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Safe search won't turn off Lighthouse 2/2/09 11:50 AM
Yesterday, I could easily turn off safe search, today I can't. I set the computer to accept all cookies, and my firewall settings are as low as I can set them. I even turned it of to see if this would change anything. It doesn't. I click the save preferences button, but safe search is still stuck in moderate mode.
What's up with this? It's very annoying.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Lighthouse 2/2/09 11:54 AM
I forgot to add that I can easily turn off safe search on Yahoo, so it must be a problem with Google.
Re: Safe search won't turn off PHPRob 2/2/09 2:21 PM
I can confirm this. The google SafeSearch cookie either isn't being set properly, or it's being totally ignored. Mine is stuck on "SafeSearch Off". Clearing cookies does not work, editing cookies does not work, using another browser makes it get stuck on default preferences.
(unknown) 2/2/09 3:08 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Safe search won't turn off aarondixon1 2/2/09 4:43 PM
Exact same here.  I ran 2 virus detection agents and went through the registry and I can't find any reason why the settings won't save.  Every time I turn of safe search or raise the level of security, it will not save save.  I can't save any settings.?.  It seems to be a problem with Google.
Re: Safe search won't turn off bbug2k 2/2/09 4:56 PM
Did this just happen recently?  I deleted my cookies and now when I try to reset SafeSearch to off it won't stick.  All other options on the preferences page stick -- ie: number of results per page, open in new window, language settings.  It's just the SafeSearch :(
Using MSIE 7.  Afraid to touch the FireFox cookies.. don't want to lose those settings.
Re: Safe search won't turn off anny56 2/2/09 5:03 PM
Same here. Tried to turn it off.. it's just the SafeSearch settings, everything else works.

It still works on per search basis, though.
Re: Safe search won't turn off dennisdahl3 2/2/09 5:07 PM
Same thing as so many others have written about. I normally run Safari on OSX. I tried setting the SafeSearch using Safari on XP and FireFox on XP. Same result each time. I did notice that with Safari on XP the setting was initially no filtering. But after going to check the setting it popped back to moderate. Something weird defiantly going on. Wish I hadn't cleared my cookies and cache.
Re: Safe search won't turn off practik 2/2/09 5:21 PM
I'm having the same problem -- here's what I posted earlier today at:

I generally keep SafeSearch turned off, but over the past few weeks I've noticed it occasionally turning itself on.  This was mildly irritating, I suppose, but no big deal as I was always able to turn it off again.  Today, however, I noticed it had set itself to "Strict," and no matter how many times I turned it off, it kept reverting to "Strict."  I tried clearing cookies, browsing history, etc. and this did have some effect, though not the desired one:  Now SafeSearch has reset itself to "Moderate" and won't let me either turn it off OR change it to "Strict."  I tried relaunching my browser (Firefox 3.0.5) and using a different one (Safari 3.2.1), but neither of these helped.  Both browsers are set to accept cookies -- I checked -- and I don't have any kind of web-filtering software installed on my computer.  I'm on a Mac (running OS 10.4.11), so as a rule I don't worry much about viruses etc., but just to be certain I ran a scan (McAfee VirusScan 8.6.1, latest version, just downloaded today) which turned up nothing.  Oh yeah, and I tried rebooting too.  Needless to say, all this investigation has taken up a chunk of my day which I would rather have spent on other things.  However, I wanted to be as certain as possible that the problem wasn't on my end before I posted.  Given the number of unresolved forum entries posted on this same topic in recent months, I have to suspect that the culprit is Google and not us users -- or am I missing something?
Re: Safe search won't turn off NotSoSuperMario 2/2/09 5:53 PM
Safesearch has been turning itself on over and over since I started using Chrome a couple of months ago. At first I figured it was a bug from the beta, and by the time it was out of beta I was used to having to turn it off every time I wanted to use GIS. Now it's on and it won't turn off in chrome, firefox, IE8, or safari on XP64, XP media center, and OS X (Jaguar). What should have been a 10 second search has turned into a 20 minute debugging session, with no useful results.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Skylar 2/2/09 6:04 PM
Hi NotSoSuperMario,

