Incomprehensible.
Re: Update on iGoogle ObieD 7/3/12 9:11 PM
Are you crazy? Even though I have mobile devices I still use iGoogle daily on my work computer and on my iPad. I and just about everyone I know uses iGoogle for their home page, as a way to collect various items of interest into one page. I predict that other companies will take advantage of your mistake and within a year or two Google will become replaced with another company or companies who understand better what their customers need. Bye bye Google! 
Re: Update on iGoogle Kuudou 7/3/12 9:15 PM
"Biggest potential to make a different" = "We're not getting enough money from this feature"

At least provide some semblance of a personalized home page option for future chrome builds or something. Most of Google's new stuff from the past few years didn't take off, keep the good ones from before.
Re: Update on iGoogle JeffV2 7/3/12 9:15 PM
Please keep igoogle around I use it every day.
Its a very handy home page.

Re: Update on iGoogle pentatonic 7/3/12 9:15 PM

I've been using iGoogle for years. Getting rid of iGoogle will turn me away and others from the best search engine; best because its uncluttered with ads. I appreciate not having ads and shopping suggestions and all that business of trying to pitch a quick sale on me. Interest suggestions and ads are intrusive and Its nice not have those distractions. We get ads from the rest of the search engines and websites online and this is one legit reason why Google is favored over everyone else. Providing me with suggestions of a bunch of crap I can buy can be tiresome to all of us. I don't want the complexities of filtering through things that cost money when what I want is free . Providing us with a page thats personal and informative with the freedom of us choosing what information we wish to have shouldn't be considered outdated, a fad, and a project discontinued. Google play is exactly the opposite of what many users of Google want. Ask us and we'll tell you. Usually when a company abandons a good idea thats worked for years another company picks it up and improves. This is an alleyway to get under your skin and quite possibly part of your market. You should provide us with options and freedom for our Internet browsing experience and not cloud us with your greedy gimmicks to broaden your profits. Please Improve the original idea of iGoogle before you find out that your precious pocket fattening Google Play is another disappointing Google Wave.

Re: Update on iGoogle Adrian -R- 7/3/12 9:16 PM
i'm disappointed about this,
iGoogle was a service much more flexible than Yahoo's "My Yahoo!" page ( http://my.yahoo.com )... and i've stopped using that around 2005 when i started using iGoogle... i guess it's time to get into the habit of using Yahoo's page again because your Google Reader is not compact enough for my monitor size.

I use 1024x768@100Hz and i can use higher resolutions only if i drop refresh rates but rates lower than 85 give me headaches so i still use CRT monitors both at home and @work and still haven't found a reasonably-priced monitor (LCD/LED/other thing) that has an image that's stable enough not to give me headaches when i use it for a long time :(
Re: Update on iGoogle Dazed&Confused 7/3/12 9:17 PM
Heart of Darkness eh Conrad
Re: Update on iGoogle sbroggie 7/3/12 9:18 PM
Lame. Why? Why not just leave it be? It's been my homepage for years. Quit "developing" away perfectly good stuff and leave some legacy things to live out a peaceful existence with those of us who love them. Jeez.
Re: Update on iGoogle andorm 7/3/12 9:18 PM
iGoogle has been my homepage for years. I am on my computer 12+ hours a day and iGoogle is a single page that federates everything I need all day, throughout the day. Whoever arrived at the decision that the need for iGoogle "eroded" over time is seriously out of touch with how millions of users actually organize their day and their content. Not all of us hop from meeting to meeting, checking FB updates and twittering in between. Millions of us are tethered to our desktops and iGoogle is a newspaper, an agenda, a chat app and whatever else you need it to be - everything to keep business and personal on track day to day. I understand wanting to innovate and focus on new products, but why kill a product that is not just useful, that's essential to millions of users??? It 's equivalent to Bayer deciding that they'll discontinue making aspirin, because they want to focus on other drugs, that will have more impact...  RIDICULOUS. Time to check out bing and msn, I guess!
Re: Update on iGoogle amarino1985 7/3/12 9:20 PM
I joined this group for the sole purpose of replying to this announcement.  I am extremely disappointed in this decision by Google.  Yes you need to focus on a set of products, but really, does iGoogle take THAT much dev time to keep up?  It's such a useful tool, and no matter how you try to spin it, there's no true replacement for it (yet).  At a time when information needs to be at your fingertips, iGoogle provides just that, in a customizable way (which is key).  Shutting down this service is a horrible decision by Google, and I truly hope it is reconsidered.
Re: Update on iGoogle sbroggie 7/3/12 9:21 PM
Here's a consideration, when you start taking away the things that got people to love you in the first place, they will go elsewhere. It's only human.
Re: Update on iGoogle theVitC 7/3/12 9:24 PM
Please don't close iGoogle - is my homepage and very useful!
Re: Update on iGoogle iGoogle Fanboi 7/3/12 9:24 PM
iAgree with all the other iGoogle iFanbois on here... please don't drop iGoogle.

Not everyone is jumping on the iPhone/iAndroid iBandwagon, some of us still use good ole desktops and notebooks to get work done. For us Luddites, iGoogle is indispensable.

Thank you for not doing away with the most useful Google product (aside from search) that you have produced so far.


iGoogle iFanboi
Overall rating
Re: Update on iGoogle The Emperor 7/3/12 9:25 PM
This doesn't seem the best idea you've ever had and might even be one of the worst.

iGoogle allows your users to integrate Gmail, Reader and search in one place along with other useful links and feeds. Shut it down and you can pretty much guarantee people will use all of them less often especially as the alternatives seem to be offered by companies with rival search engine. And, despite diversification, it is search which remains the core of the Google business model - I'd have thought there was a big sign somewhere at Google HQ saying "Rule #1: Drive people to Google's search engine" even though these changes seem designed to do the opposite.

I mean, how many people does it take to run iGoogle? It isn't like we need any development of the platform, we just want the service to keep running as it is. Also it can hardly be a resource hog, as it is largely drawing in elements that are already running elsewhere. If it needs a lot to keep it running then throw an ad in there where the pretty pictures float by, base it on the interests I'm pulling into my iGoogle page if you want to make it contextual.

The final irony: I'm using the searchbox on iGoogle to find decent alternatives to iGoogle. I haven't found any yet, but if forced, I will. Eventually.
Re: Update on iGoogle nicbzh 7/3/12 9:26 PM
Where is the alternative on the Chrome Web store ? I didn'nt find it.
Re: Update on iGoogle dbyb7 7/3/12 9:28 PM
Wow!  Look at all the people who hate Google's plan to shut down iGoogle!!  This makes me think that it's just an excuse to say iGoogle has "eroded over time"!!  We don't use iPhone apps on our laptops!!  At least I don't!  It's much more comfortable to use my laptop than it is my iPhone!!  Duh!

iGoogle has been my homepage for a long time!!  We all know that the posts here represent many others who don't post!!  There has to be another reason why they are doing this!!

I have no clue what I will use for a homepage now!  

Re: Update on iGoogle Anthony Hayes 7/3/12 9:29 PM
I have used iGoogle as my homepage for years now, and I am completely baffled by the decision to remove it. There is really no other product out there that allows me to check my gmail, gcal, rss feeds, weather and more on one page. Once iGoogle is taken down my usage in other google products will drop dramatically, I will most likely stick with gmail, but will most likely drop gcal, google reader, google+, and google search as I will have to find a different service and a new homepage. I honestly hope this decision is reconsidered as I and many others as seen by the posts on this forum will most likely stop using google after Nov 1, 2013.
Re: Update on iGoogle ObieD 7/3/12 9:29 PM
I'm leaving too, unless the decision is reversed quickly. All trust in Google is gone. What's next on the chopping block, gmail? 
Re: Update on iGoogle Vigo Krell 7/3/12 9:30 PM

A huge terrible mistake.  I am not naive enough to think any amount of angry voices here will change a CEO's mind, but this is a pointless self-inflicted wound on google.  iGoogle is the fundamental access point for google products to a huge group of mature computer users like myself (an attorney and small business owner), who use it to access all our other google products and to have a lot of information displayed at one time.  I am a paid subscriber to google business, and this is just a slap in the face.  First I lose my google toolbar and its incredibly useful word-search/highlighting features, and now this.

To dispose of it because some idiot hipster Facebook users think its outdated is ridiculous and pointless.  Like everyone else on this page is saying, do not throw away your useful, working products just so you can try to stuff some flash-in-the-pan nonsense like Google+ down everyone's throat.  There is no way iGoogle is costing any great amount of money to keep in operation.  This is a stylistic choice that is pointless alienating a huge group of adult users, someone of whom are actually paying customers. 

I can only hope they attempt to provide some alternative that offers a similar amount of information displayed easily and in one place.  What a sad waste.
Re: Update on iGoogle Slipshod 7/3/12 9:30 PM
Wow.  I've been using iGoogle on my PC since it came out, and even after being an active Android user for several years I find iGoogle is my preferred gateway onto the internet.

Seriously, you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot by driving a significant ammount of traffic AWAY from google.
Re: Update on iGoogle Zmithy 7/3/12 9:30 PM
I have been using iGoogle as my homepage for 7 years now,it is extremely useful.

No other website is able to provide the same functionality, I just tried my.yahoo.com and it is terrible, full of adverts, can't get my google docs and things to work, along with several rss feeds that work fine on iGoogle.

I might even have to cancel my gmail account and start using yahoo mail instead because once igoogle is gone, I will not have access to an app that gives me write access to my mail rather than just read-only.

Please, PLEASE reconsider your decision to delete it. If it wasn't for igoogle I wouldn't be using google docs, calendar or even gmail, it is so useful to have everything in one place and working great. Don't throw all of your hard work away, there are a *lot* of us with igoogle as our main home page and we heavily rely on it.
Re: Update on iGoogle Almorzar 7/3/12 9:32 PM
My immediate thought upon seeing this message this morning was "Welp, it looks like I'm going to start trying other search engines"

If you can give me a viable alternative to iGoogle that is available today from Google, then do so.

I tried about 50 different Chrome configurations and they all suck when it comes to aggregating everything I need. Your Tab system in Chrome is terrible. Even the new tab extension with widgets created by one of your users is still crap.

How about gmail previews? How about weather for 3 different places? How about a clock with three different time zones on it? None of that is "at-a-glance" in any of your other products. I've got to input it all separately, and it's not convenient, it's not fast, and it's not cute. It's annoying.

I saw this news this morning and was wondering how you could justifiably make the claims you made. You can't. Provide solid alternatives in your goodbye message if you can, if not, don't douse it.

Maybe in a year and a half this stuff will exist, but it sure doesn't exist in any form for any of your other products now.
Re: Update on iGoogle solo89 7/3/12 9:32 PM
Please don't get rid of iGoogle.... so many people use it and love it.  If you must just stop updating it and let it fade away, but don't turn it off!
Re: Update on iGoogle Gauve 7/3/12 9:33 PM
This sucks. Why must you constantly remove the most-used, best-liked features like this?
(unknown) 7/3/12 9:37 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle whiskeycoke 7/3/12 9:38 PM
Add me to the list of those disappointed in Google's decision to close this service.  It is my starting point for everything I do on the web and will be sorely missed:(
Re: Update on iGoogle Spikedude 7/3/12 9:41 PM
Seriously?  While I don't go to my iGoogle page during every browser session, it's certainly a handy resource to grab lots of information quickly on one page.  I hope Google changes its mind, or at least provides a very similar alternative that doesn't require me to be "social", if you know what I mean!
Re: Update on iGoogle iBlackmambaHK 7/3/12 9:42 PM

iGoogle is how I interact with the net, mail, news, weather, todo's, all in my face and in one place every time I start Chrome, no clicking or opening pages it's all just there, an amazing productivity tool.

Now all gone!

Guess the moral is Google just can't be trusted any longer, what with Metro, Windows8 and IE10 on the horizon now is the time to rethink things and maybe move everything back over to MS.
Re: Update on iGoogle packzap 7/3/12 9:44 PM
With decisions like this, mark down July 3rd.  The beginning of Google's downward slide in technology.
Re: Update on iGoogle FoolishMorta1 7/3/12 9:45 PM
This is a really bad decision to stop supporting iGoogle. I use it every single day and it helps me keep track of everything from stock prices, to gmail, to google calender and more. Actually, iGoogle used to be better but over the years the usefulness of googles own apps has deteriorated, NOT the need for them as you claim.

It's been obvious for me for a while, now that I think of it, that Google hasn't been supporting iGoogle. I guess this is just the final nail in the coffin of a great product.
Re: Update on iGoogle hameno 7/3/12 9:47 PM
Please reconsider this! It is the best way to get an overview over mail, weather, calendar, and rss feeds (and the only (!) way i use google reader is with the widget on igoogle). 
Re: Update on iGoogle czimmerman9 7/3/12 9:54 PM
Adding my voice to the chorus of dissent. Why would you remove something many people use every day, and lead to the use of more Google services?
Re: Update on iGoogle eviljolly 7/3/12 9:56 PM
iGoogle has been my homepage for years.  Having all of my RSS feeds, e-mail, weather, Google Voice widget, and Google Search all in one place is so convenient.  I've been sitting here for almost an hour trying to think of what I could possible use to replace it other than something I design on my own, which won't be nearly as easy to customize unless I spent a ton of time on it.  

This will mean a lot of missed traffic, not just by me but by everyone who uses this as their homepage.  Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle Deimios 7/3/12 9:57 PM
Google just convinced me to move off Google services. Even though I can live without iGoogle who know what they will be axing next? Time to learn to live without google.

Was nice when they weren't just another Microsoft wannabe.
Re: Update on iGoogle John Wong 7/3/12 9:58 PM
Come on Google, igoogle may not be the best, but you should only expire it only if you have better offer
Re: Update on iGoogle r.overtone 7/3/12 9:59 PM
I don't normally comment on these things, but this is a biggie.  iGoogle is my home page, and it is literally up from the time I log on at work until the time I leave so that I can keep track of everything I need on one page.  Any Google developer or marketer who thinks that the Chrome web store can replace this functionality needs to stop drinking the Kool Aid.  One of the other posters here suggested Netvibes as an alternative.  I've just validated my e-mail with them (through iGoogle, of course) and hope to fully extricate myself from Google soon unless they produce an actual alternative to what they are removing, and not just a suggestion that we maintain 10 different tabs in our browser all day long.
Re: Update on iGoogle Avocaz 7/3/12 9:59 PM
I really hope Google changes its mind on retiring iGoogle. It is a great tool and helps solidify its position as the go to search engine by being the home page. It is a fantastic tool allowing me to see all my favourite pages in one go when I open a browser.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jake M. 7/3/12 10:02 PM
I am extremely disappointed in this news. I started using iGoogle when it launched in 2005, and it is the home page on every device I own. The simplicity of having my e-mail, bookmarks, news, and other important info on one page that can be accessed anywhere, even from a machine I don't own, is an ease of use that few if any other services provide. If all of my options aren't going to be available on Google, I will simply find them elsewhere - and take my e-mail and search uses with me.

Re: Update on iGoogle thescottallen 7/3/12 10:02 PM
I am so incredibly tired of the "powers that be" making these sweeping decisions that thrust their changes upon us.
When WeatherBug changed their map format it Bing, I tried (as did thousands of others) to convince the company to restore the program to the way it was when I signed up.  (among other things, the radar no longer showed my home area - and I HATE Bing).  They refused to listen.  I refused to renew my subscription.  I uninstalled their formerly useful program and will NEVER go back.
I have been an avid supporter of Google since they first went online.
I have been using iGoogle for years, and have recommended it to family, friends, and co-workers.  Most of them have iGoogle on my recommendation.  Many have also signed on to Google+ and Gmail.
I have also been annoyed but tolerant of most of their "improvements" and "upgrades".
Now it seems that the Google "powers that be" have chosen to concentrate their attentions on the mobile and smart phone crowd.
I have no intentions of going mobile   I do not want, nor can I afford a smart phone or any of their overpriced data plans.
And while I appreciate the 16 month notice, if they choose to ignore the loyalty of their long term users, I have NO PROBLEM putting Gmail, Google+, Google Search, and ALL other things Google in the trash bin.
And I will NEVER come back.
I imagine most of my family, friends and co-workers will do the same.
Re: Update on iGoogle bigpotatopat 7/3/12 10:04 PM
I switched from Yahoo to iGoogle several years ago because of problems with Yahoo mail. I use iGoogle as my home page at on my computer at home and at work. If I have to switch to a different home page, I'll probably switch back to Yahoo or some other home page and stop using Google search and other Google products. Good bye ad revenue.

didn't learn anything from the Netflix debacle?

Re: Update on iGoogle Karlosity 7/3/12 10:04 PM
I'm very disappointed in this decision.

As a Librarian I set up iGoogle pages for patrons and find them useful for discrete areas of reference/research (e.g. a "Science" or "Arts" focused iGoogle page for quick reference). I think closing iGoogle is a mistake and will drive people away from Google and it's other products.

I have already reluctantly been advising colleagues to consider other search engines due to the drive by Google to "personalised" search results. A Librarian must be able to, without bias, research for many disparate customers, so these personalised targeted search algorithms are worse than useless as they "hide" search results necessary for a complete picture of the information available.

"Do no evil" indeed :(
Re: Update on iGoogle raven130 7/3/12 10:05 PM
There is an old saying  "If it aint broke dont fix it".. Igoogle is my home page and is perfect for my use. I have set it up the way I like it and so convenient. Google you are certainly losing track of your direction and your loyal users preferences. I tried Chrome but it is nothing compared to IGOOGLE for usefulness. Chrome is good as a basic server and fast but has half the features and apps of Igoogle. Looks like IE will be back once Igoogle goes. Pathetic decision. If it comes down to money SACK the people responsible and that will save your company a lot of money. You will certainly lose a lot of Google users. Best of luck in the future as you will need it!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle JUNK de LUXE 7/3/12 10:09 PM
Dont close iGoogle.. close Google + no one I know uses this. Learn your customers or loose them.

Re: Update on iGoogle Luke.J 7/3/12 10:09 PM
I've got to say Google has been one of the greatest companies ever - they are geniuses and have been able to give us genius products for seemingly free.

But I guess "free" means it might get axed.  Not sure if it's worth holding my breath and investing my time in their other half-finished products (Tasks, Docs, Drive).  Maybe it's time to go back to Apple, Microsoft, and Dropbox.
Re: Update on iGoogle surface.form 7/3/12 10:09 PM
This sucks. igoogle is the only sensible way to get all the info I need onto a single page. What am I supposed to do-- keep a dozen tabs open and constantly switch between them? How about offering a better alternative to "use a bunch of separate apps?"
Re: Update on iGoogle raven130 7/3/12 10:09 PM
QUOTE "Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years.
Re: Update on iGoogle pentatonic 7/3/12 10:11 PM
Its all about marketing and making money.  They have to swap their focus off of what is convenient and useful to us for something that's more profitable to them.  Their innovation is leaning towards big corporate companies with hopes that us little people will go along with it.  There should be enough evidence here to prove iGoogle's immense worth for years to  come. However its clear we are sacrificed as individuals so that Google can cater to more aggressive marketing strategies and corporations.
Re: Update on iGoogle slfroden 7/3/12 10:15 PM
I joined this group specifically to contribute to this petition against sunsetting iGoogle.

There are only two tabs that I have pinned in Google Chrome - one is Gmail, the other is my iGoogle page.  I have all of my RSS feeds categorised in different tabs, all with their own settings.  It is the first page that I load when starting my PC, and the one that I use constantly throughout the day, no matter if I am at work, at home, or on my laptop.  In fact, one of the only reasons I switched to Google Chrome is because iGoogle seemed to run better there (less memory leaks).  If I no longer have that reason, then I will be looking at switching back to Firefox.

A number of other Google products that I used have also either been sunsetted in the past, or are about to be, such as Google Wave and Google Image Charts.

For me the question becomes: What will Google shut down next?  And the only logical step seems to be to stop using ALL of Google's products in an effort to avoid the hassle of using something that is just doing to be shut down in the future, and the headache involved in finding other comparable products.

Google, please listen to everyone in this group and keep iGoogle alive!
Re: Update on iGoogle TuckerResearch 7/3/12 10:16 PM
Why does Google keep doing this?  Docs "upgraded" to a silly "Google Drive"!  Google Notebook killed!  Google Books changed to a dumbass mp3 player called "Google Play"!  Google Scholar treated like its a red headed step child!  Google+, which nobody but Google employees use, Google Buzz, which was utter crap, Google Wave which was the laughingstock of internetdom!  Now iGoogle, my homepage for years, the homepage of MILLIONS, collecting several things and several GOOGLE PRODUCTS IN ONE PLACE, is to be shut down too!  Chrome "apps" do not do the same thing.  Stop trying to be Apple and be Google.  www.google.com as my homepage is not the same thing.  Crap.  Utter crap.  Replace it with something comparable or keep it.  Don't be dunderheads in your cloistered Google offices.
Re: Update on iGoogle cbritton 7/3/12 10:17 PM
PLEASE reconsider.

iGoogle is outstanding! It is the hub of my online activity. It puts exactly what I want at my fingertips. Gmail, calendar, tasks, news, weather, chat, finance all on one page. I can see everything at a glance rather than having to run discreet apps.

Re: Update on iGoogle CybertommyD 7/3/12 10:17 PM
So, if I want Google to be my home page after Nov 2013 what do I do? Is Google abandoning the idea of a home page? Is Google saying that a home page will not be relevant to how things will be in 16 months? The explanation for dropping iGoogle as a product is the same as saying we don't think a custom Google home page will be relevant in 2014 onward, so we're just dropping the ability to customize Google as your home page. This is like saying the idea of the Google search engine will not be relevant in 2014.

I'm certain that Google has the brightest minds in the world working there --- but to my mind this just seems stupid.

You actually don't want me to have Google as my home page? And let's just scatter Google web services all over the map with no way to integrate them as a home page? Is that the deal?
Re: Update on iGoogle Luke.J 7/3/12 10:18 PM
Forgot to include three other half-finished Google products I switched to - Chrome, Google+, and Sites...
Re: Update on iGoogle Mellitus 7/3/12 10:18 PM
As a loyal Google patron of many years, I feel this decision very personally. I use iGoogle all day, every day at work and at home and have encouraged all of my friends and family to use it for years. I would very much appreciate further information regarding how this decision was made and what, if anything, iGoogle's loyal fans could do to make you reconsider. I believe there has to be a better solution than dissolving this entire service.
Re: Update on iGoogle Nairb 7/3/12 10:18 PM
WTF, Google? I have been using iGoogle for years as the start page on every computer in my home and at work. You guys should seriously reconsider this. What at I supposed to use as my start page? How will I easily have an overview of Gmail, my bookmarks, weather, calendar, etc? I can understand getting rid of some of your services and combining others, but by not offering a replacement service, you are simply driving users to look outside Google for a similar product.
Re: Update on iGoogle Walser 7/3/12 10:22 PM
iGoogle is the best quick "at a glance" content aggregator I've found.  It's very light weight and gives me a quick overview of my digital life without having to individually visit sites.  It's great for a quick peak at the world during work, and I don't feel any of alternatives suggested come close to delivering that same experience.
Re: Update on iGoogle Smalltalk8080 7/3/12 10:22 PM
This is similar to Microsoft ditching MSN spaces and Yahoo ditching Delicious, but at least they have decent alternatives.
Seriously, is it worthwhile to save a few dollars that are needed to maintain this simple service? You disappoint fans (most iGoogle users are early/heavy Google users), cut integration with other google products, and discourage people from trying any of your future products.
Re: Update on iGoogle freakengine 7/3/12 10:23 PM
Truly insane.  You can't tell me the meager resources used to keep what is basically a glorified newsreader up and running would seriously impinge upon Google's other projects.  I've defended Google for many years, but no longer.  It's a very poor practice to junk a product without an alternative waiting in the wings.  Shame on you for basically abandoning users like me.
Re: Update on iGoogle Doubletwist- 7/3/12 10:23 PM
Add me to the mass of people who think retiring iGoogle is a huge mistake. I've been using it since it was first launched. I switched from my.yahoo.com and never looked back. I LOVE iGoogle. It is my start page on all my browsers on all my computers both at home and at work [even on my tablet]. I've got everything I want at my fingertips on one page. I have my bookmarks, my site feeds, weather, and all my other widgets set up just perfectly, and I've been using it like this for so long that I know exactly where to look for everything instantly. 

Suggesting that we use Chrome/Android apps is ridiculous. I'm not about to set my browser to start with a dozen tabs and I don't use android on my desktop. For that matter, I still use iGoogle as the home page on my Android devices [phone and tablet]. 

If I have to look elsewhere for a good home page solution, it's going to significantly reduce the amount of time I spend on Google web sites/properties. 

Google, Don't Do This!
Re: Update on iGoogle DevinLeo 7/3/12 10:25 PM
I love iGoogle! I need some type of home page where I can see everything at once. If google drops iGoogle, I will smash my android phone buy an iPhone and start using Bing! or something like that. iGoogle is my morning newspaper. I rely on having my gmail, google reader, newsfeed, calander all on one page when I turn on my computer. Please iGoogle, don't jump. We love you...you can upgrade and make figuring out new functions a pain in the a$$, just don't go away. Please.
Re: Update on iGoogle biznatch 7/3/12 10:26 PM
iGoogle has been my start page and "online newspaper" for over 5 years, this is very disappointing.  Hopefully someone else will come up with something similar before iGoogle is shut down.
Re: Update on iGoogle ledgerama 7/3/12 10:27 PM
+1 to the don't get rid of iGoogle. 

It is exactly what I want from a home page. 
Re: Update on iGoogle willsohn 7/3/12 10:29 PM
Sir, Please keep iGoogle. It has been so useful to me and all of my family and friends; Nearly everyone in my family uses iGoogle because it is simply so brilliant. iGoogle incorporates every part of my life and job on the internet into one page.There is nothing else on the internet out there that I have found that can do this. Google has helped me understand and utilize every part of the internet since I even had a computer! I use Google Chrome because it is powerful and helps keep my jumbled up life organized. I recommend not only Chrome but iGoogle too, not because of the power, but because of the ease of use for my friends and family. Google I beg of you not to discard iGoogle. It is just such a pivotal part of my life. And if you are hellbent on dropping Google Chrome can you at least give the rights or source code or SOMETHING to someone else to carry on, or even make it open source. I feel it would be an awful loss on both our part as customers and your part as a business. With the loss of iGoogle it would make no sense for me to carry on using any other google services. Once again, I severly hope you can reconsider.

-- Your (possibly former) loyal user
     ,William Cowart
Re: Update on iGoogle Kosamite 7/3/12 10:30 PM
Please, please reconsider, this has been the best and most used service from Google to me since Gmail.
Re: Update on iGoogle ukemike 7/3/12 10:30 PM
iGoogle was the thing that brought me from yahoo to google.  It was the reason I signed up with gmail.  It is my homepage on my work and home browser.  It is the reason that the first thing I do when I turn on my PC is log onto google.

I love how I have everything I need at a glance.  If I need a quick mental break from work, I switch to firefox and glance over BBC news, google news, slashdot, my gmail, xkcd, my local newspaper, my stocks, the weather, and my local movie listings.  It takes about 10 seconds for me to scan it all and pick out what I want to read.

I'd really strongly suggest that y'all change your mind.  I've already started setting up my netvibes homepage and it's looking pretty nice.  I personally have no loyalty to google.  If I can find a better gateway to all my information I will.  If I do that means that I won't be signed into google all the time like I am now.  I won't use google as my gateway to the internet nearly as often.  Remember, us users are not your customers.  We are your product (our eyes and our browsing habits are your product).  If you chase us off, then you won't have anything to sell to your customers!!
Re: Update on iGoogle cernicky 7/3/12 10:31 PM
It is BAD decision to cancel iGoogle!

It is one of most important google products which I use every day.
Now I start to find iGoogle alternatives.

May be in future you will cancel gmail, or calendar, or some other your products?!?!

Please cancel google+, it try to be a facebook alternative, but it will not be :-)
Re: Update on iGoogle Wileymm 7/3/12 10:31 PM
Not enough bucks in it for GREEDY GOOGLE, huh?  Why the assumption that the whole world has switched to social media, iPhones, Android "this and that" pad?  iGoogle is a friendly home page option that made online navigation a lot easier for everyone that may or may not be on the cutting-edge of technology.  Yep, it's not hard to read between the lines with this announcement.  iGoogle and some other services don't churn enough money to keep Google's bean-counters happy.  It will be ever so.  Better to never create any kind of dependency on Google, and risk being thrown out the window with the bath water.
Re: Update on iGoogle tock333 7/3/12 10:32 PM
Please, please reconsider.

I start my business day with iGoogle every morning, and continually check on it throughout the day for mail, meetings and news. It is also my gateway to all of your other products. My use of iGoogle has certainly not eroded, but grown over the past years and I have even set it up for other family and work members. It has helped all of us improve our productivity.

I am self employed and use my computer probably close to 20 hours a day. A mobile device and gadgets is not a viable alternative for me. This change will effectively be forcing me to find another product from another company. Spending my days on another homepage and not your gateway to all the other google products will also certainly mean that I will be using your other products less.

Help us help you by remaining loyal customers and please keep iGoogle active!
Re: Update on iGoogle ReallyDisgusted 7/3/12 10:32 PM
Unbelievable!  Thank you for your support. NOT!  As with the others I use iGoogle everyday and have done from the beginning. Retire iGoogle and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will never buy any product from the Google brand. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Martin_0815 7/3/12 10:32 PM
Please reconsider. iGoogle is the best^H^H^H^Honly place where you can summarize your interests in one page. You are sure to open it every time the browser opens (mine is even my homepage) and I use it all the time. No apps on Chrome or the like can substitute iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rejrpg 7/3/12 10:34 PM
Never thought I'd be doing this but I just changed my home page (and eventually, through force of habit, probably the search engine as well) to msn.com to "get used" to the idea of not having iGoogle anymore.

I have been using it for the last 6 or 7 years or so and after a botched attempt at changing the framework of iGoogle which forced me to add /ig?aig=0 so that I'd keep the old look, I now read that you're killing it?! 

Wow.. I mean, do you intend to replace it with something similar?  Is it THAT expensive to support?  I'm trying to understand why.

Anyways.. thought I'd let you know I finally made the switch.   I could have waited 'till Nov 2013 to switch but hey, why not right now.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rokspidr 7/3/12 10:34 PM
I guess GOOGLE made enough money.  They're ready to close the doors.  Because only a company that wants to loose it's loyal customer, user, base would FORCE them to move their business and search engine over to another company.  This idea has to be one of the worst business decisions in modern business history.  What are you guys going to do when you close the doors?  Can I come over and laugh in your face for pulling such and idiotic move?  
Re: Update on iGoogle Palmers Pc's 7/3/12 10:36 PM
I think Google is going to wind up losing there asses when they figure out (too late) that they misinterpreted future trends in web based services. I, my company, and all of my clients have used iGoogle since it's inception. Since Google no longer offers a service to meet our, or our clients needs we will be forced to migrate our company, and those of our clients, to some other company that is interested in providing what we, the clients, want. At this time I am not aware of any other company that provides the services we require. Maybe its time for a startup company somewhere to sweep into this empty field and set up some user functionality. They'd get my business. and my clients' business
William Palmer
Owner and CEO
Palmer PC
Commercial networking specialists
Re: Update on iGoogle bbwwful 7/3/12 10:37 PM
While November 1, 2013 is over a year away, I struggle to see a viable option for a homepage other than iGoogle. In the interim, I do hope Google will come up with an app based option for computer users (as opposed to mobile devices).

My husband and I both run our lives from the iGoogle homepage. The customization, the personalization, the instant communication all from one place has been king of efficiency for us. I do hope Google reconsiders or provides another well-integrated option. Being a heavy Google user, I would hate to have to switch everything over to another site.

PLEASE reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle BoyNamedActually 7/3/12 10:38 PM
Like others, I joined this group just to protest this decision. igoogle is my favorite google product, and by far the most useful. Yes, I have an Android phone, and I appreciate having all my data at my fingertips. But it is much more convenient to view all of my information within my homepage on my laptop. There is nothing more convenient than opening my browser, seeing email, calendar, weather, news all in one place in one quick overview.  Similar applications on my phone are not nearly as accurate or as convenient.
I seriously hope this decision is reconsidered.
Re: Update on iGoogle Greg.R 7/3/12 10:40 PM
I am very disappointed by your decision to kill iGoogle. My family and friends use it every day and to me it is the gateway to the rest of the internet. Often it is the only page I need to open to acquire all the information I need. I believe the decision to kill iGoogle will actually make me use all of your services less, because they will not be at hand in the same way that they were with iGoogle. 
Currently, there are no viable alternatives to iGoogle that offer the same feature set. The Chrome start page is nice, but all it offers is a set of buttons containing no further information. I don't want to have to check all my information separately. I want it all in a single place that I can view at a glance, the way iGoogle does it.

Google, I'm asking you to please reconsider your decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle craigTheBrit 7/3/12 10:41 PM
Terrible news! I've used iGoogle every day for what seems like forever! I just checked out netvibes and it's awful; far too cluttered, and there are these big green buttons at the top. Well at least this leaves a gap in the market for some enterprising coders...
Re: Update on iGoogle ukemike 7/3/12 10:44 PM
netvibe is a very nice alternative
Re: Update on iGoogle sleepycat2 7/3/12 10:47 PM
I think Google has figured out that there is no way to make money out of iGoogle. I think if we all write to Google about how much we are willing to pay per month for iGoogle then they will keep it (maybe 25 - 50 cents).
Re: Update on iGoogle tock333 7/3/12 10:50 PM
How about this idea, integrate the igoogle features into your google+ startpage... That let's us keep igoogle and gets you more people on your FB competition platform!

Not an optimal solution and I want iGoogle for work and not social networking stuff that does not interest me, but I would be willing to take that as a lesser evil to losing iGoogle all together!

Please reconsider!
Re: Update on iGoogle ivassilis 7/3/12 10:58 PM
Nooo!! Come on, iGoogle has been my homepage since the day it launched! A bird's eye view of everything that matters to me in one single page. Exactly WHICH other product resembles its functionality according to Google? Google Play is just a joke of a product. You keep that and you shut down ig? There's definitely sad days ahead for Google. Congratulations to the management team.. 
Re: Update on iGoogle cernicky 7/3/12 11:04 PM
NETVIBES is good alternative for dying igoogle
Re: Update on iGoogle uddwestyorks 7/3/12 11:05 PM
Have just joined my first ever forum and worked out how to reply due to the shock of this announcement. iGoogle is THE most useful product I use in a day and I have used it for many years. i log into it from a number of different computers and can find everything i need just where I placed it. i have no interest in Google + or any other social network, what I want is my own personal homepage which I can use where ever I am. It is my link to my Gmail and my google calendar and keeps me coming back hour after hour to see the annoying adverts they place around those tools. I also access it from my ipad and my Android phone, so it also works quite happily in a mobile environment.   Are Google going to listen to their customers? If they can't then why should i remain loyal to them?
Re: Update on iGoogle maethlin 7/3/12 11:07 PM
You HAVE to be kidding me.  Not only is this a terrible idea - alienating some of your most devoted users, but you go on to seriously INSULT the intelligence of your users by claiming there are other products (in the Chrome store and elsewhere) that do "similar things".  WHAT?  Not even CLOSE!  A customizable home page that brings together calendar, mail, news, widgets, etc??  There is nothing even REMOTELY close to replacement except MSN and Yahoo - oh yeah, your competitors.  Nice going Google - you may have the majority share but hey by all means help out your competition by forcefully pushing away customers.
Re: Update on iGoogle Woek 7/3/12 11:07 PM
Unbelievable! iGoogle was one of the reasons I stuck with all the google products. I paid money for apps that used google services so that I could see the same stuff on my iGoogle page. Even though it was being completely neglected obviously (looked bad on Chrome), still I could never believe they would abandon it.
Suggestion: open the source and let the community take care of it!
Re: Update on iGoogle BorgJS 7/3/12 11:10 PM
This is a mistake it is going to drive people to other vendor's solutions which will not make Google's services seamlessly available like iGoogle. I too have been using it every day for years on multiple computers. I have a smart phone and still prefer the iGoogle Desktop experience.

I had faith in Google's vision and have been a strong proponent of Google's services. The way Google addresses the response to the news of this cancellation will determine if I continue to do so. Based on the response from the community this may go against the whole "Don't be evil" motto. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Sniperworm 7/3/12 11:18 PM
Smart move there. At least Bing will get something good out of this, and since I can't keep tabs on gmail too well on there I may as well start using Hotmail more too. What did I ever do to piss you off so much you want to make me start using Bing :/
Re: Update on iGoogle zanellired 7/3/12 11:18 PM
Add me to the list of the disgruntled. This is not  the first Google "improvement" with which I disagree. But it is obviously getting to be time to find another company to be loyal to and to support.
Google Docs, for example, has become degraded to the point where it is unusable on some machines as it clogs the system. I was a staunch supporter of Google Docs, but use it less now due to problems.
Then changes to this feature or that feature; taking away what made Google a great system.
And now this.
Please just leave it. C'mon.
Re: Update on iGoogle dgasaway 7/3/12 11:21 PM
I'm flabbergasted.  iGoogle is the one service I use more than any other on the whole internet.  It's always open and I spend *a lot* of time with it.  It keeps me connected to Google more than another other service I use, including search and gmail.  And this is how Google announces the shutdown?  The list of alternatives presented are pathetic.  Do you guys even know what people use iGoogle for?

Re: Update on iGoogle kho777 7/3/12 11:22 PM

I believe iGoogle is one of the most successful products next to Google search.  Google Wave, Google+ come and go. I still use iGoogle everyday and will do so until it dies. It has great potentials but the company has yet to milk the cow:

1. Sync iGoogle with other OS device via cloud (Google drive is not fully developed its coherent cloud services).  Somehow my calendar is not synced to my iPhone. 

2. Wonder why there is not Wordle of news, research (scholarly publication topics, keywords)

3. Wonder why there is no real time word cloud of Google search in iGoogle

4. iGoogle is better than facebook since it is work-based as FB is leisure, chat-based. It can be serious enough as a work desktop (it really should be called Google Desktop or Google Organize and current GD should be called Google Index or MySearch). Most importantly, I don't know why Google has yet to develop iGoogle into an enterprise Facebook.  It will not be for chatting or posting pictures only.  Connecting users' iGoogle in business manner allows great communication and collaboration among business users.  For example, I can connect some iGoogle widgets with those of my staff or colleagues so we can see the same box or sync a shared box. Meanwhile, I still can keep some boxes for my own private use or other sector's use (private is now a relative term).  No one develops more real productivity widgets such as word processing, computing/statistics boxes so I can work on my paper, run my models, while checking email, project progress my coauthor updates and checking stock market and news.  This is real multitasking daily lives of most workers, I bet.  

