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iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jessica S. 10/11/12 2:42 PM
The suggestions on this thread posted by forum members are not endorsed by Google.

It's come to our attention that some folks have been wanting to discuss alternatives to iGoogle.  This is a thread exclusively for people to exchange ideas and experiences about the alternatives.  Know that any off-topic posts will deleted, so if you wish to discuss any other aspect of iGoogle, please search the forum for the most appropriate thread and make your post there.

Thanks and have fun swapping ideas!

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SaveiGoogle.org 10/11/12 10:12 PM
As many of you that follow this forum know, SaveiGoogle.org is in the process of developing a comparative list of potential iGoogle alternatives at http://saveigoogle.org/alternatives/. At this point, we have 88 identified, 24 evaluated, 18 eliminated and 46 evaluations pending. We plan to start writing detailed articles on many of the alternatives in December 2012.

Meanwhile, pelopjr has done a good job detailing features for some of the more comprehensive alternatives at https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/websearch/igoogle-personal-homepage/hfkPjmpdnvI. Those alternatives have been available for some time so their features (positive and negative) are well established.

We are also seeing the emergence of magazine style portals like Feedly and a new generation of personalized content aggregators like backstitch that are worth a look. And, there are several sites that are currently in closed beta testing that are interesting.

In fairness to Google, we are seeing more Chrome development that has potential for iGoogle replacement, including Awesome New Tab Page (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-new-tab-page/mgmiemnjjchgkmgbeljfocdjjnpjnmcg), but we prefer to focus on cross-browser/cross-OS alternatives.

We have no intention of dominating this thread and will not post here again unless a question is directed to us. As always, when we post a new article at SaveiGoogle.org or make significant updates to the alternatives list, we'll let you know by starting a new discussion thread.
(unknown) 10/12/12 1:46 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion pelopjr 10/12/12 5:14 AM
Here are some concise notes on what appear to be the best alternatives to iGoogle, though it does not appear any alternative fully replaces iGoogle. I may occasionally repost if there is new information to provide. If "show quoted text" is displayed, click on it to see info.
Disclaimer: Following are just one person's notes about different alternatives. Your mileage may vary. In particular, RSS feeds that work with iGoogle may not automatically work with these alternatives. Some news sources support generating or subscribing to feeds that are targeted to different readers, such as My Yahoo, NetVibes, etc. Whenever I subscribed to a feed targeted to a particular reader, it always worked there. At this point, I prefer MyYahoo but some posters on this forum prefer NetVibes, and others prefer Protopage. If you have the time, I'd recommend trying all three. Hopefully multiple alternatives to iGoogle will survive.
Screenshot of a MyYahoo page:

by hand can setup the same rss sources as igoogle or netvibes, but may need to subscribe to rss feeds targeted to my yahoo.
appears not to import opml.
supports upto 9 tabs. every tab has an advertisement, but the advertisement is not obtrusive and the user can move it to a desired spot on the tab.
only supports Yahoo search (provided by Bing) in main search box.
provides SSL security
provides an optional reader to preview stories without opening source web sites.
appears no wikipedia search widget
several good yahoo widgets provided, e.g. tv guide, local movies
fast display of stock portfolio quotes in widget provided by Yahoo. periodically the stock widget requires a yahoo log in. after the log in, the stock widget re-installs itself on the first tab if it is not already there. so i keep the stock widget on the first my-yahoo tab.
can have different theme for each tab, or all the same.
can use uploaded image for wallpaper.
can make backgrounds transparent.
can set background and text colors for all parts of a theme, separately.
has spectrum chooser for colors. cannot type in hex codes.
very user friendly interface for configuring themes.
supports creating new applications (widgets) for MyYahoo tabs, for developers familiar with HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Web Services. http://developer.yahoo.com/myyahoo/
website claims 40 million users.
note: developer-created apps for MyYahoo are not the same thing as Yahoo desktop widgets, which could be launched from a PC desktop. Yahoo no longer supports desktop widgets.
A public NetVibes page by MarkCBet: http://www.netvibes.com/markcbet#home
import of opml worked on second try, enabled rapidly setting up rss feeds from iGoogle
import of opl automatically put the rss feeds on tabs with same names as iGoogle
appears no limit to number of tabs. I created 10 tabs. no advertisements on tabs.
has a web search widget (in essential widgets) that supports wikipedia search. this widget is currently broken for amazon search, bing search and yahoo search.
only supports Google search in main search box
provides SSL security
provides an optional reader to preview stories without opening source web sites.
sometimes shows duplicate headline titles in RSS feeds.
sometimes shows "in the future" timestamps for RSS feeds.
has a widget for display of stock quotes (wikinvest) which works well, though is a little slower than MyYahoo
one theme supports all tabs. cannot have different themes for different tabs.
can set top and bottom wallpapers differently, use uploaded images
can set background and text colors. can type in hex color codes. no spectrum chooser.
can make background transparent
supports developer-created widgets in Universal Widget API based on XHTML, CSS and JavaScript.
A public Protopage by MarkCBet: http://protopage.com/markprotohome#Untitled/Home
no advertisements on tabs initially. after 1 month, shows an obtrusive advertisement unless the user pays a fee. the advertisement can be hidden by a mouseclick, but this needs to be done each time protopage is started.
does provide multiple search options including bing, google, yahoo and wikipedia
these are all at a small input field, at upper right corner of protopage
this is a great feature, wish it were more easily accessible.. would like a wide input field in middle of area above the tabs
however the obtrusive advertisement covers the area where a wide input search field should be, above the tabs.
allows unlimited tabs. i created 9.
allows user created widgets
could not find a widget for displaying a portfolio of stock quotes(?)
can import xml code to embed iGoogle gadgets, but need to test if each gadget works reliably.
imports opml for rss feeds..though not as cleanly as NetVibes...
-- puts all the rss feeds on a menu, without names for feeds. user must drag each one to tabs
reportedly doesn't provide SSL security
appears one theme supports all tabs. cannot have themes for different tabs.
page background for theme can be uploaded image, specified via url.
can set widget title and content background colors.
has spectrum chooser for colors, or can type in hex codes.
can set top and bottom wallpapers differently, use uploaded images
appears cannot specify transparency for widgets or parts of themes.
supports developer-created widgets in HTML/JavaScript.
very fast setup
can configure rss feeds
provides a stock portfolio widget..seems to work in general, but doesnt display info for dow-jones index..though lets me select it
appears to only support three columns per page
some widgets require adobe flash
tv widget only supports bbc1
cannot load the nasa apod rss
weather widget works for my location
can't get horoscope widget to display info...
has widgets for mail, facebook, calendar, notes.. did not test
has some nice-looking ready made themes
allows each tab to have a different theme
has ability to specify a photo for display above tabs.. this requires choosing a color for the background of the tab from a spectrum chooser
theme ability is acceptable, not as flexible as myyahoo...
allows unlimited tabs, apparently. created 11 tabs.
no advertisements at least initially...
based out of france, but site appears focused on UK support
appears to support opml import
weather widget hangs loading weather info...
some built-in rss feeds hang...(usatoday, cnn, ..)
has a stock portfolio widget, which appears to work
can choose up to 4 columns per tab
was able to configure nasa apod rss
can configure rss feeds
appears to support opml import
no advertisements at least initially...
poor font resolution for RSS feeds setup by hand. noticeably better display of fonts for MSN widgets.
this poor font display is annoying enough to make me not use MyMSN.
cannot find a wikipedia search widget
only supports Bing search
only allows 5 tabs
all tabs have an advertisement
has widgets for mail, calendar, stock portfolio tracking
can only choose from a set of pre-defined themes and colors
cannot customize themes or upload images
no spectrum chooser for colors
cannot define custom widgets
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion John Huynh 11/4/12 6:07 AM
Can we get like Google Now on Chrome/desktop? Or make the default Google homepage more portaly like Yahoo? I want my new tab page to show me weather, email, everything iGoogle did
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion pelopjr 11/4/12 6:37 AM
Hi johnh30024 - thanks for your questions. Previous posts in other threads say there is not a good way to reproduce the user-customizable iGoogle home page within existing Chrome functionality. Your questions would be good for the Chrome forum, and are some of many questions about the loss of iGoogle that Google has not substantively answered in this forum. I'm reposting a summary of existing alternatives to ensure it is automatically displayed to readers of this thread - Perhaps this thread should be titled "Comparison of Existing iGoogle Alternatives" but it was given a broader title instead. If "show quoted text" is displayed, click on it to see info:
Disclaimer: Following are just one person's notes about different alternatives. Your mileage may vary. In particular, RSS feeds that work with iGoogle may not automatically work with these alternatives. Some news sources support generating or subscribing to feeds that are targeted to different readers, such as My Yahoo, NetVibes, etc. Whenever I subscribed to a feed targeted to a particular reader, it always worked there. At this point, I prefer MyYahoo but some posters on this forum prefer NetVibes, and others prefer Protopage. If you have the time, I'd recommend trying all three. Hopefully multiple alternatives to iGoogle will survive.
Screenshot of a MyYahoo page:

by hand can setup the same rss sources as igoogle or netvibes, but may need to subscribe to rss feeds targeted to my yahoo.
appears not to import opml.
supports upto 9 tabs. every tab has an advertisement, but the advertisement is not obtrusive and the user can move it to a desired spot on the tab.
only supports Yahoo search (provided by Bing) in main search box.
provides SSL security
provides an optional reader to preview stories without opening source web sites.
appears no wikipedia search widget
has a calendar widget
several other good yahoo widgets provided, e.g. tv guide, local moviesMore info about alternatives is at http://saveigoogle.org/draft-alternatives-list/
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 12/3/12 5:16 AM
Has anyone tried ighome.com?  It looks just like igoogle.  It also seems to be quite simple to add a new RSS feed.  The gadget directory is pretty lacking. 