Sorry to hear about this frustration. I know a lot of people are scratching their heads over SafeSearch sticking to default when people are trying to save different settings. I'll make sure everyone's updates are shared with our team who are working hard to resolve this.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Hummer 2/2/09 6:06 PM
First at all,forgive me if my English is not so well.I also have a problem with SafeSearch..It won't turn off.And it is not the first time it hapening.I hope that somebody in  Google company will read this posts,and take some action to fix that error about SafeSearch.
Re: Safe search won't turn off 10-chan 2/2/09 6:20 PM
My safesearch also appears to be refusing to change preferences at alll, I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 running Windows Media XP, my ISP is through Eastlink, and any and all browsers (Firefox, latest edition and IE6) meet with similar results.. I have attempted disabling all applications connected with protecting from spyware connected with Firefox, firewalls, clearing cookies, etc, etc, and can't seem to get the problem to fix itself. Is there any other information you might need?
Re: Safe search won't turn off jadzialove 2/2/09 6:42 PM
I posted this same problem about a month ago and have done everything that was suggested to no avail.  I have no filtering programs and cookies are enabled. I'm on a PC laptop and use Firefox (latest version) mostly, but the occasionally I use IE7 and the problem exists on both.
Re: Safe search won't turn off timcmil 2/2/09 6:54 PM
 Same problem here.  It happens on both my household PCs which are both Compaq.
One uses Vista the other XP.  It also happens with either MSIE or Netscape.  It worked
fine yesterday 2/01/09 but started acting up today. 
Re: Safe search won't turn off Kaleh 2/2/09 6:59 PM
Compaq Presario
Win XP Home
FF3 (w/NoScript allowing, blocking Google-Analytics)
Cache is cleared every time I close the browsers
Cookies manually cleared
Rebooted system
Changed From Moderate to "Do not Filter"
Saved Preferences
Checked Preferences and it is back on Moderate

Re: Safe search won't turn off iCollective 2/2/09 7:05 PM
Same problem here. Moderate Safe Search simply will not turn off. Tried restarting the computer and browser. Deleted all cookies. Nothing doing - the problem persists.

Running Windows XP and using Firefox 3.0.5

Re: Safe search won't turn off suzyblue 2/2/09 7:13 PM
Safe Search won't turn off.  Moderate Safe Search stays on no matter what.  I tried restarting the browser and deleting the cache.  I'm not having trouble with any other websites or with my laptop in any other way.

Computer type: Dell Inspiron E1505
OS: Windows XP
Browser: Firefox 3.0.5
Anti-virus software: avast!
Re: Safe search won't turn off JayRAH 2/2/09 7:15 PM
Same here. Won't change.

Latest Firefox/IE
Windows XP
AVG/Spyware Doctor/Windows Firewall ON
AVG/Spyware Doctor/Windows Firewall OFF
Re: Safe search won't turn off cricky101 2/2/09 7:26 PM
Same issue not being able to turn off SafeSearch - setting not taking effect.
I've tried clearing the cache and deleting cookies.
Running FF 3.0.5
AVG antivirus
Windows Vista Premium
HP Pavillion Entertainment PC lapgop DV9720
Re: Safe search won't turn off blackcat 2/2/09 7:30 PM
same issue tried deleting cookies and safe search won't turn off. says preferences are saved but displays moderate safe search on.  even rebooted. dell notebook. vista basic and tried to reboot system.
Re: Safe search won't turn off JonathanKnotts 2/2/09 7:30 PM
running firefox 3.0.5
windows xp
hp pavilion dv0858305370307536503874(i dont know the specific model number so i banged the keyboard)
havent tried ie i suppose it might work
Re: Safe search won't turn off bobbb 2/2/09 7:35 PM
Same here
Windows 7, I.E. 8 Beta and Google Chrome
Dell 1720
Re: Safe search won't turn off evwah 2/2/09 7:39 PM
same problem.

Windows XP SP3
firefox 3.0.5
IE 6
home built comp

Re: Safe search won't turn off usmcguy 2/2/09 7:49 PM
I am having the same problem I am on

MacBook Pro
OS x 10.5.6
Firefox 3.0.5 & Safari 3.2.1

I've tried clearing the cookies, restarting computer and neither fixed the issue.
Re: Safe search won't turn off m311438 2/2/09 7:50 PM
Windows 7, Firefox 3, IE8, Google Chrome, all share the same problem, tried deleting the cache, restarting, etc.
Re: Safe search won't turn off chili fries 2/2/09 8:03 PM
Deleted my cookies and am having the same problem using latest Firefox, Vista and Dell 1420.
Re: Safe search won't turn off internet_tough_guy 2/2/09 8:04 PM
OS Name    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version    5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600

Problem exists in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Firefox 3.0.5: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 Firefox/3.0.5
w/ add ons:
Adblock Plus 1.0.1
All-in-One Gestures 0.19.1
Google Toolbar for Firefox  3.1.20081127W
Greasemonkey 0.8.20080609.0
NoScript 1.9
Web Developer 1.1.6

Internet Explorer
Version    7.0.5730.13
Build    75730

Safe Search setting, set at default (moderate) is not saved when either strict filtering or no filtering is chosen.  Other settings (number of results, open links in new window and suggestions in search box) are correctly saved when modified.  This issue only appears to affect the "Safe Search" setting.