It will be a bad move if Google drops iGoogle, thinking other Google Play apps can replace it. Never.  Individual functions, maybe.  Key is multitasking, multithreading on same screen space.  Also, it is very bad for Google image and reputation.  First, it is irresponsible for early and current developers.  Second, it betrays its supporters from the longtime, loyal fans up.  Despite its possibly high investment in developing and maintaining the iGoogle service, discontinuing it will cost more and signal the beginning of the end of Google era. 

I will be happy to participate in further developing this service if needed.  I am sure there are thousands (could be hundreds of thousands) of supporters like me who will say the same thing. 

Karl Ho

Re: Update on iGoogle acristin 7/3/12 11:23 PM
Really?  Please rethink your business strategy; focusing is great, but I fear that you are focusing on the wrong things.  I hope I'm wrong, because losing useful tools like iGoogle to gain a better Google+ seems like a really bad trade.
Re: Update on iGoogle Brynolf11 7/3/12 11:26 PM
iGoogle has been my Hub with capital H for many years. The way it lets me keep all the important services in the same place was THE reason I decided to put all my eggs in the Google basket. Chrome apps as they look today is NOT the same. We need WIDGETS for a customizable HOME PAGE. Android already does that in a brilliant way. Chrome browser do too THANKS TO iGOOGLE. Without igoogle we would need an Android OS for our desktop PCs.

This is Sparta, Google. Please reconsider!
Re: Update on iGoogle Beau Cornerstone 7/3/12 11:26 PM
I'm distressed that you've made this decision. I'm not resistant to change, but iGoogle is the only type of Google that works on our computer.  I downloaded  Google Chrome six months ago and it has never worked. Every time I try to go on the internet via the Google Chrome icon the internet crashes. The only way I can get the internet back is to switch off our computer, unplug our modem, reset it, refire up our computer.  It's labourious and frustrating for our kids. But if they use the iGoogle icon we're fine. We're also fine if we use IE. It's just a Chrome issue.

I know Chrome won't work for us - but no one can tell me why.  I don't know how many hours I've wasted on the internet - trying to troubleshoot Chrome so it works.  All I know is I have a near new computer and Windows 7. It should work.

I guess once you make iGoogle obsolete I will have to use Firefox or something.  But that's a shame. because I don't really want to swap to something when what I'm using (iGoogle) works fine for me. Why fix something that doesn't need fixing - and why get rid of something people like and are still using?

Have you honestly thought through the implications of this decision with old people too?  If I can't get Google Chrome to work to replace iGoogle - and I have moderate computer skills - how the hell are people with novice skills gonna troubleshoot it? You are effectively forcing countless people to stop using Google and resort to IE or Firefox.  Has it occurred to George that some people might not even know what an app is? I know what an app is but I've never used one - we don't have mobile phone coverage where we live in Australia - but that doesn't mean we don't want the internet.

I sincerely hope that you are gonna update your help support pages in the next 16 months to help people like me who want to stay with Google - so we can somehow swap from iGoogle to Chrome.  There is absolutely no information on the support pages that tells a person why Chrome crashes, why Chrome can't find a proxy server and how uninstalling Chrome, redownloading Chrome and reinstalling chrome might affect iGoogle - I don't want to stop using iGoogle until I can get Chrome working. And I don't want to be forced to use Firefox because I can't get Chrome to work either.

Re: Update on iGoogle tokano 7/3/12 11:28 PM
if you really want to do the "spring-clean", try get rid of google+ first..i'm sure not many people will mad..
but iGoogle??

Seriously, what are you thinking??!!

Re: Update on iGoogle skybeat 7/3/12 11:30 PM
Hi Google,

Why do you close iGoogle?
You have wrote that there are many apps what does the job of iGoogle. But i use iGoogle as my default personalized search webside. I read every day all my news via iGoogle, look for new mails, check the weather for the next days and all this stuff.
So tell me what kind of app will do this job with the same function like iGoogle if i start my browser (firefox) and iGoogle is my defaukt start page?

You think only in mobile world and of course there are a lot of apps, but for all the user with a good olt normal PC and a also good old normal browser there are no apps availible what does the job like iGoogle.
So please do not close the doors of iGoogle, this is a very big step back for Google and his inovation!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle M1kst3r1 7/3/12 11:30 PM
I am a multi browser and multi operating system user who relies on google services (gmail, calendar, docs, ...) to be available anywhere. I am unable and unwilling to install any apps or other junk to any of my devices. What iGoogle offered was a portal to google services on any platform and that is hard to find anywhere else.

What is the incentive for me to continue using google products if I can't use them through a portal like iGoogle?

Furthermore, I'm actually having a hard time believing that you guys are serious about sunsetting iGoogle. It's just dumb...
Re: Update on iGoogle dcoaster 7/3/12 11:31 PM
Totally disagree with this decision. iGoogle is the best new tab page for Chrome or any browser for that matter. So convenient and irreplaceable. 

Re: Update on iGoogle Fintanusa 7/3/12 11:32 PM
Bad move. If only to push people to chrome / google +.
No thanks I will not be forced to use chrome because of this.
I have been using igoogle for years and it has been very useful as my startpage. google+ is not an option either.
I use android, but this is silly. why should I use my phone at home to read my favorite news items????
You have to be kidding. Ohh..it isn't April fools.

Re: Update on iGoogle KillKenny 7/3/12 11:32 PM
First thing in the morning I do is start op laptop and browser. Igoogle is my homepage and it immediately shows me the news headlines, unread mail(both gmail as hotmail), needed bookmarks, weather, daily offers etc etc. Furthermore, I can log in from any computer. I have not found any decent alternative for this great program that can do exactly the same. It would be a big loss if this decision would stay the same.
Google, please listen to your users and recall this decision !!
Re: Update on iGoogle aj_runr77 7/3/12 11:33 PM
Terrible move!!!

I and most everyone I know use iGoogle everyday. It's such a convenient, easy, usable way to consolidate news, tasks, etc. Especially when you don't (or can't) use Chrome (my work, and lots of companies forbid it). 

I can't believe that this move makes sense. I will never use Google+, Chrome Apps are terrible so far (and don't come close to replacing the functionality), not everyone has Chrome...the list goes on and on. I use iGoogle every time I use my computer, both at home and work. You get tons of revenue off the fact that I'm there, search, and click on links. 
If my home page is somewhere else (My.Yahoo, etc), i'm going to search from there. I think you'll lose more than you think. 

You've made numerous UI and Functionality changes (Docs being one) that just don't make sense...and you don't explain anything.  You will lose users for this and if Apple does something to replace this, you'll lose even more. 

Please reconsider this move or at least try and explain the future before you lose a lot more users. 
Re: Update on iGoogle somewherein72 7/3/12 11:33 PM
I've noticed how Google kept pushing away the iGoogle access links, and now the announcement that  iGoogle is ending in Novemeber 2013? Well, I can't say that I'm surprised, as with everything that works well and is a great product that Google has ever had, I'm talking about your formerly amazing News pages, Google has chosen to eliminate another great service.

I've used the iGoogle page as my homepage since it first became available, and it's sad to think that it won't be around anymore. Why do you keep doing this to you users?

IGoogle is unlike most anything else I've been able to find, except for the horrible Yahoo personalized pages, it's a great product and one that you should have pushed more. I hope that you're just eliminating the terrible name, "iGoogle" in lieu of some other comparable product that allows users full power of customization over their internet experience. If not, then you're alienating your users AGAIN and that is foolish when you're not really the only game in town.

Keep IGoogle, it's a good product....I use it way more than I ever used Google+. But, I guess it's one more service that you can't really monetize easily, go figure!

Re: Update on iGoogle MarcChi 7/3/12 11:35 PM
Please do not discontinue. This is a great product and it makes it easier to use Google's other products.
Re: Update on iGoogle Nick A 7/3/12 11:37 PM
But why??? I don't understand your reasoning and how you came about to this!
iGoogle has been my home page (like lots of others); and it makes a big difference compared to other competitors.
Now I basically don't have any reason to not try out other search engine vendors.
It brought together all services and live data; I liked how to customize it. And now... well I think this means: bye bye :-(
You also kill a lot of other services that; e.g Google Code was great to use... and of course it will be used less because there are many more 'average' users than developers. Sigh...
Re: Update on iGoogle zanellired 7/3/12 11:37 PM
Well said, kho777. Thank you for your clarity.
Yes, other options. Work related. I am one of those who keeps iGoogle open as my home screen while at work (and everywhere else). It is a great work desktop.
Re: Update on iGoogle elsuu 7/3/12 11:39 PM
I understand the need to focus, but I don't understand the need to discard iGoogle.

A lot of people use it as their browser homepage that brings together Google search and other features like the calendar, easy access to Gmail and news feeds, etc. This is very handy on a computer. I don't think there's anything similarly useful available for use on a computer (not within Google anyway!) So the suggestion to get mobile apps instead just doesn't work. I use mobile apps too, but on my PC iGoogle is unrivaled.

Why would you want to take down something that allows people to use your other products more easily?
Re: Update on iGoogle Danonym 7/3/12 11:45 PM

Who the heck came up with BRILLIANT idea? Please, hand him some medals and shit.
Re: Update on iGoogle Danonym 7/3/12 11:46 PM
And I give a shit about Google+, just in case this is a plan to force people to use G+ in the future. It won't work. It will enrage customers.
(unknown) 7/3/12 11:50 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle CrazyDriver 7/3/12 11:55 PM
I've been using iGoogle as my starting page every day for the last couple of years and I really like the way you can customize it and get a quick overview every time I launch Chrome. I wouldn't say iGoogle is perfect, but like many people have already said it's a place where many Google products (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Play, G+, ....) comes together. It has a great potential and I really hope Google reconsider their decision to shut it down.
Re: Update on iGoogle zinc31 7/4/12 12:01 AM
I agree with the many comments already on this subject. iGoogle is excellent and should stay. 

I hope all those that feel the same way post their views to Google so they may understand that this is a bad decision. 

Many of us do not use Google on mobile devices as regularly as our home PC's and like the usability that iGoogle provides us all, and that ability to personalise our homepage to suit our individual needs. 

This is a big plus for Google and to echo the sentiment of many, if this is no longer available, I will look to other homepages that can provide a similar product.
Re: Update on iGoogle unigami 7/4/12 12:03 AM
Have you guys lost your marbles?  I use iGoogle every day.  I love how easy it is to see a summary of my email, GQueues tasks, Top Stories, Stock Picks, Wired headlines, and have quick access to my bookmarks.  As far as I can tell, there is no comparable way to do this as efficiently using any app that you offer.   WHAT HARM DOES IT DO TO KEEP iGOOGLE?  

Seriously, this has really done some damage to the good feelings I've had about Google...I'm not kidding.  This is a really dumb decision and I can't believe the way you are just dropping it in our lap with a lame excuse.  I'll think twice about investing my time into using another one of you applications the next time.

Re: Update on iGoogle aagsteiner 7/4/12 12:04 AM
So far I could understand why google was retiring unsuccessful products, even with wave, which had a lot of potential but just didn't work out.

But iGoogle? I'm using this service as my browser start page for years, experimented with many alternatives, found none that could compete with the great and mighty iGoogle. With iGoogle I have two weather forecasts, my favorite delicious bookkmarks, my gmail inbox, a number of newsfeeds, the android blog, TV schedule for the day all available on one page, at one glance. It's a beautiful piece of software, invaluable to me. 

PLEASE, google, rethink this decision! Since when is being "THE START PAGE" of many users not important anymore?

Re: Update on iGoogle nert-nert 7/4/12 12:08 AM
Very sad news

iGoogle is best of breed and streets ahead of the competition.
It is simple, uncluttered and powerful.
Gadgets such as encyclopedia lookup and translation are extremely useful.
It is perfect for those many of us who use multiple computers, multiple browsers and multiple OS.
It is viewed by many users, multiple times a day - surely a great basis for a profitable product.

iGoogle is dying, who will pick up the crown and rule our browsers? 
Re: Update on iGoogle amval 7/4/12 12:11 AM
It must be to do with trying to force people to use Google+.

I don't like it.

Re: Update on iGoogle timboau 7/4/12 12:13 AM
Shame Google - this has become my home page and as someone who regularly helps other computer users I also suggest iGoogle for them.
Directing people to your Pay Site for applications and News readers stinks.

 As stated in our blog post, we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference:

At least that the guts to say you're focusing on making more money. pfft

Re: Update on iGoogle sisyphus6676 7/4/12 12:18 AM

Tell me that the only reason you're shutting down iGoogle is to get more users on Chrome's extensions so you can sell more ad revenue.
Re: Update on iGoogle GeVi 7/4/12 12:18 AM
No Google, don't do it!
Re: Update on iGoogle bad_idea 7/4/12 12:20 AM
This is so lame, iGoogle is what I use ALL THE TIME.  Reader is lame, I'm not going to switch to that or Google+.  Rather, I'll find something else that offers the functionality of iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle oh_bugger 7/4/12 12:22 AM
Just have to voice my dissapointment too.  I've been using iGoogle for years and it is just one of those things that I've taken for granted.  It's kinda like gmail you know?  It's not shiniest toy, but it's always there, I can get to it from pretty much anywhere, and it is an absolute gem as far as usefullness goes.
Somebody mentioned that maybe this decision is understandable, as Google needs to focus on it's core competance.   Maybe, but I think it raises real issues  about trust and transparency.  I am using alot of Google stuff as part of my life's infrastructure (youtube, gmail, igoogle, contacts, calendar, maps, even g+, chrome, etc, etc).  If Google is going to keep pulling the rug out from underneath people by cancelling these services (especially the popular one's like igoogle), I am certainly going to start pulling away from Google since they seem to have a problem with commitment.  Really, what is Google's core focus?  Is it just search and advertising?  Then anything like gmail, youtube, etc are candidates for termination and I would be pretty stupid to continue relying on those. 
Also contrarty to Google's claims, there are no alternatives to iGoogle.  Pulse is nice on iOS and Android, but that is just a news aggregator, and worse, it is a native/dedicated app.  Sure, I can get to my email and calendar  from a dedicated app, or from their respective web pages, but then I loose the everything-I-need-at-a-glance-all-in-one-place awesomeness that was iGoogle and my day has become less productive.  Google reader; that isn't a serious alternative for me.  Chrome and all of it's addons is awesome but I can't install Chrome at work, at a web cafe, or at a friends house.  There is no alternative to the ubiquity of iGoogle.  Dropping iGoogle and suggesting that a vendor specific browser (Chrome) with special addons as an alternative is just so lame on so many levels.  It's the 21st century equivalent of OS vendor lockin that the web has been trying to get away from.
Re: Update on iGoogle Lars Borg 7/4/12 12:30 AM
Reconsider your decision!!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle bookydoc 7/4/12 12:38 AM
Oh this sucks. This is dumb. iGoogle is my homepage, the entry point to all things Google and beyond.  Nicely displayed are google finance, gmail, search, rss feeds.  
I can use the same homepage no matter which device I'm on: Windows at work, Mac at home, iphone etc.
Serious miscalculation by Google here.  You have failed to exploit the captive audience you had sitting there.  All the money and time you spend to keep us on Google, and now you are squandering it.
You are losing your way, Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle lonevvolf 7/4/12 12:39 AM
Please reconsider this one.  I can only echo the sentiments of other posts here.  Nothing I know of can replace the usefulness of iGoogle on the desktop.
Re: Update on iGoogle Pete_87 7/4/12 12:44 AM
I get the spring cleaning thing, but is iGoogle really so difficult to maintain relative to the value it provides to its users?

The tough reality is this: we don't need another crappy Facebook clone.  You had a small window of opportunity on the social networking front five or six years ago.  You missed it.  Google Play is similarly late to the game in the streaming arena.  At this point, cutting off various services in an attempt to funnel people into Google+, Google Play, and your other hot-ticket items is not the right to do business, nor will it succeed as a strategy in the long run.  

If you're so intent on axing iGoogle, could you at least replace it with something better suited to the task than Play and the Chrome Store?
Re: Update on iGoogle Rathkennamike 7/4/12 12:46 AM
But this post tells us nothing about how you intend to replace it.
You have a tool which is used by millions and now you have decided to discontinue it but without any indication as to what will replace it.
This suggests you have no plan!
Product sellers who are serious about supporting their customers would never take this approach
Re: Update on iGoogle fragger56 7/4/12 12:48 AM
Sad to see a service I use everyday go...
Though I can sorta see why as most of the information on my igoogle page is available on the homescreen  of my smartphone...

Still having a web based "mirror" in the form of igoogle has been nice.
Re: Update on iGoogle mr.1009 7/4/12 12:52 AM
Please reconsider. iGoogle is my perfect startpage for years....
Re: Update on iGoogle AusMike 7/4/12 12:53 AM
As stated by others, iGoogle is a great product used by many. Personally I use it as my homepage and it is able to show me my mail, calendar, to-dos, news, weather, stocks, facebook updates, twitter feed, rss feeds, etc all on one easy to use webpage. Also, iGoogle has been the gateway for me to starting using and switching to google apps such as calendar, reader, tasks, finance because they all integrate with iGoogle.

Many users realise that it has some limitations (some official google gadgets not working properly for months eg. calendar, needs a visual makeover) and has not been developed sufficiently to keep up with the modern web, but despite this it remains one of google's most useful products with no viable alternative.

I can understand dropping the mobile version (due to apps/notifications on modern smartphones and the small screens, igoogle is not as required on mobile devices) but the desktop igoogle version remains invaluable to many users.

As there are costs in supporting such a service as igoogle, would not a better option be to invest in some development in igoogle and look at revenue making opportunities? eg.
* Replace the seach box at the top with advertising or with links to google's latest developments that you wish to direct users to (the search box is no longer required as most browsers have a search box built-in and a search box can be added as an igoogle gadget anyway). Potential advertising revenue could be charged at a premium as the igoogle service is typically used as a home page and left open.
* Maintain a program of work that any development of a google product also needs to look at the impact on igoogle gadgets
* Visual upgrade
* Get rid of the sidebar (chat) and have it up the top
* Develop a tablet version
* Maybe develop an advanced igoogle version that has a small subscription fee

Please re-consider google. Also note that dropping a widely used and mature product such as iGoogle will also have the effect of users losing trust and thinking twice about utilising any new services that may be taken away one day with no viable alternative.

Re: Update on iGoogle NickWaanders 7/4/12 12:54 AM
I can't believe you're cancelling iGoogle. I use it every day to nicely organize everything I need on one page, it's brilliant!

I haven't found a decent alternative, but that's probably because I haven't looked. I guess I'll have to start looking now. :(
Re: Update on iGoogle Scoobyed 7/4/12 12:54 AM
Oh great !!!   WHY ????????????????????????????????  And what am I supposed to use instead then...??? 
Re: Update on iGoogle akamarvin 7/4/12 12:56 AM
This is yet not April's fool day. Am I right ?

Well that's it for me.
16 months to switch ALL my google dependencies to some other more transparent or privacy oriented services.

- Without adblock, it is absolutely frightening how targeted the ads can be. I was shocked.

- My top-notch Asus Transfomer Prime, wonderful piece of hardware on the paper,
is totally rendered inefficient by a dull "all-to-apps" slow system which is not even capable of multi-threading/multi-tasking browser tabs (SO BASIC !!!)
You're not able to play a video or any stream on 1 tab and switch to another task while still listening.
600€ for that. Gotta be kidding me. And the whole thing is a big portable spyware.

- And now this, iGoogle, the internet start page for millions will be discontinued to favor more mercantile stuff.
Apps, apps, apps ,store, store, pff ... give me a break.

- Google+ is a joke. I don't wanna be "übersocial".

     -> enough.
Thinking I'm willing to pay for some privacy, in the end. I'll also reconsider being that much "smartly" mobile. Back to basics.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rainmaker77 7/4/12 12:59 AM
Google, pleas reconsider this decision. I have used iGoogle for my home page for as long as I can remember, It's the perfect place to have access to my vast collection of RRS feeds, my GMail account as well as various other applications, to top it off it also has Google search for quick access to the entire internet.

When I need information from my RSS feeds I simply hit home, and when I need to search for something I do the same. If you retire iGoogle I'll not only have to find an inferior product from one of your competitors, but in changing my homepage you will also lose me as a customer who, hundreds of times a day uses Google search.

iGoogle is fantastic, and is one of the primary reasons behind the goodwill I feel towards the company, should you discard it I will most likely lose some of that goodwill, and chances are you'll lose a customer, as not having all my information bound to the home key from Google means I'll find someone (like Yahoo) who does.
Re: Update on iGoogle Ljudotina 7/4/12 1:01 AM
In 16 months, google will stop being my home page. Me, everyone i work with and everyone to who i fix computers for will switch to some kind of alternative. This will cause you loose users.
Re: Update on iGoogle Blimpslap 7/4/12 1:01 AM
There is no other service on the web that puts my Facebook, Gmail, Google Talk, Twitter, and RSS feeds all on one page.  Period.

You don't seem to realize.  I don't go to facebook.  I have a facebook gadget.  I don't go to twitter.  I have a twitter gadget.  I don't go to any one of the websites i subscribe to with google reader.  I have a gadget for all of that.  You have done with iGoogle everything you have ever dreamed of doing with Google+ and more.  Google, i go to YOU for practically EVERYTHING now and I can't imagine why you would throw that away.  iGoogle is your single most useful service.  Period.
Update on iGoogle Motud2 7/4/12 1:05 AM
I have seen some bad descisions made in my last 30 years in IT, but not one of this magnitude.

You must be completely out of your minds.

Re: Update on iGoogle ricc@rd 7/4/12 1:05 AM
Please don't kill iGoogle!!! Please don't do this!
It's a very useful service and you shouldn't kill it!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Martin Häntzschel 7/4/12 1:08 AM
Noooooooooo please leave iGoogle online, it's the entry point to my online life!
Re: Update on iGoogle Brynolf11 7/4/12 1:08 AM
Netvibes actually seems like a more than viable alternative. Well done, Google. Without your "spring cleaning" I wouldn't even have considered searching for one. And if the dashboard doesn't have the Google tag on it, what's to keep me from trying out calendars, task lists, email etc from other providers? You see, it's not that Google makes the BEST services, it's that they make a lot of them and bring them together in a neat way. Or did, at least... without iGoogle I have no reason to stick around.
Re: Update on iGoogle ukemike 7/4/12 1:11 AM
netvibes does it all and does it better than igoogle.  I've just been learning this because when I learned google was axing igoogle I went looking for a replacement.  I've used home pages like this since WAAAY before igoogle.  I used yahoo for a long while, and I'm not about to give it up.  If google doesn't want my eyeballs, and doesn't want me to log on as soon as I open a browser, oh well.  I'll log on somewhere that wants me.   Netvibes.  Check it out.
Re: Update on iGoogle David_W_M 7/4/12 1:15 AM
I am discouraged with the lack of vision to develop "iGoogle" gateway. It explains the total abandonment of the product managers in the last 12 months. this is a product I used daily.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Rowlac 7/4/12 1:18 AM
This is insanity, ok maybe not insanity, but quite shocking. I don't see how it is relevant to associate the tremendous opportunity of technology and the closure of a content rich portal. I have it set as my homepage as it affords me the opportunity to interact with the Google products that I use. The ability to view and edit all of the modules on a single homescreen is very relevant and something Google should be looking to improve, not simply shut down. The chrome web store has given me one useful tool: the ability to bypass the "app" homescreen. By using a tab redirect app, I can open a new tab and it automatically divert to my iGoogle page.

I honestly don't use iGoogle with Android, this is where apps are of more use, widgets turn my phone homescreen into a version iGoogle.

This is not good thinking on your part. In the meantime I will use my iGoogle page until closure, in the hope this decision is reversed.

Re: Update on iGoogle RxRick 7/4/12 1:23 AM
my iGoogle page is set up with all of my RSS feeds, email feed, calendar, TODO list, weather, etc. Having all this on one page makes It very useful and effective. Killing iGoogle would forever turn me away from anything google. Follow your company motto, DON'T BE EVIL!
Re: Update on iGoogle unigamer 7/4/12 1:25 AM

Other people have made good arguments about why igoogle shouldn't be shut down. I just want to add my agreement, keep igoogle!

Re: Update on iGoogle NickStrong 7/4/12 1:27 AM
Nonsensical decision. Keep iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle tonytenerife 7/4/12 1:27 AM
A terrible idea!!! IGoogle is my eye on the world...where on one page I can see all that affects my life...financial, political, weather, health....'biggest potential to make a difference'?? or doesn't it earn enough money for you
Re: Update on iGoogle davbant 7/4/12 1:32 AM
No! its not just a product, its THE product I use every day! Come on, please! This is stupid. You just NOT made my day!
Re: Update on iGoogle elsuu 7/4/12 1:33 AM
Additionally: the gadgets available in Chrome are not a good replacement. The brilliant part about iGoogle is that you can access your homepage (and all your Google services) easily by logging in on any computer, regardless of whether or not you are able to install Chrome (like on work computers where you are not allowed to install whatever you want, or if you are using a public computer).
Re: Update on iGoogle T_F_S 7/4/12 1:35 AM
Absolutely RIDICULOUS to kill iGoogle.

Millions of users are not allowed to use Chrome because of Corporate policies, which are not going to change. We have NO ALTERNATIVE to iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle theflamingangel 7/4/12 1:36 AM
Gutted. iGoogle was the foundation that I built up all the other Google services on. Now I'll need to replace iGoogle, Gmail, Google docs, maps, search and my Google drive. If I do that I'm less likely to stick with android too since I mainly just enjoyed how homogeneous it all was.

I feel stabbed in the back for my loyalty.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jonathan Corwin 7/4/12 1:39 AM
Really not happy. Where can I now see my email, calendar, chat, bookmarks, favourite RSS feeds and the weather, all on one single page? 
Re: Update on iGoogle rockminster 7/4/12 1:41 AM
A couple of months ago I was astonished to see the ineptitude of Google when they changed the bookmarks gadget without giving any consideration to how users interact with it. They now again demonstrate that they have no understanding of customer behaviour in relation to their products.

Some insight for the execs over there, you clearly need it!

igoogle is a shopping mall, you make one visit and everything you want and need is available from that one visit. Now consider what you're proposing, you're proposing knocking down the mall and replacing it with seperate stores that you have to et back in your car and drive between. 

Now, in what world is that going to be a better experience for your customers?

Consider this also, igoogle is a portal which drives traffic to your own services, in the same way as a mall increases footfall for all stores that exist there, igoogle increases traffic for your other services. You created not just customers but fans when you created igoogle, they behave with it in the same way they do with shopping malls, people go there just to go there, not with any specific need but because they like hanging out there. 

You're changing the nature of how your fans interact with your services, they're going to leave. If you knocked down the mall don't you think the visitors would find another way of getting the same experience because they like the what it gives them?

Food for thought... 
Re: Update on iGoogle lambdz 7/4/12 1:44 AM
So, you are killing one of most useful service. Very, very bad. It's time to say goodbye to Google, and time to start looking for something new.
Re: Update on iGoogle ultrageez 7/4/12 1:44 AM
Dear Conrad,

Like many others today I launched my homepage and got this news. I immediately wanted to contribute to this topic. I can appreciate the need to clean up and streamline service. You've done a great job of this so far with Gmail, Drive, Calendars etc... I use a chromebook for all my web needs (work and personal, 8hrs a day, I bring it to the office and plug it in a large screen) and am glad I'm fully out of the MS consumer world. So I appreciate your services and consider myself a loyal consumer. I have bought 25GB of storage, deal with 100's of mails every day (as a rep), have all my docs online, my calendars, and all this is synchronized with my Nexus S phone I'll probably buy the new Chromebook in a few weeks.

All in all this user experience is fantastic and I'm not gonna threathen to quit you guys anytime soon.

Regarding igoogle, unlike many others I haven't been a long term user. I only started using it after I got the chromebook. Suddenly I felt I needed a homepage that wasnt a news site of any sort, but an AGGREGATOR. igoogle delivered brilliantly.

I understand it's getting old. So my only question is, for desktop users like me, what will you replace it with? That isn't addressed through your post. The chrome webstore is just an app shop. Same for google play. I think you new that when you wrote it but you had to toe the corporate line and they asked to use your account... bummer ;)

That's all I have to say. One needs a homepage that's an aggregator. I do not have many gadgets at all:


That's about it.

Admittedly I don't click on them often. I just like to have them around to have info available at a glance. If I need to edit anything I'll go to the app itself.

I hope you'll have a solution for ppl like me.

Re: Update on iGoogle Shiranui86 7/4/12 1:45 AM
So what's the reason you're killing off the page I use every day again? Because people on their phones aren't using it? You really think more people browse the internet on their phones than teir computers? Absolutely amazing...
Re: Update on iGoogle iamian16 7/4/12 1:47 AM
I could not agree more. I use a PC at home, at work and occasionally log on to others' PCs. iGoogle I can use on any one, quickly and efficiently. I cannot go installing Chrome or other applications on every PC I encounter but I can use iGoogle.
I'm not keen smartphones, they're handy when there is no alternative but useless for general searching and browsing
iGoogle has been my home page and interface to the internet for many years now and it's just about perfect.
Why change a good product?
Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle Teadrop 7/4/12 1:50 AM
What a strange decision! I use iGoogle as my home page.... the alternative you mentioned in the excuses doesn't make any sense to me. I use chrome, how does changing the theme of chrome replace iGoogle which I mainly use as rss reader? I'm not angry as other people since I didn't really pay for this service, so I don't think I am entitled to be angry. I just thought it very strange. I would appreciate if you could explain the true motivation behind removing the iGoogle service? Is it lack of profit? But it should be as profitable as gmail, as long as there are some text based ads on the page....
Re: Update on iGoogle pcnova 7/4/12 1:51 AM
Yes, I was just checking Netvibes... it looks cool, and I found most of the content I had, but I'll miss the simpler look of iGoogle. This is such a shame; I, like others have said, used this on my work and home desktops, even though I have an iPhone. I fail to see how my phone and Chrome can replace this...
Re: Update on iGoogle Pinknekogirl 7/4/12 1:51 AM
How is continuing support for a tool that allows people to you all of your various products in one place, with one login not focusing on products with the biggest potential to make a difference?  I can't even figure out where you got the idea that iGoogle is not used much anymore.

Like others who have posted here, I have used iGoogle from the start.  I like haveing one page where I can check my email, look at my to-do list, read headlines, see the traffic and weather, update my calendar, check my RSS feeds, and do any internet search that I need to from there.  I can assure you that I will NOT be installing Chrome (not only because I dislike it, but also because I refuse to be coerced into it), nor using Google+. If those are my only options, I will probably stop Google products.
Re: Update on iGoogle iamian16 7/4/12 1:52 AM
Why do big software companies keep changing things for the worse?
This is not an "improved experience" in any way shape or form, is it?
Re: Update on iGoogle Kyuuzou 7/4/12 1:54 AM
How can a widely used service, with no viable alternative be considered redundant and outdated?
iGoogle is my homepage, and I really don't know how to replace once it shuts down.
Re: Update on iGoogle EssGee1311 7/4/12 1:55 AM
Please reconsider.  iGoogle is the reason that I use as many Google products as I do.  Take that away and there is little reason for me to continue with the others.  Anyone have recommendations for an alternative?
Re: Update on iGoogle mgreen02 7/4/12 1:56 AM
Joined to post.

Please reconsider this action. iGoogle is a fantastic aggregation utility that I use every day. It's a innovative service with no clear substitute available. I'll be using it right up to the wire.
Re: Update on iGoogle voodoman 7/4/12 1:56 AM
I'm another user who has used this for a long time and this news/decision is bad.  I've introduced my parents, sister, grandparents, friends etc to Google via the power of iGoogle over the years and they all love it.  They've all switched from Hotmail email accounts to Gmail.  Mobile phones suck.  Don't do it, it doesn't make sense.  
Re: Update on iGoogle marko.zivanovic 7/4/12 1:56 AM
I am using iGoogle daily for the past ... I can't even remember how long. Why would you cause me and, I'm sure, lots of other customers such significant inconvenience, is beyond me. Please, reconsider your decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Tony Fendall 7/4/12 1:57 AM
This is complete insanity and could spell to end for Google.
If it happens I shall have to return to IE9 and waste hours waiting for it to respond.
(unknown) 7/4/12 1:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle llcoolj40 7/4/12 1:58 AM
Please don't get rid of iGoogle! You can see from this thread that many people use it and love it. It is a great tool for PC users. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who use PCs.

iGoogle is the first web page that I see every day. It shows me my emails, BBC news, latest RSS feeds, calendar, todo list, all on one page, plus I have several other pages (or tabs as they used to be known before Google ruined that feature) for other tasks.

I have tried the alternatives and they are not as good.

Please don't get rid of iGoogle (or if you do then open source it so someone else can carry on the good work).


Re: Update on iGoogle cernicky 7/4/12 2:00 AM
Very bad idea!
I use iGoogle every day at home and at work.
Should google users try to find some alternatives e.g. Netvibes? What is this way?! I don't understand. Should this help to google+ or what?
BAD decision!
Re: Update on iGoogle Schrei 7/4/12 2:01 AM
I don't understand!!?
This has been my homepage since it came out! This is the centerpiece of all my activities on the internet.
I have a gmail window, google docs windows, sticky notes window and some fun facts and some educational stuff. How in hell can I replace such a page?!?
This is complete bullshit.

And can please someone explain what this page has to do with mobile devices?!??? People use it on computers to have a quick overview over the things they use most. 

Re: Update on iGoogle cernicky 7/4/12 2:02 AM
Do google plan to cancel some other good products in future e.g. gmail, calendar, reader, etc. ?!
Re: Update on iGoogle pwllheli 7/4/12 2:03 AM
I agree with all the dissenters.  The whole point of using iGoogle is to see many things in one glance and not have to look in a dozen places. Chrome has no such functionality.
Please reconsider!
Re: Update on iGoogle topogeo 7/4/12 2:03 AM
I'm using iGoogle every day for the last three years. It's my home page, and the main reason for me to use Chrome. This decision makes no sense to me. What's next? Gmail?
Re: Update on iGoogle Silvester Draaijer 7/4/12 2:05 AM
This is Google's worst decision EVER! Reconsider your decision!
Re: Update on iGoogle Silvester Draaijer 7/4/12 2:06 AM
Yes, a very very very bad idea!
Re: Update on iGoogle JBraga 7/4/12 2:13 AM
iGoogle is my homepage for a long while. It is great to open a browser in any computer that I use and always have the save look.
I don't understand this decision. The reasons invoked by Google are strange, to say the least. They have to explain their reasoning better and/or they should provide real alternatives with the same functionalities. 
I think that with this decision they are loosing the respect of all the people that saw in Google a "different" company, with real values. I hope that they revert this decision. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Squeeself 7/4/12 2:18 AM
This is the most nonsensical decision ever. I have used iGoogle for years as my browser homepage, that first thing I see before hitting up other websites, and I'm not the only one! Companies KILL for that kind of product placement! The listed alternatives to iGoogle are in no-way alternatives...all are products I already use, but do not provide the functionality I need: a one-stop dashboard of snippets for various things I care about. At-a-glance browsing. Guess what? With iGoogle going away, that just moves me (and all it's other customers) off onto NON-GOOGLE sites. Ya, that'll really get me using Google's products more :P Seriously Google. Slap some ads on iGoogle or something, don't delete the thing.
Re: Update on iGoogle dashood 7/4/12 2:19 AM
I, like seemingly everyone else here, have used iGoogle every single day since it was introduced and have spent tons of time customising it and getting all the feeds I like in one place, ie, my home page! To take this away makes no sense at all and all the Chrome apps in the world won't make up for it's loss! Besides, I use Firefox at work and maintaining the two would be a nightmare. One web-based platform is all you need and iGoogle has been outstanding in this department since I started using it. Taking it away will seriously impact the amount of time I spend on Google and therefore limit my use of your other services (since I'll be worried about relying on any Google service in the future).

So rant about loosing the service is over, but now how can I switch to iGoogle from my classic homepage now? The link to toggle between iGoogle and classic seems to have gone! I thought I had another 16 months before you took it away from me??? I guess there are other services out there that will do this. Looks like after 8 long years I'll have to change my homepage from Google to some other website. Shame. 

Apps won't cut it here unless you get with the folks at Firefox and IE and make an app that works/looks the same on all browsers. I refuse to use Chrome exclusively just so I can have an iGoogle 'like' interface as my homepage. I'll just find another website that will do something similar.

At the very least you could bring back the link in the bottom left to toggle between classic and iGoogle so I can at least keep using it until it's gone!
Re: Update on iGoogle bsh100 7/4/12 2:22 AM
You guys need to get a grip and support popular product platforms.

I have a smart phone.  I use igoogle with it.  I will not download your apps and therefore will use an alternative service likely with an alternative search engine.  I've already wasted an hour this morning investigating igoogle alternatives, potentially with the ability to plug in duck duck go.

There goes my add revenue.
Re: Update on iGoogle Sungura 7/4/12 2:22 AM

To continue my previous post, I would like to say that, while I like Google, and while I still find gmail to be rather useful (even after the “new look” you forced its users to switch to a couple of months ago made it less functional), I am going to say that this is yet another mistake that your company is making.

See, google.com is not the only search engine out there, nor is gmail the only free e-mail provider.  That, and iGoogle is not the only personalized homepage on the internet. T here are others out there, too.

So, if you go through with this plan, I will do the following:

  • I will continue to use google.com as my primary search engine, since it is the best one out there.   However, I will stay on the lookout for others, and will switch to them if they appear to do a better job of internet searching than google.com does.

  • I will probably keep my gmail account; it is free, after all, plus it comes with over 10 GB of information (and, if nothing else, is a convenient place for storing e-mails and the like).  However, if you end up dumping iGoogle, I will likely resume using my old hotmail account more, and will probably treat gmail as a secondary e-mail account, rather than my primary one (which it is, at present).
          On that note, you might want to visit hotmail, and take note of its layout and interface.  Although gmail was clearly better than it back in 2006 (when I made gmail my primary provider), it has now caught up with gmail in a number of areas, and has even surpassed it in some (including how it displays attached photos [they're at the top, rather than the bottom; you can scroll through them; and it will display thumbnail versions of each one], and also its design [which is almost as spare and user-friendly now as gmail's once was, and which is more aesthetically pleasing and usable to me than gmail's “new look”]).
          Given that, it would appear that you are falling behind Microsoft (one of your main competitors) in an area that is one of your core areas of expertise, and has (until recently) been leading everyone else.