I don't see any obvious way for them to make money.  The privacy policy does say they use the DoubleClick DART Cookie and Google Adsense. Therefore, I suspect they're going to pull a protopage, but only time will tell.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion MGunders 12/7/12 6:14 PM
I am trying it and it is okay but better then netvibes in my opinion.  

I am giving it a bit more time since it is still in Beta.   I imported my igoogle xml file and it loaded everything in just like Igoogle.   What I don't like is the lack of customization of the news items I have.  I can't turn on or turn off images which bugs me.  It also is rather choppy on the Chrome Browser.

I have also revisited MSN and Yahoo.   They both seem smoother and refined and at this point if IgHome doesn't get better I will be moving to, *cough* MSN.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Beatriz Rossetti 12/17/12 10:27 PM
I want my iGoogle Home page back!!!!.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion breplum 12/26/12 11:05 PM
Do check the beta: http://www.ighome.com/
You can export your current iGoogle settings and save a lot of time.
Click the 'gear' in the upper right corner, select "Profile" once you have begun set-up with your email and password.
On the left you will see "Import from iGoogle" and follow the easy method after exporting from iGoogle to a saved storage file somewhere of your choice. 
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion kenlowes hastings 12/27/12 6:40 AM
GO TO ADD-ONS MANAGER----SELECT --- GOOGLE SHORTCUTS (2.1.71)  igoogle is there !!!! NOW HAVE IT BACK ON WITH ALL MY EXTRA'S STILL THERE.....Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion kenlowes hastings 12/27/12 6:48 AM
go to add-ons manager ---select ---google shortcuts (2'1.71) igoogle is there --i am back using it with all my last settings Yippeeeeeeee...
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AquarianM 1/3/13 9:33 PM
I built a private Blogger blog that has links to most of the things I have on iGoogle and set it as my home page. 
Mark Negie 1/5/13 12:48 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Matt0987a 1/7/13 6:16 PM
So let me get this straight.
IGoogle is only a web page that has features for one to use. Weather reports, news links, jokes, clocks, and more.
I came here from Earthlink. Which had similar features.
Hotmail, Yahoo, AT&T.... They have the same features available but with the annoying advertising.
Google is simply a search engine and has decided to discontinue their webpage IGoogle.
I can use Google as a search engine, but it will not be useful for anything else.
So, I can go back to Earthlink, or go to Yahoo, Hotmail, AT&T and the like. As I get my service from Comcast I can probably set it up with the tools I have found useful on IGoogle on their main webpage.
For a search engine I could use any of the aforementioned sites. Or others, like Microsoft's Bing, Ask, and the like.
But to have a home page without the annoying advertising I am out of luck.
Is this correct?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Matt0987a 1/7/13 6:22 PM
Example please.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Doug Burgum 1/10/13 1:50 PM
It is not rocket science. I go to this page EVERY DAY! Is that not what these people want? So why stop it? I trust this site and enjoy it's navigation, through maps, news, translation, search, etc. It is my starting point. If it does not do what I want, I will go elsewhere and Google will loose me. Which is a shame because I thought they were the best...
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Run4TheCup 1/10/13 2:19 PM
Hope everyone's doing well. I'm cofounder of an iGoogle alternative called Skim.Me (http://skim.me). We'll be slowly opening up the service over the next few months. You'll be able to import your iGoogle settings. We won't support all your gadgets immediately but will be looking to build out gradual support for what's most requested, as well as open up to third parties to integrate. I will say that we're not just a remake of iGoogle so only give us a shot if you're willing to try a different experience that provides similar benefits to you that iGoogle did. 
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ralph Wirth 1/11/13 9:07 AM
Wow, I can't believe I left Yahoo behind for Google years ago and now I am probably going back and starting a My Yahoo page and using them more. You would think they would keep iGoogle so we would keep using their search engine since it's already developed and functional? 
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion joencalif 1/12/13 9:36 AM
Why change something so many people use and enjoy. I would hope the forces that be at google would not try to force CHROME down peoples throats by taking away something like igoogle. It doesn't make sense.....
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ralph Wirth 1/12/13 10:10 AM
I use Chrome and it's not going to be available for me either. I just don't get it?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 1/22/13 7:05 AM

I have found a new website that can be a very good option instead of igoogle.

It is www.portalpanel.com

you can read more about it in this blog




I am really really happy with that.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Linda Rollins 1/25/13 9:26 PM
I recently tried igHome and I like it pretty well.  There are not as many gadgets yet, or themes but it does have customization themes and gadgets available.  It is the closest I found to iGoogle.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion John Begoray 2/7/13 11:08 AM
I've been using iGoogle for years and my page has grown a little complex but all I really want is to be able to see upcoming Calender items and recent Mail entries and the Weather forcast. I use Chrome and I know there are apps for all that but I want to see everything on one page (not links to other pages, the actual info). My problem with using other sites is I'm not sure I want to risk feeding my mail and calender through some other site just to have it aggregated. 

Does anyone know how secure any of these alternatives are?

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 2/7/13 11:39 AM
For calendar on these igoogle alternatives, I've been using Google's "Embed This Calendar" feature (open your calendar settings, click on the Customize the color, size, and other options, make your customizations, update HTML, and then copy that into the igoogle alternative's html widget or custom web code, or whatever they call it).  As long as you're logged in to google, the calendar will display correctly (if you're not it will only show what is public I think).  

For accessing gmail it would be nice if they had something like this, but I think you have to use whatever widget the alternative site provides.  In this case I use an application specific password.  http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=185833  The only issue I've encountered is that some of these sites don't remember your password which means you either have to remember the impossible to remember password, generate a new one every time, or just not use their widget.  

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Graeme Smithereenz 2/9/13 11:32 PM
I've been using ighome (http://ighome.com) for a while.

They've copied the layout of igoogle and I pretty much have it looking the same as igoogle, complete with links to mail, calendar and drive etc. It doesn't have the same amount of gadgets yet but its a start.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion mcteam3 2/10/13 1:49 PM
I also liked igoogle alot, been using this for ages, but since google is still planning to abandon this tool regardless of our pleas, I decided to use my yahoo.

I do have tried other alternatives as mentioned by others, but only my.yahoo works for me.
I am now in the progress moving over to my.yahoo

To be honest, I rather stick with igoogle, but I am feeling forced to move to my.yahoo.......

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/12/13 12:47 AM
Will we stillhave our gmail as it would seem they will do as they like any way & stuff the public
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/12/13 1:11 AM
you sure its not scam me
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/12/13 1:30 AM
Why is it all these sites are US based & don't want to change to UK
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Glenn Krewson 2/17/13 10:58 PM
Me too
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/17/13 11:20 PM
Me too does that mean you only finding American based pages as well
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/17/13 11:24 PM
ighome only brings up American details I want Homepage from UK
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion English123 2/17/13 11:26 PM
portapanel only American as well
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion rowdyboy 2/18/13 7:33 PM
On Sunday, November 4, 2012 8:07:49 AM UTC-6, johnh30024 wrote:
> Can we get like Google Now on Chrome/desktop? Or make the default Google homepage more portaly like Yahoo? I want my new tab page to show me weather, email, everything iGoogle did

In particular...content like Google Finance Portfolios.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 2/19/13 2:38 PM

I highly recommend www.portalpanel.com.

this is online web bookmarking and some other features that make it very useful and good alternavtive for igoogle.

You can read more about it in its blog:

I have attached snapshots of its different pages.

I hope it can be useful you.

Best regards

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 2/19/13 2:41 PM
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion BKdude 2/26/13 4:56 AM
Interested in this topic.
I need to check out the alternatives offered in this thread.
Really don't want to see iGoogle go away.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion merryclicker 2/26/13 7:08 AM
I really hope it's not the closest, because I don't like igHome a whole lot.  The gadgets are VERY limited.  It has better RSS feeds available, but it's still not the crisp clean look of igoogle.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Wade Holborn 2/28/13 8:50 AM
I tried a few a settled on http://www.protopage.com/  It's kinda clunky, but it's very customizable.  A lot of the alternatives for your bookmark links to open in new pages and protopage allows you to choose if you want them to open in new pages or not.  Here are some good igoogle alternatives though.  


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 2/28/13 6:23 PM
I just left iGoogle behind.  Thanks to pcworld article went to igHome and took me all of 3 minutes to replicate my iGoogle home page.  It's simple, straightforward, easy to use - unlike so many of the other alternatives.  And, getting better every day based on user comments.

Ya know, I'm already tired of Google acting like its customers are not worthy of consideration.  I thought Microsoft had that role?!?

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Geo56 3/1/13 7:49 AM
Another great one to look at is ighome http://www.ighome.com/. It is the CLOSEST to iGoogle as I found. It is more like iGoogle a couple of years back. After 5 months of use, I have been happy. The neat part is you are able to created your own gadgets. The negative to the site is the gadget organization and search could be improved.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 3/1/13 8:20 AM
Does anyone know how ighome makes its money? I'm just worried they'll pull a protopage or do something else sneaky and terribly annoying.  I've been using ighome for several months and am very happy with it. I hope they continue to provide this level of service.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Stuckonbandaids 3/6/13 8:29 AM
The only option I see is to create your own iYou (iGoogle) page. That's what I did... and simply lock it down so your personal links are kept personal.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iantresman 3/7/13 12:30 PM
The main feature I use on iGoogle is the Google Latitude gadget, to show the location of family members.