Removed/deleted cookies, restarted browser, enabled/disabled Adblock Plus, NoScript. and variations are in my whitelists.  "Safe search" setting is not saved whether I am logged in or not.

I have correctly changed my safe search setting many times before without incident.
Re: Safe search won't turn off gmuratori 2/2/09 8:07 PM
Same exact thing is happening to me- the cookie won't save itself or something to save my search settings.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Justy99 2/2/09 8:07 PM
Same issue as above and I've done the same troubleshooting procedures as internet_tough_guy with no avail.

Mac OS X 10.5.6 on a Macbook (aluminum).

I have a PC running Windows Vista next to my Macbook and Safesearch disables with no problem. Very bizarre.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Panic Product 2/2/09 8:14 PM
Alienware Area 51
Windows Vista Home Premium-64 Bit, SP1
Safe search will not change from moderate.
Re: Safe search won't turn off sofa.king.cruel 2/2/09 8:22 PM
my safe search stays on Only while I'm in Elmer Fudd language...assoon as I change back to's fine..
~ Dell Inspiron 1525 ~ Vista ~ Internet Explorer ~
Re: Safe search won't turn off Styl 2/2/09 8:22 PM
Same problem here too, mirrored on both Firefox 3.0.5 and IE7.

Windows XP Pro SP3
All Windows Update updates.

Firefox add-ons:

AdBlock Plus
Download Status Bar
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant
Password Exporter
Smart Bookmarks Bar

I've deleted all of these add-ons without any success.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Ando 2/2/09 8:35 PM
I'm experiencing same issue too. Set SafeSearch aside, all settings can be set properly and seem working fine, including the language option (I use Japanese).

I'm using:

※ Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
※ Google Chrome

What I've done so far:

※ CHKDSK/Scandisk all drives (with parameter /f and /r), found no error.
※ Cleared all cookies and internet cache (via browser's settings and manually), yet the issue still occured.
※ Used Safari, the issue still occured.
※ Tried contacting Google Support (Japan), got no reply.
※ Used Yahoo, can set the search settings, found no issue with the settings.

I don't use/have:

※ Ad-blocker utility/tool.
※ Anti-virus utility/tool.
※ Third-party Windows customization/modification utility/tool.
※ P2P agent/client.
※ Gaming client (e.g. PunkBuster).

The issue also occured on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 3. And for added information, I never encountered such issue before, means that I can turn SafeSearch off without problem, and it will only reset back to moderate (default setting) when I cleared the cookies.
Re: Safe search won't turn off mgummelt 2/2/09 8:45 PM
This is happening to me, too.  I can't change my setting.  If I switch to Esperanto, I can change the setting, but if I switch back to English, its locked at what it was before.
Deleted my google cookie.  Made no difference.
Software firewall off, no antivirus software running, no website filter.
Windows Vista with sp1
IE 7.0.6001.18000, cipher str 256. 
Google toolbar:Version: 5.0.2124.6042/en (GWYE)
Notifier Version: 5.0.926.3450
Dictionary Compression Version: 1.0.610.10250
Re: Safe search won't turn off Ed Lennon 2/2/09 8:50 PM
I'l add that the safe search is still stuck on
Windows 7 beta with IE 8, and the latest version of Safari
Re: Safe search won't turn off 0wen 2/2/09 8:59 PM
Safesearch stuck to ON for me, too. I tried clearing cookies, using IE instead of FF, but nothing.

