Clara Schumann

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Clara Schumann Beefree 9/12/12 4:59 PM
Hello, We are beefree
We think thatr on days when there are no google doodles you guys are being lazy and you should put our birthdays on because we are the first students to have this innovative idea and would like to be a part of google because we idolise it! We also love how you used Clara Schumann today. we respect her and her musical abilities. She changed the way we look and view the wonderful world of music.
Thanks for your time
Re: Clara Schumann Kousha N. 9/13/12 12:40 PM
Hi Beefree,

Thanks for writing in! Did you have a specific idea in mind for what you'd like to see in a Doodle? Also, thanks for compliments on today's Doodle -- we're happy you like it.