  • I will probably start up a separate personalized homepage elsewhere, so that I can continue to enjoy the services that iGoogle has so faithfully and reliably provided to me for the past few years.

  • I am neither on Google Plus, nor do I use Chrome. Ditching iGoogle won't make me any more inclined to use either.

Considering my reaction to this, as well as the reactions of everyone else who has posted here (or who will post here in the future), I would strongly suggest that you reconsider your decision to get rid of iGoogle.

Re: Update on iGoogle belard 7/4/12 2:23 AM
iGoogle one of the few products that makes me feel "at home" as if I was on my computer on any computer I use. It's one of your best, most simple and flexible products. Boy was I angry this morning. Please leave it online.

Re: Update on iGoogle NonOmnisMoriar 7/4/12 2:25 AM
This is a terrible idea. I have been using the product everyday since it was launched and really don't think you should stiff loyal customers on a whim......... that is a standard Facebook move and doesn't suit you!
Re: Update on iGoogle Adzzz_UK 7/4/12 2:29 AM
Obi-wan said it best... "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Google, this is a huge mistake.  iGoogle is the cornerstone of my, and many other peoples, browsing experiences.  It's the first page I come to when I open my browser, it contains all the things I need, I can see at a glance any new emails, news articles or updates from the RSS aggregators on the page.  What do I replace that with?  MSN? No thanks!

Lets crunch the numbers.  How many users are mobile users, and how many are PC users?  You say - "we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference".  Make a difference how? To whom?  iGoogle makes a difference to me, and to the many, many other loyal users of the service.  Heck, a colleague of mine took one look at it yesterday and made it HIS home page.  So new people are coming to use the service ALL the time.  We, your customers, find it invaluable.

Please, reconsider.  Do something positive for your customers.  iGoogle needs to stay.
Re: Update on iGoogle olivier evesque 7/4/12 2:33 AM
International users exist too!

j'utilise Igoogle tous les jours depuis plus de 6 ans, c'est la page  d'accueil par défaut de toutes les personnes que je connaisse.
c'est la porte d'entrée vers tous les autres services Google.
Et vous voulez la fermer ?

I use Igoogle for 6 years, it's the default homepage of all people I know.
It's the entrance of all Google service
And you want to shut it down ?
Re: Update on iGoogle janarchy 7/4/12 2:33 AM
You've got to be kidding me. I love iGoogle and I use it round the clock on my PC. While I do have an Android phone, I'm not on there the majority of the time -- most of my work is on the Internet on a proper sized screen with an actual keyboard. Even with apps, I can't imagine how/why iGoogle is redundant -- I can't run 10 apps at once -- iGoogle is a great page to help me keep track of my gMail, my gDocs, news, and other information I need all in one fell swoop. It's ridiculous to think that running multiple apps will somehow replicate the simplicity of having everything together all on one page in one tab.

Whoever came up with this lamebrain scheme needs to rethink it. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Sven Ellis 7/4/12 2:38 AM
"With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android" I don't use iGoogle on my phone, I use it on my PC (and my ipad). What else does the same thing. Please leave alone.
Re: Update on iGoogle NancyCoe 7/4/12 2:40 AM
Please, please do not terminate iGoogle. It has been my homepage for years and keeps all my information in one place. Please keep in mind that some of us do not consider our mobile device our primary computing source!!!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle JamesM86 7/4/12 2:44 AM
I really fail to see the alternative that google play and chrome webstore offer that compete with iGoogle.  The biggest benefit iGoogle offered was that it was same content whatever browser and whatever device I was on.  iGoogle was on my iPhone and iPad, it was my home page for firefox on my linux account at school, for Safari on the macs at work, and my Windows PC at home.  I don't have an android device, nor can I use chrome for all my needs. The alternatives were not even relevant.

The argument that iGoogle is deprecated in the face of newer technology falls flat in my opinion when the alternatives listed (none specific) don't do what iGoogle did.  If iGoogle was showing it's age then perhaps it's time to revamp and rebrand it, but it's removal doesn't make sense.

I would greatly apreciate a better explanation to the reason iGoogle is getting shut down and what alternatives were specifically referenced to being a suitable replacement.  If nothing can be provided I really fail to see why Google would want to alienate their user base so much.
Re: Update on iGoogle ksrobeson 7/4/12 2:53 AM
Conrad - of all the things to kill, iGoogle should NOT be one of them.  I'm trying to remember how many YEARS I've used this with complete satisfaction.  This is not the product to discontinue!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle 10Degrees 7/4/12 2:53 AM
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Don't get rid of iGooogle!!!!!!!!!!!

You may want to take note of the feelings of all these people  who have responded... and I'm adding my own to this

Re: Update on iGoogle AcesHigh1974 7/4/12 2:53 AM
I hit the iGoogle page 60-70 times a day. Will I hit full-blown Gmail, Google Calendar and search as often as that without iGoogle? Nope!

Silly, silly decision Google. You just hit the self-destruct button...
Re: Update on iGoogle Roken 7/4/12 2:53 AM
Really upsetting... i Love iGoogle. Would honestly not use Google if it wasn't for this, had it ever since it was launched.
Re: Update on iGoogle wacomie 7/4/12 2:54 AM
Thanks...for your arrogance
Re: Update on iGoogle ChayD 7/4/12 2:57 AM
Some brilliantly shortsighted thinking - way to go Google. I should image that our concerns will just fall on deaf ears, and google will continue blundering along this "everyone-uses-android-tablets-nowadays". I should imagine that google's next press release will be "We no longer feel that Search is the way to go as everyone already knows everything and that Search is now no longer a priority, we'll be focusing all our efforts on blogging applications".
Re: Update on iGoogle NewsFeedGadget.com 7/4/12 2:57 AM
We may be biting the hand that feeds us some advertising revenue, but...

Wow, we've taken a deep breath and are hoping for a sigh of relief when Matt, Alan, Larry and others realize this is a bad idea. In our opinion, it's callous and disrespectful to make an announcement that provides no clear transitional path. Is additional information forthcoming?

This conceivably does harm to millions of dedicated iGoogle users, many of which help generate revenue for Google in a number of ways. And, while we know there are plenty of crappy gadgets, this also does harm to numerous conscientious gadget developers that have spent countless hours helping grow iGoogle content with little direct incentive other than sharing revenue on tastefully placed ads.

Regardless the future course for iGoogle, it's clear developers need to expand their referrer base and put more attention into developing apps and gadgets for multiple portal/gateway sites (and mobile).  Unfortunately, that may serve to slow content improvement, innovation and growth.

Bob DeYoung
Blue Lotus Works,LLC
Developer of NewsFeedGadget.com, optimized for Google gadgets and mobile web!

P.S. Sign the Don't Kill iGoogle Web Portal petition at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/dont-kill-the-igoogle-webportal.html
Re: Update on iGoogle jedster 7/4/12 2:58 AM
This sucks.  iGoogle does things other pages don't.  I too use it every day.  If it ain't broke, don't trash it.
Re: Update on iGoogle vinlud 7/4/12 2:59 AM
Please reconsider dropping iGoogle !!!
Re: Update on iGoogle JoshKR 7/4/12 3:01 AM
This is a disappointing move by Google. I have used iGoogle as my homepage ever since it was released and can't think of another way to begin my browsing experience because everything I need is immediately within sight just by starting Chrome.  If anything, could this move away from iGoogle include a better widget for Chrome to have all your content available on your homepage? That's the only way I think I would be ok with this move.
Re: Update on iGoogle Marc Mathys 7/4/12 3:10 AM
This is ridiculous, the one thing that was holding most of Google's services together like glue.
With no alternative for a customization homepage, it's the beginning of the decline for Google. 

Waving bye bye Google...
Re: Update on iGoogle LazyMonk 7/4/12 3:22 AM
This a huge disappointment.
I love iGoogle's functionality, it's has been my official morning news paper and my entering portal to the web for years, at home and at work -- one tab for each. I'm not one for social networks, I don't care Google+ or facebook, so iGoogle is the binding material between the different functions for me.
Chrome apps are NOT a replacement! I want my feeds collected on a single page, opening a tab for each is the same as entering other web sites.
I'm generally a happy Google user, I love my Gmail and Android phone, but if iGoogle is removed with no real replacement I guess I'll start looking elsewhere.
Re: Update on iGoogle ktaber317 7/4/12 3:25 AM
It feels like Google is telling there BEST customers they do not want them anymore.
Re: Update on iGoogle UltimateGTR 7/4/12 3:26 AM
I love iGoogle immediately after discovered it by accidentally, and since that time it becomes my homepage till now for almost like 2 years. I hope Google will change the decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Wibblebob 7/4/12 3:27 AM
I'm guessing that Google, like Facebook and others won't listen to anyone who asks for iGoogle to be kept, or even read the messages left here, these days it seems like it's even more of a case that we're just along for the ride without any hope of steering; thought maybe this has always been the case and I'm just being naive.

I implore Google to keep iGoogle, as a homepage I've yet to find anything that does the same job and provides such an amazing way to aggregate RSS/Twitter/Email.  I don't want, or need 20 tabs constantly open on the different pages I use iGoogle to monitor.  To lose the service will be one hell of a backwards step in functionality for the services Google provides, let alone those of us who use it, it's such a simple interface to use compared to, say, Google+ (which most seemed to pick up and then put to one side because it just didn't make sense).

Quite what iGoogle has to do with smart phones when I'm guessing most users are working on desktops and laptops and therefore need a homepage (I use a smart phone for work, but there's no way I'd fork out the data costs to stare at everything on a small screen when I need to work on a laptop).  Furthermore how does Google Chrome relate to iGoogle?  Neither of these two points actually explain correctly who the service in question will be lost.

I really would have thought that Google would have wanted to keep people using its products, but the loss of iGoogle will mean there'll be a a large portion of people who won't and will be looking elsewhere for a similar homepage that doesn't involve Google.

To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  I understand the basic need of a business to consolidate to provide less products to keep costs down, but I'm not sure iGoogle is the one to lose.
Re: Update on iGoogle org 7/4/12 3:28 AM
Just tried http://www.netvibes.com - but doesn't seem to hook into Google services very well.

I've just rediscovered Yahoo after 6 years.   my.yahoo.com feels like it can be a pretty good alternative  

- Gmail: use an All mail widget in my Yahoo 
- Google Calendar: Subscribe to via Yahoo Calendar (use that widget) in Yahoo calendar
- Google Finance: Seems i'lll have to move My Portfolios over to Yahoo (but looks pretty better in a number of ways).
- Google Reader: Consolidated RSS feeds on my.yahoo seem to be bit of a problem though - but sure will be a way. Yahoo Pipes etc.

Way to go Google, force your users out of your ecosystem. Don't get it, but its yours to kill - ain't gonna help the ad dollars though.

Re: Update on iGoogle Belzebub1975 7/4/12 3:35 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle JBraga 7/4/12 3:35 AM
Well like the last user said: time to experiment new things! Ciao Google!
Re: Update on iGoogle Zouzou 7/4/12 3:38 AM
iGoogle is the only service that has been keeping me tied to Google. I have tolerated many Google management failures, like the Search History gadget removal, just because I still enjoyed what iGoogle had to offer, despite its owners' numerous attempts to jeopardize it way before the final shutdown time.
If iGoogle goes, so will I; and I won't be looking back. I'm afraid this decision may have important consequences in terms of reduction of Google users. I for one will definitely migrate to alternatives, even less useful ones, if they can at least provide me with a reasonable home page.
Re: Update on iGoogle nDee 7/4/12 3:40 AM
I can just support the previous poster. iGoogle is my start page for years, and I value that from there I can access a lot of other google services. If I get back to browsing with several tabs open or a dozen of apps on my smart phone, I will definetely use all google services less frequently. Plus I will miss the rich source of information iGoogle provides. Sad and a bit desperate.

Re: Update on iGoogle twebeast 7/4/12 3:41 AM
What he and everyone else says. I use iGoogle as my home page on my work laptop and home computer. Nothing to do with mobiles

I will be giving Yahoo a go as my home page

Drop Google+ if you're looking to save some wasted money
Re: Update on iGoogle Phillj 7/4/12 3:44 AM
Like nearly everyone who has posted here I too use iGoogle as my homepage, both in the office and at home, my wife does the same, I have it set up so I can see all my relevant information at a glance, it was my dashboard for the web. I'm very disappointed by this, if you want to get rid of something, get rid of Google+ it's pointless.

I used to like Google because you used to innovate, these days you just imitate.
Re: Update on iGoogle Lance Haverkamp 7/4/12 3:50 AM
Casual internet users (those who have facebook as their start page) have already left.  Heavy users of Google Apps want you to keep igooogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle Elcolino 7/4/12 3:51 AM
I've just learnt today that Google is closing it's iGoogle service. It's not for some time yet, so they may and should reverse their decision.

I currently use it for things like bookmarks, emails, shares, travel information, weather, blog and news rss feeds, and some of the apps that have been created like certain calculators and exchange rates. I
also have separate iGoogle tabs for certain things like sports, work related news, technology news etc..
I know that all these things can be done separately, but I often can just open my homepage and see three of four things at once without having to open other windows. It's also useful that I can add something new to it whilst I'm at work say and it will be there on every computer/device I use and no matter which browser I use, which can be anything between 3 and 6 per week with a combination of all of the three main browsers.

Like everyone else has mentioned the main reason I use so many Google products is because of iGoogle. There are plenty of better services out there, but I force myself to use gmail, google calendars, have an android phone, google drive, search and maps because they're all together and all link perfectly to my iGoogle home page.
It does seem that Google haven't considered those of us who use iGoogle, we're the ones who are on google the most, and as a percentage probably contribute a higher ad revenue.

If igoogle goes, so will I and I've just have to setup my own page. Does any one have any suggestions for alternatives, or would I be better hosting my own site?
Re: Update on iGoogle Skyborg 7/4/12 3:51 AM
For german users, give freenet a try. it remembers me badly on outlook, but i could consolidate all the things from google (Mail, RSS, Cal,...)
Re: Update on iGoogle Sinker_UK 7/4/12 3:53 AM
Like many, many others, this is a huge disappointment for me. I've been using it for years, following me from job to job; a welcoming, comforting sight in a crazy world. I live out in the Middle East now and it's quite difficult to stay abreast of current affairs (there are no decent newspapers, for example). It's very, very easy to become completely detached from the world. iGoogle allows me to stay in touch with what's going on. A day away from iGoogle means a day not knowing, a day in the dark, a day feeling a little lost. I don't have time to visit all the websites I want, and I often don't need to, but iGoogle allows me to soak up lots of information really quickly, allowing me to read more with a single click.

I've looked at alternatives, but they don't do exactly what iGoogle does for me. Most have fancy graphics over-load, bombarding you with images and media in an attempt to look cool. They aren't; iGoogle is cool.  It's simple and to the point. It only does what it's meant to, and it does it quickly. It links in with the other Google services, making it a one stop shop.

Please, please, please reconsider!!
Re: Update on iGoogle paultry 7/4/12 3:54 AM
This is the final nail in my Google use coffin.  I can't install Chrome at work and I don't have (or want) an Android phone.
Re: Update on iGoogle FunPika 7/4/12 3:54 AM
Really? Why does every company at this point seem hell-bent on making the false assumption that EVERYONE wants to deal with iPhone-like interfaces and "app stores"? We have Microsoft about to try and force (very few will probably be willing to just "never upgrade/replace their computer again" as some seem to be claiming is an option) people to use the Windows Phone interface on a DESKTOP. Now we have Google shutting down products because "mobile apps" have apparently made it obsolete. Why do I have a feeling that by the time I get out of college I am going to be expected to somehow code on a tablet or on some other "mobile optimized UI" at this rate... :/ 
Re: Update on iGoogle Mujzebra 7/4/12 3:56 AM
This is awful news - iGoogle is the single most useful tool on the internet. Wherever I find myself, at a new computer at work, at a conference, in a coffee shop etc I always know I'll have my homepage with tools and bookmarks to hand. Now that's going I really don't know what I'll be able to replace it with. Chrome apps are only useful if I'm on one of my own computers. Like most people in the real world we often find ourselves at other computers needing to access our stuff. Now I won't be able to do that anymore.

The worst thing about Google now is the uncertainty - why would anyone sign up to new Google services, go through the time and effort to familiarise and learn to use something when we know that there's a good chance Google will just ditch the thing a few years later. 

I'm going to go elsewhere for these tools. I don't trust Chrome or Google anymore. Does anyone know of any iGoogle alternatives?
Update on iGoogle webchimp32 7/4/12 4:03 AM
Been using iGoogle for about 5 years now, currently have the bookmarks gadget to give me access to stuff that I need while not at a computer I own plus some new feeds.

Will miss it, please reconsider.

Re: Update on iGoogle Cube1701 7/4/12 4:08 AM
I am also disappointed about this decision. I do have an Android phone (and Tablet) and I do use Google Chrome, however, I use gateway as a portal to the main Google services I use - such as News, Weather, Reader, Gmail, Bookmarks and Calender - when using the internet on a browser through a computer. I can log in to it from any location and have easy access to it all. 

I mostly use Google Reader through iGoogle.
I only use Google News through iGoogle
I only use Google Weather through iGoogle
I only use Google Bookmarks through iGoogle.

I really dislike the main interfaces for Google Reader and Google News and much prefer the iGoogle Widgets. 

Logging into Chrome on someone else's PC just doesn't seem right. 
Re: Update on iGoogle BenChi 7/4/12 4:19 AM
I also use iGoogle on a daily basis. Please reconsider.

Re: Update on iGoogle k00lworld 7/4/12 4:23 AM
What an idiotic decision which will only encourage your customers to switch to rival products and ecosystems.

As mentioned iGoogle is the homepage for many and the gateway for many other Google services even if it doesn't directly generate revenue for you (I'm sure these other services accessible via iGoogle do).

Looks like I might as well investigate the alternatives with a view to leaving the Google ecosystem entirely.
Re: Update on iGoogle LucMichaud 7/4/12 4:26 AM
please reconsider this closure.

I too am using igoogle as my home page with a whole lot of feeds coming in

thank you for the great experience you are providing us on the web

Re: Update on iGoogle Netvyper 7/4/12 4:30 AM
I've used iGoogle as my primary aggregation page for many years. It contains tabs for all the types of content I would like to know about. I probably spend a good hour or per day looking at my iG page, and it's open 24x6.9x356 - The chrome tab needs closing about once a week! I find it hard to believe that iGoogle doesn't generate the userbase required to keep it active... a sad day, particularly now I need to go & find another way to aggregate all this content :(
Re: Update on iGoogle JBraga 7/4/12 4:31 AM
I subscribed Netvibes, and configured the dashboard to have the same functionalities as my iGoogle... But iGoogle is so much leaner, and it seems to me that netvibes does not integrate so seamlessly with Gmail (and the times between refreshes is longer). Netvibes interface is also a bit more bloated. I will really miss iGoogle.
Thank you, Google! Please change your "Don't be evil" motto!
Re: Update on iGoogle Colm Howard 7/4/12 4:36 AM
As a daily iGoogle user since its release this news really sucks. At least implement the same UI abilities in a Chrome frontend to keep the many igoogle users happy! 
Re: Update on iGoogle DisappointedInVA 7/4/12 4:38 AM
The iGoogle dashboard gives those of us in a locked down corporate environment an opportunity to use google tools and thus boost google usership.  My work computer can only run IE by policy. The search engine shoved down our throats is Bing.  I cant change that, but I can use google via iGoogle.  so you will lose me to yahoo or msn. Adios
Re: Update on iGoogle DisappointedInVA 7/4/12 4:39 AM
this wont help when IE is your only browser choice.
Re: Update on iGoogle Iron--pl 7/4/12 4:43 AM
This is riddiculous, supporting iGoogle cost almost nothing, especially if the number of users is small (cause if it's large, why to stop the service?). First failed Google+, now this...
Re: Update on iGoogle Gary Quiring 7/4/12 4:45 AM
I am blown away by this announcement.  Does Google even listen to their users anymore?  I am convinced the entire decision process over there is from a bunch of kids that think mobile computing and social media is the only thing that matters anymore.  Desktop computing is so needed and iGoogle was such a gem at providing content the way WE want to see it.  Google+ cannot replace iGoogle.  

Why can't iGoogle's source code be open sourced/donated to a company who does listen to their customers? 
Re: Update on iGoogle fenstrat 7/4/12 4:46 AM
I also use iGoogle daily, indeed it's my main use for Google. Staggering to see it being shut down. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle mradovan 7/4/12 4:48 AM
Well... Google's decision to terminate iGoogle made me use Google Groups for the first time (while I was happily using iGoogle every day for years)

My vote is +1 to keep it! 

And close Google Groups instead, if you are looking for something to close ;-)
Re: Update on iGoogle Rich N 7/4/12 4:50 AM
iGoogle is my front door to the internet.  By retiring this service, you are forcing us to change how we get our information.  I think a move like this could lead to users finding an alternative search engine (one with custom  rss widgets).   
Re: Update on iGoogle lightenupfrancis 7/4/12 4:50 AM
iGoogle has been my homepage on my desktop and laptop for 6 years. Please reconsider as I use it many, many times a day.
Re: Update on iGoogle mtbrandao 7/4/12 4:53 AM
Will google provide an alternative for iGoogle, or should we use something like netvibes?
Re: Update on iGoogle IvanIvanovi 7/4/12 4:53 AM
I love to use iGoogle because of the great usability that till now no other Start page offers.

Really I don’t use Chrome for my daily browsing and I don’t want to use Google + because I will not give all my data in the hands of one company.

So now I have many months to find an adequate alternative.

It is a shame from Google management that they want to take as many data as possible from people and instead to take it what they have improve it and live with it, they send people to other companies.
(unknown) 7/4/12 4:54 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle G o r d o n 7/4/12 4:54 AM
Interesting Google is willing to shun users to other portals - seems to be a big disconnect.  No problem I still have my.yahoo that can welcome me when I open my browser.  Maybe a sticky thread should be created where users can post messages on other portal sites and reviews of the sites.  I believe this would be the most benefit to the iGoogle user community. 
Re: Update on iGoogle susan5737 7/4/12 4:55 AM
You must be nuts ! I do not have an expensive 'mobile device' nor do I use 'apps'. I know I am not alone. My 'dumb' phone is plenty for me. Why would you even consider alienating a huge group of iGoogle users just to support platforms that many people do not use. I tried Google Chrome and do not like it at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not get rid of iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle aimag 7/4/12 4:56 AM
It's a very, very bad idea. iGoogle is really useful to me. If you take iGoogle off don't think that I will change my home page to google.com. There are many sites more important than just a web search engine. Without opportunity to get all informations in one place you'll become useless to many people.
Re: Update on iGoogle MrsWindaker 7/4/12 4:58 AM
My iGoogle page is open ALL THE TIME because it is a fantastic way to see headlines, weather, stock prices and such without having to click on an app or a link.  I had been wondering when you were going to better integrate it with G+ or something, but now I see someone is being shortsighted and simply tossing the baby with the bathwater.  You hereby are LOSING eyeballs folks.  My time spent with Google will be dropping by at least 60% - perhaps even more.  I am very disappointed and unhappy and will likely shift to Firefox for my default as well.
Re: Update on iGoogle CarSD 7/4/12 5:03 AM
+1 for the call to reconsider.  I use iGoogle on desktop, laptop, tablet ... many times a day.  It gives me a consistent starting point everywhere, with quick access to the things I use most, and helps me to stay relatively sane.  Please retain it.
Re: Update on iGoogle mjw149 7/4/12 5:04 AM
This is idiotic.
1. You encouraged people to use igoogle.
2. This is the only easy way to check and launch email and google reader and search.  Absent this, I won't use your services as often, which was the whole point in you creating this to begin with.  You'll lose ad revenute, stupid!
3. You have no idea what you're doing as a company, do you?  This forum page barely works, that hasn't been fixed. It was really funny when it wouldn't work on my chromebook, which I loved, but it broke, btw. So you have bad chrome hardware, bad touch friendly web designs, now you're making dumb product decisions without any clear-cut CONSUMER-based reason. You're turning into Microsoft pretty quickly now.

So, explain very carefully what you expect people who want to use your services to do.  Saying 'Chrome' and 'Android' doesn't cut it, especially since you have users who don't have either.  How do they replace a home page with Chrome?  Open all your services in separate tabs so that it takes 5 minutes every time I want to browse?  That will cut down on your ad revenue, stupid! And I can't see status without clicking on everything separately. You've destroyed the whole purpose of the home page, after your big Android feature was WIDGETS, which TURN ANDROID INTO A HOME PAGE.  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE, WHY CAN'T I HAVE WIDGETS ON MY GOOGLE PAGE LIKE ANDROID!?!?!?!
Re: Update on iGoogle Lord_Dragoon 7/4/12 5:05 AM
I set up most of my family's pcs and I set their browser home page to igoogle with some widgets they can rely on. Most of them are seniors or barely computer literate, who have no clue or interest in social media or internet enabled phones. This decision is just wrong! The "WE" who made this decision need to be given pink slips. There is a huge battle going on right now to keep the internet free, open and operating the way we have come to enjoy it. I saw today a Google invite to join a fight to save the internet. But this decision to retire igoogle feels hypocritcal.
Re: Update on iGoogle Clive McCartney 7/4/12 5:08 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle UlrichS 7/4/12 5:11 AM
Just for fun i fired an email at Microsoft (Bing) to see if they would be interested to develop something similar, they might like the idea who knows, just to get all the google users back. 

It shows how much corporate america cares...Not! They just do what they want and replace whatever with what They think is better for us!? Based on what, a bunch of teenager hooked to their mobiles, spending blindly a dollar at the time for useless apps?! I am an open source guy and i though Google was from the beginning, but as usual, put fat execs at the top and show them dollars and share holders and profit and the grand ideas are going through the windows.

I hope Bing and Microsoft see the dollars as you do as well and see the opportunities as you do. You'll get the retard teenagers, they'll get the professionals i guess, we'll probably more open to spend more than a dollar at the time if our voice is listened by the company. 

Re: Update on iGoogle zoogara 7/4/12 5:13 AM
iGoogle for me IS Google search...  Take this away and MAYBE I will use the toolbar search but if someone offers a consolidated home page with all my feeds + a search engine, why wouldn't I switch?

iGoogle user from the start and not particularly happy about the end.
Re: Update on iGoogle cernicky 7/4/12 5:13 AM
"Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years."
Why you don't support users? Don't cancel iGoogle....
Re: Update on iGoogle ILM1961 7/4/12 5:14 AM
Please don't discontinue iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle Libreman 7/4/12 5:15 AM
Last year Google attacked Reader and ignored complaints from users, now an announcement is even worse they are going to destroy iGoogle ! These two Google services have become the foundation on which I use the web. Thus since last summer I have lost respect for the new crew of Google who are taking the company in a misguided direction. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Shrewsky 7/4/12 5:17 AM
I have a smart phone, I use apps on my smart phone - but iGoogle is my smart phone web browser home page!!!!  My favorite bookmarks, news feeds, weather, stock info is all in one place. I can access it anywhere - my PC, my friend's/relative's PCs, laptop, smartphone - everything I use frequently, including Google search, on one page. The reasons given (mobile apps) for shutting it down make no sense. Is Google in trouble?
Re: Update on iGoogle Owen Nada 7/4/12 5:17 AM
It's all very well, but are you going to combine the functionality of iGoogle into your old homepage, or are those of us who completely love the page going to be left hanging in mid air. I, and countless others, are going to take a lot of convincing that our browsing experience is going to be improved without iGoogle. I mean, are you trying to push us off to Safari or the like?
Re: Update on iGoogle gallowayalan 7/4/12 5:18 AM
I use igoogle all the time as it brings together all the google services i actually use in one convenient place. If this service is withdrawn then there is no reson to continue to use Google at all.It seems to me that those who run technology companies are more interested in new things than actually giving the customer what they actually want,
Re: Update on iGoogle Wudzee 7/4/12 5:20 AM
why kill my longstanding and contantly-used homepage?  when i have to make yahoo my homepage i will certainly switch to their search engine as well, for starters. DO NOT DO THIS!
Re: Update on iGoogle briang_ 7/4/12 5:21 AM
Oh dear.

Possibly the last nail in Google's coffin.

I use iGoogle all day, every day. It's essential to the way I work. Without iGoogle, I may as well go without Google; there are plenty of alternatives.

Official Notice: unless you U-turn, I'll be "sunsetting" Google in 15 months
Re: Update on iGoogle MarkL23 7/4/12 5:24 AM
Please reconsider the decision to axe iGoogle. I've been using it for years as my homepage. I really don't see how we can use chrome extensions to achieve the same thing. I want everything in front of me in one page and I don't want to clog up my browser with extensions
Re: Update on iGoogle mradovan 7/4/12 5:27 AM
Try announce closing Google+, and see if you get so many people opposing
Re: Update on iGoogle EvilTea 7/4/12 5:30 AM

I am gutted by Google's decision to drop iGoogle I have been using it daily as my homepage since its launch

Re: Update on iGoogle Furevu 7/4/12 5:33 AM
Can you at least offer a viable alternative that allows to just import your igoogle settings? This is entirely contrary to what I liked about google, the simplicity and sleekness. To replace the same functionality of iGoogle you want to force me to waste my time away with haplessly trying to create what worked in, what, Chrome? If you at least made it easy for people to keep their iGoogle functions in Chrome I could understand, and it would be a pretty decent move, but now you're just annoying people.

In the end discontinuing iGoogle is nothing but a thinly veiled and badly executed attempt to strong-arm people to switch to Chrome. Well, I'll just switch away from Google then.
Re: Update on iGoogle Furevu 7/4/12 5:36 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle Rich Bernstein 7/4/12 5:38 AM
iGoogle is/was one of the huge advantages and selling points over the iPhone crowd.  The total integration of the Android information (calendar, tasks, Gmail) provided a very real value and was really one of the main reasons I have never considered an iPhone.  I and every other Android user I know use iGoogle as our sole home page and to just pull the rug out from under us and tell us "good luck, there's other options" is really very un-Google.  I have used that page and the integration into your information to convert iPhone users constantly and my iGoogle page is up all day every day whether I'm at work or at home or on my Android tablet.  THIS PAGE IS HOME BASE for every Google user I know.  What are you guys thinking???????????

Someone tell me why iPhone is such a bad option for me now that this seamless integration will be discontinued???? Please? 
Re: Update on iGoogle ValHill 7/4/12 5:44 AM
Add my name to this ever growing list of unhappy people!
Re: Update on iGoogle Macido 7/4/12 5:45 AM
i am heartbroken and disappointed at this news. Next to Gmail, igoogle was your strongest most useful tool to my productivity and daily use.
The instant web access to email/calender/todo lists, weather all on 1 page was so invaluable i would have never dreamed of switching browsers in my life.
Now next to checking my mail and the occasional google document usage i have 0 reason to keep google.com as my main page or even my main browser of choice.
That front page app integration was so penetrating and useful, its the equivalent of microsoft or apple osx removing icon/links from the desktop and saying your just getting a wallpaper now.
Sorry but this is a huge huge mistake to remove this product, it needed to be marketed far more than it was, thats why it probably did not have the impact it deserved.
Re: Update on iGoogle bussa5673 7/4/12 5:50 AM
I agree with this post. My question is which of your rivals home page should I use? MSN? Yahoo? Is AOL still around?
Re: Update on iGoogle jcolls 7/4/12 5:51 AM
Could you give some indication of what product can replace the easy to use, useful and I think vital service. Looks like I will be going back to Netvibes sooner rather than waiting 16month for igoogle to end.  Can't you just not develop it any further and leave it be?
Re: Update on iGoogle DebLI 7/4/12 5:53 AM
I too use it as my homepage and have it open at all times.  Connected with google reader it is the perfect link for all my info on one page.  Don't know what else I would want to use as a homepage.

Re: Update on iGoogle aburrell 7/4/12 5:54 AM
iGoogle is so useful, please don't get rid of it without something that is better - so far everything mentioned is inferior!
Re: Update on iGoogle xXSnowyXx 7/4/12 5:59 AM
I've been using iGoogle for a few years now and it is the only place that consolidates my email, feeds and bookmarks in the one place and allows access from anywhere with internet. It is my home page and I check it many times a day for mail and news updates. Shutting it down will ruin how I and many others use the internet. Please leave it be.
Re: Update on iGoogle janzin 7/4/12 6:00 AM
I joined this forum just so I can express my disappointment! iGoogle has been my home page for years and I use several widgets daily for work! In fact my number one most important widget is the Stop Watch job timer which keeps track of my freelance work. I also utilize daily the translate widget, a conversion widget, the weather, currency converter, and on top of that of course my news pages. I honestly don't know what I'll do as I am not sure there is any real substitute that can do what iGoogle does. I hope that you'll reconsider. I can't believe iGoogle really costs Google that much in development, at the very least let us continue to use it as a legacy, non-supported product.
Re: Update on iGoogle ptoboley 7/4/12 6:00 AM
Count me as another iGoogle user who has this as their homepage and is disappointed at this move.
Re: Update on iGoogle prpltrtl946 7/4/12 6:02 AM
Another plea to keep iGoogle!!

It's my homepage on my PC and my iPad!  I use it multiple times EVERY time I  go online!!  I will be lost without it!!

Please don't kill my iGoogle!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Kittybriton 7/4/12 6:02 AM
iGoogle works

Not everybody has a tablet or app-capable phone. iGoogle has made it possible for me to keep my life in sync no matter where in the world I might find myself. Now I find myself wondering whether I should close out my entire Google account. After all, if Google can dispense with something that I regard as a key element, perhaps Google and me are no longer the best fit.

So much for "Don't Be Evil"!
Re: Update on iGoogle JW131 7/4/12 6:05 AM
Most outrage decision google made. iGoogle is the gateway to all google products and it is my personal information dashboard every morning for the past 7 years.
iGoogle is one of most successful products in the history of google. Cannot understand why google is discontinuing it.  I am really disappointed.
Re: Update on iGoogle bandjean 7/4/12 6:06 AM
I too would like to add my disappointment that iGoogle is being discontinued.  I have established iGoogle as my homepage on all my devices and all my  internet activity revolves around it. If I am going to have to address this issue on all devices, I will be looking for a solution other than Google.  You aren't the only game in town.
Re: Update on iGoogle george_handel 7/4/12 6:06 AM
I've just heard that iGoogle is to go. I use iGoogle every hour to check for latest news, link to Google Docs, view random webcams, paintings and photos and get info on half a dozen other topics.Google, please review this decision. Deleting iGoogle just doesn't make sense.
Re: Update on iGoogle radiomother 7/4/12 6:06 AM
Has anyone considered the fact that this will be great for Yahoo?  I will probably go back to having a My Yahoo page as many other people who have used iGoogle over the years.  This means a reduction in the use of Google online products and advertisers will notice this.

It's an unfortunate clean-up on you part and I think that you should reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle Mark SD 7/4/12 6:08 AM
iGoogle is more than tracking sports scores and checking the weather.   For power users who love RSS, it works very well as a complement to Google Reader.  Whereas Reader is good for articles I don't want to miss and need to read slowly, iGoogle is excellent for sites that update frequently, time-sensitive content such as promotions, craigslist feeds, twitter feeds, subreddits, message boards, google blog searches for a specific keywords, companies etc.  The advantage of iGoogle is if I fall behind on my reading or am away for an extended amount of time, I dont have to worry about clearing a backlog of 1000+ unread items.

My iGoogle has 20 topical tabs, with 20+ feeds on each; no gadgets/widgets beyond the basic rss feed. Their recommendation to consider a weather dashboard app on Google Play suggests even some people at Google are not using this application to it's potential. It is incredibly productive not as an alternative, but as a complement to Reader in terms of making sense of a large deluge of information, which I thought Google was essentially all about.
Re: Update on iGoogle Smokey99123 7/4/12 6:09 AM
I'm adding my name to the list of people who will switch to an alternate home page (and therefore be done with ALL Google search) when this change goes into affect.  Please reconsider.  You will lose a MASSIVE market share when you do this.  Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.  There is no reason to keep Google as my home page when this change takes place ...  

I'm just one user, but looking at this string, there are a lot of people just like me who even went through the process to join this group just so we could give you valuable feedback.  How many more just haven't bothered and will leave you in the dust without a murmur?
Re: Update on iGoogle mooredc54 7/4/12 6:10 AM
Other than Search and Gmail, I would consider iGoogle to be one of Google's biggest successes.  If you need to dump some project to save money, consider dropping Google+.
Re: Update on iGoogle S.J.H. 7/4/12 6:16 AM
Another disappointment.  Goodbye Google.  I can't believe that I have to go crawling back to Yahoo or MSN.

iGoogle has been my homepage for years.  I set it up for my Mom and she thought I was a genius.  Everyone I know uses iGoogle.

Oh, I'm not too sad to be leaving.  All of the 'improvements' made to your system have rendered your services practically useless anyway.  Just trying to post this message was difficult.  The page jumps every time new messages are available.  Hey, great... why don't you tell me that after I'm done.
Re: Update on iGoogle Menzosi 7/4/12 6:16 AM
This is a crazy decision. What's the point? Apart from a stupid business mistake. Users are forced to use alternatives. In their announcement Google just offers stupid links to Play, no help at all.
Re: Update on iGoogle Kittybriton 7/4/12 6:16 AM
With a hearty YES! from me.
Re: Update on iGoogle Tok75 7/4/12 6:21 AM
iGoogle is/was more useful than any other Google product except Gmail/ Search. I am puzzled, annoyed, disappointed, betrayed... I would expect it from Facebook. Google has grown into insensitive behemoth, it's time to support the competitors - how about Microsoft, aren't they a bit more humble now?
Google - you should reconsider it, killing a useful and working application... not everything has to be sparkling and "sexy".
Otherwise, I will move most activities elsewhere and keep just Gmail as a secondary email.
Re: Update on iGoogle dashood 7/4/12 6:21 AM
To be fair I've now decided this has sounded a death knell for my extensive use of Google. I think the only thing I'll still use is the Web Developer tools as they are useful for monitoring SEO performance of my websites. I've been growing concerned at how much of my data I blindly give to Google for a little while now and hence will stop pretty much immediately and logout of Google/Chrome to stop adding to the troves of data I have been providing Google with over the years.