Win XP Pro SP3
Firefox 3.0.5
Re: Safe search won't turn off LukeNZ 2/2/09 10:45 PM
Same here. Moderate Safe Search stuck on "ON", from a number of different IP addresses.
IBM ThinkPad
Windows XP Professional SP2
** Update ** as I write this, the issue seems to have resolved itself!
Anyone else back to normal?
Re: Safe search won't turn off bbug2k 2/2/09 11:27 PM
It's working again! Yay!
Re: Safe search won't turn off 10-chan 2/3/09 4:10 AM
The issue seems to have resolved itself! Thanks, guys!
Re: Safe search won't turn off jadzialove 2/3/09 5:52 PM
Mine is still not working.  I cleared the cache and the cookies and now when I try to save my preferences, it's telling me that my cookies are not enabled and it won't save anything.  However, I changed the setting to accept all cookies, so that's not true.  This is in IE7.  Firefox just won't change. 
I'd hate to have to change browsers; I really like Google and have had no problems prior to December 08, but it's very irksome to be forced to filter.  It's not that I do searchs outside of that moderate filter all that often, just that I don't appreciate the decision to filter being forced on me like this.  I really really frustrated at this point---especially given that it seems to be resolved for others.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Shainer 2/4/09 8:41 AM
I have the answer!  Ok, so I'm using IE 7.  Go to tools, then internet options, then the advanced tab.  In the lower right side you will see a reset button.  Click it, and let IE reset all the defaults.  You will then need to add you default search engine, homepage and such.  This should make everything right in the world again!
Re: Safe search won't turn off Kaleh 2/4/09 10:15 AM

Some may be content to reset the Advanced internet options to default settings.  However, the issue I have with  that is that I have specifically set things in certain ways by choice.

We shouldn't be limited to default options in order for a Google feature to work.  I would want to know which setting is the one that is causing an issue here, and I would think that Google would need to know that as well.  Maybe someone will be able to experiment and figure out which setting is the one that might make things right using IE7.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Shainer 2/4/09 11:55 AM
I'm thining it is the google plugin for the search bar provided in IE.  A person could verify this by removing google, closing/opening IE and add google back.  I bet that works.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Kaleh 2/4/09 12:41 PM
Hmmm ... toolbars are sometimes the cause of problems, but I don't have any toolbars installed.  I'm using my daughter's machine right now.  I will have to check mine at home later, as I see that some are reporting that the issue resolved on its own for them. 
Re: Safe search won't turn off Shainer 2/4/09 4:19 PM
It's not Google's tool bar.  It is the search bar included with IE7.  The default search engine is Live Search.  If you click on the drop down arrow for that search box (just to right of magnifying glass) you will see an option to "find other search providers", or "change search defaults". 
Re: Safe search won't turn off kurtzu2 2/5/09 5:51 AM
Very same problem--have noticed it for about 2 months.   google search is defaulting to "Moderate Safe Search."  i've NEVER set it to this setting;  there are no kids in my house, and i never want my search filtered.  so i go in, save my preferences, including turning the filtering off completely, it says the changes have been accepted, but within a short period of time, it resets itself to "Moderate."

it's also resetting the number of results to 10, whereas i have them set at 100.  very frustrating.

Problem is in both  Firefox/ and IE 6.0.2900.2180

Desktop PC is Dell Dimension 4600, Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 Ghz, 512 RAM
Running AVG 8.0.233
No add-ons but Java
Re: Safe search won't turn off virginvoice 2/5/09 9:34 AM
Same problem. Installed firefox 3 days ago.

I've tried everything...spent 2 hours on line to get answer and there isn't any.

Running Firefox on a mac osx 10.4.1   PPC   dual 533 g4

I am switching back to Safari where I have no problems.

Google tech support is not helping at all at this forum or others.

Re: Safe search won't turn off Shainer 2/5/09 10:07 AM
Have you tried removing or changing the default search service (google) in FF?  I think that will correct it.  You can add google back after changing or removing.  I think removing is what you want to try first.
Re: Safe search won't turn off jadzialove 2/5/09 5:59 PM
Removing Google as the default seach in both Firefox and IE7 has no effect at all.  I've noticed too that the number of search results per page is staying stubbornly at 10 no matter what I choose.  Also, when I clear the cache and the cookies (on IE7) I get an error message on the preferences page that says the cookies are disabled, when in fact they're set to accept ALL cookies.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Andre09 2/6/09 7:17 AM
When I want to turn off Safesearch, I don't see "SafeSearch is off". I have to turn it off again, then it works. It only happens in Opera and doesn't matter if version X or Y, as I've noticed this problem a long time ago and is still present.
Does anybody know where I can report this problem? Google or Opera software?
Re: Safe search won't turn off Shainer 2/6/09 8:02 AM
Hmm to me it seems like a Google issue.  Every web browser is affected.  Come on Google get in here and provide some insight.  Where is Skylar from Google?  The only way I got this resolve was to reset all of IE settings back to default.  My other browers are not affected at this time.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Wing25 2/6/09 1:08 PM
This may be a different issue entirely, but...
Someone recently posted some sexually explicit comments using my full name on a website that contains a lot of pornography and the like.  If you do a google search of my name, this page comes up in the results.  I have already dealt with removing the comments, etc.  However, my question is, why does this page come up in results if safe search is on?? 
Re: Safe search won't turn off ijq 2/8/09 10:02 AM

