"Earth Day" vs Easter

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"Earth Day" vs Easter Madeline B 4/21/11 7:56 PM
Hello all at Google admin, 

My name is Madeline, I am 16 years old and live in Australia. Today, I went to check my email and noticed that your Google homepage features a logo for Earth Day. 
I do like the homepage pictures, such as the ones paying tribute to Bunsen and Houdini; I think they're a great idea; but on this Friday - Good Friday of Easter - I was somewhat offended. Allow me to explain. 
I don't know much about Earth Day. I am not a supporter, but I don't want to fight or argue over its significance. It is a fairly new observance. However, today is also Good Friday, recognised internationally by millions. My question is, why the picture? Does Easter not deserve a place? Easter has been celebrated for almost two thousand years, and hundreds of years in settled countries worldwide. For Christians like myself it is the celebration of an incredible event, a sacrifice and invitation of radical love from God to all people. It saddens me that this doesn't take precedence in the western culture of today. It might be considered old-fashioned and foolish today, but at the very least it is an enormous part of our heritage and there are millions of people who still take this as the most important thing to live for. 
There's not much to be done now, and I'm sorry this had to be said so late. 
Thanks for taking the time to read. 
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter ABC_News 4/21/11 9:13 PM
Google does not celebrate or honor religious holidays, because it is extremely controversial. If they do a logo to honor Easter (whether the secular or religious side) then people from other religions like Islam and Judaism will feel that their holidays are being ignored and Christian holidays are being favored. Also, Google is very politically correct and is known to ignore or shun Christian holidays and Christian references. That is their right. Google was founded by Jewish men.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter Robert Mmmmm 4/22/11 5:53 AM
"Google does not celebrate or honor religious holidays, because it is extremely controversial"  celebrating or honoring religious holidays is only controversion to liberals and atheists.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter JimmyDM 4/22/11 12:02 PM
Google is not only shunning Christians, but the existence or importance of people.  The "Earth Day" logo does not include people.  It appears (in Google's opinion) that people, Christian or not, are not an important part of the Earth.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter anti-xenophobia 4/22/11 11:28 PM
Earth hour is important. You are right. Well done Google for acknowledging Earth Day! 

Just so noone misses the point that Earth Day is important, let's mention all the religious holidays that happened this week. That way no one will be so distracted by being offended that they forget to think about how they will reduce their carbon foot print and be more environmentally friendly this coming year. 
Theravadin New Year - Buddhist
Lord's Evening Meal - Jehovah's Witness
Hanuman Jayanti - Hindu
Passover - Jewish
First Day of Ridvan - Baha'i
Maundy Thursday - Christian
Good (Holy) Friday - All Christians
Black Saturday - Christian
St. George Day - Christian
Easter - All Christian
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter mummachief 4/23/11 5:14 PM
Surely of all the festivals of all the religions could be acknowledged. If offence is used to anyone maybe there could be the option to only receive the standard Google home page.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter Madeline B 4/23/11 7:03 PM
Well, Google has actually acknowledged some, such as Diwali and Day of the Dead in 2008. However, Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are not included. Politically correct...why? It wouldn't be right to say that one religion be favoured over another, as it just causes more fighting. But to replace Easter (worldwide, hundreds of years old tradition) with a new observance that vaguely honours 'mother earth' as our most worthwhile pursuit (valued over the care of other people and the soul) ...seems a little suspect to me.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter FrankL-NewBlogger 4/24/11 8:31 AM
Both of Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are Jewish. They often donate to Jewish organizations. Jews also openly hate Christianity, and thus they will never acknowledge Christmas, Easter, etc...

Open your eyes...
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter jbickel 4/24/11 11:26 AM
People find ways of doing what's important to them.  Google can do whatever it wants to with it's own space.  ..but what they decide does show who they are.  So watch and know and don't yell that they did it, just know that they did it.  Google's reason may seem reasonable or even inevitable, but their decision is their own, so know them.
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Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter jbickel 4/24/11 11:34 AM
Concerning Earth Day:  I strain and fail to find enough evidence to support all that faith I would need to give myself over to the spirit of Earth Day, that tragic humanism and political tool that makes decent sense on the surface, then immediately drives out sanity with its extremist policies about the least significant factors concerning the real science of environmentalism.  Don't replace science with the politics of humanism or facts with euphemism.
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Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter Bushman2 4/24/11 12:35 PM
I don't see what's religious about the Easter Bunny... Sheesh!
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Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter countzerointeruptus 4/24/11 3:16 PM
google is anti-christian
I do not like them any more
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter worktrousers 4/25/11 2:12 PM
Ignoring religiouse festivals should be explained by Google. If it is because they are Jewish, so let everyone know why. I for one could accept that. Even though I am a Christian. But if this is not the reason, then they could be part of the crowd that wants to do away with all religion, if this were the case, then that is unacceptable.
Re: "Earth Day" vs Easter Foundmyrosebud09 11/25/11 8:10 PM
Google isn't a political machine used to please people. Its a tool people use with some artistic flavor to liven up searches. They can make their homepage whatever they want regardless of people's feelings, but to remain the search engine standard they try not to acknowledge religions and other controversial topics to maintain a neutral stance on world issues. They do this to say google is for all people, not just for atheists or christians or anyone group.