This all stinks of trying to push us users into exclusively using Chrome and Android products by tying  us to those platforms and removing any open (ie, web-based). You were supposed to beat Apple back into submission by providing better services! Not by copying their questionable practices. I'm hugely disappointed! I'm not even sure that an instant reversal of this decision will change my mind now. I just want my searches to be anonymous again.

Also, these groups don't work in Firefox. Work on your cross-browser support, yeah?
Re: Update on iGoogle Asger Hansen 7/4/12 6:25 AM
Please don't kill iGoogle. It's my best, one and only home page. I really hope, you will keep it.
Re: Update on iGoogle fishblues 7/4/12 6:26 AM
I used to use yahoo search and the only reason I started to use google search was the igoogle page which I love. Do Yahoo provide a suitable alternative now? If not maybe this is a chance for them to get back some lost ground.
Re: Update on iGoogle lmr72 7/4/12 6:30 AM
iGoogle is one of the only web products I use on a daily basis.  Replacing iGoogle with apps as you suggest would make my life on the web more complicated, time consuming, and frustrating.  I didn't think this was the sort of thing Google stood for, and this decision makes me want to reconsider using your other services.  Please don't kill iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle cgsmom 7/4/12 6:33 AM
I am very disappointed. I don't want to have to click on apps or tabs. I want everything on my homepage. I guess I will have to go back to MSN for my homepage.
Re: Update on iGoogle boobearbaker 7/4/12 6:36 AM
You have a lot of people who have no access to other forms of IGoogle. People like me, a baby boomer who didn't grow up with computers. We managed to get the hang of most of it and just when we get a little comfortable, companies like you, just pull the plug. I tried to make a website on one of the 'free' places, with their preset pages and stuff and was really proud of what I accomplished, but guess what? The company decided to pull the plug. They decided that since it was so popular (their free website system) they needed to begin charging a monthly fee to keep the website I built. Obviously since I'm still not sure what I'm doing, I'm not about to begin paying someone so I can play with it. More people with less training can access Igoogle and manage not to look so lost, that it is a sorry thing to take that away from people. My children were so happy that I found something I could do, like change my theme, add my girls pictures to it and stuff like that. They were amazed, but I guess I'll just lose all of that, too.

Please reconsider the idea of closing Igoogle. Presently it seems that you are already beginning to take it down. The only way I can get to my homepage is to do a search and when I did get it, I couldn't go back to it.
Re: Update on iGoogle mrmarkfr 7/4/12 6:37 AM
I'm sure with 99+ pages of comments(I would guess the majority of them are negative about Google killing iGoogle, including my own), you must see the amount of people who use it on a regular basis, I'm not sure why you would get rid of it.  I use it(like I'm sure many others do) as an aggregator, getting my news feeds, rss feeds, weather, gmail, etc all in one place.  This is a page I use sporadically during the day, and as a jumping off point for me if I need more info.  I don't want to embed all of these gadgets into a browser that will reduce my screen size with all the extra tool bars, etc, required to get it to display all the information.  That is one of the reasons I use Chrome, to increase the size of my viewable area!  I also have a Blackberry, Asus Transformer, Archos, and an Ipod Touch, but what I use 90% of the time on I'm on a tech device is a PC of some sort(home desktop, work laptop, home laptop, you get the idea).  The mobile devices are great when you're on the road, but most people want a normal sized screen, where iGoogle rocks.
When iGoogle goes away, I will find another aggregator, I'll learn how to get what I want, and I'll make it my home page on EVERY computer I use, and I'll mention it to my clients as well.  I'm sure we plebes are not going to sway your vote on getting rid of iGoogle, but just know that we are out here, and we will be on someone elses pages to start on Nov 1, 2013.
Re: Update on iGoogle Emeye 7/4/12 6:37 AM
Not good. In my IT support role and at home life I move around and I am always using different PCs or tablets or smartphones. iGoogle provides central access to my feeds within seconds wherever I am. I'm not sure what else I can use. I will be finding an alternative, but I can guarantee it means I will be using google's services a lot less.

The reason I bought an Android phone is due to my buy-in to google's products. I will now have to find an alternative. Fingers crossed I can find something useful.

At least if I use Apple devices all my apps are synchronised between devices - not sure if I can sync IOS apps with a Mac though as I've always been a Windows guy.
Re: Update on iGoogle oly2c 7/4/12 6:38 AM
This decision is incomprehensible. I refer to iGoogle umpteen times a day and can't imagine life without it.   iGoogle is the hub of my internet use.  
If I am forced to transfer my allegiance to Yahoo as a substitute no doubt I'll be using Yahoo as my search engine along with other services.
The people who make these decisions must be on a different planet. I have no use for a smartphone and have no intention of getting one in the foreseeable future. There must be legions of Google users not obsessed by these 'must have' toys.
Re: Update on iGoogle K8ila 7/4/12 6:39 AM
I too have been using iGoogle since it started, I sit at my PC for 8 hours a day and use may iGoogle home page constantly, allongside all the other google products that are bolted into it. I also use this homepage everywhere I go, as it means that I can get everything I need, anywhere I go.

When iGoogle gets removed I dont see why I would need a lot of my other Google products, especially the likes of Google+ which was a monumental waste of time because everyone was already on facebook! I only signed up for gmail because it was integrated into my iGoogle home page, I suspect its time to ditch a lot of the Google products now, docs and search will be useful, but I am not going to bother browsing the other stuff Google is making now.

Truth be told, I will probably start looking for alternatives now, it looks like plenty of people are already compiling lists of other potential services to switch to, I will have to look into which of these are any good.

Bye Bye Google

Re: Update on iGoogle Teriu$ 7/4/12 6:42 AM
please don't do this. it's my favourite page((
Re: Update on iGoogle Dicfor 7/4/12 6:43 AM
I switched to Chrome because of iGoogle. I guess I will have to look elsewhere. Google wants us to be loyal. How about some loyalty to us from Google. So what is available to replace iGoogle?
Re: Update on iGoogle gcwales 7/4/12 6:44 AM

On Wednesday, July 4, 2012 6:52:00 AM UTC+10, Conrad L wrote:

Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years.

The consensus is clear here. Leave iGoogle alone!
Re: Update on iGoogle TikiTDO 7/4/12 6:45 AM
The day iGoogle goes offline will be the day I switch over to the Windows 8 metro. When that happens, there is no guarantee that I will not switch to other Microsoft products. 
Re: Update on iGoogle voodoman 7/4/12 6:51 AM
You now what, that is exactly what I'm thinking.  WP8 already has me tempted.
Re: Update on iGoogle tedhall_shopbot 7/4/12 6:51 AM
"... biggest potential to make a difference ..."
How many people who depend on igoogle daily in their lives does it take to qualify as making a difference?
Re: Update on iGoogle Owaki_Paru 7/4/12 6:52 AM
Please do not do this. iGoogle has been the first page everytime I use internet since 2005. The reason why I use it because it can link to my gmail and other google products. Without iGoogle, I probably switch my interest to other non-google products. iGoogle is a great invention of combining different product just in one page, so convenient and suitable for people who travel around like me. I simply do not understand why you have to shut iGoogle down. I guess google does not really understand how people use iGoogle. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Dicfor 7/4/12 6:53 AM
Perhaps you have become too arrogant in your belief that you can disappoint all of your customers with decisions such as this without any loss to you. I think it may be time to prove you wrong. The day may come when we say Google? What is Google? Anyone remember Google?
Re: Update on iGoogle blackjack14 7/4/12 6:54 AM
Please don't get rid of this. Modern tech companies like apple decide the "simplify" things all the time and I find it just makes me take longer to do things. igoogle was great because even though it wasn't "modern" looking it was the most versatile and functional landing page available. Please don't get rid of it unless you have a replacement ready!!! 
Re: Update on iGoogle tyr 7/4/12 6:55 AM
I use iGoogle every day as a way to have the same homepage across the different web browsers I use on multiple hardware platforms including laptops, desktops, servers, and my iPad. with iGoogle I have access to the same links and the same widgets wherever I go and I don't have to worry about syncing favorites or installing apps on every machine.

I have no idea how I'll curate all the information iGoogle allows me to aggregate in one place. 

Please don't shut iGoogle down, I absolutely rely on it and have seen no other products that could replace what iGoogle does for me.
Re: Update on iGoogle Matthew Moran 7/4/12 7:03 AM

The options mentioned in your notice of closing do not come close to approximating the functionality of iGoogle. Having a single source home page on the cloud that provides access to all my information is one of the most critical reasons I use gmail. I train virtually all my clients to use iGoogle and have many video tutorials on the subject.

The various apps you mention on Chrome or smart phones do NOT provide a centralized place for me to access documents, spreadsheets, tasks & calendar, bookmarks, email, and a myriad of other utilities. Drop Google+ before you drop iGoogle or make iGoogle a plus product... it would give people a reason to use Google+.
Re: Update on iGoogle keltoid15 7/4/12 7:05 AM

Thank you for supporting Google?  Why doesn't Google support us?   The loyal user who MADE YOU.  How about that??  I use iGoogle every freaking day on multiiple computers, with multiple setups.  I LIKE IT.  It is the essence of what Google USED to be.  No fuss, no frills, just GOOD STUFF YOU WANT.  Now Google's unbelievable HUBRIS is driving me away from the company.  Oh yes, Google, I CAN get away from you.  I've had your plain, wonderful search home page since you started it, and I introduced it to everyone I know -- all who had never heard about your a**es back then.  But this is the thanks I get.  I am so annoyed with the good things being replaced with commercial crap - I WILL be done with you if I cannot use my iGoogle page and that is that.  Chrome can go buff itself. 

I don't do phone apps.  I don't have time to eff around with my PHONE.  I work 10 hours a day on a computer and I enjoy the moments I come back to my iGoogle page - it has a nice calming picture of the National Seashore -- it has my little turtles swimming around and it has the rss feeds I like to check on every day.  You are JERKS to stop us from using this.  It doesn't take ANYTHING for you to keep this functionality around but like I said -- YOUR HUBRIS MAKES YOU NEED TO MANIPULATE US.  Well, I for one will not be manipulated by your stupid company Google.  Go eff yourselves and take your hinky-a** browser with you.

Join me!

Re: Update on iGoogle Berto Qc 7/4/12 7:06 AM
You can't kill iGoogle... this is not a good news.
Re: Update on iGoogle danieljgmaclean 7/4/12 7:07 AM
Wow... This has really come as a shock. Like many others, I have also had this set to my home page with it being my main major link to other Google services. I hope you will be replacing this with something similar.

If you’re a fan of Google Chrome, the Chrome Web Store provides a similar range of options likeproductivity tools and applications to check the weather. In addition, just like iGoogle, you canpersonalize Chrome with a theme. 

Do not expect me (or others) just to use Chrome because iGoogle isn't available anymore.
Re: Update on iGoogle Merethe Nielsen 7/4/12 7:07 AM
It´s sad to hear that iGoogle will be retired. My start page is iGoogle at home and at work, and I use it every day - every time I open the browser I get an overview of a lot of news headlines, tv programs etc. and I don´t always need to go to the news websites, but instead I just read the headlines.
I hope that a lot of people will "complain" about this retirement and Google then changes the decision.
Please keep iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle ENiall8R 7/4/12 7:08 AM
Complete crap. Google don't kill iGoogle, kill Google+ if anything. Why is it moving backwards to provide your customers with a customizable launch pad for their web browsing pleasure? My iGoogle page keeps me up to date as my email, calendar, todo list, documents, weather forcast, sports news and other news are all presented on a tidy single page, just the way I like it.

It links me directly to Gmail, Google Cal, Google Tasks, Google+, Google News, YouTube and a few non google sites, but you think this is a bad thing. Why is that? Why would a mature product need a large development effort? 1-2 people could maintain iGoogle, this is not a large resource effort for Google. While 'making money' is important, so is doing the right thing for your customer base. Belive it or not there are other options that just need a small break to be successful, pissing off your customers may be the advantage they need to knock you off your high horse. Once not ling ago Yahoo was the search engine of choice, we made Google number 1. We can also put you back to last.

Stop screwing with our internet experience for the sake of 'progress'. They can co-exist.

Re: Update on iGoogle AMR51 7/4/12 7:10 AM
I use iGoogle as I have an Android device as well and migrated to Gmail and Google Calender. It is very troubling that Google is shuttering iGoogle. Unless they are planning to roll out Google Now in a browser based format that can be formatted into a Dashboard view, the loss of a Google proprietary Dashboard is significant.

While some of the forums are suggesting Dashboard alternatives like Netvibes or Protopage, there is an inherent problem with this. In order to display Gmail and Google Calender information in these services, you will need to expose your Google account and data to third party risk. If I am using a Google operated and supported Dashboard, no big deal because my data, emails, calender, contact information, etc. resides at Google anyway. I made the choice by going with Gmail and Android to trust Google with my information. But if I have to log into my account on through a third party provider to get a Dashboard view of my data, I am exposed to them using my information in a less than ethical way. Also the more disperse control over that data is, the more opportunity there is for that information to be hacked and stolen.

Google in their Blog and Forum posts have provided no guidance for a Dashboard alternative to iGoogle. They suggest looking at Apps in the Chrome Store or Google Play, but no one solution provides the Dashboard view of iGoogle. The mobile device paradigm works on mobile devices because of the integration into notification services on the device, but the same isn't the case for a browser based solution. Each mode of use is different, valid, and require different tools to be effective. A Dashboard view for a PC is inherently better that emulating a mobile device with the browser, which is what Google is suggesting (and Microsoft is doing by porting Metro over to the PC). It is a bad idea to try and shoehorn the Mobile paradigm onto the PC platform. It takes away significantly from the power, usability, and customizability that you have with a PC as opposed to a mobile device. Just as the PC paradigm needed to be reinvented to make mobile devices viable, the mobile paradigm doesn't work well for the PC.

This is a bad decision for Google/Android users. Hopefully enough press and pressure will be placed on Google to reconsider this decision or provide them the incentive to develop a better Dashboard utility for secure Google Account aggregation.
Re: Update on iGoogle ND61 7/4/12 7:11 AM
PLEASE reconsider.  I am the COO of a small business. I, along with the managers every store in our 100+ store chain, use igoogle daily.  We have it marked on our registers as home for security purposes.  I have no way to replace it.  Thanks, Neal
Re: Update on iGoogle Artuim 7/4/12 7:14 AM
This is a very disappointing decision. I too urge the powers that be to please reconsider! iGoogle is an excellent (and popular) product that deserves updating, not retiring.

At least build the features of iGoogle into Google+, maybe? It would certainly get me to use it more often (read:every day instead of never!)
Re: Update on iGoogle tstag 7/4/12 7:16 AM
As I travel around the country, no matter what computer I use, I can log-in to my iGoogle account and all the information I need is there.
What is the cost to keep an iGoogle account?   It is merely storing a little data in the "clouds".   It costs nothing, essentially, to keep iGoogle.
So, if iGoogle is going away in the Fall of 2013, what is Google offering as a Replacement.    For computers and people who use non-google browsers?
Thank you, it has been a wonderful several years with iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle ENiall8R 7/4/12 7:18 AM
Well said!
Re: Update on iGoogle Owaki_Paru 7/4/12 7:19 AM
I am now considering to switch to netvibes in replacement for igoogle. Google, I hope one day you will find yourself being very very wrong about shutting down iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle Clive McCartney 7/4/12 7:21 AM
I posted my objection to this earlier, and have been thinking about it for a couple of hours while I drink my coffee etc.  Two further things spring to mind:
1.  Could be time to purchase AOL or Yahoo stock again - this move plays into their hands;
2.  A few posters have suggested Google+ which (imho) is rank awful, but it has been plain that the Google top brass are frustrated that it hasn't been getting any traction, so I can totally imagine somebody seeing a migration of igoogle into a forced Google+ membership as a way of driving users into that silly scene of circles.
Re: Update on iGoogle Illanair 7/4/12 7:22 AM
I am very surprised by these news - Everyone I know uses iGoogle as their preferred startpage because it combines simplicity with the choice of adding modules.

I'll be honest - I wasn't overly thrilled when you changed the layout a few months? back, as it ruined my old theme, "Tea House". But to have to say goodbye to iGoogle entirely? Sad day.
Re: Update on iGoogle g()delescherbach 7/4/12 7:26 AM
Please do not end iGoogle! It is the way that I access the web, email, calendar, weather, maps, and feeds to my favorite web sites. It is the perfect homepage for browsing. It is also a great opportunity for advertising - don't miss it.
Re: Update on iGoogle lilacshapes 7/4/12 7:26 AM
Please keep iGoogle, I love it as a homepage.  My partner has an old computer that cannot run chrome and is so disappointed to lose this very useful customisable facility with all its lovely widgets.  I don't need another choice of browser, I will change to something similar to iGoogle which at the moment, is the BTYahoo homepage, but not as much choice.
Re: Update on iGoogle dxxwood 7/4/12 7:30 AM
I add my support to all of the comments. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. Have you offered igoogle to a news paper ?
Re: Update on iGoogle ejbII 7/4/12 7:31 AM
The reasoning listed about apps with chrome/droid being able to fill in the gaps is bogus.   I don't mean any offense but its just not true.   igoogle saves me 30 minutes a day in searches as I work to stay up on the latest technologies in very specific areas through extensive customized searches all presented on one page.   It truly is a critical part of making me successful at work.   I even have my coworkers who have similar responsibilities to me using igoogle to make their job easier.   The question is what will it take to make you guys change your mind?   This tool is not expendable. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Anthony Festa 7/4/12 7:34 AM
I use iGoogle on my laptop and desktop and any work computer I happen to be on as it is as simple as just logging in and having everything I want centralized in one place. I am extremely let down that Google would take away this service. The alternatives listed in the Learn More link do not in any way replace iGoogle. Please do not abandon this tool. I have spent years supporting Google products and base my productivity around it. Please do not make me lose faith in your products and services, I would have to have to reconsider using them.
Re: Update on iGoogle Tobleronealfen 7/4/12 7:38 AM
Please let us support iGoogle for even more years... Don't kill it!
Re: Update on iGoogle Erling51 7/4/12 7:38 AM
I really am disappointed about the decision. No matter which computer I log on, I always start at the iGoogle page. There I can see my mail, my Facebook feed, the weater, news from the main newspapers and tv-stations and much more. I would be lost without iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle JJnTJ 7/4/12 7:39 AM
Please reconsider.  I use it every day.  It is valuable to me to have an instant overview of email, weather, calendar, docs and news.
Re: Update on iGoogle keltoid15 7/4/12 7:40 AM
Same here.   HUBRIS.   ARROGANCE.
Re: Update on iGoogle jaffffacake 7/4/12 7:42 AM
This seems a poor decision - i've used igoogle for years and found it an excellent way to keep bookmarks, gmail, news headlines and other interesting 'net information on my homepage. The best thing about igoogle was that I could log into my account at any computer anywhere and instantly have access to a page full of stuff I find useful and entertaining. I cannot install chrome on my works PC, and I do not want to spend time setting up apps on my phone and each PC I might use just once (and may not have install rights on, either).
Not only will I leave igoogle now and switch to netvibes, but I will always be on the lookout for alternatives to google in future because I can't trust them to maintain a service.
Update on iGoogle joe.j.capuano 7/4/12 7:43 AM
I hope you all reconsider. I have used this everyday on all of my computers as my homepage. I have also showed this to others that now use it as their homepage. I am upset, but will not become irate with your decisions.
Re: Update on iGoogle Lance_Uppercut 7/4/12 7:50 AM
Please reconsider.    I know that I can use A, B, and C to get the same information I get from iGoogle, but the point is I like it all in one place.  I don't want to use widgets.  I have been both a longtime fan of apple and google and apple has been slowly pushing me away by making Lion more-iOS like.  Now you're killing services and saying the solution is on mobile apps.   HEY GOOGLE -- SOME PEOPLE STILL USE LAPTOPS AND DESKTOPS PRIMARILY.   A lot of us, actually.    Killing iGoogle will drive me away from other products I use.  I've read that netvibes is a decent alternative to iGoogle -- I don't want to use something else, but given your recent plan, it doesn't seem I have a lot of choice.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jesper Vandborg 7/4/12 7:53 AM

I use it all day. I can't find a alternativ with Apps?

Please just leave it. Just maintain it, I don't care if you develop on it. It is fine as it is. Please just maintain it....
Re: Update on iGoogle shauen 7/4/12 7:54 AM
My entire family has used iGoogle as their homepage. Don't shut it down!
Re: Update on iGoogle David NSH 7/4/12 7:57 AM
Adding my vote to NOT drop iGoogle.  Been my homepage for ages.  Unless there is something better coming up to replace it that we do not know about yet :)
Re: Update on iGoogle keltoid15 7/4/12 7:58 AM
So you're "sunsetting" iGoogle.  Then we'll "sunset"  you.
Re: Update on iGoogle crashh 7/4/12 8:02 AM
I do not agree on this. Dropping iGoogle will make me stop using google as my homepage.
Re: Update on iGoogle infinitycustoms 7/4/12 8:04 AM
iGoogle has been my home page for years, it's what my browser defaults to, it's what I use dozens of times a day. If iGoogle goes away, I will most likely stop using Google entirely because the iGoogle page is the center of my browsing experience, I'll be forced to find another home page to do the same things iGoogle does or a reasonable facsimile of it and that service will probably provide its own search engine. Preferably one that hasn't  eliminated boolean search operators the way Google has lately. It seems to me that Google has decided it no longer wants to be in the business of running the services that made it what it is today and wants to concentrate on nonsense nobody cares about. So be it, to me this is just another nail in the coffin of the once mighty Google. Hmmm, I wonder how Altavista is doing these days? :)

Re: Update on iGoogle espresso101 7/4/12 8:05 AM
This is crazy...I use igoogle everyday, all day. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle trenttrent 7/4/12 8:09 AM
I am really sad to hear this news.  iGoogle is my most used page on the internet ever and the suggested replacements don't really fill the void.  Google Reader is too manually intensive compared to iGoogle giving me a wide spread of headlines across all my news sources.  Also, besides news I use many other things like Stocks, mail, weather, other miscellaneous widgets. 

Sadly if this really gets shut down I'll have to move to yahoo or perhaps netvibes as my home page.  Without iGoogle there is nothing tying me to google ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.  I assume in 2013 I'll most likely be using a combination of Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.  I am really sad to hear this news.  It really makes no sense.
Re: Update on iGoogle JohannElmo 7/4/12 8:09 AM
Please do not terminate Igoogle
Re: Update on iGoogle JugHeadHair 7/4/12 8:10 AM
I'm surprisingly annoyed about this. I've been using iGoogle for years, and find it a really useful way to access my Google stuff across multiple computers, most importantly betweeen my workplace and home. I can't install Chrome at work, and I rather resent being forced to.
I installed it at home, because it was fast and I liked it, but I did not install it because Google restricted my choice of browsers. If that is the way you want to run it, then fine. I'll find another email provider, and another search engine, and while I'm at it, I'll switch my calendar and my phone.
Because you've just reminded me that I'm the product, and my only choice is to vote with my feet. Bugger.
Re: Update on iGoogle SDave001 7/4/12 8:11 AM
WHAT?????  How stupid is that?   Personally, iGoogle is precisely HOW I get personalized, real-time information at my fingertips.  I've been using it for seven years and I use it more than any other web service.  Every morning, and frequently throughout the day, I use iGoogle to:

 - Check my gmail
 - access my googledocs
 - use google search
 - monitor my finances
 - check the weather
 - get a quick overview of the news
 - follow my favorite sports teams
 - chat with colleagues, friends and family

iGoogle is simply the best solution I have ever found for managing and accessing my online life.  And now you are shutting it down?  Why?  Simply because it, by itself, is not making you any money?  It is our gateway to many of the products and services that DO MAKE YOU MONEY.  Without iGoogle I'll just go back to MSN and use Bing and store my MS OFFICE documents on the cloud. 

Why should I, or any of your "valued customers" use ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS if you don't have the common decency to let us keep using the one product that tied them all together for us?  Pathetic

"Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years"??????? What a slap in the face. We've supported DOZENS of google products for years and yet this is the "thanks" we get? You guys are getting way too full of yourselves...Yahoo did the same thing.

Good luck - I won't be around to watch you fall.

Re: Update on iGoogle trenttrent 7/4/12 8:13 AM
If you really do shut it down, at least open source the code please! 
Re: Update on iGoogle twistedkilt 7/4/12 8:13 AM
hmmm.. so who's going to feed my little turtles floating on my iGoogle page?  The ones that calm me during my hectic workday?   Boo!
Geez, maybe I can post now that I've had to hit NO to "stop a script from running on this page" about 50x, no lie.  No doubt it works great on Chrome though.  Which I will not use since its an attempt to infiltrate your personal life on your computer.  THAT'S what Google is about these days.  Getting into your personal information.
Count me in for one who says DON'T DROP IGOOGLE.
Count me in for those who will stop using Google products as much as possible if you do.  Thank you for your time.
Re: Update on iGoogle JackM6 7/4/12 8:17 AM
I truly HATE this decision.  "Don't be evil"???  What ever happened to that idea?  Every morning I use iGoogle like my morning newspaper, I check my mail, confirm my appointments, check the weather, all in one spot.  Hopefully, someone else will fill the void.  I will not be FORCED into the use of Chrome, so I will continue to limp along in Firefox, hating Google where formerly I didn't really give the company much thought at all.  Congratulations.
Re: Update on iGoogle cavalierstn 7/4/12 8:18 AM
I wanted to join my voice to those who hope that IGoogle does not disappear as well. I too use IGoogle every day and know of no other comparable service. Please reconsider. 
Re: Update on iGoogle esik 7/4/12 8:20 AM
Dont do it! Close everything, shut down whole world but not iGoogle : ( 
Re: Update on iGoogle JohannElmo 7/4/12 8:21 AM
Er der nogle danskere som har læst om det her på News ?
Re: Update on iGoogle trenttrent 7/4/12 8:23 AM
This is like Facebook closing down facebook.com and saying it's because more and more people are using mobile apps, they're shutting down the website.  Makes no sense.  The Chrome and Google+ teams need to back off and leave iGoogle alone.
Re: Update on iGoogle JamesM223 7/4/12 8:26 AM
Time to switch to MyMSN, I guess. Of course, I will need to drop gmail and switch to hotmail, and obviously Bing will be taking over search duties (been wanting to drop google search anyway due to other idiotic decisions from team G so no biggie there). After that, just make sure my next phone/tablet is Windows 8 based and voila - no more Google for me! Ahhh... I feel better already.
Re: Update on iGoogle LordSkout 7/4/12 8:27 AM
I can only agree. Go ahead, Google. Get rid of a product thousands of us use, and watch us find other solutions. Yahoo's home pages still work. So do Microsoft's. Don't be moronic. We're here because we like this.
Re: Update on iGoogle fro455 7/4/12 8:27 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle andre_p 7/4/12 8:27 AM
As an iGoogle replacement, http://www.protopage.com has been running strong since 2005 and is rock solid
Re: Update on iGoogle Sn3akr 7/4/12 8:27 AM
How will this benefit google users in any way? if anything, it is gonna drive users away from google products.

I've been using iGoogle myself for as long as i can remeber, before that it was pages like yahoo, that only supplied me with a random number of news and adds, that i hardly gave notice to.

I've spent a lot of time customizing my homepage via iGoogle, so that i now get the information that interests me and that i find useful. Best of all is that i can access this site from any computer, anywhere in the world, whenever i need to.

All my webbrowsing evolves around my iGoogle, also my picture, googledrive, docs, mail, news etc.

Where do i go now.. nothing in my knowledge allows me to cutomize my startpage in a similar way, but if any1 want to take up the iGoogle after they pull the plug, plz let me know and i'll leave google and move there instead.

(unknown) 7/4/12 8:28 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle kyhl 7/4/12 8:30 AM
You might want to revise your announcement to

Thank you for supporting Google over the years.

With this step, you will move a large number of core users away from Google.

For one thing, I don't care what search engine I use, be it Bing, Google, or whatever, they are all good.

What made Google stand out was precisely iGoogle. It was a great way to get my day sorted out, as well as the most important news at a glance.

Google - you will be missed.

Re: Update on iGoogle Sn3akr 7/4/12 8:31 AM
Ja.. jeg er i chok.. Er blevet så vant til iGoogle, at jeg ikke helt kan forestille mig hvordan mit brug af internettet skal se ud i fremtiden.. På mobilen bruger jeg ganske vidst kun den alm google, men langt størstedelen af mit netforbrug foregår via PC  og iGoogle.. min mening er at google er ved at lave et KÆMPE selvmål og sende en masse brugere væk fra google

Re: Update on iGoogle VladV 7/4/12 8:32 AM
Agree! Even if I have an Android smartphone, I still do not use it as my major "reading" device. It is just a quick communicator but very restricted in many ways. The major communications are happening on real computers at the office and at home.

I read only ONE page on iGoogle which links me to the Finance, GMail,  Calendar, etc... There is no actual alternative provided by Google. And different apps cannot be counted: they do not consolidate all data I need in one place.

Besides, many system I am working with, do not have the Chrome browser and never will.

It is very pity that I tighten all my communications to gmail. I am thinking about this already for an year or two. Now the bell bell is ringing. I will try to look into alternatives.

Very bad marketing guys! Lead community with your ideas and do not enforce them.
Re: Update on iGoogle Asger Hansen 7/4/12 8:33 AM
Den onsdag den 4. juli 2012 17.21.41 UTC+2 skrev JohannElmo:
Er der nogle danskere som har læst om det her på News ?

Ja det er virkelig en hårdtslående nyhed fra Google 
Re: Update on iGoogle kyhl 7/4/12 8:33 AM
Great, thanks.
I have been looking for for a page like that, ever since - eh - an hour ago!
Re: Update on iGoogle JBraga 7/4/12 8:35 AM
A petition asking Google to stop all this nonsense 

Re: Update on iGoogle Owaki_Paru 7/4/12 8:36 AM
Already set up a netvibes account, now preparing to flee away. Seriously google, I bet you will regret. 
Re: Update on iGoogle SzybkiSasza 7/4/12 8:37 AM
Using Chrome is not essentially the same as using iGoogle - and even though it has a lot of applications, it can't be substitute for one page containing tons of informations, mini games, photos, RSS feeds and more... If you want to close iGoogle, please provide us with new good solution to have every information in one place...

In my opinion - it's very bad move...
Update on iGoogle doodlec 7/4/12 8:43 AM
I,too, have used iGoogle for my home page for several years. I use it on my desktop, laptop and iPad. I set up different tabs for my daily info with front page including email, calendar, weather, time and date, news headline all in one opening glance. Another tab for travel including currency converter, language translator, travel sites etc. And other tabs for entertainment, local movie theaters etc. As well as a fourth tab for recipes and household info.
This decision from Google will make it much more difficult to have to go to each app. I will likely wind up using google much less. Put some ads on iGoogle and make it work. It has been a GREAT timesaver and use of finding the info i want quickly on a daily basis. I think the primary flaw has been the lack of marketing by Google of this useful tool.

The apps on my iPad are good too, but i can't see all of it in one glance as i can on iGoogle. I understand change for profit is the motive, but shame on you, Google, for having a great tool and not marketing it more. I am in my mid-60's and see too many people not using the info available in a quick efficient manner...iGoogle has provided that. Too bad, all change is not always the best decision!

Re: Update on iGoogle canadave2 7/4/12 8:43 AM
Really!!!??? If you just drop gmail, reader and search I'll have no use for Google whatsoever. I'll start looking for alternatives right away. Do you guys know who your audience is? Do you even talk to them? This is decision that Bill Gates will applaud heartily. Looks like something from the Netflix strategy playbook. 
Re: Update on iGoogle KM_DK 7/4/12 8:44 AM
iGoogle is the place where my day begins and ends.. So please don't close the service!
Re: Update on iGoogle cgsample 7/4/12 8:45 AM
I use igoogle within Chrome.  Where will I go?  What should I do?
Re: Update on iGoogle CLosito 7/4/12 8:48 AM
I'm very disappointed with this decision. iGoogle is the only "augmented" homepage I ever liked, and it seems obvious that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Please reconsider!
Re: Update on iGoogle Big7000 7/4/12 8:51 AM
After 7 years of use all you can say when you kill my homepage is:  Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years.

Im so disappointed...
Re: Update on iGoogle Corey Theiss 7/4/12 8:52 AM
Hopefully, Google will change their minds about this one.  The alternatives mentioned don't really replace the "dashboard", all-in-one info dump that I'm looking for as my start page.

A good alternative seems to be netvibes... I guess this decision is a boon for them!
Re: Update on iGoogle skseo 7/4/12 8:53 AM
Please don´t stop iGoogle and add the "We love iGoogle" gadget http://goo.gl/ta3rp
Re: Update on iGoogle seanpj 7/4/12 8:54 AM
I just hope, you will create an alternative to it. I looked at Google+ and... I DON'T WANT ANOTHER FB. There will always be a need for a portal of iGoogle (MyYahoo etc.) type.  Please read the reactions and reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle TribeOfOne 7/4/12 8:55 AM
I really think you should pay attention to all these users. We like iGoogle and as you can see most of us use it everyday to some extent. If you are not going to provide an alternative then why should we us any Google products or services? If "technology creates tremendous opportunities to improve people's lives" then find a way to combine iGoogle with something else that can improve rather than set back our lives. Maybe make the iGoogle format available as a Google plus homepage? Whatever you do don't abandon iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle JBraga 7/4/12 8:58 AM
Now I understand what their motto means. They are simply saying they don't want to be evil which does not necessarily imply that they will be good.
Re: Update on iGoogle dargolf 7/4/12 8:58 AM
I think this is one of the most stupid steps in Google's history. Don't do that. Everyone I know uses iGoogle and loves it. Do you want me to stop reading news and being informed about what's going on in the world? Do you? Yes? Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
Re: Update on iGoogle mewmew 7/4/12 9:00 AM
 no no no no... its my personal computer.When i get angry, i drop all google products.
Så kan de lære det!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle grannyshrink 7/4/12 9:07 AM
It is the only web page I go to.
(unknown) 7/4/12 9:07 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle xbilly 7/4/12 9:09 AM
Very disappointed with the closure of igoogle. Why close a service with no replacement that surely requires very little upkeep from Google. As this was my home page, any replacement will likely reduce my usage both of Google search and other Google products/services.
Re: Update on iGoogle grannyshrink 7/4/12 9:09 AM
just stupid?
Re: Update on iGoogle Hangin10 7/4/12 9:09 AM
Excuse me, but what the hell are you guys doing?!?!?!

IGoogle is a great product and one I use every single day. How else can I can a single unobtrusive web window open with all of the news, information, email I can see ata glance during my work day.

I'm very disappointed and hope that you guys reconsider this horrible decision or at least develop a suitable alternative. 

Apparently I'm not alone.
Re: Update on iGoogle JohannElmo 7/4/12 9:12 AM
On my igoogle I have a link to a danish news service, Newz.dk - Denmark is a small country in Europe - when they published that Google wants to sunset igoolge a lot of people got very disappointed and sad - so Google please reconsider 
Re: Update on iGoogle Pat_Mar 7/4/12 9:14 AM
Hi Conrad, I think iGoogle users like us deserve a more information as for an alternatives or a quick migration guide of how to get a new/similar alternative to apply to any Google products, perhaps within G+,  or other similar service provider. We don't know what Google's strategy is but one thing for sure is that we expect Google to give us at least some suggestions. I don't see any product right now that could merge my Search Bar, my G Chat and other theme widgets to aggregate information on top of a collection of various clean background theme, how are we suppose find such an alternative?
Hopefully Google can take a little time to address this issue in a simple and clever way as it doesn't really make business sense to just leave your users alone after using your service for 7 years!
Re: Update on iGoogle skybeat 7/4/12 9:14 AM
I hope we all will get a statement soon from Google after they see how the user think about crasy point!
Re: Update on iGoogle phaze783 7/4/12 9:15 AM
If I have to switch to something like Yahoo, I'll never use anything google again.  This includes Andriod. Should I go with iphone or windows phone???
Re: Update on iGoogle saksaluap 7/4/12 9:16 AM
I like the portability of igoogle. From any computer in the world I can sign into iGoogle excess google drive to work with my files. I can also click bookmarks to view all important site like banks, credit account and stock accounts. So can any smart guy at google tell me how can do that at Nov 1 2013. If you do not have a solution I will drop google drive,sell my Android phone and seek my own solution. Maybe a Apple produce would be better?

Re: Update on iGoogle -j. 7/4/12 9:16 AM
I am announcing here that I am sunsetting Google in 16 months, on November 1, 2013.  I am focusing my energy on people, products, and companies with the biggest potential to make a difference.
Re: Update on iGoogle Anon2013 7/4/12 9:18 AM
Same here!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Christopher Wice 7/4/12 9:19 AM
I agree with the other and George, whom i quote below. Have used iGoogle, am very happy with it. If you must retire IGOOGLE please tell us neophytes how and where to migrate.
Thanks as always. Oh and can't wait for my #Nexus7 looks like a home run.

Please reconsider. iGoogle is a gateway to other Google products. For example:

(a) search (since there's a Google search box at the top of iGoogle)
(b) Google Finance (for those of us who put our portfolio on our iGoogle home page)
(c) weather
(d) Gmail (with the gadget, one can see when there's new email, without devoting an entire browser tab to it)
(e) Google Reader (and other RSS feeds)
(f) Google News
(g) Bookmarks

If I have to migrate settings to another platform, it means fewer searches on Google (which means lower profits for Google). I keep iGoogle open all day long (i.e. a "power user"). If Google has a replacement for iGoogle for us "power users", please document it --- I don't think one can easily replicate the experience with current Google alternatives.
Re: Update on iGoogle Perosek 7/4/12 9:22 AM
Oh my good. This my hompage 6.yeahr. Im not downlad Chrome my exploer Mozzila
Re: Update on iGoogle PiaKate 7/4/12 9:23 AM
I am sure you do not realize how many customers you are cleaning out with this move. I understand the need to consolidate, but removing a successful and functional product without giving us an alternative leaves us - your former customers - to look for other products with other companies.  Most people are not working from a mobile system, most people are not cutting edge. Most of us want simple, functional and reliable stuff that works at home and at the office. We can accept change if it is offered as a carrot - with advantages TO US clearly set out. This is not that. This is bad marketing, bad planning, and really bad costumer service.
Re: Update on iGoogle mwlphelps 7/4/12 9:27 AM

Add me to the list of those extremely opposed to this this decision. I use iGoogle constantly every day and love it. It's perfect for what I need.

