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Disable SSL Search? pnwdutchgrl 6/14/10 2:29 PM
When Google announced it's feature of being able to use SSL for search I wanted to try it out and turned it on. Now for the life of me I can't find where to turn it off!

Love the feature but all my passwords in 1Password stopped working because the web site address changed. So I would like to turn the SSL in search off.

Can any of you shine his or her brilliant light on this for me? Thanks a million in advance!
Re: Disable SSL Search? Jaime 6/16/10 1:05 PM
SSL search is only available using https://www.google.com (notice the https). If you visit http://www.google.com, you won't be using SSL search.

You may also want to double check that you haven't set your homepage or default search to use the https rather than http version of Google. If for some reason you're being redirected to SSL search, try clearing your browser cache and cookies and visiting http://www.google.com again.
Re: Disable SSL Search? pnwdutchgrl 6/16/10 4:01 PM
Jaime, I appreciate your help but it's not solving my problem.

I use Chrome for mac, checked the homepage setting and it says http://www.google.com.
Checked the default search which is Google but I can't totally make out what the url is because it's grey-ed out.

Cleared cache and cookies a few times and never visit http://www.google.com because I just type what I need in the bar.

I know there was a page that said 'click here to turn secure surfing/search on' and it would make sense that there was also something about how to turn it back off but I can not find that page anymore.

It's not just search. When I click my bookmark for Ebay for instance, the browser takes me to https://www.ebay.com instead of the http://www.ebay.com and than my 1Password manager does not recognize that web site and thus refuses to fill the password and login.

Does this make my problem any clearer?

Re: Disable SSL Search? dtchky 6/19/10 7:25 PM
Unfortunately when I visit http://www.google.com it simply redirects me to https://www.google.com. Your solution doesn't work : (

This only started happening a few minutes ago for me, no idea why.
Re: Disable SSL Search? thomaskupracz 6/26/10 1:53 PM
This is sooo frustrating. I also get to the SSL search page by default using Chrome. I wouldn't normally care, but the GMAIL / DOCS / IMAGES hover-over does not apear. 

Re: Disable SSL Search? Kaleh 6/26/10 1:56 PM
Have you tried clearing your cache and/or cookies?
Re: Disable SSL Search? Noisette 6/27/10 4:41 AM
From Eucalypta's description it seems likely that, at least in her case, it is a Chrome extension which is causing this behaviour.

I found this:
The article says that one is not available any more and directs to this one:

I'm not familiar with Chrome extensions and how to configure them.  Somebody else may be able to help here, but I'd recommend that you ask in the Chrome help forum.
There is a section for extensions where they might be able to help.

Firefox users might find there is a similar add-on which redirects to https.

Re: Disable SSL Search? pnwdutchgrl 6/27/10 3:47 PM
Hi all,

Thanks Noisette for looking into this. Unfortunately I do not have an extension installed that would cause this behavior. I only have a view extensions and they only have to do with reading news, rss feed and 1 password extension.

I still stick to my initial story. ;-)

Google announced in a blog the possibility to use secure(https) browsing instead of the regular(http). Curious as I am I tried it out by clicking the link they provided if you wanted to try it out. (yes in Chrome, my other browsers are not affected)
When I noticed I could not use my password and logins manager anymore because the link had changed I wanted to change it back to the regular browsing(http) but have not been able to find how or find the article in where they announced secure browsing.

If I could locate the article I could contact the person who wrote it and find out how to change back to none secure browsing.

So I'm pretty sure I did not use an extension to create this behavior.

Again thanks to all of you for thinking with me, I really appreciate it! ;-)
Re: Disable SSL Search? Kaleh 6/27/10 4:06 PM
>Checked the default search which is Google but I can't totally make out what the url is because it's grey-ed out.

I'm wondering if the link you used to try out the encrypted search, actually changed your default search engine to the https version.  Since you can't see all of what is there ... you might want to post in the Chrome forum and see if anyone there can assist with making that determination.  If you figure it out before anyone here comes up with a better idea, please let us know what you found.
Re: Disable SSL Search? pnwdutchgrl 6/27/10 10:59 PM
Thanks for all the help I will post my question there. 