I can not seem to embed Google Latitude on ANY third-party site. Has anyone got it working on any iGoogle alternative?

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion madsrh 3/9/13 3:31 PM
Hi. I've just started a iGoogle replacement project of my own. I would really love some feedback and even more some help :-) Please check it out at http://igoogle-replacement.blogspot.com/


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion TxBobS 3/11/13 10:10 AM
The only issue I am seeing with ighome.com is that the widgets do not seem to automatically refresh even though it is checked (on the ones that have that option).  Sometimes a new widget will have the same headlines in there for days.  So close, but still not there.

Like lth2h, I also wonder how they make their money.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Geo56 3/12/13 5:02 AM
I have not seen this problem with updating. Perhaps it is due to that I use RSS feeds instead of the gadgets available i.e. US today etc. The concern of it disappearing is real if there is no source of income to keep it alive. I spent only a couple of hours to get it to 95% of what I have in iGoogle, so if they disappear, not a big loss of time but would be a big disappointment.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Scottie Geddes 3/12/13 7:43 AM
ya r lame
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion TeeJaysPlace 3/14/13 6:34 PM
Not true.  Chrome Extension Awesome New Tab Page replicates at least some of the features of iGoogle.  It's only real problem is lack of support.  Plainly, there aren't a lot of widgets written for it.  But the basic ones like time, weather and RSS are all there.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion briamah 3/25/13 4:42 AM
What is the cost of cost of continuing Igoogle unsupported? I have never had one issue with Igoogle its been one of the most stable and successful Google initiates why break or kill what is working?
Karen Warseck 3/25/13 9:52 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ryan Pollock 3/26/13 5:06 AM
I think its a mistake to do away with Igoogle. I have reason to enter the interface daily and its been helpful.

Maybe google should come hire me. I think google missed the boat with Wave too. Wave was a great concept that could have been so much more. Google is spending too much time worrying about look and feel lately. Core common sense functionality has always been what sets google apart.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Frances Spear 3/26/13 10:18 PM
What, expressly, replaces gmail.

Your attachment service is the best one on the Internet - do these functions "travel" to the next spot? and what is that spot, i.e. what is the destination of Gmail?

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Chris Beall 3/28/13 8:38 PM
On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 1:18:25 AM UTC-4, Frances Spear wrote:
> What, expressly, replaces gmail.

Perhaps I'm missing something.  Gmail isn't going away, so no replacement is needed. Right?

What IS going away is iGoogle, which to me means a customizable web page, often defined as the home page for your browser.  Here's how I did this years ago:
  - I created a web page containing links to things I either accessed often or found hard to locate.  Sort of like bookmarks, but not tied to a particular browser (I use several).  I put the page on my hard drive and pointed all the browsers to it.
  - Later, I built a website, which involved getting server hosting.  The total cost, including a domain name, is about $100 a year.  As an afterthought, I stuck a copy of my previously-developed web page in a corner of that server and now I can access it from any internet device anywhere.

Mind you, this doesn't support gadgets. I could probably add that kind of functionality, but it isn't the way I work (usually one thing at a time, and I don't mind one click to get me to a full-function data source) and it's a PERSONAL page so it's built for the things I use.

Meanwhile, somewhere along the line, I switched from Windows on a PC to a MacIntosh running OS X.  My personal page works exactly as before.  OS X provides a pseudo webpage area called a Dashboard onto which you can place Widgets (I guess Gadget was copyrighted...) that look a lot like iGoogle gadgets, i.e. they provide dynamically-updated content, sometimes from the web (weather) and sometimes from local storage (sticky notes).

I'll miss being able to show off the gadget I wrote for my daughter, but since we were apparently the only users it's not really a major loss.

I WILL miss Google Health, as I've found nothing that begins to compare.  I think its removal was a tactical decision that missed a strategic opportunity.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Alphonse Parent 3/30/13 3:04 AM
Not now. I have spent months just getting iGoogle to where I want in and now.....
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Kevin 6 is perfict 4/1/13 12:57 PM
I tried a few others and this is a perfect, similar iGoogle replacement.  Thanks for posting it.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion L John Poletto 4/3/13 7:35 AM
I been using igHome for several days now, and it's OK. The gadgets are limited compared to iGoogle, but that is probably a maturation issue.
I have two questions
1. There is a LOT of info here about the various replacement alternatives. However, I am looking for some sort of expert concensus (realizing that I am asking for personal opinions) about the top 3 best alternatives. I see MY MSN and MY YAHOO mentioned often but not much mention of their relative value.
2) Does anyone know if MY MSN or MY YAHOO have a Gmail gadget? (allowing you to see a preview of your Gmail emails).
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 4/3/13 10:35 AM
I haven't tried this http://www.searchenginejournal.com/my-yahoo-updates-with-gmail-integration-new-modules/5107/ but it sounds like at least My Yahoo will show you your gmail.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Kristen Ram 4/5/13 2:56 PM
Very helpful! Thanks! :)
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Globe Genius 4/6/13 3:08 PM
One way you can easily find your Google products is go back to using IE (internet explorer) and add the Google toolbar. Then you can modify the toolbar and add all buttons. Easy fix over downloading new theme in Chrome and modifying everything. I use all 3 browsers myself. (Chrome, IE, Firefox with yahoo homepage) Or use G+. I kind of like the new IE with the Google toolbar feature. One click and I am at Gmail which I use the most.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion XCarioca 4/12/13 11:42 AM
I used MyYahoo before iGoogle came along, but every time I got it set up to my liking they would change it, and it invariably lost some of the functions that had drawn me to it to begin with.  When iGoogle showed up, I abandoned MyYahoo for good.

I'm experimenting with NetVibes and ighome.  Both seem decent at first, though not quite as good as iGoogle.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion BKdude 4/12/13 11:51 AM
Agreed.  My Yahoo is just downright fugly.  Goofy even.  Can't stand it.
The other alternatives all pale in comparison to iGoogle.  I think I am just going to have to go without a "portal" page.  I'll get used to it.
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Lance Lidster 4/16/13 4:36 PM
Goodbye Google! Hello Yahoo. You have lost me as one of your customers unless you keep Igoogle.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 4/21/13 10:05 PM

I recently came across the site http://www.igoogleportal.com/

Believe me it is perfect replacement of igoogle.

Hope you will visit this site once and you will see almost most of the features of igoogle with neat and clean design.

Thank you.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Globe Genius 4/21/13 10:27 PM
Pretty much the same as ighome.com   There you can even make your own gadgets and submit them. Some people will be trying to capitalize on the shutting down of iGoogle. They will pick up a lot of traffic.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mad At the Change 4/22/13 4:15 PM
Everyone should switch to MyYahoo. Then maybe Google would reconsider.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Globe Genius 4/22/13 4:31 PM
Get serious. Google has billions of users. Do you really think they will miss you? Do you spend any money at Google or just use all their free services? I spend some with Ad Words. The difference in web site traffic is astonishing. The internet is much more business related nowadays. Companies pay big money for exposure. If you leave it just helps others to be found on the net. Be mad all you want. Will change nothing. Applications are the norm. If you do not keep up with technology, it will leave you in the dust. There is lots of other free resources. Look at the posts.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 4/29/13 12:44 AM
School Library Journal, a leading online magazine serving librarians, recently featured PortalPanel as an excellent alternative to iGoogle, which is retiring on November 1st. SLJ calls PTP's approach "sophisticated" and praises its "fresh, clean and attractive style."


I believe here is the reason why PortalPanel can be a good alternative for igoogle.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion dhrose 4/30/13 7:14 AM
I have looked at just about every one of these alternatives and created pages in 4 of them. The final conclusion: iGoogle is superior in every way. So the question is, why do I need to switch to an inferior product anyway? Is the "Like, Share, Connect" insanity going to destroy the simple fact that most people just want a home page they can get a quick overview of "their" world. That's it. I don't want to like, share, connect with anyone other than in person or through email.

Sadly, I will probably be forced to use one of these alternatives... but it will be another case of a quality product being replaced by something less good. This is happening all too often.    

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ryan Ehler 5/4/13 6:27 PM
My main question is will I be able to see gmail right there on my front page if it switch to one of the alternitives? Honestly that is one of the most important things.  I switched over to google because of igoogle. Phone, chrome, and was looking at a nexus.  
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bluequoll 5/4/13 7:33 PM
Protopage has an email widget that can be configured for Gmail.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Tom joseph 5/4/13 9:19 PM
Alternative of iGoogle with Wonderful and informative widgets homepage


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 5/5/13 7:49 AM
Went to www.igoogle4u.com but found that the page was not flexible, although I could de/select the widgets.  Could not modify page and there weren't the straightforward widgets found on iGoogle or igHome.  Nor were there the basic range of widgets available, e.g., weather, stock market, sport scores, etc.  

igHome remains my preferred alternative to iGoogle.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bluequoll 5/5/13 4:29 PM
iGoogle4u just seems to be just a huge collection of news feeds, no useful gadgets/widgets and a lot of waste space. I have fifteen fully visible gadgets on Protopage in the same space as three in iGoogle4u (and ten in iGoogle), and that includes a clock, calendar, weather, finance portfolios and bookmarks (none of which I can find in iGoogle4u.

I'll stick with Protopage.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Whitestar vonStar 5/14/13 8:42 AM
Y is igoogle being shut down?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 5/14/13 10:45 AM
With all due regard, I've spent a fair amount of time with Protopage and PortalPanel (<really liked), but they sure aren't the simple, functional display of practical info readily available with iG or igHome.

I'm not very tech-sophisticated, so my needs are pretty basic, and to be able to have info/data right in front of me upon opening a homepage meets the old standard of "Keeping It Simple, Stupid."