Re: Update on iGoogle bghite 7/4/12 9:27 AM
I just want to add my $0.02 here. I use iGoogle every single day. It is the home page on my browser. I am very disappointed that Google is planning to retire this very useful service.

Bad on you Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle n.b.3000 7/4/12 9:30 AM
I am unhappy about this decision. I did not see any need for iGoogle on my phone or tablet it is true, but iGoogle as a start page on a browser was really great and I looked at it every single time I opened a new window. 

Now that iGoogle will be phased out, I experimented this morning with setting a bunch of apps as a start page for chrome (which is, I guess what you would like us all to migrate to). But I still have to click on each of them to get any information, which looses the whole point. I loved having a number of news feeds, rss feeds, social media feeds, all visible every time I opened a new browser page, it does not seem to be possible to go this within the google world anymore. I am going to have to try and recreate this using some other company (netvibes?). Perhaps I will switch my browser away from chrome as well in indignation.

A bit of free advice -- if you are going to retire a product with a loyal fan base, you should have somewhere for those customers to go. (When apple retired some features out of iMovie customers could still get them if they upgraded to Final Cut Pro, or now as they retire DVD drives they still offer them as an extra external feature for those that care about them).

Goodbye google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle IsamuKusanagi 7/4/12 9:36 AM
i've been using igoogle as my home page for so long i can't remember what i had before that. i use it every day. i like having my gmail, slashdot headlines, the craigslist gadget, gamespot news, the weather, and my calender all on one page. retiring this is an enormous mistake.
Re: Update on iGoogle phaze783 7/4/12 9:37 AM
How  can  apps  replace  the  home  page???????     It's  what  I see  when I  open  any  browser, including the one on my phone..
Re: Update on iGoogle chastmal 7/4/12 9:37 AM

I use iGoogle all day, every day as long as I am logged on.  It's my dashboard and my command post.  Sure, I can read my RSS feeds in Reader, but I have to go there.  With iGoogle, I keep the most important feeds in front of me so I know right away whey there's a new post. When I log in, I can quickly scan the headlines on my RSS feeds to see if there's anything interesting.  It is quick, easy, and effective. It works across all major browsers.  It's available wherever I go.  It keeps all the information I like to have visible and immediately available.

What other apps do you have that can to all that?  None!
Re: Update on iGoogle Tummes 7/4/12 9:40 AM
This is truly a sad day. My only homepage since 2005.
Re: Update on iGoogle phaze783 7/4/12 9:41 AM
Apps are more like desktop icons,  I  don't  want  that  in  my  web   browser!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle JP32 7/4/12 9:46 AM
This decision is VERY out of touch with reality, and is definitely annoying.  I have no idea on what basis they can say that "...the need for iGoogle has eroded over time...".  Seriously, based on what data?  Are iGoogle users abandoning it in droves, and if so, to what?

I use the Google search as my browser home page on the desktop/laptop computers that I use, and iGoogle allows me to both have this and a number of news and data feeds and lookup widgets handy. 

I do not see any circumstance where the need for this has eroded.  Just because I can get widgets on my Android smartphone, does not make the iGoogle assembly less useful.

Without the iGoogle functionality, I'll probably be migrating my home page off to somewhere else, and probably not involving Google.  Seriously, I like a lot of what Google does, and I own some stock in the company, but you need to either keep this, or replace/upgrade its functionality.  If you are trying to drive us toward something, it will result in driving us away from Google, not towards another Google product.

Please reconsider this nutty decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle guppywon 7/4/12 9:53 AM
This is a tremendously short-sighted decision. There is no replacement for having a portal page with news, stocks, weather, in one view as my homepage, as opposed to having to go to 5-6 different apps to get the information.
Re: Update on iGoogle Gary Allman 7/4/12 10:01 AM
I just want to add my voice to all the others here. 

I'm deeply disappointed that iGoogle is being retired. It's been my browser's home page since shortly after the service was released. I'm hoping some enterprising organisation will step in and fill the void this decision leaves.
Re: Update on iGoogle heather is heather is heather 7/4/12 10:04 AM
Please don't take my iGoogle. It is a wonderful homepage and I can open it anywhere. 
Re: Update on iGoogle francokie 7/4/12 10:08 AM
Looks to me like another example of increasing mobile focus to the exclusion of long-time desk top users.  Piled on top of other Google missteps recently, this will remove my last obstacle to switching to Firefox.  Bye Bye, Google!
Re: Update on iGoogle Rdr_xxx 7/4/12 10:09 AM
Add me to the list of those extremely opposed to this this decision. I use iGoogle constantly every day.

I assume Google are interested in building a reliable user base and its hard to imagine a better way than providing a good homepage for users.

Hopefully google+ will be upgraded in time to provide the flexibility-customization that users like me value.

In the meanwhile I'll be looking for alternatives.

Re: Update on iGoogle okewildthing 7/4/12 10:18 AM
I can't believe this!  I JUST made the leap to a SmartPhone (I know, I'm late to the game!) which propelled me to a complete technological makeover which included building my iGoogle homepage as part of my new discovery of the Chrome browser.  I have been so excited about all of the gadgets I have found to put smack in front of me on my homepage.  One of my biggest problems with everything being online, web-based, etc, was the amount of time it took to navigate and log in to site after site.  iGoogle gave me a sense of "Hallelujah!"  I have been absolutely giddy for the last several weeks with every new gadget/widget/what-have-you that I stumble across that makes my life easier.  For as much of an online naysayer I used to be, I have been kicking myself for not finding this sooner!  There are very few products that I am so impressed with that I actually tell people about them - so when I say I have been singing the praises of the entire line of Google products (but especially the customizable iGoogle homepage) that's a REALLY big deal!  I feel like I finally have the computer experience you see in the movies - zip, zip, zip - everything is there, right where you need it.  Please don't make me have to go back to all the people I convinced to switch their browser to iGoogle and tell them that it's going away - that all the time and effort that they spent switching everything over was for nothing.  I'm already disappointed enough for myself.  Having all of my friends and family members ticked off at me,too - well, that's just cruel, right?   PLEASE leave iGoogle alone!!!  
Re: Update on iGoogle cyberdudedk 7/4/12 10:22 AM
Probably the worst decision by Google ever. This is even worse than closing the Wave project. 
Re: Update on iGoogle MoeFaux 7/4/12 10:28 AM
I also don't understand why it would be eliminated.  Not useful?  It's the most useful product.  I generally like google products, but the constant phasing-out of tools that I rely on...or the changes that google deems to be improvements...they are often more disruptive than good.  I'd reluctantly add myself to the list of people who will bail on google for any services after iGoogle is gone.  It's my home page on every computer.  It doesn't require an installation of a toolbar, which is good for when I'm using other people's machines.  I can't imagine it's expensive to maintain.  

I'd wonder why getting rid of it is necessary.  Force people to migrate to what they deem to be better?  That's a very Microsoft move.  
Re: Update on iGoogle chucklebutte 7/4/12 10:28 AM
Where will I get my news? You are "focusing" on your shitty fragmented mobile ecosystem of garbage! No one cares about widgets and weather, fuck Chrome it is worse than IE!

I have 3 tabs, local and world news, tech news, and web master tools to monitor my web pages, where the hell am I going to be able to do that now?

Guess I will add over 30 bookmarks that I will have to cycle through instead of having one easy place to access all that information on any device or computer, yeah that makes sense!

Google forgot what made Google great. My last day using your products will be Nov 1 2013, instead of killing something so useful kill that garbage Goolge+ that no one fucking uses!
Re: Update on iGoogle maedli 7/4/12 10:32 AM
Hmm, bad decision. iGoogle is why i'm using Google services.
Without iGoogle it will be too easy for me to switch to competing services.
Re: Update on iGoogle todd_b 7/4/12 10:33 AM
Just made the switch to netvibes.  Mostly I used iGoogle for rss feeds.  The gadgets I can't replicate on netvibes I'll get use to not having, I guess.  Google does seem to be making some odd choices when it comes to serving the data-finding needs of users (check out the discontent with dropping GoogleScholar from the top black drop-down bar).  If users flee, I'd imagine ad revenue won't be far behind.
Re: Update on iGoogle Matty B 7/4/12 10:37 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle Axel.lycke 7/4/12 10:43 AM
This blows, iGoogle are the only start page I have ever used...
Re: Update on iGoogle DESKTOPQUEEN 7/4/12 10:47 AM
Please don't discontinue iGoogle.   I use it all day long, every day.

Google Chrome is no substitute for desktop users.  I tried it today and it's completely disappointing.

I'm so tired of great products being dumbed down so that mobile users (who don't know how to use their devises to start with) can use them, too.

Very, very disappointing, Google!
Re: Update on iGoogle Senior RS 7/4/12 10:50 AM
"only products that make a difference" - my bleeding arse
you are only interested in products that make you more money
google doesn't need to improve Igoogle - just leave it alone
Re: Update on iGoogle Lorrie 7/4/12 10:53 AM
I want to add my name to the list of very disappointed people. I am an avid user and fan of Google, but I am starting to be concerned about your future. I don't understand the decisions you are making.
Re: Update on iGoogle elcentenario 7/4/12 10:53 AM

On Tuesday, July 3, 2012 2:52:00 PM UTC-6, Conrad L wrote:


Technology creates tremendous opportunities to improve people’s lives. But to make the most of them, we need to focus - or we end up doing too much and not having the impact we strive for.  .

OK, let me get this straight....  you want to improve people's lives, so you're taking away something that does exactly that for millions of people all over the world and focusing on...what?...more ads, better marketing?   You guys apparently are such technological geniuses that you can't see the forest for the trees.  Get out of the office more.  Instead of killing off something that is clearly one of your most successful products (see the 700 or so comments posted in the last 24 hours since you announced this really bad idea) why don't you "focus" on listening to the people who use your products. I depend on iGoogle every day to provide exactly the content I choose on my homepage, wherever I happen to be.  Because I use iGoogle, I use Google Search and all things "Google".  Would you prefer us to use Yahoo or MSN?  This seems like a really good way to make that happen.
"Doing too much"?  "not having the impact we strive for"?  Seriously?  How does allowing thousands of third party developers to create gadgets for iGoogle translate into "doing too much"?  How does having millions of users world wide equate to "not having an impact"? 
iGoogle is immediate, relevant and personal, not to mention, a great marketing tool for Google.  How much better can it get? 
Rethink this, Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle mads3n 7/4/12 10:53 AM
worst decision ever.. I'm really disappointed. Igoogle has been my start page since its launch, it will be missed.
Re: Update on iGoogle Ben808 7/4/12 11:02 AM
Um, its not april 1st, so why the april fools joke? Seriously, there is no replacement for igoogle. Next thing you know we going to get a pop up that says "in 18 months, oxygen will be discontinued in our atmosphere so we can focus on more important endeavors."
Re: Update on iGoogle bstmichael 7/4/12 11:08 AM
I understand that there is an expense to running all of these programs, but there aren't good or convenient alternatives to iGoogle.  I'm not sure that the expansion of mobile device market share is adequate justification for alienating desktop/laptop computer users.  Is there a possibility that this decision can be reversed?
Re: Update on iGoogle Anon2013 7/4/12 11:14 AM
I used to use "My Way".  Ever heard of it? Didn't think so.  It's STILL running after a zillion years, because it only takes a part-time monkey to keep the webpage intact.  If iGoogle isn't popular, it's not because its users are indifferent.  It's because there was no marketing for it.  GooglePlus on the other hand is highly marketed, but blows chunks.  No one likes it.  If Google poured a twentieth of GooglePlus's marketing energy into iGoogle, the entire world would use it.  It's an awesome product.  Well, gotta go - gotta spring-clean Google outta my life.
(unknown) 7/4/12 11:16 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle T.Greer 7/4/12 11:23 AM
I can't believe iGoogle is going away, either.  It's so perfect... all my news, weather, and special-interest stuff in one place, without a bunch of crap.  And Google Search too!  So clean, so fast...

The problem with iGoogle was that it was never promoted properly.   I've set it up on countless client computers, and they all love it.  But they never 'discover' it themselves.  A TV commercial or properly-promoted YouTube video could have changed that.

Problem is, there is no substitute for iGoogle.  There HAS to be somewhere we can go to complain, or beg.
Re: Update on iGoogle nhsavage42 7/4/12 11:25 AM
This is a real pity. You state "With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android the need for iGoogle has eroded over time". I don't agree with that. There is no other way that I know of to see in a single glance, the top stories from the BBC, my calendar, the latest items in Google reader, and my task list. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle dougisfresh 7/4/12 11:27 AM
Wow.  No portal.  And a bizarre, lame excuse.  Sounds like Google leadership is completely out of touch with my needs.  If you are trying to drive me to Microsoft, this is a good push.  iGoogle is where I interface with Google apps.  It's one of my primary home pages.
I have to wonder what type of metrics are being gathered from the iGoogle portal.  Are computer users an insignificant or dwindling portion of Google's market share? I know I log on to it almost every day, and when I log on, I browse news, read email, check movies, the weather, finances, tech blogs, my pictures and files online, and multiple other apps. 
If iGoogle does shut down, then I will stop using all Google services.  Not because I'm a hater, but because they slammed the door in my face.
Re: Update on iGoogle Sushi1k 7/4/12 11:28 AM
Wow! I can't believe it. I was sooo excited when iGoogle first came out. Finally a way to see all my data: Stocks, Email, Bookmarks, News Feeds, links, Calendar on ONE page at ONE time. I can scan all the info and see what needs action. I can make gadgets as long or short as I want.  I was really really happy. It isn't perfect, but it is the best solution I have found. I hope you reconsider killing iGoogle, it will be greatly missed. 

I am actually kind of sad.
Update on iGoogle bloogler 7/4/12 11:28 AM
Just what is the extent of the resources that you are presently devoting to IGoogle? And what resources are you going to be saving by shutting it down? According to your data, how many regular users of IGoogle are there out there? IGoogle certainly doesn't fall into the category of a buzz or wave, or even an UncleSam, which I sorely miss, which either very few users or were misguided from the start. It seems to me that given the vast number of users and the depth of the disappointment you have seen on these comments, including the robots is to share our Google password with the third party start page providers, you should seriously reconsider this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Slid Vendetta 7/4/12 11:30 AM
I am saddened by Google's decision to drop iGoogle.  I don't understand why Google wants to shut down such a useful product.
Google reader doesn't do what iGoogle does.  I wish there was "Pulse" for the desktop.  I am going to give Netvibes a try, but I sure felt comfortable having iGoogle as my home page for so long now.

Please reconsider keeping iGoogle alive.

Re: Update on iGoogle Brinke Guthrie 7/4/12 11:32 AM

Google+, yeah right.  BIG success.  Right there with WAVE.
(unknown) 7/4/12 11:32 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle NS_117 7/4/12 11:40 AM
This is ridiculous. When I first seen that you were getting rid of iGoogle, I assumed it was because you were coming out with something better! But guess what, not everyone has a smart phone and wants to pay for every single app they use. iGoogle has been my homepage for years! I check it at least 5 times a day. Just add me to the list of upset customers. 

C'mon Google. Don't be evil. 
Re: Update on iGoogle elcentenario 7/4/12 11:40 AM
To everyone posting on this thread:  I just posted a link to this discussion on my FB page along with the message that iGoogle is being killed.  Please do the same.  We need Google to HEAR us.
Re: Update on iGoogle JamesRNP 7/4/12 11:42 AM
Listen to the people. Read the outcry on this forum. Can you find a single post that thinks this is a good idea?  Thought not.
Save out iGoogle
Re: Update on iGoogle jcminnesota1 7/4/12 11:45 AM
This is a BAD BUSINESS decision. I for one (and I bet there are millions) use IGOOGLE as the gateway to other google products....as well as news, weather, financial and other information. ON A DAILY BASIS.  If you eliminate IGOOGLE I will go to an AOL, Yahoo or Excite start page.......and it will be more convenient to use their email rather than GMAIL. 

So I predict you will lose millions of "customers" and Google will start a rapid decline that will reduce your Bottom line......which I expect is what your main driver is rather than meeting your customers needs.

A bad decision can be undone.  That happened recently you know with Netflix. The good news is they listened and moved forward but modified their decision based on "customer" input.   You can do the same thing here.

I would hope Google management is monitoring this forum. Conrad you are probably instructed to push the change and are powerless to listen. But I would ask on behalf of the millions that use IGOOGLE for you to send summaries of our concerns up the chain to the decision makers who are in a position to change this BAD BUSINESS Decision.  It does not have to be "eating crow" or even admitting a mistake......an idea was floated and the input from the user community caused a withdrawal of the plan.  Your public affairs staff can provide the right spin.......

Your companies growth and health may be at stake. Any good leader listens and adjusts positions based on feedback regarding their companies products.

Thanks for listening.

Re: Update on iGoogle popereel 7/4/12 11:46 AM
Yes, I agree with everyone, this is a bad decision - iGoogle is the homepage for all my devices - I can't help but think that this decision is based on the Larry Page and Steve Jobs meeting where Steve Jobs said to Larry Page -  

"I described the blocking and tackling he would have to do to keep the company from getting flabby or being larded with B players. Figure out what Google wants to be when it grows up. It's now all over the map. What are the five products you want to focus on? Get rid of the rest, because they're dragging you down. They're turning you into Microsoft."

Re: Update on iGoogle Asger Hansen 7/4/12 11:46 AM
Dont Kill the iGoogle webportal - Sign the Petition 
(unknown) 7/4/12 11:46 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle Badgeguy 7/4/12 11:48 AM
I have spent the last day looking for replacements to this tool that can only be described as a boon for Google.  iGoogle draws netizens to your services every day in an organized, logical utility that creates loyalty to Google.  Without iGoogle, I would have never looked into Google Maps, Google+, Google Docs, Gmail, Google News, Google Finance, Google Bookmarks, or any of the other services that you offer (which you will undoubtedly will cancel shortly as well).  With the loss of iGoogle, I have no reason to be loyal to Google any longer and have recreated the service with NetVibes.  Interestingly enough, you have taken the action of altering the RSS feeds for your news so that they do not appear current on NetVibes any longer and are at least 16 hours old.

Your days of relevance are short and I expect that this is one of the reasons that Apple has cut ties with you over Google Maps on their devices.  Good luck with the continued exodus of customers.

Re: Update on iGoogle Ampersand85 7/4/12 11:49 AM
weak. your browser sucks as does google+. as for my smartphone its nice but it will never replace my pc. igoogle has been my homepage forever.
Re: Update on iGoogle morrison1984 7/4/12 11:54 AM
That is a crazy decision.  iGoogle both on mobile and desktop is Googles best product.  Integrates mail, rss feeds, weather feeds and search in one simple window.  I use it every day and it is literally the only thing that keeps me using google search.
Ditching either the mobile or desktop version of iGoogle is a massive mistake.
Re: Update on iGoogle Linfo 7/4/12 11:57 AM
Why I use igoogle

1. Variety of Information on ONE single page - see new mail, check calendar, check stocks, check the news which update in real time
2. Fully customized to provide information relevant to me
3. More information accessed with one click 
3. Works on any computer, any browser, anywhere. I could pick up my dad's computer and access all the same information instantaneously
4. Clean interface 

From what I explored, the Chrome webstore doesn't provide a suitable alternative. It doesn't have widgets which update in real time. It doesn't work on other browsers.
Discontinuing iGoogle doesn't make sense if you don't have a good alternative. People will find an alternative and can't imagine how google would gain from that.
Re: Update on iGoogle igooglelover 7/4/12 12:07 PM
Please reconsider this decision as I have used this as my homepage since it was offered. I have looked for other alternatives, and nothing comes close. If I go to Yahoo, or MSN then will have to use different search and mail programs, I don't think that is what you had in mind when you came up with this lame idea. Igoogle is not what I use on my phone, I use it on my PC to have quick and easy access to my stuff on what ever computer I'm on during the day.
Re: Update on iGoogle NATIK 7/4/12 12:09 PM
Posting a second post about this:

iGoogle cannot be replaced by apps for me, as you say in your blog post on this closing that it we can just do.

iGoogle works across all my computers, I don't need to set it up on each one, I don't need to copy settings, I only need to type my username and password and voila I got access to everything I want on my frontpage. If I have to do the same with apps or plugins for browsers I need to find all the right ones, install them on each computer, then set them up and even worse I end up having to do it each time I do a reinstall of a computer (several times a year for each one) which gives me a lot of extra work.

This shutting down goes directly against you stated aim in the blog post which was "Making beautiful technology that will improve peoples lives".

I can also inform you that if you do this I will automatically stop using your Calender, News Feed and Gtalk services since they were ONLY used by me since they tied into igoogle. Remove that and I got 0 incentive to use them.

Search and Gmail I will probably continue using because it's just plain better, but no longer will google be my "go to first" place and it will be a lot easier for your competitors to get me as a user.

This is just a blatant grab at trying to convert ig users into Chrome users in my eyes and I will not stand for it. Chrome doesn't have what I need from a browser straight out of the box so I don't use it, you will NOT get me to use it by removing another service I liked, if anything you just make me think "oh well they might pull that any day, better not".

Please rethink this terrible decision.
(unknown) 7/4/12 12:10 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle Szymon Miotk 7/4/12 12:14 PM
Bad bad move. iGoogle is actually one service that works, as oposed to Wave or G+. Why not shutdown the search instead and point people to Bing?
(unknown) 7/4/12 12:15 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle dusanvf 7/4/12 12:20 PM
This is just awful, i've used iGoogle as my homepage for years, it's good, clean, usable and it has everything i need right in one page. Why would you take away one of your best services?. I'm surprised at Google, leaving their costumers behind. A shame.
Re: Update on iGoogle NoLongerGoogleFan 7/4/12 12:22 PM
That's it! You've really blown it. I'm dumping all my GoogleDevices, gmail, you name it. This move is amazingly, mindbogglingly, stupid!
Show me just ONE plug-in to Chrome that does all that iGoogle does - just one. Yeah, thought so.
You need to focus you claim. On what? Making more Facebook clones? Or another Amazon Cloud? Newsflash Google: it's already there!

That's it. I'm leaving.

Anybody wants to buy a couple of GooglePhones and an eeePad?
Re: Update on iGoogle Asger Hansen 7/4/12 12:23 PM
To those people who haven't seen it:

Don't let Google kill iGoogle happen - Sign the Petition!
Re: Update on iGoogle MikeLinPA 7/4/12 12:25 PM
Please don't kill iGoogle. It does exactly what I want. I have it as my home page on 5 different computers. It is the news I am interested in and my email right there as soon as I open my browser. You don't have to add to it, just keep it the way it is. How hard would that be? Please don't do this.
Re: Update on iGoogle CraftGeek 7/4/12 12:32 PM
A complaint and a solution:

On the blog Matt Eichner states "With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding it down."

I am a Chrome user on all my devices. If I knew of any Chrome apps that replicated the functions I use several times each day within iGoogle, I would only be annoyed. I have searched for any of the apps you mentioned and found none. I am sure I am not the only one.

Now that you have made the decision to kill off the portal that so many of us use, please create a document that illustrates the alternatives that you have thus far mentioned only in passing. Post a link to this How To document in all further communications so it doesn't get buried in the flood of complaint responses you are going to continue to get.

If you do not post a how to doc that shows us these chrome app that Matt mentioned, we will be forced to leave for other products that meet our needs. In fact, I am now going to look at NetVibes, which was the only result of my (google) search that looked like a solution.

Sean Havins
Re: Update on iGoogle CAD Monkey 7/4/12 12:35 PM
Been using igoogle every single day for many years, it just works! My desktop, email, feeds, links etc anywhere on any browser!
Home, work, friends house or vacation etc and there's my home page. Here's a radical idea google, just leave it alone.It's one of the few things on the web that are actually useful day to day.
Re: Update on iGoogle Nelson_B22 7/4/12 12:39 PM
OMG.. I'm joining here to prevent iGoogle to be terminated.

Come on Google. I have shown my unconditional love to you over the last gazillion years, why are you doing this to me (us Google fans)

I literally live in iGoogle page. I have everything and nothing else I need/want on one single page. Me and my wife use iGoogle for all our quick technological communication needs. I think Google+ is messing everything up within Google since it seems to me this is all the idea behind it.

Please reconsider your decision of shutting down iGoogle. I believe some complains and requests here and around the web tells you something, right?

Re: Update on iGoogle Bob Ulius 7/4/12 12:40 PM
Just have to post one more time the more I think about it.

Cannot believe the "informed" Google messenger bringing us this news would suggest Play or Chrome as a replacement. Have you ever used iGoogle? Not only stocks, news, weather as many mention, but I even have a link to traffic to plan my way home from work.

And I think this is shooting yourself in the other foot. You removed the "+" from searches likely because it is now trademarked or reserved for that other Google app with half a dozen users.

Search results, which used to be great are now targeted at selling me something. Where I would type in a product to find reviews, opinions, specs - now I get a dozen ways to buy it at Amazon and 20 more at eBay before any meat. And the fabulous Google Answers answers never seem to pop up in a search any longer. To your credit, I'm not sure Bing is any better, but at least I can use a "+" there and they have not planned to kill my portal to the web.

Google continues to disappoint.

Re: Update on iGoogle Airton Granero 7/4/12 12:44 PM

I am getting so very tired of Google. You go to Google Developer Day, they show you a bunch of new things, and you never know if they will be there next year or so.
Lets remember:

  • Google Notebook (I think Google docs is a lame substitute, I want to make notes not format or write documents, moved to Evernote)
  • Google Wave, an interesting new way to communicate, dead.
  • Google Buzz, no comments

I wonder why I still lose my time. Killing iGoogle is only a new way of Google try to force Google+ down our throats. If Google should send another product to Google graveyard I suggest:

  • Google+, in fact I cannot see the point of it. What it is intended for? A worse Facebook? It is a wasteland, a collage of irrelevant posts like most of social media, wrapped in a confusing and confused interface;
  • +Button, same;
  • Google Drive: hey people it is redundant, YADBX (Yet another Dropbox).

I ask you now, why will I adopt another new Google product, if I don't know if it will be here next Xmas.

This makes me remember PARC (Palo Alto Research Center of Xerox) a unique place, that created unique technologies, but people just got tired of working there because in the words of an ex employee: "They only wanted to sell copy machines".

Google is getting better and better to bury wonderful creations of amazing people that work there. I think Google executives suffer of an urge to get immediate results, and it is a waste of maybe the best group of creative people in history of Internet. Google Wave could change the world if people had time to understand it. Remember that Amazon took seven whole years before make profitable business, by Google's standards they would close by year 2.

Just to finish: do you really believe that that land of the dead you call Google+ has "big potential" and "will make a difference" (in your words). Maybe we can talk again when you shut down Google+.

Re: Update on iGoogle colkitto 7/4/12 12:49 PM
Reverse this spectacularly perverse decision! Why on earth would Google poke a stick in the eye of its end-user by dismantling the portal that the user has customized over time in order to interface with Google's product universe in the manner most congruent to the user's interests and choices? This disenfranchisement of its users is retrograde and contrary to Google doctrine. Don't do it.
Re: Update on iGoogle kirke.chapman 7/4/12 12:55 PM
Smartphones are crappy when it comes to viewing info in an efficient way as well as seeing every headline, weather forecast, stock price, email, Simpsons quote, gadget article.....(need I go on?) all in one place. Especially, those of us who work in front of a PC ALL DAY, last thing I want is to pick up my phone and pinch and zoom in to read a bloody headline. Google blows on this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle cosmichobo 7/4/12 12:56 PM
I hope google rethinks this bad decision or provides tools to customize g+ with ig features.
Re: Update on iGoogle dapeach 7/4/12 12:58 PM
To cancel igoogle would be a huge mistake and a shot in the foot for Google. There are too many people that use igoogle everyday, all day. It's become the 'comfort food' of the internet. Forcing us to use Chrome as a homepage is like forcing a plate load of spinach down our throats and telling us it's sweet as apple pie, like the igoogle page is for all of us. DONT get rid of our apple pie! 
Re: Update on iGoogle Thomas B Hansen 7/4/12 1:03 PM
???? Google 
Some sort of joke?  To promote Igoogle? 
Re: Update on iGoogle kirke.chapman 7/4/12 1:07 PM
HHAHA! Good one, and offer a FREE email transfer service to hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL? This makes me want to bail on my Android now too and think of CrApple.
Re: Update on iGoogle judorock 7/4/12 1:09 PM
I have never posted a note before, but please add my vote in favor of keeping iGoogle.  Like many others I have no clue what I could use to replace the functionality I get through iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle kkleyboecker 7/4/12 1:09 PM
Really bad move.
Re: Update on iGoogle SrslyDoNot 7/4/12 1:11 PM
Are you joking? I have used iGoogle for years, especially in corporate environments where we are allowed to use the Internet for personal surfing on occasion but only with the corporate browser, and I'm sorry, but that's not Chrome. I use it across all my computers at home, and it contains information that I have never put on my "smart phone" with its slow Internet connection. I thought you wanted people to use your entire suite of applications? Forcing us to use Bing or some other system seems counterproductive... please reconsider this and KEEP iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle MIKETALLICA 7/4/12 1:12 PM
Please no!!! iGoogle is my desktop in the cloud!  :(
Re: Update on iGoogle lars231 7/4/12 1:13 PM
This idea sucks!

igoogle displays all the relevant stuff on one site. emails, rss-feeds, news, picasa-pics

Will change to another service if ig really goes down... 

And "apps" are not an option, a lot of workplaces do not allow anything else beside IE. 
Re: Update on iGoogle zerf2004 7/4/12 1:13 PM
NOOOOOOO please dont get rid of the home page I have had on all my computers and have LOVED for the last 5+ years. You are making a big mistake please just let it be!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle FarmerCharlieB 7/4/12 1:16 PM
Why would they drop something that is so useful, and also encourages users to link to other Google products?  Since I first setup IGoogle as my homepage I have used it to give me quick access to GMail, Google news, and other news summaries.

If I have to try to find a substitute, then it is likely that it will not be a Google product.

Seems to me like shooting ones self in the foot.
Re: Update on iGoogle mcondiff 7/4/12 1:20 PM
Seriously? Why would you kill this? I can't imagine it takes a ton of resources to operate or maintain. I use this every single day, about a hundred or so times a day to get my news, sometimes when im not even looking for the news i see it and I have to click on it.

I will pay for this feature. Or Google will pay for shutting it down. Maybe Duck Duck Go has an Rss feed page I could use.

And to alert people on the 4th of July, when everyone is celebrating freedom. I feel like you tried to sneak this in there under the radar on a day when most get drunk and go to BBQs.

Anyway, don't close this down, I need it. I will pay for it.

Re: Update on iGoogle Tesla-G 7/4/12 1:28 PM
NOOOOOOO!!   Don't shut IGoogle down, i have used it for many yrs now..  It's my NO1 page when i boot up my browser :(((((   

Reconsider please !!!
Re: Update on iGoogle MARKCBET 7/4/12 1:33 PM
Ditch Google  -  How about a simplified petition? Like: 'We the undersigned pledge never to use any google product from the day igoogle is scrapped!'
Re: Update on iGoogle Garjibwa 7/4/12 1:38 PM
Please do not make this change, I have used igoogle for years and its how I get my news. I have put up with the various redesigns, each getting slightly less user friendly, but please don't take it away. I'm not sure how other people are using it, but for me I have a ton of sites RSS feeds feeding into my igoogle page, it the easiest and best way for me to stay up on the latest news from the sites I care about at a glance. You are going to push people to twitter and facebook for the news, I really hope you reconsider or announce and alternative product, that offers the same functionality. I'm really really bummed by this news, and I am a google fanboi, Android phones, just ordered a nexus 7, G apps , gmail, play store, I have it all. 
Re: Update on iGoogle szretired 7/4/12 1:50 PM
I have used iGoogle since it was first offered.  In fact it was one of the main reasons I decided to make Chrome my browser of choice.  
I wake up to the news articles I want, weather, etc. 
PLEASE rethink this move.  
I do all my "searching" right from my iGoogle page and I am sure many others do also.
I don't believe in "threats", but will honestly look at other browsing options when iGoogle is ended.  Unless there is some kind of a Chrome extension that would easily give me the same capabilities that I know enjoy in iGoogle.
After reading many of these comments, I can see I am not alone in my feelings.....
GOOGLE, listen...your fans are speaking.
Re: Update on iGoogle ps401t3 7/4/12 1:57 PM
Google - please listen to the people! Keep iGoogle - many of us have used it for years as it is the best I've (and apparently others) have found.

For those looking for a decent alternative with regard to simplicity and performance, http://my.myway.com/ is where I was pre-IG and is better than going to Yahoo, Bing or the likes...
Re: Update on iGoogle 4Lenza 7/4/12 2:08 PM
Web-apps on Chrome do not allow one to see multiple feeds at once, so don't tell us to us to go find an app that doesn't exist. Please reconsider, or at least give us a new product that does the same thing but better.
Re: Update on iGoogle rmdesign1 7/4/12 2:12 PM
Bad mistake!!!!  Why would you disenfranchise a majority of your users.  If your get rid of IGoogle I can assure you that I will use some other site as my homepage and it won't be Chrome.  This is just stupid, stupid, stupid.
Re: Update on iGoogle C3LT 7/4/12 2:17 PM
Have Google gone mad?  I use load my iGoogle probably a hundred times a day.  I couldn't live without it.  In one spot I can check my email, calendar, tasks, twitter, slashdot.  I had a look at Netvibes but it's a pathetic alternative - adverts and junk everywhere.  

If Google can get rid of iGoogle, then what next?  Discontinue my calendar?  Discontinue my email address?  

Very unhappy!

Re: Update on iGoogle mccann.adam 7/4/12 2:20 PM
I've been using iGoogle everyday since it was first introduced.  It is my homepage, dashboard, first thing I see every time I sit down at any of my 5 pc's/laptops/tablet.  The widgets give me everything I need to see.  Top 5 sports links, top 5 tech links, stocks quotes, gmail, rss feeds, weather, quick links, wiki search.  These things I use everyday, all day.  I'm extremely disappointed to discontinue such a valuable service without a viable alternative.

Please reconsider.
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Re: Update on iGoogle ChrisRust 7/4/12 2:26 PM
Like all the others here I use iGoogle as my home page and don't see any alternative out there. I certainly won't be bullied into using Chrome. This has confirmed my belief that Google are not a reliable partner and I don't intend to rely on anything you do in future. Trust my data to some cloud that will blow away tomorrow? No chance. And if iGoogle leaves me I'll be looking for another search engine.
Update on iGoogle rickla 7/4/12 2:36 PM
... And even if there are not millions of users on igoogle, how could you not monetize it anyway? You can tell more about me and everyone posting here buy their igoogle page than anything else!
This is so maddening.
Re: Update on iGoogle SweetTone2200 7/4/12 2:38 PM
This is a BIG mistake! Doooon't do it! I use it for news feeds and there's nothing to replace it. It's how I heard you are shutting it down. Think again!
Re: Update on iGoogle jcminnesota1 7/4/12 2:44 PM
Awesome comment......right on.....and as with the Netflix debacle we will hope Google has leaders that are willing to recognize a bad decision and reverse it.
Re: Update on iGoogle jlyons 7/4/12 2:45 PM
I ask you to reconsider this decision. iGoogle is a tremendous aid and I don't know how to replace it. Maintaining this valuable service, even without future modifications and updates, can't be that expensive in terms of resources to Google. In iGoogle, you are provide a single home page that can be accessed on any computer with a browser. It is the PERFECT aggregation for links, feeds and information from my favorite sites.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Arevad 7/4/12 2:58 PM
I support the request, that you do NOT shut down iGoogle. IGoogle delivers a great user customized experience to deliver the information that a user must request. I personal use it for Gmail overview,news feeds, calendar, whether forecasts, and more..
I think that you should rather consider to expand the possibilities for gadget functions to maby include apps and gadgets, as seen in Android.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jollification 7/4/12 3:15 PM
Well, I'm disappointed in the decision to ax iGoogle...it's a very useful tool, and I'm assuming that it's ultimately a ploy to force users to Chrome...won't happen for me...I'll find an alternative. I've been a supporter of Google for years, but about to bail.  Will have to consider adding Google to my personal list of "do not patronize" companies...my current roster: WalMart, Microsoft, HP and now....Google?
Re: Update on iGoogle Anon2013 7/4/12 3:17 PM
This decision is very one-dimensional.  They are shutting igoogle down, possibly because it's an 'underused' application.  Why is it underused? It's obvious that those who use it LOVE it.  So it's probably underused because it has not been marketed properly.  GooglePlus on the other hand is highly marketed, and it is not used because people kinda dislike it.

Another miscalculation by google is the number of people who will stop using google products when igoogle's cut.  What google doesn't know is that many people find their mini-google services usable only as an accessory to the igoogle home page.    So while google thinks if they shut down igoogle, they're only gonna lose the customers who use igoogle, they may be losing a ton of other customers they thought they had who only use these side-google apps with igoogle.

Finally, perhaps they're shutting it down because igoogle requires support for all the accessory igadgets.  If they want to 'streamline' their products, try streamlining the 50 google gadgets that do the same thing - 1 which is good, 49 which are buggy.  For instance, there's 1 google calendar gadget that works every time without problems when used with igoogle, and 5 that really don't work well.  Streamline that google.  Don't eliminate igoogle.  Get 1 good gadget for each function.  Then, you won't need 100 employees to manage igoogle.  You'll only need 1.

This is just a very shortsighted decision. Google will lose lots of profits over this one. 
Re: Update on iGoogle johnnojr 7/4/12 3:18 PM
I'm stunned to hear this news and very unhappy!  I've been using igoogle as a cross-platform-cross browser homepage portal for several years at both work and home!  It's something that keeps me using Google search and and google maps and without it I'l likely switch to yahoo or something or even build my own rss reader homepage.  I don't understand why you'd get rid of something that probably has a strong user base, certainly you're making some money off us.  There should be room for niche products at your company.  Aren't you profitable enough to support them?

Re: Update on iGoogle officeguy 7/4/12 3:30 PM
I vote that google keeps it going.

Also I'd like to know if:
1. the GCE will still be available to create gadgets
2. that the gadgets api will still be available
3. that statistics could be made available so we can determine which of our gadgets are being access via igoogle vs other locations i.e websites, blogger, etc. 
4. that a migration strategy could be supplied by google to another supported hosting platform for gadgets
5. that google develop a tool for easy conversion if google gadgets to android apps.

having said all that, I'm waiting for none of it. Everyone jump into developing android apps like I'm starting to. The net changes and we need to move or lose.