Will report back. ;-)
Re: Disable SSL Search? Kaleh 6/28/10 12:24 AM
You may also want to check with your ISP and your network administrator (if you have one) to see if settings they control are contributing to the SSL redirects.
Re: Disable SSL Search? Ryland Sanders 7/4/10 2:00 AM
I was having this problem in Firefox, and then I remembered that I had installed an add-on called "HTTPS-Everywhere". Once I disabled that add-on, I was able to access the non-SSL Google again.
Re: Disable SSL Search? enjourni 7/27/10 8:12 PM
Yep, google is retarded and automatically redirects you to SSL search. Fortunately I only search from my search bar in Safari, which goes to the correct (non-SSL) site.
Re: Disable SSL Search? uconnlover 8/11/10 4:43 PM
but HOW did you disable it ? it would help to know what option you used to disable this feature. 
Re: Disable SSL Search? chrisbuddy 11/1/10 6:39 PM
Go to httpseverywhere extension and click options and uncheck google api and it shouldnt be stuck on connected to ssl.googleanalytics.com when going to a website.
Re: Disable SSL Search? honky 12/27/10 7:57 AM
But HOW can you DISABLE it? By real, withouth any extension installed.
Re: Disable SSL Search? cobrajw24 1/2/11 5:33 PM

top left click "safari"
click "reset safari..."
only check the following boxes (or more if you want) : Clear History, Empty the cache, Remove all cookies, Remove other autofill form text, Close all safari windows, Reset all location warnings.
you should be good after that. 
Re: Disable SSL Search? Nick5373 1/24/11 7:24 PM
I had experience this issue on my Google Chrome sinceI had installed Google Mobile Apps on my BlackBerry and had turned on "SafeSearch Filtering".

You might want to try disable it from Google Mobile Apps>Options>SafeSearch Filtering-Disabled.

Else, for PC/Laptop Users
1. Login using your Google account in the Google Search page (www.google.com)
2. Select "Settings" at upper right corner (Drop Down Box) > "Search Settings" > "SafeSearch Filtering" > Select "Do not filter my search results" and click "Save Preferences" button.
3. Clear all browser data.

That should do solve the problem :)
Re: Disable SSL Search? ElectronicCarpenter 2/1/11 11:15 AM
When you turn off the filtering from moderate porno comes in.. The easiest thing to do is simply type the full url http://www.google.com when it appears creat a bookmark and place it on your tool bar. now click that instead of typing google.com which redirects you to that terrible beta thing.
Re: Disable SSL Search? The N 3/20/11 4:12 PM
Re: Disable SSL Search? The N 3/20/11 4:13 PM
on mac
Re: Disable SSL Search? fferitt25 4/28/11 12:38 AM
GOOGLE - Your Services are getting Horrible !!

Who is making the decisions in the past several years to start becoming intrusive to your Users in the name better search results ?





I have NO PLUGINS installed.  I am on a Mac. Running Safari.  I tested the HTTPS beta out of curiousity and now I cannot avoid it at all.  I have cleared my cache - Deleted my Preferences in the System - Removed any and all Cookies related to Google.  It still FORCES ME TO HTTPS Search.  I refuse to use Chrome as it is ALWAYS in constant contact with Google's servers.  I do not need my desktop software being controlled by a 3rd party company without my intervention.  It is bad enough that Google forces stupid changes on it's Web-based Applications without giving Users OPTIONS or advanced warning.


The LOCATION and the HTTPS Search Results are severly skewing search results and showing up very irrelevant information where I am having to add very lengthy strings of modifiers to re-focus the results. I am having to do this several times on the same topic - because the first round of filtering pretty much eliminates everything from the results.  Which wastes large amounts of time when I have to do this repeatedly throughout an 8-hour workday.


I am betting the Bing's Search results are comparable to your standard results w/o all this crap getting in the way.  And maybe even some OPTIONs that are User Controlled. As a Mac User it's pretty sad when I am actually thinking about using a Microsoft Product / Service instead of the alternative - THANK YOU GOOGLE !

