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Google Home Page Nellie Belle 11/8/12 4:38 AM
I know I will thought of as narrow minded and this comment will not be popular, but I felt I needed to speak  my mind.  I am a Christian and I am offended by the logo on Google's home page today, 11/8.  It portrays a very dark and oppressive view towards good.
Google Home Page IBetYouLoveLOLCatsToo 11/8/12 5:55 AM
Then go use Bing. We don't need close-minded imbeciles here.
Re: Google Home Page Matt Storms 11/8/12 6:03 AM
It is from a classic novel that inspired writers of many styles. It is to honor a writer. 
Re: Google Home Page Steven Lockey 11/8/12 6:46 AM
No... it celebrates a fantastic author and a fantastic book. 

Its doesn't say ANYTHING about good or evil or celebrate either. 

Seriously, if you get offended by fiction books, I would suggest that you go find yourself a nice box, pack it full of cotton wool and packing peanuts and then get someone to seal you in there, because pretty much everything must offend you.
Re: Google Home Page GaryFE 11/8/12 7:58 AM
The fact that you are a Christian has absolutely and completely nothing to do with what is good and what is evil. The definition of good and our value systems do not belong exclusively to Christians but belong to human kind, established through elolution over millions of years. By being a Christian I know already that you are linkely to be narrow minded, probably blinded by your up bringing and indocrination you received as child. Broaden your horizons and look at the evidence and the world around you. It's beautiful, enlightening, incredible. Overwhelmingly not Christian.
Re: Google Home Page Harlmic 11/8/12 8:38 AM
Hey Guys,

I don't think I'd like to side with anyone but point out possibly a middle ground?  There are a lot of Christian undertones and themes in Stoker's Dracula which I think might surprise both camps.  And before we go throwing daggers (pun for 10 points, probably) of judgement and name calling, we need to stop and understand that it doesn't do yourself, or anyone else any good.  That's all I've got :)
Re: Google Home Page antsplace 11/8/12 8:59 AM
If you believe this novel offends Christianity then you haven't understood the book in the slightest. I am a Christian and I've read most of Stokers work over the years, while there are powerful themes In many of his works at no point does he bash Christianity.

Personally I think anything Google can do to promote such a classic and indeed promote READING itself in this modern age is a good thing.
Re: Google Home Page Robb Rowe 11/8/12 10:56 AM
Come the fuck on.