i am from saudi arabia also facing same




Re: Safe search won't turn off jloloew 2/10/09 6:26 PM
Im on a early 08 macbook running os x with the latest updates and using safari and it wont let me change the search settings or change users if im logged out of gmail with remember me turned on
this has happened 48 times so far over several months (yes i counted)
Re: Safe search won't turn off gfauland 2/10/09 10:46 PM
I'm not a techie and offer no solutions.  For me, the real question is, why won't Google acknowledge that there is a problem??  Simple arrogance or is there something else going on?  I find it hard to believe that this is only a technical issue.  If Skylar really is a Google employee he appears to have been muzzled.  
Guess I'll check out Yahoo.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Kaleh 2/10/09 11:05 PM
>If Skylar really is a Google employee ...

From the Welcome Screen on the All Discussions page:

Google employees, known as Google Guides, will be popping in to help answer questions, share tips, and post announcements. You'll know a message is from a Google Guide if 'Google Employee' appears beneath their posting name.

It has been my experience, in times related to issues for which there is no answer yet, Google employees continue collecting information presented in the forums and report back only when they have something new to add to the situation.  If they don't have an answer or solution yet, it is unlikely that we shall hear from them until they do.
Re: Safe search won't turn off ForceFour 2/16/09 9:47 PM
Same problem here using Firefox 3.05.  I can turn off moderate safe search but it always turns back on.  I have also noticed that I am signed out of my iGoogle home page fairly frequently of late.  Used to happen every once in awhile and now it seems to be happening alot.
Re: Safe search won't turn off ken180 2/17/09 3:10 PM
I cannot get Safesearch to stay off.  This started 2-16-2009.
Any suggestion?
Re: Safe search won't turn off Larsen E. Whipsnade 2/18/09 7:01 AM
Windows XP Pro SP3  Firefox v. 3.0.6 (only browser used)
I was having the situation with my Safesearch settings not 'sticking' but always reverting to moderate safe search when the browser was next launched.   This morning I cold booted and launched FF and immediately checked the preferences.  It appears that deleting the 'cookies.sqlite' file corrected the problem. 
Re: Safe search won't turn off Kaleh 2/18/09 7:06 AM
For those wondering what Larsen is referring to, the following is what I had suggested in another discussion.  This may help Firefox users with any potential "cookie" related problem when the normal method of clearing cookies has not resolved an issue.  I do not know if there is something comparable for other browsers.


Sections 3 and 4 of the following KB article from MozillaZine cover extra steps to repair cookie related issues:


"Sometimes removing the cookies in the Cookie Manager is not sufficient and you need to delete the file that stores cookies in your Firefox profile folder ("cookies.sqlite" in Firefox 3, "cookies.txt" in Firefox 2 or below). See the section, Where are cookies stored (below) for more information."

Please let us know how things turn out.

Re: Safe search won't turn off event.horizon.geek 2/18/09 9:45 PM
I am also experiencing this problem.

Tried to set to no filtering, ended up with strict filtering (several times over)

Computer: Fujitsu Lifebook T Series, T4220
OS: Windows XP
Browsers: Chrome and IE7

Tried clearing today's cookies in Chrome (don't dare delete more, too many settings to lose!)
Re: Safe search won't turn off shannondees 2/20/09 12:14 AM
Same problem "Strict SafeSearch" is always on no matter what I do.

Tried across 5 different computers, 4 running WindowsXP, 1 running LinuxMint, same results in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.
Re: Safe search won't turn off gfauland 2/20/09 4:49 AM
Ok, let's stop the geek speak.  I think we've proven that it's a Google issue.  I challenge someone from Google's technical or management team to enter the discusssion here and acknowledge that there is a problem and tell us what Google is doing to fix it.  Please show some respect to your most dedicated users.
Thnak you.
Re: Safe search won't turn off CooLz 2/21/09 12:44 AM
same problem here