Re: Update on iGoogle gunntherd 7/4/12 3:31 PM
Wow.... no alternative?? Just dump us off? Well, because of this I will be getting as far away from Google "anything" as I can! I just deleted my accounts from phone, chat, Igoogle, Docs, the Google store (As I am a business owner) will completely quit Google ads, and as soon as I can will be migrating to "anything BUT Gmail" as soon as possible! Thank you Google for screwing people who at one time believed in you!! Sad........
Re: Update on iGoogle gdcgray 7/4/12 3:35 PM
I use this daily. I rely on it for news mainly. I hate Yahoo. My home page is my main go to. I hate this decision. I feel betrayed. 
Re: Update on iGoogle gunntherd 7/4/12 3:38 PM
Screw this......... I am currently ridding myself of anything Google and went to protopage.com, it is awesome!!! Bye Google!!!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle TerenceF 7/4/12 3:38 PM
I wish there WAS an alternative half as nice as iGoogle, but from the sites people have recommended above, I don not see one yet! 
Re: Update on iGoogle kinnehora 7/4/12 3:43 PM
They must be crazy.  And the B.S. about focusing on the most productive --  why don't they at least tell us they're not making money on this. I'm going to start looking to get as far away from google as possible.
Re: Update on iGoogle 19oldman42 7/4/12 3:44 PM
It's still a silly decision; some of us 'oldies' like the comfort of having everything visible as soon as we start the computer. It's taken me months to get the page exactly as I want it, and I use it for the old people's home, and even those with some impediments find it easy to use.
Please re-consider your decision, surely it can't be costing anything - and there aren't any alternatives.
The Google additions are far too complicated for those of less than 'rocket scientists' intelligence! (especially with the tiny icon style buttons hidden at the top of the page)
Re: Update on iGoogle 19oldman42 7/4/12 3:45 PM
Re: Update on iGoogle neomatrix24 7/4/12 3:46 PM
I feel exactly the same.  I have loved iGoogle since it was released and nothing compares.  Without it, using Google products is not as fluid and definitely not as likely.  
Re: Update on iGoogle elcentenario 7/4/12 3:48 PM
This is throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Instead of removing an obviously popular product because it (apparently) it needs too many Google employees to maintain it, figure out how to maintain it with fewer employees.  You guys are the cream of the technological crop.  Put your thinking caps on and work this out.
Re: Update on iGoogle RG58 7/4/12 3:56 PM
I am afraid that the only thing I can say is whoever thought up this idea is a total plonker! There must be millions of people like me that use iGoogle from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.

Every morning I use the BBC News website to catch up on the world and local news, I use the links for my email, ebay, stock prices, maps, weather and on and on. Do away with iGoogle and I, like numerous other users across the world will have no need for either Chrome (let's face it Opera actually runs quicker) or Google search.

Think again Google before committing a huge error of judgement.
Re: Update on iGoogle auddyl7 7/4/12 4:00 PM
I am so disappointed to have to go back to my my.yahoo page. I really preferred having igoogle. this will always leave a bad google aftertaste in my mouth :(
Re: Update on iGoogle ilovemyigoogle 7/4/12 4:06 PM
My entire online experience starts with my iGoogle page. The first thing I do when I get on any computer is log in to my iGoogle page, so I have instant access to everything important or interesting to me. This will change my entire web experience - please keep supporting iGoogle!  There is no comparable service out there!
Re: Update on iGoogle mike.cav.uk 7/4/12 4:08 PM
I would urge you to reconsider this decision.

My default home page on four different PCs, and two mobile devices is iGoogle.  Being able to see my key information sources on the home page every time I start my browser is the way I want to work.  This functionality from iGoogle has, over the past few years, migrated me to Google Search, Google Maps, Lattitiude, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Drive, Google reader, Google Finance Portfolio and even Google Chrome. It was also a key consideration in going for Android over IOS/iPad.

I see your strength coming from a combination of all these products together with consistency of service, but for me iGoogle was the glue that bought these other features together.

I'd predict that without iGoogle as a core I will need to find another solution which will likely mean that in order to maintain my joined up experience I will gradually have to migrate my other products to a new provider also.  This won't happen overnight but I'm afraid it will happen and will be a factor in picking my next tablet, laptop, browser etc.
Update on iGoogle Lshrum1111 7/4/12 4:08 PM
I use igoogle every day to monitor and keep up with phone usage at a glance, if someome is online i need to send a chat, viiew weather, headlines, etc.  It serves a great purpose.  I tried using different apps for the same things, much easier to see and use in one place.
Re: Update on iGoogle Felan 7/4/12 4:14 PM
Oh man why the heck did you just have to go do that!? Beyond the search function, that Google provides, this is my most used feature. Do reconsider this guys.
Re: Update on iGoogle Pungh0Li0 7/4/12 4:22 PM
This stinks!!
I use iGoogle everyday.
Re: Update on iGoogle thpope 7/4/12 4:24 PM
Smartest thing google has done since removing the scroll up and down arrows because who doesn't want to scroll one page at a time. 

Nothing is safe with google products. They may cancel any one of them on a whim.

I think the time is right for a new internet company to take on google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle mrrg 7/4/12 4:26 PM
Who makes these decisions at Google and how?  Is this decision being made based on usage statistics or actual customer feedback? It seems that a clueless product marketing group is driving this given the backlash this decision has spawned.  I will be spending far less time using Google products unless they reverse this decision or develop something even better as a replacement.
Re: Update on iGoogle Palladio 7/4/12 4:30 PM
Insane move. I've been using iGoogle for years now as my home page and it will be sorely missed. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle TonyC2007 7/4/12 4:30 PM

Don't cancel it.  Many people would keep IGoogle over other stuff.  I need it and use it every single day!!!  Google must not cancel IGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle vividsnow 7/4/12 4:33 PM
igoogle is very useful service, please reconsider
Re: Update on iGoogle ig from the begining 7/4/12 4:35 PM
This is a mistake.
Re: Update on iGoogle TrapperDude 7/4/12 4:44 PM
Just adding my voice. I had trouble getting down to the bottom, which tells me something about how many people are upset about this. I'm one of them. iGoogle has been my home page for years. It brings things together for me in ways that no other product does. I don't know that I'll leave Google over this, but I sure as hell need to find something to replace iGoogle that will bring everything together. iGoogle is what brought me over from Yahoo, which provided a similar functionality with MyYahoo. Hmmmm.
Re: Update on iGoogle zhure 7/4/12 4:52 PM
I use iGoogle every single day. If there is one product that I can't function, it's this one. Please, don't remove this service. I have searched for a replacement for hours now and nothing comes even close to your awesome design. Well, unless you want me to switch to MyYahoo or MyMSN (really?????). I cannot even understand why you decided to scratch it!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle ejbe 7/4/12 5:00 PM
well, for me igoogle is where my internet experience starts. igoogle basically gives me a chance to have all the internet I need on one single page and I am really surprised that at google you find it useless. I  tried your suggestion to use chrome web store apps as alternative but I really don't know how do you imagine that putting some links in a form of nice icons on a page can be an alternative to what igoogle was offering. and then these apps are even inconsistent. some go on the page and some others go in the chrome's bar. quite a bad user experience. I guess I will have to look for alternatives outside google. thing is also that it was actually igoogle that made me switch to google completely. I might get much less dependent on google services because of this. 
Re: Update on iGoogle warlock3187 7/4/12 5:02 PM
When you end iGoogle without a highly comparable alternative is the day I end my use of any and all Google products because I have built much of my life around iGoogle and the one thing I prize above all else is dependability of availability----enhance it--don't discard it
Re: Update on iGoogle ywa 7/4/12 5:05 PM
It was my fun to live with iGoogle. I personalized the tabs and layouts, and sometimes made small gadgets. Thank you to have brought iGoogle and hope Google to open up new web frontiers.
Re: Update on iGoogle HT1 7/4/12 5:21 PM
 apparently they dont think we're using it. they said its useless since we have devices to keep uptodate with this kind of info.

hey GOOGLE ! what kind of BS is that ?!!

not everybody uses their "prescious" devices like you do, and i don't use my phone to check what's new on my favorite websites like Tom's hardware, Anandtech and others. it doesn't make sense since i'm on the computer.

This is not cool Google, not cool at all ! if you can just rip it out of our lives like that, there goes my faith in online services,  no thanks !

i've been using igoogle as my home page for years !

i love it , i set up my stuff how i want it, its there when i launch my browser on all my COMPUTERS ! (not devices: yes real computers!)

this is bullsh*t i tell you !

i don't want this to close !

Re: Update on iGoogle Spino Prime 7/4/12 5:23 PM
Wow Google, just wow.  I have been fine with your previous cleaning efforts, as they eliminated redundancy (such as YouTube and Google Video uploads) and let you focus on better things (like Android) instead of ones that weren't used (like Wave, which while cool, wasn't very useful or popular).  This closure, however, is a bad decision overall.  You really are not eliminating redunancy because there is NOTHING in the Google product list, that offers anything close to the functionality iGoogle offers.  iGoogle is a unique product of yours, and Google+ is something completely different, it is NO replacement.  It also doesn't make sense because from what I have seen LOTS of people use it.  I use it everyday when I open up my Chrome in the morning.  I open up my browser and *bam* my Google Reader posts are there, my Gmail messages are there, my countdown to significant events is there, and my list of tasks to get done are there.  Everything I would want to check out when I first open my browser is right there.  You don't have anything close to this kind of service, a portal that bridges all the Google products into one like this.  I really hope you reconsider, because in 16 months, you guys are going to make one of the worst decisions in your company's history in my opinion.
(unknown) 7/4/12 5:28 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle Smohrman 7/4/12 5:30 PM
Thank you Conrad & Google for reminding us that Google is not, and has never actually been, our friend.  We begin to think so, especially when we rely on a company's products and incorporate them into our lives.  But sooner or later- when what the customer wants diverges from the whim of the corporation, the corporation reminds us they can shit on the customer any time they like, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  Thank you Conrad for that reminder.  I will never allow myself to rely on Google-based technology again.  Alos just wanted to let you know that Microsoft just gave me a 25 GB Skidrive for free.  Screw you, and screw Google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle Verbalis 7/4/12 5:35 PM
I will be just 1 more in probably thousands of users, but maybe if we all join our voices in the times to come you will reconsider so: Please do not terminate iGoogle. Thanks.
Re: Update on iGoogle MARKCBET 7/4/12 5:39 PM
This is such a stupid decision that I begin to wonder if there is not some kind of cartel arrangement here. |Could Google be getting paid by somebody to ditch igoogle. It has to be one of the most useful tools on the net but Google have never supported it with the resources it deserves. It could become the most phenomenal marketing tool since the search engine if it were the subject of real investment. Through this one product Google have completely locked me in to their products as my first port of call. And that is obviously true of a huge number of other uses judging by the reaction. I think Google's chief exec should launch an internal investigation into this decision. I suspect someone high in the organisation is getting a pay-off for this!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle ngb222 7/4/12 5:45 PM
I am very upset about this. My entire family has used igoogle for years. I have tried to find replacements before but none of them allowed me the simplicity I wanted with igoogle. This is literally the only reason I login to google each day since I do not use anything else with google on a daily basis. Big fat mistake google, really this is a mistake.
Re: Update on iGoogle Shuryno 7/4/12 5:47 PM
All I can say is I think that Google is making a mistake, this was one of their better software..This will be a sad, in 16 months. Time to see what others offer..

Web-apps on Chrome do not allow one to see multiple feeds at once, so don't tell us to us to go find an app that doesn't exist. Please reconsider, or at least give us a new product that does the same thing but better.
Re: Update on iGoogle Nelson_B22 7/4/12 5:48 PM
I'll blame Google+. I remember reading an article some time ago about an ex-Google employee saying that absolutely everything changed both internally and externally when Google+ came out. It seems to me that Google is pushing Google+ by eliminating products such as iGoogle and the others, to have everything under one single umbrella: Google+
Re: Update on iGoogle etcohen 7/4/12 5:48 PM
Google --
You obviously need to tell people what they need to do to replace the iGoogle experience.  Is there a way of replicating the "start page" type of functionality using Chrome?  (And then what about folks that don't use Chrome, or can't use it in some environments, such as at work?)
You alienate your user community when you make major changes like this without doing more research first as to the impacts, and making sure people are educated about the alternatives.
If iGoogle does go away and there's no equivalent replacement (my Yahoo?  blegh!), I will be very disappointed...
Re: Update on iGoogle Editorielle 7/4/12 5:53 PM
I use iGoogle as my browser homepage, accessing it dozens of times a week on two computers (one Mac, one Windows) and two mobile devices (an Android phone and an iPad). I have widgets for Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Bookmarks and three different news sources; all are used multiple times a day, but the direct links to Gmail and Reader are the most-used widgets on my page. Chrome extensions and Android/iOS mobile apps are NOT a replacement for the functionality of iGoogle. I haven't run across a single alternative that would let me include all the information I rely on in one site that I can access in any browser, from any device and on any operating system. I urge you to reconsider this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Wickedfish 7/4/12 5:54 PM
Google has finally jumped the shark......... this is truly a Microsoft moment.
I suspected that the "corporatization" of Google would result fewer and fewer real inovations, and more randon acts of managment.........and here is proof!
"we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference:"


We are leveraging our departmental assets to effect the maximum paradigm shifting potential.
We really just want money.

Re: Update on iGoogle Mark-- 7/4/12 6:04 PM
If I were running a company and I got 750+ unsolicited emails like this, I just might change my mind.  Most of these people have never heard of this "product forum" until today when we got this news.  It's not the easiest thing in the world to find this forum, register, and write a comment to try to save iGoogle.  There is not a SINGLE message supporting Google's decision.  I can't think of any Internet forum ever, where I didn't see some troll saying "oh get over it people, you're living in the past" or something like that just to stir things up.  These are all thoughtful messages from people who could be your best customers.  And it's on a freakin' holiday!  July 4th when everyone's away barbecuing and watching fireworks!  (Don't tell me you didn't think about that when you released the bad news.) 

Google.  Don't be evil. Change your minds.
Re: Update on iGoogle swift 7/4/12 6:05 PM
Save i-Google or make it similar to G-Apps. 
Charge a subscription fee................

Just don't get rid of it.

Re: Update on iGoogle swift 7/4/12 6:06 PM
Yes, i agree exactly. 

I dont' want to be part of the + community, i want a private portal workspace, not a social hang out space. 

Get rid of google plus and charge for i-google.

keep it, don't do evil
Re: Update on iGoogle Nelson_B22 7/4/12 6:12 PM
Amen to that!
Re: Update on iGoogle mapchic 7/4/12 6:12 PM
Totally shocked at this news. iGoogle is how i read the news, weather, horoscope, email, maps, etc etc. I use it on my work AND home computer, even though i also have a smart phone, i cant imagine NOT having igoogle as my homepage? Why do you need to "focus any energy" on it at all??? Its perfect!
Re: Update on iGoogle francoluis 7/4/12 6:20 PM
I believe this to be a bad  decision because I've never used any other homepage since you launched the iGoogel page! There's no viable alternative on any platform I'm aware of (not chrome nor android as you mention on the page).

I just signed the petition for you not to kill iGoogle:

You should reconsider your decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle Shotty 7/4/12 6:29 PM
As a power user of iGoogle since it was released and theme developer, I request you keep iGoogle. Get rid of Google+ instead.

Hopefully Google, you read my comment along with all the other comments requesting you change your mind on shelving iGoogle. Regardless, I have already started coding my own version, sans Google anything. C'est la vie.
Re: Update on iGoogle egoman69 7/4/12 6:34 PM
I too have to disagree the usefulness has "erroded".  New apps (from Google or anyone else) cannot replace the simple aggregation available in iGoogle, which is why it has become so popular over the years.  I sincerely hope the Google team reconsiders sunsetting this wonderful service.
Re: Update on iGoogle maybe this is clever? 7/4/12 6:35 PM
Could this be a clever ploy to get people not active in google groups or google + or google something else to join ? I don't think i have ever posted in my life but along with many others I am now. And if anyone out there is at this moment creating an ad supported equivalent for mobile and desktop he already has 750 potential users in a few hours. If I knew how to do one I would and would be rich. There is something we are not seeing here and google is MUCH cleverer than we are.  I can only suggest we post this to FB etc. and believe me there will be a replacement well before this is pulled.And you can export all your igoogle settings ready for the replacement from the settings page at the bottom. I just did mine. Forewarned is forearmed !
Re: Update on iGoogle lvgauff 7/4/12 6:40 PM
Don't do it - I'm all for change and improvement but I rely on iGoogle to put all my relevant information right at my fingertips - I need to use IE for work so switching to Google Chrome is not an option!
Re: Update on iGoogle Rok88 7/4/12 6:44 PM
 To start, I have never posted in any Google forum like this before and a I probably never will again but this news required "drastic action". To phase out igoogle  is perhaps the best possible way to alienate me, a current Google fanboy. Why in the world would you phase out the single thing that connects you to your users every single day, multiple times a day, something which keep on brining them back for more in a subtle yet very influential way.... Its sad that the greed is so great that one of the foremost tech companies in the world has decided to focus on only things which will directly provide revenue.... SO dam short sited and ingnorant.... Good DAY to you!
(unknown) 7/4/12 6:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/4/12 6:51 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle Auric 7/4/12 6:57 PM
I just wanted to add my voice to the multitudes.  Perhaps you will listen and not alienate a large portion of your userbase.  We'll see. 

Please do NOT kill iGoogle.  This is my default page on the internet, I have multiple tabs with multiple gadgets on them, I can put them pretty much where I want them, and use them as I see fit.

I use the main tab for Google Reader and Reddit - these are my primary newsgathering and entertainment sites. 

If you discontinue iGoogle, I will switch to a NON-GOOGLE alternative.  The reason so many people use your search is because it is on their home page.  Not because it is better or more accurate, because it is easier.    Once you make people change to a non-google homepage, they will likely not use your search, and will find fewer reasons to use any of your services. 

Yahoo is going to get a HUGE boost in usership from you guys if you follow through.

And no, Google+ is NOT a good alternative.  Activating it forces me to put my real name in public space, and I will not do that.  I will never use Google+ simply because of that requirement.  Privacy and anonymity is necessary for me to use your services.  Eliminate that option and I will leave.  And so will a HUGE number of others.  Read these messages.

I have heard Google in the past make mention of  these sorts of protests and dismiss them because only a small percentage of people complained, but you do need to remember that only one in 10 people will normally complain about something.  Normally people just accept it and go on, moving to another service that gives them what they want.

Chrome is NOT a good replacement for FireFox, in my opinion, and Google+ is not a good replacement for iGoogle.
(unknown) 7/4/12 6:58 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle The Hobbits 7/4/12 7:01 PM
IGoogle brought me to Google, and it is what kept me here.  I work at my computer all day and constantly refer to my homepage.  Who would not want a home page where they can see at a glance their calendar, weather, news, movies, stock market, EVERYTHING!?   Instead, I'm supposed to set up a dozen apps from Chrome?   If IGoogle leaves, so will I.  !   have already set up a My Yahoo page, which  is similar to IGoogle.  There's this easy little button that says "Make My Yahoo your homepage?" and I was sooo tempted to click it. I didn't because am vainly hoping Google will come to their senses and revoke this idiotic idea.  But it will be oh, so easy to move EVERYTHING to YAHOO, which I will if this change goes through.  Sorry, Google, you messed up BIG TIME here.  
Re: Update on iGoogle DarkNightRJ 7/4/12 7:01 PM
iGoogle cannot be taken away without something to fill it. They say on their page to use chrome apps and things, but no app is gonna have so many useful things on one page...
(unknown) 7/4/12 7:01 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle wzh1 7/4/12 7:10 PM
Are you folks at Google taking business advice from your competitors? This decision to retire iGoogle makes no sense--not for Google and not for the many satisfied users of their personal iGoogle homepages. The need won't just go away--it will be filled by someone other than Google.
Re: Update on iGoogle obama12 7/4/12 7:11 PM
ive deiced of they kill my igoogle im switching to apple for every thing selling my droid for an iphone using safari instead of chrome and swiching to bing or something also i enjoy google video because it has less content rules then youtube so i think google should re open that service back up to insted of killing it
Re: Update on iGoogle louis019 7/4/12 7:12 PM
keep igoogle please
Re: Update on iGoogle MMona 7/4/12 7:16 PM
NOOOOOOOOOO!  This has been my homepage since the day it came out.  I'm still not loving Google+ but because of my igoogle love I joined and support.  I agree with some of the other posts.  This will push people off to other mainstream options like msn.com.  Blech.  The day igoogle goes I'm done with google+, too.  
Re: Update on iGoogle Adam Gale 7/4/12 7:22 PM
I agree, I've been using igoogle for some time, and am disappointed in Google's decision to discontinue such a well used, and well loved application.
Re: Update on iGoogle Christine Robinson 7/4/12 7:24 PM
This is terrible!  I use igoogle more than any other product. Because it it, Google is my only search engine.  I spent a couple of hours last night trying to figure out how to get Chrome to act like iGoogle and concluded that it never would.  I don't want a gillion tabs to show my information streams. I want it one one page to glance at from time to time all day.   Please either reconsider this decision or make Chrome work like a homepage!   Cast me loose from a see-it-all page and you're gonna lose me in lots of other places, too. 
Re: Update on iGoogle orerocks 7/4/12 7:33 PM
Has Google really lost the plot?
There is NOTHING available that fills the gap of iGoogle. Yes, all the same information is available elsewhere, but to get the same content I have on my SINGLE iGoogle home screen, I need 5 individual apps on my iPad. I have looked at the only alternative that comes close, NetVibes, and it is buggy, and filled with widgets that look suspicious. With iGoogle I can use my Google credentials, in a Google environment, to access the Google services I rely on. Surely closing iGoogle comprises safety, and therefore will further drive people away from Google services.
And there is no way in hell I am installing Chrome: I have tried it twice in recent years and within hours I find websites that do not display correctly. Therefore I still need to have at least Explorer, and possible Firefox installed too. I don't want 3 bloated browsers full of slow apps.
If you need to change iGoogle to bring it into the mobile computing age, please do so, but don't kill it.
Re: Update on iGoogle fawildchild 7/4/12 7:35 PM
are you trying to tell us that iGoogle is not profitable enoguh for the company?

Re: Update on iGoogle BarryJ 7/4/12 7:38 PM
This is a bad development. I'm a heavy iGoogle user having migrated to it from a competing service many years ago: as well as being my homepage, it's the site I visit most often. 

What's for the chop next -- Gmail? Docs? Chrome? Should we be migrating off these for the day when Google decides it doesn't want people using these services anymore?
Re: Update on iGoogle fawildchild 7/4/12 7:44 PM
docs already being chopped and replaced with drive.

Google, don't be evil..
Re: Update on iGoogle bbbpeterson 7/4/12 7:44 PM
Are you people completely crazy. If you had 1 oz of common sense, you would have reassured us on what the alternative will be so we could relax, and wait for more information, no you just went like a bull in a china shop, and said tough, work it out yourself. SHAME, SHAME,SHAME.
Re: Update on iGoogle IcyTwilight 7/4/12 7:44 PM
No......... I have used iGoogle as well ever since it came out. I have it as my homepage and I love it! It gives me everything I want to look at right away on one screen. I dont know what I'll do without it.

Please please Do Not discontinue this wonderful service. :(
Re: Update on iGoogle klguffey 7/4/12 8:05 PM
Very disappointed in this decision. I've used iGoogle since it launched and haven't seen anything else that's near as nice. It's the home page on all of my browsers and taking it away will only reduce how much I use Google services.

Sad to say, but now it looks like the Windows 8 Metro desktop might become useful after all. Prior to the decision to shutter iGoogle, I couldn't fathom wanting all that on my computers desktops since I had everything I needed in iGoogle. Now, maybe I'll see if I can transition some of it to Metro or something else. Not looking forward to it, though.
Re: Update on iGoogle HT1 7/4/12 8:10 PM
you know something we don't? then share it otherwise STFU!
Re: Update on iGoogle WilliDee 7/4/12 8:15 PM
I am also writing to ask you reconsider. iGoogle has been my start page for years and is irreplaceable. 
Re: Update on iGoogle sgd1977 7/4/12 8:18 PM
igoogle is a successful product and please consider not closing it down. Not sure what type of research you do to reach such conclusions. Last time you closed down the excellent google notepad and the market share was taken up by a host of smaller players like evernote, catch and other "notes" providers, proving there is a need for such products contrary to what you may think.
Re: Update on iGoogle phdave1 7/4/12 8:35 PM
I don't get it; users will move away from Google in droves if igoogle is dropped..  As many others, I've used /ig as my start page for years.  I use 4 different devices every days and /ig is the homepage on all of them.  Is it the sheer load that's saring goolge off?   False economy surely.. other companies can only dream of being so lucky.
I see a few people posting "I use xyx browser so it's OK..." but they seem to be missing the point that igoogle works from anywhwere on any browser - the whole point to me is I can access my "workspace" from home, work, friends, when travelling - whatever.  I love the bookmarks sync in chrome but its b*gger all use at work where we need to use IE.  The iGoogle bookmarks widget fills the gap.
C'mon Google, what d'you have up your sleeves to replace it?  Extra options on Google+ perhaps? 
Re: Update on iGoogle johnji_8208 7/4/12 8:42 PM
Sorry, but that's just nuts.  iGoogle is a fine consolidator.  Why not limit the gadgets to just the most popular and reliable and freeze it?  I've been using iGoogle from the beginning and haven't found anything that does what it does as well.
Re: Update on iGoogle MacVE3GRO 7/4/12 8:52 PM
I love iGoogle. It's elegant, beautiful, and useful and makes it a joy to begin working on the computer. I'll gladly add my name to the list of those asking Google to reconsider. HJM
Re: Update on iGoogle aspencer80 7/4/12 9:23 PM
iGoogle is my information hub for the Internet. It is also my gateway to other Google products.
This cannot be taken away. As my homepage, it is the core of my internet experience. There is sooo much information available at a glance on iGoogle, I've never seen anything comparable to it.
If anything, iGoogle needs rebranding and revitalizing. iGoogle was a horrible name, it has no meaning and gets lost in a sea of "i" products. It should be called Google Hub or something like that. 

Re: Update on iGoogle AAMack 7/4/12 9:31 PM
This is the second Google product that I use on a daily basis that you have decided to withdraw without consultation.

You shouldn't be surprised to know that I shall avoid further Google products in future as they clearly cannot be relied upon.
Re: Update on iGoogle europetrv 7/4/12 9:31 PM
I know things have to change BUT I just with Google would suggest a way to do what iGoogle gives me with some other product. When I open iGoogle, I get on one page -- stock market summary and how a list of stock are doing, euro/dollar rates, BBC and CNN summary, Google news summary, gmail look, moon phase, world times, IP address where I am connected, etc
  Is there another product I can customize to do something like this? 
    I can't see why it costs much to just keep what we have alive.
Re: Update on iGoogle aspencer80 7/4/12 9:34 PM
I think Google forgets that not everyone works for a uber cool company that promotes social media and the latest and greatest internet browsers. 
The VERY large employer I work for does not allow using social media at work, so no Google+. They also run older versions of IE and Firefox and there is no chance of getting Chrome installed on the network. 
iGoogle is the perfect solution to all this because it doesn't matter where or how you access the internet. It runs perfectly on every computer, every OS, every browser. 
Re: Update on iGoogle frankhaertlein 7/4/12 9:38 PM
You are alienating your best customers. We are the people who helped make Google what it is today. We linked you on our websites, we used Google search and we bought your product.
I can say with certainty you will lose me as a customer.
What was a good attitude from me towards Google has changed.
Spring cleaning? More like alienating your existing customers.
Keep igoogle or you WILL loose me as a customer ! !
Re: Update on iGoogle Geekborj 7/4/12 9:41 PM
Kind of interesting change but a strong will power.

With Chrome devices, I guess you want all other browsers out...  Intelligent move, Google! https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/
Re: Update on iGoogle paulie_au 7/4/12 9:57 PM
Just another unhappy iGoogle user. Before I started using iGoogle and subsequently became hooked on all things Google, I used a Live homepage for all my RSS feeds, it did a half baked job of what iGoogle does so well, then one day Microsoft in their wisdom decided to axe it (much like Google is doing now)... It was at this point that I stopped using Live/ Bing for my searches and set up an iGoogle page and started using more and more Google products. Moral of the story, you ditch iGoogle, I no longer have any reason to visit any Google page on a daily basis. I urge you to not cast all your loyal and passionate users aside.
Re: Update on iGoogle exit2lef 7/4/12 9:59 PM
Of all the questionable decisions and product launches of the past few years, this is by far Google's darkest hour. The elegance of iGoogle is that it consolidates most of the Google tools I use into one simple portal that is accessible from any browser and operating system, even ones I have little control over such as my office computer and computers I use in hotel business centers when traveling. Suggesting that Chrome and Android replace iGoogle is delusional. When I want a walled garden, I turn to Apple, which still does that approach best. When I want something open and interoperable, I turn to Google. Unfortunately, the company I once cheered has turned down the wrong path by emphasizing dubious products such as Google+ and Google TV at the expense of proven solutions like iGoogle. Sadly, this isn't just about the portal. This exceedingly poor decision now makes me want to migrate to Google alternatives for everything, including search, Google's bread and butter.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rajesh K 7/4/12 10:18 PM
I love iGoogle and don't want Google to kill it.

Re: Update on iGoogle Mister Ron 7/4/12 10:31 PM
Google, what are you people smoking?  Do you really expect us all to buy your rationalization?  It seems that what you really want to do is stop providing a platform-independent service.  You want to chase us onto your parochial browser and apps, even if that won't come anywhere close to providing the functionality that iGoogle does.

I'm having a lot of problems trying to read this forum thread.  It appears that your announcement has generated such a response here that it is hammering the server(s).  That in itself should tell you something: Lots of folks do not at all believe iGoogle's usefulness has eroded.

Curb your arrogance.  Wake up.
Re: Update on iGoogle diana211 7/4/12 10:45 PM
Igoogle is my homepage.  I rely on it everyday.  I do not care about all the google advanced technology!  I love my Aja Tiger and the Teahouse fox.  Please reconsider your decision--otherwise for me I will return the the Yahoo page which is not nearly as fun without my tiger and fox friends.
Re: Update on iGoogle PiscesDream 7/4/12 10:45 PM
Thank you for posting this Bill.  It helped me figure out how to make Chrome better by adding iGoogle as my homepage;, along with another problem .  Thank you!
I just joined this group to post my dismay at losing iGoogle.  Hope they truly take it seriously & reconsider.

What can I say, I hope to find something out there better than iGoogle in the near future.

Re: Update on iGoogle sos1035 7/4/12 10:53 PM
I  have iGoogle open as my home page all day, every day. Initiated by my iGoogle use I have gradually adopted and migrated to many other Google products in my business BUT it concerns me greatly that, as with iGoogle, Google may dump the products that I am spending time and effort migrating my work to.
Re: Update on iGoogle slightkc 7/4/12 11:03 PM
This is some of the worst news I've had in a year of bad news!    iGoogle has been my browsers' homepage since it was in beta form.  Everything I need at my fingertips every time I open up a new tab or a new browser instance on every system and device I access, both at home and at work.  A total of 7 computers, two smartphones, and tablet.  I'm an average person... obviously, I'm not the only one doing this.  Do you understand how much PUBLICITY that gives you?

I shifted from Excite's portal to Google when iGoogle came out - and I've never once been back to Excite, so I have no knowlege if they've added products, services, etc. When I quit them I quit them completely.   And guess what -- if you kill iGoogle and therefore force me to find a new portal page that fits my needs, I'll do the same thing to Google.  It won't be my search engine, your services are not going to be the ones I use.  Instead, whichever site sees the efficacy of offering me this most necessary service will be the one who gets ALL my business. 

If Google doesn't think it's users are important enough to maintain a site such as iGoogle that is obviously seen as necessary by so many people, then why should we give you any of OUR loyalty, business, and money?  I'm sick and tired of these corporate types -- especially after they go IPO -- thinking they can now blow off their users in favor of their shareholders.  Cr!p on that.  Lose enough users, Google, and maybe we'll become important to you once again.

Or are planning on rivaling Facebook after their IPO?

Re: Update on iGoogle MicroLabrat 7/4/12 11:09 PM
Please reconsider your decision to shut down iGoogle, it's an extremely useful service that I'm yet to see a replacement for.
Re: Update on iGoogle annieO2012 7/4/12 11:09 PM
No more igoogle???  Then goodbye google!

Here is a link to a sign that says that:

Re: Update on iGoogle lojolondon 7/4/12 11:13 PM
I think this is a big mistake and I bet that Yahoo are happy about this!

I replaced Yahoo as my homepage with iGoogle, have used it for years. If Google withdraw, I and many others would probably go back to Yahoo or similar, so Google loses the home page advantage they currently have -

Please do you have a good suggestion for a customisable home page?
Re: Update on iGoogle valyn14 7/4/12 11:14 PM
Wow. What am I going to use instead?? It's like the most important page on all the internets for me. Mindboggling. Guess I'll find something! Frustrating!
Re: Update on iGoogle Loveitdk 7/4/12 11:14 PM
Re: Update on iGoogle fridgie 7/4/12 11:16 PM
Disappointed What more can I say
Re: Update on iGoogle Tortega 7/4/12 11:17 PM
No puede ser, es una de las mejores cosas de Google! I can't believe it . . . .:( 
Re: Update on iGoogle CA-girl 7/4/12 11:20 PM
What a ridiculous & arbitrary decision!  Google is focusing its energy on products that "make a difference."  What do they think they're doing -- curing cancer?  World hunger?  Their customers decide which products make a difference in their lives, not some starry-eyed, sleep-blearied, twenty-somethings wanting to code The Next Big Thing.

It's foolish for them to tidy up their shelves with a "spring-clean" that leaves its users angry and disenfranchised.  It certainly means that I'll be doing a "spring-clean" of my own, which means eliminating other Google products I use (G+ was the first to go, and there will be more).  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and I'm outta here.

Wolfpack Fan has it right -- I'm washing my hands of a company that changes/cancels products I depend on for no good reason.  
Re: Update on iGoogle jelloice 7/4/12 11:22 PM
Are you out of your collective minds? What the heck has Larry been smoking for the past year? 

Given your public statement that "modern apps" have "eroded" the need for iGoogle, it's apparent that you have NO CLUE what we use iGoogle for. 

Please explain to me what "modern app" can aggregate the following for me ON ONE PAGE:
  • Bookmarks
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Stock market quotes
  • Weather
  • To-do list
  • Local traffic map
And that's just my home page. I haven't even mentioned the six other pages I can get to with a single mouse click. 

I'll make you a deal. If you can give me an example of a "modern app" that can aggregate that information onto a single page, then I'll stick around. But if you can't and you do still away with iGoogle, I might as well "adjust" my home page over to Yahoo or (gasp!) Bing.

Who needs you guys, anyway? You're not the only game in town.


Re: Update on iGoogle Scott Hutton 7/4/12 11:32 PM
iGoogle is what got me to finally dump Yahoo! years ago.  Any suggestions on what portal I should use for my new tabs, now?
Re: Update on iGoogle kjebra3 7/4/12 11:36 PM
And we were thinking of promoting iGoogle as start page for all of our students in Hordaland County (25.000)...
Re: Update on iGoogle RamiusDK 7/5/12 12:06 AM
I just want to join in the crowd who still uses iGoogle and havn't found a valid alternative. This is first time I post anything in google groups and simply because I love iGoogle sooo much
Re: Update on iGoogle john.s.parker 7/5/12 12:09 AM
I hope you will reconsider - I use iGoogle everyday.
Re: Update on iGoogle ccx1 7/5/12 12:12 AM
i might be in the minority but i have used igoogle for many years. i think i started using it back in 2007 and use it nearly every day. i dont like this direction because there honestly is no better alternative. i dont like the yahoo layout nor the msn one. too cluttered. i have my igoogle page set and customized to what i want to have displayed. it simply is perfect for my needs.  perhaps with enough people expressing dismay to this decision, you could reconsider? 

Re: Update on iGoogle bubbademon 7/5/12 12:12 AM
That is an absolutely terrible idea!

I have not been phased by your other decisions, even if one or two products were neat, but this feels like you are kicking me out of my house.

Anyone using a desktop browser has a homepage, and you are removing the only one that aggregates things in a simple uncluttered manner.  I have used mine in one way or another for at least 7 years.

This is even less understandable because there is no good reason I can think of that justifies this decision, and you haven't provided any.

You will only be excused if you are replacing it with something that does exactly the same thing, only better, even then, I'm not happy.


Re: Update on iGoogle bubbademon 7/5/12 12:14 AM
P.s. You also made it bloody difficult to vent my frustration about this, took me a whole 5 minutes of searching to find a forum where you might listen.  Google, you are losing your way, and the more you do that, the harder it gets to defend you.

Re: Update on iGoogle combatshadow 7/5/12 12:18 AM
Why on Earth would you take such a decision when there many users who use iGoogle on a daily basis? Unless you come up with something better to iGoogle, you should revert your decision ASAP.
Re: Update on iGoogle bubbademon 7/5/12 12:21 AM
I should also note that igoogle is my main portal to access other google products and services. ARRGGHHHHH!!!!!! This is such a bad decision!
Re: Update on iGoogle dragon032 7/5/12 12:22 AM
NOOOOOO!!!!! !!! Keep iGoogle!! It's cool!!! And cool is what you guys do, so keep it.
Re: Update on iGoogle RamiusDK 7/5/12 12:24 AM
Wuhuu, found kind of an alternative:

I was actually able to find replasements for all the widgets I had in iGoogle. Only thing is this is a service hosted by some random company which I dont trust half as much as I trust google. I have no idea about what they will do in the long run. But hey, now I know that I can't expect google to keep their services alive forever, so maybe its not that bad to use other companies free services...
Re: Update on iGoogle RE84 7/5/12 12:28 AM
In my humble opinion, this is not the right choice..
Re: Update on iGoogle uktivo 7/5/12 12:30 AM
Just adding my voice to the many of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers to Google.. I use igoogle everyday. It would be sad to lose it and I believe a business mistake by Google... 
Re: Update on iGoogle mstrjones 7/5/12 12:34 AM
Getting to be quite the typical thing for Google to shut down Very useful resources. My whole family and many many of my friends used Google Health and here you Educated Idiots are doing the same shit AGAIN!!!  WTF
Re: Update on iGoogle TijsVDD 7/5/12 12:35 AM
But what's the alternative you offefr to iGoogle? iGoogle is (for me) the perfect homepage: I open my browser and I have an overview of all the news, emails, my favourites and some counters. I started the day with Google and now you're pushing us to other companies...