Appreciate all the suggestions from folks much more adept at this stuff than I am.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Pedro Biondo 5/15/13 11:12 AM
I am comfortable with igHome, the most similar to iGoogle.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Robert Pierce 5/20/13 12:54 PM
Take a look at this Home page... it looks pretty good and it also has at the top all the direct links to all google items.


if you wonder where I got it... just read this article:


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Tom joseph 5/21/13 8:55 AM
check this site too my dear frd
An widgets homepage


Beta stage will be added with new features soon......

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ray Stilo 6/5/13 1:02 PM
Try this-it's a lot like iGoogle to me: Startific.com
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 6/10/13 5:48 AM
The Startific.com homepage is really neat, customizable (unlike the others mentioned earlier in this thread) and easy to work with.  It is, however, a collection of feeds from other sources.

But, ya know, it still is not the simple, here-it-all-is-on-one-page as iGoogle and igHome are.  igHome is a little clunky compared to iGoogle.  And, it seems obvious that the luminaries at Google are unrelenting.

For those others of you that also have an Android phone, just witness what the Googlengineers do to mess with the OS and GMail (Don't ya just love the colored squares and rectangles in GMail? Now there's a real functional improvement!).  Even the tech support folks at Verizon are boggled.  But, those Googlexperts are all smarter than we are!?!

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion ITDAD 6/17/13 10:28 AM
Not sure if this has been suggested but I think Google should move the popular iGoogle features to Google Plus!  It's a win/win, we get to keep our gadgets and useful, informative home page and Google gets users onto Google Plus!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 6/17/13 2:06 PM
Problem is you assume that the Googluminaries give a damn about what their customers may want, need.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion efSmart_Creative 6/21/13 11:04 AM
Yes you are right. Seems like a simple service for Google to leave intact. Now I've got to spend hours trying to figure out what to replace it with. I use Google Apps, and igoogle is my dashboard for their services. I'm chagrined and disappointed.

Maybe some ideas on how to make this work with Google Apps

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Melanie_T 6/23/13 9:57 PM
What about those of us who don't want to give in to the GoogleVerse and don't want to touch Chrome?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion efSmart_Creative 6/24/13 4:42 AM
It's still a simple service for Google to leave intact. I used igoogle long before I was a Google Apps user. It was/is a convenient, consolidated way to keep track of things that were/are important to me.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion christm ctm 6/25/13 3:54 PM
I google must think that since activity is decreasing, so is interest. They're probably have not reasoned that people have set home pages like they like them and are satisfied.  they may look for other suggestions, and may occasionally pick or try, but... I DO like what I have and will SO miss it. I will find another home page and google may not be my main search engine b/c of that. It is only logical if I cannot get the services I want, I look for the ones that provide the services and use that.  I dropped iWon, I dropped Hotmail. I am gonna drop google.  The user wish is OBVIOUSLY not what is being considered.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Wind Lady 6/27/13 8:27 AM
It is bad enough that Google is asking for very personal information from new subscribers like phone numbers, now they want to take away one of the few applications that make Google worth the effort for some people. I love IGoogle because of the special gadgets and themes you can use. I just do not understand this keeping up with the Jones type mentality that so many of these tech programs are doing. We like things the way they are. Keep our lives personal and don't take away the extra goodies we like. It is nice to settle into the Browser and see the news headlines, world clocks, the virtual antique clock with sun, moon, zodiac, and pretty face. There a quotes for the day, do lists...etc. Now it is all going down the toilet with everything else that Google is taking away. *grumble/whine/cry :(*    
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Melanie_T 6/27/13 11:28 AM
For me the point is that they claim there are client side gadgets that do the job better. I disagree. Firstly, I want to stick with my Firefox, I don't want Chrome. There is no way I can't be sure Chrome will not "Phone Home" every site I visit and Google already has enough data to be very dangerous - I will not give them anything more than I have to.
Also, iGoogle comes up the same on everything I use. I use multiple Macs and I'd have to set up client side gadgets on each of them individually - and would probably fail.
iGoogle is my home page and I want to keep it that way. I don't want my desktop turned into an oversized tablet!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Sipylus 7/1/13 8:48 AM
I set it up a long time ago but did not use it much. Now that I have a Nexus 7, I use "Google Now" in place of it and can see how important it could be for those without a portable device.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion terryaaa 7/3/13 10:46 AM
Change !?!

Thats not the problem here. It's STOP ! I can only guess that iGoogle doesn't fit their current advertising model. (there is none!)
It may me time to leave the "doers of no evil"; since they can't be bothered giving an explanation of why this is stopping.

Terry eh

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Pascal P. 7/5/13 1:41 PM
As an alternative to iGoogle for RSS gadgets, I suggest this simple webapp: http://rssdashboard.appspot.com/
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Amir-Khan 7/9/13 10:56 PM
here it is http://mbgadget.blogspot.com/2013/06/scrolling-social-buttons-blogger.html
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jolanda Robijn 7/10/13 1:51 PM
I have tried several alternatives, but http://www.yourls.com is my absolute favourite.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 7/15/13 8:38 AM
Here it is:


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion = yourls.com efSmart_Creative 7/16/13 6:59 AM
I've replaced my igoogle with yourls.com. It's quick and simple. Documentation is lacking, but the developer will respond to emails.

This is much more flexible than igoogle; I'm adding and deleting links throughout the day.

When I'm "Customizing" the page (which means adding sections and moving or reordering links around), moving things around too quickly crashed my browser. My advice for the time being is not to get too aggressive in editing mode.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Trevor Makepeace 7/17/13 4:07 PM
Probably because some evil little marketing droid has decided it can't be monetised enough.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Trevor Makepeace 7/17/13 4:08 PM
No it won't. At least, not me.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Despondent 7/21/13 4:00 AM
The loss of IG is really apalling for those of us with limited knowledge and not wishing to join ever extending webs of communications.
What about an online petition to Google to replace IG with a simpler version with a limited number of the most popular Apps rather than leaving it entirely open to try to manage the huge list presently available?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 7/22/13 8:27 AM
Ahhh, therein lies the rub.  You naively assume the Googleers give a damn about what you or others want/need.  It's all about the $$$!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bben46 8/4/13 8:07 AM
Because of a lack of advertising on it - Google made it without advertising. Now they want to shove their advertising in your face at every opportunity.  
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LuukD 8/4/13 1:43 PM
Hi, can you include http://www.yourls.com in your list as well? This is the best iGoogle alternative I've seen so far.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LuukD 8/4/13 1:44 PM
Hi, Have a look at http://www.yourls.com as well. It  supports RSS, URLs and search. The interface is very clean and simple.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mike-2013 8/10/13 2:54 PM
I use www.dodego.com which is very user-friendly.I recommend it to everyone.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 8/12/13 4:51 AM
I am just wondering...

anybody ever tried hhtp://www.igoogleportal.com

It just awesome...and perfect alternative for igoogle.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 8/12/13 5:05 AM
Hi Friends,

www.igoogleportal.com is one of the best igoogle alternative, it is wonderfully designed and have almost all the feature that igoogle have.

- Change Theme
- Add Gadgets
- Add RSS Gadget
- Developers can create themes and gadget and submit it like igoogle.
- Current igoogle themes and gadgets will work on igoogleportal.com so that compatibility is there. It means the gadget which is running on igoogle.com can run on igoogleportal.com, similarly you can use igoogle themes on igoogleportal.com.

You might have tried many igoogle alternative but igoogleportal.com stands best among all those are currently present out there.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SweetSpot 8/12/13 7:23 AM
Really?  Don't think so.  igoogleportal does not contain simple widgets that ighome does -- e.g., Sports Scores and Standings, Stock Quotes etc.  Very limited number of widgets available.

RSS feeds are fine, but one can do the same with bookmarks.  It's all about simplicity.

igoogleportal is a slick homepage, but doesn't allow one to have the screen filled with the information one would like with just one mouse click.

Thanks, though, for the info.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion igoogle lover 8/15/13 1:49 AM

I strongly think... www.igoogleportal.com is the future igoogle replacement.

I am so happy with theme support and slick homepage.  Now what i think is developers should jump into igoogleportal.com and start building their own gadgets so that we have good collection there...


igoogle lover

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 8/15/13 9:03 AM
Hi Guys,

If you are igoogle developer then have look at the igoogleportal.com developer apis, those are all similar to igoogle


here you dont have to worry about hosting... it is provided by igoogleportal.com

you can get your igoogle gadget running in few min. that much easy it is to migrate from igoogle to igoogleportal.com

your gadgets running on igoogleportal.com is ready for user to embed on their website, have look here...


enjoy guys.. and shift to future igoogle alternative...

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mona Janorkar 8/18/13 2:06 AM
I am so happy, after visiting www.igoogleportal.com, now i can say that this is one of the best igoogle alternative...

Thank you igoogleportal.com...

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Rod Schmit 8/21/13 3:03 AM
iGoogle is going, so a replacement is nice. Don’t settle with a replacement, try something new for a change people.
If you really want an upgrade, I warmly recommend trying www.startific.com the user interface is just WoW.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bryan streetman 8/21/13 6:30 AM
Versatillo is a great replacement as well.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 8/21/13 4:09 PM
People looking for alternative which is exactly similar to igoogle.com and thats what www.igoogleportal.com provide.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bryan streetman 8/22/13 11:04 AM
Maybe they want something different.  Maybe even better!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion pdarnold 8/22/13 9:54 PM
YEAAAA, for www.igoogleportal.com! It's a little rough around the edges, but with time, I'm hoping improvements will be ongoing. For now this will become my permanent replacement for iGoogle home page. I have tried nearly all the other options and this is by far the closest to the original. Now, with any luck the "logo gods" won't be too upset with how close the name is to the internet giant.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Schappenberg 8/23/13 5:41 AM
i've tried almost all alternatives mentioned in this thread, but i didn't found an alternative regarding displaying feeds.
I have about 50 feeds on a couple of tabs in igoogle, a few of them provide the whole text of the article in the feed so i can read them directly on the igoogle page.
But there is not one alternative with this function, does anyone know a page which provide this function? Most of the pages even don't show the whole article preview but cut off the text after a number of characters ...