Windows Vista SP1
Google chrome
IE 7
I think this may be a virus ?!
Re: Safe search won't turn off CooLz 2/21/09 12:44 AM
i'm using bitdefender total.. by the way !
Re: Safe search won't turn off johnking1234 2/24/09 1:43 AM
I am also experiencing this problem.
Filter stays set to Strict in spite of everything, removing cookies, moving to IE 8
Computer: Dell Vostro
OS: Windows XP SP3
Browser: IE7 then IE8
Re: Safe search won't turn off hourbark 3/1/09 7:03 PM
Firefox 3.1 Beta 2
Mac OS 10.4
Google search toolbar installed
Re: Safe search won't turn off aleem 3/3/09 12:30 AM
Dear fellows,
I would like to draw your attention toward this behaviour of safesearch. I am also facing this problem that safeserach does'nt get off. It has no link with you computer or anything from your side. It is done by ISP. I am living in Saudi Arab and upto their goverment internet policy they stopped many sites and try to get more and more control to handle everything. So, now they did something and you cannot turn off your safesearch anywhere in Saudi Arab. you can find the policies on
 If someone can help us out of this problem, We shall appreciate.
Re: Safe search won't turn off gfauland 3/3/09 6:54 PM
Skylar or anyone else at Google,
Re: Frustration with Google Safe Search
It's been a month and we're still waiting patiently in the dark. It's a Google forum so why not the simple courtesy of a response?  I'd have used a few stronger words but then nobody would have been able to find this post on a Google search. 
Thank you.
Re: Safe search won't turn off lxybelle 3/3/09 11:01 PM
Google, Skylar - anyone going to figure this out? 
Re: Safe search won't turn off Xpace 3/4/09 9:59 AM
Good day to you guys.
Some great suggestions so far, but I still can't solve the problem; SafeSearch just turns on by itself. Even once I set my preferences to turn it off, opening a new browser window will have SafeSearch on.
Browser: Internet Explorer 7 + Zone Alarm ForceField
Operating System: Windows Vista 64bit Service Pack 1
Firewall: Zone Alarm Pro - Internet Suite
Intel Core i7-965EE
Asus Rampage II - X58
nVidia GTX280 X2(SLI)
Corsair 12GB RAM 1600
Barracuda 1.5TB Raid 1
Re: Safe search won't turn off joeinav 3/10/09 8:01 AM
I have had the same problem for years! I currently us both Vista and OS X. One machine is a XPS One from Dell, iMac using  Mac OS X version 10.5.6 and MacBook with the same OS X version. 
Re: Safe search won't turn off cloverlillyPr 3/14/09 8:20 PM
I just started having this problem.
I have Firefox version 3.0.6 as my web browser and work on a iMac
Never initiated the "Safe Search" option, it just sort of started by itself.
Have repeatedly selected "Do not filter my search options" and saved it, but it isn't turning off.
Please, can we get some solid help here?
Re: Safe search won't turn off awolpin 3/18/09 10:34 PM
I have had this problem for several months, however it's not only Safe Search. It's also the number of entries per page on a search, and whether to use a new window when clicking on a search item. It seems to "stick" until I unload my browser, and then it's back again. I've had this with both IE7 and Firefox 3.0 on several machines, all using XP SP3

Re: Safe search won't turn off AWork 3/21/09 1:52 PM
THIS WORKED FOR ME!  IE 7.  Go to tools, then internet options, then the advanced tab.  In the lower right side you will see a reset button.  Click it, and let IE reset all the defaults.  You will then need to add you default search engine, homepage, etc..  My preferences were reset!
Re: Safe search won't turn off Skylar 3/24/09 4:37 PM

Thanks everyone for providing information about your computers and browsers. I’ve been passing these details along to the rest of the team to check on SafeSearch filtering. We're currently unable to find errors with SafeSearch filtering. It is likely that a corrupt cookie, a third-party add-on, or an anti-virus program could be interfering with your preferences. I recommend giving the "Preferences aren't sticking" help article a try to make your preferences stick. In the meantime, I understand that it is frustrating when your preferences don't stick, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience you're experiencing.

Re: Safe search won't turn off awolpin 3/25/09 6:25 AM
Skylar: As I mentioned in my note, the "preference sticking" problem is not just "safe filtering", but also, number of search listings per page and whether to use a new window when clicking on a search item. Other preferences may be affected also, but these are the ones that I have found.

I have tried the steps indicated in the "Search history and settings" link in this forum, but they don't work.

I've seen this problem on three different computers, and there are loads of people reporting it in many different forums, so I would expect that there is something to it. Other programs seem not to have similar issues with cookies, so I don't know why Google should. Somewhere, somehow, someway, there is a bug or oversight on Google's part. I suggest continued attempts to locate and correct an otherwise excellent product.
Re: Safe search won't turn off kalahariS 3/26/09 11:33 AM
I had previously had problems with the Google Search preferences not sticking (both Safe Search and Number of results).  

