how do i get rid of safe search

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how do i get rid of safe search adventspartan 9/14/09 10:15 AM
i have been trying to search the net for images but the stupid safe search keeps removing results my preferences is 'do not filter' and i have used the advanced options and told it not to use safe search when ive been searching for images
i have cookies enabled and there are no restrictions set on my PC
the worst thing is im not even searching for porn or any other 18+ material im looking for reference images for 3d model building
plz help
Re: how do i get rid of safe search dwight.stegall 9/14/09 4:08 PM
top of the results pages clic settings > search setings > change it in here

i used to be called preferences but they renamed it and moved the url
Re: how do i get rid of safe search stevesellsmaine 6/21/12 3:15 PM
The only way to get rid of it is to call their customer service person. He will tell you there is a setting box at the bottom of the page (not on mine) that deactivates it. As I freaked out he removed it from search engines on ie and firefox.
Re: how do i get rid of safe search Shannon Skalla 12/17/12 4:16 PM
I don't even have the option to change it from strict, moderate, or no filtering. Any ideas?
Re: how do i get rid of safe search Shannon... 12/17/12 5:14 PM
Hey Shannon,
Welcome to the Forum,
Here are the instructions on setting SafeSearch:
Open up a random image search page and left click on the little triangle to the right of SafeSearch.  SafeSearch should be on the upper right hand side of the screen.  The top choice which will show in the pull-down screen is "Filter explicit results"; if you click on it a check mark will show up. 
If you want it unchecked when you do a search be sure to be specific about what you are searching for and you should get more relevant results.
Let us know if this works out for you.