"Do a barrel roll" bug

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"Do a barrel roll" bug Bradley Kilshaw 2/25/13 9:37 PM
There is a neat little easter egg in google where you type "Do a barrel roll" into the search bar, and the browser spins clockwise for 1 full rotation. However, with the advent of instant search, and the fact that "Do a barrel roll" is the first result returned when you search for "Do a", the browser inadvertently does a barrel roll before you finish typing the search term.

ie. As soon as you type in "Do a" google with instant search enabled, the browser does a barrel roll. This may be confusing for people who are trying to learn how to "do a ______".

Re: "Do a barrel roll" bug Courtney H. 3/3/13 6:59 PM
Hi Bradley,

Thanks for pointing this out. If you're trying to type something other than do a barrell roll, if you keep typing, the rolling will stop. For example, if you type "do a," it will start rolling but when you type a third word "hop" the spinning will stop.

Re: "Do a barrel roll" bug timepiece 3/5/13 9:25 AM
Or you could program a little more delay into Instant Search which regularly takes me to search results I don't want before I finish typing. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

And, no, I don't want to log into my personal Google account when I'm doing searches for/at work. The least you could do is make sure the focus doesn't move so we can continue typing.

Re: "Do a barrel roll" bug Bradley Kilshaw 4/28/13 9:29 AM
Hi Courtney,

I'm not so concerned about it myself, but I figured I would point it out. I know the easter egg was implemented before instant search, so I'm sure this is not the intended outcome. For someone less tech savvy than ourselves, if they typed "do a" and their screen flipped in circles they would probably be pretty confused. However, if they typed "Do a barrell roll" they would be able to connect the two.

Just some feedback!

Thanks for the reply.