Unfortunately - currently there are some ongoing projects that force me to continue using some of your services - however I am starting to think it would be in my best interest to begin dettaching myself from future interaction with Google and it's products.

Gogole goes around open-sourcing much of it's technology and preaching about the open-internet and transparency and choice is important - rolling out "products" to wow their Users - all the while locking our choices down and taking them away from us.

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH GOOGLE.  Do not become Microsoft and dictate to your Users how things are going to be whether we like it or not.  THIS IS NOT ACCCEPTABLE.

I am probably going to stop using your Search Site until these things are changed - GIVING USERS BACK THE OPTION TO OPT IN or to DISABLE THE FEATURES and return to using a Mail Client for any eMail for a while so I do not have to deal with Google's Draconian practices in the near term.

You piss off enough Users Google and you will burn out as quick as you rose to the top.
Re: Disable SSL Search? EmmyG 8/29/11 10:14 AM
How do I disable the SSL Beta https version of Google? I use Firebox and that appears as a default. Why isn't there a little button one can click on to disable it??

I'm sure this secure searching has many virtues, so why do I want to disable it? Here's why:

1) While I use Google a lot to search for things, I also use the main Google page as a neutral starting place to type URLs into the browser. This becomes very confusing with https at the beginning. For instance, let's imagine I don't have CNN bookmarked, and I want to put "cnn.com" after the "www." in the URL place.

If I do that sort of thing with https, sometimes the https disappears and it works, and sometimes the system hangs up because there's (for instance) no "https://www.cnn.com." So sometimes I do an unnecessary search for CNN to bring up that page. Why encourage unnecessary searches??

2) this SSL https thing has no bar or other menue with which one can specify the type of search -- web, map, image, etc.

So, I'd like to disable the SSL https Beta search. What's an easy way to do that?

Re: Disable SSL Search? EmmyG 8/29/11 1:02 PM
Just to clarify my previous question, I know that when in "SSL Google Beta," I can click on "Go to classic Google." What I'd like is to know how to make classic Google the default.

I don't think that's the same as changing my level of SafeSearch Filtering.

Thank you!
Re: Disable SSL Search? terrafilms 10/8/11 11:14 PM
The solution is very simple.  Go to GOOGLE CLASSIC - http://www.google.com/ and then go to TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - and in the HOME PAGE space make sure http://www.google.com/ is there and NOT (((https://))) and thats it!  Enjoy classic google again.
Re: Disable SSL Search? PaidVideoReviews 11/15/11 6:41 PM
Doesn't work. If you're signed in it just redirects you to the https site.
Re: Disable SSL Search? PaidVideoReviews 11/16/11 12:10 PM
Finally figured out a workaround!

The problem is, when signed in, Google automatically redirects to https://www.google.com. The workaround was t click the little "iGoogle" link on the lower left-hand side of the page, and then delete all the default widgets. Kind of an ugly solution, because it makes Google say iGoogle and it just looks dumb, but it works!

Andrew Fisher
Re: Disable SSL Search? Jiman 12/12/11 2:32 AM
i have found a simple workaround, 
the reason why google keep you sticking with ssl because they want to use your google information account for all google services including google search. 
so the solution is so simple, do LOG OUT YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT or LOG OUT ALL GOOGLE SERVICES ACCOUNT(including google forum, gmail, blogspot, youtube, plus etc). then you can use http://www.google.com again without s. 
or if you don't want this logging out, and you want to keep login session in current browser, then you have to install and use new browser - different browser that it doesn't save any google account login session.
Re: Disable SSL Search? Jiman 12/16/11 6:40 AM
oh, haha... there's simpler workaround: use opera and start private browsing, no need to sign out google services. 
on firefox it may works.
Re: Disable SSL Search? ehsanjt98 12/28/11 7:42 AM
if you connect to gmail or G+ , google redirect you to https and if you log out from those , G redirect you to http
Re: Disable SSL Search? havkacik 3/13/12 4:15 AM
 It appears as if Google has removed the option to disable the redirection to https in the search options. There is no option available anymore to force your Google connections to use http instead of https.  source:  http://www.ghacks.net/2011/10/23/google-redirects-your-search-to-https-change-it/ 
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