THX in advance

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Pascal P. 8/23/13 7:21 AM
As already mentioned above, you can try this webapp
It is a solution dedicated to RSS feeds only.
It may fit with your needs.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 8/23/13 7:53 AM
Hi Schappenberg,

If you are looking purely for feed reader the what Pascal suggested may be good for you. But if you are looking for iGoogle alternative then you may give try to igoogleportal.com where you can read full news articles without leaving the site.

1) add feed which you want directly using Add Widget => Add RSS feeds
2) Click on news link (it will take you to canvas view)
3) then in canvas view click on "Open complete article"

Hope it helps you to migrate from igoogle to igoogleportal.com


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 8/23/13 8:12 AM
I agree. I really do miss the ability to just click on that little arrow and have the full text appear inside of the widget.  

The closest I've come is with ighome.com which shows the first paragraph (usually that's enough for me to decide if I want to bother opening the article up in a new browser tab or not).  However even this doesn't replicate iGoogle's functionality.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mari (Startme.com) 8/24/13 1:17 PM
I've been looking for alternatives since I found out about iGoogle closing. One of the best I have found is http://startme.com . For me it's easy and simple, and it let me import from iGoogle, my browsers and even from my RSS feed readers.

I hope it is useful info for the ones that are still looking for options :)

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion igoogle lover 8/26/13 6:56 AM
I end my search at www.iGooglePortal.com, I am settling down there...


Google Chrome Issues Cecelia Wisdom 8/30/13 5:02 PM <This message has been deleted.>
igoogle lover 8/31/13 5:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion igoogle lover 8/31/13 5:47 PM

I put it very brief...
I am igoogle user and google gadget developer since last 6 years.

I found this is one of the best igoogle alternative out there...

Website - http://www.igoogleportal.com/

Features - (Which other igoogle alternatives out there dont have.)

1) Support iGoogle Themes/Gadgets.
    - Themes & Gadgets running on igoogle.com runs on igoogleportal.com, importing is very easy, iGoogle Portal is using the Google Gadgets standard.

2) Support embedding gadgets to websites.

3) Edit gadget settings and save it at user level.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion igoogle lover 8/31/13 5:57 PM
screenshot attached of igoogleportal.com
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 9/1/13 8:46 PM
Hi Google Employee!!

Just would like to know the name of website igoogleportal.com, will there be any problem? because name is having igoogle in it. Will Google take any action on this and make problem to website owner.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Heidi Draffin 9/2/13 12:33 AM
The interface of yourls may be clean and simple but it is nothing more than a bookmark list!  The whole point of igoogle is that it is a dashboard.  You can read headline content across a field - scan it.  
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Heidi Draffin 9/2/13 12:36 AM
This is nothing more than icon driven bookmark list!  You might as well be using chrome.  It is not an igoogle replacement.  It is not a dashboard where you can scan content headers at a glance across a field.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion 123454321 9/3/13 1:58 PM
I've been through all the suggested replacements  - nothing comes close to how good iGoogle is right now.  Besides, who wants to access their accounts through a third party?  iGoogle consolidates the whole google ecosystem.  Why on earth would you be discontinuing without an official Google replacement????!!  This is the dumbest thing I've seen big G do.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion wkcook 9/4/13 12:13 PM
I am using ProtoPage for the moment.  As far as security goes just use the 2-factor authentication and you never have to use your password on ProtoPage.

I, for one, am working toward "Google-Free" computing.  If they go through with this nonsense, and maybe even if they don't, I see no reason to give them my business.

We are "Customers"!  They make money off of us!  If this is the way they intend to treat their customers, why in the world would anyone be worried about your GMail, Google+, or anything else starting with the big "G"!

No, I will change the email on everything I use.  I will root my Android (GoogleDroid) phone and probably get a Windows or Ubuntu phone when my contract is up.  I will set all my searches to use alternative engines and probably add Google IP ranges as blocked by my router.

They have lost all semblance of trust!

Now I will put my soapbox up for a now..  :-)
Thank you for the chance to rant.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Schappenberg 9/10/13 2:58 AM
Thats it!
Thanks a lot, i can't tell you how happy i am with you suggestion!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion i like igoogleportal.com 9/11/13 6:23 AM
Hi All,

Finally i found my alternative... which is www.iGooglePortal.com, it is amazingly same as igoogle.

and getting improved day by day..

see the directory..all same..



Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Nikita Mikhailova 9/14/13 4:04 PM
I, like yourself, have been very upset with iGoogle's decision to shut down on Nov 1, 2013 and to, apparently, stick with this and not to care what it's customers, us, think.  They apparently do not care one iota, even to take down the date this late, so that in less than 2 weeks we'll wake up to no regular homepage.  I tend to agree with you, they do not seem to care enough about us to keep our 'business' so we should care less about going to their storefront, if they have moved their business and left it up to us to find our own directions and making it harder to find a map to do so.  Thanks for your idea.  It makes me think.  
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion 123454321 9/17/13 5:46 AM
Thanks for the heads up WKC!

Protopage is what I'm looking for.  The Google calendar widget isn't working for me, but I was able to basically recreate the rest of the iGoogle page I had.

It's not like the iGoogle concept was very complicated.  I'm surprised that it was so hard to find something comparable.  All the other alternatives I saw were so cumbersome and had such bloated layouts.  Protopage works well.

Thanks again - good looking out

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 9/17/13 8:15 AM

give try to www.iGooglePortal.com and you will be happy...


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion wkcook 9/18/13 6:53 PM
I am glad you like it.  I am currently checking out iGooglePortal also. Just started to can't make any comments yet.  If you find another...Let me know.

Have a Great Evening,

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 9/19/13 11:02 PM
With all due respect , I believe Portalpanel.com is one of the best options for igoogle . it has new approach to this category and it has not copied igoogle again.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion wkcook 9/20/13 7:21 PM
I don't know?  I don't see what it offers over uStart.org.  I am fairly certain that is the one I am settling with.  Simple and fairly customizable and has all the features I used most in iGoogle.  It has also been around longer and so has a track record.  And...At least for me, it is important that I am able to access it at work.

I do find it funny...uStart is based in Europe (France I think) and PortalPanel is US.  We both prefer the "foreign" company!

The one thing I do NOT see in any of these is an HTTPS option.  Has anyone seen a site with that option?

Have a Blessed Evening,

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion News Aggregator 9/23/13 10:41 AM
What about http://www.latestnewsheadline.com?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion JR Thomas 9/24/13 7:11 PM
I've been using http://www.startme.com myself and it's been working pretty well for me. Admittedly, I mostly use these start pages to quickly access my links, not for other widgets. I just want to be able to properly group my work-related links in separate pages, and that's what I can do now.
Missy Bartlett 9/28/13 8:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jim Barkley 10/1/13 10:40 AM
We are not customers, we are products. Google sells us to their customers, who are people who buy their AdWords, AdSense, etc.  If Google thinks it can deliver us to their customers in a better way, at more profit, it will do so.  Having said that, I don't see how kicking millions of people off of a well liked, Google-centered site makes sense.  

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Atul Gupta - igoogle 10/1/13 10:53 AM
Not sure if igoogleportal is by Google, or by another individual - I wouldn't trust any of my data with anyone other than Google!!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion K John 10/1/13 1:32 PM
I don't think igoogleportal belongs to Google. I use http://www.todaynews.info ,an rss aggregator, as Google News alternative.
juliana carroll 10/1/13 2:17 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion SaveiGoogle.org 10/1/13 9:40 PM
SaveiGoogle.org released its endorsement today for igHome as the best iGoogle replacement. The story includes a brief interview with igHome's founder along with a complete guide to igHome content and settings. You can find it at http://saveigoogle.org/going-home-ighome/
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mona Janorkar 10/2/13 1:33 AM
I am not sure about who owns igoogleportal.com, but read somewhere that one of the google ex employee is created this and there are plan to migrate everything from igoogle.com to igoogleportal.com though they are waiting for approval from google.

lets see what happens.. compare to other alternative out there i must say igoogleportal.com is the best....i am going to settle there..


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion chrilo 10/2/13 3:29 AM
Yes google portal looks good but I'm plagued by annoying 'adds not from this site' pages which overlay the page and impede access, and have no way of removing them. Any suggestions?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/2/13 5:12 AM
Hi Chrilo,

appreciate that you like igoogleportal.com, can you let me know in detail what is the issue.. by reading your post above sorry but not able to understand what exactly you are facing.. if you can attach screenshot that would be great.. and we are happy to take down that gadget or page which is causing issue.

thank you...

enjoy... our aim is to provide one of the best user experience.. and never shut down.. for that we need your help and cooperation every day..

