SafeSearch "Strict" is NOT-so-Strict getting Un-wanted X-rated images at work!!!

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SafeSearch "Strict" is NOT-so-Strict getting Un-wanted X-rated images at work!!! S.K.I.P.P.Y. 3/6/12 1:39 PM
I use Google Image Search all the time for work. I have my SafeSearch setting on "STRICT." it uses to work but it seems like in the last year (2011-2012) more and more nudity and sexually suggestive images are showing up in my search results.
My company tracks everything I do on the web, and I work in an open office with my computer screen visible to everyone.
I try using the "Report Offensive Images" tool.
Click [SafeSearch Strict] then select [Report Offensive Image] on the drop down menu, then a little button will appear at the bottom of each image with the word [Report] on it. You click on the [Report] button and you hope that Google does something with the information. The image is still visible (I wish it would be blocked from that point forward)

One of the problems with this Report Offensive Image tool is, that after selecting one image to report, sometimes it will let you select more than one image to report, and sometimes it resets and you have to click on the report offensive images tool again.
Another Big problem with the Report Offensive Image tool is that I discovered today was after selecting the first image to report, the [Report] buttons remained visible on all the images, so I clicked on the [Report] button on a couple of images.
HOWEVER, instead of it reporting the image, it opened the images, Full Screen. I closed it quickly but now, not only did I have inappropriate images on the work computer, but now I had a digital record of selecting not just one, but two pornographic sites on the work computer. not to mention that a senior female associate was walking by my area as the images popped up larger than life on my screen. The images were not subtle either. They were very suggestive and close up.

I was very embarrassed.
As a young adult I struggled with pornography addiction and have made strict changes in my life to limit access to it by installing content filters like netnanny, using covenanteyes which sends a log of my internet usage to a person outside of my home who I am accountable to, setting netflix parental controls no higher than PG, and keeping my search settings on strict when using the web.
Because I know it has been a weakness for me in the past, I am so afraid of someone thinking I was intentionally viewing this content.I would look guilty and no one would believe me that it wasn't intentional.

I hate using Bing for image searches because I just can't find as many results with their search engine.

Oh and don't get me started on YouTube. I have yet to figure out how to filter the content I get from it so when I'm looking for something cute to watch with my kids, I'm not exposing them to sexual content. The featured videos are almost always inappropriate for anyone under 18, plus what looks innocent can be deceiving; for example, I'm watching a cute kitten video with them yesterday, halfway through the video, uncensored rap music starts playing, and pics of women's naughty-bits start flashing up between pictures of cute little kittens and puppies. "Daddy, why did you turn it off? what was lady lady doing?", I have 2 boys both under 10yrs old. Not Good, Come on Google!!! put some of your billions back into the company to protect the innocent and the recovering.

Any suggestions, comments, similar experiences?

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to pornography or masturbation, my advice is don't let yourself believe that you will never be able to stop. I struggled for nearly 25 years with it before I was able to stop. I've been suicidal because of it, was crippled emotionally from it and thought I would always be controlled by it. I'm free from it now and have been for a couple of years, no relapses, and am only now really believing that I'm free from it. It's a good feeling. so please don't give up. and don't think you are the only one. Once I started being open about it to my trusted friends, and being vulnerable, I found out that most of the men I know where in similar situations or had been, and we all just kept it a secret, acted like we had it all together. So when you look at yourself and feel like a failure, take a look around you, most of the guys you see, are probably dealing with the same thing to one degree or another. Look at your guilt as a good sign. it means you still have a conscience. you want to change. that should give you hope.
It will not happen overnight though. It may take decades, but however long it takes, I'm sure God is taking you through a process and he is working on things in your life in the order that he has determined.

Well thanks for your time. I didn't intend to write all of this when I started. I just wanted to complain about Google's Strict Safe Search not working.

God Bless,

Re: SafeSearch "Strict" is NOT-so-Strict getting Un-wanted X-rated images at work!!! ayc 3/6/12 10:02 PM
Hi Skippy,

Thanks for coming to the Help Forum to report that issue. I am also so sorry for that poor experience -- that definitely is not what the report button should be doing. I've reported your issue to the engineering team, and they're actively investigating the issue now.

Thanks again for your report!