How do I turn my Safe Search off?

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How do I turn my Safe Search off? Mr. Lynch 2/2/09 3:07 PM
The safe search will not turn off. I go to preferences and select 'no filtering' and click 'save preferences' and when I get back to the search page, it still says Safe Search is on. And I even checked to see if cookies were enabled on my browser and they were, so I have no clue what to do. Please help. Thanks in advance.
Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? Kaleh 2/2/09 7:13 PM
If you haven't already done so, would you mind posting in the following thread where Google Guide Skylar asked for details?  It would be great if you included your

Computer type
browser type and version
whether or not you have cleared cache and cookies
any other types of troubleshooting you have done
whether you have any filtering software

Safe Search Won't Turn Off
Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? TigerAsh 6/1/09 11:16 PM
I am experiencing this problem with Firefox 3.0 and with IE 7.

I keep getting the strict search is on message, although each time I go to the preferences page I find that "Do not filter my search results" is chosen and when i save it shows strict safefiltering is on.

I have tried everything from clearing my cookies and cache, and doing so with a reboot, to clearing all and deleting the hidden file "cookies.sqlite" and rebooting. And the problem is still there.

Please solve the problem with your site, as it is not possible that suddenly the problem shows on everybody's computer regardless of the browser used and no one is able to correct it.

This problem is not happening with MSN site, but it happening with YAHOO also.

I hope to hear an answer that works and solves the problem.

Thanks & best regards,
Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? h2000fb 9/27/09 3:01 PM
I am having this problem with my computer - Can NOT turn Safe Search OFF.
Running XP Pro,
Running AVG Free Virus Protetection
Have Advanced Windows Care System installed - Free version
Lavasoft Adware
In IE 8, I have:
Gone to Brouser History and deleted everything.
Gone windows, found temp directory and deleted all.
I have turned off firewall and tried it.
I moved all IE8 settings to the lowest security level possible and tried. Nothing helps.
After doing the above, when I can go to IE8, open google and search, safe search is ON. I can move to OFF, and it appears to  save preferences. I close IE8 and then open it again to my Google Homepage.  It shows to be saved in OFF position when I check.  However, when a search is conducted, it retrieves results Safe Mode.  When I check, sure enough it shows Safe Search ON.  I can close IE, then open to Google Home Page and it shows Safe Search OFF!!  I do a search, safe mode returns.
I did a search and read the normal "delete all your cookies, turn off your Firewall, make certain your IE8 can accept cookies," etc... This is driving me crazy!!!  How do I get rid of this feature once and for all!  As much as I don't like Yahoo, this problem is  tempting me to start using Yahoo! : (   
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? fuljencio 11/27/09 6:03 AM
Try Firefox with SafeSearch Off add-on:

Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? ahmedali 4/28/10 1:07 AM
safe search on, drive me crazy. any solution pls?
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Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? acrobat 9/10/12 10:37 PM
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Sign In to google with your gmail or google username and password
Step 3. Click on the gear button (options) and select search settings.
Step 4. Change the SafeSearch Filters to No filtering.
Step 5. Save the settings
Re: How do I turn my Safe Search off? Shannon... 9/11/12 9:10 AM
Kudos acrobat,
A clear and concise answer.  I like that!
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