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion rjbaran17 10/2/13 7:22 AM
I agree - I love iGoolge - I cant believe they're doing away with it .. I will look hard and far to find a comparable replacement .. Im very close .. I may even give bing a try in terms of search now.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion rjbaran17 10/2/13 7:24 AM
ROFL - the government has access to all your data via google.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Slartibartfasta 10/2/13 8:39 AM
there`s ichrome extension on web store, it`s free, and you can add any page to an iframe
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Cuddysark at Home 10/2/13 9:22 AM
What is google replacing igoogle with?
if it is nothing; won't this be a big mistake?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Melanie_T 10/2/13 10:14 AM
From what I understand, they want everyone to use Chrome, which has some sort of Widget support, and do your own portal based on a local browser based setup.

I won't touch Chrome, never will. Too worried that it will phone home and tell Google my browsing habits.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion fehk123 10/3/13 3:00 AM
Hi melanie,

It's natural for everyone to feel a little concerned about web surfing privacy these days. luckily, you can stop chrome from sending your browsing data to google through Incognito mode and other features you can explore here: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=chrome+send+data+google

I'm not encouraging you to use that browser though (i personally use another) but i'm just saying you need not be worried about pricacy

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Dean Mckeown 10/4/13 3:00 AM
I think what igoogle has done is a disgrace.  Its ridiculous a company such as this with  as many users can close its doors.  I use to use Igoogle all the time until I heard of its closure. I have tried a few more alternatives such as iGHome and many more but I have come around full circle as I don't think any of these will ever give the depth of widgets that igoogle gave,  Until the likes of Apple or similar bring a product out that can guarantee a huge amount of widget I am keeping things simple.  I am now using http://www.yourport.com. as my homepage.   It took a day or so to get used to not having all the widgets but after a while I felt blessed that all that clutter and information was not there.  Instead I created a page with links to all this information so when I need to know it I can get it in one click.  So, until a better alternative arrives I am keeping with my new find. http://www.yourport.com
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/4/13 5:03 AM
I too am interested in using iPortal as my default web page. BUT... I find that when I configure it with the particular widgets I prefer, about 1/2 of them do not work. When you go to the settings for the ones that do not work, they lack any RSS feed URL's. I don't know how to fix that. And it doesn't seem that I, as a user should have to fix these widgets. Frankly, I don't know where to get the RSS feed URL's.

So, while iPortal seems  very appealing, it also seems not ready for prime time.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 10/4/13 5:25 AM
I agree with saveigoogle.org, try ighome.com.  It is by far better than the other alternatives.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/4/13 6:16 AM
I agree... I have opened accounts, set them up and lived with igHome, Netvibes, Protopage, My Yahoo, iGoogle Portal, and UStart for some time.  I feel ighome.com is the best alternative to iGoogle. It's easy to setup, the widgets all seem to work, the theme backgrounds look nice, it's fast and friendly. What more could we ask for?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Seth Spicer 10/7/13 2:55 PM
I just switched to my.yahoo.com. It allowed me to import all of my iGoogle content. It even let me keep Gmail and Google calendar as my defaults. This is THE fix!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/7/13 4:09 PM
Seth, could you clarify how you imported all of your iGoogle content to your My Yahoo page?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Tommyhj 10/8/13 12:18 PM
Fun fact: There is no RSS reader capable of doing what iGoogle does. I need a page  of small boxes, with a quick overview of headlines , that expands to reveal the *WHOLE* RSS entry present in the feed, image included. It should do so in a fashion that does NOT require me to close the entry again, navigate away from the entry etc. to read the rest of my headlines.

I want to read headlines, and only click when i want the whole RSS entry. I don't want to click to close the entry or some popup window, or navigate back from the launched website. Only iGoogle can do that.

Every other RSS reader i come across apart from iGoogle, will only show a small portion of the RSS entry, or it will launch a separate window with the entry, or actually just follow the entry's link.

I am equally amazed and appalled that NO ONE has thought to make a RSS reader that is easy and QUICK to use, requiring few clicks to peek deeper than the headline or showing entire RSS entries. Except for google, that is...

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion idahogail 10/9/13 1:30 PM
I am going with igHome, but I am struggling with finding a way to display my Google task list on the page. Suggestions welcome!
Pascal P. 10/9/13 2:00 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/9/13 2:52 PM
Correction... I tried igHome.com as my home portal for several days. I found it to be very slow to refresh and sort of clumsy. I quickly got tired of it.

So, I set up My Yahoo and found it to be, frankly, quite nice. It is similar to igHome, but performs much more smoothly. And, its gadgets load easier and perform more effectively. There are many really nice background themes too. I'm going with My Yahoo!

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Andy Albert 10/9/13 3:06 PM
I agree that MyYahoo is the best alternative to iGoogle, maybe better. I'm going with MyYahoo too. I will continue to use Gmail and Google Bookmarks, accessing those two apps from icons on the taskbar at the bottom of my PC screen. If I'm using another device, I'll have to go to Gmail.com or www.google.com/bookmarks‎ and sign in to access those features.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/9/13 3:43 PM
Andy, how did you get your browser bookmarks into Google.com/bookmarks? I can't find a way to import the 2,000+ bookmarks I have in Firefox.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/9/13 4:21 PM
Hello all just for your information we are getting tremendous feedback from our users it is making us and developers to keep adding good gadgets new feature.

Recently we have added so many new gadgets to igoogleportal.com directory.

Please have look if any suggestion please let us know. 

Very soon we will be adding functionality to import your igoogle setting to igoogleportal.com so stay tuned..

One important think we are going to announce shortly... as igoogle portal is on beta release so we will only accept first 25,001 registration after that we will be closed, so no more user can create account until we release final version ofigoogleportal.com.

We are very close to 25,001 every day hundreds of people joining. 
If any help required dont hesitate to contact us and we are there to help you, here is email address "contact [at] igoogleportal [dot] com"

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion James Nitti 10/9/13 4:59 PM
"Recently we have added so many new gadgets to igoogleportal.com directory."

See, here's the thing:  I don't know who "igoogleportal.com" or "ighome" or "protopage.com" is.  If I set up one of their pages, I'm asked for information about myself, and then if I install a widget for gmail or google calendar or facebook or twitter, I'm asked for a password.

How do I know whether a) these companies are safely going to handle the information we give them and b) that they're going to be around for a while.

At least Google, good or bad, had a track record.  When you create a gmail account or google plus and you're asked for a phone number, you know that google's putting their reputation on the line.  Since I don't know who's behind these other services, I'm less inclined to want them handling information about me, including information that would identify me.

I'm not challenging you, I'm just asking:  Why should we trust you?

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion James Nitti 10/9/13 5:01 PM
And by the way, privacy concerns or no, igoogleportal.com looks very good.  It even has a widget for phases of the moon!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion James Nitti 10/9/13 5:02 PM
MyYahoo just doesn't have the widgets I want, and the ones it has don't really look that great.  The thing I liked about iGoogle was that it had a very smart design and very large selection of widgets for lots of different interests.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion AMCarter3 10/9/13 5:06 PM
James, great question!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion lth2h 10/9/13 5:40 PM
If you're worried about these various igoogle alternatives having your password, I suggest setting up an application specific password.  Google provides some instructions at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1173270?hl=en
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion ronp 10/9/13 7:13 PM
igHome and igoogleportal.com don't work well on an iPad where I like the same type home page with Safari or the alternative browsers.  igHome's mobile site is lacking and I cannot locate igoogleportal.com's mobile site.  

Suggestions to fulfill two requires?

1. NFL scoreboard (not news but game by game match up scoreboard currently on igoogle but not on igHome?
2. iPad functionality (safari, mercury, etc).  Yahoo works well for both requirements, just don't want yahoo search, email links etc staring at me.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Ann Eliese Grey 10/10/13 7:32 AM
Yep I did the same thing. The new redesigned My Yahoo! looks and acts just like iGoogle and it takes less then 5 minutes to set up to be EXACTLY like your iGoogle page!!! This is definitely the best alternative I have seen! It still lets you use google services like calendar!

Check it out:

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion XCarioca 10/10/13 11:15 AM
I formerly used MyYahoo, but I switched to iGoogle many years ago because Yahoo treated MyYahoo similarly to the way Google is now treating iGoogle. I'd get my page set up just the way I liked it and then Yahoo would completely revamp the formatting for the page and I'd have to redesign the whole page.  Only Yahoo would give virtually no notice, and they did that repeatedly.  I moved to iGoogle because I was fed up with MyYahoo.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/10/13 12:06 PM
I'm not sure what you are using for a task list, nor am I a pro at igoogle. But there is a chance that the task list was a widget and those are developed by individuals/companies unrelated to google. Most of these pages are going to have their own widgets and you'll have to re-enter the information. The google calendar and ical also have task lists, on some pages they have the ability to import that information. Follow the directions on the new page. It depends on what your using and what the new page offers.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/10/13 12:26 PM
I agree about concerns of security - but at the same time, I don't want to live with nothing. My solution is to not use Gmail for anything sensitive or important. Same thing with Facebook (and I really dislike twitter). I also don't use similar versions of the same passwords on anything that is important.

There is encription software and password lockers that can be used for anything sensitive. IMHO they are worth it. Even Amazon isn't really "secure" without doing your part. There's a couple of sites that track data breaches and those are out of our hands unless you want to live under a rock. All a person can do is manage the level of risk vs. convienence - and don't be too stupid.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion idahogail 10/10/13 12:29 PM
I am using Google Tasks, and yes, it is probably an iGoogle widget that lets me access that on my iGoogle homepage, but my Google Tasks sync with my Outlook task list, and I need that function to keep everything tracking properly. So I need a widget in igHome or MyYahoo or somewhere that lets me view and interact with my Google Task list. And I do not have the knowledge to set up my own widget. Way above my pay grade. Help!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/10/13 12:33 PM
You might want to check with an Outlook support forum (I don't use it myself) and they might be able to direct you to what works with it if no one here says anything. LOL - or you could google "Outlook and home page" or something similar.