I haven't made any changes and now the Google Search preferences seem to be sticking in both Chrome ( and in Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.  I'm running Vista x64.  It has survived multiple PC reboots / power-ons.

I can't explain why it's working now but I'm happy that it is... :)
Re: Safe search won't turn off Postoasted 3/26/09 9:20 PM
I can't change my search results language preference. Strange thing I couldn't do it in Yahoo search preferences until I turned off the Comodo firewall.
Re: Safe search won't turn off Poaster 3/30/09 8:32 PM
Same here - running Ubuntu. Used to work now preferences don't stick - do get that nice google confirmation my preferences were 'saved'. But no....Skylar I've turned off Greasemonkey (have scripts to depage search results), turned off all Firefox Add ons, killed cookies. Nada. need help.....
Re: Safe search won't turn off norcalbusa 4/1/09 1:44 PM
1 year old Dell xps410, Vista, IE and Firefox

Hasn't remembered Safe Search setting for some time, still not working now either.
Re: Safe search won't turn off ManCaveDweller 4/28/09 4:35 PM
-April 27-
The search setting for "moderate filter" is persistent and can not be changed.
The problem exists using firefox 3 and IE 6.
Have tried all advice of accepting cookies, deleting cookies, clearing cache, etc.
Problem still persists.
Re: Safe search won't turn off fat63 5/12/09 11:56 AM
Until when we will have this problem - I used to love Google but it become very annoying, a simple search may take forever
I have tried every possible tool and mean to fix this but it is a system problem that has to be fixed by Google
I don't know how they claim to be the best search engine - and nobody from Google cares but this will end here
I am shifting to Yahoo and going to annuance/ post the safe search problem in every forum or group
Re: Safe search won't turn off EricPowell 5/23/09 6:38 AM
I never had any problems with saving search preferences until I started using Google Chrome.   Maybe coincidence, maybe not... I see many other users complaining of the same issues with Chrome only, although the SafeSearch settings seems to be a problem to all browsers.    

1) Do people understand that SafeSearch settings WILL NOT be saved if you clear your cache and/or cookies?  (All Browsers)

2) Why is Google ignoring the issue with Chrome and search preferences?   Not only does Chrome lose my search preferences, but it loses ALL my saved settings for sites (cookies) about every 30 days.  No other browser does this.

just my 2 cents worth.
Re: Safe search won't turn off paulwsiam 5/30/09 5:29 AM
The problem is definitely a hidden file called cookies.sqlite (in FireFox 3+)
One must search, making sure you are using "search hidden files" and find cookies.sqlite.
Move it to your desktop if you're worried something might go wrong.
I've moved cookies.sqlite to my desktop, rebooted and have never had trouble saving preferences ever again. It also saves number of results, open in a new page,etc.
Re: Safe search won't turn off CheeseKing 5/31/09 6:22 PM
This is also happening to me. I've made sure cookies from are being saved between sessions and still Safesearch won't stay turned off. I'm using:

Windows XP SP3
Opera Browser v9.64 build 10487
Re: Safe search won't turn off TigerAsh 6/1/09 11:02 PM
I am experiencing this problem with Firefox 3.0 and with IE 7.

I keep getting the strict search is on message, although each time I go to the preferences page I find that "Do not filter my search results" is chosen and when i save it shows strict safefiltering is on.

I have tried everything from clearing my cookies and cache, and doing so with a reboot, to clearing all and deleting the hidden file "cookies.sqlite" and rebooting. And the problem is still there.

Please solve the problem with your site, as it is not possible that suddenly the problem shows on everybody's computer regardless of the browser used and no one is able to correct it.

I hope to hear an answer that works and solves the problem.

Thanks & best regards,
Re: Safe search won't turn off mz07 6/7/09 9:06 AM
Firefox 3.0.10

both on and on I can't event find the option to turn safe search off or change it to any other setting.
currently it is on "moderate on"

Re: Safe search won't turn off jhalova 7/3/09 1:18 AM
I have the same problem.. My SafeSearch is stuck on Moderate.
I am using HP Compaq nx6110
Win XP Pro
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11
Cookies cleared manually
Rebooted system
Changed From Moderate to "Do not Filter" and Saved Preferences
Checked Preferences and it is back on Moderate.