Apps that I have to open individually are not going to replace this. This is a huge leap backwards for Google. I'm open to anything new you guys develop, but you're not offering anything. You're leaving us in the cold...
Re: Update on iGoogle orionsbelt29 7/5/12 12:36 AM
I have been using iGoogle for years now. The beauty of it is that all information you care about is consolidated on one page. And it is web based, accessible from anywhere. And the gadgets I have added refresh themselves periodically, without me having to hit the F5 monkey periodically. It is nice to see the latest headlines, stock quotes, gmail inbox without opening a zillion tabs in the browser. I have found it to be the most useful homepage ever. And it is run by Google, a company you trust (or so I thought).  It's also a dashboard for the many of Google apps that I use.  I can't for the life of me understand why you want to kill it. How greedy can you be to kick us all out on a whim and a song?
(unknown) 7/5/12 12:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle antelope2205 7/5/12 12:45 AM
NO~~~PLS PLS PLS don't shut it down...It's good...very convenient...please~
Re: Update on iGoogle Diamond Ray 7/5/12 12:48 AM
Igoogle is a useful tool and one of the reasons I stick with Google!
Re: Update on iGoogle gimaldi 7/5/12 12:51 AM
I think is not a good move. iGoogle it's a good product. I use it to much. Also, I became to believe that cloud computing and external services are not are not reliable. Better to take things at home. Too bad. Android and Chromebook seemed good ideas. But it is not. And then why divest? Why not donate?
Re: Update on iGoogle Jonathan D'haene 7/5/12 12:57 AM
I would replace iGoogle with a Web based "Google Now" product.
Google Now should be everywhere, not just on Android.
Re: Update on iGoogle clem_viking 7/5/12 1:00 AM
I have been using iGoogle for many years.  I am disappointed to see you close.  Please reconsider.  iGoogle led my to chrome and to use Gmail, google docs and many other of your products.  It is a gateway for many. 
Re: Update on iGoogle southafricasun 7/5/12 1:04 AM
Don't do it! I'll be lost without it! I will probably have to move away from Google as my 'whole life' revolves around it.
Re: Update on iGoogle southafricasun 7/5/12 1:04 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle Roubaix84 7/5/12 1:20 AM
Not a great idea to remove something that a lot of people use as their homepage, and not offer a decent alternative. This has made me see google differently, I think they just jumped the shark.
Re: Update on iGoogle Snow4Life 7/5/12 1:26 AM
I use iGoogle since it was introduced, it's the perfect homepage for my PCs, without it I'm lost!
Re: Update on iGoogle BuzzWiggs 7/5/12 1:27 AM
iGoogle is the only homepage I've ever had.  I feel like you're taking my horse to the glue factory. To me, iGoogle IS Google.  I don't even know how to get to my Gmail without it.  Surely you can muster the energy just to maintain something you've already got working great.  Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle flez 7/5/12 1:31 AM
not good, will be sadly missed.
Re: Update on iGoogle Petrander 7/5/12 1:35 AM

At least offer a replacement on the basis of new technologies that is just as good! 
Re: Update on iGoogle pocky_au 7/5/12 1:39 AM
Please please don't kill igoogle it the 1st thing I I see when I open my browers  I have read my email tru it all my link and rss feeds are setup up I would be lost with out igoogle please please don't kill 
Re: Update on iGoogle Nirmal Xavier 7/5/12 1:40 AM
Google recently announced about the retirement of igoogle from 1st November 2013. I have built many gadgets using the GGE. I am really worried about this announcement. So all my running gadgets built using this Gadget API's will not work from 1st nov 2013 ? Could anyone from google team guide me an alternate way to keep my gadgets running . Thanks for the help !!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Dooh 7/5/12 1:44 AM
Please reconsider, I use this every day to show me the news and topics I am interested in.  There are other RSS aggregators, but iGoogle works better to quickly show everything I need.
Re: Update on iGoogle BuzzWiggs 7/5/12 1:46 AM
I haven't felt this betrayed since New Coke.

Re: Update on iGoogle kREDEP 7/5/12 2:00 AM
Why, is what I don't understand. This service can't have any demands software or maintenance - vice. It's a driverless train, used by a lot of people. Get of our back behotches!
Re: Update on iGoogle desh2 7/5/12 2:13 AM
Do not retire Igoogle. It is perhaps the most sophisticated product available. Charge a little if you need a cash flow.
Dr PMDeshpande
Pune, India
Re: Update on iGoogle asmartgoat 7/5/12 2:26 AM
:'( Sad face
Re: Update on iGoogle ptalpe 7/5/12 2:29 AM
I don't understand. 
Nothing comes close to iGoogle. It's the epithome of personalization on the browser based web. 
I use apps, I use mobile, but I also use a LOT of browser based surfing and for that iGoogle is the perfect way to get all you want centralized on one dashboard.
Google is throwing away the baby with the bathwater... 
a real pity

Re: Update on iGoogle thkj 7/5/12 2:56 AM
Oh no...pls don't do that!
Re: Update on iGoogle SynnerSaint 7/5/12 2:56 AM
I'm going to add my voice to the many others on this forum

Please, please, please don't remove iGoogle, it's been my home page for years now and I find it extremly handy as a one stop shop with all my useful RSS feeds, widgets and apps and all set out in a nice easy to read fashion. Sure I could flick through tab after tab after tab to get the same information but why should I when I can have it all in one convenient place exery time I start my browser?

iGoogle has the potential to be a uniquely useful product and potentially a money spinner if you invest in it, no product quite compares to it (as you can see from all the posts here). So itstead of wasting time and money trying to compete with an established market leader like Facebook, drop the ghost town that is Google+ and invest in something that you can become the market leader on - personalised homepages or iGoogle for short.

And if you're worried over people thinking iGoogle is an Apple product why not change the name to myGoogle?
Re: Update on iGoogle Postulator 7/5/12 3:07 AM
Please reconsider this decision.  iGoogle is the only way I managed to get my mother onto the internet.  I set up her home screen with everything she needs as soon as she logs in.

And her poor hamster... what is to happen to her hamster if she can no longer get to it?  She loves that hamster.

Please Google - no.
Re: Update on iGoogle MrMongoose 7/5/12 3:08 AM
I would also like to urge Google not to discontinue this very valuable tool.
If someone else comes up with a similar tool then I and apparently many others will switch to it and Google will potentially lose many customers. If I was being cynical I suspect Google may build something similar into Chrome with the aim of increasing the user base for that product. Either way it is frustrating!
Re: Update on iGoogle vlad. 7/5/12 3:10 AM
well...I guess it's time to go with the sheep and join apple then...

If a great service like igoogle is being axed because of...wait why was it axed again? anyway if igoogle can be axed like this, then there is no reason to believe other services won't be.

Re: Update on iGoogle Illuminato 7/5/12 3:11 AM
Ho realizzato un gadget per iGoogle che è usato da parecchie persone, e mi dispiace veramente aver appreso oggi questa notizia. Anzichè chiuderlo perché non lo integrate in Google+ aggiungendolo nella sidebar a sinistra?
Re: Update on iGoogle rdrummen 7/5/12 3:13 AM
I just cannot believe this strange decision to cancel the iGoogle. 
As one of the first users when it came was released, I have been testing and using it ever since; it is my homepage on every browser that I use.
Especially handy to have several "tabs" with personalized pages including widgets and summaries of information that I need on a daily base.

Google: please reconsider your decision and try to keep iGoogle alive!!  Because it has become an integral part of our growing web-based lives all over the world.

Re: Update on iGoogle Flemstef 7/5/12 3:17 AM
A very bad decision. Been using iGoogle for years and nothing comes close. Easy to set up and maintain.
Re: Update on iGoogle Skyrona 7/5/12 3:28 AM
What a crass decision. There is nothing else that comes close to igoogle. It's my home page at work and on my laptop at home. Come on Google re-think this mad idea to close igoogle
Re: Update on iGoogle Lars Borg 7/5/12 3:33 AM
What a great name:)))   MYGOOGLE!
Re: Update on iGoogle lscotland 7/5/12 3:38 AM
I am amazed at this crazy decision. I use Chrome at home with iGoogle as my homepage, but have to use IE at the office (corporate standard). However, jumping to my iGoogle page means I have everything at my fingertips - links, Google Reader widget, emails widgets etc, just like I was at home and without having to trawl through bookmarks.

Like others, the only alternatives seem to be MSN and Yahoo. So killing iGoogle will have an impact but not the one that Google is striving for - many of us will simply move to these platforms, and probably start using their competitive products as well

Google - PLEASE RECONSIDER - for your own benefit as well as ours!
Re: Update on iGoogle TL1210 7/5/12 3:40 AM
Im sad to hear that igoogle is going the way of the dodo!  I use it 5 days a week @ work.  I can quickly get to other google services by clicking on the black strip bar at the top of the page.

I would rather see Google develop the home page a bit more so it is not as bland..something a bit more like my.yahoo would be good.  If igoogle does go, then I will have to go back to yahoo which is annoying as some of my RSS feeds are not suitable for work.


Re: Update on iGoogle GuapaSue 7/5/12 3:58 AM
Just want you to know that there's at least another user who hadn't replied yesterday but was devastated when I read that iGoogle was going away. It's wonderful to have everything right in front of me when I open the computer. I don't have that much to time search for things that interest me individually so this has been perfect. Please don't take my iGoogle away.
Re: Update on iGoogle _dermotg 7/5/12 4:04 AM
I can't see how this is positive for users or for Google.  Like other commenters here I'm a daily user of iGoogle and from a quick scan I have not seen an alternative (yet) that would fill the gap.
I'm baffled by this decision, and hope that Google may re-consider.
Re: Update on iGoogle KimonF 7/5/12 4:10 AM
I sincerely hope that what you actually meant, is that you're planning to substitute iGoogle with something better.

I've been using iGoogle for years. If I'm forced back to using a plain Google Search as home, I'll probably just go find some non-Google page to use as my home.
Re: Update on iGoogle fhs74 7/5/12 4:15 AM
Please don't kill iGoogle! I use it every day, and think it's the best start page on the web of those I know of. So please consider keeping it up and running. Thank you, from a fan in Norway.
Re: Update on iGoogle pharmgirl54 7/5/12 4:34 AM
I soooo depend on igoogle!  it's my home page and I'm there constantly.  Yes - reconsider!
Re: Update on iGoogle RuffianXion 7/5/12 4:36 AM
 Well for me, bye-bye iGoogle=bye-bye Google, hello Bing. Its as simple as that, because I have no intention of being bullied into installing Chrome.
Re: Update on iGoogle chamonix 7/5/12 4:37 AM
i checked netvibes. it's not an alternative at all. i will check my yahoo now.
Re: Update on iGoogle memg8r 7/5/12 4:40 AM
Until this announcement, I loved Google but now I'm starting to not trust you at all.  What's next?  "Everybody has GPS so we're eliminating Google Maps."  Why would I be motivated to use anything Google if you can pull the plug from a useful tool at any time?  

It's not like we're asking for any enhancements - please keep iGoogle just the way it is.

Re: Update on iGoogle johnwool 7/5/12 4:45 AM

Re: Update on iGoogle john1109 7/5/12 4:46 AM
I can't believe Google are doing this, this gives me no confidence in using future products and services, how long until google+ is canned? Stick with facebook people, its safe.
Re: Update on iGoogle tubes42024 7/5/12 4:47 AM
I am with all of the others posting on here, I have been using iGoogle probably since its been available, a very long time actually now that I actually think about it.  I think it is a really dumb move to make many people look for an alternative to iGoogle as their homepage.  I would think that would BE A HUGE thing for Google to lose millions of hits just from people opening their web browser.  It has always been my homepage on every computer & browser since I started using it.  Now that you are considering of leaving iGoogle behind I'm not even going to wait for November 2013.  Many people already pointed out about Netvibes, so I already checked it out & from what it looks like.  I already like it 100x more than iGoogle see what you did you made people look for alternatives & we did.  From what it looks like Netvibes looks like what iGoogle should look like.
Re: Update on iGoogle Robert Maier 7/5/12 4:49 AM
Google's explanation for dropping iGoogle is nuts.  i-google may be the best product on the internet.  If they're not focusing on it, then what will they focus on?  No specifics here.  This is so typical of the empty-headness of Internet information businesses like facebook.  Constant changes for no apparent reason, no help, no customer service, no explanations except dumb platitudes like "technology creates tremendous opportunities to improve people's lives" WOW!!  What insight!!  If they truly believed and understood this concept, they would keep the simplicity and flexibility and transparency of iGoogle.  Chrome makes no sense either, BTW; if that's their idea of improvement,,, I'd sell your Google stock if I were you.
Re: Update on iGoogle BiGLugle 7/5/12 4:49 AM
This seems to be a particularly bad idea. When you have a little used service which competes with so many other services, shutting it down can make sense.

But what you're shutting down here is the Home Page of the Internet.

If you shut this down, a third party will create something useful. And that thing will show someone else's ads. And they'll let you change the search engine at the top.

The only way this makes sense is if the ~850 protest messages (in this thread alone) are the only people using the service. But of course, we're not the only users.

If you're not going to offer a replacement, please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle markjsc 7/5/12 4:50 AM
I hope there's some alternative product planned. Like many of the other posters, I've enjoyed a huge value from iGoogle over the years. It's been particularly helpful as I've moved from one PC to another - all of my starting content immediately available with no need to reconfigure anything (Yes, I know there are bookmark-syncing browser options, but this is different.)

If possible, please reconsider this decision; or at least help the faithful iGoogle users find their beloved features in other Google products.

Re: Update on iGoogle Steve.Miller 7/5/12 4:52 AM
Terrible, terrible, terrible.  It's a terrible choice to sunset iGoogle, Conrad.  When you read this, I want you to say Terrible three times to everyone you see for the next month to understand how I feel about your foolish choice.  Terrible.  Terrible.  Terrible.
Re: Update on iGoogle Garnetridge 7/5/12 4:54 AM
I am disappointed in this decision.  My wife and I use iGoogle daily as our home pages, since it can aggregate multiple feeds.  I have looked at other apps and pages, and none of them provide the comprehensive coverage of iGoogle.

iGoogle is not even highlighted under the more tab at the top of the page, which may explain why more people don't use it.   However, it is a very useful tool.  I hope that Google will reconsider this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle n1ce 7/5/12 4:55 AM
I've been using iGoogle for years, and I believe it is a great productivity tool. I don't understand your decision. I hope you reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle Joan Mershon 7/5/12 4:59 AM
Add one more to the growing list of people who are very disappointed in this news. Let me tell you how I use iGoogle and see what suggestions you have for an alternative.
  • Multiple tabs - to switch between functions easily: work, play, training tool, specialized tasks. I have 6 I use routinely. I leave it open all day to easily swap between tabs as I swap between tasks
  • Information at a glance -  everything all on one page.
  • Get all my news in one place from various sources. Instead of going to each site, I can scroll down iGoogle.to see the headlines
  • Includes fun features - word of the day, quotes, today in history, etc
  • Acts as a 'dashboard' for job search efforts. (more below)

As an employment counselor, iGoogle is one of the best job search tools out there - I recommend it to clients constantly. I have also trained other workforce professionals in how to use it so they can train their clients as well. It is a very powerful tool. I have a training tab set up to show them how to make iGoogle their one stop for job search. I tell them that the "i" in iGoogle stands for "integrated". Nowhere else have I found that you can have all the tools you needs for a job search in the same place:

  • RSS feeds for job leads from multiple sources
  • calendar
  • appointment schedule (google) -  multiple calendars, one specific to track job search efforts and schedule followup activities.
  • email (google)
  • todo list (google)
  • transit tracker
  • map - look up addresses (google)
  • Docs/Drive - resume, applications, cover letters
  • spell check
  • expense tracker - job search expenses are often deductible
  • latest postings on job related blogs
  • search box (google)

Certainly all of these are available in other places - the magic of iGoogle is that you can have them all on one page.  With the help of iGoogle, you can do a very active job search is far less time because everything is in one place. Also because it is web based - I can help a client set up his dashboard in my office, and he can get to it from any computer in the world he logs into. The employment office? it's there. public computers? it's there, Friend's house? it's there. My mechanic? it's there. While extensions/themes are great...they do not make up the heart of iGoogle. As others have pointed out - this is the gateway to any number of Google services. Without the convenience of iGoogle, it lessens the value of the related services. If I have to migrate to a competitor to get this one page dashboard, then it means I will likely have to migrate to competing services as well: email, calendar, search, etc.

I have a smart phone and I use it a lot. I have tons of apps -both paid & free, many of which do similar functions of iGoogle. While it does a lot of great things, it does not replace iGoogle. Actually, I have iGoogle on my smart phone to use it there.  iGoogle is something that can be used across platforms, browsers, devices, locations, etc. It does not require any changes to an existing computer, so is available everywhere.

If you are familiar with something that does all this, please let us know.

Update on iGoogle Alixer 7/5/12 5:14 AM
By doing this you risk people setting up a nonGoogle page as their home page. Sure you want to do that?
Re: Update on iGoogle nossiron 7/5/12 5:16 AM
Please don't retire igoogle, it's so easy to use and so useful! Please keep it alive! 
Re: Update on iGoogle wevsspot 7/5/12 5:19 AM
Wow, what a huge mistake on such a strategic decision.  Had it not been for iGoogle I wouldn't have ever come over to the "Chrome" side.  I wouldn't currently be using Chrome, GMail, the excellent sync features. or even own an Android phone.  iGoogle was the first Google product I tried (sans Google search of course) and it is directly responsible for every single other Google product or application that I've used in the last two years just because of the convenience, sensibility and reliability of what is undoubtedly one of the best apps ever developed for those of us stuck at a computer 10 or more hours a day.  While I respect your goal of improving peoples lives, and narrowing your focus, in this particular instance you are doing exactly the opposite.

I can unequivocally say that if you drop iGoogle I'll be switching to Firefox, dropping Gmail and buying an iPhone.  And I'm not kidding.
Re: Update on iGoogle anotherwhowondered 7/5/12 5:22 AM
Like the many users here, I am very sorry to hear that iGoogle is to be retired. The alternatives mentioned in the official post are not really comparable, as has been noted by previous posters. I think there is a place and use for customizable dashboard style homepages such as iGoogle - I do not think they are of a past era.

Google's lack of participation in the developer group had led me to suspect iGoogle may be dropped, however, I was quite surprised to learn this after the recent iGoogle makeover and clean up of spam descriptions in the directory.

Making products and then dropping them does nothing to instil confidence in customers or developers alike. I understand the need to move on, but I get the feeling this decision was purely profit-driven.

The iGoogle page is one of several gadget containers, for example you can add gadgets to gmail, google sites, blogger, google calender. 

iGoogle and the gadgets api are not the same, we developers really need to know if the gadgets api is being retired.

Presumably when iGoogle discontinues, hosting via the GGE will also be discontinued...but what of existing gadgets hosted with google?

Please can we have clarification on these matters.
Re: Update on iGoogle Ejj 7/5/12 5:23 AM
If it is money you are after charge me, but do not remove igoogle
Re: Update on iGoogle johncmolyneux 7/5/12 5:33 AM
Please recommend alternative home pages that will give me RSS feeds.  The search engine I use has returned nothing.
Re: Update on iGoogle kilty33 7/5/12 5:34 AM
Its because Google won't be happy until it has totally infiltrated and taken over your online and phone life.  They are really pi**sing me off these days.  I WILL reject any and all Google influences in my life if they take this away because it is just a STUPID move.  And the last thing I personally want to do is to buy Apple products, but if you force me to with your arrogance, then I WILL do it.  AND FIX THE D**N SCRIPT ON THIS PAGE - ITS ANNOYING - DOES IT ONLY WORK IN CHROME??  PROBABLY.
Re: Update on iGoogle Rich Bernstein 7/5/12 5:43 AM
Well, i signed up for a netvibes account.  It's not the iGoogle page I have been using for so many years which caused me to buy into the whole "turn your life over to Google and let them take care of everything" thing, but I guess it will do and we will adapt.  I drank the Google Kool-Aid because of the seamless integration of all my products across my laptop, PC, work PC, iPad (yea I said it) and Android phone.  The iGoogle page was a home no matter how I was accessing the internet and all my stuff is right there for me.  That's the initial, primary value of Google.  So take that away and force us onto netvibes or My Yahoo or something and we'll sadly go.  

But remind us why we need our Gmail, Google contacts, Google Calendar, Google Voice, etc etc etc again?  Without these things, my Android phone is no better or worse than an iPhone.  Without iGoogle, Google is no better or worse than Yahoo.  I can only imagine that this is a belated April Fool's joke or some type of marketing test.  You guys couldn't have thought this through and come to the conclusion this was a good idea for your business.
Re: Update on iGoogle Appasaurus 7/5/12 5:45 AM
Please restore my faith in Google. I had such high regard for you.... Obviously, the reasons Google is giving for "sunsetting" iGoogle are not the real reasons. Many iGoogle lovers have already pointed out the discrepancies in Google's explanations, so I won't repeat them here. I'm going to assume the real reason involves money -- Google management must feel they're not getting enough bang for the buck from iGoogle. I would ask you to use your legendary Google imagination to find a way to make iGoogle more profitable instead of taking the lazy way out and just dropping it. If you force me to leave iGoogle, then I'm also going to leave YouTube, Gmail, Drive, and Picasa -- in case they eventually follow iGoogle to the chopping block. Google will have become another Microsoft to me -- a company to avoid whenever possible because it can't be trusted. Hopefully, smarter heads exist in the Google hierarchy above the bean counter who decided to kill iGoogle, and the smarter heads will prevail. If any of you who read this post have any suggestions concerning how to make iGoogle more profitable, please pass them on to Google. Thanks much...
Re: Update on iGoogle MasterMerck 7/5/12 5:47 AM
iGoogle has been a blessing over the years.  It has a single sign in for all of my Google products.  I am a Google Apps administrator and it is what all of my employees use as their home page.  A lot of power users use this page for organizing their information.  We are the family member that everyone asks which products, websites, and software to use.  Don't tick off these people.  It is counter productive as a profitable company.
Re: Update on iGoogle tgirardturner 7/5/12 5:56 AM
Unimpressed with Google's decision making skills.    And your alternative suggestions seem to indicate that you do not understand how many of your customers use iGoogle.  We're not ALL using iGoogle on mobile devices.   

iGoogle has been my homepage for several years.  It gives, at a glance, a snapshot of what's going on in my world (email, news, calendar).      And it does it well.  Why would you prefer to send your customers to a competitor for this service?     

Re: Update on iGoogle cetoken 7/5/12 5:57 AM
Pure idiocy.  "Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years".  Yeah, and so long and thanks for all the fish.

You might want to consider that iGoogle is the only reason many people use any other Google product.  I liked iGoogle so much that I switched to gMail from Yahoo.  

Looks like I might have to switch back.

Thank YOU, Google, for really sticking it to your customers.  Do no evil?  Sure, and do no good either.
Re: Update on iGoogle Saulius M 7/5/12 5:58 AM
Strange decision - dropping useful service people like without offering practical alternative. I use it as my homepage and have no idea how to replace it with something similar. Please reconsider.
Re: Update on iGoogle Pupida 7/5/12 6:00 AM
This is so not cool. Listen to your consumers!!! Firefox here I come! Or maybe it's back to Yahoo. Poo poo on you google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle RikkiTikkiTavi2 7/5/12 6:01 AM
Really annoying !!xxx!!xx. I spent a lot of time setting up multiple tabs to all of my common feeds and tools. The alternatives which have been suggested are not robust and are buggy. I know that a lot of people live on hand held devices, but a lot of us do not as well. My three big screens and my full size keyboard are not going anywhere in the near future.
Update on iGoogle WolfpackFan 7/5/12 6:03 AM
It is ironic. When I started out with computers Yahoo was my main search engine and I had setup a My Yahoo page. Now with this announcement I went back and checked my Yahoo page and it is still there. It pretty much does everything iGoogle does. So bye-bye Google, you have lost me as a customer. Somewhere along the way "Do No Evil" got switched to "Do Evil". The way you just drop products and change products with no regard as to how it effects people is wrong. From now on Yahoo will be my search engine. And to think I was seriously thinking about purchasing a Google Nexus 7. Not anymore.
Re: Update on iGoogle KewPhotographer 7/5/12 6:05 AM
Adding my voice to the chorus of No!
I consider this a betrayal of my years of support.

My faith in google as a brand is profoundly undermined by it's recent high handedness and this is a killer blow to my trust.

It used to be google's dependable consistency that kept me loyal but now my confidence in it's integrity is deeply shaken.

Bye fellas, I'm outa here
Re: Update on iGoogle PerryF 7/5/12 6:07 AM
I would hope that Google reconsiders this decision.  IGoogle has been an extremely useful application for me since 2005.  Just as others have posted, it allows us to view relevant organized information in one place.  A quick view of the world summarized to our specific needs and liking.  It also allows me to quickly view new Google products when they are launched.  Please reconsider this decision.   
Re: Update on iGoogle jaycarnes 7/5/12 6:12 AM
It's a shame that Google wants to retire a perfectly good service. I've been using this for years to check on my RSS feeds in a single place, as well as my Google Apps calendar and email.  What is Google's alternative to iGoogle?  Google+?  That site is a train-wreck. 
(unknown) 7/5/12 6:20 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/5/12 6:20 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/5/12 6:20 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Update on iGoogle Syogod 7/5/12 6:22 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle blfolb 7/5/12 6:23 AM
This decision is personally devastating, I care that a product I have come to depend to create a consistent interface to everything I work with from my 2 offices and my home computer is going away. It works.  I am especially irritated about the Google Bookmarks app disappearing, because the normal interface is horrible.  The app allows me to organize the large number of bookmarks that I use for work and training into a very usable structure.  In the native interface I will have to be scrolling around forever to get to anything, after of course clicking my way to the back of the back of your menus where you have also buried other worthwhile products like Scholar.  I suppose Books is only on the main drop box because you can sell books there. 

Like most people who need a consistent work environment and don't have a lot of extra time floating around to look for alternatives, migrate everything, and start all over, this is very off putting, and guarantees that I will look for any alternatives to Google products whenever possible. 

Clearly you are just turning into a giant Internet shopping site, and have dropped any pretense of being a serious work tool.
Re: Update on iGoogle oly2c 7/5/12 6:30 AM
It is obvious that the person or persons who made this decision do not use iGoogle.  What does this say about the calibre of the decision makers at Google when they don't use their own products!   I can only hope that such persons are rapidly shown the exit into the sunset before Google goes the way of all companies who don't know their own business and who loose their regard for their customers.
In the future this will be seen as the biggest corporate own goal ever. 

I already use Chrome with some Apps but it is inconceivable that this could be considered as a substitute for iGoogle. I'm not too keen on Netvibes but it will repay further investigation as will My Yahoo which I think will get my vote. I had already considered leaving Chrome which doesn't seem so reliable these days so I suspect for me it will be goodbye to Google except perhaps for Gmail. I already find Bing better than Google Earth for route planning.
Re: Update on iGoogle travis2375 7/5/12 6:34 AM
I feel just like everyone else. I am losing all my customized information on one page.  igoogle has been extremely useful to me and is the reason I left Microsoft for email and quit using their 'My msn' page (which is essentially just like igoogle).  I am most disappointed by the reasoning and alternatives for closing igoogle.  The notion that you can use a mobile device for what igoogle does suggests that Google is out of touch with how their customers use igoogle.  I have an Android phone and use it for everything, but it does not come close to providing me the information that igoogle does.  And if the need for igoogle has 'eroded over time' then why would we need until Nov. 2013 to adjust?!  I will be using Google products in the future only when absolutely necessary, as opposed to previously when I wanted to try anything Google put out.  Nexus 7 ?  I don't think so....at least not anymore.  Google should have handled this much better, actually providing an alternative to igoggle users, if you want us on Goggle+ , move igoggle there!  If you want us to use Chrome, (I am going to look at a different browser now since I already use Chrome, it might be next to get axed!) introduce an app that does what igoggle does first.  I am extremely disappointed in Goggle, I was a Goggle fan.
Re: Update on iGoogle Ronald Yap 7/5/12 6:35 AM
Hi, Conrad.
I'm writing to express my displeasure with the sunsetting of the iGoogle service in 16 months.
This is my main home page and is a great service to the Internet community.
It builds brand loyalty to Google as the dominant Internet company.

Stopping the service will fragment its valuable consolidation effect on the disparate sources of information on the Internet.
It will result in the eyeballs you want on Google based products going elsewhere.
It will also create incredible ill-will on the millions of users all over the world who use this service that will further damage your brand.

I for one will switch not to a Google service after it sunsets but to something like Flipbook on my iPad for consolidated news.

Just my 2 cents....If you want to continue to engage Google users to use Google products, don't sunset your good, useful products.

Re: Update on iGoogle mitchfortytwo 7/5/12 6:36 AM
Unfortunate decision. I've been using iGoogle as my homepage for years. Now I'll have to find a substitute for my desktop productivity.
Re: Update on iGoogle Kseiler 7/5/12 6:36 AM
Like all the other posts, I have been an iGoogle user for many years. It IS the reason I have adopted and used most of the google apps that exist on the PC.
Even when you are a technology driven business, sometimes you have to pay attention to what actual customers want in order to make the right decision.
At least with a 16 month time horizon there's plenty of room for other companies to come to the rescue.
Re: Update on iGoogle Doxielvr3 7/5/12 6:37 AM
I am upset as well. I did some looking around and realized that yahoo has a very similar thing to igoogle. It is called My Yahoo. Obviously Google doesn't want to keep those of us who have loyally used igoogle since they created it. So off to yahoo I go. I can pretty much access every news group I use on igoogle on it. I am keeping igoogle right this minute as my homepage but have added a tab on my toolbar to access my yahoo at a click.
Re: Update on iGoogle DarrylE 7/5/12 6:39 AM
Add me to the camp of disappointed igoogle users.  I use it everyday and on all my computers.
Very poor decision.  Google -
Re: Update on iGoogle Doxielvr3 7/5/12 6:40 AM
My Yahoo can be customized just like igoogle. Stupid move on Googles part. Now those of us who have been loyal followers of google will leave.
Re: Update on iGoogle Josh T 7/5/12 6:40 AM
This is really too bad, I'd hate to see iG go the way of the DoDo. Sure, I could set this all up in a RSS reader... but iG is handy and it's 1 or 2 clicks away from the rest of my Google services!
Re: Update on iGoogle tvnewswatch 7/5/12 6:47 AM
Extremely annoyed and angry at this decision by Google to shut down iGoogle. Please Google, reconsider this decision. iGoogle is the starting block for my and many others' Google search and Internet surfing every day. 

Serving both as an aggregator and a portal containing useful gadgets, it is extremely useful when using another computer whereby one may simply sign in to access all one's tools, gadgets and news feeds. 

Yes there are other home pages like those offered by Yahoo or Netvibes, but iGoogle is better integrated into Google apps such as maps, calendar etc. It loads fast, is clean and uncluttered and easy to use and reconfigure. 

Please don't just think of profit when cleaning out stuff. Google Health was abandoned supposedly because of poor take-up as was Property search in Google Maps, though poor advertising and a lack of a way to make money from these services no doubt contributed to their demise. 

PLEASE don't make iGoogle go the same way
Re: Update on iGoogle ridyer 7/5/12 6:48 AM
Unbelievable!!!  I will be "focusing my energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference" for your competitors.  Goodbye Google search engine; Goodbye Android; Goodbye Chrome; Goodbye Gmail, google voice, google earth and everything else than has a google affliation.  You have abandoned the very people that made Google successful.  This arrogance will begin your decline.
Re: Update on iGoogle jmfgegr 7/5/12 6:51 AM
This is incredibly disappointing.  I use iGoogle as my internet launch page.  I rarely ever visit the internet without visiting iGoggle first.  In fact, I recently persuaded a few family members and friends to setup their iGoogle page to consolidate news, email, interests all in one view.  This seems very shortsighted on the part of Google. 

Without iGoogle, I will look to completely drop google all together and use alternatives.  Now is a great opportunity for other companies out there to pick up the ball that Google has clearly dropped.
Re: Update on iGoogle Lefty923 7/5/12 6:53 AM
Don't do it Google, I use it every day all day. You could even go farther and improve it. 
Re: Update on iGoogle rejmarch 7/5/12 6:55 AM
do as i will do right now, get the MyYahoo home page, it's even better than Igoogle.  We can't trust google anymore,  they introduce a product , then kill it a few years after.   this move will help yahoo live a bit longer i hope. As to google, well,  they want to  remove my home page , then I'll remove them from my life...  Well almost  they never stop t5racking my every move on the internet,  they really start to get on my nerve.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jamie1313 7/5/12 6:57 AM
If Google wants to do this then it's their choice.  If they bother reading these comments though I think they'll think twice.
What better way for Google to drive traffic to their products than by having a home page where everything launches from and accesses everything Google?  So what better way to kill off that traffic than by killing off this very usefull and utlized product?
I (and many many others like me) will merely use another product  - and it won't be Google Chrome - it'll be a competitor of Google.  If they want to drive us way, they can do that.  By the way, I seriously doubt I'll ever use Google+ again.  Everything that I use and want to use is on iGoogle right now.  By killing it off would pretty much cut off Google for me.
It means I should probably dump my stock in Google as well because clearly Google isn't listening to their customers anymore.
Look, iGoogle is a great product.  If they want to kill it off, then so be it.  Somebody will fill this void.   So I guess it's time to start checking out the competition.  Hmmm, let me see what Bing has to say about Personalized Home Pages.
Re: Update on iGoogle wvuzero 7/5/12 6:58 AM
Do not kill iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle David S. T. 7/5/12 6:58 AM
Seriously what is wrong with google??  They used to be the best at so many things now they're trying really hard at pissing customers off.   I love chrome but in no way is it an igoogle alternative.  bad decision google. 
Re: Update on iGoogle BillyGibs 7/5/12 7:01 AM
Please reconsider this decision.  iGoogle is my most-used Google product.
Re: Update on iGoogle herbsandspices 7/5/12 7:02 AM
Google should be following a new slogan to guide them through decisions: "Don't be stupid"

This is a huge bummer.
Re: Update on iGoogle DrJay11111 7/5/12 7:04 AM
I am blown away that some Google Product Manager would make the decision to get rid of the best home page out there.  I can see my Google Reader, Stock Quotes on Google Finance, Twitter Updates, Gmail, et al on one page.  What is the alternative?  To go back to MSN as my main home page. Give us a break.  For all of the people like me who are upset, iGoogle is a major part or our daily workflow.  Please don't kill it.
Re: Update on iGoogle AAAAAAHHHH 7/5/12 7:05 AM
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Owaki_Paru 7/5/12 7:12 AM
Just took a look at msn bing, which also have customized search page like igoogle. It looks pretty well designed too. The only problem is, it cannot link to my gmail account, I guess this will be the reason of changing to hotmail rather than using gmail. Google, trust me! There are lots of people like me who are using igoogle because they can use gmail. If people like me cannot use igoogle, why keep using gmail? You will definitely lose lots of customers just because igoogle is related to lots of sub-products. Please do not be stupid!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle JChrys 7/5/12 7:16 AM
Thank you for supporting iGoogle over the years.
This is what we get? Really?
You know, after all the years of mostly little-to-no response, this does not really not surprise me. Sadden me, but not surprise me.
When the bright sunny day of you all finally figuring out you need some PR help happens, please let us know. 'course, there may not be any of us here by that point...



Re: Update on iGoogle gyleg5 7/5/12 7:17 AM
With this move you are giving Yahoo a huge advantage by having a customizable homepage when you don't.  If I no longer have iGoogle I will switch to MyYahoo where their widgets will eventually cause me to give up my gmail, google calendar, reader, and other google products that yahoo has and MyYahoo will provide easy access to.  If you are focusing more on cars and navigation, fine.  But this move is going to really hurt your web presence.
Re: Update on iGoogle Pablo Flores 7/5/12 7:18 AM
This is a GIANT mistake.  

In iGoogle you created a product that has unique features and whose use guarantees the use of many additional Google products.

Reread that last part again.  Your decision to "sunset" iGoogle will impact many other Google products.  That's the point of a portal or home page.  To feed you into other products.

This decision will cause a chain reaction.  You will force people to stop using iGoogle and they in turn will stop using many of your other products.

Did anyone really think this through?

You mention other Google products that might replace iGoogle but you know they're not even close.  

The true replacement of iGoogle will come from your competitors.

This makes no business sense at all.  Who's idea was this?
Re: Update on iGoogle newman2728 7/5/12 7:24 AM
Totally. Google, bad move
Re: Update on iGoogle joebrady 7/5/12 7:25 AM
Please don't kill it!  I use it everyday to consolidate all my must see daily information!
Re: Update on iGoogle Hersch 7/5/12 7:27 AM
I was disappointed when Google discontinued their Firefox browser synch widget.

I was disappointed again when they discontinued Google Notepad.

I am again disappointed by the decision to discontinue iGoogle. 

I have been a daily user of this feature since it was introduced and can't imagine my web experience without it.  I don't use anything resembling a smart phone and don't know of any browser widgets that can come close to providing the up to date information that I receive at a glance from iGoogle.  iGoogle took all of the Google services that I use every day and tied them all together.  Without this synergy it will become very ponderous to navigate my Google account.
Re: Update on iGoogle MickyMc 7/5/12 7:29 AM
I feel the same as others.  I wake up to my igoogle home page with all the news links and gmail and google calendar.  Why would you get rid of this?
Re: Update on iGoogle Dirac 7/5/12 7:30 AM
This is an appalling decision.  The iGoogle pages allows a continuous, and updated, presentation of relevant information all of which could be accessed with a single click.  The use of apps does not provide a single page with all the information continuously refreshed.  

The decision appears to assume that all users will only access google on a small mobile screen.  The use of large displays will also grow as the internet and TV merge.  App style interfaces are a very limited way of supporting this interface.

If this proceeds I shall "sunset" my interactions with Google.