Not all of these suggestions import gmail and that was one of my must have's too. I feel like I have to try it in order to find out, read fine print, hidden, etc. Not fun.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/10/13 12:37 PM
I looked at iPortal and it was a wheelchair app. LOL! That's a very nice looking page however I didn't see anything on importing Gmail feed or any other support documentation. That would be nice to know before sign-up.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/10/13 4:18 PM
Switch to iGooglePortal.com before we reach 25001 users. Otherwise you will miss the great opportunity for long time..
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/10/13 7:32 PM
Does iGoogle Portal import Gmail because I could find no information on the site.

Yahoo has changed. It's very different after importing iGoogle settings and seems stable. What I don't like is not having customizable feeds. There is also a blank box in the upper right (prime realestate) that was not moveable. I suspect it's advertising and my ad blocker is blocking.

I hope others have found this thread as informative as I have.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LeeAnn Hansen 10/10/13 8:18 PM
I've found this discussion extremely helpful.  I've spent a lot of time last night and today setting up a page on igHome. I ultimately didn't bother with trying to import my old settings.  I found enough similar gadgets and feeds over there to work with so that I think it will be satisfactory.  The boxes look clunkier than the ones on iGoogle.  They're all exactly the same size and shape, which doesn't make for a page that's as attractive as the iGoogle one, but you can't have everything.  And it may get better. You can pick anything that's published on the net for your theme.  So I'll see how it goes.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LeeAnn Hansen 10/10/13 8:32 PM
I just checked out the iGoogle Portal site again.  I couldn't find anything about setup for gmail or any other email.  It's too bad because aesthetically it has a nicer look than igHome, and it has some good templates for doing your setup.  It also has access to the theme options that iGoogle used, FWIW.  But the gmail issue makes it a nonstarter.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/10/13 8:58 PM
Hi LeeAnn,

Thank you for your comment... Gmail gadget is already there which displays your gmail mails. 

Steps :-

1) add above gadget to your homepage (Make sure you are logged in to igoogleportal.com and then add it)
2) in your google setting you have to approve access to igoogleportal.com (because you are accessing it from this site) to do that visit
   https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha  and authorised. (only one time)
3) Go to gadget setting enter your gmail full address (dev.e...@gmail.com)
4) in password enter your gmail password..

Enjoy.. in future you dont have to do any of above steps.. just login to igoogleportal.com and you will see your gmail mails in gadget.

if any issues let  me know.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Lynette Hall 10/10/13 11:19 PM
Thank you for sharing this info.  I've been fretting about the loss of iGoogle since the first notification from Google last year.  I really do think it wouldn't hurt Google to leave it intact but am happy that you have created this close facsimile.  Thank you!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion idahogail 10/11/13 7:32 AM
You can change the size of the boxes in igHome. Click on the lttle "e" in the upper right hand corner of each widget, which takes you to the settings. There you can change the height of the gadget (minimum 100) as well as the header background color (mine are teal) and the header text color (white looks good on teal.) Be sure to hit save when you are done. You can also change which tab the gadget is assigned to and its title. Hope this helps.
Rita Hamilton 10/12/13 10:15 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Rita Hamilton 10/12/13 10:25 PM
Why is iGooglePortal "New Account" signup webpage unsecure?  They want you to trust your Gmail password--yet, they don't bother to setup a secure webpage?  I for one, wouldn't bother with these people.  There has to be security!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LeeAnn Hansen 10/12/13 11:07 PM
Thanks for the tip, Idahogail.  I'd already done a fair amount of work on an igHome page, so I went back and adjusted the size of the widgets, then changed background color of the headers to better fit with my theme.  No doubt I'll be tweaking it further in days to come. I'm pretty happy with it now as a home page and I don't think I'll miss iGoogle all that much.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/13/13 12:07 AM
Hi All,

Here is the new feature to import your igoogle settings from igoogle.com to igoogleportal.com

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion mdmpress 10/13/13 1:17 PM
I have set up pages on igoogleportal, ighome, netvibes, my yahoo and protopage. They all work, but none is as elegant as igoogle. Ighome seems the most "igoogle-like" but some of its widgets are dicey. Protopage works well, but its appearance leave a lot to be desired and lacks some widgets I rely on. Netvibes also works, but is full of too many buttons, bells and whistles at the top. I think it tries to do too many things. Also, it's not all that lovely to look at. For the time being, I've got ighome set as my home/startup page, but I do switch back and forth between that and Protopage. The only thing I can say for sure is that I will NOT use the Chrome startup page. DEFINITELY NOT an elegant, attractive replacement for igoogle.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Bob Ulius 10/13/13 1:36 PM
I have tried almost everything anyone has suggested. Some better than others. None as good as iGoogle.

I REALLY like the different column widths for different gadgets. The map that opens where I live with current traffic. A nice, compact stocks widget. The Google calendar presentation. And weather with all of my company office locations. the rest is findable, but this combination is elusive.

What a pain in the butt to have to keep looking. My Yahoo has no traffic or mutltiple weather locations. igHome has fixed width columns. None as nice as iGoogle.

Hopefully my image attached here to show how clean this is - for the next few days.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion James Nitti 10/13/13 2:09 PM
I've decided to switch from Chrome back to Firefox, and my search page to startpage.com.  Google has shown an utter disregard for its customers by discontinuing iGoogle.  No option to keep it, no explanation, nothing to replace it.  Not even the opportunity to pay for the service.  

I'm looking at which other Google services I can switch.  I'm really disenchanted with Google and I'm not sure I want to let them sell my eyeballs to their advertising customers any more.  

I could almost understand it if they had some better product to replace iGoogle, but all you get out of them is, "use the Chrome start page", which unfortunately doesn't really do anything that I need.  Not one thing.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with them, but for now, if they're going to take their ball and go home, I'm going to take my mitt and go home.  There are other players.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jean Larkin 10/13/13 2:32 PM
I can't believe Google is being so cavalier about its faithful followers. What could be their motivation? It's just really perplexing. They could even charge a reasonable fee for iGoogle
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jim Barkley 10/13/13 3:35 PM
I too am perplexed by the shutdown (iGoogle and the government!) Without any evidence, one wildly speculative guess is that Google is under some lengthy anti-trust type of review, and Google lawyers forced the closure of iGoogle and prevented a replacement.  The reasoning would be that if Google is (too?) integrated into people's online lives, the company can now show that it has voluntarily vacated an important space for other vendors to fill.  Google can now say it isn't as involved in a typical user's online experience. "See, there are competitors in our space." I can't see any other reason for making what seems like a boneheaded business decision.  

I've gone to my.yahoo, but there is a lot missing.  Not happy.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shannon F. 10/13/13 8:11 PM
In my opinion, nothing beats Portal Panel(PTP)www.portalpanel.com. I looked for an alternative for igoogle for a long time just like many of you are, until a friend introduced me to Portalpanel.  I have been very happy with it.  I have set it as my homepage, so on one page I have everything I need. I have my facebook widget, my weather widget, my calendar, my news (RSS reader), a library of info and all my bookmarks.  I think PTP has a very authentic and innovative approach and is the best fit for igoogle replacement.
I highly suggest you try it out and enjoy the user friendly features of it!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jim Nitti 10/13/13 8:46 PM
Portal Panel doesn't have a Gmail widget, and unfortunately that's a deal-breaker.  That little window into my gmail inbox is one of the most valuable features of igoogle.

I've been playing with ighome again today.  I'm not happy about it, but that's probably what I'll use.  First though, I have to figure out how to change the search bar to something other than Google.  I'm really angry with Google about their abandonment of igoogle, and I plan to replace every one of their apps with something else until they come up with a replacement for iGoogle that actually is useful or decide to keep supporting it.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jim Nitti 10/13/13 8:47 PM
I should say that other than the lack of a Gmail widget (and some other useful widgets that I enjoy but could live without), PortalPanel looks very good.  Too bad it doesn't have the features I really need or I'd try it.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jim Nitti 10/13/13 8:48 PM
I doubt that there is any "anti-trust type of review" that is convincing Google to abandon iGoogle.  Of all the various endeavors of Google, iGoogle is definitely not the one that's going to trigger anti-trust action.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion LeeAnn Hansen 10/13/13 9:06 PM
I think it's clear that Google has abandoned that original motto, "Don't be evil."
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/13/13 11:37 PM
I was able to export Gmail to NetVibes very easily. One thing I like about it is that I'm able to use alternate search engines from the same search bar as I'd use for Google. I think I'll really enjoy that. It was also the fastest page to set up.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Shalman UK 10/14/13 6:20 AM
Although You cannot Sync your Calendar With PortalPanel.com, But there are lots of useful Features on it.

Here is the reason why PortalPanel is a very good alternative for igoogle.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Parviz Namazifard 10/14/13 11:03 PM
I hate copycats so tried other alternatives. To be honest the most I needed was a good and decent RSS reader and good bookmarking. One of my colleagues suggested PortalPanel and I tried it. It is good and simple. I liked it and have a good live number of gadgets to FB, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion NaRa82 10/15/13 4:11 AM
Dear wkcook

I think Portalpanel is the one with HTTPS. This is why I feel safe to use it as an alternative to iGoogle. Give it a try :)

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Lyn Armstrong 10/15/13 8:24 PM
I agree. I think I will go back to Windows maybe even my cell phone too. I was an all out Google girl, but losing my IGoogle is the last straw.
iDon'tGiveAShit 10/16/13 8:31 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Barbara Steinberg 10/21/13 7:40 AM
I have set up homepages on many of the "best" alternatives to igoogle but have experienced problems with all of them. I thought I was going to prefer igoogleportal, but then my gmail was hacked within five minutes of setting up my homepage.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/21/13 8:01 AM
Hi Barbara,

When you login fist time to gmail gadget on igoogleportal.com then google will send you warning saying someone tried to access your account from unusual location/server and google will prevent login.