I am hopeless about this :-(
Re: Safe search won't turn off jolshefsky 7/3/09 7:34 AM
I was having a problem where "Bork! Bork! Bork!" language stuck as my default language.  As it turns out, I primarily search using Firefox's keyword feature and the preference to use that language was embedded in the URL for the search.  The keyword URL should probably read, "" which should pick up the search preferences stored at Google via the cookies.

Firefox's keyword search feature lets you take any search box and make it a keyword in the address bar.  So, for instance, I right-click on Google's search box and choose "Add keyword for this search ..." then specify "google" as that keyword.  If I type "google things to search" it's as if I typed "things to search" in the Google search box.

Re: Safe search won't turn off sirmi 7/5/09 7:56 AM
I even facing this problem with all search engines, like Windows Live, Google and Yahoo..all are unable to unlock the search.
Re: Safe search won't turn off 684126542 7/7/09 7:24 PM
I read every single reply up there with the suggested solutions, nothing worked, NOTHING

Re: Safe search won't turn off JiMMaR 7/14/09 1:40 PM
well, I'm having the same problem with all my browsers (Firefox , IE8 and google chrome)
not to mention the problem doesn't go if I use either Ubuntu or Windows

so as some guy said there , I think this is the doing of the ISP

but I just need an official confirmation from google if this is possible or not
Re: Safe search won't turn off gUrM33T 8/11/09 4:49 AM
If SafeSearch is the only thing you care about, then here is an alternate solution. In Firefox, create a bookmark with its URL set as follows (according to your needs):

No SafeSearch:
Moderate SafeSearch:
Strict SafeSearch:

To make it work with any browser which can handle .URL files, just create a plain text file with the following contents:


And, then save it as a .URL file.
Re: Safe search won't turn off nasxnas 8/14/09 1:41 AM
I have the same problem with google's preferences, the SafeSaearch is ALWAYS on Strict Mode. After searching and reading people's comments I reached a conclution (correct me if I'm wrong). The reason why your google preferences won't stick it's not Google and it's not your PC but it's your ISP.
Most of the ISPs are now using a Transparent Proxy (Forced Proxy) where you're connected to the internet through it wether you like it or not. If you notice it's not only google that it's preferences won't stick, there is Yahoo, Bing and some of the popular search engines.
They enforce Google SafeSearch, so that it overrides the user preferences, and displays only SafeSearch results. This can be done by simply appending the string &safe=active to the google search URLs, if they do not already contain the string. and of course it differ from a search engine to another.
The question is "How can I get rid of it?"
The Answer is simple: Contact your ISP and ask them politly to remove it. (Yeah right!)
At the end this is my conclution and it might be right or wrong, Google's staff can double check on that.
By the way my ISP is Q-TEL which is the only ISP in Qatar and i'm stuck with them.
Re: Safe search won't turn off taylor glenn a 9/10/09 10:06 PM
Hi all
Ime currently having a similar problem with google Search but with a twist.
I get to the google web site fine.
But If I use the google search I get a blank results page and the search engine tells me the search is done.
If I then use the Internet Explorer back button and immidiately press the forward button the results are then displayed.
However when the results are displayed google now informs me that safe search is on and =&safe=active appears at the end of the address bar.
My problem is I didnt activate Safe Search.
I am using a windows xp machine with all internet cookies and files deleted.
If I try to change the Google safe search to off, It wont save the setting.
I am behind an ISA 2004 firewall which also acts as my proxy server.
The setting of which havent been changed for about 3 years.
I have deleted my cache and recreated it as a last act of frustration.
If anyone out there has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated I love using google but think I will just have to start using another search engine as I have no problems with others.
Re: Safe search won't turn off h2000fb 9/27/09 3:22 PM
At this point I too have problems with Google's Safe Search. It is the pits. I never activated it, but one day it just mysteriously turned itself on.  Nothing works. I have done all everyone has said but to no avail.  I have put up with this "Google does not have a problem - its your brouser" excuse until it is getting old.  Don't think Yahoo is as good, but much less frustrating.  Guess it is Yahoo from now on if Google can't get this problem corrected.
Re: Safe search won't turn off BobsBlitz 10/8/09 6:40 AM
This still occurs.  Google preferences don't stick longer than a few hours.  Boom its back to moderate search.  Great, huh?
Re: Safe search won't turn off AJ, Community Manager 1/13/16 3:06 PM
Posting a more updated response on this thread for new users to see - hope this helps!

To turn SafeSearch on or off:
  1. Review this help center article
  2. Review this forum thread!topic/websearch/QKVKcDhCdWA
  3. If you're unable to find support from steps 1-2, please feel free to post a question in our product forum here!!forum/websearch
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