Re: Update on iGoogle HonkeyDonk 7/5/12 7:30 AM
You meant to say..."Make a profit" not "Make a difference"....how stupid do you think people are.
Re: Update on iGoogle ivan.edelman 7/5/12 7:34 AM
Why is Google doing this?  I have used the iGoogle homepage as my portal to the web.  I cannot see what will replace this for me.  I simply don't understand the decision making process that reached this conclusion.  If this actually happens I will do everything in my power to not use any Google products on the web.  If Google follows through with this it will show that Google doesn't give a damn about us.
Re: Update on iGoogle barcolaw 7/5/12 7:34 AM
I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said by others.  JUST DON'T KILL iGOOGLE!
Re: Update on iGoogle mongusa 7/5/12 7:34 AM
I use iGoogle everyday. If iGoogle goes away, I guarantee I won't use anymore Google products, ever.
Re: Update on iGoogle HonkeyDonk 7/5/12 7:36 AM
What you meant to say was "Make the most money" not "Make a difference".  How stupid do you think people are, seriously.
Re: Update on iGoogle PimJ 7/5/12 7:36 AM
Nope, I do not like this decision at all. I use iGoogle on a daily basis and now you are taking it away. I strongly urge you to reconsider. Also, I see this as a confirmation that Google does not put its users first. I am glad that I never switched to Chrome, because I never trusted it being developed by Google. You response to the loud outcry by many, many users will determine how I will deal with your company in the future. If you show respect, I will respect you. If not, I will not respect you anymore either and not use Google anymore.
Re: Update on iGoogle Gary Allman 7/5/12 7:37 AM
Check out http://www.protopage.com I've moved all my stuff over to them already, and although the widgets are a bit flaky at the moment, I'm  enjoying using it so far.
Re: Update on iGoogle barcolaw 7/5/12 7:39 AM
That's good to know.  Maybe if everyone using igoogle switches to bing or some similar service, and switches to their browser, google will get the message.
Re: Update on iGoogle mongusa 7/5/12 7:40 AM
They are doing this because want people to PAY for iGoogle. First they say "we're going to take it away", then predictable public outrage, then they say "Well, if you really, really want it, will bring it back. But you have to SUBSCRIBE to it." Google, what happened to "Don't be evil." This is really kind of evil, and sneaky too.
Re: Update on iGoogle gipester 7/5/12 7:42 AM
This is a really bad idea. iGoogle is my main dashboard at work and at home. I get all my news feeds, email, calendar and more. I'm shocked that Google would make such a damaging decision. This is almost enough for me to abandon Google products alltogether. I don't need a Google phone, I need iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle Mytha 7/5/12 7:45 AM
Not making your public happy here, Conrad.  The thing that gets me, is there isn't a reasonable replacement, dropping the Google Video is a no-brainer, but then you have YouTube.  I guess somehow iGoogle doesn't make money for you, but it does generate customer loyalty and goodwill - wait till you see the price tag on throwing those away!
Re: Update on iGoogle SummerRidge46112 7/5/12 7:46 AM
I use iGoogle for various accounts, each configured for a specific situation. The Chrome option does not provide the same functionality. I switched to Google products because of iGoogle. I guess I have 16 months to plan and execute my departure from Google products. I would prefer that Google would reconsider and determine to continue support for iGoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle Bjer 7/5/12 7:47 AM
Does "make a difference" equate to "make money"?

Maybe iGoogle brings in no revenue directly, but it does give me a place to start my web browsing every day, and keeps me connected to Google. For years I've been using more and more Google products, and love the new Google Drive. But without a place to start, such as iGoogle, my loyalty might be tested.

If you're not going to keep iGoogle, at least offer an alternative. I have no idea what else I'd use for start page.

Re: Update on iGoogle HonkeyDonk 7/5/12 7:48 AM
Thanks.  Took a look and will definitely keep it in mind as a Home Page.  Can't stand Yahoo.
Re: Update on iGoogle Technolaguy 7/5/12 7:48 AM
I am saddened by the loss of the Igoogle portal.  It is a truly useful product that acted as a gateway to the rest of your products.  I add my voice to the others wishing that you keep it.  It will be a sad day 16 months from now.
Re: Update on iGoogle z9t4aj 7/5/12 7:48 AM
 i use igoogle on my desktop w/air card connection and igoogle on my laptop.  igoogle mobil will end july 31 this year.  what is igoogle mobile? and will this mobile igoogle affect my desktop or laptop use?
Re: Update on iGoogle Skiermatt 7/5/12 7:49 AM
The sunsetting of iGoogle appears to me as a huge disconnect between the actual value that users experience and the perceived value that it represents to Google, IOW, iGoogle is far more important to Google users than you think.  I know of many, many people (myself included) who use iGoogle as a portal to all things important to them, including several Google apps.

Google, you need to seriously reconsider this decision.  You are effectively removing an important way that people access your technology.
Re: Update on iGoogle DekonR 7/5/12 7:54 AM
You are going to force people away from the Google world if you kill iGoogle. 

People like things front and center and seeing lots of information at once at a glance, and not having to load a separate tab for each task. iGoogle is currently the only way to do this within the Google realm.  Right now I have iGoogle as my homepage and only kick over to yahoo to check my inbox on my yahoo account.  I can guarantee on November 1, 2013, I will be setting my homepage to MyYahoo and only kick over to Google to check my Google Inbox.

I will probably stop using Google Calendar because it won't be right there.  I'll be using my yahoo email account more often.  Yahoo will be getting Ad revenue from when I shop through my Gadgets like SlickDeals and Woot.

I beg you... Redesign iGoogle if you need to, but don't kill it.  I truly believe it's used more than you think.
Re: Update on iGoogle Emeye 7/5/12 7:57 AM
Why can I not unsubscribe from this Group WHATEVER I try. HELPPPPPPP. My gmail account is being flooded with every reply to this thread. I've tried leaving the group, rejoining then leaving the group. requesting an unsubscribe and receiving confirmation I have unsubscribed, but still the emails come. Please, I've had to turn off Gmail sync on my phone as it is constantly updating!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle Emeye 7/5/12 8:00 AM
Still the emails are coming!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle geekwithsoul 7/5/12 8:01 AM
I've used iGoogle daily since it was first offered. It is my default homepage on all three of the computers I use regularly, and is my primary access to all Google services. Please reconsider this decision. I understand you probably want to kill it to help bolster Google+ (and help make that the default entry into Google products), but  there's no reason you couldn't incorporate it into Google+ is there? You have an interface that works with iGoogle, so why abandon it? You have users that are happy withit so why abandon them? This decision seems poorly considered and tone-deaf regarding what your long-time users actually want from you. Come up with an alternative or fix iGoogle, but don't abandon it -- that's not the kind of decision a company like Google should be making. If iGoogle goes, you can pretty much count on me leaving as well.
Re: Update on iGoogle David S. T. 7/5/12 8:03 AM
Emeye, I don't know how to do it from a phone but on a computer go to google groups -- manage memberships -- uncheck receive emails from topics I reply to. 
Re: Update on iGoogle alchuchu 7/5/12 8:05 AM

this decision really saddens me, I use iGoogle from the start and use it everyday on all of my comp. at home or at work. It's my portal to internet. It's basically this service which made me use several service of Google. There is no (good) alternative to this service right now and saying to use Chrome with addons is a joke.

I deeply hope you will reconsider this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle DeathQuaker 7/5/12 8:10 AM
Joining the throng: please don't get rid of this. Despite your claims of this being obsolete, I cannot think of any service that would duplicate what iGoogle does for me and thousands if not millions of users. Maybe you have a replacement service in mind, but the announcement does not suggest that.

Like many, getting rid of iGoogle would just result in my using Google's services less often--not more.

The assumption of Smartphone use as a reason for iGoogle's obsolescence is heavily flawed. Only 1/3 of adults and less than half of Americans in total own them, and a much small percentage use the services you claim are making iGoogle irrelevant (I don't know the statistics worldwide). Certainly I can understand wanting to appeal to a younger market who may use Smartphones more and will be customers longer, but you also don't want to turn away the adults who control the pocketbooks. I cannot begin to fathom what happened during the marketing "research" chicanery that informed Google this would be a good idea.

Google became renowned for its innovative software and incredibly useful utilities, and for a long time I've been a proud user of them. Now it seems to be developing a reputation for fixing what isn't broken and little else.
Re: Update on iGoogle ChromeSucks 7/5/12 8:15 AM

Google's statement about the end of igoogle mentions being able to customize Chrome.
I  H A T E  having any every download from the net asking me to install chrome, or the toolbar.
and now this is just another way to force more people to use Chrome.

That alone is all the reason i will not use it.
besides the fact that chrome is NOT any faster, and is a bigger pain to control certain preferences, add-ons,
external programs, organizing my bookmarks, and my bank doesn't like it.  security, can only sign in with
ie or firefox.

For a long time I have kept two tabs for homepage, iGoogle and My Yahoo.
I use and like a lot more of Yahoos services anyway.

I would rather use bing / msn or even AOL than be Forced to use chrome.
Re: Update on iGoogle rlacroix8 7/5/12 8:21 AM
As suggested I have tried the Google Web page..... Please do NOT discontinue iGoogle.


Richard Lacroix 
Re: Update on iGoogle Ward D. 7/5/12 8:29 AM
Please do not discontinue iGoogle! I have used it since the beginning and nothing comes close to the usefullness to having everything in one tab! I am a paying storage customer for years and hope you recondider your decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle knhuff 7/5/12 8:34 AM
Also joining in
I use my PC 7 days a week. I use iGoogle every time I open Chrome. If so many people like me use this on a daily basis, why kill it? Leave it up for those of of us that enjoy it and use it. I can't imagine why leaving it up would be a problem to you. You mentioned alternatives for mobile devices. I do not have a smart phone and no plans to get one. I've looked through the app store and see some interesting things, but not everything I use now.
Please leave iGoogle up!

Re: Update on iGoogle DDStuff 7/5/12 8:40 AM
What a good way to outright kill your selfs out of maintaining iGoogle.

Love iGoogle, but if this is gone then well, less google searches may happen.

I am sure some people agree with this (or not) about this.

Why not make an iGoogle App that uses Web 3.0 tech? Heck, make it work on multiple platforms would make this great.

But don't shove "Use Chrome" down our throats, it is getting old.
Re: Update on iGoogle joepa2012 7/5/12 8:44 AM
Please don't make me go back to using My Yahoo as my home page!  I switched to iGoogle years ago and found a much more pleasant experience, one that seamlessly integrated with the products I use most like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.  Keep iGoogle!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle badgerbabe 7/5/12 8:45 AM
This is a big mistake.  I have set up my igooglepages so I can use-a link and display every thing I need.  I hate to think that I will have to start a new home page that will not be as good as igoogle, and eventually I might have to use other services for all that I use in google services. Reconsider!  Sherri Beadles
Re: Update on iGoogle pmill35 7/5/12 8:47 AM
What an unpleasant surprise. I would never have guessed that Mark Zuckerberg had taken over Google. Let's just make the changes we like and screw the user.

To help move along the erosion, I'm changing my default search to Bing.
Re: Update on iGoogle markpererin 7/5/12 8:49 AM
This really is a strange decision on Google's part.  Like many people, I use iGoogle for my home page and it holds all the bits of information from diverse sources.  Rather then abandoning iGoogle, it should be something that Google is promoting as one of the benefits of using Google.  I have an iPad and Apple have nothing to compare with it.  iGoogle is my home page on my iPad too.
Re: Update on iGoogle Brian K. 7/5/12 8:51 AM
Another active iGoogle user here, this is an upsetting change.  All I can say is if you think this will boost my google+ usage you're very sadly mistaken, nobody I know uses that service and frankly I hate the social web and do not want to see what someone's coffee barista did for them that morning.  F - that.

You guys nixed notepad last year which I thought was great and was also a source of frustration being replaced with the crappy alternative "google docs" which was a non-alternative that doesn't offer nearly the same functionality, basically you ditched those users to OneNote or Evernote, which I'm sure were glad to pick up some new users.

If something has TRULY failed I could see getting rid of it, but I can't believe iGoogle was one of these services...  Just chalk it up to the fact that most people don't use a web-dash because most people are barely computer literate and know how to type "google.com"  -- which isn't meant to be an insult to these people, priorities aren't always the same between people, but it doesn't mean that because your iGoogle population dwarfs all of google users, that you must bin iGoogle, that's a horrible way to analyze the situation.

I don't know how else to put it other than Google really is out of touch with it's users, if you nix Reader next, I'll likely stop using google services other than search as they are unreliable.
Re: Update on iGoogle Dystronic 7/5/12 8:52 AM
I disagree with your decision to remove iGoogle. I use and interact with the widgets I've installed on on an hourly basis, which keeps me using your search engine to run queries. If you want to pull a flop off the shelf, start with circles and leave iGoogle alone.!!!!!!
Re: Update on iGoogle heenan73 7/5/12 8:55 AM
I really don't know why you are all debating this.

No-one at Google reads your comments

No-one at Google cares what you think.

No-one at Google dares argue with the new policy - "Force All Customers To Use G+"

If YOU care about iGoogle, sign the petition at http://goo.gl/DcXR3 - it won't change anything, but at least Google may get the public humiliation they deserve for treating their customers with contempt
Re: Update on iGoogle LivinOne 7/5/12 8:56 AM
Basically what Conrad is saying is"...we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference (MONEY)"

without iGoogle I will simply start using Microsoft's page and Bing search. It is just as good as Google's search and in some cases (bird's eye view) Bing maps are better.

Google spends money buying companies and then spending time on those products that very few people use... then they must cut cost and thus they kill products people actually like and use... iGoogle, Picnik, etc.

Google is no longer a "Do no Evil" company... they ARE the Evil now.

It is a bit funny... Google took the reigns from Microsoft because Google was innovating on the Internet and Microsoft was not. Now, Microsoft does 100x the innovation vs Google, in all areas of technology, and Google is more evil than Microsoft. How things change.

Re: Update on iGoogle iPad001 7/5/12 8:56 AM
Conrad - I have not heard a good reason to close iGoogle. What I have heard is corporate pr-speak which is simultaneously meaningless and law-suit savvy. if there is another product that will give folks a similar but better iGoogle experience, then show us. "Biggest potential to make a difference" ? What is that supposed to mean exactly?

GOOG have obviously failed to understand the widespread usage and reliance on iGoogle, they've created an army of disenfranchised netizens, nice job!
Re: Update on iGoogle rejmarch 7/5/12 8:58 AM
This thread is a duplicate,  why don't you lock it also,  while you're at it,  why not lock the whole damn thing...     
Re: Update on iGoogle ralphcatalano 7/5/12 8:59 AM
I could not agree more!  Dropping iGoogle is just nuts.  Google+ will remain a mystery to half your users and they will migrate away.  Stop talking to each other and listen to your customers!
Re: Update on iGoogle TSKF 7/5/12 8:59 AM
Crazy, just plain crazy.  Surely you can see how many people use this on a daily (evening hourly!) basis.  Will have no option but to go elsewhere for my homepage unless you reverse this ludicrous decision!  Listen to your users!

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Re: Update on iGoogle astj 7/5/12 9:01 AM
thank you for supporting igoogle over the years.   you got a stupid way of showing your appreciation for the support you have been given . if i were you,i would not go through with this idiotic decision:retiring igoogle. all of the users supported igoogle over the years     maybe you need to do the same for us by not taking igoogle   away from us.   if you still go through with this stupid decision,you are not welcome for the support.
Re: Update on iGoogle Kallemia 7/5/12 9:03 AM
Really very sad to hear about this. iGoogle serves a purpose still for those of us who live in our browsers, but who don't like/need Google+. We really need functionality that iGoogle provides. Very shoddy of Google to abandon us like this.
Re: Update on iGoogle StinkyMcFartpants 7/5/12 9:04 AM
Google make Stinky cry  :(
Re: Update on iGoogle Katarn32 7/5/12 9:12 AM
PLEASE don't kill iGoogle. I use it every single day both on the PC and the mobile version on my phone!
Re: Update on iGoogle RickChurch 7/5/12 9:17 AM
Believe that Google is making a mistake with retiring iGoogle. My entire family uses it as their home page. We will have to
find something else...most likely will not use Google as a home page.

Also, the announcement seems to be focused on mobile use of iGoogle. I only use iGoogle on my PC.
Re: Update on iGoogle malischon 7/5/12 9:20 AM
Hi Conrad,

Just to let you know I am highly UPSET that you are taking away IGOOGLE.  I use IGOOGLE homepage everyday at work for all my work purposes as the widgets on the customizable page have expedited my work progress throughout the day every day.  What GOOGLE is doing is not fair and will impact very many thousands of people in a highly negative way.  IGOOGLE was one reason I bought a GOOGLE NEXUS PHONE, because of the technology and the ability to customize everything.  Please take into consideration to reconsider such a rotten descision.  If this continues to go through with out any word on bringing it back I will be forced to find other avenues for a homepage and it will not have anything to with Google.  Further more when my contract is up I will close down my Google profile including Gmail and move everything over to Apple and get a IPhone and IPad.  I already have on layaway for the Google Tablet, however I will be pulling that this week and will not make a choice until there is final word on this IGOOGLE decision.  If that is not overturned I will and I promise you I WILL be buying a IPAD and not using GOOGLE as my browser search.

Please reconsider and a response would be appreciated.

Thank You,
Re: Update on iGoogle CBinding 7/5/12 9:23 AM
I, along with many others here it seems, hope you reconsider this decision.
I too use iGoogle on a desktop every day. It was one of the main decisions behind using Gmail as my primary personal email account and still remains my primary source of all Google-related information. It has been my homepage on every laptop/desktop I have used for many years.
Chrome is not an alternative option, particularly in the workplace where I am locked down to IE. I don't care about mobile options, as I am on a desktop/laptop. I have apps a-plenty for mobile use anyhow.
Re: Update on iGoogle lamberticus1 7/5/12 9:24 AM
This is crap. At least supply your users with a viable alternative product.
Re: Update on iGoogle Kroll1 7/5/12 9:25 AM
I cannot beleive you will close down IGoogle!
It is the ONLY startpage with a meaning and the functions it has.
The other products you suggest we use instead, have absolutely NO interest!
Like many others, I seriously consider to leave any Google product I use!
Re: Update on iGoogle freemans 7/5/12 9:25 AM
This is the only thing I have used as my homepage since 2005. I don't know what I would do without it.
Re: Update on iGoogle PDX photoman 7/5/12 9:31 AM
This is one of the most incomprehensible, dunderheaded business decisions I've ever seen. Would a retailer decide to continue doing business while locking its front door and advising people to find a side entrance? Why would Google kill a product that is the organizing principle for all its other products? You need to stop serving alcohol in the board room.
Re: Update on iGoogle LivinOne 7/5/12 9:32 AM
People... go check out MY.MSN.COM

it does most of what iGoogle does (not all) but if all the old iGoogle users move over there, I suspect more widgets will be built
Re: Update on iGoogle Syogod 7/5/12 9:33 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle rmau61 7/5/12 9:37 AM
If Google were offering and "great new update or alternative to iGoogle" as my personal home page that'd be just fine. But as I read the announcement there nothing to replace the single product.
All that really means is that I find an alternative. What it also means is I find an alternative that isn't Google. Particularly as Google become a Chrome/Android Shop to the exclusion of all else.

My question is, has Google become so supremely arrogant to believe that people can not live without them and/or that there are no alternatives??
Just in case - I'll remind Google - there are plenty. It's probably the kindest thing Google have done for Yahoo, Bing and even Facebook in some time.

The argument could go that it's just change. Something I made a living promoting. But it seems to be a cynical grab to make the world "more Google". 
Re: Update on iGoogle unit_wfy 7/5/12 9:47 AM
I still do not see how getting rid of iGoogle improves my Google experience...? ? ?
Re: Update on iGoogle johnnytoot 7/5/12 9:52 AM
Well, that's certainly very disappointing. iGoogle is the most useful site I have on my computer. There is a lot to be said for having this dashboard type interface where I can quickly scan email, calendars, news headlines, weather, sports, and most important of all, click on saved bookmarks that are categorized. As I understand the alternatives presented, I now need to have about 15 tabs open all day to have the same information almost at my fingertips. This is not a very user-friendly move. Is it really that intensive for Google to maintain this functionality? Is this really going to streamline your core operations in a way that makes a difference to your company?  
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 9:57 AM
Agreed. W/O iGoogle, I'd have to find another calendar as I can't find a specific widget for that in something like #NetVibes. W/O iGoogle, I can't preview my gmail, so why use gmail. W/O iGoogle, I can't see my gchat, nor who's available to chat. So, once again, why use a Google product if I can't bring them all together? 

If it's just about lack of compatibility w/ phones, I think I'd reconsider. Some of us still use computers.
Re: Update on iGoogle Jagger79 7/5/12 9:57 AM
Using multiple tabs as you're alternative as suggested does not fly. I need a single dashboard for my internet activities (like iGoogle). As a shareholder and heavy Google user this doesn't sit well with me. You're making a huge mistake as I will be looking at other non Google alternatives. 
Re: Update on iGoogle rebel7254 7/5/12 9:58 AM
Seriously....how much of a drain on Google's resources can maintaining iGoogle possibly be?  Lame.
Re: Update on iGoogle OldAndTired 7/5/12 10:02 AM
Having read all 976 posts I think I can summarize the user sentiment as "are you out of your frigging mind?"  You say you want to focus on products that WILL make a difference.  How about products that HAVE made a difference?
Re: Update on iGoogle CBinding 7/5/12 10:02 AM
you know...to add to my earlier post...it's been great being able to read the additional comments provided here, at a glance, while not impacting my work routine.
Guess how I'm doing that? Oh yeah...Gmail previewed through iGoogle. But you knew that before making such a decision, right? Right?
Re: Update on iGoogle crutter 7/5/12 10:02 AM
for a bunch of genius' working at Google, getting rid of iGoogle sure is a dumb idea.
my hunch is it is financially related since the reasoning for shutting down is vague and sheds not real insight into why.
Re: Update on iGoogle Winelover19 7/5/12 10:03 AM
Please reconsider this decision.  I don't want to have to use MSN or Yahoo or Excite for my home page.  I don't have a smartphone but I use iGoogle as my main start page on every computer I use and have separate accounts for home and work as the topics and sites I want to use are different in each place.  I use Reader and quite a few different news gadgets on each, entertainment and gaming gadgets at home.  Keep iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:04 AM
h) Google Calendar
i) Google Chat
j) Google Notes via LabPixies

My personal portal to Google+ Seriously. If Google+ wasn't on my homepage, I wouldn't be using it.

I'm glad Google is giving us some time, but if you don't come up w/ something similar for us to use, or, if we've spent lots of time migrating to another product, you may lose a bunch of us. I've already started searching using DuckDuckGo since you've so tweaked my search results that I can't be certain I'm getting good information.

Re-think that, please.
Re: Update on iGoogle danya77 7/5/12 10:04 AM
I am disappointed to learn that Google plans on stopping igoogle home page device. Like the rest of the people who have posted in this forum, I have found igoogle to be an extremely useful product. There isn't really anything quote as useful as having all one's essential information--email, news, weather, and others--in one place. For people like myself that don't see mobile apps as a replacement for apps on home computers, this is not a good sign. I am also disappointed that Google has offered no alternatives for people currently using igoogle. Perhaps Google wants igoogle users to try out the homepage services at other companies such as Yahoo or other competitors?

I strongly encourage Google to reconsider its decision, or at the very least offer another product to take the place of igoogle. If it doesn't do so, it might just mean people like myself will be forced to use Google less and other competitors more. 
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:05 AM
Agreed. I spend 8 hours daily on my computer at work. I go to iGoogle to start any action. I spend A LOT less time using Google on my phone. Don't leave me hanging.
Re: Update on iGoogle gazinho 7/5/12 10:08 AM
``sunsetting iGoogle´´ , ``we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference´´?
How about the fact I use it as my homepage and reference it many times daily.
The most useful way of collating access to info.
For me it makes ``a
difference´´ every day...
A truly bad decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:09 AM
My reaction immediately. Just because a million fewer people are using it doesn't mean that the trillion that are should be kicked in the balls. (yeah, I bet it's pretty damned high considering all the gritching I'm seeing on Twitter from my foreign friends.)
Re: Update on iGoogle elcentenario 7/5/12 10:09 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle orangeupurple 7/5/12 10:12 AM
I am a little shocked because I always saw iGoogle as the central home of my online users . . . Each email account had its own dashboard, useful in every occasion and everywhere in the world . . . wherever I was I could find my base . . So, today, I add my voice in protest against this move yet I will move on myself in a search for a comfortable home page!

This distresses me further because I have a blog, my photos and documents through Google, and I worry that these items will become unsupported someday like iGoogle . . . it takes away my faith in Google. Is Gmail Chat disappearing also? I thought I saw something regarding that . . . Chat is something I use consistently . .
Re: Update on iGoogle Toran911 7/5/12 10:13 AM
It is really very simple Google knows exactly how many users use IGoogle as their homepage and has decided there is not enough revenue stream to keep this product alive.  As you can see there are no commericial type activities on your page.  No advertisements, links etc, therefore no revenue.  It may be the beginning of your day, the beginning of your news, the start of your search and actually one of the best products for you to bring all your information together in one page.  But all in all Google is in the business to make money, as they said most of the products you use will still be available but instead of one tab you or like me would end up with 12 tabs to get all the information I look at.  So what do we do, basically like I will do, shop around look for a new homepage, change email addresses, change where I get my news, etc, etc....
In the end Google will determine their mistake.  As the email users drop, the searches thru Google, the number of hits on a paticular link, advertisements, etc begin to fall, because we all know you hit on a link to read a news story, you see a advertisement, click on it, Google gets paid these will go away as you will now hit on a link on another competitors web site to read the same story and see the same advertisement.  I am already looking for a replacement homepage whether I continue to use Google products on that page is still to be determined.
I am in the same opinon as I would say most IGoogle users are, this is a sad day when Google determines a product that is so widely used and loved by its users can not be saved due to we are focusing our energy on the products with the biggest potential to make a difference yet products like Panoramio, Trends, Scholar, etc are still alive in which I have never used and will probably never use.  I wonder if Google has lost its focus and should be focusing on how to make IGoogle better and more attractive to other users as no other search engine has anything that comes close to IGoogle in my opinion.
My vote is to save IGoogle as I use it everytime I open my web browser.....
Re: Update on iGoogle paulvgb 7/5/12 10:13 AM
Well another Google surprise. I don't use Google on my phone, except for mail. I use it as my homepage on my computer, and through that I have been introduced and now use most other Google products. It's the first thing I look at every morning, all I want on one page, very handy.

I think you are making a mistake, but I am sure your competitors will fill the gap right away, and you will loose me as a Google user. As everything is linked to my iGoogle page (webcams, fin. links, news, weather, top stories BBC, CBC, Globe and Mail, Dutch newspapers etc.), when Google decides to remove iGoogle there won't be any reason for me to stick to Google items as fianancial, Picassa foto's, Google news, gmail, Google maps, Google World, all of which I was introduced to through iGoogle.

This is a good way to get rid of loyal users, and a substantial share of your advertising revenue. Keep it up to antagonize your users, the surest way to an early demise. When you springclean, you don't throw out part of the house.
Re: Update on iGoogle GigaMegaWatts 7/5/12 10:15 AM
How many Google employees were devoted to iGoogle -- given the lack of enhancements of changes in the API, I can't believe there were more than a few.   The ratio of iGoogle users to Google employees must be very high.  

You're ticking off tens of thousands of users to free up a few employees, and driving away 1000s of Gadget developers to other platforms.  Not Googly.

Re: Update on iGoogle Kenshin007 7/5/12 10:17 AM
Please don't end iGoogle.com I also use as my home page,  It is setup so i can see at a glance the news I want to read. which I can see also on my iPad. no need to scroll.

Tried the suggestions.

News- too much info causes distraction, news items not interested (top stories), have to scroll down to see my selections. Big and small fonts also a distraction.

Google Play - that is android OS, won't work on an iPad.

ChromeWeb Store- Why do I have "purchase"?.  Also won't work on an iPad.

Is this how Google is going to force end users to buy their products? i.e.  Android OS platform.
Re: Update on iGoogle ageice 7/5/12 10:19 AM
Good suggestion.  So far, I've been able to find all of the widgets I usually use.  Thanks!  May as well just start using Bing while I'm at it.
Re: Update on iGoogle Axelkjz2 7/5/12 10:21 AM
This is a shortsighted decision.  Clearly many of your users are reliant on the comprehensive personalization allowed by iGoogle.  That's certainly why I have used it and promoted it's use.  I wish companies like Facebook and Google would run testing on ideas like this, maybe even wait until they have softened users up by showing us your planned replacement tool, letting us play with it a while, and then asking for feedback, before making such unilateral decisions.  I have less faith in using any new tool Google develops because I simply cannot rely on it's continuing availability and reliability.  You do yourself a great disservice making decisions this way.

It's a very good tool, across platforms, and makes my work and home life much easier to manage because of the integration of tools it provides.  I will be looking for someone else's solution to that problem now. 

I've been a loyal user, wish I you were a loyal provider. 
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:21 AM
Agreed. I use calendar, gmail, chat, news -- all Google products-- because of IGoogle. I cannot pull these into any other aggregater except for gmail. What, then, is the use of having Google products at all. I may even trade in my Android phone. Since, it also, is not being supported.
Re: Update on iGoogle teacherjimw 7/5/12 10:23 AM
You are killing me Google. As a technology integration specialist in a school system iGoogle is one of your many products I have teachers and students using to make their lives easier. Now I will have to retrain them and deal with frustrated staff and students. My wife will be very upset when I tell here she will have not have the little fox to look at everyday. :-(
Unless you offer a Google+  front page you will loose many customers who a depend on a one stop shopping front page to get their connection to the WWW.
Re: Update on iGoogle bobby.abe 7/5/12 10:25 AM
Google. I love most all of what you do. But this one is wrong.

I've come to love using iGoogle as my home page with quick access to my favorite RSS feeds to keep in the know with what is going on in the tech world. There is no simple replacement for this. Not Google Reader, nor Google+.

So it's like this. Either keep it...or I may likely end up using Yahoo's equivalent. I don't WANT to do that by any means. But if I have to go back to a Yahoo account for my daily dose of information...then so be it.

Please keep iGoogle.

-A Loyal Googler-
Re: Update on iGoogle quelinda1 7/5/12 10:26 AM
This is a bad decision. You state that you are focusing on the products that have the greatest change to make a difference. What about the difference of something that is user friendly and works? I use the igoogle page daily. It is my home page. The igoogle page is my portal to every single one of your products. I don't use play that much because my web use is not all about music, movies, television, etc. I use the internet to access information, connect to my email, and read the news. I use the igoogle page at minimum 20 times per day. I do believe there is value in development, but in doing that why throw to the wayside the things that work?
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:28 AM
Well said, Paul. I'm having a bit of a fit. What they don't realize is that folks will find something else. So even if google comes up w/ a replacement, there Quickstering of iGoogle is going to lose them many visitors. Turn of iGoogle and watch your visits crash. iGoogle is part of my 'house,' too. It's the warm, comfy living room where I spend most of my day. Don't tornado it.
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:31 AM
Brilliantly said, Axel.
I do get the feeling that I've had the rug yanked out from under. 

One of the reasons why I've chosen Vespa as my scooter of choice...they ALWAYS have parts for even the oldest of models. I purchase from them because they support my purchase. I gladly pay more because of that fact.
Re: Update on iGoogle mbcarter 7/5/12 10:32 AM
Why?  I seriously use iGoogle 50-60 times per day.  Its my start page.  Its the default place I go.  It allows me to search, get my gmail, check news, ect.  I have used it for years because it is simple and easy to load and use.  I do not and will not use Chrome and my Android phone is not used for web browsing and news searching and never will be.  Be careful growing so fast that you lose even advanced users l
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:32 AM
Agreed. I'd sacrifice G+ for iGoogle any day.
Re: Update on iGoogle iWantMyiGoogle 7/5/12 10:34 AM
Indeed Google.... you are irritating the hell out of LOYAL (but apparently measely & insignificant) end users.

Put your collective Google brains together and rethink this one.
Re: Update on iGoogle PDX photoman 7/5/12 10:35 AM
Re: Update on iGoogle elleestfolle 7/5/12 10:36 AM
You know, I hadn't thought about how Apple shivved me lately. You reminded me that they don't give a hoot about me, either. I haven't updated iTunes in about 3 months because it won't save user and password info anymore. Complaints fall on deaf ears. I imagine the same will happen here.

Too bad. Google had a daily user in me w/ iGoogle. 

Re: Update on iGoogle iWantMyiGoogle 7/5/12 10:36 AM
mbCarter really nailed it.

I load my igoogle page hundreds of times per day.... but you already knew that didn't you?
Re: Update on iGoogle Pablo Flores 7/5/12 10:38 AM
Everyone needs to go to this Facebook page and post your comments.

People who make these kinds of boneheaded decisions only respond to public embarrassment in order to reverse bad decisions.


SAVE iGoogle!
Re: Update on iGoogle CanadianGoogleFan 7/5/12 10:41 AM
This is a mistake. A huge mistake. 
Please evolve igoogle as opposed to terminating it.
If other google applications are making igoogle redundant, please provide an explanation of why this is so.
I'd like to be able to explain to my parents why the one webpage they use most is no longer needed.

Re: Update on iGoogle deecee nyc 7/5/12 10:43 AM
Conrad, tell the morons who made this decision that it is a foolish one.  Like a lot of people here, while working here at home or at work on desktop or laptop, iGoogle is my homepage and I jump from there to my Gmail, get a quick look at weather, headlines and other Google tools I use.  It convinced me to make Chrome my main browser.  I don't have a smartphone, doubt I'll ever get one because I have an advanced feature phone and am planning to get a Wi-Fi tablet which will then preclude any need to get a smartphone and the ridiculous data charges they carry.  iGoogle is ideal for tablets.  Why don't you guys do MORE integration onto iGoogle rather than less? 

A really stupid business decision.  Make iGoogle more robust, don't kill it!  Have you ever heard of the needs of the end user? 
Re: Update on iGoogle JBJeep 7/5/12 10:51 AM
iGoogle is the best way to aggregate everything that is important to me at a glance. Web store apps are not a solution to iGoogle as they are merely links to other pages. I don't know of another app/UI that allows me to view as much information, at a glance, that iGoogle provides. This is a huge mistake and I hope Google reverses course on this decision.
Re: Update on iGoogle southbuck 7/5/12 10:52 AM
I have been the  biggest fan of Google from the beginning.  I have thinking about moving my business telephone to google voice, but now I know that I will not.  If they want to discontinue igoogle have another product to replace which is better.  Wake up Google.  We have a saying in Texas (I will put it the nice way)   Google does not know how to pour water out of a boot.  
Re: Update on iGoogle oombaca 7/5/12 10:56 AM
Don't do this!
It is actually useful!
Re: Update on iGoogle johnpend1 7/5/12 10:57 AM
As several (many?) people have pointed out, Google may be mistaken about one of the primary uses of iGoogle - as a home page on a user's >laptop or desktop< and (perhaps) typically at work. The availability of the apps on Android (or Chrome) or elsewhere is pretty much irrelevant. I fit into this category, and I think iGoogle should be retained...

-- John
Portland, OR
Re: Update on iGoogle lscotland 7/5/12 10:57 AM
I suspect what Google, and even many other commentators on this issue, fail to understand is that many of us have a different lifestyle to theirs. Some of us, yes, have a home laptop, but also (gasp!) actually work in an office where the use of corporate laptop and corporate-standard browsers is mandatory. For me and those many office- based workers, an aggregation tool such as iGoogle is a vital way to access our information simply and easily without having to fire up and log into many separate pages.

I will probably go back to using MyMSN, but there are many widgets missing from their toolset (Google Reader to name but one). As many others have said this will inevitable lead to using Bing and other non-Google offerings as well.
Re: Update on iGoogle DougSkillicorn 7/5/12 10:58 AM
I think this an arrogant decision made without consultation with the very many users who have taken the trouble to use iGoogle as a personal Home Page after incorporating the content to suit their preferences. iGoogle is just what I need to see on opening my browser, my version displays Gmail, my calendar, weather, world news, local news and headlines from my favorite forums etc. How am I going to replace that?
Why change something that so many people are pleased to use?
Re: Update on iGoogle Nelson_B22 7/5/12 10:59 AM
Online petitions:
http://www.change.org/petitions/google-don-t-kill-igoogle#     --> 845 petitions so far out of 5 million. Come on people, save the iGoogle frome extinction!

Re: Update on iGoogle Edicius 7/5/12 10:59 AM
I know you have a new CEO Larry Page who thinks he knows what Google should be...nevermind what made it successful for the past 15 years; he knows better than that.

So I will no longer have any reason to use google...ridiculous.
Re: Update on iGoogle orangeupurple 7/5/12 11:06 AM
OK . . . Netvibes it is then . . .
Not at all happy. . .  but trying to go with the flow . . .
iGoogle worked perfectly for me for years
and was always my home on the Internet . . .
but now I must find something similar.

Why NOT leave well enough alone . . .?

Re: Update on iGoogle seanpj 7/5/12 11:12 AM
WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA ! Just when every company is trying to convince people they should put their data into the 'cloud' (does Google Drive ring a bell?). Google shows us that they can drop us in a blink. So what will happen to my Google Drive when it is deemed not to be the  "products with the biggest potential to make a difference". Good to know what is to be expected.
Re: Update on iGoogle mthompson5922 7/5/12 11:13 AM
WHY!!!! This is a great product. I recommend it to everyone. It has what I need in one place.  I know about bookmarks and rss readers. They don't work for me like igoogle does.  Also I can log in on any computer and see my page.
Please keep igoogle.
Re: Update on iGoogle modem_init 7/5/12 11:16 AM
Closing iGoogle is a terrible idea. I have used this service since its introduction. It is my homepage. All of my interests and work and hobbies are on those tabs for access from anywhere I go. Please, do not force me to use competing services from Microsoft or Yahoo. Offer an actual replacement if you're going to destroy everyone's homepage .
Re: Update on iGoogle stefanlasiewski 7/5/12 11:17 AM
iGoogle provides a single page which allows me to preview Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Tasks, news headlines, the weather, and dozens of RSS feeds.

iGoogle is a real time saver. Please keep it. If you replace it, please replace it with something equivalent. Apps on Chrome and Android don't even come close, and they require that I use the Chrome Browser or an Android device.
Re: Update on iGoogle don't shutter igoogle 7/5/12 11:17 AM
horrible decision.  joined group to add my voice in the hope that igoogle will remain supported.
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