You need to tell google that it is me and i am the one accessing my account from this location/server.

here is the another gadget which access your account mail using imap (please remember we dont store you mail in database or by any means.) and support gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc.

For using below gadgets which is for gmail follow below steps

1) add above gadget
2) visit this link -https://accounts.google.com/DisplayUnlockCaptcha
and provide third party access so that you can access your mail from igoogleportal.com
3) in gadget setting in user text box enter your full username (dev.a...@gmail.com
4) in password section enter your gmail password.
5) enjoy..next time onward you dont have to enter username and password..
hope this is helpful..

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion David.M. 10/22/13 7:11 AM
I switched to www.hinto.co, it's very visual and I can see all the news at a glance.
David.M. 10/22/13 7:13 AM <This message has been deleted.>
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Robert Pierce 10/22/13 12:16 PM
I'm over this igoogle departure! T-Minus 11 or 10 days & counting... See ya later - it's time to move on! It is really sad that it will shut down but even sadder is that it clearly shows that multi-billionaires are really not that smart or caring after all! Very disappointed google user!
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion JR Thomas 10/22/13 4:33 PM
Well, no opinion is sacred. I'm using http://www.startme.com and I'm really liking it so far. It does exactly what I need it to do and I like the clean design.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/22/13 8:36 PM
I really like startme but it's missing way too much for me. I would lke to monitor incoming gmail from my home page. It doesn't support imporing bookmarks from Safari (which may be a good thing since I have thousands poorly organized), I need weather for several cities, I like maps and traffic monitoring (even if it's not perfect), a clock, a monthly calendar, reminders or alerts - very basic (don't need hourly agenda, etc), and I found the drag and drop very frustrating.

As handy as it is to click on a link in bookmarks, I must be a creature of habit because there's only a handful of sites I regularrly visit and I have those memorized. It would be nice to have a link to translation and measurements because I'm always looking up ounces to ml etc. even a currency exchange. I wish I could get a feed from my Facebook site and yahoo mail and groups.

I like Startime's clean interface but bookmarks are a very small part of functionality to me. I like the fact that I can add alternate search engines too because I suspect I'll be using less and less of Google once igoogle goes away. I didn't like that I wasn't able to change the default of Google.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/22/13 9:01 PM
hinto looked interesting but it was a bust since I couldn't get a response from facebook and that's the ONLY option to login or start a page. Personally, I don't like linking to FB anyway since they are constantly mucking up security settings. I also have a poor internet connection at times and it's way too media dependant. Streaming and flash don't always work because of that and I need something more text oriented.

I also don't want to see pics but would prefer to scan headlines from a variety of sources. I usually only look at feeds for a few seconds at a time unless there's something interesting. I just can't pay attention to everything.

I also saw zero utilities; email feeds, calendar, clock, traffic, weather. to do lists, alerts. Things I need to settle fast on the way out the door, or planning. Again, It looked like a bookmarking or feed site only and I don't want to waste my time on a whole site just for that. I have to hunt down a link to my page. That's really a PITA when I need to send an email, esp. if I'm dealing with dodgy internet that I can't change and end up getting disconnected.  

I am not seeing many replacing the productivity and customizations of igoogle.

Yahoo did ok but lacked a lot of customization I want. No maps, hard to get sites in that I'm interested in (not their's), and worse yet - if I type yahoo in, I am at the default site which is a bunch of entertainment crap and stuff I'd rather not waste my time on. There's also a blank occupying prime real estate at the top where I assume an ad would be if I wasn't using a blocker. That occupys a good third of the page! There's a lot missing.

The drag and drop is ok, and I like the idea of changing the size of the windows although I haven't figured it out yet. iGoogle didn't need "figuring out".

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion ledesq 10/23/13 7:43 AM
Has anyone had any success with importing a Google Finance portfolio.  So far I have had no luck with igoogle portal or my yahoo.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Rafal Mrzyglocki 10/23/13 1:55 PM
http://www.iloggo.com is simple home page with icons of all your favorite sites. You can choose logos or crop them easily and then display on your grids.

iloggo is compatible with any mobile browser and you can have same grids on your PC, mobile and tablet.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Rafal Mrzyglocki 10/23/13 1:57 PM
iloggo is simple home page with icons of all your favorite sites. You can choose logos or crop them easily and then display on your grids.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/24/13 3:48 PM
Hi All,

Just try iGooglePortal.com i would say simply migrate there.
We have lot more coming up.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Boris Yoffe 10/25/13 9:41 PM
Did anyone from participants in this forum used or reviewed "iGoogle Portal"?
I would like to get some feedback.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Jean Larkin 10/26/13 8:57 AM
I tried iGoogle Portal but didn't like a few things:
* couldn't get the widgets I'd had before and didn't like the ones offered as substitutes in many cases
* every time I left the page and came back to it,  I had to log in again! even though I checked "remember me" each time.
*  never could get the Stock market widget to display the indices and stocks I wanted, plus I couldn't get it NOT to show a graph for the Dow. I just want the figures from throughout the day, opening to closing bell.
* couldn't get the Google calendar to sync with my iOS devices. My calendar (up to date) is a crucial part of my home page as far as I'm concerned.

I'm using protopage now. Still refining it but I think it is a good one to stay with. I don't care if Google comes out with a  "Super Deluxe Everything-You-Ever-Dreamed-of" version of iGoogle, they have lost me as a user. They obviously care nothing about us.


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Did anyone from participants in this forum used or reviewed "iGoogle Portal"?
I would like to get some feedback.

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Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion yoxigen 10/26/13 1:08 PM
Hi Barbara,

I've created an alternative to iGoogle, since I've been a regular user for years, and also couldn't find a good replacement. It's called Homepage, and I'm not profiting from it in any way, so I hope you don't consider this as spam, simply a friendly invitation to try it. It's here:


I've attached a screenshot, in any case.

I hope you enjoy it!

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion registradus 10/26/13 7:13 PM
Are there any official iGoogle replacement suggestions from Google? i.e. a collection of Chrome apps? or something? anything?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion bluequoll 10/26/13 9:20 PM
Google's official statement is here: What's happening to iGoogle?
See the paragraph "I really like iGoogle -- are there any other alternatives?"

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/26/13 11:21 PM
So far no, but I don't use Chrome.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion aikanae 10/26/13 11:23 PM
Not that I've heard, but I don't use Chrome.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 10/27/13 6:32 PM
Hi Jean,

Thank you for reporting those issues to us..

We are working hard to resolve the issues reported by users like you.

- We have Fixed the Login issue (Remember me.) .. This is great find we must say..
- Regarding Stock market gadget we would like you to go to setting of the gadget and disable the graph options that will solve your issue.

Please note everyday developers are adding gadgets to igoogleportal.com and it is the responsibilities of developers to make sure their submitted gadgets work as expected if you are experiencing any issue we would like you to send us mail on con...@igoogleportal.com and we will try to fix it based on priority.

Hope this helps..

Thank you so much once again.


Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mari (Startme.com) 10/27/13 7:56 PM
Hello! I am Mari of Startme.com and I'd like to invite you to try our site ( http://startme.com ) that stands out for its simplicity and because it's very user-friendly and easy to use, and it is all free of publicity. You can import iGoogle bookmarks and from browsers, among other things. We are constantly working into making it better and adding new features to make it even better.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Brucecarolyn Johnson 10/29/13 5:50 PM
Igoogle is informative and we can put our own page sites to see on this. We will miss it but, that is a way of life. Changes have to be made.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Megan555 10/31/13 7:23 PM
I tried to put together my own version of my iGoogle page using freely available widgets and other tools.  Instructions are here for anyone else who'd like to try:


It is still missing somethings (e.g. no embedded gmail).

(I guess mainly I'm more motivated now to upgrade my phone and use Google Now, it seems like the best alternative.)

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Boui 11/1/13 5:41 AM
Is there an alternative that supports google talk from the page itself,not as a pop up? As we could do from igoogle page?
Boui 11/1/13 5:44 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Lee Pennock 11/1/13 4:01 PM
Thanks for this it does seem like a very good alternative.
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion iGoogle Portal 11/1/13 4:45 PM
Try iGooglePortal.com (iGP)

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion buzzbee0127 11/1/13 10:02 PM
Go here: http://www.netvibes.com/en/individual
and sign up for "Basic-Free". I built an i-google "equivalent" this afternoon,
and am no longer "flying blind" without a dashboard.

G'by, Goog.

Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion créchou 11/3/13 1:11 AM
Bonjour IGOOGLE Portal
avez vous fait cela avec une francaise ?
Re: iGoogle Alternatives Discussion calexander3 11/5/13 8:34 PM
I just finished up the first version of https://damage.io/

None of the other alternatives really fit my needs so I decided to create my own. Check it out. Feedback is welcome.

Links Don't Work Carly Wegand 11/13/13 4:57 PM <This message has been deleted.>
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mikerise 11/16/13 4:28 PM
I'd recommend www.dodego.com homepage.it is very simple and easy to navigate.
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mikerise 11/16/13 4:53 PM
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mikerise 11/22/13 3:57 PM
I'd recommend www.dodego.com homepage. It is very simple and easy to navigate.
iGoogle Alternatives Discussion Mikerise 11/23/13 10:23 AM
I use www.dodego.com homepage. It is very simple and easy to navigate.
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